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I'm sure this is a wonderful story like the others I've read, but I just can't stand her. Not meaning to demean you.

It just keeps getting better with each chapter

and better
and better
and better

I am so glad I found this gem


doesnt make it hot to have a young damaged girl hurt even more by a heartless asshole could have had a mentally healthy girl do this with a guy who cared or even one she knew was an asshole actually hotter to get a normal girl to do this then a damaged submissive one sad people dont get that


That was awesome man; I liked that read.

Fiction from fact?

*Forget the negative folks: wrote, "Guess some wankers can't tell fiction from fact." Well, if they could tell fiction from fact they wouldn't be wankers, would they? (The essence of wanking is living in fantasy.) If they can do that, why can't they accept reading a good story of incestuous fantasy?

If this is a tad confusing, yes, I'm agreeing with "Forget the negative folks."

This girl goes from one extreme to the other I guess she has Stockholm syndrome.
I was happy at the beginning cause she didn't succumb to MDS, her later state made me stumble for a bit but I realize now that that was her coping mechanism.
I hope Jackson's actions will snap her out of it and make her wake up. She can't be so complacent with him and the situation, though it could be worse.

I am not surprised that you wrote this story...I have always told you that you have a very creative, sensual and erotic flair in regard to your writing...the imagery is wonderful, as if it were a movie ....watching the scene as it is taking place.....please write more...I know I am not the only person who looks forward to more chapters written by you!

Your readers seems to be writers too

I read comments of this story and alls seemed appropiate. I am an spanish writer (or intend to do), and I would like to translate your story to my lover. It has good plot, good characters. Your are really a good writer.

Well Written

Although a good read, I am unable to relate to the lead character, ie the husband, as I can't for the life of me envisage a situation in which I would want my wife to have unprotected sex with another man, and for me to watch!

Love It!!

I worked at a haunted house many years ago and while we lived in a small town we still had a local college nearby that we had loads of fun with. Really enjoyed this story!!

a touch of intrigue has been added

to a wonderful drama.
This is a fun and educational, historical love story.

Left me with a smile. Loved your little story.

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