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Dear Pastor . . . . I have a confession

Dear Pastor . . . . I must confess that I have always held a penchant for an occasional 'Quickie" and your's was superb! Great, short read ..... THANKS !

TORN ..... between LOVE & LUST. Can LOVE survive?

Its not her heart that has changed,but the body.This is the base upon which 'THEY' have to act. And it has to remain 'THEIR' fight.The moment it becomes an Individual struggle, LOVE dies. Losers, all.

This letter is just one amongst the many such literary Gems,the reason why Patti is in my FAV. Authors list.
In just a few words all possible human emotions come forth, through the readers mind.

Nothing less than 5.


Cleverly conceived, designed, and implemented.

But dear little anon...

unlike you and I, for that matter, he is using his real name and that involves much kudos.


Wow, this is so hot! Can you please add an audio to this? (L) xx


There are different degrees of cuckolding and I really think what Bill wanted was for his wife to be a 'Hot Wife"!

Her quickly getting past just enjoying Trevor to totally abusing her husband only indicates her latent desire for great sex BUT, her decision to make Trevor her Bull and hubby a Sissy well...don't know about that.

Her initial feelings of contempt for her husband was perfectly normal, she was disappointed in him and now had disrespect for a man she had always wanted to be loyal with but now...wow!

You wrote 9 chapters and it went smooth enough but to ask your readers to read 9 chapters and leave it hanging...are you Alfred Hitchcock or JPB? Another paragraph or two stating the follow up would have been appropriate, even another chapter illustrating her night with Trevor and then writing the story to a conclusion...ie: Hot wife with and loving husband with kinks - no sissy, total sissy and deferring to Trevor and Bulls to come or...sorry, he loved her, always would but she let her sexual frustration take her emotionally to a level that was beyond his wishes and they would need to separate and - there would be NO demeaning and disparaging remarks during and after the divorce, just irreconcilable difference!

Hot story, easily real life and well done. Of course, I'm disappointed that she went far beyond what hubby wanted. He loved her, worshipped her, was always erotically aroused by her and; unfortunately, she couldn't leave things in a salvageable manner, she was overly desirous of great sex with bigger men...too bad!

LOL ... a good read

short, to the point, and funny ... a good read ... thank you :-)

The irritation of relaticistic primates.

1-Men get erections when aroused, People are aroused when personally stimulated. See "Fetish".

2-Men don't like any, drama Unless we are at the center of the drama, causing the chaos with narcissist egotism and lots and lots of testosteronic hysteria.

3-Men are made to defend & protect Men are hardwired to hunt and steal. "Whats mine is mine and what is yours is mine as soon as I take it away from you."

4-Men are laborious beings with purpose Ohhkaayy? Yah got me on this one as it makes no sense at all ?

Oh really?

You claim to have a Ph.D, yet cannot tell the difference between "site" and "sight?" Also, what is "thirtieths"--the age of the nameless fiancée? Flash stories are fine when we see a point to the story.

Who's baby is it? I mean she has fucked just about everyone in America by now. Is it Alvin's? How will Thomas react to his wife having a black baby?

love dirty texts

It's so hot to get texts from your green light, slutty beloved...


This is a total disconnect from the rest of the story. If I'm reading this right, this is while he is away at college. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed. This story had the chance to be a really great story, but the plot line is out of sync and very underdeveloped with some huge gaps.

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