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Loved it. :) 4/5, interesting plot, characters, and funny parts here and there ("in case you're wondering...green card").


i guess thats why it's in the Erotic Couplings genre
And not in the Romance section...
please try to remember to take your Medication

That long legged bitch, Madeline, I had seen her go upstairs, I watched, she didn't come back down. I noticed she had a few drinks, her husband Joseph was there, it was their party, I went upstairs, not in the bathroom, to the main bedroom, the door was ajar, the light out. I slowly opened it, the door creaked, close the door Mike, quick, lock it. I am not Mike, I closed the door, I walked slowly in, I could make out a figure on the bed, I moved over, well you were always hinting how big you are, well give it to me. I reached out, she was kneeling on the bed, come on or are you all talk, I dropped my pants, I knelt down, I could smell her, mmm, I ran my fingers over her pussy, if I wanted a finger I would just call my husband, fuck me. So I stepped up, now I am reasonably endowed, about 8 inches but most women comment on how thick I am. So I positioned my cock, grabbed her hips and thrust in one go, most women would have screamed, not this one, oh fuck yes, oh god that feels good. I went at her, banging her pussy as hard as I could, the 50+ year old taking it all. She was soaking, I kept going, I think through 2 orgasms, my thumb found her bum, I cruelly pushed in, my cum shooting into her pussy, her anus squeezing my thumb, fleetingly wondering about her bum,i kept fucking, still hard, she I must admit was a great fuck, her pussy squeezing my cock. I pulled back, she stayed on her knees, I zipped up and quickly left.She came back down, went to her husband, I stood with my wife as people left, when Mike said good bye, she whispered something in his ear, he gave her a strange look and said something back, she looked horrified. As I went out, I thanked her and said I didn't realize what a really giving hostess she was, she looked at me, I smiled. Even though I didn't much like her, we had something in common, she liked my cock.


Nice story

I had a similar event where I picked up a young lady with a baby on a snow banked road way.
Fortunately it was a short distance to her home and she was extremely happy to have a stranger save her. We did not have an affair with each other but she never fails to send me a birthday card and another one for Christmas.


Fucking plagiarist.

Loving the mix

Of the dark side and the the two main characters trying to stay in the light! More please.

One and the same

I would guess the authors are one and the same lady.

Copycat story

This story should be reported as it almost identical to a My Soccer Toy Boym see https://www.literotica.com/s/my-soccer-toy-boy



Scott's not really in a culture where loyalty to women is a thing. I like to think by the end of the story he sees some appeal in it; but the reality is that Karin made an offer that virtually no man is going to refuse. And she made it at a time where he was grappling with love for the first time and hadn't connected the dots to committement yet. I think you'll have to excuse him; all my male readers have.

A world where sex is on demand (at his social strata) and babymaking has fallen out of favor isn't going to be a world where committement is fashionable anyway. I think the resulting dystopia is interesting (and hot) but I wouldn't want to live there.

And ultimately people don't want to live there. Scott founds a company that develops Julianne Drive, which someday in the far future enables colonization of the world The Captured Princess happens on... so that's your next stop., This story, of course, has roots in Drug Trial and Becoming Marie...

A True Loving Wife

For a change a true loving wife who loves her husband deeply and wants him to be happy.

I look forward to reading more about this loving couple.

A really good read.

well done

well written with a lot of human interest and feeling

Great series

I enjoyed reading this (I was late meeting my husband for dinner because I couldn't put it down!)
Maybe it's because I'm a girl, and married, but it really pissed me off that Scott didn't resist Karin the second time, after he'd come to realization that he loved Julianne. Just after he'd redeemed himself (to me), dammit! :-) I wasn't sure if that was a reflection of your personal views on monogamy or a past bad experience because you do a great job of conveying to the reader the feelings of jealousy and hurt that Scott felt when Julianne was gone and how she would feel knowing he was with another, yet he still does it. (That fuck! lol)
Looking forward to more of your stories.

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