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Is this great poetry ehhhhh?

You are writing angry stuff that is personal and only you understand what it is actually about - yes we get the gist but a little more detail would make for a better poem - also, one poem a day is quite enough - don't bleed yourself dry and bore us to tears -Anony-ass

One of the best D/s themed poems I've encountered on Lit. This is a beautiful, powerful line:
"This submissive heart thunders,
At the eye of His storm."

Nicely done, Sara.

"Break me gently; have me hard" has to be the erotic line of the week.


makes a rhyming spiel. TK U MLJ LV NV

Not wishing to spoil a nice poem but

if this is a Limerick, the third and fourth line should rhyme.
try "I love you dear lass"
or "I think it's a gas"
for your third line

Ah, Sweet Ecstasy

I loved it.
Very nicely done!

Thank you!

Oh my god, that was beautiful! Love Ethan and Aiden's story, you're such an amazing writer

Very nice

more a story than a poem -- Why don't you develop it further?


I love: I know you / I know love

Well done

Captures the art of fellatio very nicely. Well done. I've always wondered about deep throat. Seems to me the gag reflex would interfere and make a mess of things every time. Am I wrong?


Let's see... putting on my horn-rimmed glassed...

- van der Waals' force
- between the crease -> creases, perhaps?
- central dogma would have worked beautifully

(fanning self, overheated) - It would be one of my favorites, after the corrections.

Did this bit of verse bring back some memories... nice work.

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