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So damn cute!

I think this is my most favorite audio that you've ever done. And I mean, who doesn't get hyper over bunnies? ;)


First we are baited into reading, then we are not granted a continuation of the story. I understand life happens, but it's just cruel to leave people hanging on by a thread. I only mentioned this because you had such a great start. My attention is not so easily obtained. Don't tease us readers without plans of following through with this story.
You hooked us, threw us a line...

Pathos galore and gore within and without !

This author knows how to get the stomach twist and fire up the infighting between his loving couples . Excellent use of hospital setting to further trauma inflicted on narrator. He's deep in the hole dug by skilled writer at the top of his game. DoYaKen a reader who once started this story will not be fidgeting for final outcome ? Me either.

wow cant wait

Love this story cant wait for the next chapter.

You Know

Sometimes forgiveness is warranted. In this case it is not. She consciously fucked three men at the swingers party and continued with one of them after. She knew he wanted no parts of other people involved in their love life and she did it anyway. Fucking cunt. Fucking cheating cunt. Last chapter. Let's see how it ends...

I didn't expect to read something that is well-written and heartwarming in an erotica site. Am a voracious reader and never a literary snob. But it is a fact that generally, people who troop to erotica sites are not really looking for literary jewels. So this piece came as a surprise for me.

I stumbled on this site a few days ago when I was feeling pretty horny and pining for a lover who is half a world away coupled with sadly finding out that my favorite old site is nowhere to be found now. I don't masturbate and never had the interest to learn how. But he was trying to encourage me to learn it because we're far from each other and reading gets me more excited than pictures and or videos. Instead, I found something that firmly supported my belief that sex is nothing without the heart. I won't settle for a stop-gap, I would wait for my lover.

Thank you for this piece.

You're a good writer who could be so much better if you edited.

Awww.... Tom

I knew Jason would have Tom killed. I kinda liked Tom. Loving this!


you guys are awesome! thse comments are way funnier than any other comedy story. i just read a comment posted by anon who pretends to be harmony. fuck! XD
this shows how desperate you guys are lol
im still laughing my ass off ;D

I usually don't leave comments, but wow. Just... Thank you. I really needed to hear that right now. You made me smile, and cry (only a little and in a good way) and feel a lot better about myself and stuff in general.

Good Beginning

Lost a star because it took too long for him to confront her and then his hesitation at her confession. Fucking cunt even fucked the lover and his wife knew. She just didn't know he did her by himself. Now she's dropped off at her parents. What's next? I guess we'll see.

By the way, no one goes to a swingers party alone. Just FYI

I'd have twisted the knife a little more.

The first part was hot she had been used repeatedly and had to face her husband knowing that. Plus he made it worse for her without even knowing by insisting that she sat down to eat with friends knowing she smelt of sex. Had I been there I'd have let her know just to make her feel a little worse but that's how we girls are we love to twist the knife a little more lol. I would have liked to have seen you take it down the poor abused milf a little further.


White husband in America

I don't think I'd want to be a white husband in America for anything! Looks like a lost cause once women behave like this.I notice he did get a mention early on in the story -- then gets completely forgotten.

More please!!!

Please write more these stories are great! Would love to find out what happens next!

he hasn't fucked his mother

But at least he's done what lots and lots of boys, who knows maybe every last one of them, would love to do. He's seen his mother's cunt, the same cunt he came out of. Nothing can ever get a boy as hard as the sight of his own mother's fat hairy and beautiful ever-loving cunt.

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