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Flesh Tt Out

Great basic idea here, tho I'd have liked more development and foreplay. There's a lo of potential here but we got to penetration before enough of that happened, seemed to me. Nicely written.


So amazing. Love this. Great story. Thank you for writing it.

The single best argument for pornography

Ever! I learned, I was so fascinated by the old truism, ‘Attention to Detail’and I
Admired your courage and honesty to choose a story to create from a premise of impotence. And it was Hot as hell! I thank you, and my wife thanks you.

Stupid thing

Why would the women dare to force the man "to be celibate"?WHAT A STUPID IDEA!THEY WANTED A GOOD FUCK FROM HIM,not to be celibate!And such a NONSENSE IT'S CLEARLY UNFAIR FOR HIM!What kind of happy relationship would have this been after such A MONSTRUOSITY?!In any NORMAL relationship YOU SIMPLY CAN'T FORCE YOUR PARTNER to be celibate!Besides,HE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN FORCED TO ANYTHING by the two women!If he would have wished,HE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN CELIBATE FOR ONE MOMENT!Think before you write such ABERRATIONS!

More please...

.I too am curious to see how their relationship will play out. I would like to know more of his story is as well. Overall I enjoyed the story and saw no major grammar problems.

Great story, crappy ending

Why the negative ending after such a good story ?

Did it again

FiveWolves said it all. This is a lovely story!

Ironic hypocrisy

Did anyone else notice that derRaskell mispelled words in his post about spelling errors? Thought that was a ittle funny...

Waste of time people.

No proper ending, very boring a lot of the time and just plain urggghhh. Also this has no relevance to the first part either.


Going to sleep Immediately after an ' 1 of the most amazing blow jobs ever'? LMAO. Oooooooooook. Decent story tho. 3 stars


Decisions, decisions

June is at a fork in the road, I wonder which path she will take. We will never know.


As a writer myself (chyoa) I use cliffhangers in the threads I use to generate tension and make the readers engage with the story. My advice to you WifeWatchman is this: first keep doing what you're doing, easily one of the best sir tears on Literotica. Second, don't let the bastards get you down, as you say if they don't like you writing cliffhangers or TBC into your story don't read them, there are plenty of other stories for them to read.

Total Load of Fucking Crap

He should have kept it up her and shot his cum deep up inside her unprotected pussy
What a wanker

Total Load of Fucking Crap

He should have just pulled down her jeans and panties and stick it up her shoting his cum deep up inside her unprotected pussy

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