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Beautiful poem of love

All mothers and daughters should read this.

Thank you for your work.

That is quite creative! Made my cock feel so good. Reminded me of my busty mom in summers when she would swim around in bikinis.

Shower masturbation

is a healthy clean activity...go for it!

Some good stuff here.

Let's call it poetic prose. Why not work this into a story? "my hot tunnel" brings new definition to the tunnel of love ...


Sexy, emotional and in earnest

Oh to be loved by one who loves you with every drop of precum, does it get any better? A truly liberated female who has no fear in saying what she feels. Bravo!!!!

Very personal plea to be loved and special

but no lover is irreplaceable and one "hole" will quickly be replaced and filled when the first is no longer "convenient, compliant, complacent."
Maybe that was the problem to begin with. Human personality runs a large gambit of behaviors. Often we can only be who we are and some of us will always remain victims and unhappy with our fate. But the option to find a new lover without the defects of the previous one may solve the problem. Good luck sweetie, there is a fresh world out there waiting for you.

My bad...

*Your, even - as soon as I can figure out how to edit it I will. Please forgive.


Such a sensual poem . I really like the image you conjure up with your words.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem with us.

So what else

is new? Try for unique observations of love and sex

Erectus: now i think i shd hv put an

'a' in front of consensual in last line?!

A new one


This is a new one I wrote.

I guess you've got

a gazillion of these. For me one was enough. Oh yeah, those fuck machines can really fuck you till you are fucked. Once a month is all I can take from Sir. I just say I' too sick to come by.

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