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Well a mystery has been solved but one Hell of a Storm is coming

So the commander and his team has finally caught the perps that robbed the truck but the twist is they were not responsible for the two drivers murders. It was a different group. Two dangerous groups working for the same employer, the CIA or whoever is in the CIA. If it is the same employer after all. This was the answer for the riddle. One forest ranger saw smoke but the firefighters saw fire meaning that there are not seeing the same thing. Hence two groups.

If that's not enough, turns out Dear Sheriff was near the money, there happens to be a black militant group with one of the leaders being T-Square. Man, just when I started to like the rapper. Can someone tell me why the blacks are starting a riot? They have the Iron Crowbar, isn't that enough? Can blacks be racists as well? Much more than the white supremacists?

In addition to that, a third is starting to enter the fray but the identity is unknown and that has got our dear commander stumped. A war brewing everyone, either get the hell out know, just get out, it's too dangerous to stay. With the police in the middle, this war on three fronts will take alot of lives. Will the commander stop a single drop of bloodshed or make sacrifices that'll sate the bloodlust that is rising?

Our dear Melina is unfortunately now officially an enemy of the commander, after being implied to be the one to assassinate the perps to cover-up the truth. Will she me meet her end, fatally or in jail? Or will the commander let his former flame left alive like his sister or will she give him no choice. And the family drama between Melina and Laura has caused the latter to punish herself by having rough anal sex as inevitable conflict between them draws near. Though if I'm wrong about the punishing thine-self, please do correct me, anyone.

Finally, to our dear finale, the Crowbar will definitely survive but what sacrifices will happen? Will Cindy go for a full-time job at the FBI? Spoiler, as she will not. Staying at the Commander's side is one of the things is what makes her happy as our local pornstar Callie Carrington has said. To our next installment of mystery, intrigue and betrayal, dear fellow readers.

Ps: Well I'll be damn, it can't be a coincidence that my last comment on wanting a third or second secret society appearing in your story and that it is revealed here that there is a second or third society coming to the county. Seriously, coincidences like this don't just happen as you like to remind us, dear Watchman. And since there's a third group coming, I would like to make a few guesses.

(X-files Theme) First I think they're Templars and if that's the case, we need the Assassin's to come and help our dear crowbar. If not them, then I think it's the Illuminati and if I'm right about this one, then we need an augmented cyborg cop to help the commander. Haha, I hope you or anyone else could understand what I'm talking about. Please do reply if you do.

Good effort....

If this is your first anal sex tale, you deserve a pat on the back (ass ?). I found it very enjoyable and interesting. Keep writing, it may be just your "thing"!

About Scott, Rita and Emma Washburn

Hey, Watchman, the reason I brought up the Scott/Rita situation was due to the fact that he's linked to Emma Washburn's murder. Since you wrote that the Iron Crowbar couldn't figure out the motive for his mother murdering Emma, I figured since Scott's mother was convicted by the Iron Crowbar and was a mole to Westboro, he had real motive to take down Donald Troy and is probably the true culprit whereas his mother was trying to cover up for him.

Either the IC knows about it or decides not to go further into that rabbit hole. It feels like a wasted plot to see that IC didn't got to confront Scott about it. And since Rita took away that opportunity, it was pretty obvious that a confrontation between Rita and him would occur.

And so it was that later

As the miller told his tale
If behind is.. in front
Then dirt in truth... is clean
And her face, at first was just ghostly
Then it turned a whiter shade of pale

Nobody trying to answer WW's query?

Ok, I'll bite.
Let's see here...logical possibilities all flow around the presence of a few intersecting items and interests: 1) Superior Bloodlines (SB), 2) CIA (or, perhaps more precisely, rogue elements thereof that may overlap with SB - especially where one Melina Algood plays a part) 3) drone/weapons technology 4) T-Square and his "Band of Brothahs" (BoB - for lack of better term).
So, one key consideration here is this: Did Melina make a _mistake_ here? ...or was she leaving breadcrumbs (presumably for Don, who she could count on to find her trail)? Given her background in "wet work" I'm going to have to err on the side of competency here and presume it was no mistake. (After all, she does rather much "owe Don one" for his making one of his first crowbars from her used sniper rifle barrel.)
Given the above, I'm wagering that Melina smells a rat in side the CIA and is leaving breadcrumbs for Don. Given that scenario, then, T-Square's security guy was murdered by CIA and/or SB folks while trying to learn about T-Square's BoB talks/plans. The Drivers were murdered by SB people trying desperately to retrieve the technology that was supposed to be funneled to them from CIA sources, but Melina "oopsie"'d it into the computer shipments channel knowing that Don would catch the case and figure out the cluuues. Whether Melina is actively involved in the SB side or not, she is likely in some peril from irate SB folk and/or angered CIA folk.

The return shipping label was very astute investigating and possibly either a very _real_ mistake - or a red herring. Now, let's see where the chips fall...presuming WW isn't just going to punt this one down the track some more.

Oh, wait I forgot about Dr. Harvey Eckhart -vs- CIA being in this mix too. Hmm...the armed drone could have been intended for multiple purposes/groups in turn, and Melina scuttled it as it was in transit between parties out of familial loyalties. That could work too.

Another 5+

"No comment" WW!! Just awaiting the next installment. Keep em a coming, 5*+

Vincent D. Lee

Wow, that's a lot to comment on. Fortunately, you know i won't comment on things that affect future stories... which means I won't be commenting on almost anything you wrote! :o) I will say that I'd forgotten about Rita/Scott... that had been meant to wrap up the question of the mole, and I wasn't going to take that any further.

Also, to everyone: the Laura/Don anal scene was NOT just thrown into the story. It has purpose and intent, like almost everything I put into my stories. That scene IS important. :o)


Ease up on the lube

I enjoyed it, but the amount of lube you describe using is rediculous. It would be far too slippery to feel anything, not to mention messy. Thats my experiance, maybe you use crappy lube. Good writing tho

Fun Story

I liked the exhibitionism and voyuerism angle of the story--that added some heat. Keep up the writing.

Well Damn

So it appears that while Don's friendship and the Sheriff's deteriorating, Don's not one to lose it but has to if Daniel has gone out of his reach. Fortunately for Don, there may be hope, if he could unravel the mystery of his ex-wife. Apparently his mother was right, Melina was not a good woman for him, other than cheating with Jack Burke and Ned Burke, doing things that would go against the Iron Code and apparently manipulating the Sherrif. He's better of with Laura despite the fact they're sisters.

Iron(Crowbar)y has never tasted so sweet. Apparently, they have different natures apparently due to different nurtures. But hey who can debate on Nature vs Nurture.

Now another trouble's brewing, murderers of 3 people will be solved, answers may or may not be given, possibly Black Militants that the Crow may have to deal and a wife who has trouble with his (vengeful?) ex-wife, also sister, a political storm with the Blacks and Whites, what will the Crowbar and Co do, only the Watchman knows.

Will Crowbar finally let go of his emotions for Melina and finally think logically and coldly towards her and find answers or since the beginning, will she be able to blind him of the truth? Will Laura's relationship with her sister be at stake on what's to come? Will the Sheriff realize the great error that he's going now will his life be forfeited as his redemption comes. And will the DepDirector get a crowbar? Only the next chapters will all or maybe some will be revealed.

Ps: So sorry for being gone awhile,(cricket sounds), you know what, never mind. I just want to add some stuff despite being late to the party. Did everyone or was it just me that saw Barclay's death a little too convenient?

I know his wife was in grief over her daughter's death but I think there some unanswered questions since he got killed just as simple as that. In fact, I think the wife has some plans on her own, that we have yet to see. Was the incestual relationship between the Mr Barclay and the daughter consensual? Was the father really that obsessed? And shouldn't Cindy realize that Barclay had some answers the Crowbar wanted to get? Or is WifeWatchman just trolling us.

And in the other chapter(Knights of the Round), wasn't the Iron Crowbar a lil too pissed of at Agent Jones and actually giving the reaction she wanted? Yes she was an ass, but had he played the cool guy and kept his calm, he might actually played it better. Man he's just losing it with his short temper, it could bite him back in the ass. Wait is that a hint of foreshadowing on future chapters? Damn, say it so WifeWatchman, please. Not only that, but I couldn't help sorry for the officer that brought Agent Jones to the Crowbar Office. He made a small rectifiable mistake but he's getting fired for it. C'mon, just scold him and tell him not to do it again. If Cindy's and other grave mistakes can be forgiven, why can't his small one be let go as well.

Though now that I think about it, the Crowbar is in a position where he HAS to look tough otherwise the tigers might go and get him. Man that's why I hate politics. Though if he's capable of playing poker face with much more dangerous opponents, how could a mid or low-level agent set him off? Wife Watchman, your answer would be appreciated.

Finally, will we see the fallout of the Jenna Cheating/Gor-don Villain reveal soon. Not too mention the fallout or the reveal of Scott's death at Rita's hands. Seriously, these are answers some of us has been waiting to see.

Oh, and I just watched John Wick Chapter 2 and it was tremendously good. We need an international assassin character like John Wick who works for a secret society that rivals the Superior Bloodlines coming to the county. The battle of other secret society's with the Superior Bloodlines will be epic, that's for sure.

Why bother


Please Sir, may we have some more?

Tired fingers

Your fingers must have run out of energy. This seems to be a good start but not enough to post. Try to get at least a ten minute read before submitting, this is not a story. Many books have more words on their back covers.

Not enough

Not exactly a story yet. You should have waited until the 'to be continued' bit was added, instead of posting it here half-baked.

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