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> After cleaning up the mess I'd made of their feet they both put their underwear back on and sat down on the sofa.

Slip into first person there.


That story really turned me on, so I drank my own pee and swallowed my cum for the first and must say not the last time.

Sweet Grool

Loved this latest instalment. Hurry up with the next - please

my first

My first time I got cuckold was back in 1978 with a live in girl friend. She was out with her girl friend came home drunk and I was horny. As soon as she was in the door I was all over her. As I went down on her she tried to push me away but I was having none of that. As I started to eat her I noticed she tasted different and asked her about it. She broke down told me she got fucked that made me so horny as I licked her clean giving her a orgasm. I then fucked her hard. The next day we talked she said she was so sorry but I cut her off said it was ok I enjoyed eating her used pussy. That lead to more of her bring a load home for me to enjoy.

man, you are fucking dumb. i'm not even a trump supporter but include political bullshit in a jerk off story shows that you got issues. get over yourself and enjoy life.

fast paced

Quickly developed with Henry learning his place fast, over the knees of his Governess and his girl friend, soon to be in control, Kathy. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

My favourite bukkake stories ever

Really hope you make more stories sometime or have a newer account that you use, because these are amazing stories, so filthy, and what makes them hotter is that 2 sexy women wrote them and not some random guy, will hope for more from you eventually

You write wonderfully

I too am a sissy slut. I love being a sissy and only regret I can not be the woman I should be. Keep writing. Hugs and kisses from 4yourpleasureiam

There aren't "cuck haters"

To the last Anonymous comment:THOSE PEOPLE AREN'T "CUCK HATERS",YOU IDIOT!They are ONLY NORMAL PEOPLE who despise this PERVERT AND FREAKED behaviour!THERE'S NOTHING "HILARIOUS" in those comments,but only A LOT OF NORMALITY,if you can understand that!And how the hell do you know that those people "jack off",you fucking cuck?!Are you standing next to them?NO!So,cut this CRAP!ANd,by the way,even if soem people "jack off" what's the problem?!THIS IS A FANTASY SITE,in case you didn't know yet,so EVERYONE IS FREE TO READ ANYTHING HE OR SHE WANTS,as long as IT'S JUST A PORN FANTASY AND NOTHING MORE!There is A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A FANTASY AND REAL THINGS!So,NOBODY IS FEELING GUILTY,except for the cucks like you who crave to have A NORMAL MAN'S LIFE and envy those who are having that life!YOU SHOULD BE HONEST TO YOURSELVES AND ADMIT THAT,YOU MORONS!

Let it be me

I'ma bloke and not into pain but I would accept being full toilet for anyone. I also love some of this authors stories

Wow please write more

Just came across this story And can’t wait to read More! You sound like an expert not a newbie. If you ever want to make more stories please get in contact! Big tits are a must though and your dirty mind! I do hope you are single!


this was hot. it needs to be elaborated on.


What a beautifully sensual and well crafted story! I've read dozens of stories on this site and this is the first I felt the need to comment on. I look forward to more of your writing!

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