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Transsexuals & Crossdressers Stories

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 — Caught by his girlfriend, our hero(ine) is feminized. by missvicky5308/25/094.54HOT

Video Booths

 — Crossdresser gets picked up from a porn shop video booth. by Crystal_CD_Slut11/15/144.42


 — Closet transvestite gets a visitor in her house one night. by MicheleNylons04/08/084.38

Virgin Ch. 01

 — Twenty one year old virgin moves into new house. by SissyKirsty08/22/124.22

Virgin Ch. 02

 — Twenty one year old virgin moves into new house. by SissyKirsty08/27/124.57HOT

Virgin Ch. 03

 — Twenty one year old virgin moves into new house. by SissyKirsty09/01/124.42

Virginia's Luxurious Evening

 — A shemale enjoys a delicious evening with herself. by JonathanStone04/15/074.44

Vivian's Best Kind of Girlfriend

 — Cross dresser meets a woman online. by Eroticalover196805/09/144.30

Vivian's Best Kind of Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — Crossdresser continues to enjoy Vivian's company by Eroticalover196806/03/144.39

Vivian's Best Kind of Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Viv and Lorraine visit the library. by Eroticalover196804/22/154.14


 — A thief gets is punished. by ADEMA05/12/093.10

Vulva Envy

 — Transformation to a woman in a dream-like way. by Glabrous09/19/034.06

W Is for Wendy

 — 'Nearly Kissing Cousins' by BethanyJ02/28/124.23

Waking Up with Brooke Ch. 01

 — College guy loses his virginity to a beautiful tranny. by TheGuyInBlack03/11/154.53HOT

Waking Up with Brooke Ch. 02

 — Tim has some more fun with his girlfriend Brooke. by TheGuyInBlack04/17/154.63HOT

Walk of Shame

 — He's made to dress as a slut and walk through the ghetto. by lululuvsblack07/18/154.48

Walk-In Clinic

 — Nurses humiliates/sissifies a man caught wearing panties. by ColinGraham04/26/064.46

Walk-In Clinic Ch. 02

 — He leaves the clinic in panties...and a little more. by ColinGraham03/15/084.52HOT

Want Some Dick

 — Marlene is really such a slut by Marlene12/11/033.95

Was He Becoming A Cross Dresser Ch. 01

 — Dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go? by Alpha2Bravo05/02/10

Was He Becoming A Cross Dresser Ch. 02

 — Dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go? by Alpha2Bravo05/03/10

Was He Becoming A Cross Dresser Ch. 03

 — Dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go? by Alpha2Bravo05/04/10

Was He Becoming A Cross Dresser Ch. 04

 — Dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go? by Alpha2Bravo05/10/10

Was He Becoming A Cross Dresser Ch. 05

 — Dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go? by Alpha2Bravo05/25/10HOT

Was He Becoming A Cross Dresser Ch. 06

 — FINAL: dressing as a woman in secret, how far would he go? by Alpha2Bravo08/26/11HOT

Was it a Dream

 — A glove fetishist crossdresser on a shopping trip by Classygloves10/24/104.35


 — Marylin's friend enjoys watching. by 109412/15/033.72

Watching Chrissy

 — I watch Chrissy give a blowjob, and I discover myself. by jx8810/06/113.61

Watching His Secret

 — Cross-dressing secret is shared across a busy street. by partyfairy02/03/074.38

Watching the Detectives

 — TG Detective tries to find out who is attacking London TGs. by nikkiesilk11/24/154.86HOT

We Finally Meet

 — A daydream about an email tryst becoming more physical. by fyredreams02/06/054.47

We Have Ways Of Making You Stay

 — She introduces a special bride to the KBG. by yano03/28/044.05

We Meet At Last

 — Meeting with a CD slave and others. by funferet08/07/054.42

We Need a Man in the House

 — Girlfriend brings a real man home. by colleenslittletoy08/24/114.32

Weakened then Taken Or is He?

 — He meets a beautiful ranch girl a the bar. by BigAndy92202/13/124.29

Wealthy Sissy Surrender Station

 — During war time a little sissy decides to surrender. by AmberFemXD03/07/134.26

Webmeets Diary Ch. 01

 — My first meeting through the internet. by starbelliedboy09/01/054.07

Webmeets Diary Ch. 03

 — I become Sarah to meet an older couple. by starbelliedboy03/15/074.33

Webmeets Diary Ch. 04

 — Celebrating the end of uni as a slutty schoolgirl. by starbelliedboy05/20/074.28

Wedding Belle

 — Feminine man is swept off his feet by aggressive woman. by Stefani05/13/064.55HOT

Wedding Bells

 — The girls get married; the final chapter. by Catytheghost03/03/084.08

Wedding Date

 — I need a date for my sister's wedding. by bullockhall01/24/164.68HOT

Wedding Day's Coming

 — Shy male helps sexy dress maker. by Eroticalover196804/02/144.09

Wedding Gift

 — How I became my best friend's perfectly wrapped wedding gift. by AnnaV04/08/154.62HOT

Wedding Night

 — They've finally tied the knot - time to celebrate. by ManInTraining05/24/114.31

Wedding Plans Made

 — Plans are made and a surprise. by Catytheghost12/16/073.15

Weekend at Alice's Cottage

 — 18 year old boy dresses as a girl & has first gay experience. by pantycladlad03/12/154.53HOT

Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 02

 — Erica enjoys more crossdressing and being a maid. by pantycladlad03/15/154.46

Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 03

 — Erica loses her virginity on the golf course. by pantycladlad03/21/154.53HOT

Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 04

 — Alice, Kathleen, and Erica take it a step further. by pantycladlad03/26/154.58HOT

Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 05

 — Chapter 5. by pantycladlad03/28/154.60HOT

Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 06

 — Erica has her first fourway. by pantycladlad04/01/154.65HOT

Weekend at Alice's Cottage Ch. 07

 — Erica becomes more of a girl for a new man. by pantycladlad04/08/154.70HOT

Weekend Ch. 01

 — A hot weekend of sex. by luvzcock07/31/123.11

Weekend Games

 — CD is discovered by girlfriend. by SissyAndi02/11/154.27

Weekend Games Ch. 02

 — Andie & Tammy continue their fun. by SissyAndi02/15/154.50HOT

Weekend Games Ch. 03

 — Andie and Tammy have a lesbian 3sum. by SissyAndi03/04/154.44

Weekend Slut for a Huge Cock

 — I cross dress for a huge white dick for the weekend. by MarkLazer01/02/154.39

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 01

 — A weekend with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/07/104.20

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 02

 — A weekend with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/08/104.19

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 03

 — A weekend away with an old gf; entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/15/104.41

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 04

 — A weekend away with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/16/104.47

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 05

 — A weekend away with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/17/104.38

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 06

 — A weekend away with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/18/104.55HOT

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 07

 — A weekend away with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/19/104.26

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 08

 — A weekend away with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/20/104.47

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 09

 — A weekend away with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/21/104.43

Weekend with Elaine Ch. 10

 — A weekend away with an old gf - entering her femdom world. by clarepanties12/22/104.33


 — Things start out normal, but then ... by configerror02/01/104.09

Welcome Home

 — Charlene is waiting on the stairs. by MitchCapslock09/03/124.42

Welcome Home Ch. 02

 — Charlene takes me to bed. by MitchCapslock09/27/124.52HOT

Welcome Home Ch. 03

 — Charlene gets her present, and puts on a show. by MitchCapslock05/14/134.45

Welcome Home Ch. 04

 — Charlene gives me a wonderful surprise. by MitchCapslock06/23/154.55HOT

Wendy The Haitian Sadist

 — Haitian woman forces black male friend to cross-dress. by Samuelx08/09/153.44

West Texas

 — Old Cowboy picks up a cute hitchhiker in West Texas. by call_me_dana05/12/114.48

Westwood Bound Cum Slut

 — Transsexual and cd love. by FRSWRITER05/26/094.22

Westwood Bound Cum Slut Ch. 02

 — A guy meets more cds. by FRSWRITER06/25/094.74HOT

What A Man Needs?

 — A guy, a porn shop, and a surprise. by Brookell05/08/034.69HOT

What an Amazing Life - My TS Lover

 — His wildest fantasy comes true. by AmazingLife05/27/054.42

What Are Friends For?

 — Boy's night out, practical joke, & long trip home. by tgirl_Mary12/18/024.70HOT

What Happens in Vegas

 — A trip to Vegas changed his life. by HerLittlePiggy06/15/074.64HOT

What is Going On?

 — Guy finds a surprise after realizes he is wearing panties. by dontholdyourbreath10/13/114.41

What Just Happened?

 — My step-sister and mother find panties in my bedding. by annie_0003/04/124.30

What Just Happened? Ch. 02

 — My step-sister takes me out for the day. by annie_0003/26/124.25

What Just Happened? Ch. 03

 — My step sister teaches me how to move in panties. by annie_0003/27/124.31

What Just Happened? Ch. 04

 — My step sister has me do things that were nasty. by annie_0003/28/124.31

What Life Throws at You

 — PI gets Asian take out. by griffin5709/21/124.58HOT

What People Want Me To Be

 — She'll pretend to be anything if it gets her laid. by Feotakahari09/07/114.06

What Price Desire

 — A door awaits...will it be opened? by fantasywriter11/26/114.47

What Sarah Said

 — Outcast and T-girl fall for each other. by Dar_Jisbo03/11/154.47

What We Did

 — Two men become dads together. by realpussyboy03/02/074.35

What You Will

 — Old love rediscovered, new love found, over Valentines Day. by AcheronStyxx02/02/164.71HOT

What's Your Price?

 — Young man gets introduced to a new life. by Checkmate21506/05/134.49

Whatever It Takes?

 — How far would you go to please a beautiful woman? by Misslexia04/08/084.36

Whatever It Takes? Ch. 02

 — Danny embraces his new persona. by Misslexia05/19/094.58HOT

Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 01

 — Can Kristen please Danny as he does her, and at what price? by AngelCherysse10/25/044.48Contest Winner

Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 02

 — Kristen sets out to create his "dream girl" - & hers. by AngelCherysse10/31/044.58HOT

Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 03

 — When the fantasy becomes a reality. by AngelCherysse11/01/044.64HOT

Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 04

 — Reality becomes fantasy; a greater reality intrudes. by AngelCherysse11/02/044.46

Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 05

 — One betrayed; the other violated. by AngelCherysse11/04/044.50HOT

Whatever Your Heart Desires Ch. 06

 — A reality redeemed; a fantasy renewed. by AngelCherysse11/06/044.75HOT

When All Else Fails Ch. 01

 — An eccentric genius decides to Crossdress as a bet. by ajheath1308/07/144.08

When Curiosity Fills

 — Curiosity lands him in control of wealthy TS escort. by chasen05/12/044.72HOT

When Finally We Meet

 — Older man has an evening of surprises with a crossdresser. by oberon_5201/10/084.37

When Friends Visit

 — Husband is loaned out for the night. by PurpleFox03/02/084.30

When I Look in the Mirror

 — When his girlfriend is at the wedding, he has a visitor. by RickeeDavala09/29/134.49

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 01

 — Mason gets a big surprise. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/05/053.79

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 02

 — Mason gets a kiss. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/11/054.07

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 03

 — Drive-Mason gets a handjob. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/13/054.23

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 04

 — What's in your pants? by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/13/054.40

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 05

 — Mason's first taste of cock. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/14/054.40

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 07

 — Mason's first turn at bat. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/17/054.44

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 08

 — A night on the Town. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/19/054.28

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 09

 — The Dancer's Proposition. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/19/054.38

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 10

 — 3some of a Different Kind. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/21/054.50HOT

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 12

 — The show-dancer watches Mason & Veronica. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/22/054.38

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 13

 — Threesome with a sexy Dancer. by LuciousBi-Writes4U05/10/054.60HOT

When Wondering Becomes Wonderful

 — Jhaye always wondered "What if I had a cock?" by Vianeason04/30/124.59HOT

Where Am I?

 — He is rescued by a shemale, then has sex with her. by BigAndy92201/26/124.36

Where No Man Has Gone Before

 — When driving late at night, beware of pink spotlights. by Wholemanz11/30/044.42

Which Are You?

 — Sissy or sissy lover? by Tomsparty05/27/063.87

While You Were Away Ch. 01

 — Our protagonist gets caught playing in his sister's wardrobe. by SweetsFW11/25/124.10

While You Were Away Ch. 02

 — & [s]he's woken up sober... by SweetsFW12/02/123.99

While You Were Away Ch. 03

 — Left to settle into the new role while Sam's out... by SweetsFW04/11/134.20

White Mistress & Black Male Slave

 — White transsexual dominates black male slave. by Samuelx01/29/093.55

White TV + Black Gangsta - 1st Date

 — A submissive white TV meets a black gangsta online. by leggyjill12/28/074.35

White TV + Black Gangsta - Love

 — White TV Jill and Black man Jesse move in together. by leggyjill12/01/094.39

White Walls

 — He's getting overpowered as he wanted to be. by sabb10/09/064.51HOT

Whitney's Way

 — Alex's feminine desires forces Whitney to take charge. by frezrevup04/07/114.65HOT

Who Changed More? (Humor)

 — Couple argues over who the magic mushrooms changed more. by manyquestions12/23/084.16

Who Wears Short Shorts Again?

 — Forced out in Public. What the hell am I doing? by grgy5609/19/154.44

Who Wears Short Shorts?

 — Glimpse of the hidden with expected results but with a surprise. by grgy5608/28/154.24

Who's the Bitch Now?

 — Meeting with escort doesn't go as planned. by Nothingisperverted04/18/034.49

Who's The Sissy Now?

 — Shemale gets revenge on high school bully, by britneyfan10/16/074.46

Who's the Slut Now?

 — He get's used and can't remember. by griffin5709/27/134.55HOT

Whole Lotta Rosie

 — Wanna tell you a story, about a woman I know. by WhiskeyIsGood04/14/144.66HOT

Whore into a Housewife

 — A Crossdresser Fantasy acted out. by Skimpylilpanties04/13/103.91

Whore of Rome

 — Rome BC: he is the sex slave of an older senator. by NancySharpen01/25/123.97

Whore Street

 — Another night on the town. by little sebastian03/13/064.28

Whores And Pimps Ch. 01

 — Transvestite driving to party is pulled over by a horny cop. by MicheleNylons08/08/064.23

Whores And Pimps Ch. 02

 — A sexy transvestite attends the office party. by MicheleNylons08/09/064.37

Whores And Pimps Ch. 03

 — Transvestite Michele is forced to participate in group sex. by MicheleNylons09/06/064.66HOT

Whores And Pimps Ch. 04

 — Transvestite is forced to particpate in group sex a party. by MicheleNylons06/16/074.77HOT

Whoring for freedom

 — The price to remove the chastity belt is humiliation. by Trinni6907/02/084.39

Why I’ll Never Go Sharking Again

 — Fun times lead to trouble with a shemale. by tsfan8406/09/124.29

Why I’ll Never Go Sharking Again Ch. 02

 — Two shemales track down Jason and Marcus. by tsfan8406/13/124.39

Why I’ll Never Go Sharking Again Ch. 03

 — After a days rest, Ashley and Jessica return. by tsfan8410/22/124.57HOT

Why Nagasaki?

 — Relationship is shattered with devastating results. by jthserra12/29/043.80

Why She's The Boss

 — Working hard to get ahead (by giving head). by mshow4u07/05/034.47

Why TS Gurls are Better

 — My experience with an incredibly hot TS. by almostanything02/17/113.96

Why, She's A "He"!

 — She tricks a man into lusting for a transvestite. by libidinal06/27/034.56HOT

Wicked Game Ch. 11

 — Task Number Ten. by velvetpie06/07/044.60HOT

Wife and BFF Set Me Up!

 — Man changes and didn't even know it. by manmatch12/03/103.96

Wife and BFF Set Me Up! Ch. 02

 — The very next morning on Black Friday. by manmatch12/17/104.20

Wife Becomes Bitch

 — Lucy's wifely duties evolve. by Intercontinental12/04/104.06

Wife Catches Me With A She-Male

 — Eating she-male cum gets him in trouble. by Anal Slave05/05/034.39

Wife Converts Husband Ch. 01

 — She finds out he's into kink. by bisexual_slut03/22/054.13

Wife Converts Husband Ch. 02

 — Hubby gets first taste of being feminized. by bisexual_slut04/08/054.42

Wife Converts Husband Ch. 03

 — Toni and Shelley get gangbanged. by bisexual_slut04/11/054.42

Wife Converts Husband Ch. 04

 — She videos her crossdressing husband in action. by bisexual_slut05/15/054.51HOT

Wife Helps Me to Suck Cocks

 — Priscilla finds out and helps me. by GuyCD12/09/154.58HOT

Wife Is Away

 — "Where my passport?" by cbottoml04/15/133.45

Wife Meets a Trannie Ch. 01

 — His wife's first adventure with a trannie. by natynuff07/03/074.40

Wife Meets a Trannie Ch. 02

 — Hubby's turn. by natynuff07/21/074.44

Wife's Coworker has a Surprise

 — Threesome takes an unexpected turn. by megatron300011/02/134.60HOT

Wife's New Dinner Plans

 — Wife and friends make me the new plan instead of dinner. by jerrycross03/22/144.46

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