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To the guy who was "horrified over the Stereotypes,"

You do understand this was erotic fiction, don't you? Perhaps you should stick to your public library.

Really horrid stereotypes again

Right from the start she called them thugs and he drug dealers. Not every black perdón is a drug dealer and few will openly do drugs and deal next to their homes. As adults they would already br in jail being this stupid. And would not call attention to themselves by yelling out like that and acting that way to adult white stuck up neighbors. Not all white men are bitches around black men. He should be sucking sick the way he is acting few black men have huge dicks just like any man. Huge disks are rare and most thugs with big dicks suck in bed. Need an educated black man with a huge dick to make women cheat and chase after him. This is just the same story over and over. You are an excellent writer but be original. You can hear people taking through thin walls not ceilings. Need to live next door

Great hot outing

Love the story. Nice clean storyline. Loved the sex xoxoxoxox Annette


White woman getting DP’d by 2 BBCs... very hot.

Love it!

You are rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors! I hope this story continues and Kathy's adventures with Von (and hopefully others) only increase. I particularly enjoy how she has a bit of a wild streak in her with the cigarette/cigar smoking element which is something her conservative husband does not approve of. Keep it up!!


What a great hot chapter

I do so love meeting hot black guys on my travels. Make traveling for work more fun xoxoxoxox Annette

More to come, I can’t wait

Really hot, looking forward to more. Maybe even get Eric in on a little guy/guy or fluffing. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Annette

I dont get it

I will never understand the wimp cuck thing. I try to come back here to read a decen atory but they all seem cookie cutter anymore. Unhappy white woman dating white guy, unhappy white chick meets random black guy, unhappy white chick finds out black guy has comically sized dick that even surgically enhanced pornstars dont have, white chick fucks black guy and her white boyfriend just accepts it. Rinse repeat.

Did you report it?

Just saying it's stolen on this page doesn't mean a thing. It has to be reported, and I am.

From what I can see, the only difference is her name, which was Sally in the original story.

Ya know, theft is bad enough, but it takes real stupidity to steal a story on the same site, especially one that's from a very prolific writer and one that can be discovered so easily.

BTW, this is a link to the real story.

https://www.literotica.com/s/once-the-wick-i s-dipped

re: Ignore anonymous comments

This site limits anonymous comments to one per story/chapter per IP address. Generally, that means a commenter cant post multiple comments on a story. I say generally because there are a few ways around it, primarily onion routing, but is outside the abilities of most people.

The gist of this is that it is NOT one person posting anonymous comments on your story -- or anyone's for that matter.

BTW, complaining about people being anonymous on the net is like moving next to an airport and then complaining about the noise from the planes taking off.

Follow up

I hope you add to this with a 2nd chapter.

Can’t wait

Can’t wait for her to find out how floppy and not very hard a black dick is! And getting that STD to boot! Lol

good writing

very well written....hope to see many more chapters in the near future

I was hopeful

At the end of chapter three it was looking lile the story would take a good turn with Sam possibly seeing the errors of her decisions, only to see it slip even further into a nightmare. I have to agree with the one post, tragedy like this is not erotic at all. Its depressing.

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