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are you going to keep on this series?

Asian men rock

As a great looking white woman who now only dates Asian men, don't pay attention to the haters. I find most of the Asian men I've met to be highly intelligent, polite, well groomed, educated and great cooks. With their coal black sexy eyes, silky thick hair and golden tan, smooth skin, these guys rock in bed, and are talented, imaginative lovers that are still pumping iron well into their 80's when other men are popping Viagra hoping for a miracle.
You men are lions and tigers. Don't let the raging insecurity of European men thwart you from asking a pale princess out for a date and more. We are juicy peaches waiting for your touch-

Why are all the kardasian sluts fucking niggers?

Good story, should have gotten more

Laura is a very disciplined lady. Had it been me I would have done anything for more of Thomas's big cock. I would have also asked him to call a few of his friends so I could give my husband a good visual of our vacation in paradise. Thanks, please go back for more. Annette

Your writing is mighty fine.

Sl2, don't let the petty criticisms get you down. To quote the great composer Sibelius "No one builds monuments to critics!" And then he'd smack the asshole over the head with a heavy beer stein. A fine Finn indeed!

As for the childish delusions of the académiquists to dictate your writing...spellcheck and other word replacing functions are coded by homophone-phobic, illiterate programmers. Frankly & Ernestly I enjoy the intellectual effort of punny errors and comedic word play abusing the language.

As for how you post your stories, is your choice. Myself, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer to take the extra time and post a story in it's entirety. That has become my preference.

I look forward to your future stories and please remember, you have a staunch supporter and defender in your corner.

Sooo good

Love this one! More like this please :)

I concur with LLA&B

this story is interesting, and I will follow it. That being said a good grammer check program and spell check will improve it from a 4 to a 5

So true.....

For a work of fiction, this has an awful lot of truth in it. Ann's first anal/vaginal DP worked out almost exactly the way my first DP did. To this day, that combination of Men's cocks makes me cum like a roman candle....over and over and over. Of course we know that Ann will be back for jacen, that she will become a full-fledged whore for Him. I would too!

Thank God both of them are taking steps to break off their engagements.

Deacon need to be the first person on Stephen's list to question about that stolen money. Not saying he is guilty but that is a good place to start since Deacon works closely with Stephen.

Danielle is going through some things which is understandable but she need to stop feeling sorry for herself. Everything seem to be good so far. If she want to be independent and survive on her own she need to refocus that anger into more positive thoughts. It is too tiring and she will be lonely keeping to herself and being mad at the world.


I don't usually leave comments but I wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your story. The flow of it is really nice and the plot is something different then what you normally see here which is great!! Great job!! By the way don't let the so called self proclaimed "critics" distract you, do your thing!

maybe she's meant to be written...

Incredibly unlikable. Maybe I missed something in my reading, but doesn't she just have to stay with them until she leaves for school? How is that ruining her life and making all her plans fall apart? She's still going to school, maybe she's written angsty and dramatic because she's a teenager. I understand her not wanting him to call her pet names, but thinking of correcting him to let him know she's not beautiful, seriously?!?

Maybe you could be a little descriptive with your characters. The cowboy is super general and could look like anything, and all we know about Danielle is that she's overweight and considers herself lighter than darker.


You done started something you better finish! 5 STARS

Aww I was so into it! Please keep the chapters coming

You need an editor

The flow of your writing is fine. When you mess up your tenses and don't change misspelled words, it makes for a rough read. There are editors on this site. Btw, "thirdly, there are many chapters to this story." is what you should have typed.

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