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I loved the story.
A sequel? Or more like this?

Holy Fuck Kay, that was amazing.,.

GREAT Job Kay, I felt like I was right there..

What a great morning read!

I really do enjoy your submissions. I never really thought about submissive sex until I started reading your stories. Now I'm kind of intrigued. This story should really be continued.

Now This Was Entertaining

Finally... A woman who was completely aware and totally in agreement. Now, this is what I would want when I go to a hypnotherapist. Fantastic standalone or spring board for much more to cum.

man... you really caught the moment.. the feelings... the sensation... the previous fear and the lustful last desire... as you say... first i was doubting... but then 'I Want her to fuck me!' that's what all feels the first time... i know that. Congratulations! Great and well played story my friend! for sure we would have more from you soon!

Live oak resort

I love that place. Did you go to the party house?

please write more anal stories?

Just got into erotic literature & this was the first story I read. Was not disappointed! The sex scenes were really good. The way you described anal penetration was on point & a real turn on. well done

Really good story, more please.

Great story!

You captured the experience perfectly. Write more!


I've fantasizes about this so many times. Great writing! You described it perfectly, well done!!

Great read!

Please continue the story!

Totally not believable because ...

... I was not present and I know that I did not take part.
Therefore it would be a waste of time bothering to read it!!

We missed you!

I love all you slutty stories!

Liked it.

I enjoyed it, it was sensual and sexy. You gave your characters enough to make them likable. Only thing I have to critic is the dildo changing size. You went from 8-6 each time you described it. Still good read and keep it up.

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