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Another great story

Loved part 1. Loved part 2. Looking forward to part 3. Thanks for writing these and sharing them.

awesome stories!

I found your stories about a month ago. I've really enjoyed reading them. And unlike a lot of stories, you use proper grammar. And you write well. Both are added bonuses.

Please post more soon.

good but not complete

Part 2

is posted at se-pt-02

doesn't flow

It feels as if there is a chapter missing between 2 and 3 - he is suddenly raping the main character out of no where

Fun time

I know just how he feels, Having had the same experience myself. Well written

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A good breakfast is the perfect start to any good day!


I love to be on all four while my wife sticks her tongue in my poo filled ass. She says it taste great. Did he taste good

Thank you for the last note

I recently got cheated and used - now I feel so giddy an happy that there really is someone out there. This was so what I call 'AWESOMEEEEOOHHH'. Don't stop writing, thanks for spending this time writing erotica @Literotica. You rock, keep up the good work and i you have found your soulmate, take your own advice. Don't ruin it! If you haven't, don't worry either. Someone so professionl in literature will be greatly admired - whether its erotic or not.
Thank you ^~^
From Charlotte§®
Btw the last two symbols were purely random lol. ™¬`§®©


Sent from my iPhone

Comment on my story, please.

I love any kind of feedback. It keeps me going and it makes me hot. My cock swells slightly and i feel a tingle in my t'aint.

Thanks for the feedback and favourites :) I've just submitted Part 2, so hopefully it will be up before long :)


Sweet story, not rushed, almost too much detail but satisfying.


That was amazing! I can totally relate to my girlfriend's sister! 5*

Very hot

I really got into this story, anal is my favorite position

Very good

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