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'rectus Bro thanx for your kind words & to answer your query :

First i would like to comment your question is a rational one from the Medical POV .
What our Sanskrit texts teach us is the Mool-Bandh or Root-Lock of the Svadisthana Chakra muscle [ which has been identified by Dr.Kegel as the muscle which clamps down on the flow of urine when a man wants to cut off the flow ] alongwith Puraka & Kumbhaka Pranayama [ or Inhalation & Witholding of Breath] helps copious amounts of transparent Pre-Cum to leak out while the Semen becomes Kundalini Shakti or Energy-Bliss needle & shoots up the Shushumna Nadi or centre pf the spinal chord upto the 1000-petalled Sahashara chakra in the Centre of the Brain [ maybe also ]called the Reptillian neo-cortex by Neurologists ! ]
as long as pre-cum leaks out no prostate gland swelling is observed : but for uncircumcised Hindu Males like yours truly since the precum leaves a residue , which may attract bacterial growth , washing of the underside of the penis with warm water & a washcloth is a must .
Hope this satisfies all queries , Bro ?


and informative, the only caveat is ejaculation is thought to cleanses the prostate of stale expired sperm that as it decomposes produces toxins that may harm the gland, frequent expulsion by what ever means eliminates this problem that is suggested by some to lead to prostate problems in older males - what says the Yogi?

This is smart.

"The skin slides in" is the line of the week, its repetition suggesting love making, although I do wonder if you had consolidated the existing words into longer lines, would it have slowed down the love making?

I might have written "my mind to my mouth drawn out"

For some reason Lit won't accept my monicker in "Comments." I''m greenmountaineer.

This is nicely done and suggests skill. Nicely done!

Vote for this one

Don't forget to take the time to vote-weather you like it or not.


That is a great poem. You are a great lady!!


What a great little piece of poetry!

yo boo, why don't you put all dez

pieces together and call it a story, it ain't really a poem u no?

Nice try, nice two lines- Keep at it

No strings attached, the glass ceiling is all broken.
My heart still intact, but yet unopened.

this poem has more errors

than a 4th grader, please write in your own native language in the section that Literotica provides

great effart

please limit to one poem a day

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