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Pissing A Lot

I loved your story. The thought of pissing all over her fascinated me. I would have liked to know whether she had a hairy bush or whether she was bald so when he pissed on her did it get her pussy hair wet. She did swallow his semen ?
I'm sure they went at it again the next evening. I'd like to read about that too.
Get back to me.

Best part yet please write more!

Awesome story

So good

This is one of the best hucow stories i have ever read keep it up!

Mmmmm hot!

Clean it with his mouth then use it to thank her for being so kind

Short n sexy!

Great little tease session. He's a lucky bitch!


Could, maybe should, be humor.

So stupid

She stepped out of the shower and he finished himself off. End of stupidity

Chapter 2?

Great chapter 1! Can't wait for chapter 2!


Very good story - brief and to the point - no flowery padding to take reader away from the main strands of the tale. Thank you Italian Beef

Fuck that's so hot!!!

This story gets me so wet every time I read it! Amazing!!

You took on a story idea with hot potential.

Sadly you ruined it with sloppy mistakes and degenerating into the use of degrading terms that simply didn't fit with the people you'd started to write about. It was like you just decided to randomly toss in a few vulgar names to spice up your narrative. That didn't work for me.

The whole thing also kind of fell apart by becoming generally over the top and spoiling the realistic fantasy. As a random porn tale, I scored it 2/5 stars.

please make a part 4 soon

Mmmmm I came in my panties in public after reading this

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