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wallace and new lifestyle

I'm very glad to see that, other than Harry, there's also a younger man ready to fuck Tracy and keep on her transformation form boring housewife into a horny slut for black cock.
I hope that Wallace will give more than a single fuck in a day to Tracy, but most of all i hope he will give her first analfuck to introduce then into double penetration (with Harry obviously).
Anyway i can't wait to see next chapter, because i know that Cockhole has got lots of plans to make us very glad.

Keep reading!

@Anonymous: You call the story utter racist rubbish, but you obviously read it from beginning to end. Stories about white women being taken by black men are what you find on this site, right? I'm glad that you secretly enjoyed it.

Comparison with FWB and Karma

Despite Jay’s disagreement that Ripples hasn’t ended like “Friends with Benefits” there certainly are a lot of similarities.
Both heroes have opened the door to their wife’s leaving them by becoming cuckolds.
The blow of losing their wives was cushioned by the arrival of a beautiful clever, new, younger, partner who’s looks were so stunning that neither cuckolded husband thought they were good enough for her.
The break up of both marriages were low key with neither husband really rubbing their wives faces in their duplicity.
In both cases custody of the child / children was surrendered without a dispute.
Both black winning villain lovers had wingmen, De Marco and Marcus who also lusted after the cheating wives and helped break up the marriages.
Both the new women in our hero’s lives were not in awe of black men but had lesbian tendencies.
Both wives resented any connection their husband was forming with another woman even though they were already in love with their black lovers.
Becca concealed her growing feelings for DeShawn from her husband before the fateful Disney trip and did conceal that she planned to do more than just meet up with her lover but did tell him she was going to stay in Florida with her lover once John had to return home. Despite this relatively short lived betrayal the “Karma bus “ runs over DeShawn and Becca has a real hard time of it at the hands of Marcus finishing up a battered mother having to rely on the charity of DeShawn’s parents.
Compared with Becca, Nicole took the betrayal of Nick’s trust to a completely new level.
Nicole revealed that she had been cheating on Nick since the point at which she had broken up with Colin, or to be more accurate Colin left her in favour of going into business with Nick.
So Nicole was cheating with David for the year she was supposedly just with Nick and Cynthia and during the time she spent on holiday with Cyn described in Stolen Moments, when even though she professed her love for her girlfriend and considered leaving Nick to be full time with Cyn, her cheating with David never entered her thoughts. Remember it was Nicole’s POV story.
I am surprised Nick didn’t angrily point out all of David’s lies
Re reading the description of the way Nicole and David completely deceived Nick at the dinner and subsequent meeting in his office when Nick agreed to what he thought was the start of his wife‘s cuckold relationship with David, hearing David proclaim that he would never put their family or marriage at risk when all it was in fact doing was just bringing into the open a year-long cheating relationship .
No wonder we never got any details of sex between David and Nicole other than the supposedly first blow job at the sham meeting, or any idea what had changed Nick’s view of David between the start up meeting and one month later after the conference Nick first slept with Cassidy.
Either Jay hadn’t decided that Nicole had been cheating for the previous year or he didn’t want to give the game away by describing their behaviour.
Yes, if Karma punished Becca so harshly and killed DeShawn then poor Nicole is heading for mega pay back. David is going to be disgraced and go to jail for whatever the District Attorney had on him, of course stripping away all his money. De Marco only made out with Nicole in the car park and arranged the Swatting on Nick’s house yet he is being jailed and will lose his job.
Nicole will be alone, pregnant or a new mother and penniless after David’s incarceration and the irony of her divorce settlement will bite her in her sexy bum. I expect she will become the Queen of the Organisation becoming a kept woman to be used by any member.

You continue

to write complete and utter racist rubbish, and why would a perfectly decent white wife decide she wanted to look like a skank with a white and black baby. You are obviously incapable of writing anything else so give up. I notice that you do not give details in your bio so obviously a black man trying to convert more white wives to your own kink. Utter crap.

Develop two separate relationships

I think you need to give each couple their own story. Let them grow and experiment without becoming an intimate four-some beyond suggestive comments... Perhaps explore the wonders of pregnant and postpartum bodies. Leave some suprises for down the road.

Keep writing!

Please ignore those negative comments from critics who try to teach you how to write, but they misspell the simplest words like "it's" and "spelled."

I hope you continue to write and improve if this is truly your passion. Best wishes and thanks for being courageous enough to share your work!

Also, another thing you failed to address

Nikki kept trying to fuck Nick over and over and over. Even when it was obvious they tried to drug Cassidy so they could pretty much rape her, they all act like it's nothing big. Sure, DeMarco got arrested, but other than that nothing. She kept trying to fuck over Cassidy and Nick, and you just wrote Nick so fucking passive in this whole thing, it's sickening. How in the hell did you think there could be anything amicable between Nick and his ex-wife or Cassidy and his ex-wife?

Love the story. Love your writing. Can't wait to read the next series. Keep up the good work.

JayCuck Update v.2

Kids: Writing children, kids, young adults on Literotica is tough. It just is. I included Jasmine and April in the story because it's realistic for a suburban couple, but I've never tried/intended to make them central to the story. Literotica is careful, and appropriately so, when it comes to minors in stories. Nicole doesn't abandon her children, and that's something that comes up in the next series. If the story seems inconsistent w/ regard to Jasmine and April that's due to me trying to tread carefully.

On another note, it's unfortunate if the ending of Ripples causes some readers to stop reading past or future series, but I understand. I've been there in my own reading. Hopefully, I'll write something in the future that sparks an interest.

Characters: I try to craft realistic characters, and to the best of my ability, I try to stay away from tropes, stereotypes, etc. A fair reading of my stories supports my efforts, I think. Diversity is important, too, and hopefully my stories reflect the real world. I don't write with an intent to make one race/ethnicity 'better' than another.

Nick will probably play cameo roles in Nikki's series, but he won't be a consistent character.

One last point on plot holes, loose strings, or other unfinished business within the story. I've deliberately tried to leave some items hanging, because that gives me something to carry forward. It's my own attempt (likely poor) at foreshadowing future events.



I didn't like Nick or Nicole in the first two stories. I started to like Nick in this one because he started to grow a backbone not a big one but he had one. Nick got played by everyone around him .You can not tell me Colin did not know his friend David was cheating with Nicole. Cynthia was using Cassidy to break up Nick and Nicole for her own reason. Cassidy in this chapter she play mind games with Nick then gets mad when he jumps to her cheating. Colin and Cynthia sell the company without get Nick's ok or even seeing the contract of sale. You turned him into a guy that just takes shit from everyone and does nothing about it.
Nicole never real did anything with the girls. It's Nick that did everything for them.
When Nicole tells him it's over he acts likes it nothing . He is not mad at what it will do to the kids or anything. And when she talk to the kids about her leaving why was he not there?
I think Nicole gave him everything is because David was trying to buy him off. Or David does want her have any money that way .He can control her more.
So the next story will have Nicole fucking aliens or ghost . No no vampires a cuckold Twilight lol lol . I can see it now

Still don't like it

“I'd written three series where Nicole and Nick stayed together, and I felt (and still do feel) if they'd stayed together this time, it would've been a betrayal to their marriage, and you, the readers.”

Yes, but those series are connected. It's not like xleglover who occasionally rights different iterations of the same characters. If they stay together in three series and break up in the forth, the end result is that they're broken up.

I wasn't kidding when I said that its going to make rereading the earlier series hard. All of those little heartfelt moments of Nikki and Nick reconnecting after a meeting with Colin or reconfirming their love each other, are going to feel bitter and empty now. I'm almost wishing I hadn't started Ripples. That's not a slight against you as an author, but an acknowledgment that I really liked the earlier series and I can't see myself rereading them again after this ending. I'm not looking forward to the new series and that's saying something as I checked the sight every couple of days to see if you'd posted a new chapter of ripples.

I'm not trying to be overly critical here, as you are a good author. If you had the intent of keeping them together but it wasn't realistic in the end, that's a result of the ground work you layed. Specifically, I'm mentioning Nikki's drastic character change in Ch.04. If the woman who had been worried about her marriage being, “squeezed out” had stuck around a few more chapter, maybe shown some sort of reluctance to pull away from Nick during the open marriage, then it wouldn't have been unrealistic.

Can you address the abandonment of the kids? Even if their marriage was over, moving across the country and abandoning her children, really doesn't paint Nikki in a very good light.


Thanks, for your statement. I still have a questions: Will Nick be part of the new series? Over time I really come to love his character. And what about Nicole's relationship with their daughters? Their separation must be quite hurtful.
Oh, JC just ignore the bashing comments.

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