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I’m leaking, as I finished! Thx

Fantasy dream

Nice story. The imagery is what one would expect from this type of encounter.
Let's hear more about that new toy she ordered.

Wrong category?

And why is it in Anal category, again?

Lovely asshole story

I began to get turned on by licking a beautiful girl's asshole many years ago. At that time very few erotic stories were about asshole licking and similarly porn videos showed mostly guys (or lesbians) licking cunts. I like licking cunts a lot, but what really turns me on is to lick a beautiful girl's asshole. I think this has a lot to do with feeling inferior (I am from India), and feeling that I am only good enough to lick a caucasian girl's asshole. This feeling of being inferior and being treated as though I am worthless and a slave excites me. I have often told prostitutes to call me names, and order me to lick their assholes. Sometimes they are reluctant to do so, and especially to use the word 'asshole'. Anyway, I really enjoyed your asshole-rimming fantasy. Looks like you are a lot like me. I have also been noticing that porn videos now include lesbian asshole licking a lot of the times and I am glad about that.

Oh La La!!

Your French was fine, madamoiselle! As to your story, well it was magnifique!! I would love to read the last part, where she decides to retire to her perfect getaway and stay with the new proprietor and Henri and Marthe. It would be quite interesting, non? Please keep writing!!


Fucking unbelievable! My favourite story here yet!

Love the full series

I've enjoyed all of your stories this far, but the full read on this series has easily left this as my favorite read so far.

nice story dear

Hell from Greece! nice story dear! Yoga promotes a healthy style and sex health. However, no condoms were needed?

Another great piece, Lili is such a goddess and she knows it (and I love it)
The exchange with Brooke is so great. I love the idea of getting him so thoroughly addicted to her that not even girls as hot as Brooke will be able to get him going, only Lili. The one true goddess

Note from the Author

Soon I hope to have the entire book, The Huntsman, from which three existing stories on Literotica (Pleasing the Huntsman, Breakfast Served, Something Desired) are taken out of so please stay tuned. In the meantime check out my Biography and Website to learn more about me and what else I have written and am in the process of writing.

Thanks for reading!
Aedan Sayla - Author of Christian Erotic Fiction

Sweet build

up. Wish that would happen to me, with any gender

I luv my ass stuffed

preferably with bi cock, butt in a pinch one must improvise. I would go the local main commuter train station and stuff six unsharpened pencils up my ass, using spit as lube, eraser end first. My ass was in total heaven. I would leave enough of the out so it was obvious there was something in my ass, then sit down slowly beside a woman. Then I would move so the pencils would stimulate my ass, and moan. If no reaction I'd push them in a little while I went in search my next potential luver, so if a raging homophobe saw me, he wouldn't kick my ass, Balls OK, ass I prefer cock. I never saw any perceptible reaction, much to my disappointment.

Very nice writing, will read the other stories.

Loved it!

Wonderful and intimate. Fucked a very sweet and beautiful CD like this. The best! As was your description of anal sex!

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