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Very well written! Details were spot on! This story is fantastic!


I noticed the size change too but whatever. Great story regardless!

People are bother by Trump Im bothered by the near rape.

Out of nowhere he just fucks her, her reaction is what the fuck are you doing, his reasoning is, "I'm giving, you, what you want." Yeah regardless if I am going to fuck someone without consent, saying I just gave her what she wanted does not seem like a good enough reason to force myself on someone for no reason.


Dear "Grammar"
When assembling these stories, the ideas flow rapidly through the mind at a much faster pace then typing the words.
Thanks for pointing out the issues you noted.
I'll pay closer attention to proofing my work.

I know this is fiction but it reminds me so much ofmine and my wifes fitst time on her big round ass. We'd been married for 4 years and l had always wanted to fuck my wifes big pretty ass. We'd tried sveral times but hadn't succeeded. One day these friends of our gave us some porn videos. We were watching on called!@&€!#. In the first scene there was this blondie and this guy and shes laynig on her side sucking his cock. She pulls it out of her mouth and tells the guy shes honna teach hin how to fuck her in the ass! The took my wife and l step by step and then my wife gets up and goes to the bathroom. I figured she needed to pee. She was back in a second holding a bottle of lube. She told me that l had to go really slow at first cause it was gonna be tighter than on the TV. That night we got to enjoy our first buttfuck. And it started a whole new aspect of our relationship. She enjoyed me "fucking her ass" as she would put it for alot of years and alot of beutiful nights.

This begs for a sequel

Did I read that right?: Use of Cocaine and the drugging of the girls rectum without her permission? This begs for a sequel to explain what happens when she discovers that twist.... and his drug problem... 5*


This story is fucking incredible! Kinky, erotic and sexy as hell! I'd love to read more of her fingering his ass and fucking him there. Amazing writing. One of the best stories I've read here.

slut yoga wife

Very well written. And very hot too. My wife loves to suck cock. And loves to rim and eat a guy's asshole. Just loves to do both together.She is an avid yoga gal with the body you would expect from a yoga instructor. Especially enjoys nude hot yoga. She does private sessions at our home where I built her a lavish studio just for this purpose. She does groups couples and singles instruction. She is quite busy on weekends with the one on one and 7 of 8 are men. Experienced yoga studs who enjoy being orally pleasured in various poses and having their assholes rimmed and eaten prior to letting go a hot climax of cum for her to swallow down. And yes she diligently swallows every single drop. Often skillfully coaxing two loads from them and rubbing herself off at the same time. I have several cameras set up which she has no idea exist or that I am aware of her special private sessions. A true slut Will swallow. But a huge slut eats 7 assholes and swallows not once but twice. When I finally do confront her I know she will feel that she has done nothing wrong. Guess I should have known better after she swallowed my load on our second date. Thaught I was special. Wow.


IF you are using a Dragon to type/print your stories, perhaps an update is required. A couple of items appeared that made the reading and absorbing the content interrupted etc.; e.g. vile for VIAL, there for THEIR,,,

To Bad

This is poorly written, therefore impossible to read and like at all.

Bring us down slowly

Super hot; ended too abruptly.


This was incredible....such a build up..such beautiful

It was ok

I think it needed more detail and I agree add if its rape

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