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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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High School Friend Has A Secret Ch. 04

 — The threesome he'd been waiting for. by horneyguy9906/27/084.66HOT

High School Friend Has A Secret Ch. 05

 — Michelle and I reunite. by horneyguy9909/26/084.71HOT

High School Fuck Slut

 — Adventure changes tranny forever into a cum dumpster. by TonyaTV6906/11/094.43

High School Love

 — Jack finds his first girlfriend. by f1dude_lotus10/11/124.11

High School Love Ch. 02

 — Their relationship changes. by f1dude_lotus10/14/124.64HOT

High School Love Ch. 03

 — At the dance and later a new friend. by f1dude_lotus10/20/124.41

High School Love Ch. 04

 — Fun with a friend. by f1dude_lotus10/28/124.66HOT

High School Reunion

 — High school reunion leads to a little anal between classmates. by phoenixcinders09/18/184.57HOT

High School Reunion

 — Jimmy is reunited with two former bullies. by WhiskeyIsGood12/27/184.68HOT

High Society Sissy

 — Serving at a country club leads to serving else where. by beyondkink06/09/144.32

Hijab Girls and Shemales

 — A Muslim woman, a bisexual Haitian and a shemale. by Samuelx07/06/123.31

Him and I

 — The early morning light came through the window. by FRSWRITER05/03/104.47

Hired By Her

 — Crossdress callgurl has unusual experience with a M/F couple. by Krystal069009/14/143.63

His Better Half

 — A man impersonates his wife to get revenge on her lover. by Carnevil902/12/073.59

His Dirty Little Secret

 — His wife discovers his secret and turns the tables on him. by CheriSM05/26/104.44

His Female Client is Really a Man

 — Teenager is seduced and becomes addicted to a pretty ladyboy. by walterio12/30/154.47

His First Taste of Sissy Cock

 — An intimate moment of fellatio. by PantyPlay09/16/144.34

His Metamorphosis into a Woman

 — Through the looking glass... so to speak. by spellofasiren04/15/104.09

His Own Personal Ladyboy Ch. 01

 — Cliff acquires a ladyboy after meeting his uncle's ladyboys. by walterio10/15/124.64HOT

His Own Personal Ladyboy Ch. 02

 — Cliff and Jodie settle in and then they visit Uncle Jack. by walterio10/27/124.56HOT

His Own Personal Ladyboy Ch. 03

 — After some shocking news Cliff settles in with the ladyboys. by walterio11/19/144.49

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 01

 — A man's employer uses him for more than an employee. by keptsissy08/28/114.41

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 02

 — A boss uses his employee for the job he's truly skilled at. by keptsissy08/28/114.57HOT

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 03

 — from a good employee to a 'good wife' by keptsissy08/30/114.56HOT

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 04

 — A man's sissy girl is to become his very public little bitch. by keptsissy09/03/114.54HOT

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 05

 — A sissy gets a brand new kind of 'employer'. by keptsissy09/07/114.60HOT

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 06

 — She's become a full-time working girl for her real man. by keptsissy09/09/114.54HOT

His Sissy Bitch Ch. 07

 — full-time working girl and fully owned...with a new man. by keptsissy09/17/114.60HOT

His Sissy Boy

 — A very dominant man uses his sissy 'wife'. by keptsissy07/20/114.40

His Sissy Whore Pt. 01

 — Inexperienced Indian sissy descends into whoredom. by laumadhr08/17/173.87

His Sissy Whore Pt. 02

 — A sissy loses all self-respect and submits completely. by laumadhr08/18/173.78

His Son's Teacher Ch. 01

 — Dave meets the new teacher, pursues her only to be surprised. by GillianCD02/10/134.58HOT

His Son's Teacher Ch. 02

 — Dave and Tiffany discuss her secret... by GillianCD02/11/134.66HOT

His Son's Teacher Ch. 03

 — The morning after... by GillianCD02/22/134.72HOT

His Son's Teacher Ch. 04

 — Pt 2: Spring Break weekend getaway Friday & Saturday. by GillianCD03/06/134.72HOT

His Son's Teacher Ch. 05

 — Pt 2: A spring break full of surprises. by GillianCD05/14/154.79HOT

His Special Something

 — Why did the security guard obsess an otherwise straight guy? by rae12145202/18/184.71HOT

His Teacher, The Transsexual

 — A young man ends up very close to a teacher with a secret. by SugarandSalt10/07/114.68HOT

His Ultimate Fantasy

 — Fulfilling my man's ultimate fantasy. by C2RJ11/25/094.45

Hitch Hiking

 — Picked up by a sexy TV. by phoenix19606/29/084.42

Hobson's Choice

 — Man must decide: life in prison, or lifetime as a woman. by thrillerauthor07/06/034.35Editor's Pick

Hockey Bet

 — Jenny hates when the Devils lose. by WhiskeyIsGood03/21/134.53HOT


 — An unexpected encounter with a sexy trans. by CalliopeTheThird03/27/184.61HOT

Holiday Ch. 01

 — Halloween - My 1st Holiday. by gummidurango6011/02/164.36

Holiday Ch. 02

 — My Second Holiday - Thanksgiving. by gummidurango6011/22/164.62HOT

Holiday Girl

 — Holiday girl surprise. by swbiguy07/12/184.66HOT

Holiday Romance

 — Trip to Prague helps him get over his break-up. by britneyfan10/28/074.58HOT

Holly on the Clock Ch. 01

 — Holly works a swinger's party. by Moxon408/06/074.51HOT

Holly on the Clock Ch. 02

 — Holly's still working the Party. by Moxon401/09/084.57HOT

Holly's New Start

 — Holly's starting to find herself as Jamie's sissy love. by Sissyhalo10/29/174.24

Home Alone Pt. 01

 — At least for a little while. by grgy5611/17/164.31

Home Alone Pt. 02

 — But not alone right now. by grgy5612/03/164.39

Home Alone with Beth

 — Beth has a big surprise for me. by Benny02404/29/134.56HOT

Home Alone with Beth Ch. 02

 — Beth cums in my office and then we have much more sex. by Benny02408/31/134.22

Home Alone: Day 01

 — Young man loves crossdressing at home. by sissy_boy_stu08/09/083.64

Home Alone: Day 02

 — The sissy boy gets found out. by sissy_boy_stu08/13/083.83

Home from the Resort

 — Jimmy gets a visit from his former prison "husband." by Da_Vida02/20/094.30

Home Invasion

 — A planned night of theft becomes a night of submitting. by XtinaSmith201708/04/174.63HOT

Home Invasion Ch. 02

 — Dylan comes to terms with his new life. by XtinaSmith201709/23/174.78HOT

Honey for the Bee

 — Dress in her tight swimsuit and be her girlfriend. by Tomsparty05/10/054.41

Honour Thy Mother Ch. 01

 — A mother consoles her son after *someone* steals his gf. by JamesRussel09/26/184.08

Honour Thy Mother Ch. 02

 — Jenna remembers all the fun Alex missed out on last night. by JamesRussel09/27/184.29

Honour Thy Mother Ch. 03

 — Jenna reveals a painful truth and a shocking secret to Alex. by JamesRussel09/28/184.08

Honour Thy Mother Ch. 04

 — Alex struggles to come to terms with his new life. by JamesRussel09/29/184.07

Honour Thy Mother Ch. 05

 — Jenna works off stress after a week of constant frustration. by JamesRussel02/14/194.42

Hooked On Shemale Cock

 — Addictive personality gets hooked on t-girl cock. by Nitromethane09/27/174.61HOT

Horny Sissy Goes to "Heaven!"

 — A crossdressing sissy finds a new place to do "her" thing! by nancyvasquez07/06/174.02

Horse-cock Girl

 — After a field trip, Amy grows a surprise. by joshy02904/27/114.43

Horse-cock Girl Ch. 02

 — Amy and Lucy go back to the lab for answers. by joshy02907/19/114.56HOT

Horse-cock Girl Ch. 03

 — Amy and Lucy make a new friend. by joshy02912/23/114.60HOT

Horse-cock Girl Ch. 04

 — Amy and Scarlet talk about their situations. by joshy02903/02/124.35

Horse-cock Girl Ch. 05

 — Amy, Lucy and Scarlet visit the seaside. by joshy02912/24/124.53HOT

Horse-cock Girl Ch. 06

 — The girls go clubbing and Amy takes Scarlet's virginity. by joshy02902/08/134.58HOT

Horse-cock Girl Ch. 07

 — Amy proposes followed by sex in the botanical gardens. by joshy02904/17/134.65HOT

Horsecock and a Pudgy Librarian

 — Girl with a horsecock. A Pudgy Librarian. You figure it out. by RaistlinMajere01/11/194.69HOT


 — Jeremy is taken hostage for more than one reason. by skywriter6201/19/164.66HOT

Hostage to Change

 — Married couple are held hostage to unimaginable change. by LittleTom07/01/054.58HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 01

 — Man considers becoming a TV so he can be an airline hostess. by MicheleNylons07/18/174.63HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 02

 — Transvestite uses her guile to become an airline hostess. by MicheleNylons07/19/174.53HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 03

 — TV Candi needs forged documents and blows the forger to pay. by MicheleNylons07/20/174.76HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 04

 — Gangster Tony finds Candi under the desk and takes her ass. by MicheleNylons07/23/174.65HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 05

 — Candi gets to the training school and fucks John. by MicheleNylons07/25/174.62HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 07

 — Candi gets fucked by a stranger; Michelle seduces Steve. by MicheleNylons07/28/174.64HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 08

 — Caputo blackmails Candi. Tony takes care of it - for a price. by MicheleNylons07/29/174.70HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 09

 — Candi goes flying and Cruella gives her a special task. by MicheleNylons07/30/174.68HOT

Hostess with the Mostest Ch. 10

 — The final chapter - all questions answered and a surprise. by MicheleNylons07/31/174.71HOT

Hostile Takeover

 — 18 yr. old Asian Genius gets some anal action. by phoenixcinders09/12/184.08

Hostile Takeover Ch. 01-05

 — Two TGirls use extreme methods to climb the corporate ladder by fitstr801/05/194.15

Hot Ch. 01

 — A simple click of the mouse changed my life. by FantasyWorld201004/10/104.25

Hot Chocolate

 — A crossdressing booty call takes a romantic turn. by XtinaSmith201711/20/184.62HOT

Hot Encounters

 — Internet hookup leads to crossdressing fun. by biggshow1311/26/034.00

Hot for Teacher

 — High school teacher can't recall a former student. by buzzrd10/16/084.67HOT

Hot House

 — Older man finds "love" with a partially transitioned woman. by Yorkiechai06/14/183.90

Hot in a Dress

 — Hot threesome with a Crossdresser. by dre_jones04/24/094.56HOT

Hot Potato

 — Girl who'd rather be a boy meets boy who'd rather be a girl by LucyH12/23/134.43

Hot Sex in a Blizzard

 — A young traveler meets an older "woman." by squarejohn03/25/104.34

Hot Sex in a Blizzard Ch. 02

 — Older tranny rides young traveler like a cowboy. by squarejohn05/03/104.34

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 12

 — Wanting to look pretty, Walter wants to dress as a woman. by SusanJillParker12/19/143.39

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 13

 — Finally embracing his cross dressing, Walter is now Wendy. by SusanJillParker12/20/143.95

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 14

 — Tiffany discovers Walter, her neighbor, is a cross dresser. by SusanJillParker12/21/144.39

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 18

 — With hair and makeup, Tiffany helps Walter look like Wendy. by SusanJillParker12/30/144.40

Hot Summer Night at Jacques

 — Young man, closet dresser, hooks up with Veronica at Jacques by Mickytv20007/31/094.52HOT

Hot Tub Surprise

 — A couple's tryst with a shemale. by JadisCarroway01/31/174.54HOT

Hotel Club

 — A traveler learns about the hotel's special club. by pantywriter11/29/164.57HOT

Hotel Club Ch. 02

 — Cindy returns, and our traveler is at the bar again. by pantywriter12/01/164.75HOT

Hotel Club Ch. 03

 — Cindy invites Roger back into the Club. by pantywriter12/07/164.72HOT

Hotel Club Ch. 04

 — The traveler misses an appointment but it turns out okay. by pantywriter03/19/174.62HOT

Hotel Cum Sissy

 — Closet sissy gets a surprise from bar patron. by closetbecky12/10/114.16

Hotel Girl

 — Satisfying the customer. by little sebastian05/24/074.53HOT

Hotel Heaven or Nightmare

 — Crossdresser's cosy evening is brought abruptly to a halt. by alovesa03/12/134.13

Hotel Porter to Private Maid

 — Alex the Porter becomes Alexis the chamber maid. by KinkyBiLad07/28/124.26

Hotel Porter to Private Maid Ch. 02

 — Alexis gets corrected. by KinkyBiLad08/08/124.25

Hotel Porter to Private Maid Ch. 03

 — Alexis introduction to Gareth. by KinkyBiLad08/15/124.58HOT

Hotel Porter to Private Maid Ch. 04

 — Alexis gets taken to room 836. by KinkyBiLad10/01/124.33

Hotel Room Cocksucker

 — Business traveler finds horny friends through a personal ad. by StephanieSeymour05/25/124.46

Hotel Room Fun

 — Arranged meeting between cross dresser & a bi guy. by tonyatll10/29/054.21

Hotwives Ch. 02

 — After Donna and John's "Hotwives" adventure. by Donna Williams08/22/044.21

House Calls Ch. 01

 — Reminiscing about an older sissy... by IcelandSpar12/05/183.86

House of Toys: Jamie's Evolution

 — He becomes a better fucktoy, while she forms a plan. by TiefBlau10/07/174.62HOT

House of Toys: The Boy Toy

 — He signs up for a month as a fucktoy to protect his friend. by TiefBlau09/14/174.55HOT

House-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 01

 — Sissydream come true housesitting for his two neighbours. by sissydn02/07/174.17

House-sitting Panty Lover Pt. 02

 — The trip to the mall. A build up to next part. by sissydn02/14/174.24

House-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 03

 — The trip to the mall takes an unexpected turn. by sissydn03/02/174.56HOT

House-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 04

 — Our house sitting panty thief has an excited car trip. by sissydn03/29/174.33

House-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 05

 — Princess gets picked up by an old acquainted. by sissydn04/15/194.20

Housemate Deception

 — Who has the bigger secret? by EnojadoConsado05/11/134.64HOT


 — Sandy helps her friend get revenge on her husband. by cuteliz8609/12/174.64HOT

Housing Developments Ch. 01

 — Discovery begets discovery. by grgy5603/10/174.54HOT

Housing Developments Ch. 02

 — More discovery and not just by James. by grgy5603/17/174.67HOT

Houston Ch. 1

 — Traveling construction manager finds alternate sex. by MrBeagle03/13/014.48

Houston Ch. 2

 — Heather becomes a full-fledged woman. by MrBeagle03/15/014.62HOT

How Crossdressing Changed My Life

 — 4 years ago I would have never guessed I'd be the woman I am. by CutieToni02/18/164.40

How Dicks ended up in My Mouth Ch. 01

 — Straight guy discovers cocksucking. by ret12306/19/154.54HOT

How Gerry Caught Me Crossdressing!

 — A tranny's life is changed forever when she's caught dressed. by CarrieQ02/10/144.02

How Girls Clothes Changed Me

 — An 18-year-old boy tries on girls clothes for the first time. by pantycladlad01/08/154.32

How I Became a BBC Sissy Slut

 — A reluctant sissy finds herself addicted to BBC. by Satanicsissybitch02/04/194.42

How I Became a Bride

 — Boy meets boy (posing as girl). by DailyReader05/11/134.03

How I Became a CD SLUT Cum Junky

 — True to fact embelished origin of my CD life and cum craving. by TonyaTV6910/11/104.65HOT

How I Became a CD SLUT Cum Junky Ch. 02

 — A Halloween party before the gang bang and I get too wild! by TonyaTV6910/12/104.77HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1410/10/104.59HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 02

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1410/15/104.58HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 03

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1410/28/104.58HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 04

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1410/31/104.67HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 05

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1411/12/104.75HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 06

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1412/24/104.71HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 07

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1402/28/114.76HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 08

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1403/26/114.68HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 09

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1405/21/114.68HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 10

 — Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1408/08/114.79HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 11

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1408/28/114.74HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 12

 — Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1412/27/114.77HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 13

 — Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1402/04/124.75HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 14

 — Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1402/29/124.66HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 15

 — Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1404/02/134.74HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 16

 — Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1403/19/144.72HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 17

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1410/08/144.73HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 18

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1404/01/154.75HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 19

 — Guy changes schools, life and sex to fit in. by DMaster_1406/08/164.67HOT

How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 20

 — Guy changes sex and life to fit in. by DMaster_1403/01/174.71HOT

How I Became A Cross Dresser

 — A simple accident turns his world around. by dirtyjoe6912/26/064.11

How I Became a Crossdresser

 — Straight married man turned into cock loving slut. by Chrispe6905/19/164.32

How I Became A Cum Slut Ch. 01

 — Mom helped me to become a sissy cum slut. by puzzlecluster09/28/104.08

How I Became A Cum Slut Ch. 02

 — I join Mom's party as we entertain her fuck buddies. by puzzlecluster10/05/104.48

How I Became A Girly Slut Ch. 01

 — How I was turned into a cross-dressed slut. by richfun7106/20/124.28

How I Became A Girly Slut Ch. 02

 — Further descent into depravity. by richfun7106/21/124.27

How I Became A Girly Slut Ch. 03

 — Having to get back from the shop dressed like a schoolgirl by richfun7106/22/124.28

How I Became a Second Wife

 — My Journey through sex and love. by tobytaker06/01/163.98

How I Became a Sissy for BBC

 — The story of how I became a white sissy for BBC. by Caged4goddessd02/28/194.40

How I Became a Transvestite

 — A man's journey into crossdressing. by RomeoDelta06/15/184.50HOT

How I Became a Whore

 — The night I decided to make fantasy a reality. by cutemorri11/14/114.28

How I Became A Whore for Black Cock

 — He's forced into crossdressing. by timewarp6902/05/064.48

How I Became A Whore‏

 — It started when a stranger fondled him in the subway. by woman_inside06/20/104.03

How I Became Alison

 — Old man dresses me up to look like his granddaughter. by JayDeviant07/07/184.28

How I Became Alison Ch. 02

 — I suck the old man's cock while he watches his granddaughter. by JayDeviant10/11/183.94

How I Became Alison Ch. 03

 — A hidden room, a locked door, more kinky tranny sex! by JayDeviant02/02/194.49

How I became General Faenora's Slut

 — A young man's village is conquered by the Futanari Legions. by Ravenarioch01/10/184.27

How I Became My Wife's Wife

 — How my wife became my husband. by Wifelywife06/14/183.53

How I Became Sissy Willow Ch. 01

 — Married cross-dresser's fantasy is to dress & serve. by willow61901/25/054.39

How I Became Sissy Willow Ch. 02

 — Willow gets taken further by his wife. by willow61901/31/054.42

How I Became Sissy Willow Ch. 03

 — Willow humiliation is taken to new levels. by willow61902/10/054.47

How I Became Sissy Willow Ch. 04

 — Willow's training as sissy for wife & lover continues. by willow61905/03/054.32

How I Became Vanessa Ch. 01

 — The events that pushed me to become a transsexual. by vanessa_brown02/20/094.19

How I Became Vanessa Ch. 02

 — Further steps toward my total transformation. by vanessa_brown03/02/094.30

How I Became Vanessa Ch. 03

 — The last step in my total transformation. by vanessa_brown03/05/094.17

How I Became Victoria

 — Man becomes a sexy woman. by Vicktoria211/12/153.87

How I get off

 — Author reveals his true-life sex story. by StephanieSeymour01/22/064.11

How I Got My Sissy Name

 — A Gift begins a new chapter. by allourdesires06/02/194.31

How I Got Promoted

 — A young cross dresser pleases his boss. by contactsteph7707/25/184.54HOT

How I Learned to Date as a Girl

 — Dating as a girl. by TammyPanty12/29/174.33

How I Lost My Hands' Virginity Ch. 01

 — My first t-girl is a handful of woman. by Top18TS01/17/094.40

How I Met Alyssa

 — A young guy finally meets his shemale girlfriend. by thatlonewolf02/11/134.65HOT

How I Met My Boyfriend

 — Poker party gets weird. by Traceytrans09/21/034.00

How I Met My Husband

 — Describing his journey from college guy to blushing bride. by jessymichelle07/06/084.58HOT

How I Met My Husband Ch. 02

 — A continuation of the love story between Jessica & Tim. by jessymichelle07/12/084.65HOT

How I Met My Husband Ch. 03

 — The next level in our relationship. by jessymichelle07/26/084.61HOT

How I Met My Husband Ch. 04

 — Jessica meets Tim's sister, Taylor. by jessymichelle11/19/084.50HOT

How I Met My Neighbor

 — Young guy moves in and falls for his redhead neighbor. by Eroreader5507/01/164.67HOT

How I Met My Shemale

 — Shy man dates a shemale. by Eroticalover196804/02/144.28

How I Met My Shemale Pt. 02

 — Shy man dates shemale. by Eroticalover196804/05/144.47

How I Met My Shemale Pt. 03

 — Shy man dates shemale. by Eroticalover196805/30/154.10

How I Met My Wife

 — I meet a woman on-line, and she trains me to submit fully by Godscountry04/28/154.48

How I Met the Love of My Life

 — My life changed in an instant and I had no clue how much... by PrinceCharming4U07/12/184.11

How I Met the Love of My Life Ch. 02

 — Ally and I relax while I figure out how to tell our story. by PrinceCharming4U07/20/184.49

How I Really Became a Wife

 — Crossdresser lives as a girl and wife full time. by TammyPanty08/14/164.54HOT

How I Really Got My BA In College

 — Fun leads to career choice. by Traceytrans09/23/034.28

How I was Forced Out of the Closet

 — A closet amateur Crossdresser meets a confident one. by gtanya03/29/184.09

How It All Began

 — My family is not what it seems to be..... by subboy8507/28/144.43

How It All Begun Ch. 01

 — Spending the weekend on my uncle's place. by dimitris200901/28/103.27

How James and I Started Together Ch. 02

 — Alin finds a new way to look sexy, James might just like it. by CrossdresserAlison7707/12/144.62HOT

How Low Can You Go?

 — He was so much more than a sissy. by Compliant102/09/11

How Marissa Became a Woman

 — Married CD experiences his fantasies with Wife's help. by CDSean02/01/174.68HOT

How Much Do You Want It?

 — As if I had a choice. by istanbulnoir01/31/083.98

How My Wife Became a Swinger

 — The story of how my wife became a swinger. by SS_Swing05/01/094.43

How Nathan became Natalie Ch. 01

 — Nathan discovers the bliss of being a sissy cocksucker. by saintlycd11/03/174.49

How Nathan became Natalie Ch. 02

 — Nathan enjoys some alone time with Kevin. by saintlycd11/12/174.51HOT

How Nathan became Natalie Ch. 03

 — Nathan aka Natalie enjoys a night with Kevin. by saintlycd12/23/174.58HOT

How Nathan became Natalie Ch. 04

 — Nathan aka Natalie has a fantastic summer. by saintlycd12/29/174.66HOT

How Nathan became Natalie Ch. 05

 — Nathan and Jennifer get married and enjoy their honeymoon. by saintlycd12/31/174.42

How Nathan became Natalie Ch. 06

 — Nathan and Jennifer discuss secrets. by saintlycd01/06/184.64HOT

How Rob met Annie

 — Rob tells how he met Annie, on the day of their wedding. by WhiskeyIsGood04/08/174.74HOT

How To Give A Blow Job

 — Gary learns the way to please a man by hisemerald08/03/043.87

How You Seduced Me Ch. 03

 — You force me to put on panties and soap up in your shower. by married_but_curious06/24/174.58HOT

Hubby's Reward

 — She invites widow neighbor over for a treat. by Rebecca10/02/004.19

Hubby's Sissy Training Day!!

 — Told my wife about my fantasy's and I woke up dressed! by Red10Dog02/21/194.40

Hubby's Sissy Training Day!! 02

 — Told wife I craved cock, didn't expect this! by Red10Dog05/10/194.37


 — A sissy is found out. by SissyJane10/04/094.25

Humiliated at an Outlet Mall

 — A man's wife transforms him into a sissy one store at a time. by willow61911/29/134.60HOT

Humiliated Sissy Husband

 — A wimp of a husband is forced to be a sissy by his wife. by rik58112/14/164.25

Humiliated Sissy Husband Ch. 02

 — Max suffers more humiliation at the hands of his wife Tanja. by rik58112/19/164.38

Humiliated Sissy Husband Ch. 03

 — Sadistic wife Tanya puts Max through Sissy Hell. by rik58103/28/174.42

Humiliated Sissy Husband Ch. 04

 — Max is forced into losing his Sissy virginity with two men. by rik58109/19/174.41

Humiliated Sissy Slut

 — How I was taught to be a cock sucking sissy slut by Allice11/11/134.08

Humiliation Journey Never Ends

 — Small dick white sissy converted to she-male. by Subkoksukr4u06/18/193.89


 — But not the way you think. Marlene's dangerous by Marlene12/11/034.08

Hung Francine meets Hot New Friend

 — Two trans women engage in oral and anal sex. by mrstanley10/05/174.28

Hung like a Grape

 — A small dicked Sissy is outed and humiliated. by sissysherry204/01/184.03

Hung like a Grape Ch. 02

 — Lisa continues to strengthen her hold over Sherry! by sissysherry204/05/184.05

Hung like a Grape Ch. 03

 — Sherry entertains some new friends at Lisa's party! by sissysherry204/07/183.86


 — Young Aquia sets off a Huntress's trap. by DamienDeath2008/14/184.74HOT

Huntress Ch. 02

 — Aquia is brought before the Alpha of the Lunare tribe. by DamienDeath2009/20/184.74HOT

Huntress Ch. 03

 — Accalia takes Aquia on his first hunt. by DamienDeath2011/30/184.79HOT

Huntress Ch. 04

 — Accalia and Aquia connect, while Lini makes a devious play. by DamienDeath2012/28/184.70HOT

Husband Becomes Helen's Submissive

 — Husband gets his due. by Pippa09/29/074.11

Husband Loves His Wife's New Dick

 — Husband and wife bond after her changing surgery. by bobbybone12311/10/164.15

Husband to Wife

 — A story about sweet romance. by hornySHE02/08/143.28

Husband Turned Fuck Hole

 — Husband gets caught by wife and fully submits. by Sjen45104/27/184.14

Husband with Testing Device

 — A guy gets a device that lets him swap body parts and things. by Floydman109/24/184.56HOT

Husband with Testing Device Ch. 02

 — More fun with the device that lets him swap body parts. by Floydman110/16/184.63HOT

Husband with Testing Device Ch. 03

 — Now she's in on it, and they go to the mall. by Floydman104/11/194.66HOT

Husband's Transformation Ch. 01

 — Husband caught wearing panties and changes begin. by Prematurelimphubby06/05/194.56HOT

Husband's Transformation Ch. 02

 — Husband's transformation grows with help from wife's friend. by Prematurelimphubby06/26/194.44NEW


 — This man did not have a say in his gender change. by thechangedone04/20/113.34

Hypnotized at the Costume Party

 — Brad is turned in Brandie. by Miles6312/22/174.56HOT

Hypnotized, Maybe?

 — A young man is hypnotized. Or is he? by hypnocd07/10/114.41

I Admit I Was Speeding

 — A country crossing TV gets it in a rest area. by Cute Little Thing05/16/044.46

I Adore Crossdressers

 — A young Crossdresser gets her taste of a Daddy. by Ab909511/18/184.10

I Adore Crossdressers Pt. 02

 — A pretty young crossdresser gets taken by a Daddy - HARD. by Ab909511/21/184.37

I Adore Crossdressers Pt. 03

 — A crossdresser loves being turned into a pretty little slut. by Ab909511/22/184.46

I Adore Crossdressers Pt. 04

 — A sissy gets displayed in public and loves it. by Ab909511/29/184.55HOT

I am a Natural? Ch. 01

 — Regi, dresses up to be bitch for man of his dreams. Natural? by beenbelow09/14/184.08

I Am Alice

 — A boy gets turned into a girl after a series of 3 games. by 16boy6904/07/154.03

I Am My Daughter's Bitch

 — Daughter turns her father into a kinky cock loving slut. by britneyfan11/11/064.55HOT

I Am My Wife's Best Girlfriend

 — story of husband's sudden transformation. by toontessa12/31/024.27

I am Number Four

 — New sissy finds his calling. by princessnocturne04/27/164.74HOT

I Am the Bride Act 01 Scene 01

 — First Scene of First Act. by loveforpantyboy10/18/154.28

I Am the Bride Act 01 Scene 02

 — Second Scene of First Act. by loveforpantyboy10/22/154.13

I Asked for Humiliation

 — A story of feminization, strap on, humiliation and more. by Ashleysissyslut03/25/174.10

I Became a Girl in College

 — Learning to make love as a girl. by TammyPanty03/31/184.52HOT

I Become Wendy's "Wife"

 — Continuing the story of my feminisation. by Quietoldie01/15/134.20

I Begged Him To Kiss Me! Ch. 01

 — A young married guy is seduced by his elderly male neighbor. by abcuma7707/12/114.53HOT

I Begged Him To Kiss Me! Ch. 02

 — Further submitting to his older male neighbor. by abcuma7707/03/144.67HOT

I Can See You

 — A man wears his wife's clothes, but who's watching the CCTV. by simone7712/08/184.54HOT

I Did It For Love

 — Man moves across the pond to be with transgender friend. by Dar_Jisbo03/27/174.19

I Dress Up and Fuck My Friend Pt. 01

 — I dress up like a sissy slut and fuck my best friend. by tgirlchrissy09/08/154.08

I Fall in Love with a Girly-boy

 — The perfect date has a dick and loves to shop. by Bakeboss08/15/094.37

I Feel Girlie

 — A TS gets her first black pimp. by RainStevens03/20/093.97

I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 01

 — What the woman wants. by grgy5601/12/184.46

I Feel Like a Woman Ch. 02

 — What the woman needs. by grgy5601/19/184.42

I Feel Pretty!

 — This is what happens when drug trials get out of hand. by Pervie_Priestess6904/28/104.18

I Fly Away

 — A fantasy of a brief encounter. by Dreamweaver59403/26/14

I Found a Man

 — Robyn's future continues... by combopack05/09/194.57HOT

I Got Caught with a Flat

 — An Unexpected Encounter and The Tale of a True Hero. by lowaltitude09/27/174.12

I Had it All

 — Cheating husband becomes slave to his wife and others. by sdbottomslut07/22/114.26

I Hate Him...

 — A man loses himself to his wife's ex-husband. by Sodoma04/11/104.15

I Hate Him...Ch. 02

 — Man falls further into his nemesis' control. by Sodoma04/17/104.19

I have a Confession to Make

 — After a fight with the wife, a man helps a college girl/boy. by malid06/09/174.53HOT

I Is for Irene

 — ... and the Double-Glazing salesman. by BethanyJ03/11/124.58HOT

I Just Popped Out For Some Smokes

 — Wife invites bi-curious guy over. by Funnbunnies03/31/104.17

I know You Won't Believe This

 — Encounter with cute young sales clerk in the changing rooms. by joan65811/18/074.42

I Learned My Lesson Well Ch. 02

 — Fiancé is made over to take girlfriend to gangbang. by Angelscuck09/17/094.32

I Love Men to wear my Satin Panties Pt. 01

 — What do you do when your kinky dreams come true? by Manndee04/20/184.22

I Love my "My Cum Slut"

 — Dressing up for my Daddy is fun!! by Red10Dog02/22/194.29

I Love My Breasts!

 — And how things developed. by grgy5612/13/184.35

I Love Panties on a Girl Ch. 01

 — A man confesses a small fetish to his girlfriend. by indusfre10/18/164.36

I Met a Man Who Likes a Girly Boy

 — I met a man who could like a feminine guy like me. by Clintdear03/20/144.66HOT

I Missed Myself

 — After losing his manhood, can a man find himself as a woman? by thrillerauthor02/06/034.51HOT

I Need a Man

 — Young man needs to experiment. by combopack09/17/184.74HOT

I Need Another Man

 — Boy is transformed to girl. by combopack04/16/194.62HOT

I Need to Borrow Something

 — A friend in need uses magic to force a gender swap. by Elenriel11/11/154.68HOT

I Need to Lose More Bets

 — Husband enjoys first time as crossdresser after losing wager. by tsipper03/04/164.54HOT

I Never Thought...

 — Idle 'Letter to Penthouse' fantasy is stranger in reality. by Randomguy66407/09/124.54HOT

I Owe It All To Jimmy

 — Introduced to crossdressing. by Lisa Fallon07/29/034.13

I Own You

 — A young man becomes his well endowed boss's personal bitch. by Futavision06/18/184.52HOT

I Really Don't Know Ch. 01

 — Girlfriend finds a Genie. by SweetFutanari01/08/134.01

I Really Don't Know Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend adds genie to the mix. by SweetFutanari01/17/134.09

I Really Don't Know Ch. 03

 — The story continues. by SweetFutanari01/23/134.22

I should have Kept My Mouth Shut

 — Saying the wrong thing to a new boss has consequences... by submissiveanne01/22/194.27

I Told You

 — Tommy's girlfriend has a kink and a plan. by tori_tgirl12/22/034.48

I Turned the Tables Last Night!

 — Jacqueline's turns the tables. by AJQuick02/11/144.55HOT

I Used to be Pathetic

 — Keith's first time scares him a little bit. by KaseyLegs04/06/194.23

I Ventured Out.....Oh My!

 — Crossdresser receives her first taste and loves it. by amygurl04/14/114.44

I Visited My Sister In-Law

 — I visited my sister in-law and got a naughty surprise. by SarahCD06/09/164.44

I was Gangbanged

 — T-girl gets banged by two guys. by brittanyslace06/02/133.91

I was Scott Tenna

 — Hypnotising guys with small cocks to be shemale sex slaves. by tre34harr11/26/153.98

I was So Fucking Horny

 — CD and her man have a lunchtime tryst. by lynntg044411/30/184.30

I will Remember

 — Man moves back to old hometown, meets an old friend. by Dar_Jisbo01/06/194.39

I Wish For... Ch. 01: A Life-Changing Encounter

 — Jeanie makes a wish... by mistyfdfa02/07/184.18

I Wish For... Ch. 02: A Stiff Surprise

 — Jeanie experiments with her new power... by mistyfdfa02/08/184.38

I Wish For... Ch. 03: A Swelling Sensation

 — Jeanie's first client has a surprising wish... by mistyfdfa04/19/184.28

I'll Learn Better Someday

 — A dickgirl/futa is trapped by her college room-mate. by elisebos10/02/124.45

I'll Show You Mine

 — A Gay man falls for a man he find out to be a FTM. by naughtygaywriter05/04/194.66HOT

I'm A Very Bad Girl

 — First time lover...yum yum. by Dublin200904/23/094.11

I'm Every Woman

 — A cross dresser explores his feminine side. by xxvicexx10/03/084.55HOT

I'm Finally a Girl for a Man

 — A feminine guy finally meets a lover. by Clintdear04/12/094.61HOT

I'm My Sister's Husband's Wife

 — He replaces his twin sister at her wedding. by Feinux01/05/154.37

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 01

 — Male admits to wife he fantasizes about being lesbian. by RomeoDelta02/05/184.40

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 02

 — Learning how to project as a woman by RomeoDelta02/11/184.46

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 03

 — First time going out presenting as my new persona. by RomeoDelta02/11/184.57HOT

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 04

 — Secret discovered. by RomeoDelta02/20/184.59HOT

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 05

 — Visit a gay club, intending to hook up. by RomeoDelta02/23/184.72HOT

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 06

 — Reflections, revelations, as Dee tries to decide her future. by RomeoDelta02/28/184.57HOT

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 07

 — Spermbank and hormones. by RomeoDelta03/02/184.58HOT

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 08

 — Dee has her op. by RomeoDelta03/05/184.62HOT

I'm Now Called Dee Ch. 09

 — Dee has her first male female relationship. by RomeoDelta03/15/184.73HOT

I've Finally Found Myself

 — Girly boy meets her perfect lover. by Clintdear07/09/074.70HOT

I, Jennifer Ch. 01

 — Tranny has to go on the run and use her sexuality to escape. by MicheleNylons06/24/184.66HOT

I, Jennifer Ch. 02

 — Imprisoned tranny fucks her captor. by MicheleNylons06/26/184.61HOT

I, Jennifer Ch. 03

 — Tranny fuck-bot is captured by The Resistance and used. by MicheleNylons06/28/184.60HOT

I, Jennifer Ch. 04

 — Tranny fuck bot is taken repeatedly by her captors. by MicheleNylons07/22/184.72HOT

Identity Crisis 01

 — Posted to a school with wrong name, wrong gender! by BabyDreamer01/26/134.29

Identity Crisis 02

 — The next day... by BabyDreamer01/31/134.54HOT

Identity Crisis 03

 — Wet dreams. by BabyDreamer02/13/134.56HOT

Identity Crisis 04

 — My first lesson. by BabyDreamer02/22/134.53HOT

Identity Crisis 05

 — The beginning of her dominance. by BabyDreamer03/05/134.44

Identity Crisis 06

 — The door opened and Sarah was standing behind it. by BabyDreamer03/28/134.62HOT

Identity Crisis 07

 — My new friend. by BabyDreamer07/28/134.66HOT

Identity Crisis 08

 — Fire Drill, or was it a planned mischief. by BabyDreamer08/02/134.61HOT

Identity Crisis 09

 — The end. by BabyDreamer08/09/134.65HOT

Identity Unknown

 — Security, cctv and a mysterious character. by BmthAdmirer06/25/164.39

If I Did It- - -And I Did Ch. 03

 — The creation of Marlene- -who knew. by Marlene02/18/094.53HOT

If Your Heart Surrenders

 — Making it back home may take longer than you thought. by PompousBuffoon07/12/114.58HOT

If Your Heart Surrenders Ch. 02

 — Al restles with reservations about life as Marlene's lover. by PompousBuffoon09/05/114.48

Important Business Comes Up

 — He's caught wearing stockings at work. by Emmcee2007/29/104.53HOT

Important Business Comes Up Ch. 02

 — Jason explains where his lingerie love affair came from. by Emmcee2008/24/104.62HOT

Important Business Comes Up Ch. 03

 — Jason lands a big account and gets closer to Dana. by Emmcee2010/18/114.63HOT

Important Business Comes Up Ch. 04

 — Jason and Dana's work place heats up and changes. by Emmcee2004/22/124.66HOT

Important Business Comes Up Ch. 05

 — Jason earns a treat from a previous adventure. by Emmcee2002/04/144.78HOT

Imprisoned by My Fantasy Ch. 01

 — A feminized cuckold's wife wants to fulfill his fantasy. by Jemina00406/30/174.44

Imprisoned by My Fantasy Ch. 02

 — We go forward with her plan to have me arrested as a hooker. by Jemina00407/02/174.47

Imprisoned by My Fantasy Ch. 03

 — After being arrested, I'm taken to jail in my hooker-wear. by Jemina00407/10/174.50HOT

Imprisoned by My Fantasy Ch. 04

 — As the night ends, I have to choose; cumming or leaving? by Jemina00407/13/174.56HOT

In a Neighborly Way Ch. 01

 — Couple and T Have Neighborly Affairs. by KristyT03/19/164.62HOT

In a Neighborly Way Ch. 02

 — Couple and T Have Neighborly Affairs. by KristyT04/02/164.26

In a Neighborly Way Ch. 03 Act 01

 — Couple Engage Trans Woman Neighbor. by KristyT05/05/164.51HOT

In for a Penny Ch. 01

 — Tobias Highlander begins an unexpected journey. by Myikael10/25/144.22

In from the Rain

 — The cute girl on Mike's doorstep has a secret... by dreadknots04/11/184.60HOT

In from the Rain Pt. 02

 — Mike gets a booty call...but does he want something more? by dreadknots05/17/184.64HOT

In from the Rain Pt. 03

 — A night out leads to a confrontation. Who will Casey choose? by dreadknots09/12/184.79HOT

In My Bedroom...

 — Daddy takes care of his sissy. by Lea123411/07/144.19

In My Dad's Panties

 — Feminised by his dad's shemale mistress. by britneyfan08/23/074.54HOT

In My Place

 — Crossdresser is forced to go a lot further than he intended. by LauraJayne04/08/084.39

In My Place Ch. 02

 — His domination continues. What are his wife's plans for him? by LauraJayne06/12/084.36

In My Place Ch. 03

 — He has a date set up by his wife. How far will he go? by LauraJayne06/17/084.11

In Need of Counselling

 — Wife takes partner to counsellor but she suggest more. by Tomsparty01/09/074.47

In Over My Head Ch. 01

 — College student falls for a girl with a big surprise. by ready2play8502/14/124.48

In Over My Head Ch. 02

 — College student falls for a girl with a big surprise. by ready2play8502/20/124.67HOT

In The Booth

 — A sissy gets changed in an adult bookstore booth. by enduser123407/12/173.96

In The Family Way

 — Witch turns a lonely CD into a pregnant woman. by bettytv05/04/124.20

In The Family Way Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of the Story. by bettytv05/19/124.14

In The Moment, Things Change

 — Who cares what she's working with - bring it on! by mikeinto07/01/134.42

In the Pub

 — I had a fuck-buddy. Then it all got crazy. by StileUK08/31/184.43

In Time for Summer

 — A boy gets seduced by his "lesbian", packing roommate. by ScumDumpster6904/12/194.63HOT

In Your Care

 — Man and transgender woman meet, slowly fall for each other. by Dar_Jisbo02/28/194.49

Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight

 — The first match in a new kind of league. by danidhotcd09/12/124.40

Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight Ch. 02

 — Dani hopes to redeem himself vs a rookie. by danidhotcd09/01/144.54HOT

Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight Ch. 03

 — Dani vs Dani. by danidhotcd03/02/164.57HOT

Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight Ch. 03.5

 — Dani vs Dani (The Re-match). by danidhotcd03/12/164.69HOT

Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight Ch. 04

 — The league's first tag team match featuring another newbie. by danidhotcd07/01/174.75HOT

Indoctrination of Toy

 — A femme toy is trained by her transexual Mistress. by SkyeNightshade02/25/144.41

Indonesian Muslim Transsexual

 — Indonesian transsexual tops a big Black man. by Samuelx11/30/17

Ines at the Bookstore

 — Chance encounter turns into seminal event. by Sysiphus2point001/28/164.18

Inescapable Pt. 01 of 02

 — The most dangerous traps are ones you don't want to escape. by optimizer88812/31/174.76HOT

Inescapable Pt. 02 of 02

 — Traps aren't the only thing that can be well-laid. by optimizer88801/09/184.76HOT

Infinite Diversity

 — A young Star Trek fan discovers a new side at a convention. by brendachaplin200010/27/163.55

Influential Factors! Ch. 01

 — Busted! by gummidurango6006/23/174.56HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 02

 — The Agreement. by gummidurango6007/05/174.55HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 03

 — The Process Begins. by gummidurango6007/06/174.69HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 04

 — The Morning After. by gummidurango6007/13/174.59HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 05

 — Night Time In The City. by gummidurango6007/25/174.51HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 06

 — Home Sweet Home. by gummidurango6009/12/174.67HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 07

 — Overlooked. by gummidurango6010/18/174.62HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 08

 — Closer to Home. by gummidurango6011/06/174.65HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 09

 — Happy Anniversary! by gummidurango6011/22/174.71HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 10

 — Twisted! by gummidurango6012/08/174.55HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 11

 — How Worse Can It Get? by gummidurango6012/21/174.53HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 12

 — Getting What I Want and Much More! by gummidurango6001/03/184.65HOT

Influential Factors! Ch. 13

 — Turn of Events! by gummidurango6010/17/184.19

Influential Factors! Ch. 14

 — Turn of Events 2. by gummidurango6011/13/183.79

Influential Factors! Ch. 15

 — California Dreaming. by gummidurango6012/28/184.11

Inheritance (One Week Chronicles)

 — Gary is forever changed as Louise and Jade enter his life. by Louise6906/23/174.72HOT

Initial Crossdressing Adventures

 — First time dressing up. by vjak1910/05/144.57HOT

Innocence Ch. 01

 — Graduation Party. by gummidurango6010/16/184.46

Innocence Ch. 02

 — The Cocktail Party. by gummidurango6010/28/184.60HOT

Innocence Ch. 03

 — Flight Day! by gummidurango6011/22/184.53HOT

Innocence Ch. 04

 — Feelings. by gummidurango6012/18/184.58HOT

Instead of My Sister Ch. 01

 — Mum asks him to pretend to be his sister. by Misslexia03/18/074.31

Instead of My Sister Ch. 02

 — Once again, young man takes his sister's place. by Misslexia12/01/074.42

Instead of My Sister Ch. 03

 — For the third time, he takes his sister's place. by Misslexia07/15/084.55HOT

Insurance Slave Ch. 03

 — Ned enjoys his trio of ladies. by SEVERUSMAX02/10/094.00

Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me

 — Doing what you all tell me to and then writing about it. by PorscheKaru07/09/084.14

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