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Great Story

I'm a sucker for happy endings, I loved it.

In the know

As I grew up, never fought did not have to. There were tougher kids around but not smarter, no one messed with me because I would talk them out of fighting. Life is good when you can look down on everyone else even teachers, I was in the know.

Maybe some people don't know the difference

Between a smile and a smirk. Some people may just be too testy and think everyone's smirking at them. Maybe they're guilty of something. This was a mediocre story, at best. Absolutely no emotion. You really need an editor. And a better story line. JPB did a better job when he had the woman pass along Aids. If you're going to do something - do it right. You don't open half a can of Whoop Ass. Not a fun or entertaining story.
2 stars.


try not to embarrass his life. TK U MLJ LV NV

The story is good but i feel you're hastening it. I sometimes don't understand what's going on. Hopefully you'd take your time for the next chapter.

Good stuff

Hoping there's psychic residue that causes her to be naughtier on occasion.

RAAC in its most concentrated state

There are no words to describe what I feel about myself for actually reading this last chapter.
Stupid , stupid , stupid are the closest ones I can think of right now.
Well , won't make that mistake again , SteveLee1146 is seared in my brain now as the RAAC champion , and to avoid any future works as if they carried Ebola.

Far closer

to real life situations than some of the navy seal/well connected/ tiddlywink black belt testicle crushing back alley scenarios that are so beloved of the scorched earth policy immature groupies of this genre.

Days of Glories Past

Now, that's what I call a "cumming" of age story!

Yeah right.

One glass of wine and she becomes a group swinger? Pool tables, church - nothing is out of bounds? Even for fiction that was dumb.

you know what i dislike about stories like this is the people saying i am so badass becouze .... i am freaking tough and i dont take shit..... you know a real badass would just do he deems neceserry and doesen spoud all that nonsence about i hit a kid in the mouth. pff pissant character


It's the best in

Why would he go for sloppy seconds?

And expose himself to every disease that she just got? And if the stud has a big dick, her husband wouldn't even feel her. It would be like driving a Tonka Truck into the Holland tunnel. UGH!

Please write more!!!

Definitely need to know if his daydreaming is coming true in the next story

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