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Yes, But....

As I think about this story (2nd reading BTW) and of my life and the lives of others I have known both actually and in fiction, I wonder where is the ability to acknowledge that we are all fallible, make mistakes and then regret them. Is Lyle going to be better off without Gloria and she without him in the future?

These stories always imply the question: but how will I ever trust you again? How do you trust anyone? Where is the guarantee that Lyle's next foray into love and matrimony will be any more successful? When you flip a coin the odds are always the same: equally heads and tails. The history of your flips is completely irrelevant. You could say that every time you go into the mix of men and women you know a bit more and your odds keep improving as you get more expert at the game. But we all know that the improvement of our knowledge of the other sex with each new relationship is miniscule at best.

My take is that this experience has been horrendous to both Gloria and Lyle and although their future together will never be what it was in the past, they are probably better off trying again to see if they can piece something together than him biting the bullet and throwing her to the wolves. I'm not suggesting he goes for "three strikes and you're out", but one strike isn't the whole answer and maybe two isn't a bad compromise. 4*

Great story !

It is clear that this is not the standard behavior. Very well written has all the the ingredients for five stars !!


Yes you can rape a man. There are documented cases of men being raped by women. Anytime that a man does not give CONSENT it's R A P E.


Hi all, so sorry about the delay, I don't know what happened, it was probably me posting in a mad hurry too late at night, please blame me and not the good folk at literotica.

The actual Chapter 26 has been submitted and should show up in the next couple of days.

Hope you like it. Because it's now time to go home.

The Ending

Your ending resulted in a negative score.
The End 3💥 's

What complete dogshit. Morons, manipulators, every character an unrealistic, crude plot puppet. By worthless cunts, for worthless cunts.


It's not RAAC but RWHC, Reconciliation With High Cost!


Never knew it was actually possible to laugh so hard that it could cause an asthma attack! LOL

character trait

Appreciate the author including Betty's desire to keep the panties of her lesbian sex partners. Love the scent in my lesbian friends' panty panels.

To: vividlyyours

You make an interesting point with noticing that Amy is always the first to express her feelings. I could be honest and say that I just didn't happen to notice I was doing that when writing the story. *cough* Or, I could lie and say that if you recall, back in part one, Adam mentions that he is not one to typically express his feelings and that he was grateful for the room being dark at the time he was talking to Amy because he felt so exposed talking about how he truly felt. Therefore, he's less likely to independently express his feelings and is more likely to do so in response to her. Yeah... I think we'll go with the second option and make me look like I'm smarter than I am. Haha

Seriously though, thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far. I subscribe to the belief that if you care more about the people, you will care more about the sex. (I forget which comedian it was that made that observation. Bill Hicks, perhaps?)


What in hell is a 'physiatrist?'
Liked the rest of it, but not sure the golf component was worth the trouble of getting 10-15 kilobucks!

Thank You

I am glad that you enjoyed this little story and I appreciate your comment. I don't have any more on this particular story line at the moment but I do have quite a few other Scenes that involve mfm with a male switch. I will be posting more of them as soon as I find the time to do some editing on them.

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