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this is the best story I have read on literotica.


Can't wait for the second chapter. Keep up the good work.


I enjoy these stories and ache for a female to help me become more of a woman! I have used tampons and butt plugs but the plugs don't stay in long with the lubrication! I have used dildos and once I realized I needed a tampon to stop accidents after messing my panties with lubricant from gas! OOPS! Lesson learned! Enough of me but Yvette is who I want to be! Living alone and being a trans woman is hard for fears of abusive elements in the world! Yvette has a partner and that is, to me, safety in numbers!



5 stars!!

Loved it! Looking forward to reading all the rest your tale!


Absolutely adore this story. Tragedy, hope, trust romance, and steamy passionate sex. All wrapped in a realistic story line. Everything a girl needs and wants in good erotica.
Thanks for taking the time to share your talent with us.


Really loved the cute beginning of a relationship, can't wait to read more

Sissy Unite

This is a great story and different in the normal style, really looking forward to the continued sissyfication of Mark. xxx

Absolutely Wonderful

Thank you for this story. Your extraordinary talent is very obvious. Please keep writing. cookie

Well Done! Keep Going!

This is what I have asked for, you’ve captured it so well.

Please keep going!

An excellent chapter

About the series: blackmail is a dicey thing to get right in erotica, and you pulled it off. It's a bit gritty, and uncaring, I suppose, forcing another person to do things because you have power over them. If done just so, it can become erotic. It takes a certain, special something to make it become a shared, mutually satisfying experience. I like those sorts of story best.

The 2nd chapter is far and away the better of the two, but it couldn't have come to pass without the first. As a set, mmmm!

I was having fun with the 750 word limit - climaxing right at the end...

All it needed was a bow.

This chapter tied things up nicely. Slow powerful undercurrents of love can sometimes seem less arousing than the rampant lust of people in desperation, but this chapter has both.
I'm reading TG&CD stories, so I wouldn't turn away from more Cassie stories, however, I will be checking out your other offerings.

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