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I thought it was a great

It was a pretty good job at a window in time with a fitting story. Keep it going!

close to the truth

I was raised up in the 50's and that was pretty much close to the truth,girls in school was taught how to be the perfect wife, they had a class just for girls the boys never got to hear what was taught in that class but I heard one thing they learned was how to change a pad during that time of the month. story was a good read,although there was some girls like that, where I lived most the girls knew how to give blow jobs cause I got a few even at a young age

Great Story!

I love using the 50s as the setting for the story. The prim and proper wife is going to learn the full extent of "wifely duties." Please give us more!

The More Things SEEM To Change....

I suspect that the premise of this story is balderdash. Women and men have been having all kinds of sex for thousands of years and certainly blow jobs were as common in the 1950's as they are today and as they were in the 1600's. Kinky and exciting sex was not invented in the 1950's!

Good read

ed it, thought it was funny and sort of true.

Nice story

I hope to see more soon. I can imagine Jane as one of Gil Elvgren's pin-up housewives.

Great story with great premise

Would love for this to turn into a series.

a good start

That was amusing and as fun read. please continue

Cute concept

I got quite a chuckle out of it.

funny story

was a great read i gave you 5 star

funny as hell

she got what she deserved, no one should be bullied in school by teachers or anyone else.

enjoyed story

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