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Liked your story...i could picture every erotic moment.


Au pairs

Are required to provide childcare. There font appear to be any children in this story.


Wow................ Jst wow.......

Me and Wife are loving this series! We luv the "resistance" from Kate! So far we are enjoying your writing and the build up!


What a great read, thanks... both Susan as a teen and as an older woman got me hard and playing, Fantastic!


You write some hot stuff!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to future submissions from you.

I am so fucking wet I want someone to come and fuck me hard

I tried... but the writing isn't tight and the characters don't manage to be very believable. I think an editor could do this story wonders.

Made me Horny Af. Made me want to Fuck Someone. 👅💦💦

Nice progression

Good story, a little slow at first, could have used some editing but not enough to ruin the story. Good description but could use more specifics in the sex acts. All in all well worth reading.

second page is great

I felt first page is quiet a bit over narrated but by the time page turns it is all ready to turn up the heat


I went looking for a story, found this and didn't stop reading until I had finished. Totally hot storyline, inspired some heat in my direction:-) But also an interesting and unique story. Thank you!


I very nice, erotic story. Entirely believable. Got 5 stars from me.

An English major wouldn't

...use "Mary's sick so it's just you and me who meets at Starbucks in the school's main library." It would be you and I. I'm also not a fan of second person stories. What's Mary got to do with the story? Will it be important in later parts?


Really enjoyed it. Kept me wondering what was next. Well done. Love to see more.

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