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A fun story to read!

I'd like to see a third chapter, with hubby rocking the black baby in his arms while his wife gets her fill of that big black cock.

Great journey of growth, love and an unique relationship but...

Lynn needs some agency as her OWN character. First, I can't believed I missed this story and I have been on Lit for awhile...lol. But I started reading the earlier chapters a few weeks ago and I do love Lynn and Leif's journey together. However, I would love for Lynn to get more agency over herself as a character where she can be whole outside of Leif. I get she is supposed to be "green" and have a continuous morphing outlooked on life given the way she was raised but sometimes Lynn comes off as being infantilized by Leif. Sometimes it reads like she traded one dominating and controlling father figure *her dad* for another *Leif*. I get their relationships have an element of Dom/sub but even still Lynn should come off as his wife/partner and an intelligent woman not someone who solely needs Leif to guide her through life or make all the smart decisions for her. But other than that I do like the series and the progression of their journey. I just hope as the story continues, Lynn can stand more in her independence, like the other female characters such as Linda/Janelle, not only as a wife but a person as well. I think she needs to learn she can still be submissive for her mom and still have all those feelings for him while still being a self-actualized character.


After a few sentences...I had to stop...yes it's that bad!

What ugly and nonsense story!

The author did a very poor job on this story. It seems the author has some serious gay issues mixed with some cuckold issues that were transported to this bad story.
This story lacks of creativity, nonsense, shallow, low context, poor written and it is not even hot nor sexy story.
this story is not enjoyable and it is such waste of time reading all the way through.

Slow or what ?

Not even slow burn as bugger all erotic has happened. Perhaps try moving this boreotica to the Barbara Cartland website....snore zz


There are some super duper sexy elements in here and great plot devices. Good bullying and Racial, feminized, cuckoldry awesomeness afoot. Well done. Is it your first story? I love it. I really hope that you keep it up. I also make cartoons in the same space of this story if you want to look me up... Devin Dickie.

I can't wait to see what happens in your universe next... and feel free to hit me up if you'd like to collaborate :)
devinwhitegurl at the G to the mail :)

Hi Marcus

Can you fix my wife's computer this weekend?

Superb story !

Loved when the "true cuckolding" happened, nice twist !

Another classic by SpamuelX

More of the exact same garbage we've seen 2000 times before. How do you write so much and never get any better? Are you even trying? If you aren't trying to get better, why are you dumping this garbage here?

To "hubby doesn't know -

You should publish instead of writing long comments.

5! Hey annony why did you

stay with the story if you fucking hated it so much. 4 pages!!!!! Come on man! You know you love this shit!!

That was brutal

I love race play and humiliation and all, but fuck, where was the sex in this story. Four pages and about 1/2 a page was sexual activity.

5!! Hey annony

It's fucking chapter 8!! E OI G H T !!! and you're still here reading! WTF is wrong with you dumbass


Really weird but not sexy.


YET another illiterate annonymous comment.

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