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So bad I'm STILL laughing!

Just what every wife wants - a husband who thinks he's a woman. And one that wants to pimp his wife out to a big dick. Can you say sick puppies? I wonder what their parents would say if they knew what idiots they had raised? Awful story.
No stars.

Very Hot

Very Hot, if you're submissive like me. It's really all about the cock. The surrendering to it and the possession by it.

This was a short one.

It was still hot though. Are we going to get into swapping and watching. The ladies are perfect for fantasies, because they are such different body types and personalities. Cant wait to get into Chapter 5.

Oh boy... is the shit going to hit the fan or is the fun just beginning?

You really have me going here. The hot, hot, hot, options are numerous. I can't wait to see where you are going with this. On to the next chapter.

Very hot!

Great story. I'm wildly ticklish and this spoke directly to me.

Veryticklishsoles at the Y dot com


It is the sort of fantasy that women can enjoy. It really was so intense and exciting. I must read more of your adventures. Well worth 5 stars.


A very promising beginning! Can't wait for the next parts to come out! Hope to see a lot of verbal and physical humiliation for Alphie!

if this is real

pack your things and go. Its an unhealthy relationship, she is a manipulative bitch.


this is a really hot story

Well done

Too often stories like this leave you with the feeling that the wife has no love for her husband. Not so with this one. She's both faithful and willing to accommodate his kink. Can't ask for much more than that.

Idiotic shit!! MINUS 5*!!!

She is a lawbreaker and go`s to prison for a long time!!! Whats that shit thén for???


you are too damned picky! This author is good and has given us a well written first chapter and good lead- in to the continuing story, so let's just give him strong encouragement and step out of his way!

Exciting Story

Very exciting and arousing story. I would love to have a friend that I could exchange wives' panties and jack off together with. I enjoy masturbating in my wife's panties by myself, but it would be incredibly hot to watch another guy pleasuring himself with my wife's while I did the same with his wife's. Looking forward to further panty adventures.

Pretty nasty

And not in a good or erotic manner.

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