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I love your voice and your writing. Slow down, I want to feel your words as they leave your lips.make me feel you mean what you have written, please?


Your voice is so soothing to listen to and very sensual. The poem is grest. Slow down as you are reading it. Don't rush through it. Your voice is beautiful. Your voice supports what you have written.

Very sorry this happened to you.

a few suggestions

Will you allay my sorrows? is your best line, melodic and significant -- use it in a repeating chorus
rhyme the last word of the stanza as it provides continuity and fluidity to a song, by not doing so you block the songs integrity and separate the parts from the whole

beautiful voice

makes me want to fuck her face.... such a lovely reading


That goes against everything that women say and everything that I have read about how women are like slow cookers. Or maybe he for played with her through text all day long

Looks good.

Думаю, что США настолько уже всех измучает, вытягивая деньги с каждой страны в мире, что в итоге будет создан более справедливый союз. Ну а амеры получат под жопу пинок.

Very enticing, Mer. You flirt with the vulgar but manage to bring it back to the touching of love.

I completely fell for this poem

So many good lines.
I'm having one of those...Wow! I wish I had written that' moments :-)


this is really beautiful


Glad I stumbled upon this piece. It was a wonderful poem and your voice was amazing.

5 star all the way!

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