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Incest/Taboo Stories

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The Nightly Visitor

 — Bro sneaks into Sis' room yet again. by OpenMyEyes05/06/094.06

The Nightmare

 — Mother comforts son after his bad dream. by Hidden Friend01/30/014.42

The Nightmare Ch. 2

 — Father comforts daughter after bad dream. by Hidden Friend01/30/014.37

The NILF: Neighbor I'd Like to Fuck Ch. 03

 — The seduction of a sweet, loving Mom. by TexHubby05/10/144.56HOT

The No Touching Rule

 — Stepmom caught, then teaches stepson lesson in masturbation by eb_jones06/05/134.30

The No Touching Rule Ch. 02

 — On the road, and an unexpected turn threatens to expose them. by eb_jones06/22/134.56HOT

The Noise

 — How a single noise changed my life forever. by sex4every109/05/174.58HOT

The Noise was TOO Much

 — Emma had to find a way to finally get to sleep. by SilhouettedNightmare04/03/184.30

The Nordward Family

 — A unfaithful wife, the death of a son brings Dean back home. by soul7106/06/174.27

The Not So Private, Private Cavern

 — Tim finds his bratty cousin in her secret hideaway. by demaizefield09/02/124.43

The Not So Private, Private Cavern 02

 — Tim's sister joins them in the secret hideaway. by demaizefield09/14/124.59HOT

The Note

 — Two years of memory gone. What happened? He needs to know. by Choices10112/05/164.23

The Note Ch. 02

 — Jason regains more flahes of the missing years. by Choices10112/18/164.61HOT

The Notebook

 —  I find out about my father and his mother. by Ursus arctos05/29/124.50HOT

The Novelist Pt. 01

 — A young novelist has an unexpected house guest. by Nicequip11/09/124.77HOT

The Novelist Pt. 02

 — Tom's mom submits to training. by Nicequip12/07/124.76HOT

The Novelist Pt. 03

 — Tom begins to execute his plan. by Nicequip01/15/134.79HOT

The Novelist Pt. 04

 — Marie resumes her training. Tom and Alexis finally talk. by Nicequip02/03/134.76HOT

The Novelist Pt. 05

 — Jane has a decision to make. by Nicequip03/03/134.78HOT

The Novelist Pt. 06

 — Tom finishes his preparations. John and Angie arrive in LA. by Nicequip04/07/134.74HOT

The Novelist Pt. 07

 — Don't poke the bear in the cage. by Nicequip04/18/134.60HOT

The Novelist Pt. 08

 — Kimmie gets a job, and John gets a shiner. by Nicequip09/24/134.74HOT

The Novelist Pt. 09

 — Titty-Titty-Bang-Bang. by Nicequip10/29/134.85HOT

The Nude Day Assignment

 — A Nude Day Story that grew and grew! by dragonwriter08/21/174.37

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 02

 — A Nude Day story that keeps growing! by dragonwriter08/22/174.60HOT

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 03

 — Family Nudity and Sex with Sister. by dragonwriter08/28/174.56HOT

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 04

 — The families come together for fun. by dragonwriter09/15/174.62HOT

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 05

 — Brothers, sisters, moms and friends get together naked. by dragonwriter09/22/174.56HOT

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 06

 — The kids and two moms get naked and ready for Nude Day. by dragonwriter11/07/174.72HOT

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 07

 — Nude Day Conclusion as the family goes to school! by dragonwriter02/18/184.66HOT

The Nudist and His Lover's Mother

 — Nudist gay couple visit one's mother. by nudemac04/26/054.60HOT

The Nudist Camp

 — Finding marriage in a nudist camp. by JeanneSis11/19/144.08

The Nurse!

 — A loving son helps his over-worked mom relax! by L.A. Wicker08/14/114.49

The Nurse's Uniform Pt. 08

 — Ronni and Preston go dogging, Mel and her brother get it on. by mandywilluk200011/04/074.12

The Nurse's Uniform Pt. 10

 — Lesbian and then incest sex. by mandywilluk200012/19/074.33

The Object Lesson

 — A reluctant wife is collateral on a loan from her brother. by CindysBob12/01/03

The Obsession Ch. 01

 — Michelle and Brian open a new chapter in their closeness. by Sorian11/11/094.45

The Obsession Ch. 02

 — Michelle and Brian look further into their relationship. by Sorian11/12/094.55HOT

The Obsession Ch. 03

 — The time finally came... by Sorian11/15/094.63HOT

The Odd Bunch

 — Things swiftly come to a head in the Dacey family. by CthulhuSeeksFemale10/04/154.33

The Oedipus Complexity Pt. 01

 — Stepfather voyeurs his busty wife and her well hung son. by Edipus_Wrex01/29/154.62HOT

The Oedipus Complexity Pt. 02

 — Stepfather voyeurs his busty wife and her well hung son. by Edipus_Wrex01/31/154.54HOT

The Oedipus Complexity Pt. 03

 — Stepfather voyeurs his busty wife and her well hung son. by Edipus_Wrex02/02/154.53HOT

The Oedipus Complexity Pt. 04

 — Stepfather voyeurs his busty wife and her well hung son. by Edipus_Wrex02/04/154.61HOT

The Oedipus Files of Dr. Gonzalez Ch. 01

 — A Porn Film in Text. Case 1: Kevin and his stepmother. by SleazyGonzalez03/14/134.04

The Oedipus Files of Dr. Gonzalez Ch. 02

 — A Porn Film in Text. Case 2: Erin and her son. by SleazyGonzalez03/23/133.97

The Office Mates Ch. 01

 — Continuation of "The Unexpected Soulmate" by cymoril000107/31/104.45

The Office Mates Ch. 02

 — John and Susie have a weekend to work things out. by cymoril000101/21/134.36

The Ogre in the Woods

 — Daddy tells another stimulating bedtime story. by storyteller_no_903/06/114.30

The Old House

 — Brother visits sister's family for hot taboo fun. by Toolboy505/20/084.38

The Old House by the Sea

 — His mother had, on a whim, driven them out here. by Andrew196801/04/164.06

The Old Man and Alexis

 — Passionate affair with step-daughter leads to revelation. by MaxT05/18/114.10

The Old West

 — Cowboy & sexy daughter find love on round up. by L.A. Wicker03/07/024.39

The Older Female Virgin

 — Two sisters find each other. by Scot123405/21/154.36

The One Foot Rule

 — His sister-in-law goes further than she says she wants too... by friskybob07/20/164.51HOT

The One I Fell For

 — Little brother surrounded by loving older sisters. by Apocalipsa06/03/164.47

The One She Cannot Have

 — Brother and sister find love. by Sucubuse12/06/074.13

The Only Way

 — A son realizes there's only one way to get what he wants.. by mothersson09/11/094.18

The Onyx Ring Ch. 02

 — He tackles the quarterback's girlfriend. by Mpulse12/11/074.36

The Onyx Ring Ch. 03

 — Her parents show up. Mrs. Harris, you naughty wench! by Mpulse04/27/084.46

The Open Door

 — He returns cousin's book & gets a surprise reward. by wordsmith842105/12/074.30

The Optocynic 5000

 — Bobby gets a new camera and asks his mom to pose. by SirSinn03/10/164.65HOT

The Optocynic 5000 Ch. 02

 — Bobby persuades his sister to pose for him. by SirSinn04/05/164.70HOT

The Optocynic 5000 Ch. 03

 — Bobby persuades his mom and sister to pose together. by SirSinn05/24/164.75HOT

The Orchard

 — A girl heads out to the orchard for apples and gets more. by JosephBarnosky12/12/114.02

The Ordeal

 — Breni and Nirina seek incestuous hand fast. by Moondrift07/13/063.71

The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 01

 — Lyla comes home from school to get trained by Daddy. by twistedwords10/13/114.55HOT

The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 02

 — Lyla learns her place in the family. by twistedwords02/12/124.45

The Other Amsterdam

 — Mother and son celebrate with a steamy proposition. by PanzerFeck09/14/164.58HOT

The Other Amsterdam Ch. 02

 — What happened afterwards between experimental mother and son. by PanzerFeck01/10/174.64HOT

The Other Child Ch. 01

 — The Black Sheep moves in with his Stepmom and Stepdaughter by FinalStand10/10/134.54HOT

The Other Child Ch. 02

 — Seducing the Stepmother. by FinalStand10/11/134.65HOT

The Other Child Ch. 03

 — Meeting the Stepsister half way by FinalStand12/16/134.67HOT

The Other Graduation Present

 — John's little sister graduates. by JRaven02/15/054.67HOT

The Other Kind of Films

 — Family studio makes mom and son film; dad soon left out. by clinton0910/27/10

The Other Side Ch. 02

 — John meets Aphrodite, unCaitlin's lust breaks forth. by AnsemRai07/16/134.78HOT

The Other Side of Gemma

 — A brother discovers his sister's sexy alter ego. by SisterSeducto10/06/124.48

The Other Side of Mom

 — A spying son finds mom's darker secrets. by Cuda_Candy01/18/134.41

The Other Side of Mom Ch. 02

 — Mike's adventure continues. by Cuda_Candy01/21/154.45

The Outer Banks Vacation Pt. 01: Edging

 — An aunt instills confidence in a nephew. by turnup_6510/18/174.18

The Pact: Wild Cards

 — Some new surprises for Ian and company. by SEVERUSMAX10/07/144.31

The Pact: Wild News

 — Shocking news and fun times in a restaurant supply closet. by SEVERUSMAX11/07/153.70

The Pact: Wild Woman

 — Movies, snacks, and sex. by SEVERUSMAX10/21/144.03

The Pact: Wild, Warm, Wet

 — Nina proves to be her sister's equal in sluttiness. by SEVERUSMAX02/10/153.68

The Pain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Butt

 — Students meet on the road to Spain & share intimacies. by erectus12303/09/184.13

The Painter's Daughter Ch. 01

 — A curious young artist reconnects with her estranged father. by PiperBelle02/06/184.66HOT

The Painter's Daughter Ch. 02

 — Paige volunteers to be her father's interim art model. by PiperBelle02/10/184.77HOT

The Painter's Daughter Ch. 03

 — Paige learns how far she will go to uncover the truth. by PiperBelle02/21/184.61HOT

The Painter's Daughter Ch. 04

 — Henry gives his daughter the love she's been craving. by PiperBelle03/25/184.77HOT

The Panties

 — Horny man finds fetish object in dirty laundry. by Shale02/06/013.92

The Pantry

 — Mother-in-Law takes advantage of me in the pantry. by RealJ7612/27/084.32

The Panty Sniffer

 — Sister helps brother solve the panty mystery. by tv4603/12/154.59HOT

The Panty Sniffer Ch. 02

 — Mom accidentally fucks her virgin son's monster cock. by tv4603/21/154.64HOT

The Panty Sniffer Ch. 03

 — Dad finally gets a crack at his daughter. by tv4601/30/164.65HOT

The Panty Sniffer Ch. 04

 — Mom shares her son's panty fetish with a friend. by tv4602/04/164.67HOT

The Panty Sniffer Ch. 05

 — Dad gets a crack at Mom's friend in the RV. by tv4602/19/164.52HOT

The Panty Sniffer Ch. 06

 — Mom scores a real date for her son. by tv4603/03/164.65HOT

The Panty Teasing Niece

 — She shows her pussy to her uncle and sparks fly. by LeCoach12/24/094.38

The Paper

 — Erotic story leads to erotic encounters. by nightstalker196006/11/154.79HOT

The Paper Ch. 02

 — And now for mom. by nightstalker196007/05/154.64HOT

The Paper Ch. 03

 — And what about the Professor. by nightstalker196007/08/154.61HOT

The Park

 — Daddy wants his daughter to submit. by littlesweeteone10/05/014.47

The Parker's

 — Incest story. by Andrew196801/31/174.40

The Party

 — He's invited to hot sex bash by secret admirer. by YNOT06/30/004.32

The Party

 — Big brother protects his sister and emotion erupts. by princess_airi06/25/064.31

The Party

 — Brother and sister meet in an unlikely situation. by cubbiefan8408/03/064.32

The Party After the Party

 — Fraternal twins party after the party. by wayzup07/27/044.57HOT

The Party at Jimbo's

 — A party prank has an unexpected outcome for a bro and sis. by TheHessian04/08/154.29

The Party Ch. 02

 — What happen next with the MILF. by Thecsm11/12/154.29

The Passion of Chandra

 — The lustful Indian mother. by colorofmylife07/08/083.79

The Past Alive in the Present

 — Aunt Dancia shows her dark side. by recoveredembrace06/19/134.25

The Past and The Present Ch. 01

 — Manohar get distracted and pays the price. by ahenahen001/30/183.54

The Past in Colorado

 — A woman's life & marriage to her father. by jtmalone7009/10/054.79HOT

The Past is Present

 — With Peter, Sally meets her past. by Moondrift10/09/043.86

The Past Is Prologue Ch. 01

 — Will acting out her past cure her depravity? by jay.palin07/13/054.75HOT

The Past Is Prologue Ch. 02

 — Her heart and body still belong to Daddy. by jay.palin07/26/054.54HOT

The Pattaya Wedding - Fucking Mom

 — A tale of how a son fucks his mom at a resort. by DrizzyD05/05/164.20

The Payback Ch. 02

 — The terrorist's dilemma. by fluidline106/12/074.53HOT

The Payback Ch. 03

 — The terrorist, his wife, & his mother solve his dilemma. by fluidline106/13/074.29

The Peaburgs: Anal Kitchen Wife

 — Herbie enjoys family dinner; Peaburg style. by leopardskinrocket03/30/043.87

The Peep Hole

 — There's hell to pay for taking a look. by wankRus04/11/074.26

The Peep Hole Ch. 02

 — A remembrance of abuse. by wankRus05/28/074.35

The Peep Hole Ch. 03

 — Coming together. by wankRus06/07/074.51HOT

The Peephole

 — He spies on his sister. by badmanmoose08/04/064.05

The Peeping Mom

 — She watched her son with another woman. by powelldonovan03/08/083.95

The Penned Dragon

 — The Queen Mother helps her son produce an heir to the throne by g00db0i02/28/174.45

The Pennsylvania Dad & Daughter

 — He meets a girl into father daughter sex on a chat line. by dr mabuse SOI07/27/084.57HOT

The Perfect Christmas Present

 — Sister "Seduces" Brother. by lissa_sue0402/12/054.36

The Perfect Couple

 — She changes loving mother & son into wanton lovers. by Jessica Trollop09/30/054.67HOT

The Perfect Couple

 — Jennifer sets her mom up on a date with her brother. by tommcgee11/06/084.34

The Perfect Fit

 — A young woman finds the perfect fit. by oddsandends05/03/104.35

The Perfect Gift

 — She gives daddy a once in a life time Dad's Day gift. by Paul Yearwood06/16/034.56HOT

The Perfect Gift Ch. 01

 — Mom's Christmas present is enjoyed by us both. by trailgirl26202/20/134.20

The Perfect Gift Ch. 02

 — Mom gets to see how much he likes his gift. by trailgirl26202/27/134.44

The Perfect Gift, a Loving Sister

 — She finds the perfect gift close to home. by AlexisEllison10/07/174.60HOT

The Perfect Massage

 — I've always given my mum massages, but this is different. by Dragoongor10/11/143.93

The Perfect Mom

 — Zak and his Mom find what they need. by rufriter08/19/134.45

The Perfect Morning

 — The Way My Son Woke Me Up by sthrnmom03/17/14

The Perfect Mothers Day

 — A son shows his love for his mother. by MachoNacho85205/24/074.32

The Perfect Partnership Ch. 01

 — He knows it's wrong, but Bunny takes control. by Leftmewanting03/05/164.20

The Perfect Present for Daddy

 — Anya gives her dad the ultimate birthday present...herself. by mt4411/17/174.75HOT

The perfect shape

 — Siblings set up home, and decide to get a pussy. by LaGazzaLadra04/04/164.52HOT

The Perfect Storm

 — He and sister-in-law are stuck getting to know each other. by randallangdon09/26/084.20

The Perfect Wife & Daughter Ch. 2

 — The rewards of loving family & proper 'education'. by Earl&Terri07/28/014.26

The Perfectly Imperfect Marriage Ch. 03

 — Perverted son spies. by DebbieDearDebbie12/04/164.21

The Perfectly Imperfect Marriage Ch. 04

 — GRANDSON, 20, has a sexy plan to seduce his GRANDMOTHER, 68. by DebbieDearDebbie12/06/164.29

The Perfectly Imperfect Marriage Ch. 05

 — GRANDSON, 20, has consensual sex with his GRANDMOTHER, 68. by DebbieDearDebbie12/08/16HOT

The Perils of Matt and Melissa

 — Matt wants Melissa but mom comes first by HappyJackStoryTime02/07/033.73

The Perils of Photography

 — Coed finds herself blackmailed. by itscalledhazing03/12/124.46

The Perry Brothers

 — Adult brothers, same sex incest. by XXNoraJeanXX02/17/154.36

The Personal Ad

 — Mom has an interesting dilemma. by Sid_Silver03/16/124.18

The Peterson Family

 — Having fun at church. by Ignoble12/01/124.46

The Phantom Beauty Contest

 — Mother, Son, Love. by railroadlady08/01/134.35

The Phantom Foot

 — Family fun at Thanksgiving Dinner, under the table. by knighttakesrook11/12/094.23

The Phantom of Lakefield Manor

 — A ghost appearance brings aunt, nephew and servant closer. by MaskedWhispers09/28/174.10

The Phillips Family Curse - Epilogue

 — Helen gets to the bottom of the so-called 'curse'. by TheTalkMan10/07/144.44

The Phillips Family Curse Ch. 01

 — Jesse's sexy relatives compete for his attention. by TheTalkMan09/27/144.56HOT

The Phillips Family Curse Ch. 02

 — The family secret is revealed... can Jesse resist? by TheTalkMan10/01/144.69HOT

The Phillips Family Curse Ch. 03

 — Can Jesse finally accept his destiny within the family? by TheTalkMan10/05/144.66HOT

The Phone Call

 — Dad phones his daughter. by Noah07/27/01

The Phone Call Ch. 2

 — Laura takes Dad shopping. by Noah11/05/01

The Phone Call That Day

 — A first for both of us. by FunKelly10/29/174.02

The Photo Album Ch. 04

 — A movie orgy, and Mom's new lover. by theo_minor06/18/124.59HOT

The Photo Session

 — A few extra poses suddenly get sexy for brother and sister. by Middleagepoet12/09/094.00

The Photo Shoot

 — Sister takes candid shots of her brother. by Bobcatatonic06/23/084.13

The Photo Shoot Ch. 02

 — Brother takes candid shots of sister by Bobcatatonic06/26/084.37

The Photo Shoot Ch. 03

 — Brother and sister don't need a camera. by Bobcatatonic06/27/084.45

The Photographer

 — Extramarital sex leads to unexpected turn. by paradisebert06/04/044.47

The Photographer Ch. 07

 — He shares his step-daughter with his brother. by Goldeniangel03/29/054.54HOT

The Photographer's Mother

 — A daring new art project awakens courageous desires. by PanzerFeck08/13/174.52HOT

The Photographer's Mother Ch. 02

 — Mum's desire to explore consensual incest with Daniel grows. by PanzerFeck08/15/174.66HOT

The Picnic

 — Bill, Rita and Hester enjoy sex in the great outdoors. by Trialbasis04/20/114.04

The Pilgrims' Progress

 — Fraternal twins seduce each other and then their mother. by Eroscott04/23/114.71HOT

The Pit

 — Working out with family changes a young man's life. by jagored07/29/053.78

The Place of Second Chances

 — Jennifer finds her destiny. by Moondrift07/12/034.07

The Place with No Name

 — Conjugality in a prehistoric tribe. by Cheleste10/14/074.03

The Plan

 — Couple plots to taste her mother. by Wizmasterd04/19/034.49

The Plan

 — Mother and daughter concoct plan to seduce Dad. by freekonature11/23/024.46

The Plan

 — Decadent incest with a splash of phone sex and a threesome. by Ernest Hemingsex01/17/124.50HOT

The Plan

 — Mom and dad plan to fuck daughter. by theMILFpatrol09/28/144.64HOT

The Plan Ch. 01

 — Clara has bedded her teenage daughter Lucy. by Ghostwind03/01/164.23

The Plan Ch. 01: The Seduction

 — I seduce my aunty in the family home... by fiftyFIFTY02/07/174.22

The Plan Ch. 02

 — Lucy tells her Daddy how the evening went. by Ghostwind03/02/164.28

The Plan Ch. 02: The Honeymoon Phase

 — My aunty and I continue our passionate affair. by fiftyFIFTY02/12/174.38

The Plan Ch. 03: The Farewell

 — My holiday reaches its climax. by fiftyFIFTY02/16/174.47

The Plan Ch. 04: Endgame

 — No longer aunty & nephew. by fiftyFIFTY04/17/174.52HOT

The Plan Pt. 02

 — Mom and dad complete their plan to fuck daughter. by theMILFpatrol11/01/144.64HOT

The Plane Crash

 — Father and daughter come together after a tragedy. by sexygirl7603/26/084.01

The Player

 — They didn't know they were related. (sequel to "The Bastard") by JayLikestoRead05/16/134.49

The Playground

 — My Birthday gift is a trip to The Playground. by xtreme_stories10/01/164.48

The Pleasure Car

 — A mother discovers the size of her son. by thendral11/09/143.96

The Pleasure Of Her Body

 — His daughter was unbelievable. by lickablenipsddd11/09/043.86

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 04

 — A tale of Lust, Love, and Longing. by djinnrummy11/25/134.40

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 06

 — The Diary of a very Happy Man. by djinnrummy12/03/134.52HOT

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 07

 — The Diary of a Happy Man. by djinnrummy12/03/134.69HOT

The Plot Thickens

 — On a business trip, Sam gives him a sign. by literotica_writer03/23/164.13

The Poker Game

 — Card game is prelude to incestuous orgy. by Tattletale06/02/044.38

The Poker Pot

 — Is it still incest if you don't know? by julybear708/02/104.36

The Political Widow

 — Tatiana is the frustrated wife of a politician. by Moondrift11/16/084.40

The Politician's Daughter Ch. 01

 — Allison reunites with her famous father. by Carnal_Flower11/14/144.74HOT

The Politician's Daughter Ch. 02

 — A Congressman and his daughter start an affair. by Carnal_Flower11/25/144.74HOT

The Pool

 — A visit from my sister in law. by couplesfun2219305/11/124.04

The Pool

 — Sister and brother in their 20s discover each other. by stlgoddessfreya05/19/144.42

The Pool

 — Sister and older brother discover each other. by Lovelylucie05/03/154.08

The Pool Boy

 — Fun times with the pool boy, even if he is mom's fiancé. by 112106/07/144.22

The Pool Boy

 — Jas' life as her son's doormat ends when they visit a spa. by jvalet4502/12/154.54HOT

The Pool Ch. 02

 — Sister and younger brother have time for each other. by Lovelylucie05/08/154.21

The Pool Ch. 03

 — Sister and two brothers have fun. by Lovelylucie05/17/154.26

The Pool Ch. 04

 — Family get togethers are hot. by Lovelylucie06/05/154.45

The Pool Ch. 1

 — Incest between & twin daughters, caught on tape. by lobito12/12/024.20

The Pool House

 — Mom helps Jamie stay on the Dean's List. by gymmyt06/12/064.33

The Pool Party

 — Mark gets invited to his boss's family pool party. by Devonnudist02/11/154.34

The Pool Pt. 02

 — The pool party continues with the entire family. by taylorsam07/06/174.50HOT

The Pool Table Spanking

 — Niece gets a lesson in the finer points of pool. by SpankerSam08/19/014.43

The Poppa of Evenings

 — They engage in Granddaddy-Granddaughter roleplay. by Carnal Syn09/20/024.28

The Portfolio Ch. 01

 — Priest's confessional. by taikutsuna09/21/054.77HOT

The Portfolio Ch. 02

 — The truth sets something free. by taikutsuna09/28/054.77HOT

The Positive Aspect

 — A daughter helps a bereaved father. by Moondrift12/12/064.46

The Possession

 — Cousins forced to fuck by long dead relatives. by Schaka06/09/164.39

The Postman Cums Twice Ch. 1

 — Mom's screwing postman; daughter sees chance. by Wyden Long05/24/024.52HOT

The Postman Cums Twice Ch. 2

 — Daughter goes 'fishing' with daddy & friend. by Wyden Long05/25/024.50HOT

The Postman Cums Twice Ch. 3

 — 'Don't you think my tits are pretty, Daddy?' by Wyden Long05/26/024.53HOT

The Postman Cums Twice Ch. 4

 — Daughter gets her man. by Wyden Long05/27/024.57HOT

The Power Cut

 — Sixty somethings cousins share a bed by tetherer02/06/094.36

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