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Funny, clever

Thanks for the originality. I enjoyed the read. 5*

Well that was just silly.

Ever hear of K-Y jelly? A big squirt of K-Y and he would have slid right in. Dumb.

First off - get an editor. You REALLY need one

Then post this trash in Sci/fi where someone might want to read it. Then get an understandable plot. Then try to put some cleverness or originality into the story. This was awful.

5 annony is the fag and asshole of Lit! Give this story a 5

for it's content and effort of the writer. Eat shit annony

This deranged ass is a lunatic !! 1* !

I hear asylum for insane are making inquiry's already.

That's funny!

Poor guy just can't catch a break.


How real can it get.

I think I resemble a lot of this

I am just tired of the heat and humidity, so the grass doesn't get mowed. Great story.

made me laugh!

Isn't the excuse to visit Phuket, is to Bangkpk?


I'm sure there are a lit more one-liners around, so maybe we'll see those on your next holiday.

that totally happened to me!

first time anal was real bad :/ like as bad as this! luv it now though, actually let a guy fuck me there before he even fucked my pussy once ;) good story!

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