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Your ending sucked he didn't love her any more fucked her sister and you had to go and do a dumb ending

And what Dr. Tresor also forgot to tell:

The nigga was identified and - as it is usually done in America - was shot a couple of times into his balls and his dumb head. Why is it that niggas always think that working with their dicks will bring them a career?


I was not expecting that to happen. His death and reincarnation is an awesome twist! I wasn't sure of the story in the beginning, now I don't know what to expect! I can't wait to see how this turns out!


you are well and able to continue this fine tale.

I might die without more

Please write more of this story. It was so good.

Story has a lot of potential

I kinda agree with the other comments about the tone or flow of the story.
As a writer, you have to recognize how your audience will see each of your characters. I like Gio, Mia is still undecided. Bur Sarah (Gio 's mom) cracks me up... That one line "I'm not leaving Mia's side. She's the daughter I always wanted Gio to be." I had to stop to laugh my ass off.

Like the deep penetration on this story! Also like the fact that they were ugly, yet the women were overcome with lust. Me and the wife enjoyed this one very much!

Exciting Story

Not sure real, fantasy type story, but quite erotically stimulating, we both enjoyed this story, very hot
Carol n Steve

New to Litrot?

This is new to Litrot, correct? but it has been printed prior elsewhere?

More please

Want to see them submit further, and see how the trip to visit auntie Rose goes and maybe how there wedding goes ...... More please........

Yea the whole not having bad hair bull and being so distinctive, i.e. too beautiful to be black mess could have been left out easily. Right now for me, Mia isn't the most likeable character.

A "hmm" episode this one..

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed this time. While I didn't have great expectations on the Peru trip episodes (and instead I got really pleasantly surprised about how you developed the story) I was looking for this one to come and instead found it a bit like a filler. Not a big problem, after 17 episodes isn't easy to find good plots. Anyway, I'm looking forward for the next one, seems interesting.
You're doing a great job.

Like some already said the story is good but the whole thing with Gio's mother is way too much, its unrealistic, to feel sympathy is one thing but to declare your love for a complete and total stranger is another.

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