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Switch Steriotype

Why not have Rick decide he was at fault and needs to take all the blame. He then would write on Facebook, etc. that he is divorcing Angie because he cheated on her and that she deserves to be free to find a good man.

Fucking Awesome FifthEstate

I almost didn’t read this because the scores were low, but I’ glad I did, it’s the best kept secret on Literotica. I have no idea why it’s not rated higher, but I personally think it’s the best chapter so far! Great character build-up FifthEstae! I can’t wait for chapter 6!


I agree, a confession and a confidence with her friend would be a nice touch.

I just saw there is a Chapter 2! Oh well, I hope there's a chapter three.

Ideal Situation For Their Marriage

If a couple is into wife sharing this is a perfect way to handle it, up front and totally honest.

This story definitely deserves a chapter two and I'd like to see an expansion of their world to include other men, perhaps Jim or other team members.

Hot Story

Ignore the haters.
Other than a few typos, you did a good job carrying us along on a journey.
Big black cock is impressive and deserves to be honored, by being sucked and fucked.
Stay at it, write more. I'll read them for sure.


I’m a straight married white male with a hot wife but I gotta admit I’m hooked on this story , loving it and hoping Eric , the straight white guy sucks black cock because he wants too. Have I imagined? Put my self in this story as Eric? Yes I have 😫

Well I didn't mind it.

I specially Liked when Rob eats the cum from her pussy.

Tremendous Work

It has been awhile since I read a story 3 times. Your best work by far and the writing is excellent. The pace was just right, slowly revealing a submissive slut behind a prim and proper wife. I am so excited for this party, what she’s going to wear, who and how many will fuck her, so many possibilities and of course the epic transformation to a street walker. You really outdid yourself on this one.

Good for Ashley

More Black men should be more bold about asking or hinting White women to carry their seed. If mixed race pregnancies were extremely common, there'd be less prejudice. A very hot story.- Charles

Epic Honeymoon

18 Chapters and three years next month. Don't the owners want their cottage back?. Lots more to explore with these two, now end the damn honeymoon already!.

Love this epic saga but life needs to go on for Lynn and Leif. They need to get back to the Big Apple pronto.

Not sure what the haters want

To those hating on this well-written story, what were you hoping to read in a story from the "Interracial Love" section? Happy white couple - wife gets hit on by black guy - wife turns him down and everyone lives happily ever after? This is erotic fiction. And in a story labeled with the "cuckold" tag you pretty much have 2 choices: husband is or ends up a willing cuckold, or he is cuckolded without his knowledge and permission. There are plenty of both types in this section (and we're still not sure which one Eric will end up being). Go to back to the "Romance" section and stay there.

For those who are expecting a different outcome

Dont bother. Like most stories in this section this is pretty cookie cutter. Wimp white husband, black "thug", naive white wife willing to give up love and marriage for some dick. There is no imagination in this section minus a few stories. Next chapter will have the husband become a willing cuck who cleans his wife after sex and probably suck the guys dick. Because thats what all the other stories here have written why should this one be any different.

Great Story

It's nice to see a story with a husband who just likes to see his wife have sex with other men. No black domination, no wife being taken away, no cheating wife. Just a hot situation with everyone having a great time.

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