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Why are reading Interracial stories? Find something you like and stay there.

Final Chapters

As I said in an earlier comment, I submitted Chapters 6 and 7 but they were rejected. If I had any way to get these chapters to you readers I would do that. The next two chapters become a bit surreal before morphing back into a believable reality. Because Literotica refused to publish the next two chapters I didn't bother to finish the story. Note that these five chapters are all over the Internet and have proved to be very popular. I don't understand why they have been refused. I emailed several times but received no response.
Personally I have only posted these five chapters here.

eviltwin52 stop replacing your sex life with this site

it isn't helping you. Sure it is obvious to your readers that you don't have a sex life, but even the most disgusting pathetic loser can get laid today, get off your fucking couch and go out and find someone. Otherwise, you're going to go further down this path and end-up a fat old man, on your knees sucking cock.

The answet

My affair was because of issues we were having at the time. Her affair was probably unresolved issues stemming from my affair. Was I a bad husband, sometimes yes sometimes no. Was she a bad wife...no.

Life and relationships are rarely black and white (no pun intended given the subject matter). When the relationship ended it was because we both felt that the marriage had run its course. There was little animosity and we are still close friends. Causation us not always as simple as you believe. Sometimes critical thinking is required.


Eric seems to have a lot of stamina hes at it all the time. Can't wait to see what happens at the party.


Nothing against IR stories but did you have to make her a "self-described racist"? I mean really? If she was racist, she wouldn't have touched them with a 10 foot pole. I'm racist, I don't like -----. I don't like the way they look, the way they smell...nothing about them is appealing. If I were stuck on a deserted island with nothing but sheep and those women, I would be celibate.

During WWII, while the Jews might have been exterminated by the Nazis, the women were never raped, the Nazis considered it worse than sleeping with an animal...sadly, the liberated women were raped by the Soviets but that's a different story. And that's my point, racism means the particular race disgusts you and that makes sex a little difficult. Would you get hard looking at a 750 lb woman? Probably not. If she were racist, every black person would be the equivalent of a 750 lb person.

So why did you and Carole divorce?

I mean, there had to have some unresolved issues that caused it and it evidently wasn't her affair that caused it.

As for the sex, it seemed realistic; but take it out and basically: You cheated, she cheated and now you're divorced. How was the sex worth it? Why stay with you just to leave you later? Why not stay with the man who wanted her so much, he asked her to leave you?

Please Continue!

I'd love to see a follow up where we find out how things at home, school and in town play out now that everything is out in the open! Is she told to turn out her friends or even her mom? Do her parents punish her? Does she go into porn? Does she fail for missing class so much and get forced to repeat senior year? Does she get even more nasty and submissive with piercings and tattoos? More public humiliation? Plus, will we find out how many times she watched the video, which led to her being fully exposed? A story this good with this many hanging threads deserves to be continued! Please do!

I favorited your story....

Loved your story. I'm sure I'll read it many more times when I can't seem to find any new true stories of white girls gone black.... I am always on the search for true accounts written by women of their own black cock addition. I would love to be reincarnated as a white woman addicted to black cock.....
I would appreciate it if other members would send me names of women authors who tell their true stories....

Love your story

please write another one!
i love to see more from sophia and trisha


So, was the spawn weaned before she was stoned?

Really appreciate your time to write good story had similar experiences x cheated on me had a hard time dealing with it so our afterwards sex wasn't very good start to have premature. Ejackulation never had it before her affair

good story

suggest a sequel where he fucks her ass and she does ass-to-mouth

One of the best

Simply put, one of the best I have read here in a long time. . . Well thought out. . and put togather in a way that tortures until the very end!

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