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I absolutely loved everything about the story...except the last page. It went from an emotional rollercoaster to a short "sum up" and it was a bit of a let down. Beautiful and wonderful story.

Short and so sweet!

I enjoyed every aspect of this story. So loving and gentle, yet right to the point!
This is my dream ;)

I would enjoy seeing another entry in this series. I hope you keep writing.

Carrie and Jim

this is a gripping story, I presume it to be fictional, however what happened to Mr, Sterling. As I remember from the story he was an attorney with political desires, what happened with him, and how did Carrie come to be your wife. Sorry if I now invade your privacy, it is all so interesting.

Keep them coming

Minimum 10 part series please! Great job!

You score again!

Another great, believable story. Except - we always use Vaseline in our ass. It must not be as moist as yours. Spit don't work for us, but with Vaseline, Daddy's monstrous cock can go all the way to our colon every time.

Nothing like a butt fuck

Great story (again). You captured the desire, the anticipation, the fulfillment of getting your ass fucked. My 6 sisters and I love anal. But then again, we love vaginal and oral too. Hell, we're cum sluts and ass whores. And I say that proudly! We have earned it.

More please!

Love the story. Well written. I must know the rest of the story.

i came 5 times today because of ch1 and ch2. Man, that was an awesome tale!

Fuck me teacher!

Ohhhhhh yeah baby fuck that little slut with your big fucking cock!! Can't wait to fuck all my teachers just like you did.. got me so fucking wet that im having my boyfriend lick my wet pink pussy..

All teachers with big fat cocks come fuck me!


Liked the story, the wife and I have done it several times over the years I love it, so does she. I've even cumed with out even touching myself .

Nice build up

Love the premise and getting into the mind of a man learning to take control. I know first hand there's nothing sexier than a man telling me I'm a good girl while he bosses me around. I'd love to see him play out his fantasies with that girl young enough to be his daughter.

Ch.2 please

Loved it. i can see Debbie taking more of his cock after this. Will he be fucking Debbie or finding another woman to fuck with?

Please write more.

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