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I can feel the tightness of her ass clinching my cock now. Hot. I imagine it's my first ass of a girl I met backpacking in Europe.

Really great story from you Walterio.

There's just something about Polynesian women that does it for me.

Fun story

Totally unrealistic, but who cares: it's fiction!


Tonight is the night my wife of 16 years loses her anal virginity. Your story is how it will happen!

DamonX is back!!

When I saw DamonX was back I knew it would be incredible.... The best erotic writer by a country mile!!


As a subbie female I enjoyed this immensely so much so that I'd love to write this story from Kate's point of view. :)

great writing

the build up was a little vague, more intro, or I need to read it again. loved it tho.

Too predictable

No stars for you.
When we have a very petite lady instead of the all too frequent 44DD bimbo then the next predictable thing is the guy is hung like a mule. Come on writers - develop some originality, get creative.
Second turn off. Tiny lady with her hands bound gets a sharp slap in the face - out of no where. WTF?
So much for the Mr, Nice Guy dinner date.

But she was angry

And told John what she had done. He never talked to her again. Maybe not. John came over and they talked. John wanted to make love only she couldn't. She couldn't sit down and the truth came out. John left and never talked to her again. Any way you looked at it, John left her. The end to the stupidity.

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