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5 stars isnt enough! So hot!


Kinda forceful, but you can tell the sissies loved it and got used to it quickly...

Great story

Wow! I enjoyed your story. Kept me on edge so far. Thanks

So exciting

Very fun; slowly developed. Cant wait til you get a cock to make her totally femme.

A legit writer

I could say a lot more, but that sums it up; a story by a legit writer. Lots of people write, few are writers. DO NOT STOP. Whether it's here, there, or everywhere, keep writing. You've got it.

am jealous

wow,, such a beautiful story,,there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a dick and knows how to use it,, wish I had a "wife" with a dick,,,I would please her and worship her every day

please continue

I can't wait to read the next chapters. I too am a sissy CD with a step-sister who caught me and now helps me with my cross-dressing and especially my make-up. She's my Mistress and I love it when she fucks me deep and hard. Please tell us what happens next in your story.


Hottest story on the site, it keeps getting better

Amazing story can't wait for the update!

Reading this got me so hard. I love every bit. The wedgies are great too:) one thing you should add in is more pranks on each other like the pussy slap and things like it.

Thank you for writing these.

Great stories!
Very hot!!

So sexy

I can't decide if I want to fuck Claire or be Claire. So sexy both ways. Keep it up!

Another good chapter,and everything seems to flow with a natural feel, although short and sweet. It also drives home the fact that most TV's are mostly not homo sexual but may or may not have bisexual traits that allows one to express a feminine side of their psyche that has needs of its own which often are submissive in nature. Keep up the good work. I now look forward to part 17 as you wind down towards the conclusion and of course "the party". Kudos and well told.

This whole "Dominate" thing is false

How can you dominate someone if you must first beg him to let you do something to him? It means that HE is the dominate one in the mix, not the others that consider themselves mistresses. They also know that ALL of his outbursts of anger have been because he was mistreated during S/M - so why do they keep trying to beat him? Obviously, they do NOT love him, they just don't want to lose the only fool who sticks around to be tortured. If all they would do is the soft S/M stuff, he would be happy, not lose his temper, and stick around forever. But because they become sexually excited when causing him lots of pain, they keep trying, even though they know what the result will be. Sick bitches.

If only...

I wish something like this would be my fate, especially the obvious chapter two events of two-on-one. And, we could all take turns. Sigh...

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