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Great fantasy

Love this story. Can't wait for the next chapter

The only surprise in this garbage

Is that it never occurs to you that he might simply stand up and beat the crap out of her and leave her bleeding on the floor. What would stop him from doing that? She's torturing him. People being tortured react badly. Poorly thought out drivel.

Cum? Yes! My own? Not so much...

I love to eat cum, but when I eat my own when I masturbate, there's not much thrill for me. The thrill for me is knowing that my lover is getting off when he shoots in my mouth, or that I am turning them on when I clean it out of her pussy or lick it off of their body. I tried it again today when I was alone just to be sure. I ate it because I wanted to be sure, but it was like I'd heard others say - the build up was exciting, but once I came, that excitement vanished. It tastes so blah that it's not even something I would say is a good snack...

Been There

Your story stirred up more then a few panty moments I had.

Thanks for reading

Thank you for your comments. The third installment was a bit of a departrue from my original intended direction. Mostly, I got wrapped up in the idea of going more taboo than would probably be comfortable for most readers, without actually crossing the incest line that would simply catapult it into another genre comletely. The result didn't feel like a success, but it was fun to write anyway. I liked that it felt creepy enough to make people wonder if they should like it, while hoping that they still would. Anyway, the high point for me was writing the doctor. I loved that character, who kind of became the hero of the story for me.

I did actually write a fourth installment, but it fell completely apart. I was trying to get back to a more "mainstream" storyline, and I was probably paying way too much attention to the negative feedback and was beginning to try to rehabilitate Vicky, which was the complete opposite direction than I had promised to go in with the first installment, so I abandoned it. I have actually written a couple other follow ups, but each time Vicky becomes too emotional when I try to build a bridge between the reader and a character many of them find offensive. That or she becomes even more of a cartoon character.

That being said, I came across your comments today because I had another idea for either a chapter 4 or a new character, so that might appear in a day or two.

oh i want you so badly

Dripping wet, oh to be at the mercy of your hands. This story has reduced me to a quivering wreck. Thank you.


What about Katie? I know its just a fantasy but I actually feel bad for her. I hope he gets punished for his cheating. Like locked in a chastity cage while Katie gets to fuck Ryan and Jen! Great story regardless


4 stars but I skip past the scar part. Yuck! But that's just my opinion. I love the rest of this while senario. Great work!

Great story

And I love the pics of your cum covered face on facialforum!

You should change your nom to excrementera...

..because all your illiterate garbage is an excrement of a diseased mind. Also you trailer trash asshole you cheat on your ratings. Fucking lowlife !! "1*" !

Unnecessary character in Sally

The part in the story about Sally, the soon-to-be ex, is unnecessary. Madison can just be John's seductive T.A. Then Madison can seduce John without the apologies for past wrongs.

terriffic story

i liked the story alot, hope you continue the series

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