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This was a 2nd read for me.

When this first came out, I didn’t read the whole series,
since this exercise in style with no names
was extremely irritating at that time and I gave up.
This second read is also a bit annoying due to the same reason,
but it was good to reach the conclusion.


Very very well done please keep writing cuz I am so looking forward to it thank you

Can I please get a continuation of this story?

This was an awesome read and I'd like to read more about Sunita whoring herself out


One of the best on here

Poor Wriitng

Rarher lackluster and sloppy, your writing needs a lot of work. The actual story was far from believable but I don’t always come here for believable stories. I give it a solid 4/10

I apppreciate the reality

Of the condom and birth control. It was just enough without being over the top. Hell, even storyland needs to prevent babies and sti.

Bravo Bravo

well written, well thought out, good humor, great sex. fun characters. would love to read more about all not just Karen and John, but Pam and Billy. Lu and the Professor and Marianne, The places the feel really drew me in, and I love the B&D aspect too was a great touch I'm on the same level not into S&M but the right amount of B&D in the right times perfect. The proposal at the end while a bit rushed actually made since to me and you foreshadowed it so it wasn't unexpected. I saw it coming at the start of the helicopter tour not the specifics but the results. The only thing it's missing in my opinion was the Karen, John and Lu 3-way. That seems like it would have been fun to write and extremely enjoyable to read. All said 5 stars on all five parts and I saved my comments for the end but voted on each. Thank you.


Excellent work! Need the sequel sooner than later!

One of the best....

....stories on this whole damned site.

Nice Quickie

So many ways you could have extended the buildup. Or left out the last paragraph to continue with the story.

Sexual tension

Nice work. The sexual tension is intense and the character development is captivating. Looking forward to reading more about Amber and Candace.


Great story, great writing style, vicious sense of humor. Yes, I loved it!

Waiting for part 2...

Your story was great and I would like to read more of what happens once they go inside.

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