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pretty good

The sex seems to be derived from watching too many porn films .. the screaming, the start with a blowjob for the guy. This is supposed to be about her! It all would have made more sense if he started working on her. Other than that, OK.

With these stories, I wonder who the author identifies with, eg whether his fantasy is projected onto Steve. This is important for later chapters, if they are to have any drama to them. A wish fulfillment story is fine if the reader has the same wish, so to speak. However, what gets a story above the run-of-the-mill is dramatic conflict, something that creates an emotional dilemma for one or both parties.


Truly just a poorly written piece.... Cuck garbage...

Beautiful story, skilfully written

Believable characters brought together by their respective needs, climaxing "literotically" in mutual fulfilment


This story has great potential. Keep it up!

Love the fellatrix

Great story and the growing tension. It like was going to explode at the same time.

Love all of your work. There is a genuine sense of reality and "yeah, this could happen." Keep writing!

Good one, Ken....

....but not a great one. "Trailing Along" was the first story of yours that I read. This one is twice as long, but only half as good. Perhaps others will disagree. Tastes differ! More spelling and punctuation errors this time, which was a slight distraction. You're a good writer and you know how to create sympathetic characters. Keep writing. You have a gift -- just let it flow. Don't try to force it.


If you could care less, you would care less!

Blatantly cheating on your loved one immediately without any hesitation (except for the risk of being identified as a cheater) at the first opportunity one gets, depicts such a low moral standing and low self-controll that it becomes very difficult as a reader to identify with the 'I' of the story. The story therefore inevitably becomes a great put off for me.
Sorry, but I left after a few paragraphs only.

Great story line

I hope there will be more coming. I would love to see where this leads with the brother and how he will react to the two of them.


I don't read to anonymous comments, sorry, if you don't have the balls to use a user name to comment I don't consider your comments worth while!


I've been reading (and rereading) this series since it came out and am eagerly anticipating the next installment. I hope you haven't given up on it! I need to find out what Kelly's demons are. I check back every day in hopes that more has been posted! Hope to hear from you soon


As a curious male this is exactly how I.would like my fist time to happen. Yum.

What to say?

Well now, it's most certainly is the longest story I've read and despite the spellings and grammar, which I can forgive you being a Yank and all, dispute from all of everything, this has to be the very best story I have also read...thank you

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