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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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My Pleasures Were Undignified

 — A classic story, updated to modern times. by optimizer88810/14/094.74HOT

My Prerogative

 — The price people pay to play the game. by creepyrj06/03/114.44

My Psychology Of Been A Cross-Dress

 — A shortfactual journey of myself understanding and learning by Nicola_cd10/23/084.31

My Real Life Crossdressing Experience

 — A Lovemaking Session. by TammyPanty12/18/144.08

My Roommate, Brian

 — He gets feminized and loves it. by OptimusCrime11/05/124.35

My Saturday Night

 — Experimenting with rope bondage with my sissy bitch. by honey2810/21/124.55HOT

My Saturday Night: Edging

 — Part 3: Taking the tease to a new level. by honey2811/03/124.39

My Second Time

 — Crossdresser's second time fucked by another man. by Lovinhose09/28/133.64

My Seduction into CD'ing & Gay Sex

 — Young college age boy learns the joys of CDing & Gay Sex. by pantycladlad12/03/144.63HOT

My Senior Year of College Ch. 01

 — A transgendered girl has her first man. by sexycdman11/14/134.42

My Senior Year of College Ch. 02

 — Evelyn is seduced by a coworker by sexycdman12/04/134.36

My Sexy Changes

 — Male journeys into the female world. by TaraJaden07/10/144.06

My Sexy Changes Ch. 02

 — Male comes to terms with his feminine side. by TaraJaden09/06/144.02

My Sexy Changes Ch. 03

 — Male continues his journey into femdom. by TaraJaden10/04/144.37

My Sexy Changes Ch. 04

 — Male discovers his female-self. by TaraJaden10/23/143.88

My Sexy Changes Ch. 04.2

 — Make embraces his feminine side. by TaraJaden11/04/143.87

My Sexy Woman

 — The time a whole new sex world opened up. by Rayy69ruizz10/09/154.28

My Shemale

 — Shemale lover. by 1zapatoapestoso07/05/144.11

My Shemale Stepmother

 — There's more to his stepmother than meets the eye. by britneyfan09/19/064.45

My Sister has a Bigger Dick than Me

 — Futanari sister and brother get closer. by LonePerson03/03/164.40

My Sister's Boyfriend's Slut

 — On my knees, my panties pulled down, for the first time by RickeeDavala04/16/144.46

My Sister's Doll

 — Dressed by my sister, I fall for her boyfriend's brother. by DaniDavala07/04/144.55HOT

My Sisters Knickers Ch. 01

 — My first time crossing dressing. by Nomansland6906/09/094.28

My Sisters Knickers Ch. 02

 — It took a few moments to gain my composure. by Nomansland6912/16/094.49

My Son In My Clothes Ch. 01

 — A fantasy written by a TV from a mother's POV! by LeggyVicky11/25/124.37

My Son In My Clothes Ch. 02

 — Mum takes charge of a dressing up session. by LeggyVicky11/30/124.44

My Son In My Clothes Ch. 03

 — How far will Veronica go, and will mum understand? by LeggyVicky12/04/124.42

My Spaceship Knows Ch. 01

 — Fashion show leads him to unsuspected fantasies. by lustybard10/28/053.93Editor's Pick

My Special Surprise

 — Cheating hubby meets a special "girl". by getting_2_no_u01/04/044.16

My Stepmother's Surprise

 — Caught and used by my stepmother, I found out a surprise. by sissybr12/09/124.19

My Story

 — Lisa's continuing group adventure. by cdandie08/08/094.52HOT

My Strapon Fantasy

 — A girl helps her boyfriend live out his fantasy. by libertinaXx08/12/114.50HOT

My Stroll outside the Car

 — Femdom wife publically humiliates sissified husband. by triffle6408/28/153.70

My Summer in Maine

 — A cousin and her boyfriend inspire new desires. by Dani-Amande04/14/054.69HOT

My Summer with Kelly

 — Coed finds pretending to be a guy is harder than she thought. by KarlMartinK08/08/074.58HOT

My Sweet Little Crossdresser

 — She sees what he looks like when not in drag. by VTDarkAngel06/17/064.07

My TG Tale

 — A young man's journey to womanhood. by mmm_tasty15975302/14/154.26

My Three Mistress's

 — Crossdresser is used by wife and her sisters. by Tiffanyuk02/16/064.42

My Three Mistress's Ch. 02

 — A crossdresser, serving his wife. by Tiffanyuk11/26/064.46

My Three Mistress's Ch. 03

 — A man is controlled by his wife. by Tiffanyuk10/09/084.48

My Three Mistress's Ch. 04

 — A crossdresser is controlled by his wife and her sisters. by Tiffanyuk04/07/104.35

My Transsexual Lover

 — He's forced to try something new. by Dark Warrior07/08/024.14

My Treasure

 — My first time encounter with a ladyboy. by Tetris0782805/14/164.63HOT

My True-Love Story

 — Life begins when perfect family moves next door. by youngkimyoung07/10/044.15

My TS Girl Experience in College

 — My TS girl experience in college. by erotiquegirl05/31/113.93

My Wedding Date

 — Young man attends a a woman. by cubsrule197202/22/114.50HOT

My Weekend Surprise Ch. 01

 — My wife and friend help out with my fantasy. by pinkpanteez24708/31/144.55HOT

My Wife Leads the Way Ch. 02

 — A gay man is led into a world of depravity by his wife. by FantasizeAndRealize03/31/164.41

My Wife My Partner Ch. 01-04

 — Wife encourages husband to cross dress. by Karenkay01/17/064.44

My Wife My Partner Ch. 05-06

 — She allows her husband to continue cross-dressing. by Karenkay01/20/064.44

My Wife My Partner Ch. 07

 — Jenny goes the distance & has her sex change. by Karenkay07/08/064.30

My Wife the Womanizer

 — Adam is transformed into a woman by his wife. by Couture10/12/064.23

My Wife Turns Me Out At Book Club

 — Sissy slut forced to do everything for his friends. by Godscountry03/24/154.60HOT

My Wife's Body

 — A man wakes up in his wife's body. by javawarrior12/07/124.31

My Wife's Secret Fantasy Ch. 01

 — He discovers his wife's secret desire. by Kary_M05/01/044.41

My Wife, My Tormentor

 — Wife cuckolds me after discovering I an a CD. by Sissyjackie200811/10/134.11

My Wife, Transformed

 — A couple gets an opportunity for some role reversal. by RollingStop09/09/144.47

My Wife, Transformed Ch. 02

 — A couple continue to explore their new roles. by RollingStop09/23/144.53HOT

My Wife, Transformed Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3. by RollingStop01/05/154.54HOT

My Wonderful Secret Ch. 01

 — A young man's journey into womanhood. by Ilbfita02/02/064.51HOT

My Wonderful Secret Ch. 02

 — The journey into womanhood continues. by Ilbfita02/12/064.62HOT

My Wonderful Secret Ch. 03

 — Andrea continues her struggles as a t-girl. by Ilbfita12/30/144.58HOT

My Wonderful Secret Ch. 04

 — Andrea learns to love being a woman. by Ilbfita12/31/144.44

N Is For Natalie

 — Shop talk. by BethanyJ10/19/144.48


 — You arrange for me to meet a girl with a little more. by la_suppleante07/02/154.37

Nadia Ch. 02

 — Nadia teaches me a lesson in control. by la_suppleante07/12/154.70HOT


 — Recent divorce makes friends with girl next door. by LuckyBob02/22/044.64HOT


 — Self-indulgence; the joy of cross-dressing. by sydian02/06/153.21

Near Miss

 — A near miss opens new doors to Ms. adventures. by Lia Monde09/15/07HOT

Need a Ride

 — Young Panty boy gets ride of his life. by BakersfieldCdTerri12/12/144.28

Need More Therapy

 — Follow up to Therapy Helps (Jasmine & Ava). by Checkmate21505/17/134.29


 — Neighbor sees into my apartment while I'm dressed. by dysfunctionaldreams09/12/094.30

Neighbour Wants To See More

 — Neighbour sees him in his lingerie. by gibssob01/19/064.13

Nephew Chris becomes Niece Chrissie

 — Uncle transforms gay nephew into his ladyboy niece. by walterio01/31/114.54HOT


 — Introduction to my life. by taniamittal0105/14/143.85


 — My first visit to an escort. by Connguy04/29/123.97

Nerves Ch. 02

 — Tiffany continues, with me bound. by Connguy05/08/124.46

Never Been With a Black Girl

 — I think I like what I discovered about her. by devoutmalesub11/23/034.36

Never Going Back Again

 — Never comfortable as a man, he finds his place. by Cyanlot09/13/114.65HOT

Never Make the Last Out at Third

 — Frank gets the object of his desires. by Penelope Street06/09/044.58HOT

Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — Andy's fantasy turns in a nightmare when he's videotaped. by Andi_Lembke10/06/114.37

Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Andi's nightmare comes to fruition. by Andi_Lembke09/07/114.43

Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Derrick cuts Andi loose, but keeps her on a short leash. by Andi_Lembke09/29/124.50HOT

Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 04

 — Andi is the new girl at school. by Andi_Lembke10/28/124.59HOT

New 'Girl' in the Office Ch. 01

 — Feminine guy becomes the boss's new PA. by suziboy08/17/054.19

New 'Girl' in the Office Ch. 02

 — Secrets are revealed, in a very horny way. by suziboy08/18/054.54HOT

New 'Girl' in the Office Ch. 03

 — Suzi meets her new colleague for a makeover. by suziboy01/07/104.43

New Beginnings

 — Guy is feminized by mothers's assistant. by rebeldoll05/23/094.48

New Beginnings Ch. 06

 — I saw my hot next door neighbor as she was unlocking her door... by 69plus103/11/134.68HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 09

 — I hook up with Benni. by 69plus105/30/134.69HOT

New Girl

 — Man to maid On Halloween. by tiffanymanners10/03/124.35

New Girl Ch. 02

 — Man to maid. by tiffanymanners10/05/123.91

New Horizons

 — Pete discovers something new. by Moonm806/16/034.60HOT

New Job, New Life as as Sissy Slut

 — Man gets a job cleaning a house, but gets much more! by sdbottomslut05/28/114.48

New Job, New Life as as Sissy Slut Ch, 02

 — Man becomes more of a sissy slut for his "boss". by sdbottomslut07/22/114.43

New Mother, New Life Pt. 01

 — Crossdresser re-unites with birth mother. by Cara_Elaine04/24/144.59HOT

New Mother, New Life Pt. 02

 — Helen helps Charlie to become Lottie. by Cara_Elaine05/13/144.58HOT

New Neighbor's Surprise

 — Couple enjoy all what the neighbor has to offer. by latinstud10/11/034.58HOT

New Neighbors

 — Two dominant tgirls move into the building. by vicjohnson08/23/124.64HOT

New Panties

 — Cory finds a great costume. by givemenevergets10/10/074.45

New Panties Ch. 02

 — Cori has fun. by givemenevergets10/11/074.61HOT

New Panties Ch. 03

 — Cori arrives at the party. by givemenevergets10/20/074.56HOT

New Panties Ch. 04

 — The party ends, but not the weekend. by givemenevergets11/21/074.73HOT

New Pleasures

 — Two guys are tricked into crossdressing sex by sexy_jessie09/23/034.35

New Roommates

 — A startling coincidence for three new roommates. by YKN494902/20/124.55HOT

New School, New Life

 — Jamie replaces his mother in his father's affections. by MuskratSam02/03/134.41

New Tranny Girlfriend

 — She was an old student of mine and years latter my tranny gf. by knkynastyguy6909/21/154.21

New World, New Woman

 — Post war survival leads to first love. by lilmisstrange6901/18/154.61HOT

New Year

 — A crossdresser's ongoing tail of New Year's development. by Moddle01/09/163.67

New Year Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Sissy gets a brutal surprise. by 0131aj05/17/123.97

New Year's Eve

 — Shani's adventures continues with Lisa. by Shani Girl01/06/054.39

New Year's Eve

 — What happens to her when she goes out. by cherrysilk01/03/064.27

New Year, New Career

 — Start the new year off dressed as a girl. by Tomsparty12/16/074.48

New Years in New York

 — A reporter enjoys a weekend in New York as Joanna. by SissyAndi01/01/114.51HOT


 — A young couple get choosen to be custom remade to order. by LittleTom09/05/044.21

Next Step to Nirvana

 — Young crossdresser makes his first purchase. by Lia Monde03/03/05HOT

Next Time Ch. 02

 — Panty-wearing man is transformed. by First_time_bi11/01/084.62HOT

Next Time Ch. 03

 — A new life is opening for Maria. by First_time_bi11/10/084.63HOT

Next Time Ch. 04

 — Maria is transformed. by First_time_bi12/03/154.64HOT

Nick - A Transgender Woman's First

 — Middle-aged transgender woman explores exhibitionism & anal. by VanessaTG07/09/154.40

Nicki's First Time

 — Nicki is forced to confront her fantasies. by NICKMAN90207/16/084.40

Nicki's Second Time

 — Nicki gets a lot more forced attention. by NICKMAN90207/27/094.43

Nicole Desired Ch. 01

 — A journey unto the world of transformation and domination. by NicoleAlldredge06/25/124.41

Nicole Desired Ch. 02

 — Journey of dominance and transformation. by NicoleAlldredge06/26/124.52HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 03

 — Journey into domination and transformation. by NicoleAlldredge06/27/124.57HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 04

 — Journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge06/28/124.75HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 05

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge06/29/124.51HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 06

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge06/30/124.70HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 07

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge06/30/124.73HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 08

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/01/124.63HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 09

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/02/124.59HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 10

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/03/124.70HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 11

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/04/124.57HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 12

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/05/124.78HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 13

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/06/124.70HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 14

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/05/124.74HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 15

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/07/124.75HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 16

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/08/124.76HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 17

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/09/124.79HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 18

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/10/124.69HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 19

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/11/124.79HOT

Nicole Desired Ch. 20

 — A journey into transformation and submission. by NicoleAlldredge07/12/124.77HOT

Night After the Bar

 — Drunken surprise turns into revelation. by tone12of1209/05/104.33

Night at a Friend's House

 — He tries on some panties. by raylene11/12/034.37

Night on the Town

 — Two friends and I go to the snazziest lesbian bar in town. by Barbara_Em02/28/144.41

Night One

 — A recount of my first slut adventure alone. by Tess_PartySlut11/12/113.90

Night Out at the Pinky Finger Ch. 01

 — Ken visits an exclusive strip club. by Cap_N_PieSissy10/15/154.19

Night Out at the Pinky Finger Ch. 02

 — Ken explores Cindy's body. by Cap_N_PieSissy10/15/154.21

Night Out at the Pinky Finger Ch. 03

 — Ken is confused. by Cap_N_PieSissy10/16/154.55HOT

Night Out at the Pinky Finger Ch. 04

 — Cindy gives Ken a private show. by Cap_N_PieSissy10/17/154.36

Night Out at the Pinky Finger Ch. 05

 — The best blowjob of his life. by Cap_N_PieSissy10/21/154.61HOT

Nightmare in Terror

 — TG helps catch international terrorist. by wikidts12/14/094.41

Nikki Came Over!

 — Me and my best friend sitting round one night. by kristycross05/01/083.81

Nikki Comes to Life

 — Girlfriend helps closet CD find his new self. by NikkiRubberTV01/17/084.43

Nikki Comes to Life Ch. 02

 — Nikki reluctantly moves onto her next adventure. by NikkiRubberTV01/23/084.57HOT

Nikki Comes to Life Ch. 03

 — Nikki is faced with her secret being exposed. by NikkiRubberTV01/24/084.67HOT

Nikki Goes to College

 — Nick started college in a school of his mother's choosing. by Latexsissy6901/29/134.50HOT

Nikki Goes to College Ch. 02

 — A continuation of Nick's new life and training. by Latexsissy6910/02/134.72HOT

Nikki Goes to College Ch. 03

 — Continuation of Nick's journey, and hints of the future. by Latexsissy6908/15/154.10

Nikki's Surprise

 — A prison slave is introduced to a surprising woman. by Sean Renaud11/03/134.07

Nikkita's Blow Job

 — Stripper sucks off a sex-addicted cross-dresser. by StephanieSeymour07/14/074.14

Nina Dresses me as a Girl

 — What starts out as a costume becomes a lifestyle. by Bakeboss10/22/093.73

No Stereotypes Ch. 01

 — Sex can be more fun without worrying about labels. by CSK02/24/134.66HOT

No Stereotypes Ch. 02

 — The girls continue his sexual awakening. by CSK03/07/134.74HOT

No Stereotypes Ch. 03

 — The girls continue to get him ready for the party. by CSK03/25/134.72HOT

Nobody Knew

 — A CD goes out for the first time. by britasveritas105/12/114.12

Nobody Rides For Free

 — Jerri finds out that nothing in life is free. by jerrisgirlboo02/21/073.98

Not Always As They Appear

 — Appearances can hide surprises! by justaniceguy9280409/26/104.35

Not Always As They Appear Ch. 02

 — Jack and Alex learn more about one another - a lot more. by justaniceguy9280410/02/104.72HOT

Not Drunk - Plastered

 — Can wearing a cast and pretty dress be such fun? by Tomsparty04/26/084.19

Not My Fault

 — An accident with a candle helps Paul find himself. by Myxy07/06/144.10

Not My Fault Ch. 02

 — Paul still has a candle in him, but Brett's his real problem. by Myxy07/17/144.34

Not My Fault Ch. 03

 — Brett's gone, now Sally can teach Paula about being a girl. by Myxy08/13/144.47

Not Sick Maid In Heaven

 — Taking a sick day brings him a surprise. by Tomsparty05/09/053.98

Not That Kind of Girl

 — She's not the kind of girl he was expecting. by Cyanlot08/15/134.16

Nothing Else Matters Ch. 01

 — Sex, drugs and rock and roll. by WhiskeyIsGood03/30/154.58HOT

Nothing Else Matters Ch. 02

 — Danny and Christine get to know each other better. by WhiskeyIsGood04/16/154.54HOT

Nothing Else Matters Ch. 03

 — Danny tells his friends the truth about Christina. by WhiskeyIsGood05/24/154.68HOT

Noxus Universe - Punishment

 — Keith punishes Stately...but it has a suprise erotic effect. by Ambrill11/03/124.00

Nudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 01

 — Athletic guy feminizes for nudist resort outiing. by exhibitor01/05/104.30

Nudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 02

 — Lingerie makes things interesting. by exhibitor01/12/104.46

Nudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 03

 — Walking in the RV park feminized. by exhibitor02/09/104.25

Nurse Anna

 — Anna doesn't let an injury ruin a pre-planned weekend. by Anna Star07/02/084.55HOT

Nymphomania Ch. 1

 — College guy is kidnapped and transformed. by Edward Miller12/02/004.59HOT

Nymphomania Ch. 2

 — He returns to school as a she. by Edward Miller12/03/004.54HOT

Nymphomania Ch. 3

 — His new female body is insatiable. by Edward Miller12/04/004.58HOT

O Is for Olivia

 — Everything in the Garden is lovely. by BethanyJ10/21/144.62HOT


 — Sydd has a chat with a partner's wife. by sydian08/15/103.88

Oasis In The Desert Ch. 01

 — He find pleasure in Phoenix. by Scribler01/18/044.77HOT

Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02

 — Ted learns the truth about sweet Julie. by Scribler01/19/044.76HOTContest Winner

Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02.5

 — The missing link. by Scribler02/01/044.65HOT

Oasis In The Desert Ch. 03

 — A wedding is in the future. by Scribler01/21/044.77HOT

Of Two Minds

 — A man is punished for his infidelity; or is he? by Cyanlot10/28/134.31

Office Casual

 — Secretary discovers the surprising truth about her boss. by al_Ussa07/20/104.13

Office Fun

 — Lee had worked in the office for just over 6 months. by Gellid08/04/114.58HOT

Office Fun Ch. 02

 — Lee and Marcia go home for some fun. by Gellid08/05/114.62HOT

Office Policy

 — Three co-workers discover each other. by tgirl_Mary01/27/044.71HOT

Office Politics Pt. 01

 — Matt starts his new job at the office. by JJennings05/22/154.25

Office Secret

 — Friend discovers my secret. by bullockhall10/27/154.35

Office Secret Conclusion

 — Time alone with my secret keeping friend. by bullockhall11/03/154.58HOT

Officer Mercy at the Airport

 — A big shemale is very serious about security searches. by SugarandSalt09/30/114.51HOT

Oh Fiona Ch. 01

 — Stepmom helps Tom find clothes to wear. by TheRainmaker02/20/134.15

Oh Fiona Ch. 02

 — Stepmom discovers Tom's little secret. by TheRainmaker02/27/134.19

Oh My, You Have a Cock!

 — Hooker has more surprises. by dirtyjoe6907/07/064.23

Oh What a Night!

 — My TS girlfriend takes me out for a night of fun. by golfer0703906/24/134.29

Old Folks Ch. 01

 — Young man finds out Frank isn't who he said he was. by billsbelle01/24/084.53HOT

Old Folks Ch. 02

 — Futher experiences of Maria. by billsbelle01/29/084.50HOT

Old Friend Made New

 — A story about my first time with a trans woman. by ecstasyinwaves02/06/164.12

Old Friends Ch. 02

 — Thing heat up between the two roommates. by the_one_who_got_away10/19/074.38

Old Friends, New Lovers

 — Big Jim and his son's friend get it on. by LuckyBob05/05/054.64HOT

Oliver's Story

 — A man has a life-changing experience. by theilluminaughty02/01/143.88


 — Two cross dressers meet. by dani_boi05/02/084.26

Olivia and Katie

 — Katie and Olivia go to a glory hole. by dani_boi05/09/084.34

Olivia and Katie Ch. 02

 — Katie and Olivia have fun with a cop. by dani_boi05/12/084.66HOT

On My Own Terms

 — Michael becomes Michelle for beloved Krystal. by AngelCherysse02/14/04

On School Grounds

 — My first time at a school sanctioned Trans party. by PenanceS08/17/033.22

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