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creates long and loving partnerships/ TK U MLJ LV NV


Hard cocks are always my goal!


Oh that is an amazing piece. I just drowned in that poem. It's so deep and passionately sensual. You're good. My first ever time reading an erotic poem and you've made it worth the read. It took me to that scenario and just spoke to me deeply. Thank you for writing it.

Not my kind of fetish, S.O., but I always read your poems (I almost wrote "stuff," perhaps more appropriate, given the narrative) because of the thought and skill you bring to each.

I like the beat on the first syllable in the nasty adjective you begin with. Its sound and image set the tone from the get go. I wonder if a few more lines beginning like that may have enhanced that effect.

On the the other hand, I might have finished with

"Or insist upon as your valentine." for a softer ending.

That may be a quibble, but I believe sounds and images are often subliminal.

Yours was a respectful gesture

for a sexy woman who appreciates manliness.
No doubt about it, you made your mark!

Like it

I don't think it should end on the 2nd last line. The final line is a brilliant contrast to the direction of the previous lines. The poem expands from one man who “begin to speak” and expands the readers consciousness past gulls wheeling overhead and on to “stars in twilight” that all provides an enormous “space” for a heart to fill. Thus the poem takes us soaring to a concept of limitless space that a loving and aroused heart can fill . . . then suddenly we are brought back in an instant to see/feel/know those fingertips on skin that trigger a whole world. It would be gaping and bleeding without that last line.



Is mind- blowing. Simple but exactly right.


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them. I was hoping to convey those emotions.

Your poems are quite evocative -- from the emotional turbulence in Part I to the reluctant frustration of Part II. Nice work, lilmew.

This poem drew me into your mind!

Well done, but patients should be spelled patience.


Is there a way to edit from this point?

What you mean?

Nothing like hands touching you from "mikes" away.


Lovely. Wondering who is the lucky one.

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