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An amazing chapter - Many Thanks

It is always interesting to receive the latest addition to this story . Chapter 14 will be a pleasure to read like the first thirteen have been. It is nice to know that it is forthcoming .


Well, I hope you like The Inn better, but I also hope you’re pleasantly surprised if you come back to revisit this one. Nick and Linds are both intended to grow on you, and readers generally seem to like them a lot over the course of the story.

But if not, that’s great too ... it would be a less interesting world if we all liked exactly the same things!

Purrfect Threads

I simply luv💓 this crossdresser story very descriptive...and erotic!!! My tight VS thong is soaked with Crissy's sweetness.....Mmmm!!!
Thx for sharing, SissyCrissy

Teacher’s Name

You changed the teacher’s name in the middle of the story from Mr. Turner to Mr. Tucker.

Always good to see one from you

You're one of my favorite writers on here

great one

i loved it

i been lookin for chloe myself for years

james_38671 at yahoo.

awesome!! would love to see part two...... meeting the family and Jason becoming her bottom boy for life!!!

please do a second chapter i have read this twice and love it

Great Story

Really enjoyed this story. Please continue it. Well written and so much hot Stuff and potential. Love it

I second that

That dude is right we need mommy love... make that ROUGH mommy love... both sin and Liline fucking Ian yeaaa that would make our day

Fun story. Good descriptions, decent prose and grammar, and an interesting plot. However, I agree with the some of the other commenters: the dramatic shift in her behavior seemed too objectifying and not much better than the other ranch hands. It may have even been worse because she made it seemed like she genuinely cared about our protagonist, rather than simply getting a piece of ass. I feel like it would have been better if she'd seduced him rather than forcing him, and in that seduction exerted her will and began to dominate him and own him.

Why doesn't mass I just tell her mother or someone else through email or anonymous chat? Maybe even reach out to the college president. She's gotta tell someone. It is eating away at her soul & this endless secrecy isn't helping her or the pilot's resolution.

Glad to see you back!

Love this story, these characters, everything about it.

I've missed their adventures, and having my orgasms right alongside them :)

Loved this story

Loved this story and almost came in my panties reading it! Had to stop and slip my panties down, twice, and get off. Hope this author writes more stories like this!

sissy erica

Great start

Definitly looking forward to the follow up chapters.
Wish I had been as lucky as Kelly.


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