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"And yet it was thrilling too...but there was no way I could look like a woman because no woman had a throbbing seven inch extension of her body that jutted from her pussy."

Yea that's because us trans girls have the dick right on their body not from their pussy.

Listen, anyone that writes this stuff or masturbates to it our posts anonymously Just to call themselves girl-boy with sissy sub rhymes (Lol at that guy above me), well I hate to break it to you but you're all a bunch of closeted trans women. accept it, and make the necessary changes. You'll be a lot happier if you stop pretending your desire to be a woman is "just fantasy." it isn't.

Don't worry, no one sees you but me.

Dropped for now. I'll check back in if/when the series is done to see if I'll read it through then.

Right now, it's just a pattern of Dory cheating on someone with someone else, things turn to shit, Dory gets beat by 'the establishment' or 'big corporate' or whatever who always wins (and are apparently above the law and any media scrutiny) things get slightly better but never with a happy ending in sight. Wash, rinse and repeat - always repeat.

Good story

So many haters...

Yes, may not be there style of story. To them, don't read. Go read something that interests you.

Always idiots and haters in the world.......And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate...

Hey, I found the story interesting, Enough said!

Cheers mate

Didn't care for how things were handled.

Tex kept stating what his boundaries were in this, as well as in the first chapter, and yet they were constantly ignored. First by the girl he supposedly falls in love with and lastly by Lola. That shows a lack of respect that doesn't bode well for a long-term relationship.

Then, there's the matter of Tamara completing her sexual reassignment surgery. When asked how he feels about Tamara's choice, he says he's fine with her whether she has a cock or not, and yet when Lola asks to see Tamara fuck him his reply is, "OK, fine, but only because after Monday she won't be able to do it again." From what was said before he'd only let Tamara fuck him twice, so he was showing an aversion to her dick throughout their relationship, which puts to lie his saying that he loved her no matter what. I would think Tamara would have been sexually frustrated, if she only got to fuck her boyfriend/fiance three times in a year. When she was horny earlier, she'd go fuck Lola. It didn't sound like Tex was much into sucking Tamara off, either. He acted like her cum was toxic, wanting a towel to wipe it from his hands and later having her finish on his chest when he blew her.

So, the whole thing smacks of being a dysfunctional, rather than a loving relationship. Despite all of the platitudes he spouted, Tex really never accepted Tamara just as she was. He didn't seem to make much effort to please her sexually. The final tell is when he says to her that anal sex isn't much different than vaginal sex, but the first time he's in her new vagina, he says it's "Heaven".

Not bad

I have much less of a problem with your rewrite of doctor's Visit then these other guys.
You tried out ideas in one and went with what worked for you on the other.
I personally think that this is the better of the two but I'm bias
I like chicks with dicks

Loved it

I loved this story it sounded so believable...almost made me wish I was Eric. Am looking forward to Ch.2.

I'm seconding...

...what Ladd_Russo said. Clear win, not a better of two evils... A clear win or I'm done.

I transform into a cock hungry whore as soon as I slip my sexy pantys and fishnet stockings on


Such an exciting short story. You've laid the groundwork for a dynamite follow-up.
Even if you never finish this storyline, please keep writing. I really enjoyed your style.


I love good dialogue, and hearing a character's thoughts and feelings. The sex was a great passionate mix of familiar, with Penny, and new/different, with Brida. You made us see the relationship between the couple, and the willingness from Brida. Good timing. Good narration. Grrrreat sex.

I am really enjoying the story I hope u write lots more

Fine story with a military angle!

Meet...other GIRLY MAN!

In my ASS I wan'ta be SCREWED!

love it....

my only criticism is that you need more chapters ASAP


It could have been better

I was disappointed in that the first chapter had so much promise but the second chapter
was more of what has already been written. What would have been better for me was to see the two wives encouraging the two husbands to get together. satin sissy

Totally errotic

As a wearer of ladies chunky cardigans I find these stories a real 'turn on'. I wear glasses as well and I love to be in the company of women wearing their cardies and glasses. i'd love to try on Maude's cardy

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