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4/5 satire; 0/5 otherwise

I actually thought this was satire because of how disgustingly chauvinistic it is. It perfectly addresses everything that is wrong with a lot of porn and the way some men are capable of treating women like they are less than human.
After reading comments I see this is not the case. Disgusting.

nicely done

but I'd consider dropping the last ten lines

brute force and crude lingo

sometimes win over gentle cuddles and Elizabethan snot-ettes sonnets, nice rhyme, fun coupling and couplets- well done, try for another orgasmic poem


Welcome to the erotic authors world , your first poem is so sensual and erotic , what will happen further it's so nice feeling you get you here seema

Mr. Wrongbank

a little homophobic or trying to make a statement about your alpha male sexuality?

Yes some of us girls do like to suck cock

but we don't have to be called dirty cocksuckers etc. and all the rest of the one sided chauvinistic dribble. That so many favored this poem speaks poorly of the immature readers. This is not erotic, it is SICK.
OK OK just unzip your fly, I going in for a suck but don't you dare call me a cocksucker or I will take a good bit of Mr. Long

I rarely visit this category

after reading this it will be even less frequent


for wishes un-fulfilled. TK U MLJ LV NV

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