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Very funny story. A nice take on fairy tales and a fun read.

And she believed him?

That was very funny. What a dolt!

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Keep your day job. Keep writing your normal kiddie porn and stay away from politics (which you obviously know nothing about.)

Little Red Riding Hood

Always believed "Little Red Riding Hood" was a Russian condom . . . . .

Love definitely is in the air

I thoroughly enjoyed your humorous story. As you point out, mid-air coupling isn't as easy as it appears, and there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

Good luck in the contest.

Kill ye? Nay!

'Tis a bottle o' me best rum ye be deservin' fer that wee tale. Aye, that an a full tankard t' slake yet thirst whilst I fetch the bottle.

The fact that I read the pirate in the voice of Geoffrey Rush, with herself being no less than Maureen O'Hara, made this even more fun. Thanks!!

Sheesh Redux

Hey anonymous!

Stupid was exactly what I was shooting for, so mission accomplished!

Thanks, ya little floozy :)

Fantastic Work

Absolutely incredible! Loved every second of it though the story seemed to jump around awkwardly from time to time. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Loved it. Totally want to see this become a longer series with more characters and more cum fun.

Retrogressing, are we?

I'm already on record with you, suggesting a proofreader.
Make that an EDITOR!!! WITH A CHAINSAW!!!

This is like a stream-of-consciousness podcast by a drunken hyperactive

Now that you've paused your initial storyteller clustering,
Find a new best friend who knows what Funny is.
And how to organize a narrative line.
And how to not bury a cute premise in asides, tangents, sidebars,
whimsies, top-of-the-head notions, and wannabe cleverness.

A helpful beginning will be a style guide. AP is the most widely used.
The NY TImes version is greyer. Not better.

Happy Chopping!!!

In time, you may be able to elevate this mess to a First Draft.

Utterly Hilarious

What else can I say? A masterful work of satire.
Not a genre I generally read but this was a wonderful exception.

Holy Fucking Isis!

Creative take on a myth--good blend of modern and classical phrasing. Only downside: the sex read a bit like a biology lesson. Short, sweet, great story overall!


a beautiful story, well-written, and professionally rounded off.
I really enjoyed this, and will read more of your work.
Thank you.

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