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Best Friends Ch. 02

 — Mary fantasizes about her son, has bi-sex with Amanda. by Peter Duncan03/10/074.36

Best Friends Ch. 02

 — Best friends enjoy each other ... and one's mom. by Patrick238001/27/084.36

Best Friends Ch. 03

 — Two friends & one's mom take things even further. by Patrick238002/05/084.38

Best Friends Ch. 04

 — One friend takes the other in his ass. by Patrick238002/17/084.39

Best Friends Ch. 04

 — Mary has sex with her son. by Peter Duncan04/02/074.56HOT

Best Friends Ch. 05

 — Mary after Corey; Lee seduces her hubby. by Peter Duncan04/25/074.49

Best Friends Ch. 05

 — Pat's dad is brought into the mix. by Patrick238003/02/084.36

Best Friends Ch. 06

 — Sister comes to visit and have a problem taken care of. by Sexy_Mike09/14/084.37

Best Friends Ch. 07

 — They both spend the night. In my bed. by Sexy_Mike11/04/084.29

Best Friends Ch. 08

 — We come to an agreement. by Sexy_Mike11/09/084.31

Best Friends Help Ch. 01

 — A friend schemes to seduce father and daughter both. by autoplot04/04/164.68HOT

Best Friends Help Ch. 02

 — She goes along with her friend's plan to seduce her father. by autoplot05/04/164.71HOT

Best Friends Help Ch. 03

 — The friends embark on a plan of seduction. by autoplot05/18/174.68HOT

Best Friends Help Ch. 04

 — A daughter's plan works as both of them get what they want. by autoplot05/19/174.71HOT

Best Friends Pt. 02

 — Two friends get back together but sis wants to hang out too. by blackbeltninja07/10/154.42

Best In Show

 — Amy says thanks to her stepdad on the eve of her wedding. by Stephen_Heathcote08/10/144.26

Best Intentions Ch. 01

 — Mom shows great concern for her son's well being. by RainierWriterII03/11/114.68HOT

Best Intentions Ch. 02

 — Mother and son continue to expand boundaries. by RainierWriterII04/01/114.68HOT

Best Mom in the World

 — Son enjoys his good fortune. by Forsaken One10/04/043.99

Best of Both Worlds

 — He takes his daughter and granddaughter. by nasty_dan08/03/064.61HOT

Best of Friends

 — A third joins in two friends' game. by edmunduk09/16/054.41

Best of Friends Ch. 02

 — The three friends take things further. by edmunduk11/12/054.60HOT

Best Present Ever

 — It's my birthday and i could never ask for more. by kiwi9107/02/154.15

Best Present Ever Ch. 02

 — She has a choice to make. by kiwi9107/04/154.16

Best Present Ever: Bitch Sister

 — A virgin older brother makes his 18-year-old sister his slut. by silkstockingslover11/17/114.63HOT

Best Present Ever: Cheerleader Orgy

 — Brother fucks sister again and 2 of her cheerleader friends. by silkstockingslover01/06/124.62HOT

Best Present Ever: MILF Neighbor

 — With sister's help on New Year's Eve, he fucks MILF Neighbor. by silkstockingslover05/22/134.65HOT

Best Present Ever: Mom

 — Son finally gets his ultimate conquest... his hot innocent Mom. by silkstockingslover04/07/154.65HOT

Best Served Cold...

 — Brother Ryan makes sister Jodie work off a debt. by jennaliscious04/06/123.92

Best Since My Brother

 — Brother and Sister do it again after twenty years. by MarvinS02/02/124.29

Best Sister Ever Ch. 01

 — Wife's pregnant sister moves in with newlyweds. by highshine80803/23/183.77

Best Summer Ever Ch. 1

 — Summer of '78 spent with sister & best friend. by rocketman9607/10/024.06

Best Summer Ever Ch. 2

 — How he spent the best summer ever. by rocketman9607/13/024.25

Best Summer Ever Ch. 3

 — Summer pleasures continue. by rocketman9607/20/024.24

Best Summer Ever- Oral Pleasures

 — Pam and Jen teach the boys the oral arts. by rocketman9607/27/024.32


 — Father and son share a night in. by shireman03/09/033.94


 — Daughter deals with her mom and brother. by Emmah10/15/014.15


 — A mother's plan finally comes true with her daughter's help. by ronnie1107/02/094.39

Beth and Sam Ch. 02

 — Into the fold. by Jena12102/03/104.49

Beth and Sam Ch. 03

 — Beth, Sam, & Steve: continuation of family relationships. by Jena12102/21/104.34

Beth and Sam Ch. 04

 — Siblings. by Jena12103/01/104.28

Beth Begins

 — Horny teen sets out to seduce her uncles. by bittykitty86912/31/144.24

Beth Ch. 2

 — Busty Beth pleases her son. by Adam Kilmer10/21/014.50HOT

Beth fucks Terry

 — Beth and Terry fuck and dad loves it. by Harvey_3202/07/184.31

Beth in Waiting...

 — Was Beth able to take more than her mom? by Sweet_Shay06/15/064.39

Beth Joins the Family

 — Was it time for my BFF to learn the truth? by pghpa04/03/17

Beth Remembers Her First Time

 — Beth's Story Continues. by BrookeJones11/02/164.66HOT

Beth's Awesome Week

 — A feisty little bisexual has a sex and fetish perfect week. by imhapless03/08/123.93

Beth's Bathtime

 — Daddy has step mom help Beth get cleaned up for him. by bittykitty86901/04/153.98

Beth's Big Black Momma

 — Beth learns she loves pussy. by LustyLee7706/18/074.46

Beth's Brothers

 — Daddy decides Beth has to earn her breakfast the hard way by bittykitty86901/05/153.90

Beth's Cherry

 — Beth finds man enough to pop her cherry: grandpa. by E.NonnyMuse12/31/024.58HOT

Beth's Family Tree Ch. 01

 — Father & Beth come together. by PamperedLinny07/12/094.33

Beth's Family Tree Ch. 02

 — They break the news to her brothers. by PamperedLinny07/15/094.28

Beth's Family Tree Ch. 03

 — Two of her brothers return. by PamperedLinny07/16/094.48

Beth's Family Tree Ch. 04

 — Joe comes back home. by PamperedLinny07/22/094.43

Beth's Mom

 — Brad temporarily lives with his girlfriend's hot mom. by chunks06/15/064.50HOT

Beth's Panties

 — Beth finds cum on her panties - her brother's cum. by Erlikkhan02/16/164.39

Bethann And The Pastor

 — She kneels for the pastor of her uncle's church. by honeydew08/17/014.06


 — A month with granddaughter. by fadedgiant07/29/163.44

Bethany's Father

 — Bethany gets reacquainted with her estranged dad. by Arch Stanton12/10/074.44

Bethany's Neighbor Carson

 — Her first experience with an older man. by DallasJackson06/02/044.19

Bethel Island

 — Siblings become lovers during a family vacation. by epiphany6511/11/094.62HOT


 — Aunt finds comfort in nephew after being betrayed by AStropirate04/12/154.32

Betrayal Ch. 01

 — It began with a betrayal. by DeirdreThyme08/12/084.36

Betrayal Ch. 02

 — Rick's attraction to his niece becomes an issue. by DeirdreThyme08/16/084.41

Betrayal Ch. 03

 — Rick can't say no. by DeirdreThyme08/25/084.50HOT

Betrayal Ch. 04

 — Rick finally does the deed. by DeirdreThyme09/06/084.53HOT


 — Husband discovers wife with his son. by rjohnson06/07/034.14


 — Siblings spot spouses together at a motel. by blaster66603/27/144.54HOT

Betsy's Problem

 — The test showed positive by Gojira02/14/034.13

Better Choice

 — Father & daughter settle a bet the practical way. by jaybee06/10/02

Better Late Than Never

 — A shared fantasy brings Dad & Daughter together. by scorpio0015502/11/014.59HOT

Better Late Than Never

 — Visit to her father in hospital has unforeseen consequence. by parabolus04/03/094.29

Better Late Than Never Ch. 02

 — She vists her father in hospital again. by parabolus11/02/094.35

Better Late Than Never Ch. 1

 — Richie and his sister rediscover their childhood. by Salteena09/08/024.23

Better Late Than Never Ch. 2

 — Richie visits E. in the big city. by Salteena09/08/024.48

Better Off Together

 — Siblings face middle age alone and living together. by PanzerFeck05/14/174.52HOT

Better Than A Party Ch. 01

 — Disappointment changes upon aunt's arrival. by BigDick887009/23/034.33

Better Than Her Diary

 — Brother finds sister's digital camera. by Nice_Guy_Done_Last11/30/013.97

Better Than I Could Ever Imagine

 — First cousins finally attain forbidden desires. by Ikely02/09/094.41

Better than Trick or Treating?

 — Young woman discovers that Halloween is fun for adults too. by regularguy1310/17/124.44

Better with You

 — A moment of truth came. by surprisedbyus12/10/154.09

Between a Mother and a Son

 — Intimate confessions are shared. by Madabouthair01/01/134.41

Between Iraq and a Hard Place

 — In battle a marine is bestowed the ability to have any woman. by MagicWand10/16/064.39

Between Mom & Herself

 — Newfound confidence brings sexual liberation. by HeyAll08/23/154.55HOT

Between My Brother's Legs

 — I found happiness, acceptance and love. by MeredithEighty806/25/174.13

Between My Brother's Legs Ch. 02

 — Dr. Dash: When one door closes, another door opens. by MeredithEighty807/07/174.18

Between My Son's Legs

 — Mom's hungry. by pokenose02/22/023.93

Between My Sons

 — Based on true events. Thank you for the inspiration! by Sorian12/17/094.56HOT

Between Siblings

 — Is her help with brother's insecurities taken too far? by Rose Faulkland10/02/034.73HOT

Between Siblings

 — Brother & sister share more than just the usual sibling love. by Shadow_Child05/26/124.18

Between Siblings Ch. 02

 — Chase teaches his virgin sister how to touch and tease. by Shadow_Child06/11/124.47

Between the Lines

 — Your daughter wants you, she just doesn't know it yet... by redfoxx1509/28/174.19

Between the Twins

 — Blonde twins home from college meet their new neighbor. by nubileblonde07/15/124.36

Between Us

 — Father & daughter's relationship deepens. by ForMySaniT04/27/024.68HOT

Between Your Sister and Yourself

 — She finds out her boyfriend is attracted to her sister. by autoplot05/04/134.66HOT

Beverly and Greg Ch. 01

 — Fictional story inspires a mother. by Jessica Trollop11/12/054.50HOT

Beverly and Greg Ch. 02

 — Beverly makes her son her lover. by Jessica Trollop11/13/054.50HOT

Beverly and Her Mother in Law

 — Beverly finds happyness by TonyMA7002/21/184.33

Beverly Needs A Plumber

 — Bev's hubby isn't keeping up. Sister in law volunteers son. by randyolegoat04/16/084.28

Beverly Needs A Plumber Ch. 02

 — Bev's daughter shares secrets with her mother. by randyolegoat04/21/084.50HOT

Beverly Needs A Plumber Ch. 03

 — Katy joins in. by randyolegoat04/27/084.52HOT

Beverly Needs A Plumber Ch. 04

 — Bev and Laura have a long talk. by randyolegoat05/02/084.53HOT

Beware the Mistletoad

 — It all starts with a not so innocent kissing game. by sirhugs11/17/164.62HOT

Beware the Mistletoad Ch. 02

 — Kissing games leads to Valentine's treats. by sirhugs01/27/174.62HOT

Beware What You Wish For

 — A brother walks in on his masturbating sister. by Amazon09/07/013.37

Bewitching Mother

 — Mom dresses as a witch to domme her Son on Halloween. by Pilot402910/18/094.36

Beyond Aquila Island

 — Sean and Dani's taboo love is tested in the real world. by PhiloBeddoe02/10/174.67HOT

Beyond Aquila Island Ch. 02

 — Peril and passion for Dani and Sean. by PhiloBeddoe02/24/174.62HOT

Beyond Evil Ch. 01

 — Evil eyes. by bouncingboobs05/08/182.70

Beyond Evil Ch. 02

 — Nerds fight back. by bouncingboobs05/10/183.87

Beyond His Control

 — Walker can't stop thinking about his little sister. by Sapheron05/26/094.36

Beyond the Borderline

 — Mother and son find a love like no other. by CPBaudelaire10/07/124.71HOT

Beyond the Borderline Bk. 02

 — Mother and Son Find a Love Like No Other - Conclusion by CPBaudelaire10/10/124.83HOT

Beyond the Setting Sun

 — Love Knows No Color, No Age ... or Relation. by kurrginatorX01/19/184.42

BFF, Roommate, Lover. Sister?

 — Best friends learn they might be siblings as well as lovers. by upnorthnympho06/26/174.30

BFFs Share Everything

 — Beth and I share everything so else why not our fathers? by pghpa03/13/17HOT

Bhabhi Ki Chudai

 — Horny sister in law gets a hard fuck. by none71006/20/023.47

Bhabhi Teaches Sex

 — An Indian bhabhi teaches her devar the art of sex. by sunnyboyz09/07/023.90

Bhabhi, My Secret Wife

 — Devar makes bhabhi his secret wife. by sunnyboyz03/24/063.98

Bhabi: The Indian Sister-In-Law Ch. 01

 — The wandering poet finds a relic at brother's home. by _wanderlust_poet05/26/063.93

Bhavita & The Great Orgy

 — Indian girl with her sisters and 4 black studs. by Bhavita12/16/034.21

Bi - Incest Cuckold

 — Got a 3 some with my sister and a hotel manager. by randheer03/15/163.29

Bi adventures of Jim & Nick 3

 — Jim and Nick are still hooking up but more is going on. by Tazz2711/29/174.64HOT

Bi Daughters' Threesome with Dad

 — He saw them in bed together, and ended up joining in. by bbw4youngercocks101/16/084.44

Bi Family Fun

 — Johnny learns his parents are Bi. by BenderOverer07/10/144.65HOT

Bi Family Zone Of Silence

 — His power over his daughter … and over me. by Coxswain08/04/10

Bi The Way

 — Young woman is loved by her Aunt and Uncle. by Giveandgetoral08/30/124.58HOT

Bi With A twist

 — A husband and wife have sex with her brother. by RANDALL6901/24/073.90


 — My cousin Brian, me, and my girlfriend have a three way by latexcd6908/03/084.24

Bianca & Uncle Paul

 — Watching after his niece. by daddygoesdeep06/25/114.03

Bianca Gets It Good Ch. 01

 — Good times with Daddy, Uncle Paul and his friends. by daddygoesdeep05/08/124.01

Bianca Meets Mom's Online Lover

 — She finally loses her virginity to mom's lover... by WetAndCreamy12/08/164.30

Bianca's Choice Ch. 03: The Epilogue

 — Bianca has her first porn film in her new life. by warnos07/11/143.95

Bianca's First Time alone with Mark

 — Mom's off to parent evening and Bianca & Mark is left alone. by WetAndCreamy12/14/164.11

Bible Erotica 01

 — Erotic story from Genesis 19; Lot and his daughters. by Church_Lady5910/01/094.22

Bible Study

 — 3 Bible students consult an old preacher. by Nigel Debonnaire06/19/14

Bicycle Mechanic

 — Day spent cleaning garage pays off. by satyr_13200309/15/054.62HOT

Big and Happy

 — A young woman discovers thru relatives how desirable she is. by JonathanStone04/29/074.25

Big Apple Siblings

 — Jenna shares a tiny apartment with her brother. by GSimple06/19/134.46

Big Bad Boogie Man Ch. 01

 — Mom can help, son. by Georgette Glass03/09/034.45

Big Bad Boogie Man Ch. 02

 — Aunt Edna's role. by Georgette Glass03/10/034.51HOT

Big Bad Boogie Man Ch. 03

 — Aunt Edna's friend. by Georgette Glass03/11/034.48

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