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Complete lunacy

He wears a cage? Why? He doesn't need a key to remove it. Why is he wearing woman's underwear? Is he suddenly a woman? If so, why is he married? This whole mess makes no sense. Even for fiction it was ludicrous.
1 star


Lots of fun, wonderful character development. Having lived in Center City Philadelphia about 30+ years ago, I really could relate. Kevin is marvelous. Would have loved to have a guy like him. Loved the repartee. You are a very witty writer. I enjoyed it a great deal and look forward to the next installment. You have me very wet.


Absolutely lovely, sensual build to hot love

Loving the loving, well-paced, very easy to relate to. The build up to the sex was great and keeping it in the context of a two-way loving relationship makes it all the more loving. Nothing is hotter than sex born in love. Made me wet and VERY HAPPY. Thanks for writing. Please keep them cumming.



Great writing over a brilliant and creative premise. I could definitely read more.


First thing that happened when he woke up? He bit down hard and ended the whole thing right then and there. Didn't phase him? That doesn't work, even in a fictional story. Badly done drivel.

Well that was - something

Why would a young man of his age give up on life with women? That made no sense and ruined the overall effect of the story. Not your best Jimbob.

No one is this naive

Our hero ignores all the evidence. Example; she had the chastity device ready?

Good but it doubles after its done
Makes it 6 instead of 3 pages. Was really getting into it though & dreaming it was me dressed up


This story was horrible


I'm a closet cd. I love to dress up and meet men. So hot being their slut. When I'm out dressed like a normal guy I wish men could tell I'm a little cocksucking sissy. Or that I could pick out guys who love sissies like me. Love to chat and I'm

more please

I actually liked this story. would love to see continuation.

simply amazing ,i would love to read more . much more ! better yet have that amazing scene happen to me , thank you so much. hope life is treating you so well.

Excellent Work

I enjoyed the story build up and the eventual sexual tension culminating into a very hot encounter!!! I think you did a fantastic job with this story and I look forward to future chapters!

Movie for Hubby

So they have a couple hours until John gets home are they going to make a move. Is this the last for Pam and Tanya? Hopefully the next one will be Pam visiting Tanya for a weekend.and making a gang bang video for hubby to add to his new collection. Possibly having there daughter find the movie and ask mom about it and joins them for a weekend of debaucher. Love your story here and hope you continue in the future.

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