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Always be a Gentleman, trust comes before obedience.

I hate to use an old cliche but sometimes more is less, very nice, for as few words there are in the poem, the thoughts it stirs in the imagination are quite a few.

In The Dark!

You said you lved Saxon Hart's story. So 1star for this, and you're addes to my list of horse-shit scribblers who get EVERYTHING 1-starred.

I'll take seconds -- a hot and sexy little poem, AmbrosiaFlynt.

Excellent poem, Dreambeliever. You handle the D/s dynamic quite well -- and it is always refreshing to find F/m done well.

I enjoyed your poem - it's quite sexy.


well written. i wonder what is on the menu?!:)

reminiscing or?

wonderfully written to express the emotions experienced with a past lover (or lovers), as most of us do. that said, the poem implies conflict? "comparing our war wounds from the battlefields of lust"? anyways, i enjoyed the poem.

scream when?

scream when licking only? usually that is just the appetizer.. good poem, though.

submissive to a limit?

interesting writing..shows the emotion of wanting to be used at will in all the ways..yet no kicking..i understand..could he call you names?


but to tease, yet to please?


indeed..written from experience? or fantasizing a friend's lover?

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