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Nice style, but that is all.

The story was weak and pointless unless this was a part 1. But that is not how it is presented. So 3* keep writing.

Stewart and Cousin

Excellent read. Im very curious, Stewart and your cousin started dating 2 weeks later, is there anything to elaborate there? Did you tell your cousin about yourself and Stewart? I suppose I'm just looking for any elaboration if youd be so kind.


Trying to figure out the whole shaving from behind thing. I mean, the view would be insane, but doesn't the reverse angle make the job harder?

Fucking hot story, either way. Thanks.

2nd X

The melding of story and action is great!
Old Silver

Love the story

Love the story. No apologies needed. Can't wait for the next chapter

Hot and cold

The story is good. The words, no good. It seems as if you had a new book of big words and was trying to use them all. Not natural. jmo

I do wish you would take this to its conclusion and have them be a couple.

Hot hot hot

Great story. I'd love to go next :-)


This story is one of my favorites and I hope it gets a sequel sometime!

love it

Love it, sounds similar to my experience but we have continued for two years now. This really turned me on. Please write some more.

Could this happen today?

This is really hot!

This must have happened some time ago. I doubt that a university's research ethics committee would sanction this project today


I loved it. I was almost cumming.

The best of all time.. (seriously)

Everything in this series is top-notch, excellently written, good thing is that its not straight forward like other stories (totally driven by Lust) and too much LOVED by me...even if it contained 200 pages I would read it (3 times!!)...
Looking forward *eagerly* for next chapters....

Good Work

Probably not to everyone's taste (pardon the pun) but I enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to write.

A little DEVIL

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