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very nice story

I really liked your story .. it was a bit brief but I followed every word and enjoyed it .. ignore the negative comments they are just shallow .. more please


Yes Yes Yes Yes. Rip the damn thing off.

still good

maybe I have a secret wish that this happened to me, I don't know.

Wow, you have a twisted sick mind....

But I like it

5 stars from me.

Another lame straight dude writing about something he knows nothing about. Sorry, boyo, but this story is terribly written, the narrative is crude, misogynistic & ignorant.

still great

I would love to know where the author got the idea for this story.

still love it

I know schools like this existed in Europe for years, but a story about one in the U.S. is new, not that I'm so narrow to believe that they wouldn't, but because of the moral and social construct of the country.

good story

I really like the story, and find it compelling to rush onward. I don't know if I could go back in age that far to remember things, or how they played out in my mind, but the author seemed to have found it. This story reminds me of my childhood, in that I was always rebelling, and getting into fights, to a time when, a shrink was called in. I let loose on him, so much so that I can still remember it. Mother was so upset, I think my dad understood, but mom got her way usually. They thought about sending me to a military school. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your view, I didn't go.

The shrink only reinforced my belief that you cant trust anyone, and that was at an early age. I think that this kid is not the son of Anton at all, and the mother had to save him from what his fathers idea of a remedy was, for his behavior.


I love this one! Little, short and petite transgender women with monster cocks are so big of a turn on for me! Keep writing, this story needs more chapters please or more stories similar. Thank you!

Great story hope theres more!

Loved the story, little rough around the edges and maybe you could have squezed another page out of it if you took it a little slower. Although i understand its a little quick and dirty because of the setting you started out in. Got me hooked instantly and left me wanting for more.. keep up the good work!

Six years?

Sweetie, you made us wait SIX years for this?

Really Stephie, you had not posted anything so all your readers were eagerly awaiting a masterpiece of erotica. You know, something to make wives rush out and grab the first guy they find to fuck, and husbands to rush to the bathroom to jerk off wildly.

And you come up with THIS?

So short? So quick?

Come on, darling, keep the story going! I know you have more, much more to tell your readers. Don't be shy, baby, don't be shy.

Write and they shall cum.


The negative comments you're getting, Sarah, come from mean people. Most are probably just plain jealous of your active and successful sex life! I really enjoy playing with myself while reading you. Add a few more explicitly described moments, a touch of your girlfriends' dialog among themselves about you, and you'll have yet another winner!
Gian Varlo

Loved it!

I love conversion stories like this one and I loved your detail and dialogue! Seriously, the dialogue was so hot! Loved how her master made the sissy change into a female voice and admit her pleasure!

More please!

not quite the finished article.

I got up to the bit about pierced ears and college spelt as collage and I gave up.

lovey story

I a male and I rent a room for a older man he told me how mush the rent was and then said if you help me around here I give you a cut in rent I told him sure what can of work well I need some help cleaning a room up it was a lady room and she was sick if you do that I give you free rent for a week I told him show me I do what your want as a joke I told you call me your boy maid he smile and said I see about that well I went to work cleaning the room I pick every thing up and I found some old panties and bras and a few blouse dresses he came back and look at the room very nice all right rent free for one week I ask him what he want me to do with these girl clothes you can have them I went to my room it was two week before he ask me to clean a other room I told him I would your boy maid be right there I thought for a joke I would wear a bra and panties for fun I went to the room it was not that dirty it toke me a hour as I pick some box up my pants ripe he came in and stop and walk to the bedroom and call me in there here let move this bed over to the wall as I bend a bit he saw my ripe pants and the panties I had on he just smile after that he told me I could have the thing in the box when I got to my room open up the box there was a nightie in there I just toke my pants off when he knot on the door and he just walk in like he always do he look at me in panties well he said you were not kidding when you said call you boy maid he walk over to me he told me I think I call you sissy now how would you like clean some thing for me I told him yes sir anything you want good but first did you find a nightie in that box yes sir I would like to see you in it well the next thing I knew I was sucking his hard cock and he keep telling me that my girl suck daddy cock after he came in my mouth I suck him clean well after that I was doing more cleaning around the house and I was told to wear my girly clothes I now had a short black skirt and when I bend over you can see my sexy panties daddy want me to wear then one day a older man move in and he knew daddy one night daddy toke me to his room and now after a month I become a bitch to the men in the house and I live and dress as a sissy girl

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