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Is it hard.....

to write outside of your own box? To take on a style so different from your norm that readers wouldn't believe it was you if not for your name on the story? Yes. Yes, it is. And I admire writers for doing it. Well done.

Very funny

But I might have made a better choice than the mother-in-law. No matter how hard up he was. And the dark side of me wants to say that Mary was lying. Yes, she had used the condoms as balloons. But she was also using them when she screwed her lovers. Like Mother like daughter.

Very funny stuff

But I have a question? Isn't he rich? When the football player punched him out didn't he file suit against the player and the school? That would have been worth a ton of money. But the bonanza would have been the hospital that cut off his nut. That would have given him retirement money. And that would have made him Mr. Lucky

Then little spurts of green cum shot out of his dick and landed all over her stomach and tits

Ok , i am a sick puppy , i was laughing along with the story , found it all very funny.
However .... that one Line really did kick me out of the comfort zone with an almighty WTF ...


ok, do they tell the kid that her mother is a cheating whore and that her stepfather and real dad are whoremongers?or do they keep the kid in the dark about their open marriage?If the kid knows all this, she is being taught it is ok to go out and fuck anything she wants even if she gets married. maybe you should have posted this in swinging section.I didn't see any humor in the story. gave it 3 stars

I never noticed but...

As a bi female... Alot of women who are lucky enough to have multiple orgasms... Tend to sound like they are reading the Necronomicon... Anyone else get that? Or should I just call the local exorcist? Thoughts?

Pretty funny stuff

A mishmash of several current and past TV shows, all taken with a grain of salt. But I didn't like the ending. It would have been much better if he had applauded Amanda and Sylvia as they left the stage, turned around and left himself, announcing to Chet that he had an appointment in Amsterdam to keep and he didn't want to be late! After all, he never wanted to be married in the first place. Why marry two bitches and become a third wheel in their lesbian roundhouse when the world is available? Besides, if they're lesbians, they don't have any use for a man. Funny story. Not a good ending.


Probably not reality, but still funny.

Sez who!

Says who! I traveled forward in time to read 02. Steven Hawking indeed!

Where do you come up with this shit?

Everytime i read a story that has me laughing so hard, that my cats think I might be rabid... I look to see who wrote it.... 9 times out of 10, its you. You are bizarre and I love it... I, not to sound too creepy, just want to climb in your ear and just roll around in your squishy brain meat... Uh... Just take a compliment and don't think too much into that... Keep up the good work!


What world is the writer living in.


It's more satire, I appreciate the input. Thanks

Strange product, but v. Intetesting.

Seems like a first chapter.
Hope it is the first of a few. Looking forward to it hmmnmm

This story was great!

I liked another of your stories, I just read, a little better, because it was so damned funny! I laughed until my sides are sore!
Last person who made me laugh that hard, was years ago, watching Bob Hope on stage, doing his monologue!
But this story, is very funny and damned good writing!

Rick would never admit this...but as pissed as he was at his wife cheating on him, (completely understandable of him!), and so angry at her taking him to the cleaners in divorce court, (which was so unnecessary of her, but more than likely the judges fault, not that she or her attorney did anything to object)...
Rick can't even admit to himself, by story end, that all along, he still loved his wife, a whole lot!
Fucking woman was a real air-head though...
I have come to learn, after reading several of your stories on here, you are one great writer, and your stories are always worth the read!
I hope you never stop the humor in your stories, even if its only the way some cheated on wife, cusses her husband out, with very interesting, very colorful and truly nasty names, that....are the funniest I've not ever heard or thought of before, but so dead-on target, descriptive of the worthless, cheating slut, human shits, she is cussing out!
Thank you so much, for the great writing and so many good hearty belly laughs, reading your stories! The truly funny humor and laughs, are so welcome, in the LW story section!
This story was great, just a great, fun romp, to read through!
Thank you so much!

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