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"Ally" Cynthia

I think it's quite interesting that Cynthia is taking sides with Nick. Telling that he's special to her as well. My assumption, Cynthia is very aware, that David isn't only a danger to Nick's marriage, but to her relationship with Nicole as well.
Will Cynthia try to influence Nicole in the future? Advising her to be careful with David and his cohorts and not to risk her marriage to Nick. Would give another angle to the story.
Curious if JC includes Cynthia as a minor character in the next chapters.

Please continue


Please continue your story especially the parts about tattoos and piercings my special fetishes I always come and check into see if there is a new chapter to this special story.

Best wishes Fres

Wasted Time reading this garbage.

What a politically correct pile of BS called "The Wisdom of Solomon." I bet the author had tears filling his eyes as he showed us the wonders of tolerance, you know, like the tolerance you receive when you accidently wander into a certain section of town and your skin is too light.

Can't wait til chapter 9

I wonder how this relationship will work out.

What a thoroughly lovable cast of characters......not!

It kind of helps if you can LIKE someone in the story but this crew.....garbage 2*

We need more.

So far, this is a great story. You got me hooked. Keep writing.

Nick and Nicole's differing points of view

Again, thanks to Jaycuck for a thoroughly entertaining story, it’s the sign of a good author when they can keep so many people so impassioned about a topic and the characters that they keep coming back for the next installment even if they have issues here and there.

I know there is a certain literary license to suspend belief in some instances but sometimes I think things also go a little bit too far to suit the storyline and believability has to be suspended. I understand pushing the envelope to create something new but an audience also needs to be able to see some truth in the situation.

What David does with Nicole is between Nicole and David. If she wants to run off with him and be treated as a submissive accepting whatever David is will to put her through that’s her call. Some people find being submissive to others a huge turn on and apparently Nicole is one of those people with few, if any, boundaries. Even in her submissive role though, it is disconcerting that she has not only sided, but also colluded, with David against Nick at every turn – from lies and manipulation at their first personal meeting, not speaking up or at least distancing herself when David took the side of his slimy rapist “clients” against a friend of Nick’s in a situation where David’s friends actions were literally criminal, and now, by all indications, wanting both her and Nick to be tattooed while she gets pregnant by David and provides services for David and his black friends and clients. No matter how you slice it, her actions show a complete lack of respect and very little, if any, love for her husband – when you side with someone outside your marriage to in an effort to lie and manipulate your spouse you need to take a serious step back and ask yourself if you should really be married at all. We also got the hint that she is still hold things in reserve which is not a good sign for a sustained marriage. Marriages are, after all, a union between two people that want to be together, not two people that have to be together. But that, I suppose it what the story is all about – Nicole’s is innately selfish and this story is her path of discovery to explore her needs and determine what best suits her; whether that’s a marriage to Nick, a series of exploratory relationships with others, or a combination of the two that she can arrange.

What Nick is willing to deal with is a different issue. As time has progressed Nick has been able to experience more and more of the real David (and, I might add, a view of the real Nicole that isn't too appealing), as evidenced by David's lack of ethics in both his personal and business matters – the first dinner where David and Nicole started to involve Nick in their plans, the Cassidy attempted drug-rape episode, and now the desire to brand both Nicole and Nick as David's property while granting Nicole’s services to any and all he wishes while Nicole spends more and more time away from her family. David’s behavior and actions are not those of someone that any reasonable person would trust with legal or personal issues dealing with an individual, family, or business and yet Nick, as an astute and keen business man, father, and husband goes along with it all. David’s attitudes and actions are so bad I’m surprised that the fact that Collin introduced Nick and Nicole to David, even with a minor heads up, hasn’t made Nick seriously step back and reevaluate his business relationship with Collin. I know Nick loves Nicole and is willing to do just about anything not only for her but also to satisfy his own submissive cuckold desires but there comes a point where the selfish actions and behaviors of an involved partly are clearly at odds with the basic interests of the members of your family (as individuals, to the business, to the survival of the marriage, to the well-being of the children, and to the family as a whole) that you need to walk away. That doesn’t mean he has to walk away from Nicole, who he loves, but it does mean in the best interests of himself and his children that he needs to let it be known that he is walking away from this particular situation severing his ties with David. That would inevitably put a huge strain on his relationship with Nicole which would, in itself, provide a great deal of tension with Nick and the girls as they try to determine how to cope with the absence of Nicole and whether her absence will be intermittent, temporary, semi-permanent, or unknown in duration.

As always, stories can go in many different directions and take us on a journey of surprises. It will be interesting to see the direction this one goes and what Jaycuck has in store.


Please update this story is literally sooo amazing!!. And you are amazing!

His pig wife tells him he gets angry than they talk nice than she says let's think about it. Think about what her being passed around like some white pig for all his black friends to abuse while he wants Dave to get a tattoo also to show he's a wimp loser who will let his wife be abused . He found someone who wants and loves him and even considering being tattooed and passed around like some prostitute his wife is gone . He should take the cage out and smash it in front of her , tell her it's over and if she even considers any of what he wants than their marriage is over make the deseion now . I don't want to stomp on people for there desired sexual preference but this cuck think is a sexual abnormality and for a real loving wife to want some other guy to dominat her and her hubby is nuts. To agree to cage yourself and not be allowed to fuck your own wife is crazy or talk to her in her undies. She has zero respect for her husband and her kids to act like this and for her to even consider having a little black baby is a disgrace, what would her kids think of her and their father. That guy wrote on her and made her hang out with him and his friends who are all waiting to gangbang her and she allowed it and deep down wants to make it permanent. She ignored her hubby after asking him to have coffee was that just to abuse him with her black friends , to send him a message. Hope he puts the guy in his place on the golf course and acts like a man and if it doesn't go his way than divorce his wife and see if she really wants to abandon her family to be a used up pig , crack whores are treated like that not smart married women. She has no class, no self esteem and no respect for her kids and hubby. Jay writes a entertaining story and I get people like this lifestyle but it truly is abnormal on both hubby and wife's parts . If hubby allows this black rich bully to control him more and pass his wife around like a low class prostitute who will carry his black kid than hubby should put all money and assets in his kids names and go jump off a bridge and end his pitifull existence. I think hubbys girl is to tough to allow him to be abused and maybe jay would like to turn this around and make Nicole the cuck to hubby and his girl not a bad twist

Question Age?

I know this question has been asked, but for me agian. How old are Nick and Nicole? And how old are their daugthers April and Jasmine? Thank You already for your answer.


Keep them coming or should I say cuming!


I'd like to see more about the daughter, her boyfriend, and the stud.

good story

Lots of negative crap from people who should not have even read this story, except to criticize and moan. I liked it, have no bad comments, unlike some other "readers" and would enjoy a followup.

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