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With no conversation beforehand

I think his wife comes downstairs in her normal clothing and laughs herself silly when she sees him dressed as a woman. And then starts asking him how long he's been dressing in drag, thereby ending the evening before it started. I'm still laughing at how silly this was.

Great Story

Enjoyable, well written story. I am off to read 'Cocksucking' now.

Silly fun.

Enjoyed it. Wishing, though, that she had.


It was very distracting and reads awkwardly because of being written in second person narrative.

wifey sex

yes, that would be fun to do with my wife!

fuck ass

God that was amazing my pussy is dripping nd I have put bold marker in my ass nd humping my pillow

I wanted to like the story but.

I'm not a writer but this story needs serious editing. The grammar is that of a poor junior high schooler. The story has potential but its unreadable.

Hot hot hot

That's hot tell us more... please?


We hope there is more to left all kind of please tell us part 2 is due it so far

Wish she were my wife!

I am a hetero senior age male, who love to have that lady peg me like she did her husband!! More stories please!!!

I would absolutely want to read all of those suggested story ideas, especially the two sisters and maybe the husbands as well in a foursome? Super hot, great writing

You As a Writer

I enjoyed this writing as I have enjoyed much of your other writings. Please continue as I notice there were other possible stories within "My Bottom and Me". Include me on your e-mail list for future stories


Everyone needs good communication in the bedroom


Great story! Very intense, I enjoyed it a lot.

I hope you make this a series!

Oh lucky guy

Mike has surely picked up the scent of a woman and is learning what she wants---a good licking and fuck. A very erotic story.

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