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I liked it

Good start to a story, but I feel the first sex conversation just want way too far, when only a few chapters earlier the guy had a problem using his bosses first name.

Still hot and well done. I look forward to more.

Filipinas are great

They truthfully are sexy as hell all sizes and ages if only didn't have to worry about condoms I'd love to fuck every filipina in the Philippines

'Guess I'm the only one that actually read the Kaos comic...

Very rarely do I not enjoy a Stormbringer tale, and this one won't be the exception.

Just hot. Nothing else to add, really. Already know how part 2 and 3 will play out, but bring them on!

A H Fantasy

Love the cuckolding part and the 11 inch BBC. Didn't like sucking BBC. Will follow the story. Three stars


Holy crap! When he had her pull her dress off in his office, I actually cried as if it were me. How he was treating her. I understand he's a mobster/gangster, but she's doing this for her family. I could only imagine she would feel like she would never be able to face her family with dignity. Most families would be like "We could find other ways, but we would NEVER have you do THAT!" And he takes advantage and treats her like a prostitute. That hurt me so bad! Wow, this is good writing!


What if Rouge isn't the princess? What if Lily is? With Rouge's help, Lily is awakening to her true self... her true princess self? Plus, Lily was able to go to Grandma's with Rouge. She has to be important somehow...


Started very promisingly but faded into a formulaic style that became less realistic or indeed erotic sadly as it progressed. Keep working on your ideas mind.


first paragraph. She has been divorced 7 years from a man she was married to for 26 years. That means she married 33 years ago. She's described as in her early 40's. Unless she got married at like, 10 years old, an adjustment to these numbers is needed.


Nana and Bob should move into together and fuck morning noon and night

Please finish the story

I’m excited to see where this story can go, but you left us on an extreme cliffhanger please finish the story!


I love the theme of frustrated white wife's experiencing sexual liberation by having body rockin marathon fuck sessions with a black man. Near the end after her 10th orgasm on her black lovers dick, when she say's "I'll never fuck a white guy again." You believe it!

I seriously read this once a month. It is so wonderfully written and realistic!! It should be a movie. It's THAT good!


my dirty 50 year mind hopes he knocks her up.like to give the black slut a baby in her belly

Shame you've quit writing...

It's a shame you've apparently quit writing any new stories or new chapters in your older series of works! Good writing talent seems to burnout all too often on Literotica! Oh well, take care! :-(

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