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Dirty Cunt

This is one of my favorites,I keep coming back to it. I loved how you took control of me with a letter and made me play with my cunt talking dirty to me. I love my boyfriend talking dirty to me and playing with his cock as he watches me play with my cunt. It makes me so wet.


Wonderfully innovative! I worked in radio in college (a very long time ago) and worked production on some audio plays, and this brought back memories which, when coupled with your script, had me laughing aloud. It really could be great if actually produced. Stumbled onto this one accidentally. Now I need to check out your other work. Cheers!


True life account of serial cheating wife
Facebook profile of dearbornmt@yahoo.com
Also took advantage of profile offer for explicit accounts and photos. Married female college instructor in Helena Montana
Forces student to fuck her. Then figuratively fucks him by spreading stories. Lost marriage, job and had reputation destroyed.
Based on info she has had dozen affairs-minimum-during marriage to 3rd husband. Was involved with two other men when she started harassing student. Has self-described need to have multiple affairs at same time. Husband knows. Does nothing!
Must be friend of Matt Moreau andRich Gerald.

First delivery

A first delivery whether one baby or multiples can be very fast. My first and my sister's first went almost too fast, we barely made it to the hospital. Both our labor and delivery was onlu about 1/2 an hour as we didnt have any contractions until we were already dilated.
I know of several births with multiples where the babies were born within minutes of each other.
Great story love how it is going. I do wonder about the poly element that this seems to be heading towards.

Ah, sweet!

So dirty and then --- awww, it's her husband! So sweet.

Sherlock Said It Best

I am going to save Sherlock's comment. It said so much of what I wanted to say. Nancy doesn't love her fiance. She is daily exhibiting her disrespect and hatred toward him. Cuckolds should be aware of this before trying to hang onto a loveless marriage. Your wife cannot love and disrespect her husband at the same time. That would be like leaving your child at home so you could take the child of someone else to the park or zoo or toy store or movie because the other child is better dressed or displays better manners.

Put A Gun To Your Head And End It

You are not a man anymore. You never will be. A cuckold, at best, is nothing more than a pet or stray animal. Other than financial support, you have no value whatsoever. So if you can't end John and Lacy's infidelity, your only real option is to end your meaningless existence. BANG!

Did He Cheat Too

It would make my day to see a followup letter from him that explained in detail that he has been totally faithful throughout the marriage; and the only cheater was her. Her friend had talked her into cheating.

Powerful & Compelling

No matter one's persuasion or sexual inclination, one has to be frozen in one's tracks upon reading this intense and incredibly well written letter of love, fear, astonishment, and foreboding. I have read all the continuations which only caused to intensify my belief that patricia51, as the author of this piece, is the only person who do a worthy and just "completion."

Entertaining But Unbelievable

A male friend of mine wrote a story about a character (speaking in first person) who discovered a drug that incapacitates a victim. It has a hypnotic effect on the victim and the main character can even control the victim's thinking with suggested and guiding comments. In the story he was able to convince his sister-in-law that she was no longer in love with her husband but was in love with the first-person character and was guided into propositioning her brother-in-law into having repeated bouts of sex with her. Good entertaining story, but completely lacking in believability... just like this story.


Not your writing but the premise of the story. How did he find out? Was it a setup from the beginning so he could control and torture her?

Counter-intuitive but not counter-productive

The humiliation comes from the subjugation of the spouse. Even though the husband may have latent desires, it is the wife's power of persuasion and ability to coax, untap, discover, reveal, develop, and ultimately fulfill those desires that is the driving force here. He's not going to explore it on his own and no man is capable of seducing him. Only the sweet, hypnotic, sexy, feminine voice suggesting seductively that he can be what she wants him to be is going lead him across boundaries that he otherwise would never approach. It's not about the destination, it's all about her guidance, and that's what he's addicted to.

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