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Being a songwriter and librettist,
I'm impressed that your effort exceeds this context! :+))

I forgive you for the imperfect rhymes!! :+))))


You invited her over, and I'm there
Watching you lick where there is no hair!
Enjoying the whole lesbian tryst!
Definitely something not to be missed!

Being there, I'm nude too,
Wishing for a chance to screw!
My cock is up - so very hard!
But might as well be in the yard.

I'm not happy the plan today
Doesn't give me a chance to play!
I wish it did, but it does not.
So I need to change the plot!

Teasing myself, hand on my cock,
Stroking away to beat the clock!
Feeling the urge, getting the hum,
I stand alone and shoot my cum!

Not the best! That's for sure!
Have to wait 'til you need more!
I'll be there biding my time
'Til we can join in sex sublime!

much to personal a poem for this site

besides isn't this the same poem you send to all your lovers?

Hot, hot, hot

Oooooo, I love girl on girl! That was hot Brit


viewing pairs and possibles in live action, TK U MLJ LV NV


but Limericks do make for many a rap, TK U MLJ LV NV


as we peruse the sky, on this day we...ARE NO MORE, tk u mlj lv nv

I never loved ass until I met her

on a lonely street in the dark of life
I touched her ass and made her wife
if there is a place the ancient's thought
where in resides the soul
it is not the head or heart
but there closely where we fart
there in lies the gold

never give up your love of the ass,
not even on the day we pass

oh my

in your bed the dirt does fly
but no better way to lie and lay
then doing those things you say


from a suitor to be. TK U MLJ LV NV

This Grocery store Beauty:

Erectus she reminds you of Neferititi, Queen of Sheba or both ?? 5-ed.

Dear Sir-- with respect

in support of Mr. Ashesh, I do think under the United Nation's charter, a person has the right to comment in what ever language they chose. It remain our task to decipher it.

This is an interesting dillema, Kim is certainly younger and quite fit

and has had a plastic implant inserted into her buttocks that explodes occasionally but the tire repair place puts a patch on it and all is well in the rear. However, even if JLo is older she is still dances nicely and is real as far as her proctologist Dr. Tush, has testified. So dear Ashesh although I am hard to try either one I leave the choice up to you. You pick and I will spank, however if Kim's prothesis explodes I cannot be held libel but if the explosion causes me injury I will pursue every legal remedy available.


If you are going to comment on a poem, could you do so in the language it is written in, please? Seriously, if you are going talk trash about me, do it in such a way that I know what you said.

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