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Don't know about this one.

It does make you think. Well written technically. An ending where no one is happy without some real depth, which this one doesn't have leaves me a little empty. Gave it a ****, though.

Masterful, Intriging Tale of Mystery

Poor Chloe. What's a cheerleader to do!!! Make sure to hold out for top dollar on movie rights.


Amazing story. I loved to read it again. I was so sad when you took down your stories, glad to see you are back again!
- Shabnam

Not my Supergirl.

Supergirl is able to leap from ABC to The CW, I don't believe she can be kept in a box. I'm not the only one wondering who put all the building back together.
Well Raven there will not be a song, getting 'back in the saddle' for you, Oh you always had a 'nice wiggle when you walked and a giggle when you talked'.
Anyone want to help I think Supergirl will be grateful if we take her rock, and show her mine.


I had to keep blowing my nose and wiping my eyes while reading this wonderful love story. By the way, I am a man in my seventies! (Although I only feel in my VERY early forties!!)

More Please

Wondering what will happen next :)

She's doubly 5 star

The talented Lady Jackie writes just as well as she records her hot texts.
More power to her and may she continue to arouse my pleasantly prurient interest with more stories like this.

John, Surprise!

Wow, that's new, Angela knows and she wants also?
Complicated relationship.
And Christie, she agree?
5* for you.
I apologize for my English, is not my native language.

oh well

Ohio is just the guy. Take info on Facebook profile of that exposes REAL serial cheating wife and write series. I have seen comments for number of stories suggesting visits to that profile. So I did and had my FRIEND REQUEST accepted. That led to my receiving a doxen explicit accounts of a female married college instructor in Helena Montana screwing a student she had coerced into an affair. I also was given her sexual biography. Seems she liked to talk about her previous lovers and insisted student write accounts of how she pursued him and the increasingly degrading sex acts she wanted him to perform on her. To the world she was a respected and very refined college instructor and 50ish grandmother and wife. But in the bedroom she was insatiable demanded to be called a whore..licked his rectum begged him repeatedly to urinate on her clitoris.
She also stated she would always go from one affair to anothet. Needed to have concurrent affairs and didn't care whose life or marriage she destroyed
Time for OHIO to assist karma even though that is Celt's line


Outstanding beginning

Unlike some others, I was glad to see this was only Part 1. Knowing there were "only" 18 pages, as I got closer to the end, I couldn't imagine how you could tie together all the loose ends satisfactorily in the remaining pages.

That being said, I am amazed at your story development and use of words. The funny bits of dialogue always came as a surprise and caused me to laugh out loud. Although I am not a huge fan of BDSM other than in play, the world you have created is great at focusing on the internal intellectual and emotional development without letting the BDSM be the focal point. You correctly didn't tag this in that category.

Great job. Thanks for sharing your talent. I look forward to future chapters.


Interesting start - can't wait to read more.

Disturbing trend

I'm all for rough sex, but actual punching? Mmm.not so much. Your recent submissions have taken a decidedly dark turn...kidnapping, drugging, & now this. You're more talented than this...unless you're auditioning for something violent. I much prefer the Cardlin who's dominating but not violently so.

Mmmmm, oh hell yessss

OMG!!! I'd so be willing and ready to get my ass and mouth used over and over taking load after load of hot, yummy cum dressed like a hot little fuck slut, thank you so much for your HOT, kinky stories ....they make me sooo horny that I'm going to go out and be very a naughty, willing cum-slut

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