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Hot story

wow...very sexy and different 10/10

nice story

yes my lady friend did the same to me one day i was over at her place helping her do her laundry when i fold one of her bra and said as a joke i wonder what i look like in a girl bra she smile and said why not try one on here let me help you she remove my shirt and hook on the bra it did not fit well i had no tits she told me i have some thing that will help she then put two fake breasts in the bra cups i look in a mirror and said look i am a man with girly tits just then i put my hand on my tits she came over and said you like them yes i told her then i said can i wear them all day she just smile and said yes put you have to wear a top over your bra we can not walk around in are bra that not right come with me and we find some thing to wear well she found a old dress here you can wear this old dress and panties i put it on she help me when i was dress yes you look nice now let get this house clean and after we go out for dinner well it was awhile and we got dress for dinner she hand me a new black bra and panties i ask her you want me to wear them under my clothes no silly under this red dress i told her there his no way i wear it outside i would look like a man in drag she told me no you will not i help you look like a girl now put it on girl and hurry up about it she help with the bra i felt some thing warm in there i ask her about it she told me it to keep the fake breasts in place well after that i was dress and my make up done she show me a full mirror i did look a girl she told me how lovey i look and if i was her i would let a girl kiss her just then she kiss me then we went to dinner at dinner a man look at us then came over and ask lady may i sit down my friend said no he walk away and said what bitches we laugh when we got home i stray the night and at bed time she help me in a night when the fake breasts did not come off i was happy she saw me smile and walk behind me and put her hand on them i see my girly like her new tits then she play with them as she did i said that feel nice then she said lets get ready for bed she hand me a short nightie and she went into the bathroom and then craw in beside she wrap her arms around me and said do really like your tits yes i do i just wish they were my own then i felt some thing at my ass hole she then said you want to be my girly bitch i told her only if i can keep my fake breasts she told me not only you can but you will beg to be a girl well she was right after a week i beg her to make me a girly bitch

What a Messed Up Marriage !

Even though the story is fiction some readers do harbour this humiliation fantasy. The wifes character in the story is not of a loving wife and she seems a strong willed woman. So whst I always seem to question in the plot is why would an attractive, intelligent, strong willed woman would marry a beta male, who not built like brick out house , shorter than her, non muscly, small dick of a man ! ?
Why ! ?

That question is never really answered !


I'm on yahoo using my title name. I'm a closet bi married male. My wife suspects I want cock but doesn't know I already have been with guys. I'd love to have her know and we share guys. I have many fantasies , watching her with a guy, her watching me with a guy. She does know I want her to fuck other guys but is too shy she says.
Love to chat about this at yahoo or kerry8866@hotmail.com


Incredibly hot. You need to write more.

Well Done

Enjoyed your story about your hobby.
Re the previous comment. Your home is yours, like having pets inside or any thing else. If out siders don't like it they can leave.
Your home, your life, enjoy it.
Do Gooders spend all their lives destroying our individual rights and enjoyments.


I am straite but would love to suck a big cock

Almost time to set the hook Bobby.

Mistress Debra you really hooked up at the first, I didn't think you would want to get off, your cock. You almost succeeded again you naughty girl. I think you'll like your ride, I mean trip.


What I really liked was as his caged time increased his obsession with mistress increased and sadly her interest waned and she looked elsewhere. It. Really is a delimna. A friend into the lifestyle warned me that if I pushed my woman to be dominant she might soon start looking beyond me for satisfaction. I see this in a lot of these stories and life in the sub Dom world.

ten out of five stars

What a captivating story! A long one too, and I am not sure how I stumbled onto it (probably after a frustrating superbowl) , but Lord knows I am thankful I did. You kept my attention from start to finish. Normally I read four or five books at a time, and am writing the same number of stories. So many started but not finished, alas. But I dropped everything to finish this one. You truly are a gifted writer. Whether that comes from experience or imagination, or a combination of both (If it's multiple choice, I am checking 'C') is up for debate. Please keep writing. And writing, and writing. You deserve to be paid for what you do. Thank you Dakota. I will be reading much more of you, MUCH more. Cheers, E.

New girl

Enjoy it outside. Too many dogooders will complain about your house. Put the cigars in a humidor with distilled water in the humidification system. Remove the cello and check that the humidity is about 72%. It will keep your new hobby just right. Enjoy. I have two humidors full. This can be a lifetime hobby.

Plz make chapter 5 plz this series is so good dude

Great chapter!

You are a good writer and I am enjoying the time you're taking to build your story. I'm sure this tale will take several more chapters and I hope you're willing to add to what you already have posted. It's nice to read a story that has substance and not just sex. Well done

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