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So much suffering

Like many of the letters I've written, there were definite tears of hurt, and agony.

And if there is one thing I'd like to take away from this letter is wanting to be loved, and being loved is vital, and important in today's society, and without it much suffering will soon follow.

So sorry for you.

So sad and wrong. I hope you find the unconditional love you deserve.


Does anyone know where to find her stories besides oh Wattpad? //been deleted

Sweet Tooth

I found sweet tooth
If anyone wants the link just let me know!

Wow !

What a great little story ! Very well written. How many of us fantasize like this? Doesn't hurt anyone and makes for some great orgasms. Loved it. 4-stars.

Two way street?

Thanks Anon for your comment. Perhaps if I could look you in the eyes... we might be doing a roundabout traffic circle.

Comments that are ignorant and unwelcome should be automatically removed.

To whoever wrote that this was a "horrible sick twisted hick story lol", is entitled to their own opinion. But, posting it on someone's hard work is boorish and rude. Otherwise known as being a massive dick. Additionally, you read the last chapter of this 21 part series, which implies you read the whole thing. You might just be in denial about your incestual fantasies since you still read the whole thing and these "hicks" are two of six main characters. I see stuff like this on a lot of stories and if you don't have anything nice to say don't say shit.


Nice / naughty little story. Real? Fantasy? Combination?


Mikey finally found his peace at the ultimate price, TK U MLJ LV NV

Holy shit

It just kept getting worse as time went on. What a sad sad life ...

Visiting Doctor

I could do with that kind of home visit too

Bi curious husband

I want to swallow another man’s cum. Either from my wife’s pussy or straight from his cock.

In praise of sexting properly!

Make sure you are erasing those extra-marital comments! I only had 1 GF who would send me nasty comments (and an occasional pic) and I loved it. I would respond with words but never felt a picture would help her imagination since she was a frequent picture taker herself and had dozens of nasty pictures...mostly pictures right after we had sex so either a creamy creampie or a glazed cock. She and I married after a bit and she's still a dream girl.
Thanks for this contribution.

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