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I think I can totally identify with the poor lady... See... I married that guy.... Lmfao... No... You cannot use subtlety, word play... No... He is an idiot... You must find your inner cave woman and drag him around by his hair... Eventually its possible to train him... Or reprogram.... But good luck...

very innovative, good story...

But im trying so hard to fall asleep... And you just put a horrible song from the 80s iin my head... "She blinded me with sciene". Now I can't sleep cause im laughing...


Yes I'm fucking good at them, thanks

i swear i think ive seen this show...

Seriously... Insomnia is sometimes worth paying for those extra channels at motels..

She needs to do what he wants

Give custody of her son to the boy's father (the husband she cheated on) and go with her lover. And as she's telling hubby she hates everything of his, sign away all her rights to their marital assets, too.

1* Even worse cuck crap

This author is not a man. Its a pussy wimp crap.


Oh to have a giant dick and a steady stream of willing pussy looking for the "one time fantasy". You would think that Susan would have put up a bigger fight to being raped. And just how does our hero feel about treating all those other husbands the same way Phil treated him? How does he justify the cuckolding of all those other men?
And where does the concept of loving someone with all your heart and being able to fuck someone else come from? That has to be the dumbest thing on record. Fucking around on someone is the pinnacle of disrespect and loathing.

Terrific. Insightful, relevant, and fucking funny.

My husband wants a divorce because my lunatic laughter woke him up...

And vodka was lawn-sprinkling out my nose.... Bitch... I almost drowned.... Lmfao... Do it again?

Thank you... Ass...

You made me laugh so hard vodka went up and out my nose and now i may be blind!!! You are awsome... Assuming i get my vision back...

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