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Sorry but not enjoyable for me

Any similar stories like this?

Any stories like this where:
1) Wife/girlfriend tricks husband/boyfriend
2) Involving rape
3) femdom

Please post links.


loved it please dont stop i am in love with helen she deserves much more

Yes Yes Yes!!!!

Please give me part 2!!! i love this and dream of this being me some day. I am sissy mendybell and have fantasized about this for ever. i am married with a family but a secret cross dressing faggot also. please continue this story!

I loved it!

Very well thought out, written, and presented. Now if I could only find a T girl like her.

Great story - small problem

Nice story about a couple's relationship .
Sorry to point out ... The Willow World is a construct of the Japanese culture .
Not Chinese .
Reference James Clavell's " Shogun" for one .
Please keep writing .

das fucked up

Thank you anon and TBC.

Omg that was not what I expected lmao

I had a feeling that Hannah may have set her up as a joke or something. The twist being that she was in the wrong place, was the best part of the story. Aside from that, I loved the sex scene and I really enjoyed the build up. This was definitely worth the read. Well done.

I liked the story but :-)

Ok the story was well written with a few errors . We are not in any lifestyle its who we are , I have always been a woman . Just because we are Trans does not mean we will have Gender Conformation Surgery . I did and its the best thing I have ever done . If you get the right surgeon Take my word for it its so not just a hole . Again though thank you for a better than average story .

Great series

Would love to see more of your story


I wished it'd been one of my parents who had helped me be the girl I always knew I was. Instead first it was my mother's cousin then our best friends father.

Chapter Deep 13

You snuck in a Josh Weinstein reference. You win the obscure Mystery reference award! I’m looking forward to you getting frankly Frank in future chapters.

Not believable

Sorry. You were doing great with this up until you got to the 14th squirt part and the still leaking cum a week later along with your asshole still stretched quarter size 3 weeks later. None of those are possible or believable. As a married sissy whose hubby has shared his wife with many men, I know from experience. 3*s for your effort.

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