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Can you continue the story? It's very lovely and hot. And advice for you,write more details about the loving part .

Reread it..

...has to be Jess. But how did Dan not recognize her or did he set his poor "buddy" up? :o This could come to blows!


...but who is this? At first I thought Jess, but Dan would have recognized her, so was it maybe the stewardess from the plane?

Hot for sure and on that point, 5. I'd love to know who this was though.

Ned will never die

Because he is required to be a nemeses to Don. It’s boring when you know he will always get away.

Mehr, bitte!

Wundervolle geschichtliche Verkehr. Sehr heiss!

Thrusting your hard penis into her pussy...

I like your description of how you fucked her:

"..I slammed all seven inches of my shaft into her. I would slowly pull my dick out of her pussy until just the head was still in, then I would slam back into her. I do not know how long we kept fucking like this all I know is that once Karen began digging her nails into my back I felt my balls tighten. I was ready to explode inside of her. With one last thrust, I went balls deep inside of her and I filled her with my sperm..."

With your thrusts like that, you showed her who was in control & who she should be subservient to.
I bet it felt extra nice to fill her unprotected pussy with your sperm, conquering cum

Thanks for the Enthusiasm!

As always, thank you for your enthusiasm and the kind words! At the moment, I don't have a full outline for what this story's gonna look like, but the goal is to ultimately go from the beginning of the year up to graduation, and in no particular hurry at that. There will be more adventures, and far more girls, down the line.

More please!

I'm gonna borrow from another comment and say that i hope this becomes a 20-part series! and hot damn His teacher & a new girl? i hope we see more of both Mrs. Lynn & Haley!


Keep it going! 10 parts?!?! I hope it's 25 or more


This story is great as far as it goes but the ending is too obscure to he of any interest. Remember your readers are not inside your head and may not understand the intricacies of your own imagination.

Very sexy story!

One of the best on Lit. Don't pay any attention to the self-righteous jokers criticizing it, they don't know what they're talking about.


You REALLY should do more 2, 3, 4 and MORE part stories!!

Sounds delicious

Loved your story. Getting fingered by my boyfriend while he's driving is one of my favourite things. The sight of my skirt up round my waist my lacy black knickers down round my knees and his hand working it's magic between my legs drives us both crazy. We usually end up in the back seat for just the kind of pussy licking and ass fingering you describe. .and my favourite way to finish is with his spunk splattered across my breasts. You captured it all perfectly. Thanks so much.

Another late comment..

While writing this Chapter 3 is already out it's crazy, i hope you don't burn out yourself with this writing speed cause with every Chapter i read want more of this!

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