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but still needs a brace of tit. . TK U MLJ LV NV

@ Rc68

Am I really that hard on other writers? I have a million ideas to write, but simply too little time as I am currently pursuing a doctorate. I do think you can be critical, and appreciative, of fiction writing, while not being a decent writer. Of course, I do think I am pretty good when it comes to academic writing.


I have actually thought long and hard about deleting this story. I look back honestly wondering what the hell I was thinking. I do marvel at the effect this site has on the individual readers. I briefly flirted with reading these stories, and dreaming of the hapless cuck coming to his senses. That rarely seemed to happen. Then I simply found myself curious about what could possibly lead someone to this lifestyle. Thank goodness I am too much of a thinker to actually be duped into seriously entertaining this lifestyle. Once I figured out the psychological factors that led guys to become cuckolds, I saw it for what it was. And the women that treat their husbands like this are simply evil. I will keep this here because I find the comments amusing and it stands as a personal testimony of how I was able to rise above. Yes! If you like it, sorry for being brutally honest.


you are a horriblle writer, to be honest


Thank you. Hope you enjoy the others.


Thanks...will do...they are a work of art...


I don't have control of when they accept my poems so they may post one or more than one at a time. I will try to improve on my poetry though...Lisa is not fiction and all stories are 99% accurate. Hope you enjoy the rest.

well done--but one poem a day is the limit

don't flood the site with your cum soaked saga, your wife is a blessing or a friction fiction, but who cares, carry on mate - oh yes mate you are fun to read but a lousy poet, but one can't be perfect like Lisa. Any bitch who fucks thirty guys and says she is sore is a poor excuse for a whore but we love her anyway. Try a good lube next time or more cum in the slot - hey--you got me believing your stuff - ha ha ha - when is the next gang bang, we'd all like to cum

Gave you 5 stars...

I gave you 5 stars just because I see your favorable comments on the same type of stories I enjoy - but those certainly weren't cuckold stories, so I must admit to some confusion as to why you chose to offer this particular poem. Is cuckolding something you struggle with? Or are you just trying to create a "national anthem" for craven creme pie consumers?

I've scanned a few cuckold stories to try and glean what it is they're so desperately searching for, why they submit to such abject humiliation, pain, and self-abasement. I suppose there are people who actually live that way, but I can't imagine it. Hell, I can't even imagine writing a story like that, let alone consider it a fantasy. The stories I've scanned, and granted, it wasn't many, but they all seemed to be based on the wife humiliating her husband more and more, day by day. Always looking for an even crueler, more humiliating method with which to debase him. As the stories progress, the abuse becomes unthinkable and appalling. Who can possibly enjoy reading this? What kind of mind is capable of fantasizing about such degradation?

I detest seeing someone, anyone, being humiliated against their will; even reading about it makes me angry. Seeing or reading of someone who allows, or in some cases I guess - even enjoys, being humiliated simply turns my stomach. There's already too much pain in the world. Why would someone allow this type of abasement into their lives and do nothing to stop it? I don't understand it, I don't enjoy reading about it, and I won't put up with it.

So - whatever it is you're wrestling with (if the poem is indicative of a personal conflict) - I hope you find your answers soon. Until then, I think you should self-prescribe a strong dose of BTB stories, maybe some romance thrown in for good measure.

Here's MY poem (limerick) to lighten the mood:

An amazing bird is the Pelican.
His mouth can hold more than his belly can.
He can take in his beak, enough food for a week.
I'll be damned if I know how the hell he can!

Great story

You should write more, you seems full of great stories

mmm yummy

Wow, this is full of promise and need, exhibitionism and obedience.
Very juicy indeed, I can almost taste her nectar as it drips from her engorged labia,
Her fingers are slick with her foam and I slowly lick it off each digit, taking my time with each morsel (showing her how much care and time I will take with her sex) as she spasms in the after-shock of her third climax, soon to be many more.
My hands on her cheeks, gently (or roughly only if she wants) spreading them to inhale more of her aroused scent.
As she feels warm noonday air on her exposed genitals, she eagerly pushes back to get more of my face and tongue around her. On her. IN her.
I coat my tongue and face with her syrup as I press between her wide-open thighs and her head falls forwards as she groans her unfettered pleasure into the flooring and into the ears of the watchers: Might they be our neighbours? Our friends or co-workers who we have always wanted to fuck? Our own partners who are themselves intertwined in a 69 only just out of reach? Or perhaps they are complete strangers and anybody who is passing and heard her orgasms?
Whoever they are, they are eager for more and we are even more impatient to prove to them just how deep our lusts go.

reminds me of a chiropractor who fucked me in front of three of his students

under my fingers as
they stairstep down
your vertebrae to
rest upon your

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