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Have the guts to tell him face to face,instead of slinking away.

And the next day?

The bottle was back on the beach. Because that's the way the tides work. Kinda ruins the whole thing , doesn't it!

It is good that you know what you want and need

I personally don't understand him, maybe if he were doing this from a place of love but his actions have an ugly corrosive feeling. You should be able to find another master who would treat you better! an anonymous response is unacceptable anyone could have posted it. Good luck I hope you become happy someday

She admitted she wanted a divorce with that email communication.

He needs to use that against her in court as an admittance of adultery and go for the maximum benefit his way. Screw the bitch before she sticks him!

Well.... it may sound stupid but is this a fact or fiction or something in between ?
I gave it a 4.


day-dreams memories of the past. TK U MLJ LV NV


Why was it Erin and Doug at the end? Confused... Good story tho.


That was one of the most beautiful, heartfelt letters of love I've ever read or heard! Very nice job all around! Thank you. With my personality, I believe he was there for her again at the coffee shop and they went on to live a very loving and enjoyable life!

The tears are flowing

I can't believe how much this story effected me, you are the most amazing writer!!!!

The only problem I see with this story...

was that you said Mary took nurses training and she was the nurse giving the injections. Why didn't Super Stud not recognize her? There was no indication that he did.
The payback and punishment fit the crime. Hoping he does have his balls cut off and winds up in the Mexico City Slums.
5 *'s

The right revenge...

This is what I always say: Guys like this low life scum, think they are safe, until the day they fuck the wrong man's wife...Then they are dead meat....4*


I dont buy it.
19 years together, she had a child. then suddenly after all that these feelings develop?

something is wrong.
You dont change into being gay.

Rather then explore whats happening, see a psychiatrist for example, she is going to destroy him and worse her childrens lives. They will never recover for this at all.

She needs a swift kick in her ass. His wife is out of line and he should just dump her, she has definitely fucked Matt and openly humiliated in a bunch of ways ,she's no good.

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