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Very French 19th century style which works well. Erotica at its best, even if it ends in melancholy...

What a mess

I can smell it from here. Not good. Bat-shit-crazy people on the loose.

A Film with a Similar Theme

This reminds me a little of the 1988 French film "La Lectrice" (The Reader).


thank you for a wonderful, romantic, and haunting story. I quite enjoyed it.
Hope you continue and write another one.


This was the best. I couldn't stop laughing.

What a wonderful contribution!

Ms bracemaiden,

Reading your offering was great, altho now I am forced to work "extra" hours to regain some of the time I gave up to your musings. Overall the story struck a chord & I enjoyed the glimpse into the mindset of this submmissive.

You should get an editor to smooth out some of the clumsy parts.

A 5 star story!



Not a bad start some back fil would be great especially if her mates came looking as well....

Sad ending

What a sad ending. So was the baby a boy or girl? If it was a boy, did you name him Matthew after Mr. P.? What about his daughter Maggie? Did you stay in his house, go home to step-daddy or where did you go? So many unanswered questions.


cum into an ice cube tray share the cum with 4 cube spaces add cool aid and
wala a cumcycle!!! also you can put it in your wifes glass without her knowing
she is eating your cum!!!


I can't believe this was a "one-off" story! Too good for that!

I liked it, and hope for Chap 2

I enjoy humiliation stories, so even though this isn't really a cuckold story - Jenny and Lucas aren't really a couple, let alone married - I liked what you wrote.
I hope if there's a chapter 2, that Lucas and Jenny form some sort of twisted bond - she has to mercy-fuck him, for example. Only then can his humiliation be complete when she turns on him and denigrates him. Feeding him creampies, for example. How degrading it would be to slop your Dad's sperm out of your "girlfriend's" cunt?

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Post another chapter

THIS was a VERY GOOD story. Please continue the story line and post more chapters!

Just curious

Just curious, is any of this based in part on any real people you know?

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