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Sweet story

Loved the end. Why to teach a guy who may be tomorrow becomes a rival, especially when you don't owe him anything. Good reading. Nice bedtime story for grownups.

Clitorides Nominations

Hey Guys!

Nominations for Clitorides Awards are open Now.
I voted for Lost Boy and his works because He's my favourite Author here in Literotica.

Plz, Vote for Lost Boy , I want to see him winning for his Hardworks despite being ill for sometimes. Always delivered best erotica for us.

Thank You Lost Boy!

Here is the Link : https://clitoridesawards.org

what a crock of shite

just boring...nothing romantic or loving about it just raw sex with a load of fuck slut whores....

Excellent read

Good build-up, believable characters and hot scenes, definitely 5 stars!

Good stuff.

The dialogue was painful, but otherwise enjoyed the story.

Thank you

Thank you for your feedback. I've been experimenting with stream of consciousness, hence the second paragraph. It's not everyone's cup of tea, and I'm definitely no expert at that style.


I loved this story a lot. I thought it more romantic than erotic. My choice for best Valentine story

Weird and fun

I enjoyed this though can't say I cared for Cara that much.


A nice work

Very good description of the sex scene: slowly increasing tension and arousal, no menial or played-out tricks. The "surprise" of the morning after is well set up.

In Ch 04...

Lexi creates distance and pawns Andrew off for the weekend to a Latina neighbor. The promise of a four figure payday are put on hold when the neighbor has alternate plans. And in this case, the pen is not mightier than the sword when the neighbor wants to play.

Written, edited and submitted for approval. Now sitting in the Pending queue.

Response to "Good but lacked biting" from LarsM69

Good point, LarsM69. I should have thought of that when I first wrote and published this story over 2 years ago. Oh, well. I'll definitely take note of that if I ever write another Halloween themed story. Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.

Definitely the best kind of gardening

I could take a real interest in gardening if nymphets like these were attracted to disport themselves in it. I assume a special fertiliser is required....?

Well done, a pastorally erotic series! Great premise, highly original; seen nothing like it anywhere else.


I'm dying to know who she looks like from his past. His first girlfriend died or something? I'm dying here...

Fishy sort of fuck

Incredible imagination! Neither of these two scenarios has ever occurred to me before. What a clever way to re-use a pleasantly different premise.

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