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Shaved beaver pelts

Ah yes, the Chicago Farquar's provides many services, including shaving your beaver. Their personal service is impeccable, and their staff is always willing to take on a challenging job.

The head of their personal services department, Ralph Farquar, is so good, he's picked up a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic.

A great story. Good luck in the contest.

Seems too good to be true but it is true!

My chest hurts from laughing so hard. That has led to another body region becoming hard. So I have to type this with one hand. What is the term for this condition?
I will try to hang on 'til I hear your reply....

AND where was the story?

Last time I looked this wasn't a place for standup comics. Most of these jokes are old and while some of them are funny I don't think this was the correct forum to post them in.

Another old one:

How do you make a hormone?

Don't pay her.

some of these are really old

but I really LIKED the idea of bringing some actual jokes back to the humor category.

So thanks!

I will say that a few of the pedophile ones, in addition to NOT being funny, might just get you in trouble with the mods.

Oh wait....

Nevermind, this site isn't moderated. What was I thinking?!?

Don't worry, yes I can take a joke....but SOME people around here....

Well, I'm sure YOU know........

I read Silky Adventures #15 while waiting for a court appearance on a speeding charge, and I thought I could use a good laugh. (The story is classified as Humor & Satire, after all.) It's enough to make me glad I'm not female. Making it "go away" would be better than $300 fine and a big boost in insurance rates, but at least I didn't encounter a horny judge! (Thank God--mine was about 400 years old!) I voted high despite the misspelling. A very imaginative story, and probably an all-too-true comment on our (in)justice system.

Another one ...

Whats the difference between a vitamin and a hormone ?
You can't make a vitamin.

I Actually Have Heard Most of Them, What Does That Say About Me?

I could add several more riddles to the ones here but I won't. I don't know how much more the readership can stand.


What the heck was that?

I read it twice and other than an incestuous relationship with his daughter I'm STILL not sure what the hell was going on in this mess. Try again. This was awful.

LOL 5*****

@ Sojoman you are great!
A newer survay shows the graduated 20' years men avoid the marriage activily.
1. They think the marriage impedes them in the life!
2. They are afraid the bastard kids! Unfortunataly the restart possibility of ex husbands without children support after bastard kids is in some USA states only!
(This is the most important to launch in everywhere!)
3. They feel the whole media show the husband role as a negative ridiculouse life situation!
The married male people rate decreases among the graduated 25-30 years people!
May it be the men will get married above 40 years except for being religeouse, being responsible for accidental kid or TRUE LOVE?!
Survey figures show 55% of the wives and 60% of the husbands had minimum 1 extramarital affair in lifetime.
Survay show 16% of the married spouses said they had 1 extramarital affair in 1 year intervalum.
This will be the most interesting survay shows 93% of the people said the faithfulness is crucial in marriage! What is this?! The 55 and 60% think also the faithfulness is important!
Once more LOL and 5*****.
I think the best solution is the next to wait until 40 years old to save enogh money in secret bank deposit and to marry ONLY SUCH WOMAN WHO WANTS MINIMUM 2 KIDS IMMEDIATELLY AFTER THE MARRIAGE AND SECRET OR OPEN DNA TEST!

Hilarious.. and for everyone's reference...

Lyrics... Just use Google. Or this link is to a reasonably ad-free site (you'll have to copy and paste): http://www.turoks.net/Bordello/MayorOfBayswater.ph p

The three bears are pissed!

Never go into the woods. You will deservedly get eaten by the bears in revenge for this travesty. I can't believe 300 people read it. UGH!

So lovely

Your writing glistens like.... well, you can probably guess. (This is a compliment.)

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