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She never stopped. Will she need others?

held together

Very consistent, clear sense of character, and .... anal passage! Go for it, folks!


The description was good, but the ending left me high and dry

5 stars

Interesting, enjoyable and well written story.

Very Skillfull

I loved reading this this story, you seemed to have took some time in thought about this story. I really enjoyed it from the beginning to end and i look forward to reading more of your stories. Keep up the great work and I look to reading more of your stories soon.

To many recaps

As I was reading this I kept thinking I had lost my place and was reading the same thing over again.

i want...

…several more stories of their glorious six months together and their fabulous frequent anal, please


Love the story line,the characters and the way it all comes together.

please continue

This was fantastic. I love having my girlfriend fuck me but I truly enjoy more sucking a real cock and getting fucked by a man. I know it's "gay" but that's OK with me.

More back than forth

The story could have used more talk back from him. It seemed one sided. Sex was fine but her screams were a little over the top

Love those big round butts!

Liz reminds me so much of a couple old gf's but especially of my hot wife who really goes crazy with a finger or toy in her ass. She's even been hinting around about having me in her back door so it looks like that will be happening soon. Love this series!

Anal massage

Great story I think I'll try this with my girl as she is been hurt there before and she and I would love to back door


Another illiterate WHORE posting cuck shit.


Fuck his ass hard! Plow into it! Oh, Grandma! More bean soup! Finger my shit hole!

Thank you. I was invited to a NY eve party. I knew only 5 people, 2 guys from the office with their wives and Gloria, an over 60 year old office clerk. The night went well, enjoyable, midnight, a few drinks, I saw a young couple with his hand under her skirt then I heard a voice, you would think they would go to a room. I turned , it was Gloria. Mm, your right, she continued, good luck to them, when my husband was alive we would celebrate New Year in the bedroom, how you start the year is how it ends. What about you? Um, not married, never thought about it like that. It works, last year was a shocker for me, I spent New Year alone, things didn't change all year. We watched as the couple left, want to go for a walk, I looked at her, ok. We walked outside along the path until it came to an end before a grove of trees. beyond the short fence was a park, there were about 4 or 5 cars parked. Come on there might be a party she said and she lifted her dress exposing her pantied bottom, I followed. We walked through past the cars, I looked into one, a guy was getting a blow job from another guy, we kept walking. She said cheaper than a hotel room. Ahead of us there was a bench, 2 guys, one on his knees, the other fucking him doggy style. We stopped, just out of view. Gloria said my husband used to like that, I said what, fucking with guys, no, fucking my bottom, I liked it too, just like the guy being fucked, look at his face, her hand went under her dress, makes me horny. Don't fancy a fuck do you, no way, I don't do it with guys. She laughed, pleased to hear that, I meant me, no strings, just a New Year fuck. I hesitated, she grabbed my hand, come on, lets find a bench. She moved quickly over there lifting her dress as we went to the bench. She sat down, look please don't say no, I probably will regret this tomorrow, let me make you hard, I let her undo my pants, mm, nice cock, looks excited too. She was right, I had gone semi hard watching the 2 guys, her mouth around my cock certainly worked. She stood, lifted her dress and bent over the table, maybe it was the light or lack of, maybe the whole setting but I found her pussy and pushed my cock into her, wet, not tight but she felt good as I fucked her. She was enjoying it, loudly declaring oh yes, that feels fucking good. I kept at her, her juices splashing my thighs and I heard her oh yes, cummimg, cummimg and her legs shook as she orgasmed. Oh fuck that was good, I looked down, I could see her ass. I pulled back, no don't stop, I placed my very wet cock against her anus, oh you want to put it there, good and I pushed forward and her anus opened hugging my wet cock. I knew why her husband liked this, tight, gripping but my cock was able to slide in and out until with a final thrust I was filling her bum. That's it, give it to me, her hand under her pussy, ooh, ooh and her rectum muscles clasped my cock as she orgasmed again I pulled back, pulling up my pants, looking around as she pulled her dress down. We walked back, she reached for my hand, I held it, I said good night to the party hosts. I walked outside, she was standing there, don't suppose you would like to come back for a fuck and coffee, what, you heard. Lead the way.

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