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I was happy when I saw this new chapter waiting for me to read

But god damn, that ending broke my heart. You don't post very often anymore, and I worry that it's going to be a long time before we get to see what happens next. I'm about to re-read this series, as it's been so long and I don't remember all the details to clearly. Anyway...please try to get the next chapter up soon. With an ending like that, people are going to lose their minds waiting lol

That's some ABS!

The only thing better than a story about a guy and a T-girl, is a story about a guy and two (or more) T-girls! I hope the next chapter is "cumming" soon.

Great story

I think you could have worked a bit on the title, though.

And speaking of "though", there is no such word as "thoughs" unless you are talking about more than one of that word. "Got one of thoughs gifts..." should have been "Got one of those gifts..."

The story begins with Abbey ramming Ron with her "massive" dildo, but when they go to buy it, it's only a five-incher, which is below the average cock size and far from being "massive".

You had Ron tell Sam he was looking to be dominated, but that wasn't a dominant relationship, it was more of a switch relationship, with each person being versatile in taking the top or bottom role.

I would have liked more detail on Ron doing Sam up the ass, since Abbey wouldn't do it, and on their growing relationship in general. Did Ron graduate to sucking Sam off, too?

When switching back and forth in a timeline, most authors use a line of asterisks ***********, or something like that, between paragraphs that begin and end the various time shifts. That makes it easier on the reader to keep things separate, although it wasn't too hard to do in this particular story, since it was also switching from Abbey to Sam as the secondary character.

All that being said, I really did enjoy this story.

Quite a Book

The plot has me in suspense. Annabel's change was amazing. Thanks for posting.

There's brutality, and then there's BRUTALITY

Despite the warning at the beginning, I found the level of supposed "brutality" in this to be rather mild. Yeah, it's a rape story, but it is a FANTASY rape story which has little to do with reality. Still, the story itself was mostly just hard fucking, with a couple of slaps on the ass and a very brief mention of Tanya's hand on his throat, when she first kissed him near the beginning. In the realm of BDSM possibilities that is really mild stuff.

If this was real, Jake would have awoken the next day with pain (and probably severe injuries) in his abused ass and throat, and not just laid there wondering why he was semi-recalling the smell of jizz and a feeling of fulfillment.

It's a wonder how Sarah not only got him into her home (where she had to sneak him in), but also managed to get all of the cum washed off of him, then get him into her bed, all while Jake was passed out.

It would have been better to just skip naming a real car model and letting it go as some anonymous brand, rather than picking a "mini" (should have been in caps) and having readers call "bullshit" on three adults, two of whom have 13" and 11" cocks (respectively), spit-roasting the third in the backseat, which anyone who knows about Minis will tell you isn't even large enough to swing a cat in.

Still, when all is said and done, this is a rape FANTASY, therefore allowances must be made, because it is a work of fiction, NOT reality, and it's a fine fictional tale at that.


you broke up sam and alex???

Must be reported

this story must be reported as super addicted

love your story

Dear Author,
thank you very much for this great Story.
I wish it is me in your Story.
If you want to know why, look at me at Xhamster.
My Name there is claudiaxxx

please don't let this be the last chapter

still odd

I get that this is a 'coming out', and that - overall - he has a wife that is trying to come to terms in a way that is probably a thousand times better than a lot of situations out there.
But this seems so painfully slow!


Seems a bit shy of a full chapter, kind of a teaser.
Will check out Ch. 2 and see what happens next.

loved it

Please continue you are very talented.... I want to be Bambi

so sexy

Great story. Very sexy!
I would have left Larissa with het 1st two wishes. Big juicy tits and big cock (yummy), and changed the roommate and her friend back to normal.
This story made me very wet btw!

Great story

I loved most everything about this story. Well thought out and exciting. I personally don't care for the rubber part or the bondage items, but the rest was excellent. Very exciting to live life as she was meant to be,

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