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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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Love with a Twist Ch. 11

 — Fun in a hot tub. by Lostinmich05/15/11

Love with a Twist Ch. 12

 — Old Lovers & New Beginnings. by Lostinmich07/16/134.73HOT

Love with a Twist Ch. 13

 — The Final Chapter. by Lostinmich03/13/154.73HOT

Love With the Perfect Tran

 — When he met the perfect "girl" by toontessa01/05/034.37

Love With the Perfect Tran Ch. 02

 — The perfect 'girl' helps him become the perfect girl. by toontessa01/06/034.30

Lovely Jade

 — Son brings "girlfriend" home to dad. by LuckyBob12/20/034.59HOT

Lovely Jade Ch. 02

 — Sun and fun on the beach. by LuckyBob12/21/034.63HOT

Lovely Jade Ch. 03

 — Jade arranges a father-son reunion. by LuckyBob12/24/034.62HOT

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 08

 — Marco/Marcia & Lurecia do a party. by Benny_Blank03/18/094.57HOT

Loving Eve

 — A tale of transgender love. by JessiKat08/01/144.28

Loving the Crossdresser

 — Friend helps guy become a female. by scott30601/27/114.24

Loving Wife Ch. 01

 — Husband starts his journey into loving submission. by Agena10/18/054.32

Loving Wife Ch. 02

 — They moving further into dom/sub relationship. by Agena10/23/054.43

Loving Wife Ch. 03

 — He accepts his submissive feminine role. by Agena10/25/054.55HOT

Loving Wife Ch. 04

 — A sub completes his passage to femininity. by Agena10/27/054.27

Lucy Goes Black

 — Curiosity leads to gloryhole slutdom. by Intercontinental04/23/114.50HOT

Lucy Learns More

 — Her wifely Odyssey continues. by Intercontinental11/28/104.15

Lucy's Revenge

 — Former employee blackmails me into gay sex. by Cynthia_D07/20/064.48

Lucy's Revenge Ch. 02

 — The Park Ranger continues Cynthia's humiliation. by Cynthia_D07/28/064.56HOT

Lucy's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Lucy humiliates him at the beach in a thong bikini. by Cynthia_D08/18/064.35

Lucy's Revenge Ch. 04

 — The IT group at work has fun at Cynthia's expense. by Cynthia_D08/28/064.58HOT

Lucy's Revenge Ch. 05

 — Cynthia's continuing humiliation up to the bachelor party. by Cynthia_D10/17/064.59HOT

Lucy's Revenge Ch. 06

 — Cynthia is the Bachelor party's entertainment. by Cynthia_D11/30/064.55HOT

Lucy's Secret

 — What happens when Eliza finds out Lucy's big secret. by bettersmilem08/18/093.92

Lumberjack Match

 — A sexual game that offers a potentially substantial pay off. by rex_gladiorum05/31/124.00

Lunch Games

 — Friend introduces her undies to his lunch hour. by call_me_dana02/20/104.44

Lust in a Lift

 — A novel way to calm a claustrophobic man in a stuck lift. by Storm6208/01/114.39

Lust in a Lift Ch. 02

 — After the lift incident, Mistress takes over. by Storm6208/24/114.61HOT

Lust in a Lift Ch. 03

 — He's finally ready for the last step. by Storm6209/27/114.33

M Is for Mandi

 — Threesome? Certainly boys..... by BethanyJ02/06/124.16

Madame Jenoix

 — Be careful spying on girls, you might get caught. by Candour09/21/104.61HOT


 — He must do what he's told or not get laid. by Dawns11/12/083.23

Made a Maid Ch. 01

 — Joel gets caught, forced to become Josie. by JosieCD05/18/094.33

Made a Maid Ch. 02

 — Joel completes his transformation into Josie. by JosieCD05/21/094.41

Made to Shop

 — CD made to shop. by grgy5610/06/104.33

Made Up

 — A budding crossdresser meets with an experienced trans woman. by ChewToySub08/08/154.49

Magic Panties Ch. 01

 — A man awakes to find a surprise at his door. by nolfon111/13/104.34

Magic Panties Ch. 02

 — Roy has sex, then realizes somethings up with the panties. by nolfon111/18/104.51HOT

Magic Panties Ch. 03

 — Rachel meets another "gal" with magic panties. by nolfon112/05/104.56HOT

Magic Panties Ch. 04

 — The Metamorphasis completes. by nolfon101/27/114.49

Magic Panties Ch. 05

 — Rachel meets another couple. by nolfon105/11/114.66HOT

Magic Panties Ch. 06

 — The end of the saga, Rachel completes her transformation. by nolfon111/28/114.61HOT


 — Enforced xd. by God.01/15/033.57

Mai and I

 — A man and his dominant & romantic transsexual girlfriend. by McCrow09/30/154.66HOT

Maid in Heaven

 — Help at bridesmaid's shop & be prepared to dress up. by Tomsparty06/24/054.20

Maid of Honour

 — A male bridesmaid who ends up as the Best Man's lover. by TVJoanna12/29/124.26

Maid Samantha Arrives at the House

 — I arrive at my new Masters house. by Cocksucker Katey04/20/033.80

Maid Service

 — No longer out of work husband with new found purpose. by grgy5606/15/104.21

Maid Service Ch. 02

 — Maid Marta (Martin) continues to service Lady Laura. by grgy5606/21/104.46

Maid Service Ch. 03

 — An arresting development for Marta (Martin). by grgy5607/12/104.43

Maid The Wrong Bet...

 — A French maid's outfit turns him into a sissy. by Lea123411/06/144.52HOT

Maid to be Used

 — Paying the debts and fulfilling deepest desires. by ragnarokmasumune07/07/124.51HOT

Maid to Order

 — A chance to shine... by fantasywriter12/21/114.15

Maid to Rule

 — Terrible maid, but nine inches and a wrist thick dick helps. by KuroshioX02/15/154.23

Maid to Surrender

 — Entering service can sometimes prove dangerous! by CarrieQ07/22/143.87

Maiden Voyage

 — Setting her inner woman free. by jessicaj6401/13/114.50HOT

MaidSally Episode 01

 — Sally is a kept CD who performs for her master. by cd2the9s11/24/104.22

MaidSally Episode 02

 — A shopping trip to Hollywood turns into back room sex. by cd2the9s12/14/104.57HOT

Make that Date

 — Paul gets in over his head on a new reality dating show. by Couture12/08/024.45

Makeover Complications Pt. 01

 — After a makeover photo shoot guy has to retrieve his clothes. by portiawriter12/21/143.90

Making a Splash Without Jo-Jo

 — It doesn't always take two to please a crowd! by CarrieQ05/06/143.59

Making a Woman Out of You

 — A guy's best friend helps him with his fetish. by butterfly176304/24/124.20

Making Amends

 — A visit from the ghost of Christmas past. by phoenix19606/17/084.28

Making Francesca Ch. 01

 — A panty wearing man is transformed. by Spango07/17/114.28

Making Francesca Ch. 02

 — Frank meets his new Mistress. by Spango07/21/114.29

Making Francesca Ch. 03

 — Frank begins his training. by Spango07/25/114.35

Making Francesca Ch. 04

 — Frank sucks a real cock. by Spango07/31/114.41

Making Francesca Ch. 05

 — Frank learns about riding crops. by Spango07/10/124.21

Making Francesca Ch. 06

 — Frank gets his anal cherry popped...and a surprise. by Spango07/13/124.57HOT

Making Francesca Ch. 07

 — Francesca is truly born at last. by Spango07/18/124.59HOT

Making Himself Useful

 — Don finds Jane - but she no longer needs a husband. by EasilyConfused07/02/074.54HOT

Making Mandy

 — A hetro crossdresser finds a man can be very good. by hottiehunter02/19/044.44

Making of a GH Slut!

 — How it started. by kristycross12/29/044.57HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 01

 — Steven takes a job with a wealthy woman. by Scribler03/31/054.68HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 02

 — Stephie meets Mark for the first time. by Scribler04/01/054.76HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 03

 — Stephie discovers what her employers do for a living. by Scribler04/02/054.71HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 04

 — Stephie goes to her first porn shoot. by Scribler04/03/054.73HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 05

 — Stephie and Hellen go out on a date. by Scribler04/04/054.70HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 06

 — Stephie confronts her Father. by Scribler04/05/054.78HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 07

 — Stephie & Hellen take Bill out for a wild night. by Scribler04/06/054.72HOT

Making of a Porn Queen Ch. 08

 — Stephie performs for the camera as a professional. by Scribler04/07/054.80HOT

Making Shemales

 — He was curious about shemales, be careful what you wish for. by lknround205/13/153.97

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 01

 — It can often be not how little you know but who you know. by FinalStand06/09/124.60HOT

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 03

 — Joshua and Paulette; Peggy versus a bully. by FinalStand06/11/124.73HOT

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 05a

 — (Did someone say 'Bahamas'?) by FinalStand06/13/124.72HOT

Making Work a Better Place Ch. 06

 — Wrapping things up for the time being. by FinalStand06/15/124.83HOT

Male or Shemale, Still a Slut

 — Part 1: tranny sex. Part 2: shemale gangbang. by yeaimbored12/16/124.22

Mall She-Curiousity

 — Coerced into sex with the shemale security chief. by ArbyDam01/14/104.48


 — It was into the second day of his holiday. by franco8906/08/094.30

Man Disciplines Sissy Ch. 01

 — In their first meeting, crossdresser faces consequences. by LanaBehave08/26/144.25

Man Disciplines Sissy Ch. 02

 — The punishment continues; and oral submission. by LanaBehave10/28/144.36

Man in the Mask

 — Bisexual crossdresser first time with a man. by MiOtroYo01/02/113.60

Man Is Humiliated By Escort

 — Humiliated by escort, her clients and wife. by fun4all696902/01/094.00

Man or Mandy?

 — Biker Guy picks up shemale at bike rally. by magicman0103/06/064.57HOT

Man or Mandy? Ch. 02

 — Biker Guy continues wild time. by magicman0103/10/064.53HOT

Man or Mandy? Ch. 03a

 — Biker guy continues wild time. by magicman0103/13/064.68HOT

Man or Mandy? Ch. 04

 — Final: they add a cousin to the mix. by magicman0103/20/064.68HOT

Mandy Gets Her Man!

 — Transvestite Mandy gets the unexpected. by easytvgirlmandy05/25/084.03

Mandy Has Fun With Eddie

 — Bi transvestite has fun with hunky Eddie. by easytvgirlmandy07/02/084.50HOT

Mandy Sucks

 — Mandy finally meets her online lover. by LilLindaMelons12/28/104.16

Mandy's Club Experience

 — Mandy dressed as a boy goes to an all men's club. by MommysBoy201203/01/133.71

Mandy's Club Experience Ch. 02

 — Mandy meets up with Michael and goes home with him. by MommysBoy201203/11/134.30

Mandy's Day Out

 — Amanda experiences full sex as a woman for the first time. by easytvgirlmandy03/17/104.42

Mandy's Reward

 — A sissy maid gets her reward. by sissymaidrose08/15/124.29

Manly Pants Ch. 01

 — Harley finds something more precious than gold. by Selbryth05/02/06HOT

Manly Pants Ch. 02

 — Harley found his perfect woman. by Selbryth05/03/06HOT

March Madness Ch. 01

 — A tale of basketball and kink. by jbirdman01/23/094.21

March Madness Ch. 02

 — A tale of basketball and kink. by jbirdman01/27/094.36

March Madness Ch. 03

 — Let the games begin. by jbirdman01/30/094.48

March Madness Ch. 04

 — More frustration for Stephen/Stephanie. by jbirdman02/03/094.58HOT

March Madness Ch. 05

 — Stephan/Stephanie thinks he might die from frustration. by jbirdman02/06/094.44

March Madness Ch. 06

 — Stephan/Stephanie gets some unexpected relief. by jbirdman02/10/094.52HOT

March Madness Ch. 08

 — Stephanie decides if she wants more punishment. by jbirdman03/22/094.56HOT

March Madness Ch. 09a

 — Stephanie as a Playboy Bunny and other adventures. by jbirdman04/10/094.65HOT

March Madness Ch. 09b

 — Easter surprises for Stephanie with Miss Robin. by jbirdman04/11/094.61HOT

March Madness Ch. 10

 — Stephanie becomes a cuckold as Arizona wins it all. by jbirdman04/29/114.44

Marcia Goes Back to School

 — The force feminized "Marcia" returns to her all boys school. by Belongs2Beth12/14/124.13

Marcie Makes Me Over Ch. 01

 — Cross country move signals life changing circumstance. by RickysLife01/26/124.38

Marcy's Surprise

 — Lonely and divorced, Marcy seeks for a night on the town. by shedancesslowly07/21/044.43

Mardi Gras Surprise

 — In NOLA for Mardi Gras I stumbled into an alternative club. by HerLittlePiggy02/02/084.52HOT

Margo's Weekend

 — A weekend adventure. by margobicd09/09/114.32

Marie's New Life Ch. 01

 — Marie the TG becomes a slave in her new apartment. by BigChubT07/15/044.14

Marie's New Life Ch. 02

 — More of Marie's life as a slave slut. by BigChubT09/09/044.35

Marie's New Life Ch. 03

 — Marie in the middle of her new life. by BigChubT10/09/044.51HOT

Marilyn & Kat

 — Marilyn spends some quality time with her beau. by BrettLynn04/09/014.26

Marilyn & the Gym Teacher

 — Her teacher discovers what makes new student special. by BrettLynn03/20/014.09

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