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I love SilkStockingsLover! Was super excited to see you had an interview with her =) Definitly fascinating to know more about her!

This is so cool!

I can already tell I'm going to enjoy reading these interviews =) Especially reading and comparing the answers! See what's similar and what's different =)

Succubal Sleight of Hand

Intriguing, original, disturbing, arousing, limit-pushing.
Well done.


I'm sorry, as soon as it said "I still find myself pleasuring my penis" I just couldn't continue

What do you mean Trevor didn't show up at college?

He just disappeared, what a shame. never to be heard from again. Fran cried when she heard the news from one of her former neighbors, now a regular John on her street corner.


So what was Betty's secret. You can't leave it like that

agree with most comments

this is the hottest writing author here. I love it all, and know this reader is not alone. my favorites and the lesbian ones, imagine that, and the stories and have a wife getting seduced by another girl or neighbor wife. thanks for the interview, and making us feel apart of the group.


Beautiful story. Very well written and erotic. Honest, descriptive and passionate. You are really talented. My favorite part was this: "Take care, my heart, and know your voice still haunts me when I sleep alone sometimes. It gives me comfort to think mine does you as well. Our memories will live on, and for that I am grateful. You are a special memory to me." So beautiful. Keep up the excellent work!

Please don't take this the wrong way, and it is OK if you are not interested. But if you are interested in sexy chat or erotic stories exchange, message me at

t r a l a l a 9 8 @ g m x . c o m    (no spaces)

I am a young, straight guy, very passionate and creative.

Very good.

Wonderful story. Great attention to details, beautiful writing style, and just so... real, investing. Incredible imagery, very erotic and intense.

There is just something so alluring in putting your fantasies and experiences down on the paper, in documenting your deepest desires and describing your most intimate, cherished experiences in a written word. It is often difficult, but so tempting. Intimate but rewarding. I've been writing such things myself, but I still have some practice to do... but I immensely enjoy reading well written stories like this. Passionate, descriptive, erotic.

Please don't take this the wrong way. You don't have to agree and I know that you are involved with someone. But if you wouldn't mind exchanging erotic stories, fantasies and letters with someone else, please message me at

t r a l a l a 9 8 @ g m x . c o m (no spaces).

Thank you

Thank you for reading my works and leaving your comments. It is my pleasure to share my diary extracts with those that appreciate them xx

Your writing is so descriptive it makes you feel like you are there.

Thinking of you in white stocking ,,,WOW..I am stiff before I start to read.
And leave a creamy deposit before I finish the story.

Top Rated Erotica

Sienna, I have always been a fan of the very descriptive and talented way you write erotica. As I read this, I almost felt like I was a voyeur looking through the keyhole at your very private moments. I loved it and find yur diary confessions a REAL turn on and I can't wait for Pt. 02 as I know it would be a real turn on for me and as deliciously naughty as this wonderful initial offering.

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