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I loved this story, you have a gift! Kept me up half of the night reading waiting on love. My only suggestion is to have someone proof read it for you so it doesn't stop the flow for the reader. Other than that please keep writing :-) you're fantastic.

Where to buy...

Right now I won't be on nook because of a temporary contract with Amazon. It will be in effect for at least thirty days. There is a paperback version coming out on Tuesday. For those of you who want more you can go to amazon and they will let you read more of the chapter than was posted here. This is not a revamp just the complete story. Thanks Free Girl

Good story

This is a really good story. You have a very good imagination. The plot and character development was good. I can't remember ever seeing someone using this approach to a story but you sure pulled it off. I liked the idea of the black breeding program, but I think we need a white breeding program also. In the white breeding program, black women would breed exclusively with white men. The end result of both breeding programs would be a totally mixed society without racism. Keep writing.

I hope you plan on finishing this story!
The way it's written so far, you have wide-open possibilities where to go with it, from where you left-off!
You are a really good writer!
I hope you don't leave the main characters in this story, or Page's grandparents hanging, much longer! I hope you'll give them and us...the rest of the story...(as Paul Harvey used to say! :)
Thank you for your excellent story ideas and writing! I so enjoy your stories!

I enjoyed it immensely it was very well written

I love this story and i believe this could actually happen in real life. Great job Brenda

Who's Selena? Is the story re-worked? I don't remember her...


Are your stories gonna be on B&N. I have a nook.

Aaryan and Ariana

I love this couple they are so cute together. I am excited to read more about this family and more importantly this couple.

Thank you!

So I just finished your book yesterday and it was Outstanding!
When I read you on here I always had questions after every story but after reading the book their whole story fits like a glove. Great job and I look, forward to reading you on Lit and on Amazon...and thank you for releasing the beast we call "Ethan" he was on fire!


One of my favourite's, but I thought you said you already had part three done. Why isn't it up yet?


Many good actors will say that a successful sequel is a difficult thing, as this proves. Too documentary like, not enough sex, what there was, was not descriptive enough. Try for a third and final with Yuriko and Hanako instigating a threesome to educate each other into the joys of anal sex.

Beware americanisms, (?) What is, "OBGYN"?

I'm shaking Matt really hard right now. I don't understand why he is staying in a marriage that he clearly don't want. There are no kids and he don't need anything else from her so why continue to live in misery. There are plenty other females that are not crazy he could have as a companion if that is why he stays with Krystal.

He don't want Krystal to bother Honey but it's too late. He is too blinded by his wants to realize they are headed for more trouble.

Deleted Stories

The stories were pulled for publishing. All the stories here on Lit will be books eventually under the pen name FREE GIRL. It is an opportunity to read the entire story. If you read the last chapter of Are We Done Yet, you will see I always planned on removing them after a few months but I received so much fan mail that I did not want to leave people hanging. The decision to publish was a strange but exciting and one I'm glad I made as it has been a successful venture for me. Of course Lit is my writing home so I will continue to post here but all of the stories will eventually end up as a book so not here permanently. Thanks again Lit readers for your support and encouragement I know it's because of you that I'm living my dream of being a published writer.

First Chapter of Published Book

I was so excited to be back on Lit that I forgot to put in an explanation. As most of you know I like long forwards (lol) it was purely a mistake. My book came out Thursday. Seeing as I started out on Lit and it was your support that encouraged me I wanted to come back and show what I've done. So this is the book ARE WE DONE YETI. It is the chapters from Lit plus missing parts that explain the relationship in depth. If you are interested in learning more please email me or check my bio as it has all the information. Also Amazon gives you a larger portion of the book to read if you are wanting bit more detail. Thanks Again Lit readers for all of your support. If yo would like a picture of the cover email me and I'll send it. Free Girl

love it again!

is this a continuation or a revamp of the story? I love these two, but they are so damn tragic!

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