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I Want To Train My Husband

I have a friend named Kay. She is a beautiful transgender with a cock bigger than most of the men I have been with. I want to get my husband used to accepting being securely fastened to the bed while I use a strap-on for our sex games; then bring Kay in to get him used to being pegged: then start bringing in his co-workers, friends, neighbors, and brothers

Love it!

Please continue this amazingly erotic story! You should definitely consider involving his wife also! Can't wait for the next chapter! Thank you for some great writing!

Nice story

Very nice story development. Please continue. Be great if cuckcold has to clean her lovers cream from her after her lover cums

Great story

Just would like to see cuckold forced to eat her lovers cum after her night with lover


I've been reading your stories all morning - the perfect entertainment for a duvet day! It's a shame you stopped writing here a long time ago now, as I have loved each and every one that I have read so far.

This is one of my favorite stories on this whole site. Please let me have part two. I really want to see the lesson ingrained into Joshua forever.

More chapters

We've been waiting so long for more chapters.

please continue

I love this story. I too am a sissy CD cocksucking slut who would love to be cuckolded by my wife. Please continue with the next chapters. this 1st chapter really turned me on.
To kerrysub - good to read another comment from you. I always enjoy chatting with other sissy men like me.


Thanks for this quick chapter. It seems like a fast-paced story, but you've also started describing each girl's personality, so you could really take this far. Good writing, decent scene descriptions, and a pretty good job of describing his thoughts & feelings (though there could have been a bit more hesitation on his part, allowed them to be a bit more...persuasive about what his best choice would be).
I'd like to see you continue this story. 6 women is going to be a bit much, but the marvels of modern pharmaceuticals to the rescue. I hope the femdom goes last. Of course, you are the author, so I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you set up.

Great time

Sounds like a great time. Too bad it didn’t work out with her,rare to find a women who enjoys pantyhose sex and foot worship. I also have many sweet memories about pantyhose and feet. Thanks for sharing bringing back some fond memories.

Thanks I agree the repeat is regret-able, I some how pasted the text twice when I did the upload. Haven't yet figure out how to fix it.

The Beginning

I really enjoyed the beginning of the story. Being a “fuck toy” for the older dominant male was hot.

5 stars

A nicely written and realistic story. Not a fetish that I had considered previously, but I thoroughly enjoyed and I am now off to enjoy the next two parts.

Loved it

Love your work. Thanks for your efforts they are appreciated.

Great story

It's incredibly hot to me that everything is completely consensual, but also unrestrained- that the men in the pit are not purely controlling, but show real emotion

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