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Loved it

Wish I could be someone's bitch sucking and fucking 24/7

RE: "wow I liked it and hated it"

I was thinking the same thing when he found that she was going up with other men. No matter that it was a joke or trick. He (and I who related to him while reading) though what was a roleplay suddenly became real.

I was thinking, hoping for him to do just as the other comment described. "I'm going out, in the morning I'm looking for a lawyer. I'll get my stuff while she's out tomorrow."

Some jokes go to far, and some people can't understand that.

Like the 'liked it hated it' commentor I too had a girlfriend who wanted to do something at a party, told me about it for ages. For me this party was a function from work, where we both worked. She was a frustrated musician and told me she was putting on a show, coming out into the party naked with a mask on and playing her guitar and singing.

"No one will recognize me" she kept telling me. Also saying things like she wanted to find out how the 'guys' were at fucking. I couldn't come as I had to leave for a National Guard drill that Friday night.

She got pissed when I told her I'd split up with her if she did. It was a joke and she wouldn't let it go We eventually got back together and married, and as with the other commentor she went practically frigid.

We had fun when we were going together prior to that, she would ride around topless, we even fucked in the parking lot at work one winter after we had worked late until eight at night with a proposal, it was winter and dark but the factory people were coming out for their supper/lunch. A lot more than I would have thought came out to eat (and drink) in their cars. And we were in their parking lot as the office area lot was too small for everyone's cars.

It was exciting as hell and apparently no one figured it out. Another time we went to a state park on a weekday and she stripped naked and I fucked her on a picnic table, we heard a car coming up the drive and I grabbed her stuff and put it in the car only to find she had run off into the woods, naked except for her flip flops. The family that showed up at that little site were having a picnic and looking at me funny so I left and cruised around on the roads winding through the park until she came out of the trees and flagged me down. She rode home in the back stark naked the whole time, laying on the seat when we got into town. Even running up the outside stairs to my apartment naked.

And like the other commentor, after we married she turned into a frigid ice box. I'm really glad that we eventually divorced.

Question for Anonymous

I really appreciate the feedback, as long as you have a reaction I am overjoyed. Is it the content or the writing quality that made you "throwup and run"

Honest answers only, this is a growing experience. Be brutal, I can take it.


I liked the story, enjoyed it, until the party. No matter that she covered, and filled, herself with his cum, no matter that she never fucked anyone else. All their friends now think he's a cuck who lets other men fuck his wife. It's right there in the story, other people looking at him after his wife disappeared upstairs with another man/men.

If that's what he's happy with, then OK, fun story.

Except that the idea of fooling all their friends into thinking she was fucking other men with his permission.

In real life it would cause trouble with her as well, as other men who weren't in on the trick come on to her, perhaps even forcing themselves onto and into her.

Yes, it's just a story. and I liked the build up and tease. But the idea that both their reputations are ruined among all their friends ruined the story for me.

I still gave it full marks, after all it's a great story in that particular sub genre, I just thought it was going to be just a game between the two of them. My bad.

Want my wife to do that so bad

My wife watches and participates in cock-sucking with other men too....but she will not make me her submissive man. I love sucking cocks and wife gets so hot seeing other guys blow their loads in my mouth....but she will not make me submissive.

I love to watch her sucking cocks too and she loves to fuck a guy while sucking off another one.

What would I do?

Throwup and run. Which is what I did after reading this truly despicable attempt at writing. Just awful. Has Lit standards sunken this far?

Good Girl

Love this beginning of her 'adventures' and her subsequent degradation. Yes I love the way you think.


hot piss wonderful story

just dirty enough would love to know what happened next

Yuk. This would make a normal person vomit and I'm sure the two sisters would eat it right up.

so sublimly filthy...

Wonderful...so well written..erotic..dirty...and so horny. Please continue with this theme...thank you.

This guy is retarded. He has to be the most disgusting man around. I'm surprised he doesn't just have her shit on plate and eat it up

nasty and not sexy

really thumbs up you are crazy nothing hot about this is not hot and its filthy and nasty feel like vormitting am out of here


Gender Bending - After reading this i have to analyze meaning of it....

Well i loved ur stories, spcy fmle character. So reading this.. Though iread abv 4.7 ratings only but as it was writen by u. So reading tjis.

Well i am saying again.

Love this author.

great story

Will there be a part 6 because this was the best story ever and I want to know what happens next.

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