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Evening Guest Ch. 01

 — He's invited to spend evening with loving family. by GraphicsGuy12/20/03

Evening Guest Ch. 02

 — Dennis & Troy put on a show. by GraphicsGuy12/20/03

Evening with Mother Ch. 01

 — Colin messes around with his mum and finally seduces her. by DoverCliff03/01/134.42

Evening With Mother Ch. 2

 — He enjoys more of his mum. by colin109/22/024.47

Evening With Mother Ch. 3

 — Sex with Mum gets hotter. by colin111/19/024.51HOT

Evening With Mother Ch. 4

 — For Carolyn - a friend. by colin112/02/024.51HOT

Evening With Mother Ch. 5

 — What's next, Carolyn? by colin103/09/034.58HOT


 — An impulsive act brings twins together. by onehitwanda09/12/164.84HOT

Ever After

 — Mother -son incest- oral sex - sensual love. by aluscious01/09/144.13

Ever Notice A Redux?

 — After an accident, she lends her brother a hand. by litpervgrrl05/19/054.40

Ever Notice?

 — After an accident, sister lends a hand. by litpervgrrl06/22/044.46

Ever Notice? Ch. 01

 — Two moms, two sons. by dellagordo09/17/134.51HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 02

 — Pool party. by dellagordo09/24/134.50HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 03

 — The evening progresses. by dellagordo09/29/134.62HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 04

 — Lunch dates. by dellagordo10/03/134.62HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 05

 — Eric and Christina move to the next level. by dellagordo10/07/134.74HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 06

 — Tom and Alice reach a new understanding. by dellagordo10/13/134.66HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 07

 — Eric spends the day with his mom. by dellagordo10/28/134.67HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 08

 — Pool party redux. by dellagordo11/08/134.64HOT

Ever Notice? Ch. 09

 — The conclusion. by dellagordo12/09/134.67HOT

Evercross Ch. 1

 — Mother comforts jilted daughter. by Bashful Romeo01/24/014.00

Evercross Ch. 2

 — Mom & daughter get closer, and then caught! by Bashful Romeo02/12/014.20

Everdale Ch. 01: Immorality and Earth

 — The prologue to Maya's exciting and slightly immoral life. by ScarletDusk10/08/174.06

Everlasting Jawdropper Ch. 01

 — Playing with science can be fun. by Artaeus11/05/064.34

Every Day is Mother's Day

 — A lab accident changes a young man's life forever. by dellagordo05/14/174.81HOT

Every Inch A Soldier

 — Young man learns about sex before joining the army. by alexis_elizabeth06/18/014.26

Every Midnight to Dawn

 — Mom is compelled to have sex with her son. by HeyAll08/12/174.49

Every Mom should do it!

 — Becky's best friend convinces her to seduce her son. by lovecraft6805/01/154.78HOT

Every Mother's Son Ch. 01

 — Bobby's cheating mom needs an alibi. He's it! by EnCarta03/03/084.44

Every Mother's Son Ch. 02

 — When a sexy mom wants to play, what's a good son to do? by EnCarta03/18/084.47

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors

 — Son & mom entertain mom & daughter from next door. by Toolboy502/25/084.41

Everybody Wants a Soldier

 — Homecoming brother turns Melissa's life around. by erise09/10/054.26

Everyone Loves Emily

 — Emily does family, faculty, students and hired help. by walterio01/11/094.50HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 01

 — Cheerleaders, chocolate cake, and my not-so-little brother. by stevieraygovan06/24/094.58HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 02

 — A sheer bikini, the inspection mirror, and Sam steps up. by stevieraygovan06/25/094.80HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 03

 — At a cheerleaders' pool party, what do prying eyes spy? by stevieraygovan07/03/094.80HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 04

 — Dawn contemplates death by teasing. by stevieraygovan07/09/094.76HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 05

 — The road trip begins. by stevieraygovan08/04/094.70HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 06

 — Dawn is determined to lose her virginity...spectacularly. by stevieraygovan10/24/094.79HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 07

 — Dawn and Paul make it to L.A., and Sam entertains the boys. by stevieraygovan08/26/134.72HOT

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 08

 — Awaking to paradise... by stevieraygovan03/13/144.81HOT

Everyone Should Have a Step-Daughter

 — Man walks in on sleeping step-daughter. by pj08/14/013.89

Everyone Wants Lolly! Ch. 01

 — Busty 18 yr old Lolly is a virgin - who will have her first? by xxxlollypop6902/26/134.19

Everyone's Kissing Santa Claus

 — The whole family enjoys Christmas giving. by sirhugs11/28/044.46

Everything But the Rubber Ducky

 — She was fifty-three, overweight, his mom, & his ultimate desire. by The_Bald_Clam09/17/014.11

Everything Changes at 21 Pt. 01

 — My son's 21st birthday changes our relationship forever... by Robert_Furlong03/29/174.29

Everything Changes at 21 Pt. 02

 — My son is angry about what I did to him when he was drunk... by Robert_Furlong04/06/174.44

Everything For Tillie

 — Tillie wanted her daddy to see her as a woman. by honeydew06/24/013.61

Everything is Different

 — College-age siblings discover an honest love. by Bob Clark Jr.09/17/024.76HOT

Everything Merges with...Ch. 1

 — Accident has unexpected consquences. by Richard Head12/14/002.67

Everything Oedipus Touches...

 — A fantasy about my mom and me and s&m. by BadBoyMichael05/08/173.75

Everything's Negotiable Ch. 03

 — Dad comes for a surprise visit. by alexotic05/20/134.38


 — Their lives are changed forever in just a day. by Bob Clark Jr.06/28/044.10

Evie's Day

 — 18-year-old girl comes of age in the Village. by Olda Jardinier08/28/034.66HOT

Evie's Family Ch. 01: And Evie Makes 3

 — Evie meets her nephew's new wife. by serialscribbler02/17/174.49

Evie's Family Ch. 02: Amy Takes Charge

 — Evie's nephew's wife takes charge. by serialscribbler02/18/174.45

Evie's Family Ch. 03: Brenda Comes Clean

 — Evie's sister comes to visit. by serialscribbler02/19/174.39

Evil Bitch

 — Brother is teased by sister after coming home from prison. by Lost Boy04/14/124.58HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 02

 — Mom throws a party... selling sex toys. by Lost Boy04/24/124.66HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 03

 — Jon delivers some toys and makes some new friends. by Lost Boy05/06/124.63HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 04

 — Jon makes a new friend and oh what trouble follows. by Lost Boy05/21/124.67HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 05

 — Jon and his mom do some catching up in the mausoleum. by Lost Boy06/01/124.66HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 06

 — Liz stays the night and joins the fun. by Lost Boy06/16/124.65HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 07

 — Mom says goodbye to Jon as only a loving mother can. by Lost Boy06/29/124.69HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 08

 — Jon and Melody share some quality time together. by Lost Boy07/02/124.67HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 09

 — Mom arrives in London and shows Melody how its done. by Lost Boy07/05/124.68HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 10

 — Mom shows up at work and takes some of Jon's stress away. by Lost Boy07/14/124.61HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 11

 — Jon and Charlie both have some fun on either side of the sea. by Lost Boy07/22/124.62HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 12

 — Jon is betrayed and he takes it out on the Twins and Mom. by Lost Boy08/25/124.64HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 13

 — Jon has some fun in the dungeon with Mom. by Lost Boy09/02/124.62HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 14

 — Jon and Mom continue their romp in the dungeon. by Lost Boy09/17/124.63HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 15

 — Jon and the girls play in public. by Lost Boy12/31/124.61HOT

Evil Bitch Ch. 16

 — The girls take charge of Jon by Lost Boy01/29/134.57HOT

Evil Intentions

 — Mom's replacement. by -Sadie26-07/04/064.16

Evil Powers

 — Son goes after Mom's milky breasts. by Pinc2K08/16/013.47

Evil Twin Ch. 01

 — A strange doll leads to an amazing 18th birthday. by Gruad06/28/064.47

Evil Twin Ch. 02

 — Tiffany sets her sights on some one else. by Gruad10/25/064.43


 — Master of my sexual destiny. by RayStar08/03/124.61HOT

Evolving Towards Love

 — A son makes a journey of discovery with his mother. by ronnie1111/20/154.52HOT

Ex-Con's Big Cock

 — Naive teen lures convict; both learn family secret. by scouries04/30/074.63HOT

Ex-Roomie's Wedding

 — My roomie from my freshman year was about to get married! by pghpa06/14/17


 — Sex with the ex's. by gomets1308/28/084.43

Ex-Sisters-In-Law Ch. 02

 — First sexual encounter with Sister-In-Law. by gomets1309/03/084.27

Ex-Wife 'Lets Loose' Ch. 4

 — Herb's ex-wife and her sister get close. by herbman5308/27/014.05


 — Mother soothes college son before exams. by sirajahmed1012/29/064.53HOT

Exchanging Butts Ch. 01

 — Hypnotizes daughter to trade smoking for sex with him. by hotpup03/03/104.47

Exchanging Butts Ch. 02

 — Conquers daughter and they seduce her best friend. by hotpup03/04/104.61HOT

Excuse Me, Please

 — He thought his wife's mother said squeeze me. by thrustingpiston02/04/044.03

Excuse Me..Could You Please Tell Me

 — ...where I am? by Pultoy05/09/124.01

Executive Incest Ch. 01

 — The President is seduced by his sister. by SEVERUSMAX11/04/044.17

Executive Incest Ch. 02

 — President Mathis gets to take the back entrance. by SEVERUSMAX06/29/054.16

Executive Mother Ch. 01

 — New corporation is all-female with adult sons for relaxation. by fasthand03/27/174.59HOT

Executive Mother Ch. 02

 — Fun and games continue for sons and mothers. by fasthand04/10/174.54HOT

Executive Platinum Ch. 16

 — Fantasy Fest for Three by BenLong12/16/174.82HOT


 — love between sisters. by infructescence05/14/114.02

Exhibit 'A'

 — Mother & son examine their priorities. by Mikelh11/23/014.19

Exhibitionist Family Ch. 01

 — Siblings encourage their Father to fuck Mom in front of them. by IWritePornNotTragedies02/09/164.30

Exhibitionist Little Sister Ch. 01

 — I have to undress my younger sister. by RandomAuthor04/24/104.57HOT

Exhibitionist Niece Moves In

 — Aunt & Uncle respond to niece's teasing. by samslam07/05/074.80HOT

Exhibitionist Sister

 — The secret fantasy of an older sister gets revealed. by HeyAll08/23/134.65HOT

Exotic Liberation

 — A son witnesses his mother's sexual revolution. by Surt02/01/094.14


 — Mother tells son about his wife's infidelity. by tickleUinside12/18/014.40

Expected Ch. 2

 — Son seduces family members. by tickleUinside12/19/014.44

Expected Ch. 3

 — A family affair with the son, mother, & daughter-in-law. by tickleUinside12/21/014.50HOT

Expected Ch. 4

 — Brother and sexy sister get it on. by tickleUinside01/08/024.43

Expecting & Expectations Ch. 01

 — Two expecting sisters must face loneliness together. by BiscuitHammer03/06/164.51HOT

Expecting & Expectations Ch. 02

 — Kelsey and Jane must cope with their rebellious bodies... by BiscuitHammer03/24/164.70HOT

Expecting & Expectations Ch. 03

 — Coming to terms with not wanting to behave. At all... by BiscuitHammer03/02/174.77HOT

Expecting & Expectations Ch. 04

 — The girls are awash in milk and rampant hormones. by BiscuitHammer07/19/174.67HOT

Expecting & Expectations Ch. 05

 — Kelsey and Jane are in love. Where do they go from here? by BiscuitHammer02/26/184.77HOT

Expelled From the Garden of Eden

 — The sequel to Walk in the Garden of Eden. by TrulyTerrific09/01/024.49

Experience Counts

 — Paul discovers there's no substitute for experience. by Moondrift05/20/074.46

Experiment Gone Bad

 — Son is used for drug testing; one test goes horribly wrong. by clinton0902/09/11

Experimental Lindsay

 — Housewife decides to work out with her cousin Erica. by bluefox0707/11/074.59HOT

Experimenting And More Ch. 02

 — Ben and his wife have a chat to her sister... by fuckyeah12308/13/154.58HOT

Experimenting And More Ch. 03

 — Ben, Bree and her sister get even more kinky... by fuckyeah12308/15/154.60HOT

Experimenting And More Ch. 04

 — Bree, her husband and her sister take it even further... by fuckyeah12308/16/154.69HOT

Experimenting And More Ch. 05

 — Waking up in the resort... by fuckyeah12308/21/154.61HOT

Experimenting with Those Close to You

 — What happens when your lover gets her brothers involved. by FriskyVirgin04/12/073.80

Experiments (Lake Elsie)

 — "My son Jack and I surprise each other..." by FantacySeeker09/03/113.78

Experiments (Lake Elsie) Ch. 02

 — "My sister Elizabeth..." by FantacySeeker07/22/133.95

Experiments for My Mom

 — Baiting her, I wonder how much my mother secretly wants me. by LovelyFeathers0103/26/103.50

Experiments in Invisibility #01

 — Stranger in your bedroom? by youbadboy08/13/053.92

Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 01

 — Her little brother needs a sex tutor. by S3lwyncd0g10/28/164.63HOT

Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 02

 — Her little brother needs a sex tutor. by S3lwyncd0g10/31/164.72HOT

Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 03

 — Brother's lessons continue, with a surprising twist. by S3lwyncd0g11/02/164.71HOT

Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 04

 — Who is teaching who? Leia and Cathy continue Indy's lessons. by S3lwyncd0g11/07/164.66HOT

Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 05

 — Indy learns more... and so does Leia. by S3lwyncd0g11/10/164.64HOT

Exploiting an Opportunity Ch. 06

 — The family comes together in sweet union. by S3lwyncd0g11/12/164.78HOT

Exploiting Ashley

 — Michael uses his sister's secret to exploit her. by axylumspadez07/08/093.10


 — More alcohol and the announcement of her pregnancy. by Athena_e1902/06/074.40

Explorations Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a family's sexual journey. by Reardon106/14/084.30

Explorations Ch. 02

 — The family's sexual journey continues. by Reardon106/18/084.62HOT

Explorations Ch. 03

 — Jessica and her brother push the envelope. by Reardon106/26/084.67HOT

Explorations Ch. 05

 — Mother explores a fantasy. by Reardon107/30/084.67HOT

Explorations Ch. 07

 — Amy succumbs to her daughter's will. by Reardon108/29/084.67HOT

Explorations Ch. 08

 — Jessica reveals her secret; Amy gets a surprise visit. by Reardon109/12/084.73HOT

Explorations Ch. 09

 — Jessica visits her mom for the weekend. by Reardon109/26/084.61HOT

Explorers Ch. 10

 — Intimacy increases between siblings & friend's parents. by T@nman05/10/054.61HOT

Exploring Europe with Mom

 — Matt and his mom find Europe to be more than just a vacation. by Tripshake03/02/164.52HOT

Exploring with My Big Sis Ch. 01

 — It all started one night at home with my big sister. by brightlights09/07/123.75

Exponential Lust Ch. 1

 — Mother discovers thrill of being watched by 18-year-old son. by NewAnon06/04/024.41

Exponential Lust Ch. 2

 — The son watches her watch Taboo. by NewAnon06/09/024.53HOT

Exponential Lust Ch. 3

 — Mother seduces son. by NewAnon06/15/024.55HOT

Exponential Lust Ch. 4

 — Threesome & the end of the story. by NewAnon06/18/024.66HOT

Exporoni Throws a Party

 — Petite wife entertains husband's friends at his party. by Buck05/29/173.96


 — A young woman is introduced to family intimacy by her friend. by Susan_in_a_thong110/09/174.52HOT

Exposing Myself to Mom

 — Showing my penis to my mother. by realnatureboy09/11/154.15

Extending My Family

 — I married my sister-in-law and got more than I expected. by WayneGibbous05/23/114.49

Extending the MILF List Ch. 02

 — Blond Perfection teases me deep into my first sister. by Contrasting10/22/144.71HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 03

 — Sister Act #1: Christmas Sister and new arrangements. by Contrasting11/15/144.78HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 05

 — Tangled up with my sisters, girlfriend and all. by Contrasting03/07/154.55HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 06

 — What's long and hard and sensitive? Not Medical school. by Contrasting06/04/154.70HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 07

 — Meet a new MILF, make another, double teaming Aunt Norma. by Contrasting06/12/154.80HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 08

 — The Skeptical Ex and the Office Affair, well Orgy. by Contrasting06/24/154.81HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 10

 — Giving a Mother and Daughter to a Lucky Guy. by Contrasting11/12/154.77HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 11

 — When World's Collide, It's Best to be Naked. by Contrasting02/08/164.81HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 12

 — How Much Sex Can One Man Have? Part 1. by Contrasting02/10/164.82HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 14

 — How Much Sex Can One Man Have? Part 3: It's Raining Pussy! by Contrasting05/21/164.81HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 17

 — Tuesday: How Much Sex Can One Man Have? by Contrasting09/11/164.79HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 18

 — Hump Day-Hooker Wednesday. by Contrasting11/24/164.82HOT

Extending the MILF List Ch. 21

 — How Much Sex Can One Man Have? Family Saturday. by Contrasting04/26/174.81HOT

Extorting Victoria Ch. 01

 — He extorts daughter-in law to have sex during divorce. by hotpup11/19/104.17

Extorting Victoria Ch. 02

 — The lust continues he can't resist her ass. by hotpup11/20/104.29


 — A teen blackmails his adulterous mother for sex. by G. H. Lawrence10/20/024.62HOT

Extra Credit

 — Married ebony student stays after class. by tiamatxxx03/17/014.26

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