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For those who read all the chapters, I'd appreciate knowing which of the several sex scenes got you off or got to you the most - just mention chapter and characters, and your gender. Consider it market research. If you're shy, contact me via the contact link; I recommend using an anonymous, throwaway email address if you're the cautious type.

One of the problems in writing erotica with plot is that it isn't easy to know which aspect is driving ratings - sex, characters, plot etc.


This one is a bit surreal, like a Fellini film, but I liked it. I want to do all those things.

Loved this

I just loved this, quick ? yes? to the point? yes, but so dam real, what a story, lots of men would love for the wife to be like this but know that to ask would spoil whatever they have at the moment, well thought out, thanks.


I'm surprised that a non college graduate could become an officer. Also I don't understand the comment about him retiring in 4 years. I'm sure he would have been retired for medical reasons. That bring said it was a great story - too bad he missed 9 years of his son's life


Oh what story, like most men a woman (or girl ) who wants to do everything you want is just a dream, loved it. looking now for more of this in new chapters.

This chapter is going away

This chapter will be going away shortly, and possibly replaced by something much less affectionate. Apologies to those who favorited this one; but this series was originally intended as a collaboration that didn't get off the ground, and I'm going to repurpose it into an exploration of the need of some women to be ruthlessly dominated and used.


Excellent, well written, emotional, hot.
All of the above!

Another Couple of Jackasses!

I sure hope Paul knocked her up and gave her several STDs! She and her stupid boyfriend are a couple of morons!

Oh dear

Unfortunately I lasted less than 1/4 way. Reads like it was written by a pre-pube boy from how he imagines porn to be written.
Would never say anyone should give cup on writing but certainly plan and get someone to read it before it's shared.

Are you just being a gentleman ?

Never again ? You can tell me old buddy.That was very clean and satisfying I think for both of our lovers. She certainly wasn't embareassed for long.

No story

No story - not believable

Hard for a chapter to be too long.

But they can be too short. In a long running story like this with many characters 2 or 3 pages feels like a tease. Six to ten pages would be my vote.

So very, very hot. And the action was almost non-stop.

Loved it.

Loved it

Thanks for the "manly chest hair" on the Adonis!

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