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good story

yep it is. The one thing that they didn't address at the end of this chapter, is about if she lost respect or love for her husband, now that she brought these feeling out into the open. Is there a future for them as a couple, or husband and wife.

great story

What two people that love each other, enjoying each other, exploring each others minds, and feelings, what's not to love?

Awesome Job!!

I would definitely buy this novel, it had me from the very beginning. You do need to have an editor go through though as there are a few errors. I loved the premise of the story and would love to see it "fleshed out " a bit. Keep writing!!

Def need more

Hot encounter would love to read more

Hard cock

Reading your story gave me a massive hard on and had to go to the toilet at work to bash one out. I then had cum all over my hands, instead of washing my hands I decided to eat my own cum. Licking every last bit.

If only, lovely story where are all these Dom males?

Oh I lived every moment lucky girl, it's made me realise I need a Dom male.

Loving the Story

The Characters are so intriguing! Developing a new self, a new personality..

So Cute

I love stories with a relatively happy ending where people get together. They turned into a good couple in the end, which makes me feel warm inside. It was a bit dark, and I saw the twist coming as great a villain as David is people with access to drugs like that probably don't use skype. Regardless I had fun reading and -cough- anyway and haven't seen a story of this quality since TheTalkMans submissions.

good story

you betcha. I love dominant women, but when you meet one you have to think the way a woman would think, because you are actually being the woman, as in this story.
I had played this game with my wife for years, and it is and can be a lot of fun.
As in a date, the woman controls how far the guy will go, or be allowed to go. How many woman would relinquish their fantasies to a guy they just met? How many woman would let the guy move in and dictate what they would do? Once in a committed relationship, not necessarily married, you can at least trust your partner not to ruin your life, or future, because it's in their best interest, plus they care for you.
The story is good in the way it is written, but I failed to see any I Love You, or Ill never Hurt You. How many guys would go to the extent that he has without that little bit of assurance, none that I know of. This is a good story. I gave it a 5


Sweetie this is by far one of the best stories I have ever read and I have been here for years. Please keep up the good work.


I know how the author feels and wish it was me.


An absolute favorite. Interested to see a follow up. Particularly including the sissyfication..

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