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Loved the story!

Looking forward to the next chapters. One thought about word choice--you might change the description of Molly's eyes from doe-eyed to something like innocent or wide guileless. Doe-eyed typically refers only to brown eyes. Best of luck to you.

Aw to the last two comments...I am working on Part 04. :) There will be many chapters of them. Hopefully it will be a book one day. I love them so much. They will have their personal struggles but they belong to each other. :)

Needed more of a build-up

Not bad, but not quite as satisfying. Definitely needed more of a build-up. Keep writing though you definitely have a talent.


It wasn't a "bet"!...it was just a negotiated transaction (he would buy her six Jack-and-Cokes if she would show him her nipples).

Other than that minor quibble, I enjoyed it!


Great story!

Some people go to college and get a boring degree, but lots end up with a Masters in sex ed. ;-) Should we call you "Professor" Mike?

Kathy's great, but Jane is a keeper! Of course, maybe that's because I'm partial to petite, big-boobed, freckled, redheads. ;-)

Really though, Jane just seems like a little fireball of energy, ready to try anything and horny as all get-out. She's the initiator, while Kathy seems to have gotten sucked up in Jane's slip-stream.

I'm hoping there is lots more to... ahem... "cum" in this series.

I'm also curious to know if you ever got to nail Donna?

The whole "past vs present tense" thing is a valid critique, but, although I found it to be a bit annoying at first, after four amazing chapters, I find myself not really noticing it anymore. The action is just too hot!

Light-hearted and fun...

... and very enjoyable, as always. And I always appreciate a female character with a penchant for talking dirty


This is truly a superb story. I was very disappointed when you removed it from Literotica. Now I'm delighted to find that you're returning it, even if it is in a new and improved form. Please don't change it much. Incidentally, more such great stories would also be well received.

I love the idea!

This is a unique, creative and hot story! I love it! Keep it up!

Stolen moments

Stolen kisses. Stolen fucking. He'll need to steal her ass, next.

Thanks Don

Amazingly hot

Another amazingly hot story be one of the absolute best writers on lit. Do not miss any of her stories.*****

wonderful writing

You are a wonderful story teller, I am quite impressed (and turned on). I hope to hear from you again.

Loved the story

I very much enjoyed the story, very much looking forward to part two (in more ways than one)

so miley is totally ok with helping her dads partner cheat on him?

Total fucking bitch. Hope the dad finds out rats the three of them out and takes custody of the kid. The three of them can eat shit.


Fabulous story. Can't wait to read more.

Excellent writing!

Interesting plot, nice juxtaposition of thoughts, hot descriptions of turn-ons and self pleasure. I understand and commend you for how and why you categorized the story as you did. 5 stars. The last comment seems ignorant when it relates the affordadbility (or lack) of new housing to the validity of a story. Also, if anyone has taken a spin around the Loving Wives category, many of the stories are about woman having sex with men that aren't their legal or religious partner..usually with the consent and appreciation of their primary male partners. Write on!

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