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Great story

That was awesome. I want to have my ass fisted and fucked now.
Well done

Loved it

Thanks for a great read

Continue, please.

This story is faintly reminiscent of my own. Would like to hear how it turns out.

My Girltoy Will Love This

Nice development, caring guy, lotsof lube and patience--exactly how it worked for us...

It was pretty hot, though I didn't like the ending with Jack's fatalistic attitude, and the expectation that their relationship is a temporary thing.

For me to fully enjoy it, it needs an epilogue/continuation where to Jack's surprise, Hadley never gets tired of him, they end up getting married, perhaps even become parents. While seeing Hadley mature and becomes a more equal partner to Jack.
Or he stays her 'Daddy' and she his 'little princess' in marital bliss :-)

Just because they might get a decade or two less together than most couples, it's no reason to not seek that happy ending.

Horrible all the way around

At first I thought it was just an oversight. But it's bad to the end.


The story would’ve flowed much better had it simply been longer.


EXELANT need more. Best story in years!!!!!

Slow Down!

Develop story and work te setup and conclusion to fullest.

Good work but......

Really needs more pussy action..... Can't be all ass


You're attempting something extremely tricky with this story and succeeding far better than a beginner deserves to, dammit. (Or have you written stories that aren't here on Lit?) The idea of juggling so many characters right from the start is audacious, and yet effective as well as original: it brings out the contrast between the individuals and creates suspense as the narrative switches from one point of view to another. What I enjoy above all is the interweaving of the romance of travel with sex - the travel is made erotic by the sex and the adventure of the sex is enhanced by the travel. I'm looking forward to part 3.

Excellent story

A solid 5 score! It's great to read a woman's description of anal sex - how it feels to be penetrated, filled, and inseminated that way.

An Anal Fetish Delicacy

I could visualize the shiny metal plug being slowly pulled from her ass, the lips of her anus clasping to it. Then sliping between the pouting lips of her mouth as the cockhead entered her asshole.
In the mind's eye one could see her taking that same plug and reinserting it into the gaping freshly fucked hole to hold the cum leaking down her legs.

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