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I'm locked in

I'm looked in to this collection. I've read all Velvet in the last few days. Can't wait to read more

Good start!

Another good story from you. Can't wait for part 2!

"The small bed reverberated with Finn's laugh."

Only thing I really noticed was this, the small bed shook with Finn's laugh or maybe vibrated. Not reverberated, that's a sound that can be heard, not felt.

I wouldn't worry too much about an editor, you're doing really well.

I'm not a daddy fan either - but I get that some people are into that which is fine with me. I loved Cassia's character in chapter one and after that first chapter felt that there was loads of potential for the story. That being said, I found this chapter felt a bit rushed and odd to me. So it left me questioning where can it go from here? But I am willing to find out. Thanks for sharing it!

1 Bombs for Interracial

Yeah, I got a few of these along with the usual indignant racist comments. I've decided to disallow anonymous feedback for this genre. Cracks me up though how these guys say they hate reading about interracial sex, but take the time to thoroughly read it and then comment...and then read it again and again and again. Too funny

Great story

I dont usually like BBC cuckold stories. But this one is so much more realistic than 'the others'. It's like a true story. The sex and plot are hot. Good one.

Now if you were to develop love story with it as well, sheesh!


You revel in the telling of your experiences, but do you know how disgusting it is to normal, white America? I mean, you were a black cock whore, which isnt a crime, but yet you were married to a impotent old fuck who couldnt ring your chimes. I mean this is so far removed from my reality I dont know what to say.


Incredible! You are a beautiful story teller. You did the damn thing on this series!

So sad

that you married an old guy who was uptight sexually. That has led to you being a slut as you certainly agree per your title. Why not marry a young marine, who could show you the good life, and grow old together? Instead, you are left chasing orgasms from misogynists who have no repsect for you, or your family.

Sizzling Embrace!!! YEAH!!!

Adjoaq you are the best! I am so happy that you are on this list. You are a great writer. I have enjoyed all your stories be it in the Gay Romance listing or Interracial. KUDOS HUN!!



I loved the way you brought out her blossoming submissive side and his natural dominance. Amerasian women have always been My favorites since I first dated such a girl in middle school.

Please continue with more.



Thank you for giving us a wonderful ending to an amazing love story.
Also Congrats to you for best lit. stories of 2015...you're awesome

Nice one

If not for the back breaking work, being a field hand also meant you got a lot of pussy in those days

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