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Like all these side additions to the main syory. Hope to see more

Piece of trash that needs to be found lifeless in a dumpster.

just stupid

enough said, but no there's more, it's not humor or satire, it's assault. Crap. TK

Like it!

I like this, it is a smart way you doing it!

i got a kick out of this
thank you


And sadly accurate assessment of modern (well, not according to Ovid) marriage rites and wrongs. You left out any discussion of the effect of mutual respect on vow keeping but you didn't discuss unicorns or Santa either! Please write more on this site; fiction or nonfiction works for me. Thanks for your work thus far.

School of Sex

This was a great and funny story - would love it if you continued one for every kind of sex, or at least your favorites!


greta story. lots of potential, but if he gets his cock sucked, then his lovely wife should be subject to some enthusiastic muff-diving. it's the least he should do. do please continue.

What the fuck?

I have no idea how to respond to this. It's well written and all but what the fuck is going on in this story. Like why have none of the writers been arrested for trespassing or something. There are so many questions.

One More Thing, Anony-Mouse:

You apparently did actually vote my FICTIONAL SATIRE one star. Bravo for your beavery bravery.

Not Bad For Trolling, Mr. Anonymous.

Apparently you neglected to realize what section my story is posted in. That would be humor and SATIRE. The word satire means you can INVENT THINGS for the sake of your story. Ironically, your own lack of reading comprehension has made me "misunderstood." Unless of course, your entire comment was a fakeout on me, in which case I have "sort of" fallen for it. In any event, thanks for your misinformed vote, but you should have saved it until November.

So bad I'm still laughing!

And a "true" story to boot?? Drop the true story baloney. You're on a porn site on the world wide web. No one believes a word coming out of your mouth and the "true story" tag does nothing for the story but make us laugh at you. As for the B's to DD's and the Doctor? Really? When are the little green men from Mars landing? In an effort to be funny, you failed miserably.
No stars as even giving this drivel one star would be an insult to the star. How is that for trolling?

Then I'll Just Troll Myself

Another Misunderstood:
"So what did they threaten to cut off, Dr. Jones? Was it your head? Your hands?"
"No, it was my.....misunderstanding."
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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