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nicely done

I'd suggest dropping the "cause" and all those "and"'s
"Cause she showed me acceptance = She showed......
Of all that I was
And expressed pride at then who I might be =Expressed pride at who I might...
A debt I do owe
To the woman of green
To the woman
And her heart =Her heart
And her love.." =Her love

Thank you for the feedback

Using "ho" was jarring and it was something that I used reminding myself of the scene from My Cousin Vinny. I used it to rhyme a horrible excuse. It is still evolving. Thank you for reading them.

nice poem--but what ever happened to just old fashioned fucking?

I guess if you are dating or having affairs you need have a trunk full of scarfs, ropes, chains, handcuffs, titty clamps, dildos etc. I always managed without all that paraphernalia to give and extract great pleasure. Guess I didn't know what I was missing, damn. Sex might have been so much better!

Yes, I promise, dear anomoly,

after death I will post no more poems, and like a flaccid whatever I will just grow mold and be silent while missing you lovely comments.....and may I wish you a wonderful seasonal greeting , your critiques cut through the ice better than a slow plow!


"glosa. This is an early Renaissance form of tribute developed by the poets of the Spanish court: each line of the opening quatrain, which is by another poet, becomes the final line of the four following stanzas which "gloss" (or comment on) that opening quatrain, usually with the sixth, ninth, and borrowed tenth line rhyming." (from Comment Magazine)
Fun to see such interest in the question of whether a glosa is a plagiarism. Clearly it is not. Certainly the source should be attributed clearly, but here it is quite obvious Lennie (getting a blowie from Janis), whose kiss and tell commentary has also created a mixed response for the last 45 years from fans of both. (if Janis' mouth could sing such songs, her fellatio must have been awesome). Even Lennie returned to rewrite the original in a 2nd version. Here our dear fellow poet has utilized the quatrain in the 3rd rather than the 4th line and my only complaint is that is not written in Spanish but better to be a prickler than a stickler, whatever that means. I was over at the Chelsea Hotel recently and like a glosa it is being renovated. No doubt the rents afterwards will exempt all but the wealthy from living there, but it is quite a monument, a huge building. I think it is a kind way to honor another poet, the glosa, but I'd steer away from it myself cherishing originality over this ancient form.

Teachable moment

The glosa, a Spanish poetic form, attributes another poet's notable work and attempts to create a variation of it. This clearly was the case here because you recognized Cohen as the poet. That's not plagiarism. Other readers could or would have done so too. If you check your ego at the door, you got a lesson here in poetry appreciation.

Just to let you know, I've been there, done that too in a manner of speaking.

To Anonymous

It's obviously a Glosa, why don't you put your brain in gear and learn about Poetry forms before shooting your mouth off and making yourself look stupid. But what more can you expect from someone too gutless to leave their own name?
From UnderYourSpell by the way ........ it won't let me log in!

are you laughing

at the reader or are you making a statement about the mundane? Yet, it seems you are attempting to paint a picture of photographic conquest? Best to avoid this sing song stuff unless you like singing that song. But your choice dear "first," but why not deal with submission as you have forced us to do reading this entry? Below is a poor example of where you are headed with the flower approach to verse. We all look forward to more serious erotic effort from you. Please accept this comment with a laugh.

Roses are red, please use your head.
A damp camel toe is better you know
Then one that is dry and beckons you nigh
Violets you see mean little to me
But legs spread so wide will call us inside
Roses are red, please don't crap in our bed
Or on our dear poetry site, please keep it right


the more times change the longer they stay the same. TK U MLJ LV NV

sexy poem - 5 (and that's what erotic is all about)

some imperfections but still pumps emotion from the reader. Whether Old English adds or subtracts is a question, I'd strike it and stay modern. (example-
"doth start race", "does lift and she does" ) but the lines
"And I laugh
And I giggle
Cause that's this woman's fine riddle
It's no g-spot
But I found her little weakness" are lovely lines, as is the title.

well -5

done - more detail would be apreciated

Reeks of passion

Didn't know you could still pull it together, but you did. Maybe this is enough and like a flaccid member you should slink into that good earth and call it a night and let silence rule.

nice thoughts -5

as for Gods, the Greek pantheon were notably homo erotic, Greeks preferred men for sex turning to women for reproduction... Of course two guys kissing does upset some people, too bad! Time to grow up folks. Like lots of stuff you gotta try it before you condemn it, and as for cock sucking it should be a required school subject so every guy gets a chance to suck his school chums chum, then the girls should learn as well. Of course pussy culture should be equally lapped up. We are animals folks, sorry to inform you but we is!

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