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Just like said that fake macho clown who did not even appear at the funeral of that woman ...
"Blame on both sides"


Good start but some background is necessary. I know it's implied that the divorce happened because she took him for granted and was hard on him and his wants and desires; Are there resentments on his part that will come up later? Is she a control freak? And so on.

hot simple story

A tad repetitive, but fun reading it. Keep up the good work and ignore the naysayers

FAN - *#* - TASTIC!

I do think that this "Sandstorm" may bring in a whole new world to live in! GREAT SERIES of STORIES!

Good Job

Not withstanding the bigger comment very good story. The use of quotation marks is almost a moot point. The build up was good. There was no rush to fuck. Almost like a seduction where the end result is a foregone conclusion but wonderful. I'm very hoping he gets together with Lisa again. Maybe a 3 some with Sharon? Very well written.

Teach me

I can learn a lot from you. I have only been sucking dick for less than a year. I love having a woman show me the most effective way to get a man to come in my mouth.


Great chapter. At this rate you are goig to run out of criminals to pursue.


Though I would have liked to see Mr. C have been a smarter more cunning foe for the Iron Crowbar, seeing him, Bedford and Conrad King die in the way they did was satisfying.

Now as to what Melina set in motion with her assassination of Jasmine Nix and her framing of Jefferson will possibly take up a few paragraphs of the next chapter at least. I wonder if it has anything to do with setting up the next year of stories.

So who will the next mastermind be? Karen Harlan Warner? State Senator Katherine Woodburn? or someone from the globalist elites who was not attached to Superior Bloodlines and is another type of elitist, not tied to the CIA? Only the WifeWatchman knows...

-Man Who Operates From the Shadows

Chapter 4 is submitted.

The exciting conclusion, wrap-up, and groundwork for the next "year" of stories... has been submitted.


After reading some of your more recent stories I started this one. It's weird but I'm hooked!

Been a while since i read a story start to finish on here ..AAAAA plus

Well done.

I just wanted to say that you did a great job with this one. You managed to tell a story that was simultaneously interesting and erotic (most stories I have read here are only the latter). You also populated the story with characters I genuinely liked, which is not something that happens too often for me when I read erotic stories. So yeah, good job and keep it up.

Favorite story

Your writing and story is amazing!
Baton Rouge Cajun Guy

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