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Love the way she is a complete Top and he is solely a bottom and they love it this way. The sex scenes are amazing.

Never want it to end...

I am in love with this series. Each one gets better. Hopefully Nancy and her husband invite them back so she can use the strap. Bet she would love to meet Alex also... ;-3

carrie ann just loves cum

carrie ann cumslut seems to like cum so much maybe she would be better off if she was sold to a Master and she only had to service men from now on, i think she would be happiest if she could just swallow gallons and gallons of cum.

My critique of the story

What I just wrote was a critique of the critics. I wanted to wait until the end of Chap. 3 to critique the story: it would be a good story if it weren't for one detail that just keeps grating on me: the author arbitrarily mixes tenses on his verbs between present and past in a completely arbitrary fashion, sometimes even using both in the same period. I would advise using the past only -- It is much more natural. Leave the present for captions to pictures in a newspaper or for stream-of-consciousness narratives only. Most erotic tales aren't either of those. (In French, it's the reverse -- use the present. If you use the past tense, you have to use either the passé simple, literate but pretentious, or the passé composé, natural but incorrect.)

I'm a sissy faggot too

I too am a married sissy CD who sucks cock and gets fucked by real men with big cocks. The difference between me and Cathy is that I have accepted and I admit that I'm a faggot - even though I'm married I'm truly gay. Dressing up and having hot gay sex with hot hung men for the past 4 years has made me realize that cock is what I want. Accepting that I am gay and a sissy faggot cocksucking bitch is actually wonderful. I wish my wife knew (like Cathy's wife) and maybe when she reads this story she'll realize that this is me. Please tell more stories like this one. It's so hot it turned me on so much.

You have completely misread the story

This applies to all the previous comments. FGS, the story isn't about Trudy's betrayal, but about David's deep inner enjoyment of being feminized and courting discovery. The reader is supposed to have empathy with David's cross-dressing, not indignant at Trudy. She is only part of a story -- not real. There is no call for being upset with her, she is just an author's instrument.

Very well done.

I have to say that this story is the best that I have ever read, it had a sad beginning of years of heartbreak and resentment, tell y'all the truth, I thought that her first boyfriend was gonna beat her when he found out. But it didn't happen. Then she shut herself out of relationships. But towards the end of the story, she found out that Michelle, the "girl", that she was stalking for a week, turned out to be a transgender like herself, and one night of passionate sex, they both found out that they were perfect for each other. A few months down the road, she started to open up to other people like Dan, the guy who she coldly rebuked his idea getting a bite to eat. Towards the end, she agreed. It had a good ending and I liked the story very much.

Not good😕

I hate to be critical but this story should not continue.
At first it seemed farsical, then ridiculous, and finally
It's just plain bad. No stars for you.

Magnificent! Took me to a whole new world - Fantastic Voyage!

Not sure I noticed he publication date, but I sure hope you are still out there and will write more. Very classy, well written, with interesting well-developed characters and surroundings Great recreation of life in the pre-horseless carriage era amid English estates. Just loved the entire story, including the real Evelyn's canniness in outfoxing Uncle Silence, taking his money, and successfully fleeing what was expected from her. I wonder if she had any idea her brother would win up taking over her life and obligations. Perhaps a 20 years later sequel. Where Evelyn's daughter (actually gestated by her mother) is ready to be wed to a man she does not love and Evelyn's sister (through Charlotte finally learning the truth) returns to see all this.

You've gotten me so excited, I've strayed off . This is one of the greatest sagas ever - certainly the best I've ever read set in horse-and-buggy England. The usage of the Karma Sutra was outstandingl. And Penny's development was terrific. Love Edward's psyche being gradually transformed to Evelyn's and how her mother became her guide to feminity at first, until she was malleable enough to learn to service her husband and her maid without ever being actually degraded to the point of humiliation, but able to preserve her public dignity.

In all, a true win-win-win-win situation that made me wet and raucous with laughter at the same time. Evelyn will make a superb Lady Graves!


Loved it. Hard as a rock.

Very hot story. Plays well into submissive lifestyle. And your portrayal of her knowing she has the BBC to rock your little white world!!

You keep me reading (to say the least)!

I especially enjoyed the seduction scene by the pool, with Rick so masterful, making Jesse obey and show him everything while remaining dressed -- so much more exciting than nudity. And I do enjoy the domination without arrogance, without inflicting physical pain, that Rick is displaying.


Extremely erotic and just right to put me in the mood for some serious "day-dreaming..."

What a great story, I'm going to be showing my wife this one ;-)

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