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I like it, and want to read more. Wish I could be envolved in a situation like this.


If he was going to end it all, least he could have done was shoot the asshole as well!

geisha after ww2

love your story. Hope to read more geisha stories after ww2. very erotic.

A great story. Now bonnie the fat cheating cunt. Give it up. Your kids will always hate you. The Christmas party gang bang and the New Years gang bang was not it. They even might have forgiven that. And all those divorces when you gave everyone Syphilis and a few other std's, even your husband who worked his ass off to give you everything you thought you wanted. No, it was Rex. That was the final straw. The kids loved Rex. They had to put him down, he was just too old and his body couldn't stand the strain of all those human std's.

Ass cum?

An ass does not drip cum! This is disgusting.

more like a overwrought...

So let me put this in car terms; it's like a raised/lowered, supercharged/twin turbo, low profile, white wall, chromed, candy apple red metal flake, pearlescent clear coat...ah crap, I'm running out of over the top extra special, amazing, terrific, incredible, MIND NUMBING...I'll just stop here. Wish you had too.


You really could have made this story better I mean there was no story line to it at all you pretty much went straight into the fucking and no one likes that

Pretty good story

It would be nice if you added a second chapter

Sarah enslaves mom

I agree with the other comment or who suggested Sarah enslaving the mother also. I think that would make for a really good story.


Oh yeah. Dude, "doughy" means "like uncooked bread." I don't think you intended to say the wife's eyes looked like uncooked bread. Surely, you meant "doe like," meaning huge and innocent like a female deer. Not a good image.

Oh my...

Oh my... *waving frantically with a fan* Wow!
Can this story be found as a book? It needs to be printed and published. That is all I have to say.

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