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Remarkably funny

This story makes a poignant statement about human relationships; parody for sure but right on the money.

Sexy with a twist of humour!

Great story, not my particular kink but written in a very arousing way!


Oh my god this is delightful. Well-written, as always, but with a sparkle of humor that I love to see in your work.


One of the best things I've read here. Wellwritten and so hot!!


I would rather be crazy than stupid...

Messed Up

Completely wrong in the head. My kind of friend.


That was funny !!!!!!!!!

100% Yes.

A lot of these trouble me when stumbling across (bad) lesbian erotica. This one in particular always makes me cringe: “The object of her lust will automatically be a predatory lesbian willing to ignore any consequences of her end to seduce the neophyte”

Thanks for the LOLz!

I'm really liking this.

So far so good. I'm enjoying the heck out of this. Please keep it up. A chapter a day would be great. 😉

what the actual fuck?

this is some of the worst and most contrived story writing I have seen... This is just awful on so many levels. I hope not to see any of your work in the future.


That was fun! I hope you write more humor stories, you're good at it.

You write really well. It's too bad the subject is so distasteful. Derek is a total douchebag pervert with no redeeming qualities - a dirty old man who whips out his dong and masturbates in a public place.

The girls are ridiculous. Not even the lowest skank would polish her fingernails, never mind toenails, in a restaurant, (without being thrown out) treating people who are eating to the sight of her feet, and the nauseating smell of nail polish. Maybe you should have put them in a park - not so outlandish that way.

It's hard to like a story when you hate everyone in it. It even makes the sex nasty and totally unappealing. Oh, and it's not funny in the least, not to me anyway. But each to his own!

Author away for a week.

I'm going to be unable to access Literotica for a week. I appreciate any comments made but I'm not going to be able to acknowledge them. Thank you for any made.

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