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good story

It either had to be a dream, or a nightmare? I don't know how much of this story was a dream, or real. Good story.

good story

"Though, we did occasionally play Dom/sub games, sometimes they even lasted for several days. There was even a time or two she let me dress up and play maid but those times were few and far between."

Although the story was good, and I enjoyed it, it brought a lot of thought as to where and how those sparkling eyes came from. What happened between the first paragraph and the end that changed her? nothing in the story. I suspect there is a third party involved. I also know, it is so like a husband not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but in this case it would certainly send a red flag, and raise my suspicion.

The fact that she would engage in his proclivities from time to time, only shows that she actually did have some real feelings for her husband. It was never mentioned that she enjoyed them.

As much as I would have enjoyed all of this, it leads me to believe that there is a third party involved, and hubby doesn't even know yet. Is she cheating, does she want to make him a cuckold, what is the driving force for her to all of a sudden be captivated with his fetish that otherwise she never was before? Has the husband and wife intimacy been shared with someone else?

You know what happened?

They got to the party and he went straight to the bathroom, CAREFULLY took the tape off and threw the funnel away. Because peeing into the funnel would have caused him to completely wet himself. No way his cock lines up perfectly with the funnel and when a guy needs to go after drinking at a party he lets loose a flood of urine, not some little trickle into a funnel. Ever try pissing through a funnel into a toilet? Can you say BIG mess? Then he left her at the party, went home, packed his things and left. He never answered her phone calls and soon had another place to live. Who wants a bat-shit-crazy girlfriend? Stupid story.

Well that was silly

So he wears women's panties and likes to get butt fucked? And he's not a gay, cross dressing wimp? Sure seems like one to me. Bad story telling.

She betrayed her husband

And exposed him to every disease known to man. I'm thinking he heads for his attorney's office to start the divorce asap. Who would stay with that manipulative bitch?

Wow! This was great.


Thank you for writing and posting this story. It is sensational.
Not only is it incredibly erotic and well written, but your attention to detail is amazing. It is also very believable and caters to just about every fantasy and fetish I have.

I loved it

I can relate to many of the characters in so many ways.

Very, Very Good.

I'd like to see this continue. So many possibilities.

why isn't this humor & satire?

I was laughing my ass off at the thought that anyone would think this is sexy. ridiculously stupid story.

I hsd to stop reading

It all was going well until he had to lick her pussy while she got her period. Then I was off. Didn't you have any other idea to continue the story?

I've been converted

This is not my personal fetish but you write about it so intricately, so erotically, that's it's hard not to get into it. The hair fetish, the taboo factor, and the "harem" theme.... It's going to be a major inspirational fantasy of mine for some time to come! This is definitely one of the most arousing new stories I've read in quite some time! I hope you'll keep working on it and adding more chapters as they unfold.

Another couple in love...but...

Another couple in love having fun...but the writer just forgot the warning, like they do in WWE: "Please don't try this at home"!! People playing with medical instruments, without the practice and expertise of a doctor, can be dangerous...3*

more please

loved your story, not too long, not too short, just right. loved to hear more about your sis !!!

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