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Well Done

It is hard to find good stories involving shemales, well done.


Excellent response! I know I make more than my share. I proof read. I get others to proof read as well and still a mistake or a few mistakes always seem to slip by. It's depressing to reread a story several weeks later and spot the typos or extra words or misspelled words. You shake your head and wonder "How the hell did I miss that?" Nobody here is a pro and even with editors, they are all volunteers. I do know this, having written a few stories for this site has given me a whole new respect for ALL the people that submit their stories here. You do a fine job Whiskey. I have been a fan for sometime and it was folks like you and RUWild and Sugarandsalt and many others like you that got me to try writing just for enjoyment. I hope to read more from you. I would love to know how you can keep up the energy. I am dealing with midterm exams, a new lady I am dating etc etc and my time for writing is dwindling as real life crowds in. Any advice for us newbies?

Please continue

I want to see Kyla turn out to be a trophy girl imo with Billy.

Actually it was reposted only because first submission said it wasn't taken so if any of you dummies are offended move on

Reposted because site said first one wasn't so if you can't figure that out take a long walk on a short dock


Actually jb they do produce sperm hence the name she male you shouldn't talk about things you no nothing of

Good start. don't stop! :)

Honest feedback

I agree. It looked like stuff just taken from other stories and stitched together. My suggestion. If this is the best you can do, let this be your one contribution.


They happen. I should point out, this is Literotica. I'm not doing this for money....I'm doing it for fun. I get a little tired of the people who point out every mistake they see. I do what I can. That is indeed, what a proof reader/editor is for. But even editors can miss things from time to time, and I can't count how many stories I have read on this website with about as many mistakes I make in my own...but I overlook them, unless they are absolutely ridiculous (which I don't find to many that are to hard to overlook) I'm no professional.

Hope there is more to the story to come...xoxo

keep trying

I hope you are able to get help from a proof reader.

"and made me promise he would not tell her" ?

Thank you

I would like to give you a great thanks for having the privilege to read your stories.
Each one I have been reading I am still interested in following.
This one even had tears in my eyes.
Thank you again and please keep writing.

Moved my writing

I did write a short sequel that coincidently answers the question asked here about why the wife seems to change her opinion. But I moved my writing to my own tumblr. Not sure the rules here allow a link so best I can offer is Google a phrase in this story.

Lovely Read

I really enjoyed this story! It explored something very interesting and for a compelling reason! The revealing moment felt a little strange but led to the porn well which is the idea! I didn't care for the jump straight to love that they had but that would be my biggest complaint. I've added you to my favorite authors list so that I can read more of your work next time!

Get an editor

This felt like you clipped paragraphs from other stories and pasted them together. Not original or clever and the dialogue was just awful. Try again.

"Quite" != "Quiet"

Use an editor / proofreader... 3-stars

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