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Seriously Weird!

Nina speaks broken English, yet her fellow countrymen talk like American rednecks.

There is a form of art known as "art naive", which is often crude and jarring, with no recognition of the basic guidelines that help make a painting pleasing to the eye. This seriously odd contribution here might be called "lit naive".

Intensely Erotic!

Whoa! This story is one of the most intensely erotic that I've read in years! While your grammatical errors are slightly distracting at first, the incredible plot quickly takes over and submerges everything in its heat!


Even in the make-believe world of Literotica, a faculty member would not go off alone with a high school less than 30 minutes before an assembly of the entire crew.

Your writing is clean and compelling. Your handling of the complications of the relationships with a gay teen friend and an older man is solid. But really - nobody who has even a prayer of keeping a relationship out of the news would risk the sort of exposure you try to write about.


Thanks for the nice comment.


Thanks for the nice comment.


This reminds me a bit of trysts with my wife... when in the middle of chores we both decide we are hot for one another and take a break for a little "hubby and wifey time."
You capture that magic moment between two people brilliantly. Good inspiring short story. Five stars.

missed stories here

This is potentially a great story, or series of stories, and the writings not bad, but too many juicey details and story llines are thrown away.... More erotic detail could have improved the early undressing part and....."she wanted me to make her cum,..so I did" lots of lost material there surely? Also, the 'deflowering' had lots more potential. Alice might have liked to try some of the other basic positions and Georgina might have liked to help her get into them.

Wow that is hot

Thanks for sharing your own experience about getting caught masturbating. Very hot. That would make a great story !!!

Down by the riverside

p My first experience sexually was by a river but I believed I was alone completelyy as I just masterbated. I never heard the stranger who had come from behind and saw me ejaculate. SHE just said wow that was amazing. Her voice really freaked me out but lets just say that was just a beginning. This story relived my experience. Well told. Thanks

Worth waiting for.

After enjoying reading Ch. 01, I was expecting a lot from Ch. 02, and this certainly has delivered. Even better than I'd hoped, very well done.

a good opener

Needed a LOT more depth and action. It was a good start, but really could have been fleshed out to a full event and not a brief surmise.


A fantastic second chapter to your series. Extremely well written and it made me very, very hard. A pleasure to read it and. I look forward to reading the next instalment.


Again a great story flawed by stupid mistakes. Please, please get an editor. I'll happily do it.

"Brian lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling thinking."

What was the ceiling thinking?

A simple comma would have made all the difference between nonsense and coherence.

"Brian lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling, thinking." Sorted.

"the rocks were slipperier"

They had more slippers?

"lightening" means becoming lighter. The flashy stuff that comes with thunder is "lightning". Two different words.

Character driven

In this piece, the characters drive the plot. It's very seductive, and very convincing.

Deftly written. My compliments.

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