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Good so far

A refreshing change from all these black males and a situation I know exists. One problem is that you are suggesting that two people that will fuck in a classroom, use words like slut, ghetto, cock and cunt are going to shy away from one word that is essential to the whole "black slave" fantasy. "Negress"? Really? Words are noises of air. Don't let the whiny children of PC ruin a good story; especially one that is only read by people who, if easily offended should fuck off to an Enid Blyton site. The missing word is, of course, nigger. Anyone doesn't like it can read the "Romantic" section or sod off to a children's story site.


Not loving wife, she had this in her mind at all stages. Erotically written and would have given it 3 but the content is definitely not for me. I will not be continuing with this. Cannot abide CHEATING wives, should be a catagory just for this type of story.

Usual racist crap

Will not be pursuing this tale of a mad man giving up his wife to get fucked and then whored out by blacks to blacks. Only trailer trash would allow it. Story done so many times b4 just different scenario's....boring

My wife loves big black cock too

I've watched my wife get pounded by a black friend of mine with a huge cock it was great. Never had several on her at once but were trying to find a few she'd agree with.

Exciting fantasy! Anticipation! Stimulation from the fear of discovery! Felt the orgasm! Need to stimulate a pair of sleeping 38DDD! Turned on! Awaiting Chapter 2.

I don't usually like mystery with my smut, but I'm invested now.

Never stop writing. Ever.
On a separate note, I don't agree with any of the other commenters. I think I have a right to know about a man who has had his hand all up in my kittycat. Consequences and all, I choose A, but it's looking like no one else trusts him? Am I the only one who questions his past life?

Alternatively, I choose D - he makes good on that delicious threat of the belt. ;)

Thanks Bobnbobbi.

One thing I've tried to do is keep it honest. And as close to what I feel would happen in reality.

B or C!
Asking about that woman is gonna fuck everything up lmao but asking about his portraits could lead to him fucking her brains out!! Anything but A!

Truth in fiction

Ag's comment that the story is fiction does not mean at all that "The Awakening" is not a stylized version of truth, reality. It is real, it does happen to real people, been there, lived that as Dylan's song says "Both Sides Now".

If you're going to vote on this story, please do so based on the merit of the writing and storytelling and not from any moral high ground or outrage because your beliefs or principles on the sanctity of marriage have been affronted.



I should be flattered at least, that it evoked enough moral outrage that you felt compelled to respond. A few things though;

1). This is a story about infidelity
2). Please look up 'infidelity' in the dictionary
3). This is a work of fiction
4). Please look up 'fiction' in the dictionary

You've totally missed the defining point in this story. It's not Mikes fault. 'Mike' is a decent, confident, capable man. He's every man. He's you, and he's me. He's 99.9% of the male population.

This story is about what happens when a loving wife meets the 0.1%. The exception to the rule; the exceptional.

I asked a number of my female friends (married, single and divorced) to put themselves in Jane's position at that moment and asked what they would do. All of them would have bedded Charles and dealt with the consequences afterwards.


Yas yas yas!!

More! I need to know what happens. Things just got so real I love this story more than you can imagine. i ENVY Grace so wheres the option to jump into his arms??? But I’m with anon, it’s a little early to go poking around his life if it IS his wife or exwife or lover. Or sister who knows? C all the way

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