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Nice and cheeky story.

Nicely written with a good insight into a womans first Anal adventure.
It is true to life also in the fact that its like Marmite....women either love it or hate it.
I was a late starter myself into Anal and use it sparingly in my sex life so the novelty doesn't wear off.


What a great piece of writing.
The suspense was delicious. Was she going to or wasn't she? Was he going to bail out or not? Just what was her game? As some point it became clear that this was some sort of self-punishment/deprecation for her. It became deeply neurotic by discarding the condom, exposing herself to unsafe sex. The taunting was aimed at the antagonist in her neurosis, not the married man. Obviously in response to her husband's infidelity or other perceived failings. Almost classic sado-masochism.
A nice twist was the revelation of his neurosis. More S&M but we at least learned the target of his ire - his wife.
Great story. I'll try another of your offerings


Learn how to use speech marks when someone is talking.


Love this I can't wait for the next one to come out

You're kidding right?

Melanie's going to jail. It's 2 v 1 in testimony so prison is her destination. And how did Sophie turn from fiance to wife? Magic? You didn't think this thru or proofread it did you? Not good.

Really enjoyed it!

A really good balance between introducing the setting and characters and the steamy details. Thanks so much!

Mr Wiggles is naughty

Great story, just explored this myself recently, amazing the power of our bodies. Hope you write about more rainy days.

Thank You!

Thank you everyone. I want to let you know that a sequel is coming at some point, but I have been very busy and just haven't had much time to write. I did actually write what I thought was going to be the sequel a week ago, but I was not happy with it and did not want to publish a crap story. Hopefully when I should have some time to work on it in the next week.


I really enjoyed this story. It had me so excited...made my heart beat faster. I was there with them...I was jealous of May. More, more more. Write more.

So get writing!

Lets see those chapters you suggested! Ruth should develop a long term relationship with Joey - maybe even have his child!

Fantasticly written and intensely erotic!


What kind of fucked up person are you to call a rape “romantic”?


You burn the bitches.....a little, but, you seem to reconcile almost as often. I guess you're pandering to both groups. :-)

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