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Please learn proper punctuation rules before you attempt another story.

I Love Your Writing

I would like to see him suck a big cock and swallow while he is being pegged by sister-in law.

I'd love to read more!

I'd love to hear more about their story and if it continues or not!

Continue the great work

I second the nipples/clit piercing! Continue the great work. Any chance you have started the next chapter?

Nipples pierced

It would be nice if alice was taken to get her nipples and clit pierced and rings put in them


So when does she invite them over for some extra fun?

I can do that for you

Turn off the damn auto correct and read your story.

Please write more

I have been captivated by this entire series. There honestly must be a follow up series on the extended life of Ed and Linda and their combined, extended family (ies).


Goddamn....Suzie needs to get ahold of you bruh

Keep them loving

Loving Joe and his sexy body and hairy chest. Keep these two guys together and enjoying each other please!


Holy $%#@ that was hot! love the banter between the two as well.

good quick read

I like a story that is simple and straightforward. Would have liked to see a little more of what happened the second time around.

Very hot

Great story, keep going. Looking forward to the next chapter.


She has to ask if its ok to suck his cock? How childish. Rather lame otherwise.

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