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Very good advice

This is very useful information presented in a very funny manner. As an older divorced guy who sometimes interacts with a couple of the neighborhood moms, I will try to keep these rules in mind. Thanks.

4* Nice Witty Story...but....

You lose a point because your punctuation is absolutely horrible. If you don't know how to use quotation marks, then don't quote characters. Use third person narrative. Get a style book or a high school grammar book.

Go to hell!

I actually suspected it! She was a bit too honest with him and I knew!

Good story.

Yes, it's better suited in LW.
Well written and good plot.
Top ratings from me.

Where was the funny? Oh wait, at the end.

If you post a story in this category, kinda not waiting for laughs. If you want the laughs at the end for a story like this, put it in Loving Wives.

Wrong category.

Belonged in LW. Not a lot of humor in this story.


For once a story that was at once a good read, interesting, hot AND funny!

5 stars. Idea is genius and was well executed. I hope to see more of the Double D's excellent adventures. Added to favorites. Watching for more.

Wow johnt

Just read The Devil poem and wow, to be compared to that is, well, a privilege, thank you.


Brings to mind "The Devil and Billy Markham " by Shel Silverstien. Thanks, well made point.

pic52, It actually happened the way I wrote it. Funny thing is that the 624 boat came into the yards as the 633 was leaving....many many years ago.


you lost count for all the charges that could have been filed and never forget Conduct Unbecoming, TK U MLJ LV NV

What a strange story!

I have no idea what this this story was about,
but couldn't help myself liking it!
And such soft tickling humour.

Top ratings from me.

My cock too

After reading your story, I tried it as well. I have to admit, I honestly enjoyed it! Although, I have never been able to get more than three or four at the same time. But I will certainly keep trying. Thank you for the story

Sounds familiar...

Ever hear of the Tennesse Wives Ckhb??

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