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Is anyone really THAT stupid?

Utter and complete drivel, even for a fictional story.

A complete trainwreck

With thoroughly unlikable characters doing unbelievably stupid things without rhyme or reason. UGH!


Wonderful story and good writing style.
Damn need to find this kind of bar in my own town...

Gramatically speaking the worst story ive ever read.

I couldn't do it. Enjoyed the story for how much I read but the grammar was horrible. First story I've felt the need the comment on.


I said he used lube but, did mention condoms at that point. I said earlier Tara was carrying condoms in her purse but, did not say she used them this time. Condoms should of course be used but, this story is at least part sexual fantasy.

Good work thus far

Just wanting to congratulate you on your series "Alex.'s Sissy Time..."
It is fairly well written and proceeding/developing at a nice pace. I am looking forward to the next chapter.

My money is on the stepmother being the "daddy".

It can be difficult writing in this genre of erotica as the options are rather limited, but you have created a character where a reader can be genuinely interested in what will happen next.

Keep it up!

Great start

For a series this is a fantastic hook (although mean) that grabs the at the reader making them want to read more. So I hope you keep posting.

P.s editors if you don't have one already try to find one they are great to have even if they don't have to correct much. :)

So good

If possible can we have tina have sex with mick or any guy for that matter. The possibility really turns me on.

I can relate

My Madam did the same to me but thankfully men came to the hotel room. $25 a blow and I had to earn $500 to Panay for a vase I broke

Short and sweet

Not into piss play but I did enjoy the short strory

A touch short but..

It hits all the right notes for the reader to be captivated. T-Girl on G-Girl is one of my favorites.. Thank you.


hot as fuck , please keep going . i completely agree with ricki b's comments . fucking awesome .

Thank you!

Thank you for the comments :) I have published part 2 as well, so please read that and tell me what you think :) What made the Indian population look like a fool?

Yay for girl cock!

Absolutely scorching hot!! As a T-Girl this kinda thing has to walk a very fine line for me to enjoy.. And I just adore the sense of humor you display in the intro. Please do keep writing and making me all hot and bothered. Would love to see a feminization story featuring some more of Shelter's denizens..

Rikki B

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