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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Father and Son Bonding

 — A son seduces his father. by Lovely_Emma_2111/10/024.18

Father and Son Bonding Ch. 02

 — Jake gets what he wants from his father. by Lovely_Emma_2103/06/034.46

Father and Son Bonding Ch. 03

 — Father and son play in the kitchen. by Lovely_Emma_2101/25/114.52HOT

Father and Son Bonding Ch. 04

 — Father and son are caught by mom. by Lovely_Emma_2101/28/114.31

Father and Son Campout

 — Father and son find love in the wilderness. by spicylatina199105/27/114.26

Father and Son Fantasy

 — A son and father are home alone. by Ocean2201/03/143.34

Father and Son Fantasy Ch. 02

 — A son and father are home alone. by Ocean2201/24/144.00

Father and Son Have a Few Beers

 — Dad and 18-yo son get drunk and one thing leads to another. by snerpyloo12/28/143.84

Father and Son Incest

 — My father punishes me and it turns to more than we expected by Gay_sex_only06/12/134.23

Father and Son Incest Ch. 02

 — We have to find something to drink during this heat wave. by Gay_sex_only08/23/134.22

Father Bland's Angels: Verse 01

 — Priest trains teen for Daddy’s cock by ScottWood03/06/144.52HOT

Father Bland's Angels: Verse 02

 — Naïve twins get some incestuous revelations. by ScottWood09/12/144.49

Father Confesses

 — A father, his daughter and lust. by lindiana11/07/053.77

Father Doesn't Arrive

 — Mother and son console each other. by standingstones05/14/144.30

Father Doyle and the Donelly Sisters

 — They cum for revenge. by piltdownman11/29/073.63

Father Figure

 — Dad catches her masturbating and decides to help. by Southernhelle01/08/014.04

Father Figure

 — Daddy takes his 22-year-old daughter. by devle11/08/033.94

Father Figure Ch. 02

 — Sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime. by devle11/17/033.89

Father Fucks Best

 — She gives grieving father what he really needs. by sarahhh07/22/10

Father Knows Best

 — Loving father consoles his daughter after a bad date. by JMiller6903/29/124.07

Father Peeps on Daughter

 — Dad can't take his eyes off her. by melsdad07/24/053.63

Father Son Bathroom Fun

 — A father and his adult son fool around in the bathroom. by yuri201503/24/153.10

Father Time

 — A practical joke by a father and daughter gets hot and heavy. by JayLikestoRead12/17/144.35

Father Time Pt. 02

 — My daddy is my valentine this year. by JayLikestoRead12/27/144.39

Father Time Pt. 03

 — Dad makes a pregnant Molly feel attractive again. by JayLikestoRead01/21/154.29

Father Time Pt. 04

 — Molly's ready to fuck again now that she's had the baby. by JayLikestoRead01/27/154.35

Father Time Pt. 05

 — Away on her birthday, Molly gets a surprise visit from Dad. by JayLikestoRead02/04/154.29

Father Time Pt. 06

 — Scott and Molly try not to mention incest for one night. by JayLikestoRead02/11/154.11

Father Uses Huge Asset Again

 — Familiar twist, poor lad. by acdd12301/10/073.98

Father Visits Daughter

 — Father and daughter discover each others sexuality. by Vic510/18/054.17

Father's Business Legacy

 — Son stumbles into Indian mother with fucked by associates. by AMMA12/28/033.65

Father's Day

 — Hubby invites dad-in-law over, unbeknownst to wife. by Danny Dunn11/13/004.42

Father's Day

 — Teresa gives her Daddy a special present. by Mr James06/29/043.61

Father's Day

 — She and her daddy spend some quality time. by girly_1806/23/11

Father's Day Campus Visit Ch. 1

 — Coed daughter takes charge. by Sweetness07/19/024.43

Father's Day Campus Visit Ch. 2

 — Caught by the roommate. by Sweetness08/10/024.45

Father's Day Campus Visit Ch. 3

 — Mom decides to pay a visit. by Sweetness08/13/024.37

Father's Day Gifts

 — Three generations compare notes. by FantacySeeker06/24/153.72

Father's Day Present Ch. 1

 — Daughter back from college makes daddy's day. by Sweetness12/18/014.24

Father's Day Present Ch. 2

 — Daughter has more father's day gifts. by Sweetness12/25/014.34

Father's Day Present Ch. 3

 — At last, daddy gets his present. by Sweetness01/19/024.42

Father's Day Surprise

 — Loving daughter gives Dad a BJ for Father's Day. by ADOM07/31/074.12

Father's Day Surprise Ch. 02

 — Dad continues to teach his daughter how to make love. by ADOM08/10/074.23

Father's Frustration

 — Life changes a lot for Frank. by rnebular08/23/154.52HOT

Father's Frustration Pt. 02

 — Life moves on for Frank and his family. by rnebular09/13/154.53HOT

Father's Frustration Pt. 03

 — The changes in Frank's life are real. by rnebular09/30/154.49

Father's Frustration Pt. 04

 — Guilt, family bonding and magical places. by rnebular11/02/154.51HOT

Father, Forgive Me Ch. 01

 — A father cannot turn away from his desire for his daughter. by Aibhilin04/24/154.15

Father, Forgive Me Ch. 02

 — After church, a father and daughter find each other. by Aibhilin04/28/154.15

Father, Oh Father

 — Daughter seduces her lonely, handsome father. by charles707/04/034.37

Father-Daughter Friday Ch. 01

 — Sarah discovers her daughter and husband together. by adorablebaseballgirl12/19/094.06

Father-Daughter Friday Ch. 02

 — Dave takes his daughter, Lexi, to visit and old friend. by adorablebaseballgirl03/04/114.13

Father-Daughter Friday Ch. 03

 — Flashback! Lexi recieves double-anal from dad and grandpa. by adorablebaseballgirl12/17/114.07

Father-Daughter Friday Ch. 04

 — Dad and daughter go home to an angry mother. by adorablebaseballgirl06/06/123.84

Father-Daughter Nights

 — Young daughter takes ill wife's place. by NewAnon09/24/004.01

Father-Daughter Quality Time

 — Spending time with dad alone can be fun. by FriskyVirgin05/31/074.09


 — He shares his nineteen year-old daughter with his brother. by Tattletale07/30/014.31


 — My husband's dad gets naughty with me. by qualitywheat12/31/104.31

Father-In-Law & a Heavy Snowfall

 — Jack and his son's fiancee enjoy themselves. by jessicakensington03/06/074.22

Father-in-Law's Seed

 — Emm's father-in-law helps her with what she really needs. by sexcream01/24/034.40


 — An eighteen-year-old has sex with father. by Ken Lucas11/28/034.05

Father/Daughter Bonding

 — He catches his daughters in a compromising position. by HotGrrrl6912/13/054.40

Father/Daughter Bonding Ch. 02

 — Bill continues having fun with his daughters. by HotGrrrl6912/20/054.33

Father/Daughter Bonding Ch. 03

 — Bill's daughters are insatiable. by HotGrrrl6912/28/054.47

Father/Daughter Bonding Ch. 03A

 — Bill's daughters have fun while he watches. by HotGrrrl6912/29/054.45

Father/Daughter Weekend

 — Mike & Tayler change their relationship. by sexy_mama_0909/26/124.43

Fatherly Figure

 — Mom and Dad left me in charge of my two younger sisters. by Sanzamour08/22/143.90

Fathers and Daughters Ch. 01

 — David finds out what Jenny wants. by daveball50009/02/084.44

Fathers and Daughters Ch. 02

 — David, Jenny and Melanie. by daveball50009/10/084.17

Favorite Aunt

 — She was his favorite aunt. by mustanger7up03/02/034.36

Favourite Cousin Ch. 01

 — I love my cousin visiting! by StevenLG01/19/11

Fear of Going Home

 — A son fears returning to his mother. by Moondrift11/01/104.45

Feast of the Virgins

 — Fine dining on Valentine's Day. by sarahhh01/23/08HOT

Fed Up!!

 — Daddy's had enough! by bassbelly05/23/084.11

Feeding Amy Ch. 01

 — Breastfeeding older daughter leads to hot fun. by nasty_dan07/26/054.59HOT

Feeding Amy Ch. 02

 — Amy and Beth go to another level. by nasty_dan07/26/054.66HOT

Feeding Daddy

 — Young mom discovers daddy has an appetite for her milk. by pantera6607/23/144.22

Feeding Daddy Ch. 02

 — Feeding daddy leads to exciting possibilities. by pantera6607/27/144.47

Feeding Daddy Ch. 03

 — Daddy claims what is his. by pantera6607/31/144.47

Feeding Daddy Ch. 04

 — Facing reality... by pantera6608/19/144.34

Feeding Daddy Ch. 05

 — We grow closer and start to plan our future... by pantera6609/10/144.53HOT

Feeding Daddy My Milk

 — David's baby girl is home. by Daddyslittlegirl10111/18/144.35

Feeding Little Brother

 — Riley lets younger brother taste her milk. by nasty_dan09/12/054.56HOT

Feel Your Skin

 — A new invention leads to Mother/Son incest. by HeyAll07/05/134.52HOT

Feelings for Sarah

 — A Father discovers certain feelings for his daughter Sarah by aswpc01/10/03HOT

Feelings for Sarah, Deep Feelings

 — A Father feelings for his daughter become deeper. by aswpc01/18/03HOT

Feet: A Mother's Discovery

 — Mom discovers her love of feet, thanks to daughter. by LindaLove05/09/054.18

Feet: A Mother's Discovery Ch. 02

 — Daughter give Mom a massage and more. by LindaLove05/14/054.45

Felching Fawn

 — Peeking in on my sister has tasty benefits. by Decayed Angel12/30/064.30


 — A college boy discovers true love at home. by snakeeyes14807/09/084.49

Felicia Opens the Door

 — Felicia is reawakened by her son on Valentine's Day. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/25/084.21


 — A mysterious woman bares all for her 'dad'. by rikkitampa201401/20/153.53

Fellatio Isn't Incest, Is It?

 — Friends work out conflicting desires. by neonlyte06/22/04

Fellatio Mornings

 — For a man, one of life's greatest pleasures. by Art Martin09/28/034.15

Females Rule, Especially Sis!

 — Sis arranges for a females-rule-males bisexual orgy. by libidinal12/04/084.30

Fertile Imagination

 — A game of 'imagination' turns gloriously real. by scorpio0015504/13/014.44

Fessing Up To Mom

 — After 33 years, he admits he wanted her. by MuttGuy01/15/044.53HOT

Festival of Colors

 — Bhabhi & Devar play with colors and each other. by Bittoo12/26/063.59

Festive Family Frenzy

 — He was looking for his daughter, but found a family Frenzy. by KhrayziSkitz05/28/154.33

Fetish Daddy Ch. 01

 — Daddy decides to make good his free weekend. by Sir Rumpalot05/24/063.61

Fetish Weekend

 — Brother and sister get kinky at a hotel. by fetishfreak_200002/02/024.07


 — Comatose, in ICU, he gets tech, nurse and lady doc. by julybear706/06/114.48

Fever Ch. 03

 — Pregnant Tiffany gets horny; Kirk gets mom pregnant. by julybear706/24/114.66HOT

Fever Ch. 04

 — Kirk's father impregnates daughter and granddaughter. by julybear707/17/114.67HOT

Fever Ch. 05

 — Lorenz story continues. impregnates granddaughter. by julybear708/01/114.69HOT

Fever Ch. 06

 — Lorenz wraps up story; revenge on Nell's attacker. by julybear709/02/114.67HOT

Fever Dream

 — Medical fever combines explosively with the erotic variety. by Janus89504/06/034.12

Fever, 2011

 — Sakura checks on her father; he's moaning her name. by Sumddy08/22/114.59HOT

Fictional Truths in Folk Lore...

 — The true story of Beauty & the Beast;The Sleeping Beauty. by Moked Out03/15/063.14

Field Hands

 — Son and mom choose wrong island in Caribbean to visit. by clinton0902/29/12

Field Trip Follies Ch. 05

 — Lindsey and her sister learn to work as a team... IN BED! by cbsummers03/08/124.67HOT

Field Trip Follies Ch. 07

 — Four high school girls tell sex stories and masturbate. by cbsummers03/23/124.61HOT

Fiery Eyes Ch. 01

 — So commanding... by Darkstalion08/07/102.49

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

 — Part one: scorned siblings plot dramatic revenge. by FranklinSwoon02/13/134.35

Fifteen More Minutes of Fame

 — Part two: scorned siblings expose their mother’s secrets. by FranklinSwoon07/30/134.37

Fifteen Years without Parole

 — Part three: scorned siblings confront their past. by FranklinSwoon08/27/153.99

Fifth Adventure With My Daughter

 — Every father's dream and then revenge. by randy2some03/14/074.09

Fifty For Aunty

 — Nephew accidently screws prositutue Aunt. by SM40212/27/024.24

Fight Club

 — Lighthearted wrestling leads to more between siblings. by lilliterotica07/26/104.39

Fight for Me

 — Three siblings get caught in a triangle of love. by PrettyWings08/09/153.91

Fight for Me Ch. 02

 — Stephanie's conflict, cousin history, and sisterly love. by PrettyWings08/20/154.32

Fighting Family

 — His sister gets out of hand. by standingstones09/25/144.06

Fighting Sisters

 — Stolen boyfriend leads to lesbian sibling lust. by Loser Freak12/04/004.37

Fighting Sisters

 — Two sisters plan to fuck their uncle. by SpankerSam01/11/084.33

Fighting the World Ch. 01

 — Brothers fight off rapist and fuck each other instead. by tallhotblonde1310/16/124.39

Fighting Turned To Fantasy

 — Siblings show their true love for one another. by larasweets12/03/024.34

Fighting With Mom

 — Son has to hold mom back when she learns of affair. by katiepj06/29/094.40

Filius Ch. 02

 — James made some friends. His mother did too. by Hitman705/12/133.98

Filius Ch. 03

 — Is he mum's friend or dad and son's worst enemy? by Hitman706/07/133.85

Fill Me Up

 — Stepdaughter confesses secret need to Dad. by jayrandolf10/26/083.98

Filling In

 — My hubby's father helps out. by WayneGibbous11/17/114.37

Filling In For Dad

 — He takes care of mom while dad is in prison. by Tattletale05/05/024.32

Filling in for Dad

 — Son sees his mother as a woman without inhibitions. by LostinLust08/28/064.33

Filling My Needs Ch. 01

 — I fantasize about my son and then have my needs filled. by JosephBarnosky02/17/124.22

Filling My Needs Ch. 02

 — Things get interesting as I am taken by my both my boys. by JosephBarnosky02/17/124.21

Filling the Gap

 — She was just doing him a favor. by magmaman02/11/104.45

Filling the Need

 — Young girl and her special Daddy fall in love. by L.A. Wicker01/19/044.39

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