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Great start. Love stories about wives using a strapon with their husband. Hope there’s more to this story. Marie uses the strapon on the husband....???

Tommies girls are awesome

Both gorgeous co-ed and loving spouse are the stuff of incredible fantasy, if only...

Good story

Very much enjoyed it, thanks

Really Good

This is so sensual and TRULY sexual. Thank you for the pleasure of this story!

Superb story. So well written. Would love to see another story with this same girl she sounds amazing Lol!

Love it! Super cute story :)

Wonderful first time story writing, quite erotic to read. 5 stars

So hot

Chapter 3 

This was so fucking hot. Especially the part where you got pounded in the ass by a big thick cock, and when yoh licked the cum out of your cousin's ass. It really turned me on. You've got a great, dirty imagination. My favorite part was: "The heavy man, pulled his deflating cock out of Alex and stepped back, allowing me to slide in behind her. Alex's perfect bubble ass with a gaping hole was staring me at eye level. The seed from the multitude of men was flowing out of the entrance like icing out of a cake decorator's pastry bag. The back of her black thigh high socks were white and wet with running spunk. I lowered myself and licked from her dripping pussy upward to her anus. 

The cum cocktail was warm, thick and clumpy. It had that salty musky taste that I craved. I first stuck out my tongue and allowed it to run onto it and then swallow when enough had coagulated before repeating my actions. It was a delicious yogurt treat. There was so much and when the flow slowed down, I put my tongue inside her asshole and slurped what I could like I was drinking soup from a bowl. She strained and more oozed out. I was in heaven. 

Mom must have been watching me suck the cum from Alex's butthole because I could hear her encouraging me, "That's it sweetie, get it all out. I know how good that must taste. It is Ok to love it. We all do."

When I raised up and wiped my tacky lips, I had been mistaken. Sasha had copied my actions and was gulping the cum from Mom's ass. Mom was actually encouraging her niece when I thought she was talking to me. Sasha raised up and asked her, "How was that Aunt Bev. Did it feel good?"

"Oh yes it did. You did a great job. Now get up here and kiss me so we can share," Mom ordered."

Can't wait to read more. You are very talented.

Great writing

I was very impressed with the quality of writing and the details that you conveyed in your story. From a personal standpoint, I felt at times the story became a bit verbose. But I think that may your writing style so don’t change a thing. Can’t wait to read more of your work.


beautiful and sexual feelings lots of love in this relationship.

Where's the fisting?


No loving wife here. Pretty empty story.

Wish I could give it SIX stars!

Incredibly engaging story! Well done!!

Would have enjoyed that night immensely!

Amazing Story

This is a great story! Are you going yo make chapter 3?

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