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one a day

don't give any more away

Rebecca Ann

1971 gave her first BJ to her boss to keep her job!!
1972 gave a Greek some head before he did her ass
1973 gave an NBA star some head with ice in her mouth
1974 gave her lover head daily
1975 gave the twins Rob & Ron their birthday head

A little too long

but a nice try...".My bulging phallus and the testicles beneath." is probably the worse line but all in all a decent napkin epic.


can you give me the address?

How touching -goodbye

we love little and big tramps also, so of course we enjoyed your brief submission- please help us keep it up

Shadows of Leonard. I liked sperm in the last line but suggest broken rather than trodden. I also liked the triplets with last lines of stanzas 3&4 and 5&6 rhyming but what of 1&2? In addition, meter and scansion could be tightened.

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