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Thank you for this!

I've been waiting such a long time for a truly good story to be made. I have been following since chapter one and it seems that they only got better and better as they went on. This was a beautiful conclusion to a story that I wish would go on forever. Also I think there might have been some onion-chopping ninjas in here as read the last two pages. Thank you for your generosity in sharing these creations with the world. I honestly loved it.

5 stars

I have a small penis and just one, very small, testicle and I love to be humiliated.


Love guy/guy sex xoxoxox Annette

Plagiarism Reply

I’ve honestly never heard of that story. It’s not plagiarism, because I have never heard of that story. Although I do value all opinions, I will look into the “Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games” story. Please just note that I’ve never heard of it.
Thank You!


Terriffic fun read. I lked it.

Good Job!

Nice to see it posted! Molly's hot!

Good story, so-so english

The story was very good. The grammar and word choice and sentence structure are ... well, obviously that of someone who didn't grow up speaking English. And that's OK.
This was a very good story, as-is. With better english language skills, it could go from "very good" to "holy crap fucking awesome!"
I look forward to seeing more from this author.


Now I hope he cleans up his mess like a good servant.....

Excellent, you write the best stories..

Deliciously kinky

You write well, SlutAurore -- I would like to read much more of your work. Five stars -- thank you!

A marvellous story!

Thank you. Five stars for a hot and well-written fantasy.


Fantastic! Could you please write us a sequel where Fabonita demands the husband to measure with a tape first her huge ass and then his wife's one in order to compare them and choose between them : of course he will crown his mistress' enormous ass he leaves his wife'ass for and Carol will have to endure the humiliation to worship in front of her lost husband the wide enormous booty which now reigns on her lost husband and she hates more than all

Wondered where it was going

Was waiting for what I considered to be the ultimate end result – a real cock attached to a real man that spewed real cum. Obviously it was not to be.

Eating my own cum

I like the submissive feeling of doing this but can't always make myself do it. My wife says she doesn't mind, but it doesn't particularly do anything for her, but to go ahead if I want to. She may say that it doesn't turn her on, but I've noticed that she always cums really hard when I am licking my cum out of her.

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