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I actually....

...don't care for the spanking, but detailing what Sam is proves interesting, as well as Zena's research with him. I actually think this is too brief, but since I'm glad to see this new installment so soon, I'll say it offsets that. 5*

This looks promising.

Good start. It makes the reader feel that he/she is intruding on an intimate moment but can't avert their eyes or redirect their hearing because whatever is going on is quite intriguing. I look forward to the next chapter.


Your story is sooo freaking good! Hoping to see more soon!

very intriguing and captivating introduction


Very hot, very atmospheric, very filthy! Excellent pacing of the story and beautifully written. Really, really loved it. 5 stars from me. Deserves 10.

More Please

Please come back with a bang sooner than later. Not too sure how many more times I can re-read the story


Thanks! I hope you enjoy parts 3 and 4 as much as these first two.


There's something I find attractive about the idea of unrestrained impulse leading to overwhelming mutual satisfaction. I'm glad the wantonness paid off for you.

Love and Appreciation

No matter how long it takes, a real fan will wait. If I have to wait 5 years from now to purchase all of your books I will because I feel and know you're worth it and never forget that 😘 -Blessings


LOVED this with Dan and Jenice. Ch. 4 was everything and more to wait for!

The build-up was almost too painful but now I see it was worth it. It's lovely to see how they really connected and how well they understood each other--without having told each other anything before now. I would still though LOVE to see this continued.

This is so a 5! Loved it every way possible.

you have to continue....

I love this updated version and I love Camilla telling Elias grand gestures wont work. If he truly loves her he would wait and I firmly believe he will considering how dickly he was to her. Its gonna take a lot to prove he changed and I hope theyll be a part two to this story.

Don't know...

...how I missed reading this part after ch. 1!

Enthralling and so hot. They're connecting and I love how you picture her internal struggle on telling him more/wanting to share with him. They both want each other for more than the sex and I hope I'll be reading that soon. Love the alternation of him/her/them. Brilliant in detail and premise. 5*

think I'll give the rest of this one a miss

Looks like you're heading down the usual well trodden path

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