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The word is 'losing', FFS.

You can't even get the title of your story right.

Loose and lose are two different words with different spellings, meanings, and pronunciations.

Thank You for Yet Another Intriguing Chapter!

Such a pleasure to discover an articulate wordsmith, someone who crafts sentences with care using more than just the same few recycled words found in every other story on this site. Eagerly anticipating your next installment . . .

Racist nonsense

Written bu a man. Penetrate the cervix-yeah right. That is a tell this is BS

I liked it.

you always warn us that your spell checking and grammar are a bit meh, and I can accept that. your stories have some real heart and soul to them, I think. I do wish there would be a little more to wind the story down. I want to see how the family handles the settlement, if they get their daughter back, the wedding, just some ending stuff. I say this because I have been drawn into the world you create. I love reading them. If you ever see fit to make one extra chapter for this, an epilogue of sorts, I would be so happy.

Sooooo good

This entire story is soooo good!! The details are amazing and I love getting back story on both of the lead characters. I know Jack is just trying to get some info but I hate that he is touching that skank in the club. I look forward to hearing more about Jimmy and Grace. Crossing my fingers that Ronnie is already pregnant and that nothing happens to Jack. They both deserve happiness.

Loved this Sory.....

This is one of most well written and hot piece of erotic literature! There is everything here love, cheating, forgiveness, female emancipation, personages psychological descriptions, personages emotions and sensations!
Loved April personage, she interpretes the nowadays beautiful, sophisticate and realised woman, who is integrated at work and in the society.
April is a bright and open minded girl, she wants and deserves to be happy!
Please readers and criticers just realise we are any longer in Middle Age....yes she cheats her husband, because she is conquered and seduced by Barry!
Barry is the classic skilled seducer and conqueror type.
Love the fact he is black, because he represents and interprets the Black Race Sexual and Sensual Power!
Yes i know many readers feel sorry and sympathize for poor April husband but have to realise that Lou cannot please in bed his wife as Barry does and mostly cannot plant a life in her belly due to his weak sperm cells, which are devoured by April vagina pH! Barry more powerful sperm cells accomplished their goal and duty, even aided by his longer and better working penis!
In aother words here we have a BETTER and MORE POWERFUL man under different aspects, who is Barry!
And how latin said recites "Ubi major minor cessat"!
Lou is destinated since the beginning to capitulate in front to this more powerful and well endowed man under different aspects!
And he morally and fairly capitulates!
Lou is humiliated by the Destiny and by his minor male equipment , he must accept and live with it!
It is just Life and those things happen just this way!
I desire to congratulate with the author for the phisical description of April huge belly who screws in bed with Barry.....simply wonderful as "seen" by her husband eyes!
He just visualize it and has to accept it....a Better Man seduced and conquered his wife and got her mother in the most natural way!
Highest votes.

update west coast native love

i love both this story and west coast native love. please update west coast native love. i'm obsessed.

Best erotica I have read

I just want to tell you and a writer and a reader on here, I think you are by far the best I have read. Please continue to write, you are amazing.


On top of a general loathing of stories about asshole who go around seducing married women, the bullshit factor went past the limit when "pops" was described as having a cock an inch longer than the Guinnes world record holder....along with being nearly an inch thicker than Shane Diesel.

What a Load of Crap!

This has to be one of the worst piles of crap to have been posted on Literotica! (And to think the steam over this shit built over 6 chapters!) ~ Forget the whole ridiculous black/white aspect. No way all that killing happens! Cops,FBI,the black guys themselves,would have stopped that shit early! ~ This stuff is a disgrace!


just for reference the Haitian revolt was in 1791, the American civil war was 1861 so she carried that baby for 70 years before giving birth.


A little man's big fantasy.

Fuck Story

However, more than my required title. Your description of his anger, his noticing the minute changes in his condo, his preparation to shoot, his surprise at her presence, and the long drawn-out sex scene(s). A great plot. good although limited dialogue. His background well detailed. A super story. A superb read.

Liz and her adventures

Very nice but only wish you had added one more risk. That of her taking a chance she could get knocked up while doing those gang bangs. Stories are great but this would put an even sharper edge to them.

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