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so miley is totally ok with helping her dads partner cheat on him?

Total fucking bitch. Hope the dad finds out rats the three of them out and takes custody of the kid. The three of them can eat shit.

I couldn't risk getting overly horny this early in the trip, or who knows what could happen.

....ok, Im reading this, how could I not, lol, but....what kind of fucked up pathetic loser is this guy anyway?!? Couldnt risk getting too horny? What, might actually fuck someone? Lol. ...and what was up with that not jacking off for weeks bullshit?? Daaaamn!! Hell, I would have busted in on my sister while she had a couple of fingers shoved up her twat and was on the edge of an orgasm, dove in head first and ate her out, then fucked her senseless for the next hour, hehehe. You know she knows about the peephole, those shows were too good!!

...and her getting him to sleep in the boathouse because the girls were scared, too funny!!

Her tongue flicked against the underside a few times, before circling again. The sensation was unlike anything I'd ever felt. Masturbation was nothing compared to this. My brain raced, trying to figure out how to get this girl off my cock, and get myself dressed, and yell at her, and tell her how many years of chastity she'd ruined; all while keeping anyone else from waking up or seeing what was going on.

Hily fucking shit!! What kind of pathetic pussy-assed mommas boy wimp douche loser IS this kid?! I get being chaste, but when a gift horse with saddle bags full of fucking gold is given to you, you dont curse the kiver and kick him because you prefer to walk!!
Hell, I remember when I was saving myself for marriage, but if some hottie had jumped me I wouldnt have batted an eye, lol. This should be a tWiSteD story, rofl!!


Well done. I have loved dressing as a Southern Belle for several years now. I hire the dress from a local shop occasionally. Just adore everything about it and relate to this story totally. Xxxxxx. Cherie


This story is made for new chapters. I can't wait to read what happens next on this island. Thanks for a great read.

Loved it!! :)

Great story, though I did have a few things I didn't like about it. For one, you keep on writing the wrong name. You wrote Alice instead of Anna in the first chapter twice, and Anna instead of Moira twice, which throws me off to read the wrong name since David wasn't in the bath with Anna, he was in the bath with Moira. Also, I feel like Anna was taking advantage of David since he's a virgin, and she only likes him because he gave her more attention than her husband and David is head over heels in love with her. He knows that being with her is wrong and she's essentially cheating on her husband, but doesn't seem to care that much even though David does. I'm not trying to criticize you, I really loved the story, but those things just bothered me.


Understand why DreamCloud deletes constructive criticism. He is a good writer and should not be so sensitive.
Congratulations to all the nominated writers.


Fucking hell

Prison just can't change some people; I had hoped for a better ending for the protagonist; I hoped he'd have moved on. I don't care what happened to Bev, though

I never cum so hard to anyone but you Gael. Im not legal quite yet but yeaaaah I FUCKING LOVE YOU. So many nights I've been sooo pleasured and been able to fall asleep cuz of these videos.

sheik dreamboat

Oh the sheik is a handsome man, and could be a catch for Mary. He seems so concerned and gentle toward her. When he is naked, I hope he has some dark hair for the comfortable chest! Mary has ridden the camel pressed up against his throng chest. Now in his bed, she can move her fingers gently over the trails of hair on that chest!

Only on story No. 2 but definitely one of the best on Literotica

Wow, I'm only on Story No. 2 and already enraptured by this story. It's really well written albeit very lengthy but who doesn't like more length; wink wink.

Hands down one of the best stories on Literotica that I've read, in spite of a few typos here and there this is actually fantastic to read.

Well done

Nice buildup

The slow buildup is very nice, the tensions that are buildinv are working nicely.

Hope you keep this up!

so sad

a truly sad story; I was hoping that they might get back together but all along I knew it could not happen. Kathy would have jumped at the chance and feel she would have spent the rest of her life being a good wife and every day trying her best to make it up to him and her daughter. Pride is one thing they still loved each other but the TRUST was SHATTERED beyond repair/ He could probably have called her asked her to come to him so they could possibly work things out and I feel sure that she would have dropped everything. Its a shame a total scum bag could ruin a great marriage. Have you thought about a follow up story where this happens and they get back together????

Keep goin

Good story man. Will keep an eye out for more of your work.

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