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Great story

Absolutely a wonderful story. I would love to have someone do this to me. Thank You so much for sharing. I can't wait for chapter 7. Especially since I live between Dallas and Ft. Worth so I've know some of the places you write about.

WOW great start!

This is a great first story!! I can't wait for more and more!


I'm a big fan of dominant roommate stories, plus I have a crush on a girl named Kara, so I'm liking this. :) Keep up the good work!


beautifully written, sensitive and felt real. Fairy tales can be the life we wish to have. and the lucky few get to have it, xx

Great story

I loved the flow and the buildup of the story.
Great job

Content Warning

The sex was hot for sure, but it is also rape. Might want to warn folks up front that you've got a story about non-consentual sex

Heartfelt wonder.

Excellent story, want more.

I like it

Please write another part to this story :)


This was actually really great!!!! I really hope you write a 4 chapter!!

Good first attempt. I agree with msny of the other comments. It - this shows promise. Keep it up. ;-)

Wow, this is a gougeous, sensual read. I honestly didn't want it to end, fell in love with all the characters. I'm glad you kept Lisa true to her role as friend. It would've been easy to have her in on a threesome but it'd have ruined the integrity & honesty of the characters.

I could blabber on but I'd just be repeating the praises of other commenters. Thanks, Nikkie, for another brilliant story. It was erotica, yes, but so much more. It was a story of sexual awakening & a beautiful example of sexuality without the constraints of a binary or intolerant point of view. An exquisite story. Pretty near perfectly told.

I think I could fall in love with him though I usually prefer women licking my pussy. ;-)

Amazing story!

What an amazing and beautiful story. I loved it!


Nothing "brilliant" about this. Almost positive that had to be the author commenting.


What a great story

Thank you

I appreciate the constructive criticism. This is obviously my 1st story. I left out some of the details I had originally intended because I didn't want it to get too long... I will take all your comments in to consideration on my next submission.

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