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Now that's a Literotica Halloween story. Well done!

Not Enough

There is not enough of this story. Please, please continue it.

a dog in the closet

LOL, I'm not sure I'd trust a gal who's dog I'd bonked on the head!
Great tail...errr, tale!

More please

I'm curious to read what happens next. Thank you for an interesting read.

Very nice story . He should have continued the relation even after her transfer. The description of the body of the woman & sex is erotic.


I agree with 'husbandinlove'. It's nice to read simple love story of two people wanting to spend quality time together and not with every Jack and Jill in the neighborhood. Thank you.

Nicely Done

This is the 3rd time I've read this one during the past several years and it's like visiting an old friend.
Well-written,this lovely little love story manages to work in some hot sex too.
Well worth a read! I rated this little gem a 5.

HOT Stuff!

Every once in awhile a story like this one where the love and sex between husband and wife is described wonderfully. The description of the baby asleep on her sleeping father,the wife jokingly taking the baby and putting her in her crib so her husband can't find her when he wakes up,and her anticipation of making love with her husband after being away for awhile all convey the loving feelings present in this relationship and family. AND,the sex is well-described and HOT!
Rated this one a 5,after wondering why the previous comment,correcting "bare" with "bear" would waste his time if he had nothing else to say about the story. (Must be a high school English teacher!)

5 stars

One or two minor spelling errors, but well paced and the sex sounded fun.

Great story

Wonderfully written story. I hope there's more to this story and can't wait to hopefully ready more from you in the future.

Very smooth, very sophisticated, very well done.

But really, they could use some counseling. It should be a warning that it takes fucking a stranger to rediscover their lust and passion.


A true loving wife story congrats and 5 well earned stars for you! Now, 5 kids, they need parents closer, or an Au Pair. Earning a living and kids are a major stress on a marriage, (lived it).

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