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Great Start!

You have promise. This is good stuff. You built the tension well and kept it short enough to keep erotic tension.

Holy shit

That opening stanza is burned into my brain. I felt it through my entire body when I first read it, outloud I might add. Fuck.


another of There are no winners, TK U MLJ LV NV


Thank you for your generous comments, I really do appreciate your kindness...

Villanelles are always an entertaining challenge...


great one. more, please.


I love how the ending is also the beginning, here and now, with you and me...


creative. Now I know what is leaking out of my computer.

I think you have a good thing going

but massage poems require a happy ending or clear resolution. Some of your lines are excellent, a little more editing would help but still enjoyable.

Never been lonelier.....

Love, love, love this one........ totally immersed in the twist...... as I was reaching to touch myself-tears were rolling down my cheeks......... Te Nessecito

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