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Kids? Why? She's a twat and he's a cuck! Some role models for kids!
And they better hope they're not doing the STD Boogie after fuckin' aroud with Sam SPADE and his Jig-A-Boos!

The build up was very good and erotic. If I was John though, I would have to reach out and touch Richard's big black cock. And maybe even suck it after he shoots his load into Ashley.
Who is Stacey? About a third of the way down on this page is where you will see her name.

bigger question annony is wtf you read these, all of these

stories and then bitch like the fag you really are. You have sucked so much cum from your dead ex wife's cunt you are considered a gay fag cuckold.

Welcome to the land of no consequences

Somehow the husband is bloodied without any repercussions... That's not the way the world works. But the bigger question for these all too common wimp husband stories is why are they married?


I found this story to be interesting from start to finish...well done!
Btw still waiting to see what happens to Samatha

Just when I thought you'd run out of the same, tired, shitty ideas, you write a story with a fucking ESKIMO?

I've figured out, LONG ago, that you get off on insults and rejection. At times, I've been certain you must be mentally retarded. At other times, I suspected you were some psychologically damaged cuck-freak. "Bisexual Nigerian School Crossing-Guard Shares Paraplegic Sister With Pakistani Dominatrix Lunch Lady"? Actual Spamuel-X story? The sad thing is, you can't be sure it isn't unless you actually check. All the fucked up titles share the same generic formula--like you roll some dice and consult a fucking CHART, or pull "noun" "verb" "adjective" out of some fucking BOWLS, or something.

And now, you're starting in on the Goddam ESKIMOS!? Why don't you just toss your piece of shit computer into a trash compacter and then jump in after it?

If you got hit by a fucking train today, I can pretty much guarantee that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, would say, "Gosh. I haven't seen any new Spamuel stories for a while now. I hope he's okay. I can't wait to waste my time reading another regurgitated, fill-in-the-blank, Mad Lib pile of feces."


Good story

This was a really good story. I loved the fact the wife got black bred like all white girls/women should be. As her pregnancy progresses she will grow to love the black baby growing in her white belly.

Good but...

It's a really good story but you have major problems structuring your dialogue and shifting perspectives. I hate dialogue too. It can be a pain but a story really needs it. Keep writing. (:

Sometimes one vocabulary mistake can take the edge off

There are 3 words I see used in the wrong places in stories here that really bug me:

taunt -- to berate or belittle to provoke someone
taut -- stretched tight
taught -- past tense of teach

Seeing the wrong one where another should be kinda kills it

Otherwise a fun story.

Asia's Persuasion Pt. 02

Please, keep up your story!

What a delightful start and this story unfolds in your eyes, it's a magical experience that all can feel. So enchanting!

my wife loved this,very simular to our usual experiences but I always stay and join in

Thank you Alyxa!

I read this series a few months ago and I was hooked! You're a great writer!

I enjoyed the surprise ending

I was expecting one of those wimp cuckold stories that, in fact, I adore. I hate those BTB sagas where the oh-so-smart husband plots mayhem.

Because I was expecting him to go in one direction, I liked it that he suddenly and with no self-indulgent, "I'm so much smarter than my wife and her lover" bullshit, wrapped it up.

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