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Loved it!

Okay, so I may be a tad biased since I live in San Antonio, but I enjoyed it a lot. There was one part that needs a little fixing, but overall, it was a great story. I wish Apollo and his brother were real!

Very nice.

Thanks for writing this.
I see you set it up so that you have lots of options which is great.
This is a great story, I look forward to reading any future chapters.

the descriptions of the assfucking were so hot


Loved the story. My wife and I did this a few times. She would never admit that she loved it. She use to cum so hard, that she would pound my ass, and grind into me. The first time I had to crawl away because she was really hurting me. Keep this type story cumming!!!

Great apetizer

Your story was a great appetizer, is the main course still cooking?


how i pegged your father

i don't know if it should be its own story but i really think that you should write it as a script and pitch it to porn production companies lol

Love it

My wife set me up like in the story. She played her game with my ass. At a party she had me dress up as a woman and she dressed as a man . She had a dildo hanging down in her pants for all to see. After drinking a few she told a couple she loves fucking my hot ass. I became embarrassed but excited. The couple asked to see my panties as they were interested in our play. Out on the patio my wife has me bend over a rail. The heels and short skirt exposed I'm not wearing panties. The couple comes to our house and my wife tells the wife to lay on the bed fully clothed and for me to get into a 69 position on top of her fully clothed. With my ass showing from under the skirt the wife starts sucking my cock . My wife lubes the husbands cock and my ass . He fucks me good. Since then I've been dressing up for costume parties as a slut or whore. My wife shaves me like a woman. I've let my hair grow out . We go once a month to get our hair and nails done . When we go out of town we go to bars dressed as two women out on the town for a good time. Let me tell you one thing . The husbands that want to dance with me are told I'm a married man and we like to play around. If he talks to his wife and comes back to our table and asks for a dance I know my ass will be full later . I love it when my wife watches me take it up the ass. I love teasing her about how much cock I can take . So far I've taken 10and1/2" hard cock.


Your ass is so great, your cock is so big .... again and again and again ..... chapter after chapter of the same thing

Suitable title

Really enjoyed this story! Thank you.

Six stars!!!!!!

So veeery amazing


I believe this one wraps up the series. I thought it was very good. I hope you keep contributing to this site. I would enjoy reading more of your work.

This is one helluva start!

I want this to happen to me. I want it. I want her. I want her ass. And I want her to want my ass. Ready for Chapter 2.

I'm guessing Tommy's surname is "Wiseau"?

I did not fuck her. It is bullshit. I did not fuck her. I did NAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! Oh hi Mark...

Hai doggy(-style)...

*some shithouse reference to spoons/spooning*

a wonderful short story

a few typos and whatever- who gives a fuck - don't listen to cruel critic jealous of your escapades.....maybe it was his Mom you polished off?

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