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Great part 1

Can't wait for the next part, like where this is going :)

Loved It

Such a hot and arousing story.....Mmmmmmm just exactly what I want!

Amazing essay!!!!

Thanks for your thoughts, experiences and impressions!!!

Wonderful read ...

witty, creative, inventive ... intertwining the characters while keeping it moving quickly with so much 'perversity' ... the adjective used affectionately!

super tale.

A very possible tale in near future as boundaries are removed and others installed!
Many have dreams and fantasies of being a slave owned.
It is NOT for submissive folk.
It is most amazing that it was given as a gift!
Gifted to one that it loved.
There are those that have already crossed that frontier.
It is not new, being a slave..
One is seen as a potential "true" slave and trained.
Training and being lent, rented to Others, soon makes a slave realize it is property.
A great tale.


Hope the urine made you sick enough for you to vomit everything and be sick for a year.

pee games

WOW, your true story reminds me of exactly how I started with my pee fetish, only thing is I am a guy. Your story almost replicates my life only in the male sense. hope you continue writing, was a great story. Cheers from DOWN UNDER...Australia .

Very bad title.

Your title is not sufficient for hiw gross your story is.

Nice premise

I hope you keep writing, you're a natural... And I like the subject matter.


Way to win the award for best fetish story.

Write more

My review of the story all parts can be summed up in two words: write more. Write more. Write more. And please write more.


Quite a fertile imagination. (5)

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