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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Whole Famn Damily Ch. 02

 — He and his mother take advantage. by oedipal07/20/074.33

Whole Famn Damily Ch. 03

 — Interlude. Brothers discuss the fantasy state. by oedipal07/21/074.17

Whole Famn Damily Ch. 04

 — He starts day off with mom and aunt. by oedipal07/22/074.52HOT

Whole Famn Damily Ch. 05

 — He has rough sex with his aunt. by oedipal07/23/074.43

Whole Lotta Love

 — My sister catches me, then wants to join in. by Chris7sw04/26/174.54HOT

Whole New World

 — Mom & son get away for a couple of weeks. by Christinahorny07/23/124.54HOT


 — Father walks in on masturbating daughter. by scorpio0015501/07/014.34

Whoops Ch. 01

 — It had to happen this way too. by HunterShambles05/14/144.26

Whoops Ch. 02

 — It's all in the Family. by HunterShambles05/23/144.40

Whore Daughter

 — Carmen does her dad for cash. by TheDarkCloud09/15/104.22

Whore Mommy Gets Blackmailed

 — Mother gets blackmailed into becoming slave for son. by iLUVmoms12/16/02


 — False accusations and sexual ordeals in medieval England. by Stripemoff06/16/184.25NEW

Whores in My Bedroom

 — A visiting sister changes the life of a husband & wife. by indy_pop11/14/034.67HOT

Whoring for My Son

 — Mom earns money to further son's education. by JeanneSis07/11/154.01

Why Can't We?

 — Sister and brother want more that a family relationship. by darlingguy207/03/064.30

Why Did She Hate Me?

 — Two cousins have words. by phixman06/19/094.27

Why Did She Hate Me? Ch. 02

 — The conclusion of James and Rachael. by phixman12/08/094.44

Why Did This Happen?

 — Reader's opinions requested. by eroticjuggalo02/09/163.19

Why Have I Been So Distracted?

 — Daddy's a little controlling. by Young_Dream0409/09/033.80

Why He Fucked His Momma

 — She was gonna do the s.o.b. while he slept right there. by julybear701/05/113.95

Why He Fucked His Momma Ch. 02

 — Greg and his mom pick up a pair of newlyweds for some fun. by julybear701/14/114.65HOT

Why Is She So Fcukin Hot!

 — Why is she so hot and why is she my sister. by SueBrasil07/08/124.31

Why Mother in Laws Were Made

 — When the daughter is away the mother will play. by Lady Shani04/16/033.95

Why Not?

 — Husband fulfills sister in law's yearning. by Hitchhiker06/04/064.39

Why Should I Leave Home Ch. 01

 — Will Mum influence my plans to leave home? by Chris7sw04/14/174.67HOT

Why Should I Leave Home Ch. 02

 — Do I honestly want to leave home? by Chris7sw04/15/174.67HOT

Wicked Angel: Keri Ch. 01

 — He finds out that his daughter is a Dominatrix. by Bad Dad02/06/064.31

Wicked Angel: Keri Ch. 02

 — Keri continues to conquer her father. by Bad Dad02/14/064.47

Wicked Angel: Keri Ch. 03

 — Keri decides to take her father's virgin ass. by Bad Dad02/22/064.30

Wicked Angel: Keri Ch. 04

 — Her father waits for her to come home. by Bad Dad02/28/064.21

Wicked Company Ch. 01

 — Jessica goes to work at her father's company. by idrama11/04/174.10

Wicked Game Ch. 08

 — Task Number Seven. by velvetpie06/05/044.73HOT

Wicked Stepdaughter

 — Young stepdaughter's dreams of her stepfather become reality. by JCasDC03/29/184.43

Wicked Stepmother

 — Revenge is a dish best served cold. by Tara_Neale08/13/143.82

Wicked Witch Society

 — Mother and son learn the way of decadent neighborhood. by meinaru12/22/16

Wide-Hipped Cuckoo

 — Abandoning mother is learning the hard way. by andromon02/12/133.42

Widening the Circle Ch. 02

 — Vanessa’s sister and sons discover their new lifestyle. by fntsymn06/17/104.17

Widow and Nephew

 — Years of desires all come down to this visit. by Hollow_Eyes04/30/074.46

Wife and Brother

 — Ex-wife confesses brother love. by John Only11/19/004.30

Wife Applies For Modeling Job

 — She models for a mom and son movie. by Vic503/18/044.41

Wife Cheats

 — My wife cheats but I find happiness. by teninchhammer1012/23/174.66HOT

Wife is Family Humiliation Slut

 — Voyeur husband discovers wife is obedient 3 holed cum dump. by dreamweaver553903/07/183.97

Wife Left On Business

 — Father and daughter find solace together. by standingstones05/09/144.21

Wife Wants A Baby

 — Relative helps get the wife pregnant. by Vic512/02/024.34

Wife Wants Husband To Seduce Mother

 — Indian pregnant wife has a solution. by haldwani06/26/164.45

Wife with Cousin Steven

 — Caught my wife with my cousin! by Alex Bellig12/24/143.86

Wife's Brother Takes Advantage

 — With no other choice, wife works for brother as whore. by cumeister04/04/144.20

Wife's Deam Come True

 — Wife watches as husband fuck their niece. by UncleDaveHall09/12/134.32

Wife's Fun on the Side

 — Wife and brother-in-law have a secret. by OneGuySquared10/14/103.96

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 01

 — Roger has sex with wife's mother, Trudy, his mother-in-law. by SusanJillParker03/17/153.99

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Roger has sex with Genevieve, his sexy his sister-in-law. by SusanJillParker03/19/154.20

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 03

 — Roger's sexual fantasies of his wife's Mom, sister, & friend by SusanJillParker03/20/153.70

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 04

 — Roger confesses to his wife that he had sex with her mother. by SusanJillParker03/21/153.72

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 05

 — Roger confesses to his wife that he slept with her mother. by SusanJillParker03/22/153.47

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 06

 — Sex with my mother? No way! My Mom never liked you? by SusanJillParker03/23/153.87

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 07

 — I had sex with your mother and with your sister many times. by SusanJillParker03/24/153.97

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 08

 — Gwen's confession to Roger, "I had sex with your brother." by SusanJillParker03/26/153.89

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 09

 — I had sex with your 3 brothers and with your elderly father. by SusanJillParker03/27/153.98

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 10

 — Gwen sleeps with Roger's 3 brothers, father & best friend. by SusanJillParker03/28/153.94

Wife's Mom, Sister & Best Friend Ch. 11

 — Roger implements stage on of his violent, sexual revenge. by SusanJillParker04/02/154.16

Wife's Sister Eases Loneliness

 — A widower hits it off with his dominating sister in law. by Mayfairgirlshubby12/11/104.17

Wife's Southern Sister Joins Us

 — Midwestern swinger couple enjoy the wife's slutty sister. by upnorthnympho06/21/174.30

Wife's Young Cousin

 — Brent is seduced by his wife's young cousin. by _brent_12309/24/164.54HOT

Wife, Best Friend . . . And Sister

 — Finding love with my little sister. by SmallTitFan08/12/154.61HOT

Wife, Best Friend . . . And Sister Ch. 02

 — Jack and Lynn have a chance to reunite. by SmallTitFan02/12/184.43

Wife’s Fantasies

 — My wife’s fantasies and my mother-in-law. by missdreamer03/29/093.95

Wil and Winnie

 — Real love discovered in Mexico. by bassbelly01/09/084.40


 — Her father-in-law is attracted to her. by Rupa09/18/043.68

Wild Alaska Ch. 01

 — Ex-soldier tracks down a little sister he never knew he had. by Smokingdragon05/19/144.60HOT

Wild Alaska Ch. 02

 — Ex-military brother tracks down his lost sister. by Smokingdragon01/23/164.72HOT

Wild Ch. 02

 — War of nerves continues with father-in-law. by Rupa04/15/053.71

Wild Iris

 — This teen's a real wild flower. by honeydew07/19/013.05

Wild Night with Mom

 — Mom turns into a wild woman. by L.A. Wicker12/12/064.60HOT

Wild Ride

 — Zeke has the time of his life on a camping trip with his sister. by Sanzamour06/03/144.04

Wild Sisters Ch. 01

 — Voyeur brother catches sisters in lesbian embrace. by rclever07/15/054.16

Wild Sisters Ch. 02

 — Sisters punish voyeur brother. by rclever07/15/054.61HOT

Wild Thing

 — Too hot, too crazy. by Venus_Lover07/12/094.25

Wild Wet Mobike Ride

 — Lucky lift with sister-in-law. by parttime_guy_mumbai08/08/023.63

Wild Wife

 — My wife is sex crazy so we make it a family affair. by Lydie5409/24/144.19

Wilda's Birthday Surprise

 — Mother finds love with daughter and son. by Casperwho3511/25/014.24


 — Janelle and Jade Journey to a wild place. by TheGreatLakes03/13/154.69HOT

Wilderness Paradise Pt. 01

 — Adventures of a Brother and Sister in the wilds of BC. by u06la14b10/23/114.64HOT

Wilderness Paradise Pt. 02

 — Continuing adventure in the wilderness. by u06la14b10/21/114.63HOT

Wilderness Paradise Pt. 03

 — Continuing adventures of a brother and sister. by u06la14b11/07/114.73HOT

Wilderness Paradise Pt. 04

 — The continuing sexual saga or a brother and sister. by u06la14b11/24/114.66HOT

Wilderness Paradise Pt. 05

 — A sexual saga of a brother and sister. by u06la14b12/08/114.74HOT

Wilderness Paradise Pt. 06

 — The conclusion of the Brother-Sister Saga. by u06la14b01/03/124.77HOT

Wilderness Trail

 — Sequel to 'A Relatively Fun Weekend'. by Barb36D09/23/034.70HOT

Will and Grace

 — Older brother protects his sister. by Tepid0909/15/064.65HOT

Will I Ever Make Him Mine?

 — You can't help who you fall in love with. by billb186212/04/174.61HOT

Will You Call Me Patty

 — Son helps mother salvage her life. by The Fantasizer07/15/054.38

Will You Call Me Patty Ch. 02

 — She's one Hot Mom. by The Fantasizer09/15/174.25

Will, His Teacher And Her Mother

 — Threesome, male with mother/daughter. by Stormysailor03/09/144.07

Willa Finds Love Ch. 3

 — Willa discovers why she's not feeling well. by honeydew05/04/014.03

Willa's Gift Ch. 1

 — Willa gives and gets what she wants. by honeydew04/28/013.90

Willa's Gift Ch. 2

 — Willa discovers her Mother's wish. by honeydew04/29/013.81

Willing Subject

 — A son's ultimate model, his mother. by Seethru5704/15/094.57HOT


 — Father uses mom as harlot for his biz; son rescues her. by clinton0911/02/104.37


 — It's the little things. by Just Plain Bob04/12/054.40

Winning An Argument

 — Mom makes it up to her son. by innyuendo06/28/034.11

Winning the Bet

 — Young virgin wins the bet, and his mothers love. by spurt-reynolds11/25/024.16

Winsome and Anton

 — How she became a brother lover. by Winsome08/03/024.26


 — An accidental flash leads to new feelings between siblings. by Medicine Hat08/08/074.42

Winter Break

 — Father and daughter learn about each other's secrets. by loverom12910/05/124.15

Winter Break with Mom Ch. 01

 — Aunt Leslie and her sweet niece move a whole new level. by openmindedwoman02/11/164.55HOT

Winter Cabin

 — Father and daughter reconnect. by RaycerEdge11/23/083.96

Winter In The Teutoberg Forest

 — A mother and son find each other in A.D. 75. by Ursus arctos12/07/044.55HOT

Winter Mechanic

 — A guy gets "warm" with his mother in law. by droopy dog03/30/064.37

Winter Retreat

 — She is chosen to be a slave and her sister tags along. by thick119112/25/104.26

Winter Vacation at the Fitch's Ch. 01

 — Arriving at the Fitch's. by Jake6009302/10/074.08

Winter's Afternoon Delight

 — Winter finds time for daddy on summer afternoon. by brwneyedwitch7003/08/034.26

Winter's Tale Ch. 01

 — She watches her brother then parents join in. by Satsu07/18/114.41

Winter's Tale Ch. 02

 — Someone Called the cops! by Satsu07/21/114.42

Winter's Tale Ch. 03

 — David goets to the office, things get interesting. by Satsu07/27/114.52HOT


 — Dad and daughter come together after wisdom teeth surgery. by eroticawriter_111/09/114.37

Wise Parents Beget Smart Children

 — 'Sis, this is the greatest sacrifice of sister to brother.' by haribasker12/11/093.78

Wish Fulfillment

 — Stepfather and daughter get what they need. by captainscarlett03/31/084.33

Wish to Faq My Aunty

 — Indian man wants his Aunt. by hari45907/31/022.57

Wishes Do Come True

 — Diane spends quality time with Dad. by netsfan_4404/12/044.20

Witchy Woman

 — Mother uses occult to get her way by zxc104/08/034.27

With A House Full Ch. 01

 — Even a full house cannot keep her form those she wants. by lickablenipsddd10/12/044.03

With A House Full Ch. 02

 — He makes the men an offer. by lickablenipsddd10/13/044.01

With Brother's Help

 — Her brother helps her get her man. by Mac_G06/22/074.49

With Dad to Swing Club

 — An adventure, or was it a soul searing experience? by earnie6509/07/093.95

With Daddy

 — Young woman seduces her widower father. by History Nut03/31/064.35

With Friends Like Me Again

 — Jen & Julie get Mrs. Bain while she sleeps. by margo_x_x06/25/023.71

With Help, Mom Came

 — A new vibrator brings mother & son closer together. by HeyAll12/26/154.59HOT

With Interest

 — A family comes together. by KEaster4607/30/114.39

With Interest Ch. 02

 — The family come together...a great foursome. by KEaster4608/12/114.37

With Love, Aunt Zelda

 — A young man and young woman find love in their own house. by teddy2horse12/27/124.54HOT

With Mom Sleeping

 — While Mom sleeps, Dad and I discover each other. by Kellie_K11/27/124.46

With Moms Help

 — Mother gives son a reason to go straight. by hammertime07/27/044.60HOT

With Mother-In-Law on a Nude Beach

 — A short erotic story about teasing on a nude beach. by Declan2604/12/164.00

With My Cousins

 — Tamil guy fuck his two cousins. by santhi01/07/083.86

With My Son

 — First time for the both of us. by jennygrisham06/04/034.36

With Sabrina

 — He looks at his daughter. by geronimo_appleby11/28/154.50HOT

With Sister's Help

 — Nothing helps a younger brother study more than sex. by HeyAll11/12/124.55HOT

With the Help of a Caring Woman

 — A "Mystery Woman" helps him overcome the loss of his family. by Ghostwalker06/30/154.75HOT

With the Kids

 — A family's coming together. by rjohnson11/03/024.40

With the Kids' Help

 — Mom gets help from her son & daughter with husband. by Executive10101/26/084.32

Within You Without You

 — Pay back can be rewarding. by dragonmann7201/19/183.90

Without Restraint: The Beginning

 — Sister helps erotic author fulfill nasty fantasies. by Will Wanton12/31/014.27

Witness to My Daughter's Debasement

 — Hidden Dad spies daughter's mass defilement; joins in. by fastandsloppy01/31/094.21

Wittingly Deceived Pt. 01

 — Reluctantly she puts on a show for her childhood dad. by wesonetonada11/15/164.21

Woman Enough to Take My Man

 — Her attachment to mother is revealed by her roommate. by leann51103/07/074.48

Woman Of His Dreams

 — Gabe finally gets his big-titted aunt. by Big Gunz11/13/054.46

Woman Of His Dreams Ch. 02

 — Gabe and his big-titted aunt get together again. by Big Gunz03/19/074.41

Woman of the House

 — A frontierswoman accepts a hard bargain. by soiledprairiedove04/16/133.86

Woman of the House Ch. 02

 — Our heroine has her first experience with her pa. by soiledprairiedove04/26/134.29

Woman of the House Ch. 03

 — Reuben and Josh show our heroine a good time. by soiledprairiedove05/16/134.38

Woman of the Year

 — In a land that could be, in a town that might be. by Biskit11/06/094.40

Women and I

 — My mom showed me the beauty of a woman's body. by happenstance08/24/104.36

Women Get Horny, Too

 — A mother seduces her 18 year old son. by craverandscarlett01/30/164.27

Women of the Family

 — David discovers why mom & sis are so close. by Scanner06/25/014.42

Women of the Family

 — He decides family members are just too sexy. by Layne Bryant II05/16/044.46

Women's Studies Ch. 01

 — A young man's odyssey trying to attend an all girl college. by Son_of_Battles05/29/164.80HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 02

 — The morning after, fake boobs, and dorm mates. by Son_of_Battles06/10/164.85HOT

Women's Work Ch. 03

 — Conclusion; mental combat vs. the Consultant. by WifeWatchman07/31/164.75HOT

Won the Lottery So I Rented My Mom

 — My dirty mom has always like men with money. by sportsandbeer1010/03/143.34

Wonder Drug at the Church Picnic

 — Better living through chems. by Quarts01/30/163.72

Wonder Woman

 — Stuck in a closet at a Halloween party. by MichaelScarn05/18/174.60HOT

Wonderful Summer

 — A dad discovers how amazing his daughter and friend are. by maximillion246910/01/124.32

Wonderland Ch. 01

 — Steve spys on mom and dad through a one way mirror. by retrobob08/20/124.29

Wonderland Ch. 02

 — Steve gets to live his dream and fuck his mom. by retrobob08/24/124.42

Wonderland Ch. 03

 — Steve's Dad is home and a threesome awaits. by retrobob08/25/124.46

Wonderland Ch. 04

 — Steve learns about his mom and grandpa/grandma. by retrobob08/27/124.48

Wonderland Ch. 05

 — Steve learns about his mom\dad\uncle fuck. by retrobob08/30/124.58HOT

Wonderland Ch. 06

 — Steve does his kinky aunt and is joined by his uncle. by retrobob09/02/124.56HOT

Wonderland Ch. 07

 — Steve screws his sister and enjoys his first family orgy. by retrobob09/11/124.43

Wonderland Ch. 08

 — More orgies at grandma's house. by retrobob02/03/134.53HOT

Wooded Cabin

 — Zack did not stay with Zoe's mother, but Zoe finds him again. by IsabellaSims05/31/084.23

Woods of Ardor

 — University student shares a special moment with grandma. by JDecker03/11/154.21

Words on Skin

 — A little sister can't say some things out loud. by PacoFear10/30/094.82HOT

Work Out Mom

 — Mother's body turns on her son. by standingstones08/15/144.32

Working for Daddy

 — Son manages to get into Daddy's bed. by backtothe50s11/06/134.33

Working For His Promotion Pt. 11

 — Family matters loom large for Joanne after Adam's mom dies. by The Big Bopper05/04/184.03

Working for my Father-in-law

 — Daughter-in-law seduces her boss/husband's father. by ls198803/24/174.30

Working For My Niece

 — I go to help my niece work on her home. by uncledickme02/22/164.42

Working Girls

 — Mother and adopted Bi son start a nudist life together. by Showoff88812/15/153.95

Working Girls Pt. 02

 — Mother and adopted Bi son start a nudist life together. by Showoff88812/17/154.25

Working into the Family Ch. 01

 — A woman desires about mother and son. by ivancrickic04/23/123.78

Working Mother

 — Mother gets it after 15 years from her virgin son. by rogerliteroticlover08/10/104.23

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