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Wonderful story. YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST EVER!!!! Thanks for all your time and hard work .

not sure...

where the humor is...must be just me...


The cheating wife's pets coming after him instead of her.

Thanks Anonymous 4/6/16

I am so thankful that you've set LynnGKS straight with your thoughtful legal guidance. You and me both - like most Literotica readers - come here to read well thought out, medically accurate, historically sound, and politically correct stories. When some lone wolf writer like LynnGKS gets a wild hair up their arse and writes a story that is just so offensive it's almost like reading fiction, I find it difficult to still read a story to its end and comment on it.

Thank you Anonymous 4/6/16 for being a voice of reason in the sea of chaos.

Thanks Chloe!

Doubly pleased to see someone catch the Vorkosigan ref. :)


Another illiterate WHORE posting cuck shit.

Too Little Sex

There was virtually NO sex in this story. It was a follow up to the FIRST chapter. If there are subsequent chapters, there will be sex, but sex does not have to be a part of every chapter.

too much story, too little sex

So True

Thanks for the wonderful laugh on a cold winter evening. I don't have any problem with guys writing lesbian fiction, just as I don't have problems with women writing gay fiction, but holy cow, make it a little less obvious please, gents. *LOL* :D

Great story...

And aside from a few grammar errors, great job!!! Keep them coming.

Too funny

I rarely laugh out loud when reading. (Neither, I suspect, do those legions of dimwits who constantly type LOL) I snickered the whole way through and laughed several times. I think you skewered all of the major tropes. This is a breath of fresh air on a pretty gloomy site. Thanks.



Get the damn DIVORCE anyway. We'll feel better as time goes by. LOL


What I liked about your story was your need for release of anger and agitation. I don't blame you - to you, an large investment was performed that was not panning out satirical irony that you hold some investment of truth. You are your own comedian, but I laugh and miss the diss of the kiss.

You inspire me.

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