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Such Trite Shit

You know, Anonymous, I don't mind constructive criticism at all, but you don't have to be an asshole about it. You have commented other pieces of my work in the same asshole way. If you don't like my poetry, then why keep reading it? You must lead a miserable life to keep harrassing me the way you do. ::smh::


I liked it....mmmm


Simple and vulnerable....mmmm

thank u for feedback

Dear Anon
you are on the right track. have taken note of your constructive critic. A second poem will be on its way in due course.
On the point that there may be a wish for a gay liaison...definitely not. Simply an experience of another sort. An adventure new. Ones preferences as to male or female are not being questioned or challenged. Some of us simply enjoy variation without much analysis.
The best of all worlds...should one be judged or boxed into a category for daring to dabble in what society may not be able to explain away?

Where is the passion or anger!!!!!!!

After "Something Unexpected" I was expecting more.....than just a confused young girl.....

Gay Kat.

keep it up , Bro------the

'stiff old dick' , I mean of course!!!!

there is some thing here

if you can get past the poor un-natural poetic rendering of the lines in an attempt to make rhyme and rhythm. The poem is set out in the index to be about a mating of a man and a she-male but in actuality it is a man receiving anal from a woman with a taped strap-on (most rubber dicks are harnessed). The poem describes this ball slapping experience and then suggests a new "playing field" will be opened, i.e. the man will consort with a she-male. I enjoyed the theme but more effort is needed to pull this together and perhaps a second poem to describe the next event. It would appear that since male/female coitus is so mundane we need a variant to induce excitement in what appears to be a disguised wish for a gay penetration, more acceptably performed by one who has both breasts and a penis.

So i giv it a good slap!

& watch it ' jiggle' , squirm'n flex.....
Make a sound louder than a clap !!!

Attaboy, U've touched ass looovin' Nirvana!!!

5-ed & Fave-ed!


and you morons like it--
"twinkling eyes"?? who ya fucking--SANTA?

and you even steal the hook from a decent cunt-try muzak song--yuck

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Rod Stewart (Lyrics!)

A real man

knows how to score --cudos


and I will continue to read and comment\ if u require\ ,more just ask, TK U MLJ LV NV


is never a pleasurable outing, TK U MLJ LV NV

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