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Thank you Sir

Thank you Sir for your amazing letter. It was so moving it brought my body to orgasm more than once just imagining this. I am truly grateful for the pleasure you provided Sir. I look forward to reading more. An online admirer

3 babies.

I hope Eden will be all right. Mama is strong, but this is very hard on her. I have a feeling that Josh will be sharing Peri with Dante. How will Peri feel about it?

Very hot. Very erotic. I imagine myself there, enjoying you, teasing you, and pleasuring you, intending to make the wait worth with it for both of us.

Definitely 5 Stars.

Stop with the letter thing

At first it was okay, but you can't get so many letters about jacked up stuff. If you must write about getting a letter get a happy one sometime.
Nikki most of have a Nikki, She was the girl in high school or grade school not the popular one that all the jocks wanted who put out but,she was pretty quite one who was religious and smart who liked us.
She wasn't going away to college like us or she was going a religious school or her parents talked her to enter a convent.
Yes we wanted what every high school boy wanted before going away to school or to the service (a piece of ass) from that girl.
What happened to her after we left, I don't know, when I go home to the old neighborhood on leave or after college and getting a job. I might think of her name then I might not. More than likely not and I really don't care what she may be doing with herself. Now if you married her you may care. I didn't marry her so that subject is not on my mind. Use your good writing skills to write about something else. Someone said your writing is very good sometimes and trying to find out I will let you know when I find something I like.

How sad

I'm not going any further than this comment. Although you write well your choice of subjects is not to my liking.

Nice ending

The story took a couple odd turns along the way, but you wrapped it up really well. I still think the long term blackmail succeeds too easily to be even slightly believable, but I guess having a couple women attempt suicide or homicide on Jack would ruin the fantasy. In the end I gave 5 stars because it's a far superior effort to the normal dreck on lit.


This was amazing, very talented! How long do we have to wait for part two?!

I loved this

This was so hot and erotic and in the moment. I love these types of chats and have had them more than once next to my sleeping wife. Nothing turns me on more than knowing that someone else is just as turned on and excited as I am. Please keep sharing.

Our 21 year marriage was successful in so many ways, but our sex had always been unsatisfactory for my wife. I've got a short thin cock which simply did not satisfy her big lusty body. We struggled to find the right position and lucked out a couple of times with 2 children to show for it. But by our 6th year together sex consisted of my mouth clamped on her pussy, my tongue strumming her clit for long long minutes at a time. Everything else for me masturbation in my workshop.
When she made partner and became co-head of the Brussels office, our lives changed forever. She was spending 10 days a month away from the family and on one of her trips spent an evening then a weekend in Spain with a diplomat. She told me it was the best sex she'd ever had and she planned to keep it up with him every time she was in Europe. I was crushed but kind of knew it was coming. While she was too much woman for me she was also too much of a woman not to attract men who could satisfy her. By the time our kids left for college I was a complete cuckold - the Spaniard, a Nigerian, our daughter's principal were 3 lovers that I knew of. Last year she made senior partner and led a merger with another firm. The merger was more than just business as she and Clayton, the other firm's head, became lovers. This time it's for real, and I've been allowed to be involved: first dressing and prepping her, eventually prepping him, washing them both, and on Memorial Day, letting him fuck me.
Yes, I suck cock for my wife.

Strange story.

I liked this one more than the first one. I still think Mel was too sadistic. Even though Bella accepted his cruelty and even convinced herself that she craved it, I think she would have been happier with a little less torture. I believe in his own way he really did love Bella and she loved him. His death increased her lack of self worth, believing it was her fault. She is a very twisted and mixed up girl.

Great start, but ....

needs continuation. Feels like I'm just left hanging at the end. And it may just be my imagination, but I can't help but feel Hektor has more to contribute to Sarah's weekend. Or will Michael monopolize her?

Any gals wanna role play chat with me can contact on yahoo chat- id- tukuna_ind@yahoo.co.in

Any gals wanna role play chat with me can contact on yahoo chat- id- tukuna_ind@yahoo.co.in

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