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Same old amyWHORE shit. amyWHORE writes crap with the sole purpose of annoying men. She hates all men who aren't wimpy fags like her cuck husband!!! Rate accordingly!

Wait...are her breasts tiny or huge? They seem to hav grown from one paragraph to another

Well Written

First off, some of the negative comments mentioned that they thought this should have been in a different category but I disagree as it is written in a letter format and thus should be here.

Secondly, having an interest in human sexuality I find some stories on Lit fascinating in that although most stories are fictitious, they reveal much about sexuality through fantasy. I've always believed in the adage, our biggest sex organ is our brain.

I get the sense that this story is written by a bi-curious man who is expressing that curiosity through the written word, which is the beauty of writing erotic stories and I don't think berating someone of doing that has any place here. Traditionally being bi-curious for a man is socially much more unacceptable than for a woman and thus more stigma to wade through. In the recent past I have seen articles where researchers suspect many more heterosexual men are bi-curious but finding men to interview and participate in studies is a great challenge. Hopefully this will change in time.

Since there is still much to learn about the bi-curious male, I've found the subject interesting. As a woman, I can pretty much tell it was written by a man but that's not the point unless you want your readers to be both male and female.

Lastly, I think some women, including myself find this subject erotic, unfortunately for men, as long as it isn't about THEIR man LOL!


I'd give it a 5 if you went 'all the way' with it, but my god, that was wonderful

I loved doing it for her

My wife has had me suck cock for her. One was the cock of an Army officer in Rockville, Maryland. His cock was long, thick and straight like a steel bar. She stroked his shaft as I sucked his cock. When he came, she went crazy and shouted, "Shoot it down his throat!" as she kissed his thigh and furiously pumped his cock.

I feel you there

I'm horny almost all the time. It's been three years since I've had sex and even longer since I've had an orgasm that wasn't fake. I start imagining intimate relationships with anyone I even think is even remotely attractive regardless of their sexual orientation. I'm frustrated as hell because I want sex, I want to be cuddled and have someone to share my day with, but there's too much at stake now. Can I trust anyone again? Can I trust anyone with my children because I have to protect them? Will they accept my children as part of the package? Can I let go of my own baggage long enough to see if it will work? It's frustrating in so many ways to be an emotionally damaged single Mom. I want and need the intimacy, but I can't seem to be able to let myself get there. I block every advance because I don't want it to just be about physical gratification. I need something more. I need to feel safe.

Perspective from afar

Thanks for this little gem in the middle of a field of gems
Most of Your stories Have a lesson or a moral to them. A sense of humanity
I have enjoyed getting to this story and finishing the rest

thank you

This story was so erotic and hit very close to home for me. My wife lovingly had me confront and admit my gay tendencies when she to my crossdressing tot the next step and had me suck the cock of her gay coworker a gorgeous boy of 22. Having her there to tell me it was all right and coax his lovely cock into my mouth was humiliating, emasculating and erotic all at once.

Please continue to write in the same vein.

Dirty Cunt

This is one of my favorites,I keep coming back to it. I loved how you took control of me with a letter and made me play with my cunt talking dirty to me. I love my boyfriend talking dirty to me and playing with his cock as he watches me play with my cunt. It makes me so wet.


Wonderfully innovative! I worked in radio in college (a very long time ago) and worked production on some audio plays, and this brought back memories which, when coupled with your script, had me laughing aloud. It really could be great if actually produced. Stumbled onto this one accidentally. Now I need to check out your other work. Cheers!


True life account of serial cheating wife
Facebook profile of dearbornmt@yahoo.com
Also took advantage of profile offer for explicit accounts and photos. Married female college instructor in Helena Montana
Forces student to fuck her. Then figuratively fucks him by spreading stories. Lost marriage, job and had reputation destroyed.
Based on info she has had dozen affairs-minimum-during marriage to 3rd husband. Was involved with two other men when she started harassing student. Has self-described need to have multiple affairs at same time. Husband knows. Does nothing!
Must be friend of Matt Moreau andRich Gerald.

First delivery

A first delivery whether one baby or multiples can be very fast. My first and my sister's first went almost too fast, we barely made it to the hospital. Both our labor and delivery was onlu about 1/2 an hour as we didnt have any contractions until we were already dilated.
I know of several births with multiples where the babies were born within minutes of each other.
Great story love how it is going. I do wonder about the poly element that this seems to be heading towards.

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