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Like it so Far....

....wow stud, I just love this story so far...hope little sis finds out the joy of firing up a 120 and loving the drip of some nose candy....

So good

I wish there were more stories like this one its just great probably one of my fav stories to read

Longer Chapter Coming

The shorter chapters are by design, to tell the story in small vignettes and draw out the suspense. But I've heard your comments and the next chapter is a bit longer. Thanks for your feedback.

What A Sweet Love Story!

And it's amazing how often this happens in reality. BFFs wake up after a decade or so of failed relationships with others, and realize that they've loved each other for years, and that's why their other relationships don't work out. (And yes, I resemble that statement.)

I also LOVE hirsute women and shaggy, untrimmed pussies with curls poking out of panties, so this little story really tickles my fancy (and my fancy really enjoys being tickled by those soft, curly hairs). ;-)

Thanks for a fun read! Keep 'em cumming!

This story was incredibly hot and credible

Real people with real hair
Real sex with real love

Her love-fed compassion
His gentle passion

Stringy pre-come coated cock
Wet cunt hair smell of arousal

Conjoined in passion
sexual gratification

relaxed in satisfaction
in love making love
Thank you!!!

Doubt a guy with nine inch dick would be fucking a cow. I fell like I need to vomit just thinking about the absurdity

This stupid tale has gone on too far. Time to get back to reality.


Was kind of disappointed it wasn't in there...

Oh my

I was hoping this wouldn't get crazy silly and stay in the realm of semi-reality but I'll keep reading.

Thank you

for a well written and sensual story. The characters were believable as they came to realize and act upon their mutual attraction.

so lewd

You read manga, don't you?

This could be a tv show and I would watch the fuck out of it.

This is gold

I don't know what's up with the low rating, this has an excellent mix of comedy, slice-of-life, and detail. Great intro.


I'm dying to find a girl like this. But until I get that lucky, PLEASE write more to this story arc.


I can hardly wait for further chapters

Midnight Special

Some take a different road in life - like that kid, Alton Meyer - in the movie, Midnight Special. Mercy, is not about showing forgiveness, but about showing another how to stop sinning, or hurting - it is about healing. Compassion, in contrast, is about forgiveness - you are weak, so forget about it, and keep moving forward. It is written that the Lord said unto Moses, I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy, and compassion upon whom I will have compassion. Some are shown early - wrong way stupid. While others learn through experience rather than through examples, such as case studies, thought experiments.. in free democratic societies, Erotica may be found, and without government dictating to persons what they may, or may not, think about. But in communist societies where persons are brought up to believe that they are ok, and do not have a dark side, because the revolution has done away with the capitalist selfish influence "ye are saved!" - well, ever read, Child 44? It is about serial killers and cannibalism and unofficial food shortages .. "war on terror", "homeland security" .. why? What do "they" think is coming? Planet Terror? If oil production had already peaked a decade ago..

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