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A yummy tour de force. I wanted to smell her arousal and taste her juices. The restaurant scene was fantastic and a great entree to them both losing control later at her apartment. It's funny but even though Amelie submitted to a spanking and finally gave Karl her arse I felt this was the point at which the power dynamic between the couple shifted. Is the apprentice going to outgrow the master?


Great story. I gave you 5 stars to offset poor little Annony ' s (AKA Will Shakespeare Jr) hurt grammatical sensibilities.

Great first story

Good flow, passion feels real.

Very good!

Great first story

Nice simple little story - love to see what you do next.


It seems like you really took your time on this chapter, so instead of coming off as a rushed attempt to back out of a story choice, it seems like it was planned all along. So happy to see Teagan still alive, if this was meant to to be a closing chapter though I would've loved to have seen them go to the specialist only to find that it's no longer needed.

Great to have you back, honestly I'd love to see you give final closure to this story and then start up another great romance! Keep up the fantastic work!

Love your work!

I have just binge read the Ed and Ben series and I must say Bravo! Please keep up the outstanding work (but please work quickly). I'm eagerly awaiting more fine stories.

Soft and Intense

This was an extremely well done story. It was soft, slow, and incredibly intense. Thank you


Shame u never quite followed through with continuing this story.

Nice perspective!

I liked the age difference, the relaxed approach, ending with a frantic coupling. New, different, erotic. Good job.

Business Trip

This doesn't work
You begin by telling us about them, then it's telling the story to her. You're telling this story from three different ways. Switching back and forth is difficult and of poor writing.
Are you telling us or her?
Minus two.

Hi maddict

Thank you for reading my Scene and taking the time to comment. I am very glad that you enjoyed the story. Unykorn

in regards to spelling...

thank you anonymous,
unfortunately i have a tendency to lose myself when i read, i did do a spell check but i got too into rereading the thing and lost my concentration, what doesnt help is with words like "mire" being real i don't get the red line to let me know i missed something. as for learnt, i am not from "wanker" county as you put it, but grew up using that word without friction, as i do with spelt. i pronounce the T's softly when i speak, plus spell check has no issue with it, so its real somewhere


What a well written story. Great depth and characterisation. Well done.

Re: Unfinished

Perhaps that's why it says Ch.1 in the title. Just a thought.

This has been a passionate series...really good!

Have enjoyed all so far and cannot wait to continue on! Thanks for this!

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