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I was not expecting that

What fun! Lovely, poetic sex, lively, light writing, great idea! (Can I say it? It was fabulous. Sorry someone had to)
No sequel possible, surely... except Aphrodite's? What did Persephone get up to down there? Europa?
Please continue!


Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to improve the story telling. Trying to keep this series naughty, but realistic, make Jess be bad, but not full up cuckold BBC slut bad...That's for other series. I do love the idea of her changing how she dressed, talks, the music she listens to, etc.

Will the Marriage Collapse?

Or will Jake accept Cuck status, as is typical in this story category?27b7

Amazing. 5 star work

I loved this chapter too. I totally missed Jake’s perspective though. It would have been nicer to have the husbands fears and suspicions out there along with some dialogue between Jess and Jake.
It would seem much more realistic if Jess has to confront questions from her husband or her kids (over Skype) about her clothes, appearance, etc....


A little long but the sex scenes were see a hit, looking for part 2++ hopefully the girls get to compare and share notes

Walk-Off Homer!

This cuck-fest was saved by the final paragraph where all of a sudden hubby grew a pair,videoed the cheating cunt of a wife and, stated that they were headed for divorce.
He really should have dumped her months before when their sex-life disappeared and he could tell that she was drifting away.


Like all cucks their brains are pea sized and in their cock end, I still don't get the mentally of a willing cuckold.
I thought at that when Freddy took her home on the second date Steve was going to tell Lizzie to tell Freddy it would only happen if he could be there and film the event.

So many others have requested it

Won't you please add another chapter to this amazing story? I loved the ending being open but would love another chance to see them all play again! I'm hoping they make it a foursome! Cheers!

Your wife is Black? So read stories about White Men and Black Women, assholes!!!

Why are you and your Black Wife policing stories about Black Men and White Women? And you are married to a Black Woman but you are throwing the word nigger around? Yeah right? You are lying you racist Piece of shit

Great read.

My second favourite story.

Ruined it

Couldn't get past the first few paragraphs: Teacher pulls his dick out and a student strips BEFORE students leave the room. Guy trips on his pants causing his pants and underwear to fall to his ankles.

That is just really bad writing.

love this type of story

I fantasized my wife with other men in many situations; and always with her being submissive. I fantasized her being "owned" by her sister's husband and him telling me when he was going to fuck her so I could watch through the window.... and of him loaning her to the black elder of their religious hall and also the elder's teenage son. I fanaticized the black elder taking her to a bar he owned to be used by his friends; and, that she was a teacher and the elder's son and several of his friends were students in her class..... and on and on.

barbi is now a slut for black dick. revenge is over

I think she always liked black dick. this was just an excuse to blow black guys. she travels one week out of the month. no doubt that diary is full of Barbi sucking black only dick. cant wait to read about her dressing sexy and showing off with with some black thug niggas on her travel weeks


No way would I accepted her cheating or her results of that cheating! I'd of divorced her as-soon-as I could. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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