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Again, another 5 star!

Your story-telling continues at a good pace. Keep it going!

Stilll very good

As allways a very nice story very well written.
Please continue as it's allways a pleasure reading it

very nice

you were able to elicit the emotion of characters, and still keep it concise. this is a story most CD/TV can associate with and dream about. I hope it works out for all involved.

omg awesome

Please. Keep this coming I've had so many fantisises about this more please

You asked, here goes..

Put on a dress and get fucked.

How imaginiative. You don't beat around the bush too much.

You also write lame stories full of predictable crap.

becxoming A REAL WOMAN


now i get it

After reading this chapter i now understand what i was confused about in my previous comment. He is the one with the big cock not her. This part is better than the previous one. Just like you asked in your previous chapter there are some faults in the use of words and misspellings . but 5 wrong in 3 pages is nothing. Continue like this and your storie will become one of the best (well not as good as THE FATE OF TERRA that one is fantastic).

My sister too

I can relate to the "My Sister" comment above: years ago when I was 18 and my sister was 20 and we both still lived at home she used to tease me whenever our parents weren't at home (e.g. walking around the house naked, nude sunbathing in summer, etc.). And when she wasn't at home I liked to mess around with her clothes, etc. It all came to a head one day when she walked in on me riding a big vibrating dildo I'd found hidden in her room. Plus, I had a gay porno mag spread open on my bed and her panties on the floor. I was extremely embarrassed (real life is way more awkward than a Literotica story!). Anyway, after she'd got over the shock of it all she started talking about how much she loved sex and how she was so horny but didn't have a boyfriend at that moment, etc. then she starts saying something like: "wow, I didn't realise your cock was so big, it's as big as the dildo," etc. As she's saying all of this, I'm getting over my embarrassment and start getting horny again myself... and before I know it she's giving me a blow job! After I'd come (in her mouth!) I felt really embarrassed and guilty again, but she's like: "no, I love sucking guys off, I love swallowing cum", etc. which sounded really weird coming from my sister. She's like: "you want to go down on me?" And I was like, "no, I don't think so". I think she was a bit pissed off, and frustrated, etc. Anyway, the next day or so we're home alone again and she's like: "I've just got to see that big cock of yours again, do you want to put it inside me?" I was like "no way!" But she kept on insisting so we eventually compromised: I fucked her up the bum... and she loved it, I didn't think girls would like that but she did. Anyway, over the next while we would mess around whenever the parents weren't around (she'd blow me or I'd fuck her up the bum) until she met a guy she was quite serious about and our little secret incestuous fun stopped abruptly. We've never spoken of it and I don't think she's ever told anyone about it. She's probably forgotten all about it, and her slutty cock-crazed days are long behind her - that was just over 20 years ago after all. (I'm still crazy about cock!)

I wish

What an incredible description. I loved it. It answers a question I have always secretly had about whether we are able to actually feel the cock throbbing as he ejaculates :-) I hope I'll find out for myself sooner rather than later !
Very explicit. Very sexy.

Love it

How incredibly exciting. Xxxxxxx

very nice story

i am a male and my lady friend and i was in bed i just pick up her panties and ask her what would you said if i put your panties on and wore them all day she said you are not man enought to do that i got up and pull the panties over my ass they were tight she look at me and said what a pretty ass you have with panties on well then my pantie were man you may wear them all day but just the panties i told her yes i got up and went to get coffee for her and brought back to the bed room well i see my sissy man got me coffee what a good girl that when i told her why you call me a sissy girl i can not call you a sissy man it just not right she had her coffee and got up then she told me i was just thinking i would you like to get dress in all women clothes just for to-day i told it would be fun do that mean every thing a women wears yes i will make you look like a girl yes then but i will not have breasts like a girl well if you let me i have some fake breasts i can glue on and later on i can take them off i told her lets do it then she grab my hand and rub some cream on me and pull my panties off and rub some around my ass and balls then she turn the shower on and i step in she wash me all over and then wash my hair it was a bit long after the shower she dry me off and i look down and saw all the hair i ask her why my hair came off well you said to make you a girl well girl do not have hair all over there body now come with me so i can make you into a pretty girl now first lets put these breasts on there now the bra this will help keep your breasts in place it was a sexy black bra that show my breasts a bit next the thong black panties then a white blouse and a short black dress that came down to my ass then i was told to sit down so she could do my make up and nails well after a hour i was a girl then she put high heels on me and hand me a red pruse you are ready to go out now i told here i can not go out like this yes you can and will you said you want to be a girl and i told you all day now we are going shopping she grab my hand and we walk out to the car she open the car door and i got in then she got in the driver seat i ask her were are we going to well i thought you would like to get your hair done you did said to make you a full girl for the day yes i did but i did not think you would go this far well then if you like i will turn around and go home but if i do you better not ever wear my clothes i told her fine then you can get my hair done and just for that i will have ear rings put in too well we got to the hair dresser and told the lady make him look more girly and put the ear rings in that i told you about i will be back in a hour the lady told her he will look like a girl you will be happy with her looks well after that she came back i was done well look at you you look lovey as a girl thank you lady here lets have a drink and her sissy you take this pill and have a drink of water the lady were talking i must of fell a sleep she a sleep what did you give her a sleeping pill i need your help lady look he has fake breast but when his bra come off so do the fake breasts i brought these two breasts now with your help i think we can put them on till the glue get hard and they will not come off till his grow out and if you lady do this he will become are sissy bitch and even work here but what will she do well you have men come in for hair cuts so she can wash there hair just think with a low cut top on they can look at her tits and let her get feel up and then we can have here her in a short skirt so when she bend over her panties will show well after a month i became a hair washer at the store and the men hit on me i even had one that want to fuck my ass i told my lady boss well maybe one day and that a nother story

Thank you!!!

You have no idea how happy it makes me to read your comments! Thank you so much!



Hope there will be more!

good story but...

Awesome story but if you spent half as much time talking about the sex as you did about the clothes and shoes it would be much better. I started skipping parts about clothes. Too much. Pam loses her virginity and its almost a footnote. Awesome characters.

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