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Another good one.

I enjoyed it, a lot. Thank you.

That was hysterical, thought I would bust a gut laughing!! Thanks - Keep it up, RiverRat :-D

A Light,Raunchy Tale

The girls took advantage of the poor guy. He never had a chance.

Stephanie is my new favorite character

Great comic banter between Don and Stephanie. I giggled all the way through their bedroom scene - until Don called her Jessie. I really like Stephanie - I like the craziness - I guess it’s the honesty that goes with having no verbal filters.

I’m not sure Jessie deserves Don anymore. She’s kinda sadistic in how she flaunts Jonathan to Don. I think she wants to have her cake and eat it too.

Being American, I really have fun with English vernacular in the dialogue. Oh, by the way, I can’t wait to use the line: “He's saluting you like an over enthusiastic German. In fact, he's giving you the full military honours” with my wife. Good comic dialogue in an otherwise poignant and sometimes painfully touching like/love story.

Thank you very much for coming back to Don and Jessie. *****

Thought I would die laughing!! Thanks for the great entertainment :-D

I'm not into futa, but it was a fun read. Good characters and an interesting idea which was executed and presented neatly. In hindsight, I shouldn't have read it on the bus, though.


and opened up hidden and repressed feelings for both, TK U MLJ LV NV

Oh, how I wish there were ten stars . . . Your story would have them!!

Radical honesty is something the world could use more of, as long as one's intention isn't to hurt another. It's refreshing!! Please keep writing.


I like your multidimensional approach.
Keep writing, you've got some talent!
&Please continue this story because
we've(the folks reading) never visited futa brew.

The Commonwealth vs?

For a commonwealth country using the British legal system & not a republic it would be the Crown vs xxx, no? are there any cases of a multinational organisation prosecuting anyone?


I think the best thing about this one is Dirk's father. I heard every nagging mother stereotype from every movie. And OMG, I love the super judgmental computer! Just everything was hot and hilarious. I hope you post more of these. Daily would be nice, but no pressure.

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