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Very well written!

The quality of your writing only makes this story better. Thanks for a great series.

Great story loved it especially the dominant breeding sex scene

You should really do a sequel where this lovely couple do away with contraception completely. Going always bareback would be a great power imbalance with him breeding her constantly keeping her as his beloved slave. It's also the most intimate sex and shows enormous love and trust by both. He could expand his power over her (deciding on her clothes and making her always were dresses, banning her from wearing underwear, taking her when he wants to, her serving him first at dinner, titles of Sir and Master) and making her pregnant without asking her. And her enjoying the total submission of being his property and their passionate love.

Excellent ! !

I just found this little gem, and very impressive. Enjoyed the entire story!!


Sexy erotic story. Keep writing.

Best Foot Story Ever!!!

Although I have a foot fetish, I have never came across a foot fetish story that could keep my interest. Your details and descriptions were so realistic, passionate and hot.

I do hope that you can give us one more chapter on this one.

Thank you so much for writing and posting here!


I have always preferred girth to length. I love being stretched.


So hot

This is the perfect way to train a man. Two domes taking turns breaking him in and stretching his but while explaining his new cock sucking and pussy eating responsibilities. I hope they make him wear heels, hose and skirts in public soon.

He will love the new life he has.


excellent sequel

Great continuation of the story. Thank you

no enjoyment here at all

Speed read the last four chapters.
Interest disappeared even earlier.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

The title of this story is what initially got my interest. Although I am not a spanking fetish kind of guy, the story is well written and keeps me wanting more.

The winner

You know more about rope bras than you a going to admit here. I've wondered why girls like stuffed animals so, and boyfriends that will try so very hard to win her a Teddy at carnival.
A working vacation suites you.

It's a FIVE from me

Well done Mary, A stunningly beautiful story. I love the style and the genuine nature of the characters. You are clearly a very talented writer and your popularity is evident from other readers' comments. It's well written, realistic and erotic.
Thank you.

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