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Great job. It certainly made me smile. Nice surprise ending. Thank you.

Dude, you're killing us!

Really fascinating story with great sex, but your characters are what makes it so addicting. Don't leave us hanging like this! Please!!

Oh to have had a mom and a friend of mom's like that! Great story line. Well written. Nice surprise ending. I will look forward to further contributions from you!

At last

Toby and Robin finally connected with the help of an older friend. With a little experience anything can happen . At long last.

Not a bad story

It is better to keep it to one story and not tell a story in a story. I had to skip that part it just ruined it for me. The fantasy about her cousin and her should have been its own submission and would have kept the story more on track. Keep writing I look forward to reading more of your work


Loved the story especially the tension caused by Mac's uncertainty as to what was acceptable behaviour from him. Loved the erotic scenes too, of course!

For those commenters who thought the ladies were vying for Mac's attention: it doesn't seem like they were competing, just both trying to seduce him! Even Angela's interruption of Mac and Tess at the poolside was "payback" for an earlier incident, rather than trying to block competition.

For Kookaburra8 and Rasmat: The will doesn't really matter - Jason loved his wife and daughter, so would have made fairly standard arrangements - Most left to the wife, possibly a trust fund for the daughter. Even an unexpectedly large inheritance wouldn't make for much of a story, as the inheritance was obviously going to be more than enough for Angela and Tess.

Jason didn't have to leave anything to Mac - he'd already bankrolled Mac's creation of a successful and respected security agency, so Mac didn't need money. Besides he'd left Mac his beautiful wife and daughter, a far more valuable inheritance than any financial offering.

Good story with a bit of everything. Well written and a cute surprise ending that I didn't pick. Five stars.

Great story!

Should definitely do a follow up with that younger sister of hers!

Really love your work thank you.

Please Continue

Loved the story and you could almost feel the emotions

My fantasy as welll

I have a beautiful athletic wife in her late 40's. We have great sex but not enough of it. I fantasize about arranging for a young stud with a huge cock fuck her repeatedly in front of me. I am rock hard as I type this.

You Can't Even Bother...

...using proper English for your title - why would anybody reading any further?!!

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