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Great story-telling and hot sex.


My favorite story line too! Only thing hotter would've been if he licked her dirty ass clean after! Great story, 5 stars!

I need a part two asap

Need to find out what happens

After lunch... She has a very kinky mind. love it.

How dr igodo brought back happiness into my life


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“The look on my husband's ass was priceless” surely you mean his face? ;)

how i saved my marriage

Thank you dr bright also know as dr miracle for restoring my marriage.
After 3 year of divorce dr bright brought back my man with just one reunion spell within 24 hours. its still like a dream to me till date because its been 6 months now that we have been together.
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Great story!

I have been a member here for many years and have NEVER left a comment. This story series is in my top 3 favorites of all time. This story struck just the right balance between romance, eroticism and humor. I have read one of your other series before, but found you and this story again through a happy accident. The previous series was uncommonly good, this one is great.

It is true, I have a thing for redheads, heck, I'm married to one. The are definitely passionate and mercurial and you captured that here. The wife will love your storytelling as well.

You have talent and passion for what you write. Keep up the great work; I look forward to reading more from you in the future, with the wife!

Proof read

Could have been good.

Second time

reading it all for the second time and it's quite good indeed!

Good one.

Nice flow and rythm. Believable sex between lovers familiar with each other. Well done.

Good one pager

My girlfriend liked it up her ass that way, with the licking, pussy juice and precum, my cock slide in just fine.

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