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my first kiss with a man

Just like another reader, I remember my first kiss with a man -- it was wonderful, especially because my wife was watching !!! Our boyfriend kisses both of us, we both suck his cock, he licks her pussy, and he fucks both of our cunts (my man-pussy). Please continue this story -- I can't wait for the next chapters.

I'm going to show my wife this story

This is almost exactly my fantasy -- except he doesn't become a slave at the end but rather the 3 of them live together and have hot sex all the time. I want my wife to see me dressed in her sexy lingerie and I truly want her to fuck me with her big dildo strap-on. I also dream of her getting fucked by a big stud with a big cock while I masturbate watching them. Then, I lick his cum out of her cunt while he slides his big cock in my man-pussy and fucks me deep & hard. I can't wait to show my wife this story so that she can finally know what a sissy faggot CD her husband really is. Wish me luck.

please continue

Please continue and make sure you include some men seeing the sissy husband. I want to read about sissy sucking strange cock and then getting fucked in his man-pussy for the first time. My wife dresses me up and I love it -- but she doesn't lock up my small dick but rather allows me to play with it -- especially in front of her girlfriends ( I love jerking off in front of her friends while I'm dressed in the lingerie she has bought me -- it's so humiliating but also extremely enjoyable).

my dream too

Just like another reader, I wish my wife and I had an extra bedroom because Brian could move in. I would be his sissy slut and he would fuck both me and my wife. I dream of being a sissy cuckhold who watches his wife get fucked by a stud who then feeds me his cock and then fucks me hard & deep after fucking my wife first. I'm going to show my wife this story and my comment so that she will know once and for all what a sissy faggot CD I am. Wish me luck.

Me too

This story is very similar to all of us sissy CDs who love to dress up, suck cock and then get fucked. I can't wait to read the next chapters when Brandy gets fucked by both Dan & Frank & their other friends.


I'm just ok with that scene and also ok with you don't want wrote this again ;)

Rob and Jay did hook up in the original series once

It was something I decided to try, just to see how it turned out...a lot of people were turned off by it though, and to be honest I didn't much like how it turned out either. I tend to try and forget I even wrote that into the series to be honest lol

Nice continuation!

Stag Party will separate or together? I hope that together and end in a cool orgy. I know you don't like boy-boy but if I remember correctly Rob is bet anal to Jay. Maybe some foursome for end of freedom?? ;)

crossover siblings

Damn that was hot!I ended up pregnant thanks to my crossdressing brother.
Our parents knew oure crossdressing between us but never knew of the incest that went on. Imagine our surprise when I ended up pregnant by my own brother.Maui weather man and wife together as a cross-dressing duo.


..damn you, you ruined dream idol....omg me......stop 120's and coke? Are you crazy? OMG she should graduate to rock....and dope.....

Damn you, broke my heart!

Miss Felony Srutter

Glad this series has come back to life.

Love it!!!

That is one of the hottest stories I've ever read! I wish I could live it out myself!

Hot story

Really great story, I felt like I was there. Would love to hear what happened next ;)

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