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Good dev, but the end went downhill

The problem with male authors is the lack of a women's view.A mother can separate her slut side from her dutiful mother one.A woman so sexual at the point to forget about her own son(and she was very attached at the beginning), probably would die from a drug overdose.

Keep This Going!

This story really has potential! There is great tension, all kinds of possible amazing plot twists, don't let this one die!

Good Tension

I enjoyed the tension throughout your descriptive story. Please take us along with your juicy imagination to the next stages of Diana's temptations.

How long til chapter 6?

Chapter 5 shows him at the lowest. I hope that in chapter 6 he gets to see his kids. Also, his soon to be exwife needs to get hers.

Please Continue

I really enjoyed the build up. Please continue this story it could be one of the hottest IR stories on the site.

Great story. I can't wait to read Pt. 02!

re: 5 pages is not what I consider to be a long story.

Well, I've tested copying and pasting one full page into Word. I've done this several times, and they usually come out to 10 Word pages using an 11-point font. So five "literotica" pages translates to roughly 50 printed pages. Under most criteria, that's a long story.

I'll have some more

1. 5 pages is not what I consider to be a long story.
2. I didn't keep track of the elapsed time between Diana's initial discovery of the SD card and the end of this chapter but weeks and months were mentioned and that seems like a long time. If she needs this much time to get involved she may be too old by the time she makes the decision.
3. Have her approach Felicity to get started and she can see if she likes pussy as much as black cock.

I'm an indian from Oman. Loved it.

Keep at it

Interesting story and characters. Please continue to develop the story

Omg!! Wth!

This girl, Shauna, breaks up Tristan and Claudia only to go off and kill herself! She didn't even try to get Tristan to see her in a different light! Left her baby behind, although she's going to be cared for, still that's a BS way out. Now Tristan feels its all his fault for her demise. Smh wow!!!
Still love this story though.
Ms Sadi

Plaese continue

Have your curiosity get her seduced. She resists his approaches but he gradually breaks down her desire to remain faithful.

my wife

my wife has had about 4 or 5 black men fuck her senseless it is the best sex we have is when there is a black man with us

thanks pope

this was some bullshit she wrote

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