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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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Remember The Nights Ch. 01

 — Charlie meets Tamiko. by velvetpie01/25/054.04

Remember The Nights Ch. 02

 — Charlie recalls meeting with Cynthia; Tamiko visits. by velvetpie01/27/054.09

Remember The Nights Ch. 03

 — Charlie and Tamiko make a date. by velvetpie01/28/054.28

Remember The Nights Ch. 04

 — The first date. by velvetpie01/29/054.29

Remember The Nights Ch. 05

 — Charlie takes the first step. by velvetpie01/29/054.33

Remember The Nights Ch. 06

 — A first date. by velvetpie01/31/054.45

Remember The Nights Ch. 07

 — The second date. by velvetpie02/01/054.61HOT

Remember The Nights Ch. 08

 — Charlie begins to have second thoughts. by velvetpie02/02/054.53HOT

Remember The Nights Ch. 09

 — A message is sent. by velvetpie02/02/054.47

Remember The Nights Ch. 10

 — Charlie makes a decision. by velvetpie02/04/054.57HOT

Remember The Nights Ch. 11

 — (FINAL) Charlie and Tamiko's future. by velvetpie02/05/054.73HOT

Remembering Louise

 — Cross-dressing in Leather. by Classygloves07/22/123.96

Remote Control

 — Howard awakens in hospital & someone has his remote. by Wholemanz01/03/054.59HOT

Remote Control Ch. 01

 — The beginning. by AmandaMI09/02/084.19

Renee's Training

 — Nathan is unwillingly trained to become a sissy slave. by UniversalReader09/27/11

Reno Trip

 — Day of servicing as many men as I could. by PorscheKaru09/17/154.42

Rescue Mission Ch. 02

 — Jeff finds himself stranded at sea with a sex-starved skull. by WerewolfatNight06/23/064.47


 — A resolution to Patricia51s Torn & Chagrined's A Typical Day. by PattyMarie04/05/103.76

Rest Stop Romance Ch. 01: Pilot

 — A cute young CD meets a trucker at a rest stop. by Dark_Rose9003/05/134.31

Rest Stop Romance Ch. 02

 — Dave gives Rose a proposition she may not be able to refuse. by Dark_Rose9003/12/134.57HOT

Rest Stop Romance Ch. 03

 — Rose and Dave make a stop on their "cross-country" trip. by Dark_Rose9001/30/154.10

Rest Stop Surprise

 — I stopped at a rest stop and get a big surprise. by rookiepainter01/21/144.18

Retail Therapy

 — Crossdresser is discovered. by formymaster07/03/114.44


 — Pay back is a bitch - now he's one, too. by Luxia03/04/114.06

Retribution Ch. 02

 — My identity, my heels, my first... I won't do it! by Luxia03/09/114.30

Return to the House of Fabulous

 — Back to salon for boys who should be girls. by thrillerauthor05/03/054.52HOT


 — Sometimes fate steps in. by griffin5711/26/124.66HOT

Revenge at What Price

 — Alex gets his revenge, with a life altering consequence. by midnightwalk2801/15/164.27

Revenge is Sweet

 — Cuckolded husband gets revenge on wife and her new man. by sexy_jessie06/21/064.29


 — Bobby thinks he is getting revenge on his girlfriend, but... by tawnysuede05/19/154.39


 — A wife has a surprise for her husband. by carnality02/28/114.20

Reversal Ch. 02

 — His wife reveals more about her transformation. by carnality03/24/114.33

Reversal Ch. 03

 — A final set of surprises for the husband. by carnality03/28/114.52HOT

Reverse Cuckold Ch. 01

 — She finds her husband's secret. by Barno11/03/044.47

Reversing Rolls

 — He is forcefully transitioned by university sweetheart. by MyCuteCherry04/25/073.96

Rich Bitch

 — She catches him dressed and claims him. by Jamie_in_dresses02/07/134.41

Ride of My Life

 — Receive a girl's bike for Xmas & be tricked to wear a dress. by Tomsparty02/06/084.24

Riding Home With Strangers

 — The car ride home is crazy. by wedding_surprise07/30/064.33

Riding in Cars with Shemales Ch. 01

 — No such thing as a free ride. by lfullback11/27/124.61HOT

Riding in Cars with Shemales Ch. 02

 — Terra and I go to the beach. by lfullback11/28/124.64HOT

Riding in Cars with Shemales Ch. 03

 — Terra meets my parents. by lfullback12/18/124.70HOT

Riding in Cars with Shemales Ch. 04

 — Sharing is caring. by lfullback01/30/134.72HOT

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 01

 — His boring life is about to become very exciting. by WhiskeyIsGood08/12/164.74HOT

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 02

 — Spending time together. by WhiskeyIsGood08/19/164.72HOT

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 03

 — Unexpected twist. by WhiskeyIsGood08/31/164.68HOT

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 04

 — Alycia meets his friends. by WhiskeyIsGood09/17/164.66HOT

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 05

 — Meeting Sara. by WhiskeyIsGood10/05/164.66HOT

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 06

 — John loses someone close and Sara has a big announcement. by WhiskeyIsGood10/08/164.67HOT

Right where You Want Me to Be Ch. 07

 — John and Alycia take a road trip. by WhiskeyIsGood10/25/164.70HOT

Riley, Unbound Ch. 01

 — The beginning of the story of a young girl/guy/it. by nameuser03/15/104.24

Riley, Unbound Ch. 02

 — Riley describes the first aftermath to ravishing her mother. by nameuser04/04/104.22


 — It was just supposed to be a little change of pace. by AngelCherysse11/14/084.33

Rings of Desire

 — A young couple, magic rings, and unexpected change! by LockedDarius01/15/144.45


 — Woman enough for me. by jimmito10/27/094.45

Rite of Passage

 — Young boy turns 18, shemale sister turns him out. by XtinaSmith201702/17/174.32

Rite of Passage Ch. 02

 — The morning after Caitlyn returns for more. by XtinaSmith201702/23/174.62HOTNEW

Ritualistic Design

 — Wes wakes up in a whole new world. by darkgoddess247811/03/054.06

Ritualistic Design Phase 02

 — Wes gets further into the coven. by darkgoddess247812/31/053.76

Rm 209: First Sex as a Crossdresser

 — My first sex as a crossdresser. by MelissaMwaz06/03/164.22

RMT - Ream My Tushy

 — Registered Massage Therapist provides relief to TV. by grgy5610/24/084.40

Road Trip '82

 — Traveling across country, he meets a charming friend. by falcon2905/13/054.59HOT

Robbi - Beyond Friendship

 — Boyhood friends discover there's much more. by jclement08/19/154.58HOT

Roberta, Molly and Ed

 — United States Navy Special Operations... sort of. by 1946EW04/23/11

Robin and Mia

 — Rob is forced to become Robin. by RobinAndMia11/11/124.49

Robin's Adventure

 — A story of a transgendered's beginnings. by RobinTVDaniels04/27/074.47

Romina Ch. 01

 — A student's first encounter with a beautiful transexual. by Lubba09/03/124.53HOT

Romina Ch. 02

 — A student's first encounter with a beautiful transsexual. by Lubba09/05/124.61HOT

Romina Ch. 03

 — Mirror Mirror. by Lubba09/15/124.73HOT

Romina Ch. 04

 — Hot Soles. by Lubba09/15/124.68HOT

Romina Ch. 05

 — Marvellous Mardi. by Lubba04/30/134.73HOT

Room 139--01

 — The road to Halloween has many curves. by TomCarter05/16/124.28

Room 139--02

 — The big day finally arrived. by TomCarter05/17/124.37

Room 139--03

 — The phone rang. It was Wendy. by TomCarter05/18/124.13

Room 139--04

 — Commentary flowed freely throughout the storytelling. by TomCarter05/19/124.16

Room 139--05

 — A voice came from the half-light. by TomCarter05/20/124.42

Room 139--06

 — Kelly, Michelle and Wendy were changing into their costumes. by TomCarter05/21/124.45

Room 139--07

 — She kissed me. by TomCarter05/22/124.24

Room 139--08

 — Laura was intrigued by a guy who liked dressing as a woman. by TomCarter05/23/124.38

Room 139--09

 — In the car we took our usual positions. by TomCarter04/22/134.43

Room for Mickie

 — The new roomie changes his life forever. by griffin5705/14/144.66HOT

Room for Mickie Ch. 02

 — Family and friends make life interesting. by griffin5707/04/144.71HOT

Room for Mickie Ch. 03

 — Lana meets Hank as fireworks result. by griffin5710/15/154.80HOT

Room for Mickie Ch. 04

 — Mickie finds a new family, a new life. by griffin5711/18/154.74HOT

Room for Mickie Ch. 05

 — It all comes full circle. by griffin5712/30/164.76HOT

Room Three Sixty Six

 — Crossdresser takes a step into another realm. by Chicklet08/09/024.43


 — A grad student gets the best roommate of his life--and more. by Cyanlot04/05/124.41

Roommates Ch. 05

 — I continue to work. by HerLittlePiggy11/12/104.38

Rory & Marigold: A Love Story

 — One Man, One Tranny, One Hell of a Night! by CherryPumPum02/22/093.29

Rough Rider

 — A good hard ride. by bootwhore66601/29/104.23

Roxxana's Story

 — A story I promised to a beautiful woman. by VinsanityOrElse12/02/094.39

Running Away Ch. 01

 — Running away from a failed life leads to a new one. by subhashini10/04/164.13

Running Away Ch. 02

 — Things heat up, as they usually do in rainy seasons. by subhashini10/05/164.47

Running Away Ch. 03

 — What happens next. by subhashini11/14/164.24


 — An attempt to gain fraternity membership goes unexpectedly. by emari02/20/144.29

S is for Selena

 — The shoe's on the other foot. by BethanyJ03/23/124.43

Sabbatical or Continuous Gang Bang?

 — I took some time off from college to dress up and get wild! by TonyaTV6909/08/104.62HOT

Sabbatical or Continuous Gang Bang? Ch. 02

 — Rick and I spend the rest of the day on into the night alone. by TonyaTV6909/18/104.65HOT

Saga of the Sex Genie Ch. 03

 — Things start to escalate for Chris in a big way. by BenderRodrigez04/24/154.29

Saga of the Sex Genie Ch. 04

 — Chris/Chrissi gets himself out of/into more trouble. by BenderRodrigez05/07/154.26

Salacious Sarah

 — He/she seduces husband, then wife. by LustyLee7706/09/064.52HOT

Saleswoman For a Day

 — Guy agrees to work as girl for day. by amylynnfn1703/07/134.38

Saleswoman For a Day Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of a male working as a saleswoman. by amylynnfn1703/25/134.47

Sally's First

 — A lot of firsts for Sally. by sally_spandex09/11/074.43

Sally's First Ch. 02

 — Sally continues to get lots of firsts. As I pulled out of the parking lot of the motel it occurred to me how much different it was driving in heels and a skirt riding up to my crotch. by sally_spandex09/26/074.47

Sam Ch. 01

 — Sam finds himself in a female body when he sneezes by Thefluc11/16/114.50HOT

Sam Meets Ms. D

 — Sam finds a job opening online. Learns a hard lesson. by jadedappetite10/17/143.86

Sam's Girl

 — Sam's girlfriend has an issue that's just come up. by Frogsoup12/06/084.39

Sam's Night Out

 — A gender-bender story. by Girly101/20/164.38

Sam's Pink Panties

 — Henry's friend is a girl now, and he wants to know more... by EasySleazy02/02/174.65HOT

Sam's Story

 — One girl's obsession with TVs. by Mareus05/14/054.67HOT


 — Cowardly suitor loses the love of his life. by Cal Y. Pygia05/04/043.96


 — Something completely different. by Leezy07/02/134.58HOT

Samantha Ch. 01-03

 — Artist makes a discovery about his model, and he likes it. by DeclanWhindam05/28/104.59HOT

Samantha Meets a Dom Master

 — A dom requested a sub to book a room and be ready waiting. by SamanthaSatine04/20/164.11

Samuel to Samantha

 — When Samuel dreamed of becoming a girl...things happened... by BELover6902/02/163.48


 — There are some places even a masher fears to tread. by Cal Y. Pygia05/18/043.54

Sandy Transforms Her Lover

 — Sandy changes her man to be like she wants him. by Cexylady02/08/164.21

Sandy TS

 — You are a lovely pre-op woman. by Transfix06/08/044.50HOT

Sandy TS: After The Restaurant

 — The best looking woman around. by Transfix06/10/044.58HOT

Sandy TS: First Meeting Continued

 — The first meeting of Sandy. by Transfix06/15/044.56HOT

Sandy TS: The Afternoon

 — You enjoy an egg for lunch. by Transfix06/23/044.42

Sandy TS: The Morning After The Park

 — Sandy bares her soul. by Transfix06/16/044.73HOT

Sandy TS: The Restaurant

 — You enjoy a candlelit dinner. by Transfix06/09/043.97

Santa Baby

 — A story about Christmas, music and pubs. by nikkiesilk12/06/154.78HOT

Santa Drops In

 — Santa stops off for a little relaxation on his busy night. by JanetHarper12/20/154.24

Sapphires and Emeralds Ch. 01

 — In which Sierra goes to a house party and meets Kei. by Kitsunova02/12/174.03

Sara and Steve... Again

 — Sara and Steve find each other again... by Sexy_SaraCD09/30/164.47

Sara becomes The Bride

 — One of my admirers makes my wedding night dreams come true. by Sexy_SaraCD04/22/164.45

Sara Flies the Friendly Skies

 — Sara becomes a sexy flight attendant and becomes a mile high. by Sexy_SaraCD07/20/164.55HOT

Sara Shows Her New Man Self Love

 — Sara meets an admirer and fulfills his fantasy of watching. by Sexy_SaraCD08/27/164.37

Sara's Amazing Night

 — Sara fulfills one fantasy and in turn fulfills one of hers. by Sexy_SaraCD07/03/164.37


 — A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW08/09/164.69HOT

Sarah Asks For A Golden Shower

 — Sarah asks for a golden shower from an exotic dancer. by SarahCD03/14/164.33

Sarah Gardens and Wears a Bikini

 — Sarah works as a gardener and gets to wear a string bikini. by SarahCD04/06/164.25

Sarah Gets To Meet Her Neighbor

 — Sarah was about to go out but met her neighbor instead. by SarahCD02/10/164.46

Sarah Gets to Wear her New Panties

 — Sarah gets to wear her new panties after being told "no". by SarahCD02/25/163.93

Sarah Grimlock

 — Futa-chef Sarah and her Futa-assistant Sally go shopping. by markydaysaid10/04/144.52HOT

Sarah had Three Massages

 — Sarah had three very different massages and shows her lingerie. by SarahCD02/05/163.43

Sarah had to Show Her Panties

 — Sarah had to show her panties. by SarahCD01/30/164.26

Sarah Looses a Bet

 — Sarah made to work as a French maid. by SarahCD01/29/164.01

Sarah Meets a Buddy

 — Sarah finds a cum buddy on Craig's list. by SarahCD04/06/163.94

Sarah Meets a Friend

 — Sarah finds a cum buddy online. by SarahCD06/19/164.02

Sarah Pt. 02

 — A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW08/11/164.77HOT

Sarah Pt. 03

 — A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW08/12/164.78HOT

Sarah Pt. 04

 — A Beautiful trans girl wrestles with dating in college. by DaniW08/19/164.78HOT

Sarah Visits a Dominatrix

 — Sarah goes to a dungeon. by SarahCD03/04/163.89

Sarah Visits at a Nudist Beach

 — Sarah has fun at a nudist beach. by SarahCD11/28/163.80

Sarah Visits Chicago

 — Sarah visits Chicago and finds a bar a very interesting bar. by SarahCD02/17/164.13

Sarah visits Hooters

 — Sarah visits Hooters. by SarahCD02/11/164.39

Sarah Visits the Everglades

 — Sarah visits Florida and finds a girlfriend. by SarahCD04/02/163.88

Sarah was Caught in the Hot Tub

 — Sarah was caught in the hot tub wearing a bikini. by SarahCD03/09/164.31

Sarah Was Caught Masturbating

 — She sets herself to be caught in her roomie's panties. by SarahCD06/20/164.27

Sarah was Humiliated

 — Sarah was humiliated in front of her best friend and her boy. by SarahCD01/30/164.15

Sarah was Made into a Model

 — Sarah was made into a model by SarahCD09/26/163.93

Sarah was Made into a Sissy

 — Sarah was made into Her Sissy Slut Slave. by SarahCD01/30/164.09

Sarah was Naughty in the Hot Tub

 — Sarah had company in the hot tub late at night. by SarahCD02/05/164.27

Sarah Worked as a French Maid

 — Sarah worked as a French Maid and was a naughty girl. by SarahCD02/12/164.36

Sarah's Cherry

 — Steve becomes someone new. by Riding_Tania07/01/054.25

Sarah's Company

 — A bored guy discovers a new coworker is his fantasy shemale. by ishouldnot03/21/144.61HOT

Sarah's Story

 — The making of Sarah the Slut by Daddy. by chriszinner08/20/084.62HOT

Sarah, My First Ch. 01

 — My first transsexual experience. by omnisexual02/19/094.23

Satin Blowjob

 — Caught in her satin lingerie, her hot cock gets pleasured. by SilkySatinSex12/21/114.13

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 — Libby gives her boyfriend a shemale as a surprise present! by Lara_Longstaff01/13/164.74HOT

Saturday Night Fun

 — How I spent a recent Saturday night. by kayla6908/06/143.61

Sauna Fun

 — First taste of a sexy pre-op transsexual. by phoenix19606/01/084.12

Sauna Fun Ch. 02

 — The fun continues as I am introduced to my new lover's friend. by phoenix19609/29/114.53HOT

Save Some Punch for Me

 — A man at a party meets a schoolgirl with a surprise. by chenwanli07/15/134.61HOT

Scared Band: More than Friends

 — A tale of war and seduction. by FinalStand09/16/124.77HOT

Scenes From Lockdown

 — Sydd takes on a corrupt police officer. by sydian08/31/064.58HOT

Scent of a Woman

 — A young man is captivated by a woman and her perfume. by npanxx11/28/134.64HOTContest Winner

School Girl

 — Sexy crossdresser has some fun with Daddy. by dani_boi04/27/084.27

School Musical Ch. 01

 — The school musical needs a female lead. by Borderlands08/26/154.64HOT

School's Out

 — Old school mate asks you to a reunion - as a girl. by Tomsparty05/10/054.33

Schoolgirls and Schoolboys

 — A threesome with a sexy crossdressing twist. by JDBDS06/01/103.96

Scorned Bitch

 — A BDSM story of forced feminization, forced homosexuality by lyzunchik03/15/164.30

Scott, My First

 — After months of online courting, he finally gave in. by Anna Star12/23/044.34

Sean and Roger

 — A night on the town leaves 2 unlikely lovers together alone. by ShadeyB08/04/114.16

Second Chance

 — After he breaks up, she'll only take him back as a girl. by Tomsparty02/27/124.35

Second Thoughts

 — Wife helps her husband through a sex change. by Karenkay10/27/064.25

Secret Lover

 — Sexy college crush turns out to be more than a lady. by samsfantasy03/25/104.66HOT

Secret Lover Ch. 02

 — Continuation of discovering my college crush's secret. by samsfantasy07/04/104.75HOT

Secret Rendezvous

 — Charlie fulfills a secret fantasy with Amy. by Rhynovampire02/01/124.35


 — Secretary wishes that her female boss was a man. by Goldeniangel05/27/054.05

Secretary Ch. 02

 — Vivian's noticed something strange about herself. by Goldeniangel05/28/054.38

Secretary Ch. 03

 — Vivian tries to cope with her changing body. by Goldeniangel05/30/054.42

Secretary Ch. 04

 — Vivian's change is complete. by Goldeniangel05/31/054.47

Secretary Ch. 05

 — Brenda's masturbating to fantasy of a male Vivian. by Goldeniangel06/01/054.52HOT

Secretary Ch. 06

 — Brenda's fantasy becomes real. by Goldeniangel06/02/054.48

Secretary Ch. 07

 — Brenda gets her just desserts. by Goldeniangel06/03/054.42

Secretary's First Job

 — A secretary and her Boss get to know each other. by Littleblackdress5411/21/124.01


 — Mai's secret is revealed and shared by T@nman07/28/034.41


 — Clark and Jack are co-workers & more. by Dawns11/16/084.31

Seduced in the Shower

 — Jim is seduced by Pete in the shower and ends up in his bed by nicola80110/14/134.26

Seduced in the Shower Ch. 02

 — The continuing story of a man seduced by his friend. by nicola80102/16/144.50HOT

Seduced into Feminization Pt.1

 — Bisexual/transexual encounters. by Lodac04/02/124.35

Seducer or Seducee?

 — Tessa attends a costume party and is seduced. by JNBPUB08/31/164.45

Seducing a Friend

 — John seduces his friend as Belinda. by unique_cabelas06/15/084.02

Seducing Eric

 — Revealing my final secret to a friend who becomes more. by MyUncensoredSelf05/10/144.23

Seducing Jay at a House Party

 — My gay encounter with a crossdresser. by vhunt08/01/134.27

Seduction: the Little Black Dress

 — A transgendered woman seduces her husband on their anniversary. by AngelaK08/31/164.33

See How It Feels

 — Holiday experimentation with a twist. by Shady_Lady05/16/064.48

Seeking Gwen

 — Paul shares a weekend with Gwen. by writedoctor08/23/084.61HOT

Self Esteem Ch. 01

 — A threesome between a Feminine Mistress and two ftm bois. by falloutmk08/12/133.47


 — A bi-sexual Navy officer falls in love with a crossdresser by komrad115612/13/154.78HOT

Service Call

 — The plumber's con turns into an amazing surprise. by SunrockSin05/23/084.39

Service, Cock Sucking Panty Ass

 — He loves to wear panties and meets tow truck driver. by Bluzworld01/08/154.31

Serving the Empress

 — A religious girl is thrust into the world of empress Lana. by Dutch_Erotica01/12/174.58HOT


 — Ash pulls a straight guy but gets more than he bargained for. by ashmadison02/09/124.27

Set Up Ch. 01

 — Closet sissy set up by most unlikely person. by Sissy_Ashlee04/14/154.15

Setting Myself Up

 — How I set myself for my fetish... by Scotsdude03/17/104.10

Seven Lessons Ch. 01

 — Bryan is arrogant and biggoted - time to learn some lessons! by Vertex11/02/104.25

Seven Lessons Ch. 02

 — Bryan's Lessons Continue. by Vertex11/14/104.42

Seven Sunny Sunsets - Finale

 — A wealthy futa decides her future. by FourDodos09/17/164.56HOT

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Friday

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos06/01/164.72HOT

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Monday

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos05/13/164.53HOT

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Prologue

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos05/06/164.44

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Saturday

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos06/10/164.70HOT

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Sunday

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos06/21/164.66HOT

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Thursday

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos05/26/164.62HOT

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Tuesday

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos05/16/164.59HOT

Seven Sunny Sunsets: Wednesday

 — A wealthy teen futa must choose a bride from 7 of her peers. by FourDodos05/20/164.54HOT

Sex Change for a Cursed Exchange Ch. 01

 — Timmy is chosen for the family's Sexual Curse. by sucuminx10/21/154.22

Sex Change for a Cursed Exchange Ch. 02

 — Timmy or now Tiffany enjoys her sexual time as a shemale. by sucuminx10/28/154.39

Sex Change for Black Boyfriend

 — Man to woman op for black boyfriend. by watersoda10/21/144.42

Sex Ed

 — Teacher becomes schoolgirl for experimental couple. by britneyfan09/29/064.69HOT

Sex with Shonda

 — Clint picks up a hot shemale from the local club. by rawpump10/19/084.07


 — Brad wears a disguise to obtain employment. by Many Feathers05/08/064.61HOT

Sexless in Seattle

 — One of life's misfits; a dickgirl who can't find Mr. Right. by KuroshioX02/15/153.59


 — Crossdresser realises the perks of his new secretarial job. by sexy_jessie07/04/064.71HOT

Sexual Adventures of a Horny Tranny

 — Crossdresser is out for raunchy satisfaction. by sheer2waist2106/07/044.34

Sexual Harassment

 — A sleazy boss gets his cum-uppance! by FrillyMaid08/18/154.13

Sexual Harassment Ch. 01

 — Sissy Alex is feminized by his boss. by Cute Little Thing05/05/034.44

Sexual Predators of the Amazon

 — Search & Rescue babes prey on lost hikers. by HornyPup06/07/114.29

Sexual Sixpack

 — Six seriously salacious & sexy short stories. by SciGuy07/26/153.89


 — Teasing aspiring transvestites can make them feel sexy. by SweetOblivion05/30/083.64

Sexy Cuckold Hubby

 — She gives her husband his fantasy and...more. by Luvnlass02/06/054.38

Sexy Hung Red Head

 — Well hung shemale meets well hung stud. by mrstanley10/27/154.32

Sexy Hung Red Head Pt. 02

 — Hung transgender woman and well hung stud meet again. by mrstanley11/08/154.47

Sexy Michelle

 — Sexy girl rocks his world, but she wasn't really a she. by HerLittlePiggy09/29/074.62HOT

Sexy Seattle Night

 — Cross dresser meets sexy shemale. by Jamie Smith01/14/054.49

Sexy Slut Fantasy

 — He's tricked into becoming a sexy slut by his girlfriend. by pdavis61601/13/104.48

Sexy Slut Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Nicole goes shopping and has a wild time. by pdavis61602/10/104.23

Sexy Slut Fantasy Ch. 03

 — The shopping trip. by pdavis61612/31/104.34

Sexy Slut Fantasy Ch. 04

 — The transformation continues. by pdavis61612/06/124.43

Sexy Surprise

 — Late night encounter early morning surprise. by jsmjsm03/26/114.32

Shades of Black

 — A day in the life of a sissy lover of black. by lululuvsblack07/12/154.29


 — Transgirl vampire and her self actualization. by AnyaWVossand02/17/164.63HOT

Shamed In Panties

 — A married man is encouraged to cross-dress. by trevorm10/14/103.92

Shannon's Little Princess

 — Cameron's girlfriend dresses him up after he makes a mess. by CarlyJennings05/27/144.56HOT

Shannon's Little Princess Ch. 02

 — Shannon takes Cameron further into femininity. by CarlyJennings07/06/144.60HOT

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