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Just what every wife wants and needs

A pimp for a husband. Was she really that dumb? Was he oblivious to the path he starts down? Did he really have no pride or self respect? Standard questions that arise from this type of garbage story. No one ever has an answer. Even for fiction, it was ludicrous. Add to that the fact that it was neither fun or entertaining to read and you get 1 star.


I thought that jazz and dean would still find a way to be together what a let down but still all and all good writing

Part 2 please :)

I'm reading this the second time around! ...just randomly ran across it! I'd forgot to add a thought last time I posted. ...after he lays down for a nap after all the awesome lil sister sex, he won't be able to stand up at all, much less walk, lol! He basically just hit that groin injury with a sledge hammer! Hehehe ;) ...thats gonna huuuuurt!

Still in love with the story! Love the forward sister knowing what she wants and going after it! The brother wasn't too cliche' with his 'but your my sister' routine, heh... No way a guy would open his mouth saying anything negative if his hottie gymnast sister was jacking him off! Rofl ;)
...loved that they were both virgins.

Just a note

Several comments about this being in the wrong category, it was changed to bdsm by the the site itself from erotic couplings. But thanks for reading :) always appreciate comments


More people should really express how they feel taboo are not the world would not be so fucked up

Hotter than the sun

Fuck this is one hot story - absolutely incredible.


Mutual true love.

This is such a beautiful love story of two people meeting & sharing their love for each other & being able to marry & continue life tpgether as God has intended for each of us.
What a blessing. Keep up the good work of story telling!

5 stars as always!

I can always count on any story with the Lara Longstaff name being awesome! I have seen your work on Smashwords so if folks want to support this writer's skills that we have all enjoyed here thanks to her generosity and the folks at Literotica, please do! I plan on doing that myself afterI tend to give money to those silly things like water and electricity.. Whiskey had it right, this one felt a bit rushed but most readers who never post anything here may not be aware that 3 pages on this site often means anywhere between 8 and 10 pages in word. Great work! Thanks again to you and Whisky for sharing your talents!

Good story, I hope there is more.

I liked the story but u hope younwillnwrite.more.

hey dude

U need to finish this one too

Your own niche

Well , that's the way to start a day ! Randi , I have in the past commented on your posts that your writing reminded me of StangStars earlier works , well now you have blazed your own niche in the LW genre ! You are simply a natural born storyteller , and you are moving into that rarified air that only the greats occupy.
As others have noted , you have a great ability to write from a male's perspective , something that few female authors have (the reverse is true also) , and your sex scene's have no rival for their insightful HOTNESS !
HDK and Saxon-Hart obviously have an eye for talent , and your editing team is the best on this site (or SOL) for that matter. But I have a sneaky feeling there's not a lot for them to clean up.
Of course Swingerjoe is going to try to rain on your parade , but I think all of us regular readers know where that little Green remark truly comes from.
The only thing that I have even the slightest quibble with in this story is the line where Kab says that if she came and said she wanted to have extra marital sex or gang-bangs that he was liberal enough to do it , that flew directly in the face of his whole attitude from the rest of the story. But that is so minor I shouldn't even mention it.
I also love the dry, snarky humor that your writing has , that's another endearing trait of your writings.
I am so glad that you continue to write and post LW stories ( it takes thick skin to overlook the trolls) , and I feel blessed that you allow us to share ! Thanks.


This has too be the best series I have ever read. I gave you "5" of which I have never given before !!! I am going to read the rest of your stories, oh by the way I also am man of the old school in that I love HAIRY PUSSY'S.

Good writing

but a little too cliche ending. I like happy endings but this was too wrapped up in a bow in about 5 paragraphs at the end.

Also, the 16 yr old getting an abortion turned me off. I am of the belief that it is never (rarely) ok to kill an innocent baby, no matter how inconvenient the circumstance one finds oneself in. I think you will turn off a lot of readers when delving into such topics.

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