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Nice story

Many best friends are reluctant to make first move and take relationship to a new level. It is better to take a chance than regret it.


I had a similar experience with my tben high school afed son. His black basketball team mate and I had a chance neeting after a game . I was divorced and hadn't had sex i. quite awhile and one tbing lead to another. Now .y son is away in college and his friend Derrick, comes rehularly to visit and fuck.

story line

Stick to writing about gay males...you suck at this genre

Great chapter

Maybe you'll be the one for each other....

Thanks all

Love all your feedback. Will work in my endings so they are not rushed. Believe it or not is exhausting writing these. I love doing them but I get so horny and my big black dildo takes over. But promise to make endings better for you all.

Not enough

Not enough cucking in this one.
Very little fucking either.
I usually give these tales five stars but this one only earned a two.

Excellent, waiting on part 2. Very well written.

Is this a common game because I was involved in similar, 3 balls left, the guys wife got to be fucked by 3, I was second, a plumpish black girl, over 40, I laid my cock into her pink insides giving her a nice coating of cum. I later saw her husband giving head to one of the guys who later told me he sucked better than his wife. One of the guys tried to enter her ass, she resisted, but the husband offered his instead. It certainly got me going watching his black ass open for the guys cock who soon blew in him, a different night but one I never forgot.


That was awesome! The husband was punished and all, there should have been more though. Part two of this please? The wife shouldve let a black guy fck her husband as punishment and divorce him and get beaten as a perv asshole, he deserves it!

I like the concept, but it needs Polishing. Maybe tell it from a past tense and add some detail.

Randy broke his hand and it was wonderful. I wish Jefferson would've broken his face.


This is such a wonderfully written and thought out story it makes me ache for it to be my life. I hurt like they do and long for the connection you write about with a younger woman I work with. But my life isn't a story. If only. You are a very good author. I do believe you have earned the title.

Black cock for my wife

I have asking my wife for a 3 way with a hung black guy and she told me no but one night we were in bed fucking and I brought it up again and she said yes and now it's back to no what can I do to get her to try a bbc it would be so hot to watch her take it nice and deep can anyone help me out and please tell me what I need to do thanks

When is the Epilogue coming? It a great story that keeps you in the dark until the end, and I loved that, but it leaves too many loose ends.

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