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Very Fun!

The halting, reluctant manner with which our heroine approaches this transformation is very well done, most convincing!
Of course, she hasn't transformed (perhaps a chrysalis, perhaps not even there yet) but she's definitely not the same caterpillar she was the week before!
Really looking forward to where you take this :)

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what a fuck!!!!!

Jennifer was horny and she met her match with the old cabbie.what a ride she had.

Perpetuating the myth that pussies get stretched

Pussies do NOT get stretched by big cocks - or at least if they do they go back to their normal size very quickly. This is a continuing myth in stories on this website ...

Message from the author

First off, I am having trouble logging into my account in order to submit anything new, to begin with. I tried to contact literotica about it, but have not heard anything.

Furthermore, to the anonymous poster lashing out about there not being any revenge: Even if I DIDN'T have several more chapters in mind when I was writing this, are you really so dense as to not see that just this one conquest, coupled with the video provided, could not only bring down the professor she cheated with, but also call her grades into question and thus put her own degree in jeopardy? Come on now people...

I wonder what her reaction would be...

when he demonstrated the reaction to playing with that G spot? Last time I sprung that one on a XYL (eX Young Lady) she discovered that she could squirt! We both learned something that evening....

Pretty Hot!!! liked it.. I don't guess anyone can know just who is attracted to who until one of you blurts it out. sometimes it works other times it doesn't. but when it does, Damn!! it is good...
Keep writing


I need a wife like Debbie... who has a friend like Penny!

well put together

this has been well crafted and made me hot as hell, i hope you continue with this for a second date and more

this is creative

I feel like the professor gave you a low grade because it had sex in it. The class is called Creative Writing, and this is certainly creative. You might have also gotten a low grade if the professor assumed it was fiction when he said to write about real life. So I am thinking to get a higher grade you have to prove this happened in reality and not imagination.

and then

Then came the day that he tracked her down and murdered her.

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