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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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On Strike!

 — Henpecked husband can't lick them, so he joins them. by thrillerauthor12/27/044.05

On The College Trip

 — Two high school teachers get to know each other in a new way. by realpussyboy05/04/084.50HOT

On the Prowl

 — Huntin' for some pussy! by f1dude_lotus05/11/134.52HOT

On the Run

 — To stay out of jail, can he become a girl and skirt the law? by thrillerauthor05/04/034.49

On the Run

 — Diana and her mother are found by Liz and later the police. by Cartman9408/04/134.63HOT

On the Run Ch. 02

 — Diana and her mother are found by Liz and later the police. by Cartman9411/27/144.71HOT

Once Again

 — Part 2 of 'One Sunny Afternoon'. by BriannaG08/01/084.52HOT

Once Upon a Bite So Sweet

 — Jacob discovers more than he expected from a beautiful girl. by Dreamweaver59409/20/13HOT

Once Upon a Bite So Sweet Ch. 02

 — Jacob falls in love with Alicia and learns more about her. by Dreamweaver59411/22/13HOT

Once Upon a Bite So Sweet Ch. 03

 — Jacob trains to battle a vampire. by Dreamweaver59401/07/14HOT

Once Upon a Bite So Sweet Ch. 04

 — The third bite and a Christmas to remember. by Dreamweaver59404/30/14HOT

Once Upon a Tranny

 — A car wreck leads to love and lust with a tranny. by Art04/19/054.62HOT

One Night in Bangkok

 — A naive man finds his true place in the land of sex. by Bakeboss11/26/093.87

One Bath Changed My World

 — A real ladies man becomes a sissy. by johnnyt72405/19/144.19

One Crazy Adventure

 — Crossdressed, first time blowjob, and anal threesome. by mightyesoj12/11/034.47

One Crazy Adventure Ch. 02

 — Foursomes, DPs, and more fun. by mightyesoj11/19/044.69HOT

One Earned Night

 — The story of a well earned evening. by BmthAdmirer03/23/114.66HOT

One Fateful Evening Ch. 01-10

 — Bet ends up costing Phil more expected. by Pippa02/27/044.34

One Fine Day

 — "Do you wear girl's underwear?" by TomCarter05/10/134.09

One Great Halloween

 — His first time as a "she". by bimancock11/01/053.97

One Mad Night Ch. 1

 — He unwittingly picks up a Transsexual. by C_Duke03/17/024.41

One Night of Lust

 — Transsexual schoolgirl encounters Black man at nightclub. by Schoolgirl_n_panties10/09/014.38

One of the Girls

 — So you want to join the girls for a night on the town? by tgirl_Mary02/15/144.66HOT

One Of The Guys

 — At new school, Andrea becomes Andrew. by litpervgrrl07/03/044.41

One Sissy's Night

 — Cross dressing sissy gets the night of his/her life. by Devient_Mind10/10/144.07

One Sissy's Night Ch. 02

 — Continuation of a sissy boy's night out. by Devient_Mind10/11/144.24

One Special Night

 — A sissy gets a special gift from his wife. by SissyTales08/02/124.34

One Sunny Afternoon

 — She requires his business expertise. by BriannaG07/21/084.35

One Week

 — Forced to cross dress to keep job! by Louise6904/02/094.71HOTContest Winner

One Week Ch. 02

 — The continuing adventures of Louise. by Louise6904/11/094.71HOT

One Week Ch. 03

 — Testing times push Louise to her limits. by Louise6911/05/094.74HOT

One Week Ch. 04

 — Louise gets revenge. by Louise6905/02/134.58HOT

One Weekend

 — I had some fun one weekend in my ex-girlfriend's clothes. by sephia3209/17/104.24

Online Dating Surprise

 — Two lovers online finally meet. by mightymax123411/28/144.18

Only a Make Believe Girl

 — A pretty young man discovers his true self. by Hartford10/03/114.45

Open Letter to My Transexual Lover

 — What I want to do on our next date. by MrBeagle02/10/154.15

Open Question

 — A boi shows off his true colors on Halloween. by Kurokami10/20/124.74HOT

Open Wide

 — She finds her perfect cocksucker. by ReiverToo06/15/114.38

Opening Up

 — Bobbi gives up her anal virginity. by BobNbobbi05/29/143.85

Other Side of the Coin

 — A mysterious force turns Michael into Alexis. by NaomiQ06/14/144.11

Our Dinner with our Hostess

 — Part four of story continues at the resort. by wifestoy04/22/043.96

Our First Dance

 — He insults the frat leaders girl, now he has to pay. by PenanceS02/16/033.84

Our Sissy Slave

 — My girlfriend and her friend force me to submit. by purekink05/18/094.54HOT

Our Sissy Slave Ch. 02

 — You adventures at the hands and dildo of your girlfriend. by purekink05/27/094.56HOT

Our Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 01

 — Mother asks Steven to wear his sister's hand-me-downs. by Johnboy910/20/094.18

Our Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 02

 — Diane chastises Steven for his silly notions. by Johnboy910/23/094.24

Our Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 07

 — Ever closer to becoming Stephanie, Steven gets a makeover. by Johnboy911/08/094.56HOT

Our Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 08

 — Stephanie has a fashion show for Mother and Diane. by Johnboy911/11/094.46

Out at the Dentist

 — My dentist and hygienist discover my secret. by noellejordan04/10/154.11

Out of Gas Ch. 01

 — Pantyboy runs out of gas and is helped by a stranger. by Pantyboy120401/10/124.10

Out of Gas Ch. 02

 — Pantyboy meets Heather and she joins in. by Pantyboy120401/11/124.35

Out of My Body and into Hers

 — After a car crash, a guy wakes up not so much a guy. by Skimpylilpanties01/16/104.33

Out of My Body and into Hers Ch. 02

 — Heather finds herself in a situation she didn't ask for. by Skimpylilpanties03/06/104.12

Out of My Body and into Hers Ch. 03

 — Heather meets the man of her dreams. by Skimpylilpanties06/04/134.09

Out of My League

 — She's wonderful, gorgeous and loves to top. by Randomguy66402/05/154.60HOT

Out of the Frying Pan...

 — A man's day at work changes when he bumps into a co worker. by sin2win50001/27/144.41

Out of Town Meeting

 — Business turns to pleasure with a lady. by AfroerotiK04/02/074.37

Out On the Prowl

 — Terri gets a date and takes him home. by BakersfieldCdTerri01/17/154.48

Out Shopping

 — Some fun when she gets back. by f1dude_lotus11/24/124.36

Out Shopping with Lisa

 — Forced transvestive husband gets humilated on shopping trip. by sissyboytoview01/30/094.02

Out With The Girls...Ch. 01

 — Late for the guys means right on time for the girls. by toontessa01/12/034.45

Out With The Girls...Ch. 03

 — Continuing adventures of suddenly changed man. by toontessa01/14/034.52HOT

Outed By Ebay

 — Ebay surprises my wife. My wife surprises me. by Marcia_Fredricks11/12/074.59HOT


 — CD boyfriend with shoe fetish is found out. by grgy5604/27/154.63HOT

Outing Ch. 02

 — Sweetie's CD outing adventures continue. by grgy5604/30/154.55HOT

Outing Ch. 03

 — Sweetie continues to enjoy T(He) G Spa. by grgy5605/06/154.60HOT

Outing Ch. 04

 — Sweetie's final outings. by grgy5605/08/154.72HOT

Over the Rainbow Ch. 05

 — Tara makes a new and 'unusual' friend, Lady Laura, or is she. by Tara_Neale12/13/144.00

Overnight Sex Change

 — i wake up with a pussy. by hey1234a08/17/113.56

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 06

 — A white male gets feminized by a sista. by FantasizeAndRealize08/29/154.16

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 07

 — A white male is cuckolded and sucks a black cock. by FantasizeAndRealize09/01/154.13

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 08

 — A ghetto sista gives her sissy to her ex-boyfriend. by FantasizeAndRealize09/04/153.93

P Is for Penni

 — ... two trainee she-males. by BethanyJ02/07/124.69HOT

P.A. for a Day

 — Crossdressing gay sissyboy is Mistress's PA for the day. by susanxdresser05/03/094.49

Packing Heat

 — A young crossdresser gets a good time at a club. by TheLioness02/01/113.82

Painted Laddie for Mr. R

 — Gabe procures more than photographs for Mr. R. by sr71plt09/01/064.47

Pajama Gram

 — CD gets Valentine's Day surprise from neighbor, by SissyAndi02/14/104.48

Pam's Cumming Out

 — Pam goes from prim school teacher to well used slut. by CheriSM06/17/104.63HOT

Pam's Cumming Out Ch. 02

 — Mistress Pam introduces John to Sydney's cock. by CheriSM07/30/104.75HOT

Pandora's Box Ch. 01

 — My first time with a transsexual. by afroauthor08/07/084.59HOT

Pandora's Promise Ch. 01

 — His first time with a tranny. by adoration12/13/054.52HOT

Pandora's Promise Ch. 02

 — Pandora shows more promise. by adoration12/15/054.43

Pandora's Promise Ch. 03

 — Pandora breaks her promise. by adoration12/16/054.49

Pantasy Weekend - First Touch

 — Bi-male lingerie lover has a hot weekend sexfest. by AlwaysBiCurious11/19/094.25

Pantasy Weekend - Troy and a Friend

 — The first night of a weekend sexfest. by AlwaysBiCurious12/01/094.19

Pantasy Weekend - Will and Andi

 — Weekend sexfest takes a feminine turn. by AlwaysBiCurious12/29/094.40


 — Girlfriend is not happy when I get into get drawers. by grgy5607/15/134.50HOT

Pantsed Again

 — I'm found out at the office by my manager. by grgy5609/05/134.26

Panty Boy 18

 — Only when in Drag can he admit to liking boys. by Dawns04/23/083.85

Panty Boy Ch. 01

 — A girlfriend gives her horny boyfriend a surprise. by vieuxbleu20208/22/064.44

Panty Boy Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of a pantyboy. by vieuxbleu20208/23/064.55HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 03

 — Megan takes Steven out. by vieuxbleu20208/30/064.37

Panty Boy Ch. 04

 — Panty Boy comes home from a day of shopping. by vieuxbleu20209/07/064.60HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 05

 — Megan gives Stacy a nice big suprise. by vieuxbleu20209/08/064.66HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 06

 — Megan takes Stacy out for dinner and more. by vieuxbleu20209/19/064.59HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 07

 — Megan continues Stacy' feminization. by vieuxbleu20210/09/064.61HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 08

 — Further adventures of Stacy and Megan. by vieuxbleu20203/02/074.76HOT

Panty Boy Ch. 09

 — Stacy comes home. by vieuxbleu20203/17/084.55HOT

Panty Boy Halloween

 — A panty boy becomes the perfect party favor. by pantyboy4mistress04/27/114.17

Panty Fantasies - Coleen's Magic

 — A Sissy receives the ultimate night of transformation. by eliasrotica302/24/134.59HOT

Panty Party

 — How to go from stright CD to Bi-CD in one step. by edickerson09/25/074.18

Panty Potion

 — Dylan didn't want to do his chores. by JBfrankenstein10/18/154.13

Panty Wearer Found Out Ch. 01

 — Lifelong panty wearer is exposed. by dannyboipink04/16/044.46

Panty-Wearing Tease Gets... Pt. 01

 — Panty lover teases the construction workers and they respond. by prollybadtodo06/18/154.46

Panty-Wearing Tease Gets... Pt. 02

 — Panty lover teases the construction workers and they respond. by prollybadtodo06/23/154.48


 — A couple's ultimate erotic adventure. by Bodacious105/11/074.38

Paradiso Ch. 05

 — Sara and I go to the beach and meet some special girls. by SlyKink07/15/144.63HOT

Paradiso Ch. 08

 — Beautiful t-girl Jessie gives me a night to remember. by SlyKink07/22/144.73HOT

Paradiso Ch. 09

 — A morning quickie in the shower with Jessie. by SlyKink07/25/144.59HOT

Paradiso Ch. 15

 — Jessie and friends put me through my paces. by SlyKink09/30/144.68HOT

Parker's Glory

 — Parker and Jamie continue their transexual odyssey. by Purple_Parli05/16/124.60HOT

Parking Area 2 Miles

 — A rest stop to pee turns into ankles in the air. by Lovinhose10/06/134.10


 — Jessie get's more than she bargained for at the masseuse by impact49902/15/144.36

Partners in Life

 — Surprise! by Dreamweaver59403/09/15

Partners in Life Ch. 02

 — Shopping. by Dreamweaver59405/17/15

Partners in Life Ch. 03

 — Another trip down memory lane. by Dreamweaver59407/11/15

Party Desire

 — Invited to a young girls party David dressed the part. by Tomsparty12/23/033.68

Party Desire Ch. 02

 — He has the perfect party game disguise. by Tomsparty05/13/044.20

Party Desire Ch. 03-04

 — Invited to girls' party, David dresses the part. by Tomsparty05/14/043.96

Party Favors

 — Hostesses don't just serve drinks. They also serve men. by Obzezzion10/14/154.38

Party Slut

 — Never fall asleep at parties! by britneyfan10/31/094.58HOT

Passionate Sex with a Shemale

 — Will led Sarah by the hand into his bedroom. by Gellid08/05/114.58HOT

Pat's Panty Slave Ch. 01

 — Iain gets caught doing the neighbourly thing. by Sissyfreak03/10/054.48

Pat's Panty Slave Ch. 02

 — Iain's humiliation continues. by Sissyfreak07/12/064.45

Pat's Panty Slave Ch. 03

 — Iain's humiliation continues. by Sissyfreak05/24/074.38

Patio Party

 — The party had been in full swing for hours. by cyaenax07/25/124.07


 — Victor falls in love with a girl with something extra. by Victor Field06/30/044.26

Patrick's Training Treat

 — Patrick is tricked, but enjoys it anyway! by slowtofade07/12/084.30

Patrick's Training Treat Ch. 02

 — The adventures go a stage further. by slowtofade07/25/084.47

Patrick's Treat

 — Does he have what it takes to be a cheerleader? by slowtofade07/27/084.12

Paul's Panties

 — Paul feels a transformation. by writedoctor09/05/084.28

Paul's Ultimate Fantasy

 — Paul lives his ultimate fantasy - dressing as a bride. by kelsie07/26/104.28


 — Marlene finds a new lover---and maybe more by Marlene03/19/034.35

Paula's Cum Shot

 — Man learns to care not what she was; only who she is. by Martins01/09/094.57HOT

Paula's First Time With Erin

 — First time crossdresser learns from a new friend by PaulaMN06/09/04

Pay and Go

 — Sometimes, selling sex gets in the way of a nice cuppa! by CarrieQ07/04/143.74

Pay for Pleasure

 — Pleasure is turned into a whore. by Pleasure_the_slut10/11/094.43

Pay for Pleasure - Prequel

 — How I became a $50 whore. by Pleasure_the_slut11/27/094.62HOT

Pay the Genie Ch. 01

 — Scott pays hard-cocked ebony goddess genie for his wishes. by latecaller6711/04/104.58HOT

Pay the Genie Ch. 02

 — Scott goes even further with his hard dicked genie. by latecaller6711/11/104.67HOT

Pay the Genie Ch. 03

 — Scott's ex fiance walks in on he and Ura. by latecaller6712/03/104.62HOT

Payback's a Bitch

 — George likes sluts...but then becomes one. by sissymaidallyson07/28/134.14

Paying Rent Ch. 03

 — Mike becomes Michelle. by JailBird Dreamer01/14/084.45

Pea Pod

 — Scifi TS romp into another world. by Wholemanz10/10/044.77HOT

Pea Pod - Give Peas a Chance

 — The sequel to Pea Pod & Pea Pod - The Return. by Wholemanz11/22/153.80NEW

Pea Pod - The Return

 — Dolly has a run-in with the U.S. Government. by Wholemanz10/15/044.85HOT

Peaches and Cream

 — A little something extra. by BiDrew4203/20/144.67HOT

Peaches and Cream Ch. 02

 — Another TS joins the party. by BiDrew4203/22/144.77HOT

Pearly Whites

 — No one reads what they sign; good for the horny dentist. by Brett31509/11/083.59

Pegging Parker

 — Parker and Jamie enjoy a weekend in the country. by Purple_Parli05/20/124.45

Penis Envy Ch. 01

 — A husband's sweet humiliation. by molly z01/13/064.27

Penny Learns Julie's Secret

 — Penny accidentally sees Julie's nature and gets confused. by Brookell07/17/124.58HOT


 — A perfect partner. by HiveMaster0107/09/084.35

Perfect Couple

 — Story of cross-dressing fetish. by saqazij09/29/074.11

Personal Assistance

 — Crossdresser makes a choice about a permanent change. by sexy_jessie06/29/064.53HOT

Peta's Valentines Day Weekend

 — A story of Peta's transformation over Valentine's weekend. by clarepanties01/28/114.48

Pete and Denise

 — A short romantic encounter leaves both parties satisfied. by TGirlNerd01/26/134.67HOT

Phaedra and Eliza Ch. 01

 — A busty male meets and loves a busty female. by Tarbut05/02/103.87

Phone Call To Kelly

 — Her masters calls. by Master Jim03/22/044.28

Phone Sex

 — Mike's new mobile phone leads to an exciting discovery. by LittleMsNaughtyBoy04/28/053.97

Photo Foreplay

 — The camera sees all. by 88girfriend02/11/104.44

Photo Foreplay Ch. 02

 — It's going to be a photo finish. by 88girfriend02/19/104.33

Photo Op

 — Cameraman misses best photo op of his life. by Cal Y. Pygia05/04/044.20

Picture Perfect

 — It's always best to be oneself. by Cal Y. Pygia06/29/043.87

Pimped Out in Vegas

 — On a business trip, he gets caught wearing panties. by dysfunctionaldreams03/02/084.46

Pimped Out in Vegas Ch. 02

 — Continued adventures of a crossdresser caught in Vegas. by dysfunctionaldreams03/30/084.50HOT

Pink and Frills

 — Female helps her boyfriend crossdress and then pegs him. by BisexualEV12/23/094.26

Pink Fuzzy Slippers

 — A guy falls in love and becomes a man's wife. by Clintdear05/16/154.63HOT

Pink Panties

 — A bisexual story. by DrLuverotica07/11/154.54HOT

Pink Panties: The Dance

 — 'Girl' gets dressed up and then goes down. by Mmaryelizabeth06/09/134.50HOT

Pink Panties: The Video Tape

 — A young man is force femmed by a controlling dominant man. by Mmaryelizabeth04/18/134.52HOT

Pizza Boy Sissy Pt. 01

 — Sam meets Kevin. by BluntSlut07/30/153.94

Pizza Boy Sissy Pt. 02

 — Kevin has a surprise for Sam. by BluntSlut07/31/154.12

Pizza Delivery

 — A parody on the classic porno. by thatlonewolf08/04/134.40

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