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I don't know anyone who hasn't peed in the shower.... By the way urine is suposed to be a good cure for athletes foot.

Love the way how you broke down the 4th wall

Breaking down the 4th wall with a 3" dick is certainly some kind of award winning writing. Loved the humor of the "Film Nior" of the 1930's/40's.


just reread this hot story. Part 2?


Merry friggin Christmas...Early! Great fun story, maybe a future chapter on Joann as an Elf. As for Holly showing up at the Shack, no way! The Shack'ers are doing fine on their own. Love all your stories, hope they keep coming for years. Semper Fi.

Great tale!

Please keep going! The eroticism is well balanced with a great plot and well-thought out time travel devices and explanations!

Too Much Obscure Figurative Language

I felt that the use of metaphor in this piece was much too much. Figurative language should be used to enhance the story. It shouldn't be the story! If you have too much you confuse the reader. Think of it like nutmeg; you add a dash to make things more exciting, but adding the whole container would take away from the dish itself. The story has real potential, but some issues need to be taken care of.

Magnificent !
Keep your imagination cumming

Ahhhhhh face

A really good first story...keep up the food work


@Anonymous Re: "Colleen Thomas"

Would you care to tell us which story you're referring to? She has many.


Well, usage is a problem, isn't it?
Try fatigue in place of tiredness. Be smart, be patience and the words will come...sometimes in the form of an Oxford Dictionary.
This story became rather fatiguing quickly.

GREAT one...!

sure didn't see that one coming...

Colleen Thomas did it better.

Re Boxlicker's Comment

You go first trying to collect DNA samples from THAT dog!

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