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Very Nice

Straight to the point !!!

Great, Great

Very well written. None of the endless background with very little the sex we want
read. Keep it up.

To know, or not to know, that's a question.

Well what movie were they watching? I thought he might get some head when she bent over. So now he knows what kind of girlfriend she is. I think try and blend in, hope she brings the girlfriends over to. Next time might be easier, unless she brings a man home.

Loved It

Just wonderful and so well written for your first submission. Please give us more soon.

Feedback welcome


This was my first submission and I thank those who have read and rated it. In fact this is the first time I have submitted any literary text online. I would welcome any feedback, constructive criticism or ideas you may have.

Thank you

please consider

I've actually have spent the last month or more looking for these 2 stories from over 2 years ago I remember them vividly. now that I've found them I see you still haven't made a 3rd one. You really should this is a great line up for a series of however much of a length you would like to take it. Either way amazing stories.


it is funny when you are writing a piece and you are like... hey how about using an inquisitor that begins as a possible threat and a couple of pages later she is a head strong love interest. she can withstand his darkness and help anchor him and at the same time drag him kicking and screaming into situations he would normally avoid like the plague. i think she is a strong enough woman to understand his past and accept him as he is...

hated this chapter

This ruined the story in my opinion, I list all respect for the katie character.katie appears to be a sex addict with no inhibitions and willing to use her boytoy without giving a damn about what he thinks or wants. I looked forward to reading each new part of this story but I'm done, no interest to see where this goes.

yes, yes I did.... I have yet to not enjoy one of your stories.. I love the detail you give for all your characters...... and the fact that they are all part of a shared world..... and i cannot wait to find out how you weave this new story into the universe as a whole.....

but as a huge Sci-fi/Fantasy Geek.... I tend to get many of the offhanded refrences and even the Easter eggs you throw.. and being a gamer myself..... and having friends who have read most of Lovecrafts work i get much of that stuff as welll which makes you one of my favorite authors..... also the fact that they are more then just smut they could easily work as regular books if you removed the sex (I love that aspect as well)

so any chance of a hint if we will get to see Gabrielle past this book... as i think being allied with an Inquisitor could make for an interesting plot thread.... and add some more interesting complications.... also the fact that Gabrielle is definitely Bi.... does not hurt that

Wonderful stroke story, but……

You write wonderfully and all of your descriptions are quite vivid and arousing. However, I would really like to have seen more of a story develop between the two principles and not just an endless series of fuck, suck, and fuck some more.

After saying that, I still can say thank you for sharing your stories. They are well done and worth the time to read.

Thank you.



Nice story. However, the initial confusion over Frank's name would not have happened. Women normally spell the name Frances. Karen would have known that Francis was male.


You got me again, good story


Could u make a side story about alex at the tournament. LIke since he takes it serious he fucks a rivel girl or somethin. Feel like there could be a cool side story don't want thw story to end yet.

Great story really got me going can't wait for more

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