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Enjoyed all seven chapters! The build up was fantastic. Would actually love to see how the house and relationship turns out.

Tugs at the heart!

Thank you for enlightening so many of us about the real pain of being ostracized by society. Your style of writing accurately conveys the hurt and despair that those on the outside looking for love often feel. Thanks for opening our minds! Who can hate a lovely ending!

Best story ever

I not only got wet and had to stop several time to take care but a cried like a baby when Mark died. Bethany you are a more gifted writer than Sue Grafton ever thought of being. So real. So sexy.

Xoxo, Di

Why would Jackie's situation be hopeless?

The human condition rarely allows for the type of capitulation you assume. Something about every dog having it's day. I see Jackie killing Johanna soon.

Loved this story

This story really turned me on. I also have fantasies about submitting to a woman who turns me in to her own little cock sucking sissy cum slut.


I can't believe this author even considers this WRITING. I don't!


my first time in panties was a few years ago a older lady I know I was helping her one day with some house work moving some thing around the place when my pants ripe open I said dam my pants just ripe she look at me and you are not wearing under wear I said no I am not well I can fix them but I can not have you bare ass running around here I told here she told me if you do not mind wearing a pair of women panties till I get your pants fits I told I told well I guess it would fine it be the first time I ever had women panties on it just be fun well then let go find you a pair she toke me to her bed room and open a drawer now lets see what kind should you wear I told her any kind she just laugh I am going to like this you be my first man I put in panties as she look she throw out a few bras one fell on the floor as I pick it up she look well I see you have good taste if you want I have the panties that go with that bra as I look at the bra and saw the panties she ask well I said I do not know about this she said look let me put it on you if you do you knot like I will take the bra off I said all right well she put it on me and hook it up and but two fake breasts well I look in a mirror and I look like a man in a bra she ask well what do you think I look silly but it fine now put the panties on I did as told when I pull them up they felt really soft and nice and tight I saw a full mirror and I saw I look nice in panties I thought I should been in panties years ago she walk over well look at you in my panties and look sexy cute I told well I do look cute well then do you want to just wear them or some thing else I told her if I do you will not tell any one no it be just us two I said you can put any thing you want on me if I do will you wear it I said yes she told me I make you look like a girl and you be my knew girl friend well it toke her five hours and when she was done I look like a girl you could not tell I was a man I had my face made up and my nails done after that she told me lets go out for supper I ask her you I can not go out like this she said yes you can and will she hand me a small lady bag put some lips stick in and make up then we walk out to the car we went to dinner once we were sited the lady ask you lady like a drink we said yes please miss and lady you look lovey in that out fit well after that we had dinner and when we were done the lady ask if we want anything else my lady friend said what have you got she ask her are you two a couple she said no knot really why you ask well she just look good and I like her bra my miss said what time are you done I be finish in a hour well then will you turn around and put your hand down her blouse and feel her tits she just did that well are they really no knot yet if you are still want to she a he she said yes then we will wait she came out and we all went home as I walk in the house I saw my miss kiss her I was hoping you like are knew bitch yes and just think he make a good girly bitch and that what happen

Chapter 09???

Please post the next chapter this story is really interesting!!!

nice story

yes I too became a cock sucker bitch I lose a bet with a lady but I was to be a girl for a month and she had to make me look like one even with women breasts that when she said fine she told me if she lose she be my sex slave and just wear a nightie I told then let play cards well in three hands I lose well now bitch this your last night as a man for a month in the morning I will turn you into my girly bitch now you go have a shower and use the cream soap but first here take this pill it help you sleep I did as told I had my shower and toke the pill when I woke up in the morning I found all my clothes gone the only thing I found was a pair of panties and a note put them on girly and come to my room I did as the note said when I got to her room she had other clothes on the bed now my girly bitch its time you look like a women that when I told her the bet was I had to have tits like one she told me you will bitch she just show me two fake breasts but first she hand me two more pills like the one lasts night after I had my pills she toke the fake breasts and glue them on me and hook up a black lace bra then my make up was done after a few hours I did look like a girl well I learn how to do all the house work it was just about the end of the month and one of my fake breasts just fell off and then the other one I pull them out of the bra cups but it look like I still had them I start to fold the laundry she came in to the laundry room and saw the fake breasts on the table I told her they fell out she told my to turn around when I did my blouse was open she just ripe it open more and ripe my bra open yes what lovey tits you have she put her hand on them and rub my nipple I do not know why I all I could said yes please miss play with my tits I just love that she ask you want me to suck your tits girly I said yes then what do I get I told her you get me as your girly bitch and what else my ass yes but it not a man ass is it no miss I guess it your pussy ass that right bitch and those pills I gave you made your breasts grow out and now your my house bitch and now I have some thing you are going to like she just bend me over right there ripe my panties off and shove her big dido cock in my ass hole after that I told her yes miss I am your bitch


yes I had a man do that to me he tie my hand behind me and sat me on a chair he then told me i am going to cut your clothes off and I will dress you up as my bitch just then he shove some pills in my mouth he told me that will help me as he cut my close off he look at my male breasts well they do for now then he pull my pants and underwear off what a little dick you have he pull me up and bend me over the chair now this his a lovey pussy ass hole I heard his pants fell to the floor now bitch the next thing I knew was his big cock was all the way in my ass hole and all I could say yes I want to feel your cock in my ass hole he told me what are you I told him I am your bitch and my pussy ass hole belong to you then he pinch my nipples I told yes sir make me your girl bitch well after that I was always in girly clothes one night in bed I ask him please sir I want my breasts to look more girly he told me soon my bitch I thank him by sucking his cock and after it was hard he shove it in my pussy ass hole that when I knew I was his girl

glad to see you steal content that isn't yours

i read this story by a different author under the Incest/taboo section, titled Aunt churns me, word of advise, create your own stories not take others

Agree complete wth Jd2100

Love the story and can't wait to read a sequel. Those were the days with my first wife and her strap-on. Eventually her ex- boyfriend had a threesome with us before I needed to transform all the way and we divorced but are still good friends. Except in my case, I requested the "game" that allowed me to start expressing my true self.

Enough with my reminiscences. This got me so wet. Well written. Unfolded well. Can hardly wait for the sequel xoxo, Di

Some Fuckin' Wife He's Got There!

OK,I get that he likes to be humiliated by his wife,the sick bastard,but in front of all their "friends" like that?
- And what about his degenerate,"loving" wife? I assume her plan is to humiliate him further by sucking and fucking every man,woman,and bedpost in the house.
- Sick fuckin' people in a sick fuckin' marriage,with a bunch of sick fuckin' friends!

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