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Need a Follow Up!

Agreed with previous comments. Need a follow up to this story!

This is amazing

Enjoyed this thoroughly. Filled my heart. So similar.

Please write again!

I liked your first story, Neighborhood Bitch, and I really loved this one, too. Husbands getting ass-fucked in front of their taunting wives is one of my favorite kinks.

You might enjoy one of my stories.
My stories: age.php?uid=789392&page=submissions

this is really sick stay with your day job

On the homophobia

I don't think it's that poorly explained.
It seems perfectly reasonable to me that one of these girls, fresh from high school and on her own for the first time, would be uncomfortable sharing a room/living space with someone who was sexually attracted to her.
If anything it made the story more real than they typical "everyone is okay with every bizarre story element all the time, no questions asked" and using it as a driving force for our protag to *actually* have a gay encounter is clever irony.
Though whether or not it's 'actually gay' depends on if you think Sasha is truly trans.
See how much more depth that one bit of negativity gave this story?


The mixture of Joe's feminization with the three-way relationship was incredibly hot, in my opinion. This has become one of my favorites of yours. Keep up the terrific writing.

Me Too!

"I pulled his boxers down and took a look. It was enourmous, veiny, and uncut.

"Just the way that I like them" I thought to myself, as I started rubbing the foreskin between my fingers.""

That is just the way that I like them, as well! Loved it!

very hot

A very sensual story that kept me hard and leaking precum as I slowly massaged my cock while reading this story and I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Liked the first one, but I guess this isn't for me.

Next chapter PLEASE!

I hope eventually he loses his cock and is made into a complete girl with a pussy and asshole to show case his (her) slut skills


hope to hear more of Justines adventures as a sissy slut

Keep on going

Going good so far. Can't wait for more.

One question: Why do I keep seeing this story in the art style of InCase?

I don't like it.

What kind of friend would play such prank.
What kind of girl would plot such humiliation on her future hubby.
What man would accept such arrangement.

More please?

I can't wait to see other places this story can go. When's the next chapter coming?

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