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Tough read

Saddest thing I've ever read. A great story that not enough people will read.

Becomes tedious

Too complex and there's no inkling in this story of why these two should have ever married in the first place.


This was a very entertaining story. I personally don't like the fact that the husband was cuckold, but entertaining at the very least.

I guess that's some kind of revenge

But not much for what they, she especially , did to him. I don't know how she could look him in his face. What a horrible woman.

Last time, he was there, he had released his trousers, leaning over the bench. I looked around, no one I could see. I moved up, he had a pair of tight panties on. He saw me, he leaned forward, pulling them down. I wanted to fuck, I needed to fuck, I let him know, leaning my hard cock against him. He reached back, covering my cock in lube, them held his buttocks apart. I didn't hesitate, sliding in to his offered hole then fucking as hard as I could, no regard for him, my cum shooting deep inside him. Pulled away, wiping myself, as I left him, I saw him pull his panties up, lean over the bench.

Loved this story!

Wonderful story - loved the long slow buildup!

Great example of a soon failing marriage

My opinion and my opinion, Shelly and Carl had something special, their relationship clicked, their goals and future plans were the same. The engagement and life plans were in place, then Carl had to move for his job and his relationship with another woman which lead to a child. What a bubble burst for Shelly. Her life partner as she thought gone. Now comes Cary, she was not even interested in or gave a second look, but none the less Cary was in her life, which tells me even while dating and their marriage and birth of a son, Shelly was never into Cary, there was no same future feelings, their paths did not feel right there was no karma shared between this couple. The fact Shelly was having erotic dreams of Carl even suggests Shelly still had strong feelings for Carly even after his affair and child with another woman. Why is this? both Carl and Shelly were not married, so what rules really were broken? no matrimony rules broken so it would be very easy to forgive. Now with Ch2 things are now different, Carl is married, his wife was in an accident, bed ridden and now with children, Shelly too is married with a son and Cary a loving husband. Why did she wake up and push away from Carl, the realization that she would lose everything important to her and the reality that Carl only wanted a cheap piece of ASS while his wife was in her medical state, which crudely means Carl was not getting any! This was Carl's chance to satisfy his needs regardless who gets hurt or what is lost. The best part which is a reminder for all of us readers to keep and pass on, was Shelly's communication with her husband Cary. Shelly confided in Cary what happened and both worked to repair what happened. That is honesty and good communication and nobody divorced or separated, however we see Carl was the opposite and lost everything including his job.

only 4 from me.

I guess I am a selfish bastard. But janet/bug getting together and ignoring him just didnt do it for me. The rest was great, but that dropped a star for me.

Magnificent 5*

A heart rendering story, well done!


You wonder the first time if the guy will stick his cock through the hole. When he does, you worry that you wont make him cum. When he cums you don't worry anymore, and you go back time and time again for your fill of cum. Well that's how it happened to me.

i hope you continue this...i'd like to see you tell us what they talk about instead of saying 'we got to know one another better' and maybe say what he finds online. What is popular opinion about Todd? What do people say about him? Has he dated people in the program or kept to himself?

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