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Wow... there's no good way out of that, is there. A bi lover isn't the answer, she wasn't asking for one - she loves her hubby, she just wishes he was woman-shaped. She likes sucking cock because... she likes sucking cock. Boundaries are not absolute. People I've known who've come out later in life usually aren't this biased to one end of the scale, though. Who knows, maybe she'll find him ( only ) sexually attractive again one day. Not sure it's fair on either of them to wait, but she's not looking to get out. Oy...


I truly hope there will be more to this wonderful piece, I LOVE your writing!

Consistently good writing

Glad you’re still creating, and sharing.

So passionate

Siennas writing is so explosive, the way she writes makes you want to rip off your clothes and have crazy passionate sex, so powerful, this is just a sample of one of those moments!

During the slow hard fucking I enjoyed so much, I counted it as the moment I had officially lost my virginity. I wanted more. Even though he came inside of me, he remained rock hard. I straddled him, changing positions and I fucked him three times, it just came to me so naturally, and I counted our orgasms and the feel of his warm spunk shooting into me. I had taken my own control whilst he squeezed my breasts gently, sometimes pulling me to his for some delightful passionate kissing. The whole thing was awesome and lasted ages. It was unprotected sex too, and he had filled me with so much of his spunk.

i laughed out loud bigtime

Parody satire whatever ,, If only this one was true lol

Since so many have asked what happened to her account. . .

. . .I reached out to Kenna. Here's what she told me:


Not much to share Bob. I've realized that my time on Lit was just over. As in oil didn't want to write erotic stories forever so I pulled out when I thought was right. I know there have people that have been upset that I deleted my work as well but I don't have any obligations to keep it online as selfish as that may be taken. For lack of a better term i simply wanted to take my ball and go home.

I am still writing however. I have a fantasy novel that's in discussion of being published and I'm writing the sequel as we speak. There are also various side projects that I have going as well. Hopefully that answers yours and the readers question, sorry for any hard feelings I've caused on either front and I wish everyone the best.


Oh heck yeah

Now that would be a time when I’d love to see the look on her face as she read it!!! Great letter/story!!!!

Lol......yeah, it’s mindblowing isn’t it?


you've got serious issues.
but then again its me who just cum all over the keyboard

Love it

Love this letter. Erotic and funny

Nice start

But where does it go? I hope there is more

Funny 😆

Eat...... hilarious.

Yup.BTB of the best sort.

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