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Great story! Love the way the man is craving for it.

1* !

Just plain garbage by a pale nigger !!


How does the original fantasy of watching his wife be taken by a lover morph into a cross-dressing, pegging scenario?!!

Keep going

Do not listen to critics. They're just jealous of you. Do more stories soon

Very sexy

I loved this story - so sexy and romantic. I would love for a woman to take me like that with a dildo.

5 minutes?

" About five minutes later the shots starts to lose pressure as his cock stops ejaculating." damn that must have been ALOOOOOT of cum for 5 mins straight


great story reminds me of annon's ex wife!!

Annony said the soryis bad shit

apparently he didn't realize it's a anal story. But them he is anal!! 5 for content!!

By a faggot...

for faggots ! "1*" !!

By a faggot...

for faggots ! "1*" !!

geisha after ww2

love your story. Hope to read more geisha stories after ww2. very erotic.

Loved this story

Cannot wait for the followup stories
Such a hot sexy story!

good start

Good start. Keep writing.
Ignore the literary snobs on this site.
I'm shocked and stunned at how some people who read & comment on this site try to come off as if they themselves hold a Ph.D.
Hating certain authors/stories is their only way of making themselves feel better about their own crummy lives.

Author's Note

The first draft of the next part is done and will be called Kinky Tales: Love & Pegging. It will focus on the next couple of days after the first pegging.

It will be out in January I hope with future sequels as both explore their entire sexuality to follow later in 2016.

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