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Wonderful historical details and a great story.

Unfortunately I didn't see Coney Island until it was well past its prime in the 1960s. Steeplechase was the last of the big parks to close around 1964.

Was good until...

...the dominance theme kicked in.

(P.S. "my anxiety was starting to pique..." Wrong. Should be 'peak'. You pique something.)


Or maybe get into a little whipping

A Favorite

I loved the way the author introduced the principles of the story. Just like a really good stripper slowly reveals her charms by building your anticipation before removing the next piece of clothing the author reveals the physical appearance and also the mental makeup of the characters. Bluff is a short 5 chapter story that is short but sweet. Wish the author would have more of her work available for us to enjoy. Bravo!

need a part 2

I will wait for part to when you will explain us how you worked up the courage and how things did turns


A good little romp between Husband and wife. We need more of these.

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Love the Dom side he showed her.

Plot twist suggestion, the wife helped set this up... She is in on it

Very Sexy

What a wonderful and kinky wife you are. Lucky Husband.


Perfect moment of intense sexuality. I loved the letter!!!!


I can’t wait to read more about these two ;-)


I've been waiting for the next chapter of this and sleeping beast for a few months now and my patience is definitely wearing thin. I know you're probably busy and everything, but please make time for your faithful followers. Pretty please.


A good quick read! You should write more!

Come on....wife HAS to catch them & join in.

I like classical music, too.

Great ideas! Would have been nice if you took it a little slower and focused on more details.

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