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Liked the tension!
Let her torture him some more!!
Please, continue!!!!

I'm a gay sissy too

I'm a married closeted gay CD faggot bitch -- AND I LOVE IT !!! I wish my wife would find out about me and that I could tell her the truth. Hopefully she'll be as understanding as your wife. As you can see, my fem name is "Cindy" and this story really registered with me, especially since your wife's name is Cindy. Please tell more stories like this one. It's so hot.


please can you write more of this story. thank you.

a very good read!

From the first paragraph to the last I was carried along by the very real and intense emotions and feelings of Faye and Chole. In what is really a very short story with a great economy of words the author tells the story of a unique relationship that endures and strengthens over time. I really like this piece and eagerly await the next installment.


please write more soon.


You know I love your stories already, but this is getting really juicy. Yeah baby (with English accent)! Mommy cougar is so good to our new gurl. Can't wait to see how that goes.

You love to edge us, don't you Michele? When do we get to see the next slutfest and get some relief?

Always a loving fan,


loved this heaps

i am always looking forward to your amazing stories. and you did it again here ,thank you for time , effort to write this story.

Great Story

Love your stories.
This is the second one I have read.
I'll work my way through all of them.
Terrific writing and one hell of a turn-on.
Thank you for your work

Great story

Loved this one Lara... I was daydreaming that it was written about me since my name is also Mike.

Poor english

Good story, but like the others have said, the english need work, and winch should be wench. Also it is too short, you clearly have a good idea, take more time to develop it, i.e. make the story longer.

was a great story

until it come to the virtue signaling and then i just had to quit it. It's a shame too because I was enjoying the direction of the story and admiring the style of writing.

Great story, be sure to write more


Posse: gang
Posey: flower


Hot,hope you continue soon.

please add more

its all relative, and erotic

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