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Loved it!!

You'd be wasting your talent if you do not continue this ;)

blew it

Lost me when you had Brent turn on his friend.

Another hot one!

Hey Whiskey, you bring out the sex in sexy stories. Good one.

Always a fan,


Great Story :)

I loved the twist at the end.


I loved every part of it. It'd be great if you include more of the blowjob stuff, with as many details possible. I have really liked your description about it and more of the same would be terrific.

Great story!

I can't wait to read the next installment.
I love your style of writing. Most of the authors in the Trans section don't seem to be able to write a sex scene with anything more than a "he eased it in. It hurt but the pain became pleasure quickly. Then he filled me with his jizz." It gets a little boring after a while. Your descriptions are a whole lot better.

Would love to see a follow up story!

Would love to see a follow up story! Maybe Boris takes a pink pill!

Oh, Baby!

Now that was something. What was that? A double spit-roast, perhaps? You keep up the good work, girl!

Writing elements

I'm so glad that you spent time on the emotions. They drew me in.

Love your long and detailed writing. So much to enjoy about this series xxx


wonderful story..i love it

This is amazing

Please continue this, your writing is perfection!

Oh PLEASE expand on this!

Wow! I was so lost in this story that I did not realize it was the final chapter. This is a great theme and setting. Re-ignite it, PLEASE!

Pink Pill

I would have taken the pink pill and flushed the blue down the toilet.
FANTASTIC story!!!

So Erotic

Love the new installment. It hits my two big turn-ons.....being dressed and being an exhibitionist. Oh how I would love for that to be me.

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