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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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Girl's Night Out

 — Young tranny & female friend have wild night out. by BrettLynn07/26/054.54HOT

Girl's Night Out

 — Showing a friend the joys of public femininity. by tgirl_Mary03/07/084.64HOT

Girlboy Diary Day 01

 — College boy home for the summer has big surprise. by Hartford10/11/11

Girlboy Diary Day 02

 — College lad's summer education continues. by Hartford10/22/11

Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Zeta introduces Lemmi to her transgender roomie. by BlackSnake04/17/064.40

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 01

 — Evan's girlfriend has a reality altering device. by Razmagurk06/13/184.42

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 02

 — Evan's girlfriend struggles to acclimatize to her new body. by Razmagurk06/22/184.47

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 03

 — Evan and his girlfriend mix things up at the mall. by Razmagurk07/05/184.55HOT

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 04

 — Evan and Ellen struggle to find suitable clothing. by Razmagurk07/21/184.31

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 05

 — Ellen makes a critical mistake and is forced to confess. by Razmagurk08/07/184.52HOT

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 06

 — Ellen gets some deep seated revenge. Chaos ensues. by Razmagurk09/07/184.08

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 07

 — Ellen takes the reality-altering device to a strip club. by Razmagurk09/19/184.28

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 08

 — Elizabeth wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting strip club. by Razmagurk11/02/184.18

Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 09

 — Private passions, secret betrayals, and boobs. by Razmagurk03/01/194.00

Girlfriends (Chandra and Nikki)

 — Nikki and Chandra make a pact to share their men. by girlygay05/07/174.32

Girls Club Ch. 01

 — Crossdressing escort juggles double life. by ValerieMay02/15/183.94

Girls in Real Estate

 — With a body like that, who needs work? by JackorJill02/14/044.14

Girls like Girls

 — How long can best friends resist the sexual tension? by ThighhighMellie06/18/174.75HOT

Girls Like Girls

 — He wasn't much of a husband, but now she's the perfect wife. by TransPunkPrincess10/30/184.41

Girls Night Out With Wife Ch. 01

 — Wife dresses up husband for a wild night out. by Vanessa_tgirl08/21/134.34

Girls Vegas-Style

 — Lonely man in Vegas hooks up with a fine looking "lady". by snerpyloo06/10/134.30

Girly 'Boy' Loves His Man

 — Feminine guy sets the stage for a lover's romp. by Clintdear01/14/074.27


 — About how to turn a boy into a bitch. by Dennis_St_John08/04/124.38

Give the Student What He Wants Ch. 05

 — Learning to be an independent woman. by dr_bitch02/03/064.42

Given to Mr Lennie

 — Submissive sissy gets given away to a nasty old man. by Stillherer02/27/133.83

Giving In To Desire Pt. 01

 — 'Straight' guy gets caught in panties and gives in... by jpbiguy10/29/144.64HOT

Giving My Ass to a Wealthy Stranger

 — Straight young man dolls himself up and services cock. by shyscholar02/13/174.69HOT

Giving My First Blowjob

 — Crossdresser has oral sex with brother-in-law by SLMaid11/04/084.10

Giving Until it Hurts

 — A Rick and Laura story. Bowling over a Bull! by SizeQueenSupreme03/30/174.38

Glass Bauble

 — A hidden transgender woman is changed at Flea Market. by AlexiaAlexander11/27/183.76

Glory Beyond the Hole

 — TS Rose releases sexual frustration. by YKN494902/04/144.86HOTContest Winner

Glory Days Again

 — Transvestite returns to glory hole blowjob. by lil_raider12/12/084.37

Glory Hole

 — Young straight man gets tricked and taken. by pantyboy198911/24/154.20

Glory Hole Pt. 02

 — James becomes the cock-sucker. by pantyboy198912/02/154.44

Glory-Filled Hole

 — Femboy has his first male on male encounter. by femboyslut01/24/124.31

Go Fuck Your Stepmother

 — College kid lured into threesome with stepmother. by StephanieSeymour04/07/094.21

Go With It

 — A change in life style deserves an exploration in life style. by devoutmalesub08/26/154.52HOT

Go With It Pt. 02

 — A change in life style deserves an exploration in life style. by devoutmalesub09/03/154.68HOT

God's Design Ch. 01

 — A lustful young cross-dresser is sent to a fantasy world. by Banjosack12/27/174.32

God's Design Ch. 02

 — Rose admires her body and meets her first locals. by Banjosack12/30/174.64HOT

God's Design Ch. 03

 — Our hero gets to grips with his new dick. by Banjosack01/20/184.72HOT

Goddess at the Bar

 — Model gives guys a surprise at the club. by ausualsuspecte02/15/084.36

Goddess Rhiannon

 — Goddess protects abused boy and punishes father. by Wholemanz12/09/054.76HOT

Going All The Way

 — Sam finds that there's more than one way to be a virgin. by exxxwriter03/11/043.94

Going Gurly Ch. 01: Cara's Clitty

 — first time with my crossdressing mentor. by anna_subCD02/13/174.28

Going Gurly Ch. 02: Bondage Slut

 — Topped by my crossdressing mentor. by anna_subCD12/24/174.17

Going to a Wedding

 — Crossdressing, loving couple. by weluvhose06/15/114.32

Golden Daze

 — A first experience of watersports. by CarrieQ09/25/183.86


 — My hot new friend. by golfer0703906/19/134.17

Gone Before Sunrise

 — Intriguing advert catches his eye. by FelixFontaine03/14/093.71

Gone Fishing

 — Losing a bet means entertainment for the guys. by tgirl_Mary03/18/154.50HOT

Gonna Have a Baby

 — TS and Female wife decide they want a baby. by call_me_dana05/12/114.12

Good Little Bitch Pt. 01

 — College Halloween party dress-up opens new doors. by Baron_Cumhausen05/10/174.74HOT

Good Little Bitch Pt. 02

 — Chrissy's wild night continues! by Baron_Cumhausen05/22/174.79HOT

Good Morning

 — You have to get up early being your housemate's 24/7 squeeze. by erosftm08/21/174.21

Good or Bad Ch. 01

 — Kinky cross-dressing game gets out of hand. by Tomsparty08/01/044.29

Good or Bad Ch. 02

 — Kinky cross-dressing game gets out of hand. by Tomsparty08/13/044.35

Goodbye Charlene

 — His life takes an unexpected turn by griffin5709/28/124.62HOT

Gorgeous Ch. 01

 — On how the narrator first became a woman. by CharlotteRose12/29/084.40

Gorgeous Ch. 02

 — Charlotte buys a new wardrobe. by CharlotteRose01/01/094.19

Gorgeous Ch. 03

 — Charlotte is the center of attention at a lesbian orgy. by CharlotteRose01/05/094.39

Got Picked Up

 — Walking along & picked up by a truck. by hoseman74708/29/073.97

Gothic Encounter

 — Guy meets a 'girl' full of surprises. by necrotron06/19/034.34

Gothic Love Ch. 02

 — Older man meets younger "goth" boy. by ThomX12/14/114.28

Gothic Sissy Gets Gangbanged by BBC

 — Our favorite gothic snowbunny turns fantasy into reality. by Satanicsissybitch04/10/194.67HOT

Grab Bag Transvestite Story

 — A fun, snarky TV satire. by MicheleNylons04/04/084.06


 — My work returns non-cash benefits. by kingkull06/22/104.50HOT

Graduate Studies to Gay Pt. 02

 — Blackmailing a student who had a gay experience. by jamtby03/28/194.15

Graham's Girl Louise

 — How Louise satisfies Graham. by polishjoe11/21/034.55HOT

Grannie Panties Ch. 01

 — But not what you think. by grgy5612/16/164.47

Grannie Panties Ch. 02

 — Jeremy’s reveal revelations. by grgy5612/22/164.70HOT

Grannie Panties Ch. 03

 — Alison enjoys dinner out. by grgy5601/20/174.60HOT

Grayson and Gray's Body

 — Brother and sister share the same intersex body. by JonThomas_06/01/184.10

Great Feeling Hands

 — Getting a hand job is great fun from this lady or man. by iser2109/15/054.54HOT

Greg Tries a New Angle Ch. 01

 — First cd experience leads to a big black load by kjherts04/01/144.23

Greg Tries a New Angle Ch. 02

 — Drew returns to give his virgin ass a ride. by kjherts04/26/144.34

Greta Fights Mommy Adriana

 — Greta rebels against dominating mother-in-law. by Gretatv02/18/054.41

Grossest Place Ever!

 — First night at an adult theater is not pleasant. by kayla6902/22/152.88

Grow a Pair!

 — Hedge fund scoundrel is unmanned by his own toxic product! by thrillerauthor04/14/104.43

Growing up Feminine

 — A feminine boy finds love. by Clintdear12/16/084.56HOT

Growing Up Male & Becoming a Girl

 — Dressing as a girl. by TammyPanty03/15/194.30

Growth Spurts Ch. 04

 — Kalita and boyfriend gets a growth spurt but not as expected. by grgy5609/04/154.35

Guess We're Walking

 — He finds unexpected love after a walk in NYC. by Roustam04/02/144.64HOT

Guilty Pleasures

 — A drag queen submits to her boyfriend's perverted urges. by trevorm07/24/084.05

Gurl Power

 — Even ugly Gurls deserve loving. by Bakeboss09/19/104.06

Guys Trip, Lace Causes a Stir

 — Traffic, hotel rooms and panties lead to a sleepless night. by trybiman06/10/174.64HOT

Guys Trip, Lace Causes a Stir Ch. 02

 — Lust and curiosity take over. by trybiman09/06/174.65HOT

Guys Trip, Lace Causes a Stir Ch. 03

 — The guys get to their destination, the hotel fun unforgotten. by trybiman10/20/174.68HOT

Guys Trip, Lace Causes a Stir Ch. 04

 — A friendly wager brings thrilling consequences. by trybiman04/20/184.61HOT

Gwen and Elizabeth: Another Side

 — Gwen explores another side. by writedoctor09/24/084.58HOT

Gym Submission Ch. 03

 — Interlude between visits points him farther along the path. by AltErik06/03/094.63HOT

Gym Submission Ch. 04

 — Our protagonist has a revelation. by AltErik10/19/094.67HOT


 — A gender-issue story with a twist. by RichDinMD11/18/044.21

H Is for Helen

 — A Very Different Sort of Student. by BethanyJ02/28/124.80HOT

Hair-Raising Encounter

 — Kirby finds a forest nymph to be quite attractive by VTDarkAngel04/11/074.28

Haitian Couple Meets Transsexual

 — Black Transsexual does Haitian couple in Montreal. by Samuelx09/01/113.72

Haitian Man Rules The Globe

 — Bisexual Haitian student runs his school. by Samuelx02/19/102.52

Haley the Sexy Bride

 — A married lady dons her bridal gown for sex. by yano10/22/043.92

Half Light

 — A female to male transexual and a genetic guy fuck. by milliontoone09/27/093.87


 — Stuck in GM land between nowhere and nowhere else. by sr71plt05/03/164.43

Hallowe'en Party

 — After losing bet, gets lots of attention. by tgirl_Mary12/18/024.54HOT

Halloween Agreement

 — I agree to Her costume suggestion, and then much more... by princess_nicole10/19/104.41

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 01

 — Bob receives a cross-dressing invitation from Topsy Turvy. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/15/083.57

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 02

 — Bob goes shopping for women's clothes. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/16/083.51

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 04

 — Bob jumps at the chance to wet his Willie. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/18/084.17

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 06

 — Gloria takes Bob home for a close shave. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/21/08HOT

Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash Ch. 08

 — Bob attends the Topsy Turvy Halloween Cross-Dressing Bash. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER10/25/084.12

Halloween Crossing

 — A straight hubby discovers his feminine side. by DrLuverotica09/15/134.42

Halloween Dress-up

 — Gender switch enables boldness to emerge. by sirhugs10/20/054.52HOTContest Winner

Halloween Fun

 — A ruined costume leads to an unexpected night. by curiousj412/29/174.53HOT

Halloween is a Night to Let Go

 — College guy & cross-dressed roommate seduce a coed. by Mastur02/19/074.50HOT

Halloween leads to something new

 — Wife's choice of costumes leads to new discoveries for both. by writing_guy12/18/063.97

Halloween Party

 — A Halloween to remember. by WhiskeyIsGood10/24/164.63HOT

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 01

 — Things are not always as they seem… by BothWorld01/03/134.61HOT

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 02

 — Sometimes things are better than they seem. by BothWorld01/09/134.69HOT

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 03

 — Things always happen for a reason. by BothWorld01/15/134.67HOT

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 04

 — Pete and Tim…first time without the girls. by BothWorld01/23/134.55HOT

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 05

 — The girls take the boys on a date. by BothWorld01/31/134.64HOT

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 06

 — Going all the way... by BothWorld02/08/134.64HOT

Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 07

 — The Femme Fatale Club... by BothWorld04/01/134.75HOT

Halloween, Aka: Tour De Force

 — My best Halloween was spent in silence. by thechangedone10/23/113.10

Hands off Violet's Big Balls

 — She's got a lot of balls and she knows how to use them. by SugarandSalt04/26/194.51HOT


 — He paid for a break with a girl, and then... by Snurge09/17/073.73

Hank's Hell Ch. 03

 — Hanks transforms into Heather on the journey home. by flamanch03/01/184.18

Hank's Hell Ch. 04 - The Conclusion

 — Hanks degradation is complete. by flamanch03/27/184.26

Happy Birthday Baby

 — She provides a great birthday gift. by maidashley7002/28/124.11

Happy Birthday Threesome

 — Bday threesome with a beautiful TS & my strapon wearing wife. by mothman3408/25/184.76HOT

Happy Birthday to Me!

 — Sam buys his first panties and the shop owner surprises him. by TopSeeker02/01/184.67HOT

Happy Birthday to Me! Ch. 02

 — Sam is used to relieve someone else's frustrations. by TopSeeker01/28/194.77HOT

Happy Endings

 — Desiree learns the tricks of the trade. by desireethtttv10/17/124.53HOT

Happy Endings Ch. 02

 — Desiree becomes a girl of the week. by desireethtttv10/25/124.42

Happy Together

 — A man, a woman, and their bitch. by Fafantasiz301/26/194.08

Hard Choices

 — He picks up a beautiful woman who has a big surprise. by TheOenemal03/08/164.56HOT

Hard Day at the Office

 — Rachel gets caught by her boss at work. by red_fruit03/07/104.47

Hard Work the Hard Way

 — Fellow laborers give me more than a day's pay. by Fiona1009/03/153.97

Hardly Working and Working Hard

 — A young tpoc college student finds a lover. by kaitokid12/23/144.12

Hardly Working and Working Hard Ch. 02

 — A young poc college student and his lover play some more. by kaitokid12/12/153.94

Hardly Working and Working Hard Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3. by kaitokid02/24/164.19

Hardship Brings New Beginnings

 — Old girlfriend brings new fun. by unfortunatesol09/21/064.20

Hardworking Girl with Male Hardware

 — Earning tips and maybe finding something more. by SugarandSalt05/03/124.50HOT

Harper's Handjob

 — A young crossdresser gives his boss a hand. by jdjangles08/26/154.43


 — Harriy gets Tits and becomes Harriet the girl with a cock. by abroadsword09/08/103.68

Harvey Girls Leaving Heterosexual

 — How I left being heterosexual (Prequel to Harveys Girls). by tobytaker06/16/163.96

Harvey's Girls

 — A little side trip or two or three. by tobytaker06/01/163.89

Harvey's Girls Ch. 02

 — On my own. by tobytaker06/21/164.05


 — Gerrig wakes up with his penis on a leash, he's a housewife. by Vera_Garden07/28/174.08

Have Faith

 — A night out for Faith gets fun when she catches someone's eye. by XtinaSmith201703/13/184.45

Haven the Sissy Slut Ch. 01

 — Sunday equals Football and Gangbanging. by CSK02/03/134.37

Haven the Sissy Slut Ch. 02

 — New arrival doesn't realize he's not a girl. by CSK02/09/134.46

Haven the Sissy Slut Ch. 03

 — They take his ass...and his mouth...all together now. by CSK02/17/134.51HOT

Hayley an RAF Girl, The Beginning

 — The birth of Natassia or realisation of a dream. by NatassiaSuckova08/16/174.24

Hayley and RAF girl, Progress

 — Hot girl, hot sex, and fantastic developments. by NatassiaSuckova08/24/174.21

Hazel, Andy and Mandy

 — Crossdressing with jewelry. by akafunnybarrel03/13/124.03

He Belongs To Her Now

 — A man is seduced and taken by an ebony bbw tranny. by Quasimoto8705/12/164.37

He Belongs To Her Now Ch. 02

 — Ebony bbw tranny continues her seduction over him. by Quasimoto8707/10/174.63HOT

He Brought Me Panties

 — A description of a crossdressing liason. by Cute Little Thing05/04/084.17

He Calls Me Naomi

 — A tranny explains how her master controls her life! by CarrieQ08/09/144.15

He said "Call me Daddy"

 — Sissy finds his master. by yvetteinpanties09/11/183.99

He To She

 — Chopper brings the Billie out of Billy. by LaurenWestley11/23/114.33

He To She Ch. 02

 — Chopper brings the Billie out of Billy. by LaurenWestley11/29/114.33

He To She Ch. 03

 — Chopper brings the Billie out of Billy. by LaurenWestley12/14/114.49

He Went To The XXX Store

 — Jack knows where the glory holes are. by Rnsbreeze01/18/074.39

He's a Woman on the Weekends

 — He's a man at work but a silly girl at home. by Bakeboss07/19/104.33

Healthy Behavior

 — Dot-com billionaire makes changes to his body. by BrettLynn04/23/014.11

Healthy Behavior Ch. 2

 — Miss K pays a visit to her girlfriend. by BrettLynn06/18/014.19


 — Boyfriend and girlfriend swap roles for costume party. by Greymead11/25/154.35

Heather Catches Me Ch. 01

 — Caught by a family friend and forced into an adventure. by jerrycross07/20/104.43

Heather Catches Me Ch. 02

 — Heather and Nicole take me out to be taken by others. by jerrycross07/21/104.55HOT

Heather Catches Me Ch. 03

 — Heather and Nicole dress me and drug me. by jerrycross07/22/104.44

Heather Jenkins-Sagemueller

 — The accountant keeps balancing the books of her life. by mindwiper05/09/194.60

Heather's Dance Ch. 01

 — A rose is a rose by any name, unless it is called Heather. by bobjacksone01/11/124.34

He’s Actually A Woman!

 — He turns his body female - but still looks male! by manyquestions07/24/094.53HOT

Heels and Honey

 — More adventures with Aunt Penny. by knowheregal07/23/074.47

Heidi’s Submission

 — Adam is forced to become a sissy slave. by TimT197207/07/15

Helen and Jim Vol. 01

 — Shemale meets boy. by ruwild03/20/114.63HOT

Helen and Jim Vol. 02

 — The story continues... by ruwild12/03/114.76HOT

Helen and Jim Vol. 03

 — The romance grows. by ruwild02/27/134.76HOT

Helen Ch. 01

 — A true submissive TV becomes a bimbo slut. by Philippasubmaid04/24/124.24

Helen Ch. 02

 — Helen arrives and continues her training. by Philippasubmaid05/05/124.03

Helen Ch. 03

 — Helen continues her training. by Philippasubmaid12/14/174.31

Helen Ch. 04-05

 — Continuing training of Helen. by Philippasubmaid12/17/174.32

Helen Ch. 06-07

 — We take on Helen's b/f as our Maid. by Philippasubmaid12/26/174.39

Helen Ch. 08

 — We take on Helen's friend as our Maid. by Philippasubmaid04/28/184.13

Helen Ch. 09

 — We take on Helen's b/f as our Maid. Nancy starts training. by Philippasubmaid04/29/184.00

Helen Ch. 10

 — Helen and Nancy get piercings. by Philippasubmaid05/07/184.20

Helen Ch. 11

 — Helen and Nancy give me a treat. by Philippasubmaid05/08/184.33

Hell Has No Fury Like A Drag Queen'

 — Phyllis thought her best fried Susan understood about Ruth. by Victor C. Anderson05/08/03HOT

Hello Officer

 — An interesting twist on a cop and prostitute roleplay. by Moxon401/04/064.33

Help Wanted

 — Brian finds the job which will change his life forever. by maidgirl12/07/174.48

Helping a Butterfly

 — 'Daddy' helps a lonely boy break free. by JimBob4401/03/154.56HOT

Helping His Big Dickgirl Sister

 — John seducing his sister yields shocking yet amazing results. by FutaFantasy09/26/183.32


 — Man wakes up changed. by whitemamba8801/16/124.27

Helpless Ch. 02

 — A changed man is pushed to his breaking point. by whitemamba8801/21/124.53HOT

Her Best Friend Forever

 — Lovers and Friends. by Dreamweaver59406/21/14

Her Bulge

 — The woman at the gym has a bulge in her spandex. by ruwild11/28/134.58HOT

Her Crewcut and Masculinization

 — Curing her of obsessive spending on hair, nails & lingerie. by Trapper_Jock_Mcintyre05/31/114.08

Her Doll Ch. 01

 — She dreams of dressing her boss & learns his secret. by WickedDoll11/29/084.54HOT

Her Doll Ch. 02

 — She makes her boss pretty & dresses him for a get-together. by WickedDoll12/12/084.57HOT

Her First Act of Revenge

 — Kalie uses her husband to get her revenge. by dedriclewis02/02/054.16

Her First Chance at Love

 — What begins as an affair becomes so much more. by kurrginatorX01/05/194.72HOT

Her First Time

 — My first time bare and marked forever by him. by edm_amanda101/08/154.42

Her Friend Came To Visit

 — Dianne is cuckholded and dominated by his wife and her lover. by Dewmyne11/16/064.54HOT

Her Friend Came To Visit Ch. 02

 — The rest of his wife's lover's visit. by Dewmyne11/22/064.49

Her Journey

 — She discovers the exciting world of men in sexy lingerie. by noisymother06/27/084.39

Her Male Wife

 — A man falls deep into a role reversed BDSM marriage. by Zippeduptight11/01/184.22

Her Male Wife Ch. 02

 — Mistress's new friend gets closer... by Zippeduptight11/13/184.22

Her Name is Jade

 — She's everything I ever more by Erotic_librarian07/12/174.79HOT

Her New Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — Discovery: he's caught playing dress up. by grgy5603/28/084.46

Her New Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Transition: the morning after. by grgy5604/10/084.45

Her New Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Completed: debut to her other girlfriends. by grgy5604/26/084.55HOT

Her New Girlfriend Ch. 04

 — Overtime - Extra hours equals promotion by grgy5605/05/084.64HOT

Her New Toy

 — Jade is a futanari mother who loves to fuck her son's GFs. by PenWriter9807/26/173.96

Her Property Ch. 01

 — Tony's new life is honey on a razorblade... by DrivenLust02/13/194.55HOT

Hera's Curse Ch. 01

 — A man deals with a curse. by wineglass05/31/114.16

Hera's Curse Ch. 02

 — Jumping back to the start of the curse. by wineglass06/06/114.33

Hera's Curse Ch. 03

 — The first week. by wineglass01/03/154.40

Hera's Curse Ch. 04

 — Things take a turn for the worse. by wineglass08/30/154.45

Herbal Essences

 — Alex never expected a nature walk to be so life changing. by Skylar_Macy04/10/194.51HOT

Hermaphrodite Obsessions

 — Terri and Chris find each other. by Master_Vassago05/22/034.64HOTContest Winner

Hermaphrodite Obsessions Ch. 02

 — Alvin's included for a little fun. by Master_Vassago10/17/034.66HOT

Hermaphroditus Awake

 — A gift of a cock leads to all sorts of futa fun. by AlinaX09/19/164.80HOT

Hey, Big Spender

 — Spend a little time with me. by grgy5605/04/164.43

Hi, My Name Is Hollie! Ch. 01

 — Tales of a lusty young lady with something extra. by JohnB7312/16/124.58HOT

Hi, My Name Is Hollie! Ch. 02

 — More about Hollie and her family. by JohnB7312/17/124.61HOT

Hidden Treasures

 — You have something to hide get it on... by biggshow1311/02/034.19

High and Low Ch. 08

 — I'm a slut now. by bisexualsmoker12/29/113.96

High and Low Ch. 09

 — A dirty bi sex orgy. by bisexualsmoker11/06/133.71

High and Low Ch. 11

 — Gay slide. by bisexualsmoker06/30/143.92

High Bid

 — I won the auction, now... by Zrnko_Pisku11/29/123.86

High Fashion Queen

 — A transformation changes the lives of two college friends. by melanieatplay10/17/154.79HOT

High Fashion Queen Redux

 — The evening is retold from Jesse's perspective. by melanieatplay06/13/164.77HOT

High Heels and Stockings Tryout

 — Trying out his wife's slut clothes. by neon_noodle04/11/074.39

High Heels and Stockings Tryout Ch. 02

 — Cross-dresser meets and has sex with a hot couple. by neon_noodle01/13/084.69HOT

High Heels and Stockings Tryout Ch. 03

 — Dressed like a woman, fucked like a woman. by neon_noodle01/27/094.73HOT

High School Dilemma Ch. 01

 — Just before school's out, Bill makes a big mistake. by LaurenWestley01/19/074.27

High School Dilemma Ch. 02

 — Kiss the wrong girl and her bf may turn out a nightmare. by LaurenWestley05/26/114.28

High School Dilemma Ch. 03

 — Kiss the wrong girl and her bf may turn out a nightmare. by LaurenWestley05/27/113.98

High School Friend Has A Secret

 — A chance night with girlfriend's best friend. by horneyguy9906/21/074.60HOT

High School Friend Has A Secret Ch. 02

 — From Michelle to Katie... by horneyguy9906/28/074.64HOT

High School Friend Has A Secret Ch. 03

 — Katie returns the favor. by horneyguy9909/17/074.66HOT

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