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Nasty for no reason

What kind of special idiot has period sex and doesn't take a shower before getting dressed? This was just nasty and not in a good way.
No stars

Cut your losses, ma'am

"He . . . he's fixated on having anal sex. He has been since we got together. It's not something I want to do. And it's gotten worse. Now he's threatening to call off the wedding if I won't let him."

That's usually a wrong move. Women tend to drop men with this blatant "only want one thing" attitude like hot potatoes. Certainly she'd want to cut her losses before actually marrying this jerk.

It'd be really funny if she were to change plans for everything and notify everyone except the groom and his family. Keep the church and officiant booked, cancel everything else. They'd all show up, he'd stand beside her at the altar and then instead of "I do" she'd say "I don't" while her buddies record photos and video of this special occasion. It would go downhill from there, as the would-be groom finds that the reception has been cancelled - the hall, the band, the caterer, everything - and the honeymoon has also been cancelled far enough in advance to avoid losing any deposits. She would then board a passing garbage truck and leave, telling the jerk "you've been dumped"... or she would immediately marry (or elope with) someone else, sorry honey.

After all, if he's acting this way now, what would he be like if she were to actually marry the dipshit? I don't see what these two have in common that's strong enough to serve as foundation for a relationship. It's also a very weird point to bring in a third - usually any form of swinging or partner swap waits until they're both secure in a long-standing (several years) primary relationship to the point of being bored to tears, but have been together long enough that the marriage will survive. Clearly they're not there and not heading there. The entire marriage is predicated on screwing someone else? Then don't marry, and go find that someone else.

An "I don't" at the altar now would save quite a fortune in divorce lawyers later, and maybe these two anus-loving boys could marry each other instead.


I must have cum 10 times reading this story!

Silly story

While I like the fantasy, the reality ruins the story. Even in a fictional story. not too many men are dumb enough to fuck someone at work. Quickest way to end up in jail and fired. At least fired in today's business climate, regardless of whether or not it's consensual sex. And the divorce was a joke. She can't just "sign" the papers. Especially with kids are involved. There's no way in hell he gets custody. In every state in the Country she gets primary custody, use of the family domicile until the kids are of age, child support, alimony, half their assets and half his retirement. Your ending was just too far fetched and ridiculous. Besides, he's just as big an asshole as she is. He has no proof that she's been unfaithful, yet he's screwing another woman. That makes him just as bad as his wife, if not worse. So what you have is two unlikeable characters and one mediocre sex scene. Doesn't make for a good story. Maybe next time?


Eroticism at its best. Five stars. Hope you will continue this story.

Second Best Ever

It would be difficult to eclipse your rump-ranging tale, Jessica's Anal Curiosity, but you have come very close to it. Maybe it's only because JAC was the very first Lit story I can remember reading.

One thing is for sure, the idea was incredibly novel. With the brilliantly rendered reparté between Lily and Miranda the story just bristled with deadpan humor and a beguiling, matter-of-fact eroticism. Bravo.

What a great effort.

Thanks everyone

Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback I've received, and still receive, on this story over the last few years. I'm glad you liked it as much as I did. I sincerely apologize for the intentional way I teased a sequel to this story. I never intended to write one.

This event, although superlatively embellished, did happen.

Since writing this, my only sexy story publicly published, I have become a successful freelance writer and found personal happiness. I realized recently that I quite like writing erotic fiction, but find it difficult to find time and motivation to do so.

It's a direction I want to head in though. I'd love to give you links to a site or an ebook or anything I have going, but it doesn't exist. Instead I'd be glad to take a commission in person from any of you for the continuation of this or any other story. I have a few such projects in the works right now, and I'm looking into setting up a formal professional arrangement.

I still get all of your feedback in my email and it's rewarding to read each comment. Thank you all, including those who never reached out. I'm glad you enjoyed this story.


Best history Éverton.
I like that.
Please, send the next.

I enjoy your writing. It's fun, lighthearted and sexy.


Your descriptions through Katy are some of the best I've ever read!


Really bad.

please keep writing

don't let negative assholes get to you. you have a good imagination. read both stories and believe the more you write the better they will be.
i think you have a lot of potential and would like to read more.
so thank for the sories ya posted.


About three time a month, I'll expose my ass to my husband, but what really work when he get the scent of the baby oil between my ass cheeks. He'll ask if we watching a movie tonight. That's the time we'll spend on the couch under the covers with his thump in my ass, getting it ready for his dick later after the movie and our little girls are asleep. The baby oil work every time.

Great story

My sister and I, was advised by our mother to get our husbands interested in anal love making she called it. It kept her, and our father very happy. Her secret was to never let him know that she enjoyed it. It was only done as a special treat for him. It really work, I tell my husband he can only place his dick between my ass cheeks if he promise not to inter my asshole, but some how while we slept it finds its way there in my asshole. I'll act upset, saying baby you promised as he Cummings in my ass. The next day he is so sweet to me, and then four days later he making the same promise, l really love him.

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