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Ash! I am pleased...

...you enjoyed the wild landscape and many thanks for sharing your views on deforestation ;-)


This is an awesome poem...kudos to the author

Ok, I admit it

I laughed out loud. Then I read it to someone with the most sensual voice I could muster (while trying not to giggle). That last line got a pretty good laugh. Well done, you.

a hairy Yoni is as ........

attractive as Amazonian rainforests -----unexplored , mysterious .........alluring !!!!5-ed .

The next time Julie Andrews breaks into song I will be hearing different lyrics

I have read all your stories but never clicked on your poetry. My loss until now. I must admit The Sound of Mucus is now a wee bit more tolerable

A single laugh will bring them out.

I love that line. The "quick peak" is intriguing, also.

I must confession...

...When I read your writing, I try to put rhythm and tune to your words. I wish you would record some for us Pele, so we can hear how they are suppose to be :-)

From Across the Ocean

One day we'll meet and .......

Love it 😜


I like the strength that you portray here.


That was soo sensuos and hot.

I felt like I was there taking you to heaven.

I think I'll



Don't actually know what poetry is, do you?

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