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Such lovely pictures you softly color, sweet Sam! As always, your art fills my heart with wonderful, warm moments and memories.


Pummel me with your plethora of pulsating phrases of poetic words from my favorite letter P. I LOVED IT! ;)

Nice catch. I need an editor. :)

powerful and moving

"I hear the thunder, taste the rain" love and lust entwined as a storm. What a beautiful and satisfying painting with words.

5-7-5 ?

1st one, you have 5-7-6, just to see if we're paying attention?

Excellent stuff, GM!


this is so beautiful. like you, myLady. there are so many layers to you...

Clever Word-play!

A very clever word-play and delightful rhymes meaningfully presented. enjoyable to read,
Robert Davidson.


a wonderful little poem. just light enough and sensual enough to be sweet. Ive read some of your other work and have been enjoying. Thanks

Thank you for your comment. Appreciate the feedback.


Wonderful. Searing imagery, direct and evocative of the intensity of intense love and sexual union. No wasted words or energy.


Keep writing! Agreed in that this is a bit chaotic, just keep at it! In addition, you did not stay completely true to the villanelle form. A double-villanelle! Awesome!!!!


nicely crafted poem about humiliation and domination still leaving the reader to wonder and imagine the scene that lead to the ending

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