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Just awful

This was horribly written. The dialogue was conceived by a 12 year old. Have Lit's standards fallen this low?

What a shitty tale.

What is this trash? Couldn't even begin to understand what was going on. This story sucked monkey dick.

moms panties

when I was a kid I looked in my moms closet wow it was full of things that were soft an slick wow her panties so I stod a few pairs an hid them would go get them an pull out my dick an jack the hell out of it an then make a big cum I all ways wanted to fuck my mom an sister an my cousin but never did the story was hot as hell an make my dick very hard I love to do a little meth an then can jack off for hours I put on my panties bra an jack the living hell out of my dick an when it cums it is so good I just about pass out a big load goes every where


policywank is a DUMB CUNT and a WHORE. she belongs in an ISIS whorehouse. that'd teach her! Rate accordingly!

Just starting this series

It's well-written and hot, and we haven't even got to any serious action, yet!

I hope the previous poster, JJ, stopped reading any further, as he said he would, before his head exploded. Like a lot of commenters in this section, anything he can't wrap his head around automatically leads him to ascribe characteristics and motives to the authors or their fans, or to demean them as less human.

He is like those who objected to gay marriage, because even the existence of married gays would hurt their marriages. Guess what, JJ? Numerous courts threw out that reasoning. Why? Because there is no evidence that legally bound gay couples with children hurt our society. All they do is create more loving families.

There are many ways to love and be loved, JJ, just like the couple in this story, and you are the one who is sad, needing to put unnecessary restrictions on human behaviors which cannot hurt you. Go back to your basement and make some more lawn signs for Trump.

Boots!!! Leather!!!!

Love women in leather and boots like this, especially my sexy wife!

Knicker Eater

You lucky bastard tasting 3 day old cunt juice from a 75 year old. I bet she would like it up the bum so she could lick you dirty cock.

Dear Honey Pot

I'm writing to inform you that my client has sued the Prison, including the Guards and yourself. Your letter confirms your actions and the guards actions. Whether or not my client was a willing participant will make no difference in Court. That you allowed the guards and yourself to have intimate contact with a prisoner will be sufficient to see you and the guards fired from your jobs and facing possible jail time yourselves. Thank you for your letter confirming your guilt. It will make my clients payout even larger. SIncerely, Mr. Dewey from the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe. Did I mention this was a ludicrous story?

Oh what a wonderful feeling!

Nice little story. I like the pace. I like my pee too, it is tasty and warm!

Re:Only thing missing...

Thanks for the feedback. Funnily enough I had intended to include something along those lines but just completely forgot! No matter, Simon and the other lads will be back at the clinic for more tests before long :)

Before I go.

Okay, I can't handle any more of this.
Suggestion: Learn about punctuation, especially regarding speech and quotation marks....confusing as hell.
Anonymous: No one is forcing you to read this. Go pedal your inane crap elsewhere.


Great story! Forget the insults; they're a waste of everyone's time.

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