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It's not about rape, really

The lady had a fantasy of being ravaged by a black man, it lay dormant for a very long time and her situation was such that she would never go seek an encounter to fulfill a fantasy, even if it arose from dormancy to an active one. She would have suppressed it. Although she was not physically forced, the association with rape is in being denied a choice, which is the only way her fantasy could have happened. Once the responsibility of choice was taken from her, the long dormant fantasy came to the fore and she then participated enthusiastically in her ravishment. The revelation from having that fantasy fulfilled is that she enjoyed it so much that it turned into a need. So, she set it up to happen again - an invitation, if you will - and with it, an unspoken understanding between them on what will happen, given that he removed the coercive instrument over her head. The reference to abject fear could easily mean fear that the man would not show up for whatever reason. The last sentence is a mere play, since she was dressed for and eager to receive him.

I think it is probably best for the story to end here since a prolonged tale of a compulsive long-term affair would complicate her life to the point of likely destroying it and the man himself declared he didn't want that to happen. Interesting tale of fantasy fulfillment

OMG this is great

Please more. Please extend Richard's control over Ashley. And yes, the threat of pregnancy would be great too.

Thanks for the update

No rush or anything. Just wondering where you're at in the writing process. Thanks for the heads up.


I'm enjoying every story you write. I know life happens, but thank you for your submissions here. Selfishly I may ask for longer ones, but as long as the wait is not yearly, I'm a happy camper.

Still blushing...

Still improving

I see each of your successive stories improving along multiple fronts. This one has a great story line, but could be significantly improved by making a more logical connection between Sue's repulsed reaction at Lindsay's actions, and her own eventual capitulation. She seems to go from embarrassed to hear them in the next room to fucking the BBC and degrading her husband inexplicably fast.

cuckold husband

Erica and Tri seem to forget they are living in her husband's house. He provides
Erica 's living. Wondering how happy Erica will feel when Tri tries to support her and his baby on his income. Most couple fights are over money.
I'm thinking that's the conflict which is difficult to explore in the next chapter. Tri has no plans to move out.
I am surprised that Tri didn't convince Erica to get a tattoo that could be seen by her husband's friends. A tattoo such as the Queen of Spades.

Oh yeah

Ready for more having Trent doing both Lindsey and Sue at the same time. Having both Ben and Jim watching!

Office sex is wonderful

Great boss, great boyfriend, great office, great sex. Keep it coming. Xoxoxoxo Annette


Better than your first story (Stacy/Frank), but not as well executed as "Neighborly". I think Jessica moved from faithful wife (offended by even the suggestion she have sex with Fred) to accepting an invite to Fred's (knowing it would be for sex) in what...half an hour?

The story line was good, and the writing an improvement over your previous effort. I like your stuff.


I actually read your "Neighborly" series before this one. That series was awesome. This story less so. In this story, she progresses too rapidly from faithful housewife to slutty hotwife. Comparing to "Neighborly", you did not spend enough time here developing their thoughts, and taking us through their internal conflicts. The dialogue is somewhat stilted and trite. You improved that radically with "Neighborly". Good first try, and remarkable improvement since then.

new ideas

Show friend ship between darius n keisha
As they both like to conquer
But Darius as hero
May be darius n his core harem gets that immortality portion
A fucking scence of Venessa n Darius

Enjoying the series

I'm enjoying this series. I hope Malik will continue to expand Lauren's horizons as she is clearly made for this role.

Don't change your style

Even better than the first installment, with regard to writing. Characters are believable. Love the way you are in John's head. Dialogue very well executed. Keep up the good work!

omfg this was horrendous

worse than a samuel x story...... never thought i would say that


Very hot but the ******* were annoying,

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