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Happy hooker!

She be happy cuz she knocked up. Bitches loves being knocked up.


This be funny shit. He keep slappin the white ho.

Hello my name is Aimee I want a passionate man =) a meeting on a neutral territory write in https://bit.ly/2tVEoL3 username Aimee19)Phone number is listed in the pros!

Story sucks

Don't think much of this story. She needs to realize what she is about to lose and how her life is getting ready to change......all for the bad.

Hot story but these boring comments though........

it's funny. it's hot. it's unrealistic. Like a porn parody. Very entertaining. But all these haters though, one wrote "You know nothing about love!" Seriously, why are you even here then? looking for love? while saying bbc gangrape? Funny, a lot of black women here felt sorry for the white wife. Extremely rare from white women in reversal roles.... It's fiction and it's free. Chill, people..........

Oh, yeah, we love Ebony Queens lol

minis all the stars in the world your story is all bull shit you are trying to change the thinking of white people fuck you and all the other scum bags like you eat shit and die you are the world biggest low life piece of shit in the world..


Having lived in Asia, I know this is true. Indian men loved to shake hands with my wife and touch her creamy white skin. You could see the lust in their eyes. My wife was amazed at how bold they were. We often talked about how they would love to do as this man did.

Please finish!!

This story is awesome. I hate he came back that night, but I had a feeling he would. They need to have a conversation. Bradley also spoke truths to her. Lonnie gave her a good read. Please finish this, please!!


I don't know where everyone gets this image that all black men have 10+" clocks but it is not true, only 1%- 5% of the world is above 8" , and it is divided by all ethnic groups. I am white, and I am 11", but I am a minority when it comes to big cocks.

What a sad load of cuck crap.!!!

Hope it ends

In divorce and her and her lover dying a slow death Aids Auto accident A sling fall from a balcony onto a concrete sidewalk sounds great also


Leaves a story like you did and doesn’t finish? I guess you do

Keep it up

Why are the haters always cowards hiding behind Anonymous

Total trash

I'm so beautiful I can have any man I want. Robert is the janitor at my bank. He is 5'8" and 321lbs, but he has a bbc. He also has herpes and early stage syphilis, but he does have a bbc. He has an 8th grade education, and barely speaks coherently, but he has a bbc. I will lose my husband and family, but I want the bbc. Bull shit!


I sure hope your working on the next chapter to this store. Looking forward to reading it soon. I hope!!!!

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