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Glory holes are great fun

Love glory holes and bib black cock xoxoxoxox Annette

Love black cock

There’s nothing like getting pounded repeatedly by one or more big black cocks. Great read xoxoxoxoxo Annette

Well damn! That was unexpected...but definitely hot! However it left me wanting MORE! I need more on Rory and Travis and I damn sure need something more to happen between Melody & Jeremy...that can’t be it! What can I say, I’m hooked!

where to find BBC?

My wife is ready to try after reading these experiences. Where can we find a Bull for her to ride?

white cuckold husband offers asian wife to BBC

i will let my sexy young asian wife read this for herself...so she will understand what we need to do

Keep writing

I have read your stories over and over. Please continue to write them. Cynthia should beg Sage for permission to join Ms Bell in slavery. Ms Bell should become desperate to find out who Wendy is and be given a task to complete in order to find out. Wendy should continue to be challenged and risk exposure to her daughter. At some point maybe have the daughter come home and find out but not be noticed. Then have daughter start some controlling of her mother.

Knocked-up, does not know it !!!!!

Leon has rearranged her insides, tapping her womb, the entire time she is cumming his cock is dripping precum, deep down she wants his baby !!!!!!

Loved it, even my heart was in my mouth as the security guard caught them

This story kept to the point all the way through and indicated the difficulties ahead of this couple. There is tension in life as soon as we step from the straight and narrow. It is only then that you realise how policed we are, by ourselves,but also by the guards and neighbours out there. I do hope that the second chapter ends with them still enjoying each other and not as I dread to think, and which is all too likely, they are discovered and her world is shattered. Let them have a charmed life. Maybe she can persuade her husband to use her bum, and he finds that it excites him. Obviously Dwayne would be too big for her,but what do I know? Is her husband picking up hidden vibes,which excite him? A natural cuck, still to awake? He might turn out to be the means that they need to carry on.
I thought it unlikely that they could fuck by a picnic table,surely it would be placed where people would likely want to use it? His throwing her knickers into the dirt was foolish, an unnecessary invitation to discovery. I hope that they were quickly binned soon after.


I will check everyday for an update on this, this was swelteringly hot. Gosh you're good. I love how Zane cannot get hard for anyone else, my kinda man! I reread all your stories recently and wished you would write again and you did!


I have truly loved all your stories, and hoped that you would write again. This new story is off the charts good, it was so hot, so intense, so real. I am on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait for the other senses and to learn more about this most beautiful couple! Well done, you rock. Thank you.

Love It!

I love this story. It has become one of my favorite. I love a red head white woman.

Wow, I did not know that, Anonymous!

The BBCs in the islands are hired guns?

So how much extra should I budget for the trip, lol?

(What's really funny is that the security code for this comment ends in ED!)


The cuck was retelling the tale but he didn't even say what he was doing whilst wifey and Black man went at it. Did it arouse you, did you masturbate? Did you have to pay for the guys services. White women/couples usually have to on these holidays.

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