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The story of a poor idiot...

why else would one write an endless letter which his wife will not read - if he was handling his life in the same way during his marriage I understand why she was straying.


In Tears

I seriously cried thru this whole chapter. I fell in love with all your characters. I loved it all...thru the tears, the many outbursts of laughter, the hot & descriptive love scenes...fabulous work!

Hard throbbing cock close to me near my ready and wet spot

depressed now !

thanks for the story but now iam fucking depressed
all in all well done !

Loved it!

More than one read for me and I have enjoyed it every time! Should be a form letter for every husband cheated on. Just change the names.

Mindreader. I finally found u.

Thank u for reading this. Wether you're male, female, young or old..u r AWESOME. The last few lines of your "re-write" story were spot on to what i've been thinking about this opportunistic site for years. I've been ready to read a story that just gets to the point of y i'm on this site reading in the 1st place. I actually can't write my own stuff any other way. Now you've inspired me to delve into my mountain of writings and put a few things of my own..here on this half erotic half boring site. By this summer 2O16 I hope to join u in the "skip the bullshit"s highest ranks. Then we can be hated by all these "serious" writers together. Thank u again..u r my inspiration.

Very good storytelling!

Liked the period approach and overall presentation. Continuing writing, and I will for one, continue reading

Very nice

A real expression of love for her boy friend!

Anything it can do...:+)))

I can do longer!

Thanks for appreciating...I can enhance that for you. :+)))


Putting feelings into words is what Literotica is all about. It is an art and can never be done perfectly because the heart and the mind do not communicate perfectly. Even though this short, sweet love letter does not contain the usual lurid descriptions of sexual activities it still conveys the emotions that sex engenders. It is more evocative than erotic, tender rather than explicit.

The date on this story is almost ten years ago yet what is expressed is timeless. For those of you who select your stories from the NEW list, let this be a lesson to you that there are hidden gems in all categories.

I'm a big fan of your writing and hope you continue to give us more.

More please

Can you please continue this story? I thoroughly enjoy it.

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