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Nice story

This was kind of short for a story, was it a whole oage?

Cool stories

Granted I have read all of these stories, but there is not much tickling at all. No one seems to like it much. I did like this cheer leader story tho.


Really well written. Believable and really kinky. I don't know why, but the idea of being deprived of pussy by your wife or girlfriend in return for being milked empty all the time with only hand-jobs is hot. But only if (as in this story) the handjobs are on tap, whenever wherever. So he gets to cum, but it's always a humiliating blow. A good handjob with care and skill can feel really nice, but psychologically it's like the guy is being robbed and turned into a cuckold. I hope you do more handjob only stories or more chapters of this one.

One of the best!

One of the best stories I have read on Literotica! Very descriptive! It had the unmistakable tone of honesty! whether it happened isn't important, but it COULD have happened.

on her clit

True story details available on Facebook profile of dearbornmt@yahoo.com. 52 year old college instructor in Helena Montana on 3rd marriage. She is serial cheater. While involved in two affairs decides to coerce one of her students into having sex. Demands he slap her butt and call her a whore while riding him to multiple orgasms. Begins seeking more degrading sex. Asks him to lick her ass, he refuses, SHE LICKS HIS INSTEAD. TELLS HIM WHEN SHE IS THROUGH WITH HIM HE WILL NO LONGER BE EXCITED BY 'NORMAL' SEX. REQUESTS HE GIVE HER FACIAL WHILE TELLING HER TO 'TAKE THAT BITCH. THEN REPEATEDLY CALLS HIM INTO BATHROOM OF LOVE NEST APARTMENT SHE RENTED WHILE SHE IS ON TOILET. SHE SPREADS HERSELF, POINTS TO CLIT AND BEGS HIM TO URINATE ON IT.
Lughs and tells him she enjoys going out of her way to be intentionally cruel and hateful towards him. Says she doesn't care about destruction she causes in other's lives
Friend of his finds out about her actions, informs college administration. She is not rehired. Sets up Facebook to alert others about her narcissistic ways


I loved this story, Please make a sequel soon.

Foot story

What a great story about her feet and very nice to read even tho no tickling was involved.

Glad to see this story continuing

It'd been a long time since I'd first read the Working Relationship series, so when I saw a new addition to it, I re-read the series again. I hope that you continue this intriguing story. It'd be nice to see updates a wee bit more frequently though ;)

Goodness' sakes

I think this bad girl loves it. Wonder if she cannot find a man to give her what she needs. Better yet, does she want Daddy or just older men?


Great story. I once had an affair with a man who liked golden showers. One day he asked if I would watch him poop. At first I was disgusted but in the end found it very erotic.

What a horrible young woman. I have had sex with men who have tiny dicks and although I don't get that deep feeling of fullness if my man knows where my clitoris is and tends to that then I'm a happy bunny. Small dicks are great for anal. Because a bum is tighter than a pussy you still get stimulation but not much pain. My favourite position is on my back with a cushion under my hips. My man can then fuck my arse with his cock and put his fingers in my pussy. I cum every time and he shoots his creamy load straight inside me.


not a foot story...more of a sex story

Very nice!

I like that this is her first spanking. Adds an element of uncertainty that is very exciting.

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