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Loved it!

Great story, small and delicious like a fine piece of pastry, you had me grinning at every turn. ^_^

Not many writers know their way around the fine art of subtlety, thank you for yet another succulent delivery of a humorous and cutting morsel.

So happy to find this story!

This is fantastic. Plenty of hot futanari sex, ESPECIALLY futa-on-futa sex. It's so rare! It's usually just some hot chick with an enormous dick fucking someone, ignoring their pussy...yet you used it. Just brilliant. And the whole thing was a setup for cupid to drop in! Loved that plot twist at the end. Thanks for writing something truly awesome.

It is so easy to recognise your list in a number of stories. It is both funny and insightful!

You go girlfriend ○○

I'm glad to have read about you getting them. Did you really cum or are you faking. You had the rings do you still have the chain ?

Take your time...

...but don't stop writing. I'm intrigued :-)


Take on these modern would-be killjoys.

Very cool

Interesting story, thanks.

Love this!

This "how to" was funny and engaging and somewhat realistic.

Not everyone...

...who leaves a 0 or a 1 is a troll. A lot of really grade-school stories and masturbatorily plagiaristic attempts at self-promotion deserve even less than a 0...
Not to mention the absolutely abysmal spelling - it’s frightening to find misspellings and incorrectly used words in stories where the author opens up by thanking a whole slew of so-called “editors” for their incredible efforts and massive assistance.

Talk about enstupidation of the masses...

Oh yeah!

I read all of the chapters. Very good story and I liked the ending. Thanks for your time and efforts in writing this story. 5*

Muito boa!

Eu espero que tenha sequência. Afinal, Gretchen obviamente perceberá que o namorado voltou a ser amador. E o nerd? Ele merecia alguma coisa.

Personally I prefer Powerade

Oh how I do love this series! The mix of mystery, humor, sex and now gasp, the threat of love, just keeps pulling me deeper and deeper into this story. Every one is fun on its own but all together they are even better. And Fac-tel's disgust over humans continues to crack me up. The "pride" I feel in reading this just keeps growing.

I don't always vote or comment...

But when I do it's because the story rates a 5...which is what I gave...
This was hilarious and just the right twist for humorous erotic fiction. Please tell us you have a second chapter in the works?

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