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get smart

get smart and keep your porn on a external hard drive or one of the newer
storage device. not on your pc. I think adult porn of legal aged people is ok.
if it is of their own free will. no drugs, no drunks, no force

Just a Great Story Series!

I enjoyed it very much. I was hoping that Simon would pee on the nurse at some point, but it was a clever, fantastic story. I'm not really into watersports, but a girlfriend or two has held my penis while I peed and it is always heaven! I have peed many time with another girlfriend ... She will sit on the toilet and I will knell in front of her ... She hold my cock while we both pee simultaneously ... Sometimes we 'inadvertently' pee on each other in the process ... It feels so good ... I would love to just go into the backyard, have her straddle me, and pee all over my cock while I lay in the grass! Maybe someday ... But your story was very entertaining, and I love the dirty secretness of it all! Write some more please ...

Oral .....

Oral is the way to a woman's heart and then just about anything else goes right into place and everybody seems to be happy to some degree or another.!** Once you show them the joy of eating dessert they will follow you anywhere as long as you know what you are doing and love what you are doing.! { very good story }

Very hot!

I loved the realistic portrayal of the characters, and the way you set the scene. The way the sex scene played out was very hot. Well done!

Wrong Main Character and Title

This title and start of story main character gave way to the Jenny story and she gets everything she wants. Jim just seemed like a secondary character to her story, him will be damned. The epilogue was confusing as you didn't know whose kid was whose.

Nice, fun story...

...but how did she know what address to give to the cab company? :-)

I forgot who is gabriella black, who really is she? And what is her relationship w/ Zane?

great start

I love the slow build up of your story. Great start thank you

Give me a "W", give me an "R"

Keep it up and you have WRONG CATEGORY.

Please keep this shit in Loving Wives.


Very sweet story. A little sad but very beautiful. You described with accuracy the pains of growing older. What a gift he received.

Sexy Bill

Give Bill some chest hair. Make him sexy and muscular man for Jenna and maybe for Jessica too!

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