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Thank you

Thanks for the feed back. Everything I have written so far are things that my Sweet Man and I have done. Everything is something that we have talked about and decided together on doing. He would never really hurt me. I have never met a man so caring and concerned about me, yet willing to fulfill my every naughty fantasy. I will make sure to add a little thing before my stories for now on. I am sorry that my story upset you in any way.


Get help. Psychiatric and a beta reader


great Story about 2 different People who finaly found out that they were made for eachother.

the Vampire Scene was hot too so this Story gets 5 stars.

Great job. I really enjoy your stories. I want to know whodunit, and not just skip through to the steamy parts.

The Final Countdown....or is it?

Gotta say Anjie...MMA...Thanks to you two, I will NEVER be able to passively watch a NASA space shuttle take-off countdown ever again. Sucks to know this is the end for a bit. One question would be however.....was that limo partition soundproofed? lol. If not, can only imagine whta the driver was thinking. Dunno why, but i sense a mile-high club new membership in their future. Definitely worth an all 4 chapter re-read.

Until we screw again.........loved it!


I am hard just from reading this, beautiful and something to masturbate to.

Awesome story

It could use a few more chapters. Great work

Good to see the Shepherd back

Have really enjoyed this series of stories as I'm always intrigued by where it will go or where you take it especially with Ben getting seemingly close to a melt down. Will be keeping an eye out for the next chapter.

A very happy ending, indeed

Hot! It's the kind of massage that keeps the guys coming/cumming back for more.

Now I'm looking for the promised Part 2. Hope it's soon.

Holy Bat Shit!

Wow, that was fucking awesome! Incredibly sexy story. One of the best I've ever read. Great job!


Your story was longer than most on Lit, and accordingly I thought I might lose interest, but your writing ensured that I held it. Every sexual encounter was hot - it never got old! I love the red hair and love the apparent facial fetish. The cock size (without making it a foot long) was hot too. I'm into legs and feet and heels too, so next time maybe a little more sex with her still wearing her heels (but that's just a personal preference of mine). Anyway, bravo!!!


I was down to my under shorts. Undershoots


I was down to my under shorts. Under SHORTS

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