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Merry Christmas

I loved your story. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading, but found myself enthralled. It was well written, sweet, and very erotic. Thank you. :)


Just love this story, nickie. Thank you. Merry Christmas!!

What a Superb Story!

Congratulations on producing such an enthralling story Nikkie.

Delighted to discover your latest composition and thoroughly enjoyed reading the story from start to finish.

I found the story to be totally absorbing, I couldn’t put it down, just had to find out what happened with Ben and Sandy.

It was an absolute pleasure to discover a story of this quality.
This is such a wonderfully heartwarming story and just the perfect antidote for the winter blues.

I just don’t know how you manage to write so many utterly compelling stand alone stories and still find the inspiration to keep us on the edge of our seats with your excellent Cockatoo series.

In my opinion this piece is worthy of inclusion in Literotica’s ‘Winter Holidays’ competition, and I believe it would be a deserving contender for a top spot, this piece would certainly get my vote.

Kind Regards and Seasons Greetings.

Very Hot!!

I have read all of your stories. They are all hot!! Please don't stop writing!!

Cute story

I liked it, it was quick and fun, cheesy language and all.

Make me your cum whore

Cum out with a second chapter. You got my cock hard, now finish it!!


Where us the honeymoon?

MORE please

Love this story and hope for more. Literotica does not have enough shemale/wife stories out there that's written this well. Would hope you keep this story going awhile no matter how long it takes. It would also be cool if you got some others involved. Pam's friends or arrange a gang bang for Pam. Possible even a web chat with hubby so he can see what a slut his wife is and can give her some of the dominance that she desires. However things go I hope there's another chapter or 2.

please continue this story.


A delightfully delicious story! I would be happy to be Seth or Travis and experience a situation like that! Look forward to more.

Nice story

Mmmm maybe she shod have naughty lingerie on in the next installment! Nicely written story!

That was great

The pace, the build up, the story was all perfect. For a moment at the end, even I thought she might have ditched him and if she had, that would have been grounds for a good sequel. I still think you could pull a part 2 off though and I'm very interested in seeing what else happens between these two. Of course, in the end it's all up to you but I'm hoping to see more at some point, for sure.


A beautiful love story. I love all of your stories.

Just lovely

I've a similar view of Christmas to Ben but this story certainly left me with a festive warmth in my heart. Wonderful writing, as a one off it's absolutely fantastic. As a start to a series you've laid a great foundation with such adorable charecters, I for one would love to read more but after this my expectations would be very high (you've already shown you can do it though). Whatever you decide to do thank you & happy holidays x


DAMN, wish you could be my gurl friend ! ! ! ! I'd love to have you fuck me every day ! ! ! !

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