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One of the very best stories on Lit - thanks!!!

One of the top 5 stories on Lit - I enjoyed it immensely!

the fuck?

lol, wow, this must be a long-con kind of troll. Was going well and then gradually took a downard turn into "this is fucking crazy" land... this chapter and the last did a nose dive.

good job, you got me.

Analytical conclusion

dress like girlie in short skirt
jack men off make that cum squirt
keep through clear don't burp or cough
so you can suck more men off.

Diabolicly puckish!

I'm not too sure how this dickery trickery would play out in a Real Life, Babble Belting election? I mean, those prissy christian crackers are already podunk deep into incest and sheep buggery. Just check out the allegedly female vinyl blow-up dolls mimicking the allegedly male preachers evangelizing on TV.

The Lot of them, Homo certainly but definitely not Homo Sapient.

Super hot fantasy!

Great story! I love to fantasize about shemales. I've been watching shemale porn recently. I don't think I could ever be with another "normal" guy but if I find the right shemale I might just have the experience you are writing about. Thanks.

Wondeful characters

I am so pleased James & Alex had their happy ending.
So look forward to the characters, being part of other stories in the future!
Followed the story from the beginning with anticipation, it's been a beautiful journey,
You have enriched my life with this special tale.
Love you Loads

Jerry xx


Expecting a super finale, or more twists Nikkie! You are such a tease lol

i would love for you to explain all this nonsense

how can you lose 5 shoe sizes without the use of footbinding or surgery? I would love how you can explain this

condor has a log for an arm and is nailed to the shoulder? I can understand the scarring, but not the stick. a wooden arm perhaps but not a tree

darcy denies slipping kasey a hormone mickey? im not buying that

science does not work that way, goodnight!

More Please!!!!

I love your stories and check everyday to see if you have posted a new one. Please keep it up!


Best story ive read. I want to be jake so bad. Im at work and so close to cumming just from reading this. Cant wait for my own tanya and sarah encounter. Again, fantastic story

Next Chapter

Hi Rik,

Your story is very good. But your writing too slow...please write fast.

So well written

This is one of the best stories that i have read on any story site. Thank you. It was so tender and i had a very wet pair of panties and can't wait to read the next chapter. xx


Lost 5 sizes in shoe size?...and Condor has a tree branch nailed to his shoulder in place of his arm? I don't know what you were drinking or smoking at the time you came up with the theme for this chapter, but you totally screwed it up. The story as a whole was pretty good and somewhat believable up until now, but with this chapter 9 it is total crap. I would suggest a rewrite if possible. You really had me going right up til you posted this. Completely out of whack with the rest of the story, and doesn't even begin to explain the changes to Kasey's body either.

One slight complaint... the change from Christina to Christine. Otherwise it's a good read so far :)

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