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A great enema story!

Loved the story. If his aunt is ever in Southwest Florida, I would love her services !!!

Edited and resubmitted

After writing chapter 2 I realized there were elements in this first chapter I wanted to change. I want to focus on just David and Flora. I hope you like the edited version, it should post soon.


LOVE this story. I'd give suggestions about where I'd like to see it go, but I suspect the author would signal the story is going in that direction only to reveal later it was all a big tease.

Keep it up!

Love this story!!

Both husband and wife got what they wanted. BEING ASS-FUCKED!!!

Thank you!

Thank you all for the feedback, good and bad. It is all much appreciated. Truly. I will say to Anonymous, if you didn't chapter 1 you're really not going to like chapter 3. As of now I have 4 chapters written. Just stretching out releasing them so there's not so much pressure to write more just yet. I'm at a point where I'm not 100% sure where to go with our characters, so I'm taking some time to work that out.

Where is JR?

Is it time to wake up from this nightmare?


I keep waiting for more 😀

Very nice story. I too enjoy sniffing women's panties and have worn women's panties on occasions.

The softness of the texture with women's panties, and how they conform to the shape of the women's ass and pussy, has always been a big turn on for me. I think women would also enjoy seeing a potential lover or boyfriend wearing their panties, while they have a hard on. Very hot.


will there been any more chapters?

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