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5 stars

I am so sorry, I accidentally pushed one star when I wanted to give 5 stars. It won't let me change it :-(



Its my first time commenting lol, it was a hot story,
hoping for a part 2 .

Really great story, please continue with a series!!

Ultimate fantasy cum true for a quean

I loved reading this chapter. I kept envisioning my hubby with his ex gf who is 9 yrs older than he, and very experienced. Such a hot story and it had me rubbing myself. Props to the author! Excellent dialogue, descriptive words and very believable. I look forward to reading the next chapter! 👏 😜--KT

It was a good start...

I felt like this was a good start, it was pretty hot and exciting...right up until the end. Then it just tapered off and I kind of felt let down- much like the protagonist, I guess. The story just feels unfinished to me, like it had a great build up, it was going somewhere, but then it just stopped.

Your grammar is so unbelievably shit, I kinda want to throw up now

Decent Story

Not really keen on the use of the N-word being a black man but the action and racial overtones got me going.

I love a man with a tiny penis. I once ended up spending the night with a work colleague after a xmas party. He was a big guy with a well toned body and i thought he would have a real monster in his pants. How wrong i was. It didnt take him long to get my titties out and while his mouth worked on my nipples his fingers were in my knickers. When i knelt in front of him and unfastened his trousers, i reached inside expecting to find a throbbing piece of flesh. Instead i found what felt like a shrivelled piece of skin. When his pants were down i saw his cock in all its glory and it was tiny. After a while he started to get hard and his little winkie started to grow. At full erection he was about three inches. It looked odd because he had a really big pair of full balls sitting underneath. He tried to fuck me put it kept slipping out of my pussy. I tried getting on top but still he couldnt stay in. Eventually i took his little cock between my finger and thumb and masturbated him. He shouted that he was cumming and seconds later thick ropes of cum were spurting out of his cock, ive never seen so much. Afterwards he apologised for his shortcomings but he ate pussy like a pro and gave me the most fantastic orgasm.


Your stocking wern't at the top of your list this time ? You missed an excelent chance to repurpose last years gift as this years wrapping, a tented mini skirt, Mmmm.
Did I miss your husbands name, Lou, My pretty pretty peggy Lou. I love you boy my pretty peggy Lou ou ou.
I'm curious what's on the backside of your cock what's 'in it' for you as the wearer ? *~*

re: anonymous-5+

Describing yourself anon? As far as this contribution to an erotic site, rather "Anal" don't you think?


I really think the ass wipe annony gets off bitching and making nasty comments than he does reading all these cuck and LW stories. He's a very sick old fat ugly fag fool.


Angry much little piggy? Don't blame us if you can't write.

Fags just want to corrupt decent folk. That's how they "reproduce".

Keep writing

Please keep writing this story I love it! It's hard to explain why but I really enjoy this work of yours and hope it continues.


Maid Triny

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