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love it

one of the best panty stories on the web. loved the detail that the author told of each panty, especially the moms.the best to the author.

Fucking Great!!!

Very unique story and idea. I have been looking for something like this for years. I have had similar fantasies and wished that someone would put them into words.

Thank you for writing and posting here.

What a bitch

Sucks black dick and eats his cum in front of his wife? What a faggot

Good foundation

Would love to see ankle sock stuff

Maid of Honour

May I please be the maid of honour at your next castration?
Your stories are so exquisite, so very delicately composed, and forcefully delivered.
I often pleasure myself knowing how happy your customers would be if I were to be at their side, bouquet of flowers in hand, smiling as you fondly knead their soon-to-be-gone testicles.
Tossing the bouquet backwards, man who catches it is next!
Five stars all the way!

This story is stupid

Maybe you should have posted it in the Humor section?

Great shot!

Great cum shot, huge cum load every time I read this story.
Actually, it's one of the finest pieces of erotica on this site!
Please do resume writing: there are lots of us out here loving to jerk off with you.
BTW, it seems that most - if not all - your stories have a strong autobiographical component, eh?
Is your husband just as happy that you share yourself so openly with your readers?
Five stars, five stars all the way to ejaculation!

Wonderfully done!

It was a great read, and incredibly erotic. I cannot wait for the next chapter!

So When

Will we get to Read more of their efforts to Revenge the way they were treated. Would like to see Ignis pushed through the portal and dipped in the "pink dip tank" to see what it does to him.

Loving your story!

I am really enjoying your story. It so reminds me of my cuckold days and how happy and confident my wife became after her dates. Like in the story I fell into crossdressing at the suggestion of one of her lovers and loved it. 23 years later, now retired, I pretty much dress full time and yes, we are still very happily married.


Like chapter 1 and I hope like the next one

Minority of one

Judging by the other comments, I will be in a minority. Riddled with errors in logic, spelling and grammar. Quite difficult to read as the story really doesn't flow. I can't say what I really think but suffice to say I did not enjoy it. I came across this at random and will certainly not be reading any more of your work.

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