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You'll never tell?

I think you just did. A fun little fantasy

Very, Very Enjoyable

Another clever, sexy, funny, dirty rollercoaster of an erotic story. Though i'm not sure everyone will get the humour or want to visit Bridlington. Thanks once again for writing and sharing. 5 stars all the way.


That's a most interesting way of getting one's revenge. Personally, I'd enjoy it, especially if some of that ice cream and chocolate sauce ended up on your pussy. I couldn't think of a better way of having fun that eating a sundae off your pussy.
In other words, you wrote a fun story and it was well told.
Thanks for the story,

dumb story

oh yeah.. that really funny you make the wife a whore...NOT ! 1 star

'Could have been worst; 'should have been better.

The anons' bitching in the comments are justify, although quite exaggerated: this story needed an editor before publication. There's no ifs or buts about it - seriously, if oatzab was honest with him/herself, he/she would agree.

It's a damn shame, given that... this story is pretty good. A reformed slut taking cuckolded men away from their cheating spouses, with the power of her beauty... but also her power of her breasts milk!? Now that's something you don't read every day! Plus, it has to be pointed out that, for once, we have an actual LOVING WIFE in a LW tale - sure, Agnes is a kinky slut, but she never was a cheater! Isn't that what every men inspire to have, in their relationship - his own personal whore? Sure, yeah, gotta be into low fat milk - as if that's a high price to pay...

Too bad oatzab's account got banned (how exactly do you manage to put such a feast around here?), 'cause author had potential... as long as he/she could have found an editor and learn where to put his/her stories in the right category - humorous, this was not... but entertaining nonetheless.

love u

i want you to become my bra salesman and hold my boobs;

I did so enjoy this story

I guess that a lot of US readers will have picked up on and enjoyed the madcap plot, so much happening, all sorts of sex, the nice conceit of the competition with its scoresheet.

They may be less familiar with the deep tradition of deadpan, oblique humour which permeates fiction from the North of England, and of which Touch_type's story seems to me to be a great example. So does his other work.

If you want to find out more, YouTube may give you access to some examples from British TV. Look for "A Bit of a Do"; "The Beiderbecke Affair"; the first two episodes of "Last of the Summer Wine" (before it went silly); and of course "I Never Knew You Cared".

The depiction of Bridlington, wonderful. All the strange alliances and negotiated favours put me in mind of Malcolm Pryce's vision of Aberystwyth, a failing seaside town on the other side of the UK, miles from anywhere.

It's unusual in my experience to find stories in Literotica which so well connect to literary genres outside erotica.



dam i remember hearing that old joke growing up.
still brings back fond memories.
thank you

Good Story

We all like our wife to a little submissive and Naughty...So I liked this story

Maybe it was meant to be a "joke", but that doesn't necessarily mean that the story contains much "Humor".
"Satire", then? If so, I'm not intelligent enough to catch it.

So, no humor, no satire and no arousal.
Fairly bland, regrettably.

So right

Sometimes a great friend with great benefits, works out the best for both.

A bit of fun at Christmas

Just what is needed, a light slice of fun for the festive season.

Peeing in back of a military truck

In the late 1970's I was in the back of a Army National Guard military truck with a canvas cover. It was night time. We were coming back from Camp Blanding and I had to pee bad. There was a coke bottle in the bed and I peed in it then stuck it out the side under the canvas and poured it out. The other soldiers in the truck thought it was starting to rain. The pee was being sucked back into the truck near the tail gate. I did not say a word.


I thought this is a hoot of a read. It reminds me of an old joke about holding a cock and pullet so he can scratch his ass. Still laughing, thank you.

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