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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Daddy, I Know You Want To Ch. 02

 — Sara gets what she wants, but not from daddy. by Sararamslut11/29/074.09

Daddy, I Need Your Help

 — Sexy young lady finds the man of her dreams. by L.A. Wicker11/14/074.51HOT

Daddy, I'm Home

 — Adult daughter forced home after divorce to seduce daddy. by MissLolaRose01/12/163.83

Daddy, I'm Naked!

 — Daddy the gyno hits the G-spot. by sarahhh06/27/064.22

Daddy, I've Been Naughty

 — She gets a pleasant punishment from her father. by ReneD12/28/034.16

Daddy, It Doesn't Fit!

 — Daughter asks Daddy to fill in on sex-tape dare. by VanillaExtract08/30/124.47

Daddy, It Doesn't Go In There!

 — Daughter asks Daddy to perform in another sex-tape dare. by VanillaExtract02/28/144.41

Daddy, It Don't Fit You Must Acquit!

 — Daughter asks Daddy to prove his innocence in a court of law. by VanillaExtract05/24/144.48

Daddy, Lily and Headmaster

 — Lily has been a naughty girl, Daddy sees the headmaster. by Lilytoy05/07/144.44

Daddy, Lily and Headmaster Ch. 02

 — The punishment continues... by Lilytoy05/10/144.27

Daddy, Lily and Headmaster Ch. 03

 — Still no suitable punishment... by Lilytoy05/14/144.19

Daddy, Lily and Headmaster Ch. 04

 — Daddy picks Lily up after school.... by Lilytoy05/21/144.40

Daddy, Lizzy and Eileen

 — Daddy's 19-year-old friend visits. by LizzyRose07/14/064.27

Daddy, Papa, and Me

 — She takes on her Dad and Grandfather. by lickablenipsddd07/17/053.63

Daddy, Please

 — I can't leave Daddy alone. by JusticeJewel10/08/174.10

Daddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 01

 — Exhibitionist daughter & dad, thrown together by fate. by Pro_Ball_Player09/07/054.37

Daddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 02

 — She sees Daddy naked, too. by Pro_Ball_Player09/15/054.52HOT

Daddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 03

 — Crissy & Daddy touch each other. by Pro_Ball_Player11/05/054.59HOT

Daddy, Please Undress Me Ch. 04

 — She proves to Daddy she's a 'real virgin'. by Pro_Ball_Player05/23/074.67HOT

Daddy, Please...

 — Daddy's fantasy becomes real. by melpri2411/13/023.57

Daddy, Please...

 — There's always that first time. by Uncle_Jake07/31/114.14

Daddy, Princess, & Kitten

 — She discovers her boss's secret family life. by plaidskirt05/06/024.33

Daddy, Teach Me to Suck.

 — Father teaches daughter to perform oral sex. by Tattletale04/19/024.25


 — Father-in-law takes charge during a visit. by cvillerook09/04/173.88

Daddy-In-Law Pt. 02

 — Angela visits Ted room alone late night. by cvillerook11/12/174.09

Daddy-In-Law Pt. 03

 — Taboo plus 1 neighbor equals so much more fun. by cvillerook12/24/174.17

Daddy... Rub My Neck

 — Widowed man tries to be mother and father. by MisterReason12/11/144.29

Daddy/Daughter Lesson Pt. 01

 — Baby Girl asks her Daddy to teach her some lessons. by DirtyPrincess4Daddy06/10/174.35

Daddy/Daughter Relationship

 — DDR opens his eyes to his own daughter. by WFEATHER11/21/073.65


 — I am taught the lifestyle by Daddy and his sons. by lucky_dragonfly04/24/143.94


 — Daughter masturbates as father watches. by slimthicc02/16/184.15

Daddy’s Little Party Favor

 — It's Daddy's b-day & his submissive slut pleases his guests. by DesertLust04/15/094.36

Daddy’s Little Virgin Ch. 01

 — He's been taking her panties. by BethB08/02/094.40

Daddy’s Little Virgin Ch. 02

 — Carly teases her Daddy. by BethB08/09/094.53HOT

Daddy’s Princess Learns Her Place

 — A story of a daughter's true devotion to Daddy. by dannythebaltimoron01/14/123.94

Daddy’s Retirement Gift

 — Her Daddy retires and he's all hers! by L.A. Wicker09/28/084.48


 — Father/daughter incest results in pregnancy. by MeredithEighty810/21/134.38

Daddys' Little Girl

 — A step dad and his daughter have unconventional relations. by my_lil_secret12/06/124.29

Daddysgirl Gets A Bath

 — An 18-Yr Old Daughter gets a bath from Daddy. by lemmethink05/28/123.81


 — Daddys' little girl turns him into her slave. by unclebigbad02/17/013.85

Daddyslave Ch. 2

 — Daddyslave gets all 'dolled' up. by unclebigbad03/11/013.68

Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 2

 — Nikki moves their relationship closer to her dream. by button01/17/014.54HOT

Dahlia and Darren

 — Emerging from a coma brings about change for mom and son. by tw_holt06/28/144.71HOT

Dainty Daphne Ch. 01

 — Barely 18, she seduces "daddy". by DirtyDirtyDaddy06/03/114.39

Dainty Daphne Ch. 02

 — Daphne gets Daddy to introduce her to anal. by DirtyDirtyDaddy12/03/114.50HOT

Daisey: Daddy's Whore Ch. 01

 — Innocent beginning of a daughter's slavery to Daddy. by daddysgoodlittlegirl07/19/094.26

Daisy Got All She Wanted

 — It was a family union. by qualitywheat01/27/184.46

Daisy's Disgrace

 — Tom discovers his daughter is rather...precocious. by basicbitch05/08/174.29

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 03

 — Daisy's humiliation continues. by basicbitch05/18/174.08

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 04

 — Daisy gets pumped for summer vacation. by basicbitch06/02/174.08

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 05

 — Daisy faces new challenges. by basicbitch06/03/174.04

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 06

 — Daisy gets more than she bargained for. by basicbitch06/04/174.20

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 07

 — Daisy runs some errands. by basicbitch06/05/174.02

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 08

 — Daisy is the subject of close scrutiny. by basicbitch06/06/174.21

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 09

 — Daisy endures all sorts of humiliation. by basicbitch06/09/174.04

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 10

 — Daisy gets drunk and dirty. by basicbitch06/10/174.12

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 11

 — Tom and Daisy strike up a bargain. by basicbitch06/11/174.31

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 12

 — Daisy's mother comes home. by basicbitch06/12/174.27

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 13

 — A night out for Daisy's mom means a night in for Daisy. by basicbitch07/24/174.12

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 14

 — A typical day in Daisy's new life. by basicbitch07/25/174.33

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 15

 — Tom has the boys over for poker. by basicbitch07/26/174.32

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 16

 — Tom finally takes what is his. by basicbitch07/27/174.34

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 17

 — Daisy and Tom flirt with disaster. by basicbitch07/28/174.30

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 23

 — Shawna's plot thickens. by basicbitch09/13/174.21

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 24

 — Shawna takes two. by basicbitch09/15/174.42

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 27

 — Daisy goes home. by basicbitch12/05/174.18

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 31

 — Daisy the sex slave. by basicbitch01/11/184.04

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 39

 — Daisy goes home. by basicbitch02/24/183.78

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 43

 — Daisy takes control. by basicbitch03/01/184.25

Dale and Liz Do Mom

 — Liz strips her mother then Dale fucks her. by 12Pooky1210/21/144.38

Dale's Special Family Ch. 01

 — Sister arrives with a fantasy in mind. by Layne Bryant II12/21/034.49

Dale's Special Family Ch. 02

 — Brother's sexy Latina wife makes a taboo threesome. by Layne Bryant II12/23/034.59HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 03

 — Dale finds sexy sisters in an adult book store. by Layne Bryant II12/24/034.54HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 04

 — Sexy Nubian twins makes Dale's day. by Layne Bryant II12/24/034.62HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 05

 — Taboo trio perform for voyaging curious aunt. by Layne Bryant II12/27/034.72HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 06

 — Dale & Lynda become Aunt Eaters. by Layne Bryant II12/27/034.64HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 07

 — Sexy wife joins for a family foursome. by Layne Bryant II12/27/034.62HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 08

 — Bobby takes his mother. by Layne Bryant II12/28/034.55HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 09

 — Dale joins Terry and Bobby for a swinging trio. by Layne Bryant II12/30/034.64HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 10

 — Cousins join family activity by Layne Bryant II08/14/054.79HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 11

 — Dale helps Lynda shave. by Layne Bryant II12/31/034.69HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 12

 — Melissa tells how she seduced cousin Josh. by Layne Bryant II01/01/044.51HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 13

 — Aunt Schemes to get niece alone. by Layne Bryant II09/06/054.70HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 14

 — Dale punishes Aunt Lara for her actions. by Layne Bryant II09/07/054.70HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 15

 — Family women reward Dale for being fair minded. by Layne Bryant II09/08/054.74HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 16

 — Sister's lust becomes the center of an orgy. by Layne Bryant II01/07/044.71HOT

Dale's Special Family Ch. 17

 — Dale learns of Lynda's fantasy. by Layne Bryant II01/09/044.79HOT


 — I think it's a Smurf. by Corrupted_Dreams12/27/164.60HOT

Damaged Goods

 — A damaged young man finds his sister, hope, and love. by LateStageInfernalism08/07/184.74HOT


 — I have to babysit my sister while the parents are away. by LordofAoD01/22/124.23

Damn Desire

 — A pregnant wife shuts down and her sister gains appeal. by egmontgrigor201007/24/104.02

Damn Grandma!! Ch. 02

 — Grandma comes home with coworkers to find nude Grandson. by not-t-dad09/16/144.55HOT

Damn Red Shoes

 — Mother blames new shoes. by kokomo266309/19/134.42

Damn That Was Hot

 — Was she really doing that? by Rnsbreeze01/18/074.47

Dan & Connie Continued

 — Dan & Connie are joined by her son. by dr mabuse SOI12/27/034.59HOT

Dan and Cock Socket Ch. 13

 — Dan Throws a Party. by lecturer42705/29/184.49

Dan and His Daughter Jackie

 — It took a while, but they finally did. by Donna1906309/01/084.45

Dan at the Swimming Hole

 — Things occur at the swimmin hole with Dan & his dad. by seigar10105/20/104.19

Dan Moves In And Unites The Whole Family

 — The last of the Dan and Connie story. by dr mabuse SOI01/04/054.62HOT

Dan's Daughter Pt. 01

 — A man is forced to watch his daughter fuck. by cuckoldwishes08/19/144.39

Dan's Dilemma

 — My nephew reveals a secret and much more. by MarleeM09/16/104.31

Dan's Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Dan goes farther with his fantasies -- and I let him. by MarleeM09/17/104.55HOT

Dan's Dilemma Ch. 03

 — Dan and I go to dinner and have more fun. by MarleeM09/28/104.55HOT

Dan's Mom is a MILF

 — The boys have their way with a MILF before college. by fearthisss07/30/184.58HOT


 — A Son shows his mother a new life by L.A. Wicker01/01/104.47

Dana Comes Home

 — Hot sister comes home from college. by whatnow22110/28/094.47

Dana Comes Home Ch. 02

 — Mom and son couple. by whatnow22111/03/094.58HOT

Dana the Dancer Pt. 01

 — Petey comes home. by IowaIke08/02/15

Dana the Dancer Pt. 02

 — Petey reunites with his twin. by IowaIke08/04/15

Dana the Dancer Pt. 03

 — Consolation. by IowaIke08/05/15

Dana's Suprise

 — Dana gets a shock when she catches her mom. by Christie22011/20/044.37

Dana, Debbie & Dad

 — Mom and Dad both want into daughter's pants. by MoonHaze08/05/054.44

Dana: My Incestuous Life...Ch. 01

 — Dana's father takes her anally. by sexy imp11/28/04

Danae Gets Spanked Ch.01

 — Danae gets spanked by her step dad. by lusty052810/28/144.28

Danae Gets Spanked Ch.02

 — Danae and Jake get closer. by lusty052802/10/154.52HOT

Dan’s Tale Ch. 01

 — Blame it on the Tango. by wellard9409/15/134.67HOT

Dance for Daddy
, 2012

 — Jill dances into her father's bedroom on Saturday morning. by Sumddy06/12/124.53HOT

Dance, Little Sister

 — Nudist sister strips for her older brother. by museless_me06/23/054.28

Dance, Little Sister Ch. 02

 — Brother & sister have friends just like them. by museless_me07/26/054.41

Dance, Little Sister Ch. 03

 — Music and belly ring lead to play at work. by museless_me08/26/054.58HOT

Dancer Ch. 01

 — His first awakening to his sexual daughter. by USAFCraig12/26/064.56HOT

Dancer Ch. 02

 — The family comes together. by USAFCraig01/10/074.50HOT

Dancer Ch. 03

 — Saturday night arrives. by USAFCraig01/24/074.55HOT

Dancer Ch. 04

 — The story continues. by USAFCraig03/02/074.58HOT

Dancing for Joy

 — An 18-year-old college boy and his mother. by BadBoyMichael04/08/174.03

Dancing for Joy Ch. 02: Turnabout

 — Sometimes moms need to be spanked, too. by BadBoyMichael04/14/174.32

Dancing in Eden Pt. 01

 — Brother gets a lap dance from sis. by hotjammmm05/05/164.48

Dancing in Eden Pt. 02

 — Sister gives brother a ride and much more. by hotjammmm08/11/164.47

Dancing in the Dark: A Family Tale

 — Adult children get involved in parent's games. by NewAnon05/11/024.52HOT

Dancing In The Rain Ch. 01

 — Rain brings us together again. by bentig0408/23/074.52HOT

Dancing Into Her Knickers Pt. 01

 — A step-mom and son realise they want each other. by monicaelwes02/11/154.34

Dancing Into Her Knickers Pt. 02

 — A step-mom and son fuck. by monicaelwes02/12/154.64HOT

Dancing Into Her Knickers Pt. 03

 — A step-mom and son have a torrid affair. by monicaelwes02/13/154.60HOT

Dancing on the Edge of a Knife

 — A mother thinks her kids are asleep and has her way. by Berryismine12/04/154.60HOT

Dancing Teens

 — Dad discovers practice makes perfect for daughter & friend. by Krraaazzzzyyyyy04/06/044.59HOT

Dancing Teens Ch. 02

 — Daughter & friend's show heats up. by Krraaazzzzyyyyy04/12/044.48

Dancing Teens Ch. 03

 — Daughter's mouth + her friend's body = heaven. by Krraaazzzzyyyyy04/16/044.69HOT

Dancing Teens Ch. 04

 — Life long loves are consummated. by Krraaazzzzyyyyy06/03/044.71HOT

Dancing the Night Away!

 — My brother has some kind words for me. by cardiokween06/22/114.33

Dancing with Alison

 — Two cousins become closer at a school dance. by starfury6911/04/154.16

Dancing with Aunt Christine

 — Aunt Christine teaches Steve to dance and more. by LustyWolf07/04/134.55HOT

Dancing With Aunt Lana Ch.01

 — Old woman dirty dances with young nephew. by milfleglover05/28/144.42

Dancing With Aunt Lana Ch.02

 — Sexy old sisters drain boy's balls dry. by milfleglover12/30/154.26

Dancing With Daddy's Friend

 — Tina seduces her father's friend. by ADOM07/06/044.37

Dancing with Danger

 — Mom's invitation opens up new world for son. by Milliemoon04/21/084.52HOT

Dancing with Mom

 — He danced with his mother at the Christmas Party. by Decayed Angel12/29/064.29

Dancing with Mom Ch. 02

 — Mark finds his dad passed out and his mom in the shower. by Decayed Angel12/30/064.34

Dancing with Mom Ch. 03

 — They step out of the shower and mom bends over for him. by Decayed Angel12/31/064.32

Dancing With My Daugther

 — How music drove a girl to orgasm--and love. by Rayforehead07/06/024.22

Dangerous Family Affairs

 — Family holiday takes a strange turn. by J11/24/024.31

Dangerous Flirtations

 — Mom's birthday surprises daughter & dad. by J08/13/004.34

Dangerous Sex

 — Big brother goes down on 'little' sister. by Dreamlover08/01/024.31


 — A woman feeds her hunger in the wrong place. by Franco Pauli11/07/093.92

Dani & Her Daddy

 — Don's daughter Dani shares Samantha with her Daddy by BrettJ05/21/114.41

Dani Undressed

 — Sis reels in her big brother. by rockandroller06/27/044.59HOT

Dani's Surprise

 — Kyle sends Danielle a story for her birthday. by no_inhibitions09/23/044.52HOT

Daniel & I

 — Daniel and Sam discover their true feelings for each other. by Sameera_x04/08/114.35

Danielle and Me

 — Chris gets to fuck his sister. by portlanddrew07/31/114.34

Danielle and the Love Shack

 — Spoiled suburban girl takes her Dad out of town for a day. by randydaughterreborn03/14/184.45

Danielle Meghan Tate Ch. 01

 — Dani has her first sexual experience with her dad. by The_Cow04/20/094.08

Danielle Meghan Tate Ch. 02

 — Dani's father teaches her an important lesson. by The_Cow05/20/094.17

Danielle's Dilemma Ch. 01

 — Danielle has to make a choice. by daniellesadvisor07/25/054.48

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