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ughh... i need to know the trigger word to house break my husband...

And to maybe also for him to grow a pair of balls. Little bitch wont even spar with me... Let alone be aggressive in bed....

Thanks again for the comments, everyone

Many thanks to the "Andre Gide" fan, your comment made my day!

That's nice, anon but...

The Halloween Contest themes are:
scary stuff, costumes, Halloween traditions (trick-or-treating, etc.), etc.

So my story covered the first two. WTF are you on about?

That's nice...

But though your story was exceptional, heartwarming, and politicallty and/or historically stirring... Where the shit was the Halloween kink!? You still get five stars... And as it is December my vote wouldn't count any way.... Your career just got off.. Even if I didn't.

Details, details.

I have often argued that the separation between good and great writing (and this is true for poetry, prose, song lyrics, and film writing) is in getting the right details.
In this particular case, I have to say (and I suspect that this is the first and only time the following sentence ever appears in Literotica):

"Andre Gide" is what did it for me.

Great writing, needless to say. Thanks for posting.

a total failure

she was just a lying ...cheating conniving bitch and he was too dumb to see her for what she was...she controlled him but let herself go and exposed herself.....need to add a chapter where he discovers just what a cheating bitch she is and he then dumps her and her lying family....a pathetic story...with too many holes in it...one of your failures...

Funniest thing I ever read at L. But you still need an editor. Who cares?

Yes, Editor is the funniest. But the stories I read before, Link and Pieces among them, still need an editor. Me? Who knows. But what does "needs" mean? If L doesn't care, why should you? spellos, typos, grammos. But never mind. I'd be surprised if yours aren't the most favorite ROMANCES at L. They're mine.


As good as it gets!!!!


just shows how very innocent remarks can be construed any way you want about being sexual....try adding this to any innocent remark afterwards..."as the actress said to the bishop"...and it suddenly twists innocent remarks in to something sexual.......

One question

Why was he working? After the hospital removed one of his testicles he would have become a very wealthy man in the ensuing lawsuits. So he would have had no need to work and therefore would never have met Ms. Bitch.

anon is correct

wart our hero would haul his sweet ass from this coming disaster,but alas all good men shall stick thine dick in crazy


Copious tears of laughter from a fan of actual author notes.

And say hi to your dad for me.

Note To TonyKiwi

Gene, the 75-year-old lawyer defending Scott's fiancé Emma Riley, was the one having electrical problems...not Emma. Go back and re-read the story. I think you have scolded another reader mistakenly. Good story. I like the humorous way in which it was written.

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