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thanks Mark

the truth has it's own ring

Great poem

Very good flow of words. Very rhthmic. I like that it was graphic yet still passionate.

sounds like

you're speaking from the heart!!

or the core of your pussy??? :)


Lovely Poem dear Sue,
Full of True Love and sweet romantic tenderness mmmmmm
Make my lips got wet mmmmm
Thank you!
Aunt Helena
54yo Lesbian Aunt from Portugal


The absolute submissive poem

With a smile

as I read
no other words
could have possibly been said.

I think what you have wrote is truly beautiful and your heart is clearly visible on this effort.

oh, come on, anon

how many poems are there about a boy's early morning fuck of his own mother. Mr. T's literary efforts are to be applauded. The philosophy of the mothers in his works is, "as long as I have a cunt, my boy has a receptacle for all the semen in his hot young balls." A mommy who spreads her thighs for her horny son and welcomes his fat young cock up the same hairy hole he came out of is the best mommy of all.

Thanks Mark

Appreciate the feedback. It's a very good relationship :)

A powerful tale of Passion , Crime .......&......

Justice / Retribution almost Doestovisky in it's rendition :5-ed !

Liquid lust oozing from my thighs ........

My juices glisten on your lips

That entire stanza is to die for !!! 5-ed !

Melancholy yet very erotic

I love this poem. sad yet erotic as well. the description paints a perfect image of what's going on both in the shower and in your thoughts in the shower. great poem.

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