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Really nice story. This has more romance in it than the tripe that has been posted recently in the romance category.


You are right, the next installment was to be a trip to the city. Before I began to work on it, some adventures on which the Jayne stories were based took place in real life, and drew my attention to those. Then I screwed up and not only submitted one twice but categorized it in a way that offended the critics. I can definitely take a bad review but the vehemence they spouted (and, of course, none of them had any submitted stories) actually put me off the process of writing until now. I promise to repost the Jayne story and get Amy and Denise up to the city as soon as possible. Thanks for enjoying the crazy mayo story!


This was one incredible sexy story. So fucking erotic! Well done!


bad writing, stupid idea, not really very sexy. r u illiterate or just dumb?

Thank you for a fun and exciting story.

I can only assume that you once knew a Liz/Eliza/Beth/Elizabeth/Betsy/etc. because your portrayal of her is so we'll written. The reluctant Lukey is also well done and equally believable. Great story, thanks.


Hot sex told with the rapid fire of a machine gun. Man! I can't explain the low scores for this story, unless it is an aversion to the very idea of guilt, which seems to be the most consistent theme in Literotica comments . . .

Oh please

You had a real good story going until you said you entered thru her cervix. You definitely need an anatomy lesson. What you describe is not possible. A slow sequence of events happen over weeks for a baby to pass through the cervix, a penis is not going to do that during sex. Sorry, no stars.


I'm 100% that shaving does not bring someone to orgasm-- this is weird as shit.

It's like you're in my head!

I loved every line. It's like I am Richard. I want to live his life.
Once again you've proven why you're my favourite author on here.
Thank you

will rate 999999999 if possible 😁😁😁

hold the mayo, hold the story??

well, chapter 2 begs the question - was there a chapter 3 intended in the city? seems like there ought to have been (hint hint!). well written, i enjoyed these.

Best quality story

I've read on Lit in a long time. Thank you.


wheres the next chapter

i thought you would end it here now you got me going.

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