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Wonderful storytelling. You made me so hard.


So glad to see you posting again! Love it!

Chapter 5 & 6 cumming

Just wrapped up next two chapters- hope you enjoy!

This story is incredible

Damiendeath20 I can honestly say this story has me hooked like a fish on a line. I started reading the story like 4 days ago and I'm already at the latest chapter. I will be honest that the chapter that Ian lost his memory and stuff threw me off and I didn't like it that much but I read on and I have to say I really like the direction this story is headed in. The smut is awesome, like really top notch and the story itself is absolutely incredible. I sound like a fanboy lol. But I will end with this... Come hell or high water I don't care how long it takes (for you to write the chapters) or how many chapters it takes (and believe me I'm not complaining about the amount of chapters, hell keep writing them) one way or another I want closure in the story ending. Don't drop off the face of the earth without finishing what's been started here. I have too much invested in this story for that to happen. I want to read a lot more of this story.

Great story

I enjoyed your story. That would make your the hotel great and would be good for business.

next chapter

When are you writing the next chapter of the story?

Great Chapter

That was amazing. I want to see this relationship further developed. This is going to be really good, I can tell. Just keep it like this and keep the character development going.

Abby I love the style and your love shines through

Great prequel thank you so much Abby you just get better and better .. xxx

when ?

When will Ch 2 come out ?

Ch 4 ?

Where is chapter 4 PLEASE

"Sissy girl brain pussy."

"Sissy girl brain pussy."


Damn 🖤

I love the depth of both characters, looking forward to seeing more of this story... fucking hot

More werewolf cock

Would love to see another scene with the sweaty biker werewolfs breeding some boy butts, maybe a rough gangbang

lovely story

I used to sneak my girl things into my basket items and use self checkout .. but at some point I just told myself it is my business and I have every right to be myself. I started acting confident ( outwardly ) and was relieved to be treated decently, even with respect, especially by women. I was treated very nicely as I came out more and more publically and now full time. I know I don't really "pass" ad fully female but I dress calmly and conservatively like other women, not as a drag caricature of women.

Great story!

Definitely a good fantasy! My wife and I wear our lingerie together, but this sounds more exciting!

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