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Seems most all my favorite authors are women. I like it when stories are kept to a page or two at a time, and look forward to part two of this one. Great first story, but do pay attention to spelling/grammar.

Excellent story and fine writing skills

This was a delightful story to read, and mirrors the fantasy that my wife and I have often discussed but have yet to convert from fantasy to reality. For some couples who are considering adding this kind of homoerotic kink to their sex lives, your well written story might be enough to make them take the jump. Please ignore the fuck-ups who either didn't read all the story, didn't understand it, or cannot imagine themselves having a bisexual experience. Those of us who do appreciate the story will be anxiously awaiting your next literary effort.

Great start

What a wonderful read, I do hope part two will be out soon

very erotic

thank you for sharing your fantasy,I am bicurious and reading your story was so intense and erotic.I have never read such descriptive story about wives helping their husbands suck their first cock,needless to say, it was a huge turn on for me and my now hard cock is all the proof you need.

Totally hot

I'm a Floridian a curious mature man. I totally enjoyed this letter, it made me feel and taste a cock in my mouth even though I have never done it. I wish to experience having a cock in my mouth and taste a man specially if a man is sucking mine as well ampmiami1@gmail.com

Interesting story

Many women have fantasy to see their man suck dick. Often more subtle suggestions are made and small steps taken. In the right circumstances, with some alcohol, many guys have done it.


You need to have someone proofread your work.


Good start to what seems like a wonderful adventure. Well written. Please continue.

So real!

You are an excellent author! This is such a sensitive approach to turning someone bi or even gay. It is very similar (exactly the same but different!!) to my being turned from absolutely straight to sissy cocksucker--very sensitive, very erotic, very loving, very wonderful! If there is any addition that might have been added, it would only be a description of that surprising discovery that the feel of a cock slipping through your lips for the first time is not anything like what you thought it would feel like. I'll never forget that wonderfully slick and warm head, and that surprisingly velvety feeling of the shaft--hard, yet soothingly velvety soft feeling of that warm, very alive shaft, moving in and out--just wondering if I would be able to finish and swallow, yet knowing that I was captivated and could not do otherwise.
I discovered that I'm submissive, but, as you have demonstrated, there are different ways to deal with a submissive. You didn't embarrass him at all--you just encouraged him in a very loving way, and he was able to provide his own sense of humiliation--and, at least for me, that is the best and richest kind! To realize that I, a super-straight person, was now dressed in very feminine attire because of losing a bet, was now on my knees with a very hard and sensitive cock in my mouth--and hearing my best friend whispering in my ear what a pretty little cocksucking sissy faggot I had become (not saying it in a harsh manner, but encouraging me, just like you are encouraging your man/gurl), and discovering that one of the best feelings that I have ever had is having that wonderful, beautiful cock in my mouth, with all of its different textures, this was an amazing revelation for me and literally changed my life.

Of all of the stories that I have read here and in other places, you have come closest to putting into words my own personal experience. I thank you, and I hope that you continue writing such sensitive, erotic stories!


Unbelievably erotic. The focus on his desire to serve him for her and how he loved doing it was fabulous. I hope that the author will continue sharing more.

love it

very hot story....write the next chapter....as a cocksucker I loved it

Hot Story

Loved the story, very hot. Another new LW troll, Ducky 7 shows up looking for a love story and is too fucking stupid to even realize that you put this in the Letters and Transcript category. Fuck off Ducky.

Fucking hot story. Can see myself coming to this over and over, my wet pussy creaming.

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