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Sweet tasting treats for me

I don't think that my wife's tight little pink pussy could taste any better than it does when it has been freshly fucked and filled with some guys cum. I love to eat her freshly fucked cum filled cunt for her and would like to every day if possible


Please continue with more chapters!

Love it.

This is great. I love a good free use story, and your whimsical style of writing really compliments it. Please continue.

Only 4 stars

Because she humiliated him! I love women's feet as you can see from my site name. I'll worship the lady's feet, but I'll control the action. If she tried to treat me as she did him, I'd be out of there in a flash! I'm willing to worship her feet, but any attempt at making me her foot slave will result in disappointment for her! She can masturbate, but I'll be gone! I won't put up with her abuse. I don't abuse and will not be abused! Feet and toes are to be enjoyed, and there is no need for how she treated him.

Fucking yes!

A rare jewel of a story! Full marks, no criticisms, please keep writing!

Usually, FF doesn't turn me on, but DAMN, woman!

Great story!

Mmmmmm ... Nice! ... And I _love_ pie at the Y ...

Hey. I liked it

It had so much story to it. And an engaging story it was.
I'm not sure how far you could go with it. But it was very good.
Almost like the beginning of an anime.

The prostate massage ...

... was too hot to handle. I love the thought of nurses taking advantage of my vulnerable little ass and using their fingers and strapons in there. With soft handjobs. Also, the heels and foot teasing was one of the best bits.

I loved it!

Being made to worship a strict, dominant teacher's feet has always been a dream. Hot!

Sexy AF!

Wonderful foot fetish story, I'd love to be worshipping and kissing those too.

Incredible couple

Your story was so erotic. I am very submissive just like Michael. When we got married she had an ex that just couldn't leave her alone and used to visit during the afternoon before I got home from work. She loved going right to our bed as soon as I came in the door. I started to notice she tasted very different but delicious. After the first few times I ate her cream pie she told me her ex was fucking her every afternoon. I started to beg her not to see him and got a hard slap across the face. She said I didn't own her body and he was going to fuck her anytime she wanted. She yelled at me, "Do you understand you cum eating little faggot" Yes Mistress,
"Yes what" Please let your ex fuck you every day, Thank you Mistress" She said, you enjoy the taste of his cum don't you you little faggot? Yes Mistress, I love tasting his cum in you. She told me she had invited him to spend the weekend with us and she expected me to suck his cock anytime she command. Yes Mistress, I will suck his cock and swallow his cum, thank you Mistress


My oh my this sounds FUN. I have never been spanked but would really love to try it and this guy sounds just the person. I have been fucked doggy style over a desk/table/etc often with my 34F titties pulled out of my bra and hanging free like in this lovely story many times. But unfortunately never spanked. I know I would love it and would especially like to see my bottom all red and sore afterwards. My pussy would be dripping wet very quickly. The only thing I would change in the story would be that I would like the guy to finish up my wanking himself off over my bottom then pulling my knickers back up so that they get all sticky with him cum. Spending the rest of the day in the office with a sore and spunky bottom would be an amazing experience.

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