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Re: There had definitely...

There's a part 5. And 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, etc. Hang in there. New chapters being posted almost every day :)


Reminds me of my first time. Only, it was before AIDS, and, therefore, bareback. Always in sheer hosiery, I have loved being the Gurl that I am. Men are ok as lovers, but, Gurls are so much better. Love the stories, please keep up the good work. xoxo Betty

So wonderfully sexy. Please let us know how she enjoys the party.

Amazing again!

Your writing is really, really good. Other than that: cali_frae said everything that needed to be said. Pretty darn good read, thanks for sharing it!

Keep Going

This was good especially for a first effort. The story flowed very naturally to me. While somethings were unrealistic that is forgivable, the dialogue while it is a little highschoolish. On the other hand I know more than a few 20 somethings who talk like that, and It does sell me on Jenny's playfulness. My only real complaint is I don't feel like Tom was well characterized. I think I know what you were going for, Tom is a dork who grew into a confident ladys man in college and Jenny cuts through that part of himself and he reverts back to a bit of dorky awkward guy. I think because we are just told that about Tom it doesn't quite stick. A prologue or moment for Tom to demonstrate his confidence and charisma would have made it work better. Those are just my thoughts and I look forward to part 2.

There had definitely...

better be a part 5!!! I have been reading this whole series with such an intense amount of pleasure!!! Keep 'em coming!!!


This story was a fantastic read. Amazing. Favorited. Story and your account. Just great!

Awesome story! Please keep it going and soon!

Good old fashioned big-titted, huge-cocked futanari fun.

Hot but too short

Love it but you leave me wanting more luv


You're a real tease!

You get me so wet and then you stop! C'mon Girl! It's time to party - so get on with it!

Hugs & Kisses,


please make a sequel to this, its an amazingly sexy story ^^

Very interesting!

This sounds like the beginning of a great multi-part story!

I haven't even read it yet, but let me tell you something: I'll take your writing without an editor ANY day over 85% of the stuff that gets submitted here. Talent is obvious, and you've got it in spades, my friend.

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