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To Anonymous

It seems that there are two distinct types of guys who eat creampies. There are those of us who would never share their woman, and would never go down on a woman after she had sex with another man. We love to give her the wild orgasms that seem to only come when we eat her out after we have cum into her vagina. Then there are guys who enjoy eating other men's creampies. I don't judge them and I'm sure their women enjoy that too. My lady says she's lucky that I will eat her out after sex. I love to do it and feel lucky that she likes it so much. She's loyal to me, and I try to do everything I can for her to keep it that way. Then there are guys who find what we do as revolting as you might find the guys who eat other men's pies. They and their women will never know the pleasure we know and love!

amusing and imaginative

i was reading another story and saw the title for yours and was curious, i enjoyed it not my usual type of story but you have a talent for writing keep going.

Hot !

I wish it was me on that table !!

wish it was me. sounds so hot. go on

really liked it. hope to read more from you

More, please!

Wish I had been there! Toes under my nose! The aroma of the foot! Kissing, licking, sucking feet, arches and toes! Worshiping! Very alluring and hot, hot, hot!

very well written

Excellent writing, I could really picture the setting and situation

More please

This was fantastic. You could make this into an excellent series.


I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing so far. Please continue the story it’s so dam hot.

This is great, hope there's a part 2 in the works!

"I love to watch him fucking his losers. To see the look on their faces when it first goes into their assholes"

And yet another Literotica story bites the dust. I could throw up. Damn queers.
How about a NO FUCKING ANAL tag so I don't have to waste time on these closet faggot stories.

Great Story!

Thorough Humiliation! The Possible Permanent Hair Remover Was The Great Last Straw! Did She Enjoy? Maybe? Chastity And ALL Her Friends Do!


Dear Lilactwist
For more than ten years I have the pleasure now to read your joyful and inspiring stories. Time to say thank you and chapeau! I think it all started with "Left Bank". All your stories remain on a high lingual level. None is disappointing. Keep it up!
Exite us.
Best wishes


It's hard to find a good pee and masturbate story on here! Great job please post more

Did she forget

she has a breast pump?

He wouldn't mind if she acted on her fantasy? Really?

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