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Not Bad...

... for a first-time effort. However, the switch between third and first person is a bit jarring, A little proof-reading would improve the story a lot. But all in all... not bad. Keep it going.

It's off to divorce court to get rid of the bitch.

good writing

A pleasure to read a story that didn't sound like it was written by a 15 yo teenager!


The orgasm denial thing repeats again and again. Mistress of mistress stuff gets old in time. You've wrote enough of lesbian encounters, go for some virgin area (Pun not inteded). Though you write so good

Needs more build-up

Needs more build-up, more intro. One page isn't enough.


Way to win the award for best anal scene!!

Great story hope you do more on here


Ignore the anonymous trolls. Well written.


Why do u have to ruin a good story with that mistress crap

Fantasy fulfilled

Her, her, her

Too one sided. No doubt she tore his ass up and he was forced to go to the hospital for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding UGH!

wonderful , dont stop

The first and the second part were immense , incredible , this too has been good , but seriously , the past of babul was a distraction here , please continue writting , cant wait for part 4 , keep pounding the sexy slutty woman , let more guys join in, in the most kinkiest of ways..

Awesome story. 10 stars

Awesome story. 10 stars
Can't say enough good about it.

Pretty obvious she's a cheating slut

No where to go with this train wreck

On and on and on and on

Geez! Get an editor and reduce this by more than half. You once were a good writer. What happened?

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