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Super-excited for chapter 3! So glad you're continuing my favorite series!

More Please!!

Please add more, I love this story.


Hey , StoryTeller07 your stories are amazing man. I love how each story and its chapters keeps the readers on edge , awaiting for the next phase in story. Your stories are entertaining , arousing and very interesting/satisfying .
And, if anybody hates this stories & its readers , then fuck those guys. #FUCKTHEHATERS .
You do you ,man .And, you are really awesome in what you do .
Best wishes from one of your reader . Have a great day & Have awesome life .

Why people should be steralised

This story basically puts forward the fact that some females should be steralised at puberty as the thought of these people entering the gene pool should make any other human frightened.

Just LOVED this story

I LOVED this story these, no doubt, beautiful girls 'Going' in their panties! They clearly enjoy it, I'd give them a Good Strong Laxative-that WOULD empty them!

Very titillating...

Inadvertently read ch 6 1st, had to find out how it started! Exactly the scenario that 'whets' my appetite, love the style of writing and content, already a fan 😊

Write more like this

Too short, Good idea for a story. But you should have described the Heroin getting caught in the tentacles. The struggle and removal of her clothes. Taken more time to describe how the tentacles invaded her. Had her put up more resistance until each tentacle added finally after many orgasms and swallowing of the drug finally until she can resist no more. But on a good note the I found the writing flowed nicely and was enjoyable to read. I can see great potential in your writing.

Possible idea

I love the romance between Brian and Rose. I hope in future chapters she leads him further into feminization.

It might be nice if Rose starts taking Brian out...there could be a nice double date with a gay couple that could lead with Brian's first front and back penetration.

Only for idiots and perverts!!

What a bunch of crap!!! One stroke and she is past!!!


A giant pile of shit! Sick puppy shit.

Then she fired up the chain saw

And cut and hacked the tentacles until all that was left was small tentacle pieces.
Laughably bad.

Some dumb ass shit. Couldn't even finish and it was only a few paragraphs.

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