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Beautiful; skillful; entices the imagination.

Your poem is an unusual and interesting way of expressing what's in a domme's mind as she takes her sub/lover.

I'm Not generally into poetry, BUT

Thank you; this touched me more than some of the better stories this season. Your words and images sincerely bring back memories of a first time; the way everyone should be introduced to another man, IF that's what your mind and attitude are willing and ready to accept. I didn't expect anything like this when he started, but I didn't object - then or now. Excellent imagery. I love it, and you for offering the thoughts.

Over 18 adult characters

Sorry, I didn't say it but - the characters in this story are over 18 years of age. The name and title are based on the childhood story but the characters are adult and of legal age. Hope this cleared up the confusion.

Are Dick and Jane over 18 years?

How did this one get past the censors?

Maybe it questions the silly screening policy here. Not every mention of children or kids or high school makes a poem or story into kiddie porn.

All in all a funny twist with a few typos and a pound of stupid.


Can’t believe it took me so long to read this! 💜💜😍

Yes my dear brother

you are correct, I'm having trouble with my word processing corrector and maybe I'm just getting worn down with work. Please continue to proof read me, I appreciate it. Hope you and family are well. I enjoy looking at your illustrations!!! Keep following the peach's haves.


CANNOT wait to read more. Scorpios are amazing.

The title should be "Let Me Be Your Bagel" (line 82?)

The most boring bit of pretentious dribble I've seen this month. I think it's a winner!

yes--love ass first sight

exists, but don't forget to tongue that ass

who among us

does not love the mammalian nutritive apparatus?


Great cadence. Keep writing!

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