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Building Character

It is nice to see when someone takes time to build a character. Being a sissy is a lot more than just sex, which is not the thrill of a sissy. Please keep exploring the emotions and feelings as you bring others into the stories.
Thank you!

I good idea.

You should write a story about it.
You haven't yet.
1* is the best I can give a brief outline.

A slow but needed transition!

It was nice to see a young lady help her step father, James, become Jamie! I was 10 when I looked over my sisters panties, garter belt and nylons! Even trying on the button down dress! I did get caught! Now fast forward and I've become a transgendered female! I wish there was a young woman that could have nurtured me when I was younger! I enjoyed the story and can't wait for this story to continue! Jessica seems to be an angel!

Very, very impressive.

I love it. Parts are improbable, but possible. Others are annoyingly like real life.
I just pray that the good guys win

The Best!

I wish there was a pill to become a woman! I was mesmerized with the story not stopping til the amazing ending for Avery, a woman to love and a baby to give birth to!!!! Motherhood and a loving family! If that pill was out there I'd take it in a heartbeat!


My thing is latex but, being a Crossdresser and a Bottom, I have been fucked many times in pantyhose. I usually just make a hole that it just large enough for my partner's cock to enter me and a hole in his just big enough for his cock and balls. It seems like your insides would be rubbed raw by a pantyhose covered cock fucking you but, I have to admit that the feeling of my nylon covered legs rubbing against his and the feeling of my completely nylon covered butt against his pantyhose covered hips while being stuffed full of a nice big cock makes me lose my load much too quickly!

Cannot wait for what is next

Great story. Got me hard and wanting to join in.

Keep the events cumming!!

I got a bad feeling about this

No reply in six months, just hoping your well.

Incredible Writing

I have read all of the Role Player's series and was sad to see that it was not to continue (still holding out for more of Holly in the future), but seeing that you are still adding stories is amazing. I keep refeshing your story page hoping for more. The character development is a welcome change from alot of the overly sexualized stories here on the site. PLEASE keep up the tremendous work.


There is no other way to discribe how you have depicted Abby as a submisive pet then wonderful. Once again your words flow from the pages and bring your charaters to life. Forgive yourself the small error in the ending as we all make mistakes.

Very Nice!

Very nice story! This is similar to the fantasy I have involving me and my Aunt. She catches me going through her lingerie drawer and forces me to wear her garter belt, stockings, panties, and bra under my jeans and polo shirt all day as punishment.

Very hot

I loved this story. I have fantasized about this many times when playing with my little late e cock. I would love to have a girlfriend like Katie and a friend like Sam. I hope there will be another chapter.


I've fucked a lot of trannies in my time, and find them to generally be a better screw than women. I do a lot of hill walking and often use the moors buses to get to/from a good area. That day a Dog Walker got on the stop after me and all the signs were there that he was a Faggot, who probably dressed. Within a week I knew where he lived and engineered a meeting in the local pub, which led to me taking him back to his place, and persuading him to dress for me. Soon he was in all white lingerie, Bra, Susspender (Garter) belt, stockings with seams and a tiny G-String which barely covered him. "Is the White meaningful" I asked, and he confessed to being a Virgin in all respects of sex with a man. In that session I started him off with my cock in his mouth, working up to a slow, if deep, throat fucking and Creampie Sundae to drink. My next visit I began to work on HUR (I always like to feminise them early, and named her A-MAN-DA) Pussy with fingers, KY jelly and various Dildoes, leaving hur overnight with a Butt Plug in her as I slept next to her. By three o'clock in the morning I pulled out the plug and Broke Hur In properly. I shagged her for about seven years before she had the full operation, and I wished her good luck and finished our relationship.

Very hot!!

Good first posting hon, pretty well written and steamy enough to have me squirming in my chair. The pacing felt rushed, but that's a preference thing. The one real criticism I have with this story is the use of the word "trans" as a noun, it's an adjective and should be used as such, a seemingly small thing, but I believe it has some pretty far reaching implications in our wider society.. To end this on a positive; I would love to read more by you so please keep writing.

Rikki B


Sexy, erotic and plenty of surprises.

I loved it

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