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Yet another great story from Dreamcloud.i really like your are a great writer.Thanks

Wrapping up Part 4

Heya. Thanks for the interest in this story! Still writing - I am nearing the end of Part four soon and will then edit it and hopefully have it out sometime next week. It will be a little over twice as long as Part three.

Thanks for reading and to all who shared their thoughts about the story!

Ok this is ridiculous. Katie is mental - mentally _ucked up for her passive role against Jonathan. Why?? I'm getting frustrated with her denial and helplessness which Lizzy ends up trying to be her savior and getting in more trouble. The only silver lining in this story is Katie told her mom about her and Lizzy. Otherwise I'm loosing respect for the character, Katie. I think I will pass on the next couple of chapter and just read comments to see if it's of interest

Addictive story!

Great prose...great passion...great promise...great question waiting!!!! Really enjoy your writing!!!

Collar and chastity belt

Sigh..... Ok, so he loves the sorry slut and wants to keep her, well that's him. My answer to keeping a cheating slut who was stopped just short of sexual penetration will not be liked by very many people. I don't give a shit. I should have given my answer in every comment I ever made to a reconciliation story.
Put a steel locking collar on the bitch. Unless she has to go out keep her nude and in wrist and ankle restraints chained to the collar. I would be nice, the chains would be long enough she could walk and use her arms. Last but not least the stupid slut would be put in a locking chastity belt that only I had the key to. She would wear that belt 24/7 for the rest of her life except when I removed it so I could fuck her. Ok, I'm not totally heartless, it could come off if she had to have it off for medical reasons, but only for the absolute minimum amount of time necessary. Let the sorry ass slut explain why she has to wear the collar, restraints and belt if anyone asks about them. I would give her the option to just leave rather than wear them, after signing away her right to leave with anything other than the clothes on her sorry ass back.
Yeah, yeah I know...I'm a heartless, cold, cruel, vindictive son of a least I would not be wasting my time keeping tabs on the slut or worrying she was going to cheat at the drop of a pin every second of the day. You do the crime then you damn well better be willing to do the time!


great story, i loved it. one aspect which impresses me is how you are able to write an epic type of storyline in a relatively short format. focus and touch, very nice!

Put us out of our misery

This is such a wonderful story and defines what is meant by erotic. It is often the imagined or wished for meaning behind everyday situations that are the most emotionally exciting. This is such a story and the yearning and emotional confusion pours through every line. Brilliant!
It has been over two years but I still check to see if there is a 2nd chapter. Please upload it if there is one or leave a note saying there will not be one. Just like the protagonist in this superb story, we have been left in an agony of anticipation.

So glad to find your story again

I read the first part years ago on another site and was afraid I would never see another chapter. It's great to catch up with one of the most original erotic story ideas ever. Please break the writer's block and post more chapters. I really like the reduced lung capacity problem of long plugs and corsets and I really want to see what Amanda has in store for the family. Will you also have more doctor visits? Emily's treatment and Nurse Lana's comeuppance are 2 more hanging threads.
Thanks for the great story.

I just...

I really want to read more of this. It may be the sexiest thing I've ever read.

I am not into father daughter sex but was a good story and kept me interested. . Made we so wet and ready.........


I also have such fantasy too see my wife having sex with more than 10 inch.


Well written and a very enjoyable story to read.

Well at least this cuckold had some fight in him.

He should have set Mabel up to screw Buttfuck and the Company. But this way worked too. He just seemed to wait too long. Good that he divorced the slut wife and beat the snot out of Buttfuck. Better than most of your stories Matt.

So we've now seen into the mind of a disappointed cheater at...

....the end, when the fires have died in one of the pair and they are just acting out the scene.
Artful, sincere.
Thank you.

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