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5 stars

hmmm love the story.

wish i was that sissyboy. please write some more soon

Pure crap

What a waste . people get killed for doing this kind of stuff . should have been in non consent

Good story

Good story, you bet. What sissy doesn't want to get caught at some level, none that I know of. The second chapter will tell the story of how it will work out. Getting caught is one thing, having someone record it, is quite another. Maybe he can bury her phone with her in the back yard, if it doesn't work out the way he wants.


You get full marks for the whole plot, the transformation, and the sex scenes at Brent's. Good writing, shared thoughts & feelings of your character (which I really like). I had a difficult time buying into the way Jamie went from fearing for his life with zip-tie rapist, to swooning romantic with Brent.

Thanks for the heads-up at the intro of this story. I'd like the warning better if it were put more forcefully (pun intended). Full on Non-Con with the zip-tie rapist was enough to categorize it N-C/R.
Thanks for the story.

Fun story, hot too

I enjoyed the encounter. Hopefully it will turn into a long story! I have a friend that I think is like Jamie. I often daydream about finding him like this and starting a new relationship together.

5 stars, for the final paragraph alone... *tear*


This story seems to be extremely familiar, so far. Almost like I have read or possibly experienced this in my past somehow, someway. I will look forward to reading continuations on this story when they become available and see if I still have the feeling of deja vu at that time. Either way, even with the spelling and grammar mistakes, it still makes for an interesting story.

great story

Made me jealous, Michael should have gone for it. He's lucky to possibly get a second chance

Am I the only one that would love to read a follow-up which begins with mia and carrie then works around to mary

To the person below me

I appreciate your concern but rants about the story are fair game. This is the place to put them and as sad as it may be, not everyone got to love what I do.
That's the beauty of Literotica, its a Democracy.

Calling other people assholes is not fair game. Please don't do it.

Love this series as well your others

To the guy below me;

Yes, judge a story based on its category and not the actual writing. Asshole.

Not so much anymore.

The story started out well. Some(me) would expect a story set in the transsexual/crossdresser category to reach a point where the said crossdresser was engaged, either willingly or not, in a bit of homosexual hanky-panky. Not so in this "gender-bender." It turns out that our hero(heroine?) seems to be involved merely to get some lesbian pussy.
That said, it is very well written.

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