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Really enjoyed your story, TotalKnockout. Reminded me of something long ago. She was seventeen, I was thirty nine or forty. Let's call her Sandy. She was in grade twelve, a student in a math class. At the end of the school day, she'd often drop by my classroom. I could tell she had an interest besides math. And, I did like her - engaging, good student, pretty, star athlete. Very much enjoyed her company. I held my teacher distance for months but was getting interested myself. It was known around the school that I was a pilot and had a Piper Archer II at our local airport. One afternoon during her visit I asked if she'd like to go for a flight. We drove to the airport, went flying. We started an affair. She'd go running before classes early in the morning. I'd meet her in the countryside. We'd have sex, often anal sex, in my Saab. I was in a breaking-up relationship with a very hostile young woman who found out and called Sandy's parents. They spoke with their daughter, then called me. Invited me to their home for a talk. They wanted to not lose their daughter's affection, and gave us their blessing. A most wonderful family.

Sandy graduated, went to university, moved in with me. Three years later, we married. Stayed married for ten years. We're both now in second marriages, and friends. Friends also with everyone's families. I just turned 76. Sandy is 52. My second wife of twenty years is 59. Sandy jokes that I traded her in for an older model.

We all love each other.

And, TotalKnockout, great bio picture. Fantasize about fucking your ass.

I got into this.....

Would have been good to tell it from both person's perspective at the same time.

Learn to spell

Know the difference between to and too.
People don't wear close.... the word is clothing or clothes.
You are obviously intelligent, use a friend who can spell and have them proof read your stories.
Your spelling is ruining the flow of your stories.

Teen Stud or Teen Rapist?

The last chapter is clearly rape.

You took a very wrong turn with the story.


Sweet, empathetic and hot as all get-out. Thank you.


Get a proofreader and/or an editor

Too many errors that make a reader stop and reread the sentence to make sense out of it. I find it difficult to believe your series earned the high scores they show.

Loved the story why can't this happen in real life bbw are maid to be worshipped

Thats the only way I would watch twilight also.

I'm glad you liked it.

Chapter 2

Very nice and romantic. I would love to see a continuation with Paige doing some anal on him. Maybe just some fingering and licking progressing to prostate massage. Chapter 3 = pegging?

Fantastic Story

Jasmine, you never disappoint. Thank you

Get an Editor

I'm going to guess that English isn't your first language.
This story might be good but I couldn't get past the first paragraph.
There are so many grammatical mistakes and story structure problems in that first paragraph that I couldn't continue.
You need to get an editor and have them read through and fix the problems for you.

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