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per Caesar:

Cowards die many times before their deaths.
The valiant never taste of death but once.


Great tease story! Hope you continue!!!

Total Rubbish

Never read anything so bad


Yes, a totally incredible story! Appeals to so many of my own personal 'fetishes', and who doesn't love a good romance.

super hot

barely kept from cumming while reading this story


Good start, could build on this wonderfully. Love the idea, keep it up!


How thoroughly un-sexy.

Loved the story

And I do have this fetish! Very well written.

Starting to loose interest around now, maybe this is a build up to something? How much longer till Ch. 10?

Welcome back

Good to see you writing again, GirlFan1855. Here's hoping you return to the Don't Resist series or have other lesbian stories to share.


Really Hot Story!

You do psychological femdom wonderfully

Amazing stuff, some of the best I've read in a long time. No unnecessary posturing, just pure domination.

Hot story

Just wanted to say two things: 1. This story, *including* the fact that a "Little" is something you let (or, as Anonymous would say, "make") the reader figure out, is hot, and I'll be reading your other stories. 2. Anonymous's comments on this story are damningly stupid.

Total bullshit.

Bruce tried to stick his dick into his mouth and he bit it nearly off. End of the bullshit. Divorce the bitch wife. Done. Badly thought out pile of garbage.

Epically stupid

Trust me, when they throw you in the clink, they dress you in prison garb. And this guy had the IQ of a pea. Bad.

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