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Another writer here also uses the phrase, "fucking hell" almost constantly in lieu of other exclamatories. Makes one wonder.....


Agreed on the spellcheck.

Prostate = g-spot.

Very Hot!

The lead up teasing and oh the great anal play....5 stars from me...

Wet through

Now I need fresh panties too, thank you SteamyChik for making my lunch hour a bit more breathless


This is one of the best stories I have read on here.


DO NOT READ THIS AS IT HAS NO ENDING! Geez if Damonx isn't the worst author on this site then I don't know who is. Not that the technical writing isn't good. It is. He can write. What he can't do is FINISH! SO many of his stories have no endings. I wish Literotica would never post another story this is unfinished. It just pisses me off.


Touched my heart

Ending left tears in my eyes. Probably my longest and most engaging masturbation ever.

This ruined it

It would have been better if Jack stayed himself. Hadley should have been some teenage slut he was training and enjoying. None of this falling in love shit. I read through 5 pages and just quit. And seriously, Hadley stays a virgin until her senior year but gives it up 5 minutes after meeting Jack, literally. It would have ended better if she'd just realized she was just another slut to Jack.

Miss you

Its been a while since I have been on this site, but I miss your stories and your emailed pics. Hope you remember me. lovebobby

A Fabulous Story

Well done that was a fun read.


You need an anatomy lesson

I sort of liked your stories but you need to check your spelling. I've never heard of a trannie with a g-spot. I'm just saying,..

Captivating and Poignant

I just spent several minutes using Google to attempt to come up with a title for this review that would do the story justice, and failed. I'm hooked. I was already a devoted reader, checking back frequently for new stories, but in addition I'm really wanting yet fearful of the continuation of this story. It would drive me to distraction if you weren't to write more, yet I fear where it's going. Please, please, continue the story. My imagination leads me to dark places, and I'd greatly prefer to immerse myself in your rendition.

Great Story

Besides being able to write really good sex scenes, I really like the colorful little descriptors which are totally off the wall, but me a chuckle, very good, I like it.

emotional education

A great story for personal learning, Facing up to ones genuine likes and dislikes.

Anal penetration

Dear Sir,
My wife doens't like anal. I tried to convince her a lot of times but she refuses every time. She told me that she jeard form other women that it is painful. I explained to her that if she doens't try it she'll never know that it hurts or not. I've tried some times when she's drunk(she likes wine). But I think that I'm too anxious to do it. I get stiff but at the moment of ruth I get flat. What can you suggest me to do in this situation?

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