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Didn't see that ending coming

But I definitely liked it. I expected a bit more to happen between Jim and Bridget and I definitely did not expect Jim to wind up with Sammy...much less, for Sammy to have a dick. However, I liked that they did get together and that Sammy is a completely different person, then Bridget and much more loving. For a moment, I thought maybe he would end up with Molly and that would have been good too, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out. It was a very hot story and really got me turned on, to be honest lol

Loved it

I write sissy stories too and yours are hot. There's nothing like a man realizing his role as a toy for real men to use and abuse.

i wish it could be me ,please continue

what is such trash?

I have no issue with some of you thinking this is trash, garbage or any other negative comments, but constructive criticism would be appreciated.

Elaborate on why you think this is trash.
What could I do better?(other than stop writing) I am open to suggestions, but no need to be hurtful.


Great start, a bit short but expand her character & let`s see what goes......


This was quite good. The seduction is rushed. Would like more reluctance.

Participe to a TV show to fuck 4 women if...

Anybody that bothered reading beyond ^^^ that, gets what they deserve!

very nice story

very nice story .... Keep up the good work... out off all i think i love kennedy

Please write more!!!!!!!

Loving this series!!!! Would love to hear more about what happens on the boat!!!! And more stories from the hunt!!!!


this is one of the best stories I have read in a while keep it up

Wish I was either Kyle or Lindsey

Incredible as I have a weakness for t-girls as I dated one on college

Excellent work.

I really liked this. Short by word count, but a lot happened here.

One of the things I liked here - you had enough confidence in your readers NOT to spell out everything, to let us join some of the dots for ourselves.

Please write more!!!

Amazing story!!!! Would love to hear more about what happens to Paul! And the lucky guy in the tree!!! Would also love to hear more stories from the hunt!!! Please write more!!!!

HOLY F**KING SH*T MAN!!!!!!!!!!

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