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Wish It was Us

This is such a hot, hot story. The whole series of how Jackie was seduced into going from a nice, normal housewife to a slut for black cock who craves humiliation and punishment is tremendously arousing. I wish my wife and I could experience this.


Please ignore "What Ugly Trash" comment abive! It says you can't write and yet that person cannot form a grammatical sentence or coherent thought. says your story is not hot and yet in three days you have 50 faves! Your story is quite hot...extremely in fact...but maybe too intense for some. I love your stories and it looks like many others share that. Don't change because somebody can't handle the intensity of the emotions and eroticism you express...

Old gals like this too

My wife had a similar experience but with 26 black studs.

Need more chapters!

Many people have been very critical of this chapter but I think there is an opportunity for some plot advancement here. Mason can assuage her guilt over this chapter's threesome by arranging a foursome with herself, Neal, Samantha, and Tamara! Also, move forward with threesomes with Marta and Michy!

Well done

A great str, make sure to write the rest!

Another great story

I still enjoy most of your stories, especially the ones that have women or men learning that they are submissive. As always your stories are well written, and are very erotic. I am a male and have a tendency to be submissive. My wife and I have been into wife swapping back in the 60s thru the mid 80s. My wife is less submissive than I am, but I enjoyed it when she used to pick up men that used to dance with her. We usually brought one home and she would let her down. That was before the AIDs became so common. Thank you for another wonderful story.

U Da man

I have read, copied and save all your stories. How about a bully cuckold story????


Love how descriptive the deepthroat part was, could almost feel it, lol

Well Written

You either do your research or are very familiar with how a doctor's office works. The story was believable. My only little complaint is that it played to stereotypes, but then again, there was nothing that couldn't be real. Good job!

Fab story

Lovely story and really well written. It made a nice change reading something very British - look forward to the next chapter! ;-)

Michie writes as if it were autobiographical whether it is or not.

These are great stories. I like things that "have a ring of verisimilitude" as an old Brazilian lit prof of mine would say. Maybe Michie did not do all the things in the stories she writes or maybe she embroiders what actually happened a lot, but these are wonderful and they read as though it happened to a real person. It would be hard to make up all the realistic details if you had not lived it.

Great Michie, just great!


For real, she was going home to a 5" cock. Any husband with a 5" cock would never push his wife to fuck a larger cock. She wasn't on the pill and the condoms didn't fit. He came in her, black baby at home.


Your writing is amazing and I did enjoy the chapter for sure and I greatly appreciate you responding I don't want you to think I was disappointed because I always enjoy what you write!!

What ugly and trash story

The author did a very poor job on this story. It seems the author has some gay issues mixed with cuckold issues that were transported to this bad story.
This story lacks of creativity, nonsense, shallow, low context, poor written and it is not even hot nor sexy story.
This story is not enjoyable and it is such waste of time reading all the way through.

I love this book. It sends a beautiful message about how Love conquers all
Thank you so much for taking time to write it😀😀😀😀💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞

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