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really liked the story

and wouldn't have minded being in his shoes, that is, up until she made the comment about putting the video on YouTube. why is it that some women(wives, girl friends), resort to blackmail, once they have something on their husbands? look, I loved the story, but the manipulation, and scheming against the hubby was over the top, and then throw in the blackmail, was the nail in the coffin, for all the parties involved. my next step would be to see, if she did indeed plan this all out, that would be the difference, between if she and her accomplice lived or not. I would wait till we had moved first, so the friends wouldn't miss her. it's a nice scenario though, if he was with the whole thing, but of course, what wife tells her husband her real thoughts.

TO: Serious and Mature

I thank you for your kind comments. I have found that much of the web consists of crap when it comes to a preferred lifestyle. It has largely been commercialized, lesbian, gay and bi porn especially. Almost never will they discuss the emotional and intellectual basis for these lifestyles, so I am trying to work against those.


TO: I Always Wonder

You asked about the black-white things, so I'll give it a go. I did not intend for my experience to go this way. It happened because of my first cuckolding relationship happened to be with a black man and I got hooked. You must also understand that my husband prefers this as well.

But I can only answer for myself and not others. I like the black/white because of the contrast it provides as well as the 'taboo' nature. Some like that, some don't, to each their own.

As for HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease's I think I covered that. Use a condom and know the person you are having sex with. I do worry about such things and take precautions, but none-the-less, there is always a risk. Even with someone you think is solely for you this has happened (i.e. Charlie Sheen). I hope this helps.


What denial?

He has been beating off at every opportunity. He's just been playing with her mind and working on his acting skills. Who would do anything a bitch asked? Dumb.

Once again with the lunacy.

Ever see a guy try to piss without touching his cock? Can you say mess? He jacked off every day. No problem. This was so bad I'm still laughing.

LOL! He lied!

Every time she talked to him, he jacked off. How would she know? Idiotic story.


Couldn't stop reading!

Great Story!

Great story. I have a small penis and just one, very small, testicle and adore being teased and humiliated.

Sad little ignorant creature...

Do you have ANY idea (it's obvious you have absolutely no knowledge) of what happens to ejaculate after even just 30 minutes in the intestines?

Go back to school!

Fantasy is one thing; but being pig-ignorant and stupid is quite another.

Good story

Not so sure why everyone thinks it's disgusting and if so, why read it?

Really enjoying the story so far.

Can't wait to read about her experience getting milked.


All Bull -- She would have been dead 10 years ago!!
Ask any Medical expert??
If for each sex action you wrote about her was not true if you
made a bad English language error in its description -- then
she really died a virgin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somethings to Consider:

1. What is her motive for doing this? Did she try a variety of guys randomly until she found her bull? Or was it deliberate? If so, what's the background?
2. Will he get up the nerve to investigate the county records to discover who bought the mansion? If he does, will he have a revelation?
3. Is she really using him as a bull? Or does she have a bigger plan?
4. Who are her parents, and do they have a connection to him?
5. Who are the parents of the other girls? Do the girls take after their mothers? Or did it skip a generation? Or maybe they take after an aunt?

So far, we've seen cis-gendered white females. I know you wanted to hit the typical stereotypes (princess, cheerleader, snooty, shy), but how about some more diversity? African-American, Asian, foreign exchange student, runaway (perhaps a farm girl hoping to make it big fresh off the bus), a novitiate...

There's also other locales to explore. Maybe a comic con with the geeky cosplayer who maybe finds another busty playmate for the harem. Cruise ship. Amusement park. His office (perhaps one of the girls is an intern)...

I eagerly await your next chapters!

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