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Racist NO just natural selection.

You don't here or see many coloured girl's pushing prams with a whiteman. But loads of whlite girls with coloured babies. Why because generally speaking Black guys have bigger penises and are more virile.
White guys as well as being hung up about their own virility are less interested in a girls pleasure. W while black guys take care to give better orgasms to the girl before they fill her with their sperm. I have made sure my own [white] boys and their friends learned to have regard for a girls feelings and that giving a girl pleasure increases their own joy and climax. My eldest daughter is married to a Jamacian and has two beutiful children. He is half my age but he sure knows how to please his mother in law.

7/16 Hey guys, As previously stated back in march, I'm not actively updating on here any more. I've moved the story and it's most current/ future updates to Wattpad.com That being said, I decided that I was being a jerk to the people who loved the story

Stop being 'a jerk', we supported you from day one, I am NOT joining another 'platform' to read what I loved from day one HERE. Way to lose your supporting readers. Either finish it here or remove it.


Maggie wants to be transformed. Love. this story.

Keep it going!

I love Sharon's total immersion in her role as a total slut/black cock whore. The sentence that listed her priorities (BZ Slut, whore, stripper, mother, wife) says it all. What might be nteresting would be to have Sharon in a situation where she is separated from the frat for a period of time and her Black Cock cravings kick in...seee how she seeks out total strangers/non-frat members to give her what she needs.

Love it, great hot story

Excellent storyline, wish I were there. Great writing. xoxoxoAnnette

Pure ass BS 20inch cock in your dreams pure BS

I see a big belly !!!

Did she run her hand and fingers through the sperm then finger herself, also she should know that precum carries sperm, how much milk will those milk factories make after she gets knocked up ?? She really needs the seed to fill her womb and cause her pain from the volume that will be deposited inside her, then when they withdraw and the cervix will close, a couple of huge loads and her belly will have a small bump showing !!!!! I give you a 5 star award !!!!

A racist, trying to create more divide during an election year.

Great start

I loved the story. No big deal on the little edits, it's the story that counts and it's great. Hope to see more chapters. Thanks!!


I find it funny that a black man needs a white women to feel complete.

Hopefully the moderators will approve part 1 and 2 of Mike's side of things soon (been waiting forever). The next chapter for Jane is taking shape and the spark between her and Charles intensifies even more. This is the chapter I'm the most excited about as I'm toying with a few ideas as to how certain events play out and hopefully all of them should give the reader a knot in their stomach.


More more more pls

Love this series, let's get daddy some of that daughter pussy, i also need to read the poker night and the lake with Josie. 😆😆😆

You can read the comic script for part 2

The script for part 2 is up at my blog storiesbystormbringer.blogspot.com
The story version won't be written until the comic is posted. The comic for part 1 is complete.


I made the huge mistake of reading this before you had posted the last part. Now I can't wait to see what will happen with these two.
Your writing is lovely. And I like the way you carry on with your story. It's not slow or boring like some people think, at least not to me. I think it's brilliant.
But please, finish this soon! The waiting is killing me.


Nice hot read. My guess is that dad will even be a hotter lover. Can't wait.

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