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I met a man almost the same way

I was in an antique store looking at a beautiful old coat rack for my hall when a man stepped up behind me and said "Nice Rack." I turned thinking some pervert was talking about my tits and he sheepishly nodded towards the coat rack. I blushed. He was like the man in this story, about ten years older than me and very black. We spoke for a while then he offered to buy me coffee. We talked for a while and then it became clear we were both turned on. We walked in the nearby park and I pulled him down a little used footpath. I was so turned on that I turn to lean on a tree, and simply slid my skirt up over my ass pulled my panties down and told him to fuck me. I had never done that before but I couldn't stop myself. And fuck me he did. Afterwards he drove me to his house where we stayed naked for the rest of the weekend. We celebrate our thirteenth anniversary in December.

What a cheap bunch of cuck crap!!! MINUS 5*!!!

Only real pervert or brain sick people can write such a low cuck crap!!!

I support this life style

I've always shown respect to black men, they deserve it and we should all grateful when we are permitted to worship and please their beautiful and delicious black cocks.

And how is Jeron as a man? A partner? A provider? A man?

She cheats on her husband and suddenly thinks she's in love?

Whatever. Jeremy is better off without her.

I would be seeing jag about having her served and the kids removed from her custody.

Get Jessica BBC pregnant!

To settle things, get Jessica BBC pregnant as this will make her more submissive to all black people and to ignore Michael as her husband, now cuckold . Natasha will get a kick out of Jessica proudly talking about her pregnancy to fellow teachers who will be happy for her as they don't know the truth. Michael will be left out until Shawn plans his move to a gay brothel to facilitate divorce between couple. Mistress Natasha could use Jessica to deliver to her a fellow white woman teacher, single and racist for coversion to a submissive BBC for black men and slave to dominant black women.

Caribbean Vacation!

Both my wife and I really liked this story and we have actually gone on several similar vacations. For us, the most exciting parts of the story were when he eased his huge cock into her tight, white pussy. She had an orgasm before he could get it all that way in. That has also happened to my wife when she was shoved full of man meat.

Also, we loved the way both the wife and the lover encouraged the husband to fuck her as sloppy as seconds. There is something very exciting about sticking your prick in your wife´s stretched out pussy after she has been properly fucked. While there was no friction, I came in about three thrusts.

This story made the point that most white wives can be convinced, fairly easily, by their husbands to go to the Caribbean. Once there, nature takes its course. My wife and I now have a Caribbean vacation once a year. However, it is even more exciting when she goes down by herself. Or, lately, since she convinced several of her white, married women friends to accompany her, we know they are all getting every woman needs and deserves.

Yes, a gangbang is in order

I love a man that lets his wife explore her desires. The man will never regret what happens. A gangbang is the ultimate high for me and knowing my husband is there is a real turn on xoxoxoxo Annette

So good!

Please go back to writing! I personally love this story!

Good Ideas

I've had similar thoughts as this and started several time to write something along these lines. There does seem to be a move in this direction, at least in the United States, and it's long over due. I've seen numerous reparation stories and even websites. It's pretty obvious tat Black men, if only given the same privilege as whites, would be the superior race. Breed white women with Black men -- that's how it should be.
I can't wait to read the next part. And I love it that the 't' in tommie is lower case. A great touch.
I've love to see the mother described more, perhaps tommie has a habit of watching the Black men fuck her. Also, how are white men kept from fucking white women? I presume there is a law preventing that except in procreation.
Is Gracie selected for Black breeding? I know any Black man can probably fuck her, but maybe she's ideal for breeding.
Good work.


u are leaving anonymous messages to your own stories to make u look credible. sad!!

Good series

JB, really liked this series and feel that you could continue this through the wedding and building of the House of Mei into a national chain using their families relatives as managers etc with issues, problems etc along the way. Just a thought as it seemed to end a tad to quickly. I give it a 5.

that sucked

u dont have much respect for women , do u?

Stunning. Reminds me of William Gibson's short stories.

Just Amazing

Ohhh I so wish there was more. I'd pay real good money to read more of this amazing series. Thank you so much for taking the time, please continue to write.

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