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Re: What a solid bamboozle.

I have some strange hangups on spelling. I really cannot stand calling it 'cum' spelled that way, with the exception of 'precum,' but I honestly avoid that word for the same reason.

As it is, I'm absolutely thrilled that I bamboozled you so thoroughly. This was a very silly idea and I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Need more of this


has to be admired for his perseverance, TK U MLJ LV NV


Now I know what Jethro Bodine asked Santa for Christmas. Luckily he wasn't into incest 'cause Elly May was hot.

Five Stars

Dump her

She's the B word. She has no trust and the marriage is doomed.

What a solid bamboozle.

Jesus christ. 3 pages. I had to start writing this comment early because I knew I might forget something. (3 pages is a good length though, dw.)

1) I dunno if it's personal preference for you to spell it "come" rather than "cum" but I've gotten so used to reading "cum" that it's a bit distracting to see it spelled "come". If you'd be willing to make the switch, I don't think anyone would complain.

2) It's funny to me that the doctor WASN'T wearing gloves from the beginning. "Oh yeah I'm fine with patients cumming all over me, but I gotta draw the line somewhere!" Not a very sanitary clinic huh? (That said, I'm just poking fun. The story could never work if it adhered to real medical practices. Though it would be hot if the doctor had them on from the beginning and took them off at some point to indicate things getting unprofessionally sexual.)

3) I feel like the problem the patient is having should've been a little more clearly outlined. At first, the reader believes "oh she can't ejaculate", which is quickly disproven, probably for comedic purposes, but at that point it becomes pretty unclear exactly what the real problem is. It's confusing to see the doctor continuing her efforts when the reader doesn't understand what her goal is.

4) The confrontation between the doctor and the nurse seems really out of the blue. There's gotta be a better way to introduce the fact that they're both futas. I'm just not sure I buy the logic of it. The doctor's reluctant to show her patient that she's a futa. The nurse is okay with the patient knowing she's a futa, but doesn't want the doctor to find out.

5) Fuck me it was all a ruse. I fucking knew something was wrong. I just got to the break between the first patient and the second. Everything I mentioned so far (aside from point 1) is explained by it all being an act.

6) Jesus how gullible are all of these "clinic" patients?? "I'm going to try something my grandmother taught me." "I'm cured!"

7) "Why is everyone pretending here? [...] Is the dating scene really THAT bad right now?" "It's that bad." Jesus christ I can't believe you keep fooling me.

Okay I reached the end. I love a happy ending! I'm not sure how I feel about the story appearing to have so many flaws at the beginning only for them all to be resolved by patience. The only real point I had left by the end was "cum" vs "come". Also, don't forget to post this on futanari palace. We can have a full conversation about it there.


It would have been more interesting if Karen had bareback sex as a final fling on the girls night.Then when Mark saw her next, suggest they both got STD tested,saying it would prove he didn't break their agreement and make her wonder.Then when dancing with Connie at the wedding reception tell her he knows about the girls night happenings.

5 stars

It's always great to fuck a plumper and then lick her out and rim her afterwards.

I don't normally ask this but is there any chance of a sequel from that hook? I absolutely loved their dynamic.

I wasn't expecting it to be so cute and sweet. Loved it!

Great story. Sad reality well depucted

And this guy is Lucky, he at least is still getting some sometimes.

Wife is Mrs Paul's. BC she is one cold (frozen) fish. Ick

you should post this all over.

as a person that has worked a grocery store i know all to well that this is just how you want to treat shit customers. been guilty of turning on the sarcasm mode and so on when i get fed up. this was a funny read.

thanks, much enjoyed

one that always stands out to me - oh no honey it wasn't better, just different. said as to be placating.

Well, let's see...

How about plot lines that are close or have significant similarities?

DNA - "When the Past Comes Back to Bite You" by likegoodwine?

Conversely, if you want "I'm glad I caught my wife sexing with her boss so I could have sex with my best friends father" that would be "Beautiful Girls" by SS06.(sorta like "I Need Something You Can't Do for Me", but turned significantly sideways....)
"I Need Something..." is also the conclusion of most of the Bi/Poly stories out there, but without all the drama...

"Things We Should Remember" is all of the neglected wife/affairs stories...

There was that one with the accented wife with serial affairs - "A Good Marriage" by Jomar... kinda "JUAN FLEW OVER THE CUCKOLD'S NEST" don't you think?...

I really can't chase down all of the stories that come to mind... There was fer example DQS' last here, "The Currency of Time" which has something in it like "YOU'VE BEEN SERVED", but again sideways - the bribe for the divorce certainly...

Now you can say that without the snark it isn't what you had in mind, but these stories are also twists of the old standbys, just not in the snark direction...

So! Start with one of the twist stories, and give it a/your sarcastic/ironic denouement, and you are there!

Certainly the scores would be bad, but that isn't all bad...


If you didn't score this 5 stars...

Come back and re-read it when you lover has her last period.

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