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Well done first submission - Thanks.

One of the better BJ descriptions I've read in a long time. Looking forward to you submitting more...

Loved it !!!

Continue writing more !!!!!!

lol anon

man up you little bitch, stop hiding like the lil piece of shit you are. Anyways excellent story! definitely looking forward to more!

Where's the revenge?

Most husbands go down on their wives frequently. Dine at the "Y". So eating a carrot with very little of his wife's pussy juices on it seems like a walk in the park, nothing really nasty about it. No revenge here. Just a stupid story that was poorly thought out.

Love it!

Same here. Loved the story so far. More please!


That was an amazing story! It's way past midnight and I should have been asleep hours ago. I couldn't stop reading this wonderful story. Keep up the good work!

Now I'm Thirsty

Very well written - congrats on losing your V card! 😉 Can't wait for a new story!

A great story gets better

Your story-telling gets better with each chapter! The story itself is more complex, the characters are more complex, and the writing almost disappears so the reader is confronting the people and events, not the words.

Oh, and the sex is hot and nasty. Two thumbs up -- up where ever you'd like.

Solid first post

Real good first post. Keep it up.
This story could go another chapter or so.

one guy

I hope this stays as mff+ and no more other guys in the mix

Reader 2

Next chapter, please. Great fantasy

hell's belle

Hey screw her blind but do not let her move in.
Within six months she will bring another guy home

Good tempo (it's all about the rhythm, right?)

This is a fine second chapter, well conceived, well planned, well paced, and well written. I'm still not a fan of the communicates-by-grunts character of Karl, but if that's the character you're trying to portray then you've succeeded.


Good start you've peaked my interest

More please!

Okay, you can't leave us hanging like that. Please continue the story. I like where it's heading.

Things I'd love to read about.
* His mom finding the dirty dildo and asking him about it when she and him are alone one morning.
* Both of them visiting the twins and sucking them off. And she fucking all three guys.

Great stories.


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