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Gave it a 5

In hopes it will motivate the writer to post a sequel--longer and in detail.
These two characters could develop a nice loving relationship.

Cute. Can't wait to read if there are any further developments or examinations.

And I always thought ....

That they were a small church congregation in Texas. The pastor, had complete control over all of his flock and directed that they all read the LW stories and discourage the writers with low votes and bad comments.

Please do more... better than porn


A short read I thoroughly enjoyed.

Fun, but needs editing

I enjoyed the story, but swapping between tenses was jarring, and one paragraph began in the middle of a sentence.

Quite fun but ....

There were rather a lot of silly mistakes and errors.
Please be more careful with your proofreading before submitting your text.
Tom D

Epic stupidity

He just walked down the hall to the RA's room and got let in. Ashley got a reprimand. End of dumb story.

Dorm life

On one hand, life in the dorm can be boring. On the other hand, having a girl like Ashley to take care of you when you slip and fall, makes up for all the boring parts. I thoroughly enjoyed your story.

Well done!

"It's Just Wrong!" was ripe for parody and you did a fine job. Congrats!

Sounds like the narrator lost -- she married him and will soon rip his heart out in the divorce or when he catches her sleeping around on him.

Keep em coming

Reslly enjoying your stories, hope there are many more to come.

This writer is a real sicko and needs help desperately !

He is so far down that only pre-frontal lobotomy would do any good at this late stage. It should be locked-up in its favorite rubber room. "1*" of course.

OMG!!! Unbelievably marvelous!!!

Remains one of the very best humorous stories I have EVER read. Seriously funny in a totally fucked up way. I mean, how on earth can anyone manage to write a story that has everything from bondage, forced slavery and outrageous toilet humor...even murder...in it and still make you laugh so hard you nearly piss yourself?

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