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Good writing

Horrible, unfinished ending. I simply can't abide stories that authors leave completely unfinished.
Sorry but I give this 1 star

You are gifted!

I love your stories so much! I swear I have cum too many times to count to your written words. It is amazing! I was wondering if you wanted to write a story together. My premise is of a male college student fucking his girlfriend's mom. Like when he meets her family, he fucks her mom. I dont want to get too into it unless you are interested. Email me at paulphilips18@gmail.com

Excellent choice!

At last, your pussy is shaved smooth, Cindy. Cute, hot little Asian girls should always enhance their beauty by keeping their pussies completely displayed.

You're the best

Another fantastic story. I so hope you continue writing. I'd suggest you look into publishing erotic fiction if you can do lengthier stories. I think you could make a fortune. And best of luck to you if you do!

A Well Told Little Flash, But....

....I'd like a little more motivation in the scene. What's the objective or end game here? Are they doing this just for the kink of cuckoldry, or is there something else going on here? To bring home a hot creampie to share? To make a baby because Jason can't? To find a big dick for Sarah because Jason has been her only lover?

Curious minds want to know!

you really rocked this

very erotic and excellent detail. great story flow, we all need cyber friends like this.

very well written

the smoothness in transition was awesome. you kept it plain simple and erotic, a few more details about body parts would have made it a fivestar.

Epic love letter

This, without doubt, is an epic love letter. A man who shows such appreciation for all the small quirks that makes his woman unique and enjoys just doing things to please her is a keeper. This letter flows so easily it is as if one is there, seeing Marissa through your eyes, and falling in love with her from the time she wakes with a smile to the time she goes to sleep enveloped in your arms. You make a beautiful, complementary couple.

Story mostly good, one major problem, at least for me

Love the secret thoughts she had of incest with her son. The problem I have is that she would really obey the order of a stranger only to go and look at her nude son. She just didn't seem to be submissive for what I could gather from their chats to that point.

I have done role playing and some men have asked me to do something and come back and report to they if I did as they asked and if I enjoyed. At that point I end the chat.


this story has me so wet right now I can't wait to have fun with my girlfriend again I want to have fun with her like this the next time we are alone together I am going out to buy one of those for sure I have to try this

Love Love Love This!

I can honestly say I'm not the woman you intended this for, but I hope She finds it. This is an amazing idea. You did very well with staying anonymous and I truly hope she sees and appreciates your effort here. I'm hoping her mind opened up a bit and the lines of communication brought you closer together. It's obvious that you care very deeply for her. Good luck & happy orgasms!

I surrender

You had me from the start with soothing lavender and once you started on the feet I lay back in full surrender. Just reading this helped to relax me after a hectic day. Now I am going to lay back, put my feet up on the bed, place my hands on my treasure spot, close my eyes, and imagine the feel of that tongue.


To the Anonymous idiot who made the comment about learning to write in English. Did you bother to check the writers Bio page? If you had AND if you understand what you read, you'd have seen the writer was from India. My bet is, you can't do nearly as well in her native language--so how about cutting her some slack. Her story is entirely readable if not perfect grammar.

Naseha, This is the first time I've read a story in this category. While it's not really my cup of tea, I was impressed with your story line, the diary found in the attic, enough so I'm thinking about adapting it to a Loving Wives story.

Thanks for the read! cd

Pure Artistry

There is a certain artistry in letter writing that should never be allowed to die. I can feel the emotion flowing from your fingers in waves like black ink forever indelibly imprinted on a white sheet of paper. 'You have marked me.' I want to fold this letter up in dried lavender, tie a thin yellow bowtie around it, and place it in my chest of secret mementos that are close to my heart. To take it out in quiet moments, smell and read it, and recreate this mood and feeling that I have right now.

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