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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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Wife's Underwear

 — Straight husband finds herself. by dannyboipink05/03/044.30

Wifey's Work Becomes Play Pt. 01

 — Wifey gives in to her desires. by Deviana03/02/173.79

Wild Devil

 — Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll. by WhiskeyIsGood09/22/174.65HOT

Wild Devil Ch. 02

 — The touring begins. by WhiskeyIsGood10/01/174.75HOT

Wild Devil Ch. 03

 — Wild Devil begins working on a new album. by WhiskeyIsGood11/22/174.59HOT

Willie's War Ch. 01

 — "Will there be a war, Herr Strasser?" by Snurge02/26/084.42

Willie's War Ch. 02

 — An impossible situation. by Snurge02/27/084.39

Willie's War Ch. 03

 — A war begins. by Snurge02/28/084.48

Willie's War Ch. 04

 — Willie tries for a life in the outside world. by Snurge02/28/084.70HOT

Willie's War Ch. 05

 — A new love and a fresh disaster. by Snurge02/29/084.65HOT

Willie's War Ch. 06

 — First steps as a secret agent. by Snurge03/07/084.67HOT

Willie's War Ch. 07

 — A tense game of push and shove. by Snurge03/08/084.73HOT

Willie's War Ch. 08

 — A burning encounter with an old flame. by Snurge03/09/084.56HOT

Willie's War Ch. 09

 — Falling in love again. by Snurge03/09/084.58HOT

Willie's War Ch. 10

 — An end to war. by Snurge03/10/084.70HOT

Willing Target

 — A shemale loving boy who likes NonCon, how could she resist? by XtinaSmith201702/16/184.75HOT

Willow World

 — T-Girl explores her fantasy with her boyfriend. by fictionwriter0002/17/184.62HOT

Winning Big in Las Vegas

 — Winning more than $ in Vegas. by marykay901/31/184.18

Winter at the Kilgrave Mansion Ch. 01

 — A potion leads to facing one's deepest desire. by nolfon111/28/164.56HOT

Wish You Were Here?

 — Daydreaming about beating and fucking him hard. by Ruthiemari07/24/144.16

With All My Heart

 — A Transwoman "ambushes" her heart's desire. by usmclass11/24/154.36

With an 'E'

 — Tale of people in love. by Moddle05/19/114.53HOT

With an 'E' Ch. 02

 — A sexual day with those I love. by Moddle06/10/114.30

With Her Blessing

 — A wife's understanding saves her marriage. by komrad115602/19/164.58HOT

Wizarding Mishap

 — Wizard apprentice accidentally gives girl an extra appendage. by luckybaldrik09/28/154.19

Woke Up A Girl

 — He wakes up as a sexy Brunette in another man's bed! by stonechains09/14/164.31

Woke Up A Girl Ch. 02: Madame Quisant

 — Seth discovers the nature of his transformation. by stonechains09/20/164.29

Woman Cross Dresses for Power & Sex

 — She walks on the wild side as a man. by SusanJillParker01/17/124.29

Woman of Her Dreams

 — It only happened some nights but, when it did... by mistyfdfa01/18/184.18

Womanhood for Jenny Ch. 01

 — TG pain-slut earns a boob-job. by slutty_jannelle07/07/104.28

Womanhood for Jenny Ch. 02

 — TG pain-slut truly begins her journey as a woman. by slutty_jannelle07/23/104.45

Womanhood for Jenny Ch. 03

 — TG pain-slut begins serious 'cunt training'. by slutty_jannelle09/11/104.38

Women's Studies Ch. 03

 — Kennedy finds out Lexi's secret. by Son_of_Battles07/24/164.85HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 04

 — Innocence lost, secrets shared, and laws broken. by Son_of_Battles11/07/164.85HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 05

 — "You're a lady. Cock handling is your business!" Kennedy. by Son_of_Battles12/10/164.85HOTContest Winner

Women's Studies Ch. 06

 — Rule number one: Never assume you're alone. by Son_of_Battles04/14/174.85HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 07

 — The chronicles of a boy's transformation into womanhood. by Son_of_Battles06/25/174.86HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 08

 — Home for the holidays with Sister and Mom. by Son_of_Battles01/10/184.84HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 09

 — Lexi's holiday vacation ends with a bang and a blowout. by Son_of_Battles01/25/184.85HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 10

 — Fun-bags, setbacks, and misunderstandings. by Son_of_Battles04/12/184.86HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 11

 — Valentines Day: Boys vs Girls...and a side of trouble. by Son_of_Battles05/09/184.85HOT

Women's Studies Ch. 12

 — Spring Break! Advice from Audrey inspires freedom for Lexi. by Son_of_Battles06/25/184.87HOT

Wood in the Woods

 — A student finds himself forced to suck shemale cock. by MrHeart10/01/134.38

Work Day, Fun Day

 — The wife finally gets to see her panty husband. by manatdawnrise03/23/184.50HOT

Work Diaries

 — An office romance flourishes between two unlikely partners. by XtinaSmith201708/11/174.70HOT

Worked Up

 — Sky gets the girl, but not how he hoped. A non-con story. by XtinaSmith201707/21/174.71HOT

Worked Up Ch. 02

 — Maybe things will be different after a coffee? by XtinaSmith201712/28/174.59HOT

Working Day

 — A Mistress and her transvestite lover serve her client. by AndyS_uk03/21/044.28

Working for a Living

 — Construction worker finds two surprises. by call_me_dana12/08/064.52HOT

Working for a Living Ch. 02

 — Chris takes the next step. by call_me_dana02/05/074.66HOT

Working for a Living Ch. 04

 — Chris experiences Jaime and Laura. by call_me_dana12/02/074.58HOT

Working for a Living Ch. 05

 — Jaime picks up a rider on way to coast - one with 40DD's. by call_me_dana08/10/104.43

Working for a Living Ch. 06

 — Jaime visits HS flame in Malibu on Part 2 of the road trip. by call_me_dana09/28/104.62HOT

Working for Halloween

 — CD gets a job with a costume company, and lots more. by shawnavinyltv07/15/094.59HOT

Working for Halloween Ch. 02

 — CD has another night working for a costume company. by shawnavinyltv03/26/154.69HOT

Working Hard for Her Job

 — A secretary learns what her boss expects of her. by fuzzie_writer05/19/134.43

Working Hard for Her Job Ch. 02

 — Entertaining a Client. by fuzzie_writer11/10/134.55HOT

Working Late with Maggie

 — Working late with Maggie. by mightymax123411/18/144.41

Working My Way Through College Ch. 01

 — Caught wearing panties. by fullcloset06/25/034.58HOT

Working My Way Through College Ch. 02

 — Meeting Dale's wife. by fullcloset11/06/034.62HOTContest Winner

Working Title

 — Porn, seduction, revenge - Leanne does it all. by AngelCherysse08/28/044.45

Working with Trista Ch. 01

 — My new job didn't start out as I had expected. by amberbmaid11/09/114.14

Working with Trista Ch. 02

 — Day 3 of working with Trista. by amberbmaid11/18/114.37

Worth Every Yen

 — A man purchases two ladyboys for the night. by bleepblorper09/27/184.65HOT


 — Male sub is tested by TS mistress. by StoneAngel04/11/044.36

Would You

 — A young couple visits a transgendered club. by sydian01/17/104.17

Writing Erotica For The First Time

 — A twenty something trans girl decides to write erotica. by LitKate08/15/164.16

Wrong From Right

 — Ruthless dickgirl serves up a cold dish of revenge. by KuroshioX02/23/154.17

X Cubed

 — Three exes get together again. by JimBob4403/09/184.29

X is for Xenia

 — My previously-straight brother-in-law. by BethanyJ03/12/124.59HOT

X-Change Pills - FAQ

 — Everything you always wanted to know about X-Change Pills. by Grabenork06/10/174.19

X-Change: Become a New You

 — Michael Galahad gets a mysterious letter... by dlquinton05/28/174.55HOT

X-Change: Homecoming

 — Tommy returns home from college to find many changes at home. by notbreckenridge07/19/184.56HOT

X-Change: Homecoming Pt. 02

 — Tommy is offered a new opportunity that changes things. by notbreckenridge09/20/184.65HOT

X-change: Silhouette

 — An absent friend, a small pink pill, reunions can be sweet. by notbreckenridge03/25/184.58HOT

X-Change: The Experiment

 — I chronicle the effects of X-Change on my roommate. by rarmons12/12/164.31

X-Change: The Unknown Woman

 — Parker stumbles across his roommate's secret. by rarmons07/15/164.50HOT

X-dresser Turns Housewife

 — X-dresser gets a different request than usual. by Skimpylilpanties12/29/064.16

XChange Seminar, X-change, X Change

 — University seminar in Human Sexuality using X-Change pills. by Grabenork10/08/174.46

XChange Seminar, X-change, X Change Ch. 02

 — X-Change goes to the next level. by Grabenork01/17/183.18

XChange Story: Pink Hotel

 — An adonis gets in over his head at a Japanese love hotel. by Treylot01/12/174.67HOT

XChange Story: The Battalion Slut

 — A captain discovers his battalion’s dirty secret. by Treylot01/17/174.57HOT

XChange Xperience

 — A porn star gets suckered into an XChange Xperience film. by Treylot12/15/154.50HOT

Y is for Yvette

 — All work and no play... by BethanyJ10/24/144.70HOT

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini(s)

 — Writer becomes a cross-dresser to research a bikini story. by PositiveThinker09/08/093.29

Yes Master

 — Sissy boy is defiled by his friend. by SuchASissy2305/30/184.43

Yes, Mommy Ch. 01

 — Office dyke learns her work crush has a naughty secret. by ThatTransDyke66611/28/184.71HOT

Yet Another Story

 — The narrator goes off script and finds more trouble... by neoview10/20/173.14

You Again

 — A Female-to-Male transgender finds his true love once again. by BigBadWolfyBoy101310/26/104.23

You and Me

 — A crossdresser and her lover. by JoanneCD08/26/164.42

You Belong To Me

 — She is mine, for a night. by BigDaddy4u209/30/133.60

You Can Always Say No Ch. 02

 — A star is born. by AngelCherysse12/21/064.73HOT

You Can Always Say No Ch. 03

 — Power lunch, new duties, a night that changes everything. by AngelCherysse12/23/064.69HOT

You Can Always Say No Ch. 04

 — Best laid plans - and a deal with the Devil? by AngelCherysse12/30/064.69HOT

You Can Always Say No Ch. 05

 — A time to work, a time to play, and a fate sealed. by AngelCherysse01/03/074.64HOT

You Can Always Say No Ch. 06

 — ...and a soul in the wind. by AngelCherysse01/10/074.73HOT

You Can Always Say No Ch. 07

 — Love isn't blind; sometimes it just needs vision correction. by AngelCherysse01/19/074.68HOT

You Didn't Know You Wanted Cock

 — You're taken by Debbie and her boyfriend. by clanger9904/16/034.45

You Got a Friend

 — A young homeless man, finds a new home. by WhiskeyIsGood03/27/184.66HOT

You Got the Part!

 — Actor gets the role of a lifetime. by Checkmate21505/17/134.18

You Got the Part! Ch. 02

 — Riley takes over. by Checkmate21506/17/134.54HOT

You Got the Part! Ch. 03

 — Riley gets what she wants! by Checkmate21512/10/134.34

You Just Like a Natural Woman

 — A man meets a transvestite and takes her home. by DonPeterson04/11/153.33

You Keep Them (You’ve Earned Them)

 — She lets him have her panties. by Joie_de_Vivre02/03/104.20

You're Late!

 — My girlfriend's none too pleased. by f1dude_lotus12/28/124.38

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 01

 — Rick from the IT Helpdesk discovers a life-changing secret. by nikkiesilk03/31/174.53HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 02

 — Rick gets much closer to Chris. by nikkiesilk04/05/174.67HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 03

 — Rick has an encounter with his boss at work. by nikkiesilk04/06/174.58HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 04

 — Rick is busted at work and gets deeper with Chris. by nikkiesilk04/09/174.65HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 05

 — Rikkie gets to be in the show. by nikkiesilk04/19/174.68HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 06

 — Rick is busted by his boss and tries to tell Chris it's over. by nikkiesilk04/23/174.70HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 07

 — Rick confesses about his boss and goes shopping. by nikkiesilk05/19/174.71HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 08

 — Rick has a crisis and Chris takes him to a gay pub. by nikkiesilk05/25/174.67HOT

You're My Bitch Now Ch. 09

 — Rikkie discovers a different side to Rhona. by nikkiesilk06/04/184.52HOT

Young Chrissy Dresses and Sucks

 — I dress as a girl and meet a guy from Craigslist. by CrossdressingChrissy12/28/124.12

Young Crossdress, Meets His Daddy

 — A meeting of young sissy and his daddy finally happens. by Sliver0210/01/103.99

Young for Hung Ch. 01

 — He has help finding the girl inside. by femmepen10/05/034.30

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 01

 — He celebrates his birthday. by pantysubsissy12/24/064.49

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 02

 — He finally loses his cherry. by pantysubsissy01/09/074.45

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 03

 — Getting ready to go out. by pantysubsissy01/17/074.54HOT

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 04

 — Trip to the laundromat. by pantysubsissy05/30/084.62HOT

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 05

 — A trip to the frat house. by pantysubsissy01/03/094.60HOT

Young Masseuse Gets Carried Away Pt. 01

 — A young masseuse gets carried away. by DavidRoths06/24/174.48

Young Masseuse Gets Carried Away Pt. 02

 — Jess isn't going to take David's transgression lying down. by DavidRoths07/11/174.64HOT

Young Master Ch. 01

 — A young Master gets to choose his very first sissy. by smittysimon11/26/124.61HOT

Young Master Ch. 02

 — The young master gets a hard lesson in how to treat a sissy. by smittysimon12/03/124.55HOT

Young Master Ch. 03

 — Further sissy temptations for the young master. by smittysimon12/08/124.70HOT

Young Master Ch. 04

 — The young master is blackmailed with shocking results. by smittysimon12/10/124.33

Young Master Ch. 05

 — The young master meets his end, and her beginning. by smittysimon12/17/124.47

Young Sissy Ch. 01

 — The former Master wakes up as a sissy in the Harem by smittysimon12/31/124.39

Young Sissy Ch. 02

 — The young sissy gets some hard lessons. by smittysimon01/13/134.43

Young Sissy Ch. 03

 — The young sissy has a long, hard week. by smittysimon02/16/134.67HOT

Young, beautiful, Nurse

 — My love for a shemale. by spitzharder06/03/164.72HOT

Young, Bound and Captured in HD

 — Degradation during strip search and sexual assault. by spitzharder05/03/164.25

Your Best Damn Girlfriend Ever

 — College shemale encounter. by ruwild06/27/074.20

Your First Flight

 — You fly on an airplane for the first time. by f1dude_lotus11/19/124.44

Your Waitresses

 — Your crossdressing fantasy. by weluvhose03/21/124.06

Z is for Zoë

 — Better than a box of eggs. by BethanyJ04/06/124.52HOT

Zara & Tom: First Encounter

 — Tom gets more than he bargained for with Zara. by ZaraandTom01/21/184.69HOT

Zara and Tom: First Date

 — Tom and Zara take the next step in their relationship. by ZaraandTom01/25/184.63HOT

Zara and Tom: First Holiday

 — Tom and Zara have fun home and away. by ZaraandTom01/27/184.73HOT

Zara and Tom: First Holiday Pt. 02

 — Zara, Tom and Chloe continue their evening of fun. by ZaraandTom02/08/184.62HOT

Zoey's Basement Transformation Pt. 01

 — A pathetic young man's transformation begins. by SissyStoryTime09/05/164.31

Zoey's Basement Transformation Pt. 02

 — Zoey falls deeper into the rabbit hole. by SissyStoryTime09/06/164.39

Zoey's Basement Transformation Pt. 03

 — Zoey completes her transformation into an obedient sissy. by SissyStoryTime09/07/164.42

Zoey's Girlfriend

 — An interesting college experience. by f1dude_lotus11/12/124.26

Zoya's Massage Parlor: Caitlyn Ch. 01

 — A disgruntled stripper finds Zoya's Massage Parlor. by ZoyaDazzle09/14/164.55HOT

Zoya's Massage Parlor: Caitlyn Ch. 02

 — The conclusion of Caitlyn's visit to Zoya's Massage Parlor. by ZoyaDazzle10/08/164.71HOT

Zoya's Massage Parlor: Sophie Pt. 01

 — A middle-aged married swinger finds what she's been missing. by ZoyaDazzle10/25/164.61HOT

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