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Good but more

I enjoyed the story since I am also a lingerie lover but would have loved more or a more detailed ending,

Hey anonny

What's wrong with treating a niece the way she wants to be treated. After all in this fantasy her uncle is spending a lot of dough to give her the education she wants in order to be a good bitch.
As for the 12 inch cocks that would be just fine. My pussy has always wanted to try to take one that big and I'd love to suck them off after they have fucked me.
This entire series is good 5 star pornographic fiction.

Still working on this!

Hey folks, just wanted to drop in and say I'm still working on this. I've been trying really hard to get my Dragon Slayers novel finished and ready for Amazon, but I will be working on this as well very soon. My goal is to get both books publishable by the end of the month, so stay tuned.

similar to me and my wife

This story is very similar to what happened with me and my wife. The sex part was almost identical but I didn't order a strapon to be delivered to the house. Instead, she accidentally came across my saved websites on my computer. She knew I watch porn regularly (she doesn't mind) and she noticed that I often look at strapon, mistress, submissive husband, and pegging videos. Later she told me that it really turned her on, even though she didn't think it would. She then decided to buy a strapon and made plans to make me her bitch. The rest happened almost exactly as in your story. I came home late from work on a Friday night and when we went to bed she had on her new strapon. She told me what she found on my computer and how it surprisingly turned her on. She then decided to make me her cock-sucking slut bitch -- AND I LOVE IT !!!! One major difference from your story is that it didn't hurt me because I had actually already been fucked a few times (by men - yes, I'm bi and I enjoy occasional hot gay sex). She doesn't know about that yet but I think I'm going to "accidentally" let her see my saved gay websites on my computer and she'll figure it out. Then hopefully she'll invite her male friends or co-workers over to our house to feed me their real cocks and to fuck me while she watches. I can't wait for that to happen. Please tell more stories like this one and also the next chapters of this couple's sexual adventures.

my desire exactly

This is exactly what I want to do with my wife (or her to do to me). I truly want her to be my Mistress, to feed me her strapon cock, and to fuck me with it deep and hard. Your story turned me on so much I think that I might "accidentally" leave it open on my computer so that my wife will "accidentally" see it. Hopefully she'll agree to become my Mistress and we can have as much fun as you did. Please tell more stories like this one and also the next chapter of this sexual adventure.

Not there

It is an interesting story but with all the use of the term "nigger" it has surprisingly little impact. It is not hard to find a black whore that you can verbally abuse if your willing to pay them more money. As it stands this is Pretty Woman with a black girl. There is no viscera exposed, its vanilla and unsatisfying.


Too damn long. . .reading the contract was as painful as buying a car. You lost me at that point and I'll not be back..


Wow, wish I could be your sissy slave. I would love to have you do all those kinky, sexy, things to me ! ! ! !

N word didn't bother me

But I could live without the rimming. Personal preference. Other than that, I've had a similar fantasy. So I totally get it. But I bet you get hate emails!

Chapter 2?

A great story. Anxiously waiting for Chapter 2.

She insisted cheating is cheating, but...

My wife found my links to cheating wife and cuckold photos and stories on my computer. She was upset with me and insisted cheating was cheating and has no place in a proper relationship. However, I know she enjoys flirting with a friend of mine and occasionally with other men she has known. She likes the attention.
For weeks she continued to ask me about what she found on my computer. In addition to her objections she noticed and teased me about the fact that I get very tuned on while she talks with me about all the things she has seen on my computer.
She continued to object to the cheating aspect of it all. But, I started to notice she had been checking out my computer more often. I could tell by leaving my link history uncleared and when I came back things are often out of order. A few times she left open her own finds about cheating wives and even some cuckold stories and videos, including one with the wife taking a lesbian lover.
A few weeks later, I believe I discovered proof my wife had actually cheated on me with a friend of ours. We had planned dinner with him at our home when I got called away for work, which now I am sure she had pre-arranged. When I arrived home much later that night, she had "accidentally" left her panties in the living room for me to discover after I got home late. I also found a wetness in our bed when I joined her already sleeping. I think they know that I know. I got angry at first, then curious, and now I am constantly aroused by it, it’s the mental vision of her with him and the mystery and secrecy of not knowing it all. Lately, I have to work to avoid becoming hard when we are all together. They are becoming a little more obvious about it now, more openly flirting. I know, or at least I think I'm sure, she is becoming a secret sexual partner for him.
She also became increasingly close to a woman who is an open lesbian and a professor at a local private college. Her friend is an aggressive flirt with her, even or especially in front of me, like the professor is showing off her influences she is having on my wife. They have spent several evenings out very late drinking wine and attending the theater staying out as late as three and four in the morning.
Even with all that going on, she still insisted that cheating is cheating.
Our relationship started out very honestly. I told her everything about my past. She also knows that all my previous girlfriends and my first wife cheated on me and relatively openly. She asked me to be very specific. So I told her every detail of my cheating girlfriends and wife, a very hot large-breasted redhead, who was very openly seen with other men in bars and at private house parties with a tall, well built African American man who was a bass player in a very popular local jazz band. My wife wanted to know more and more about them and their cheating. She insists on me telling her all the details of how they accomplished their escapades. Every detail, including how I felt about it, which I think is obvious considering how turned on I get relating it all.
A few weeks ago while we were in a very nice restaurant at the bar when she asked me about my “cheating former girlfriends and cheating ex wife.” The bartender, a woman, was standing close enough that she could hear everything my wife said to me. Her conversation with me went into very intimate details I had related to her. Details that I had told her thinking no one else would ever hear. I tried to answer her questions very quietly but I noticed the bartender looking over the top of her glasses and stayed close enough to hear our discussions. Eventually my wife asked me if I would answer a question for her, mind you with the bartender still ever so close to hear her ask me. Finally she asked if I ever wondered if she was cheating too with any other men, or any of my friends, or even with that professor lesbian friend of hers.
I was shocked. I emphatically answered no. She then asked if I wanted her to be like them, and cheat too. I couldn't speak for about a minute. I was stunned.
The bartender had by now stopped any pretense of pretending not to listen and looked right at me leaned into the bar top waiting for me to answer. My wife just stared at me waiting for an answer. I was only saved by the fact that we were called to our table. The bartender continued to stare at me and my wife leaned in close to hand her a tip. I don’t think they noticed that I saw their hands touch, then held each others hands for a moment looking into each others eyes. Then I saw my wife give the bartender her business card as they both smiled longingly at each other.
We do have sex often, but I can not get these images and notions out of my head. I think I need to let her take her time before letting me in on her secret life. Am I doing the right thing?

So to make a long story short our conversations have been deeper and more open in the last few months. I finally admitted I was wondering if she had ever been with anyone else while we were together. She wanted to know why I was wondering and what exactly I had been imagining. And finally if it a aroused me to think about it. She told me she was really interested in my feelings on this. Then at the end of our conversation she told me I must be a real life cuckold, that said without her admitting that she was having sex with anyone. I was shocked at first she said this. It scared me a bit, to tell the truth. Our conversation ended pleasantly enough and with a nice little comforting kiss. She said she was happy that it was now complete out in the open. I was still a little unsettled. But finally a few nights later...

My wife said to me, "Don’t be nervous. My love for you is unconditional. I know you can’t help it. You are who you are. So if you believe being a cuckold epitomizes your inner self. If you know it defines you. You should accept it. You should be proud of it. Your declaration will be the ultimate act of liberation. I promise to enable your every need. I’ll honor and support your proclamation as a symbol of commitment to our relationship and my love for you will blossom exponentially and our love life will expand in ways you can’t begin to imagine." -FH


Cunts Matter and so do their Fetishes, Fantasies and Orgasms : White wonen routinely fantasize about cuckolding White hubbies with a Black stud/bull/ master without any residual racial hang-ups so there's nothing politically incorrect about this story/ fantasy/ fetish!!! 5-ed!!!

This was really god but it only got hot on this third chapter...I hope you have a fourth one in you! :)

Super hot

Thanks for this super hot very sweet story! I usually go more for savage domination but this was really a beautiful and sweet and extremely sexy story.

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