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Publish your ending

You are one of the very best authors on this site. Finnish this for your Fans.

Well, at least it was short...

... but nonetheless horrible. It's quite obvious why you wouldn't want any ratings. I wouldn't either if I'd written such an awful story.

Who is having the fantasy?

There's nothing wrong with the quality of the writing in general.

Something confuses me about these types of stories, and it concerns the author's presence in the plot. Who can say precisely why anyone has the fantasy that they do? However, that 'why' - the driving motive behind the fantasy - is often just taken for granted. Anyone can see this if they read a genre story that doesn't turn them on. The story will do nothing erotically for them, and might drive a fan up the wall with excitement.

OK, what's the fantasy here, and who is having it? The story is told from the objective third person, but it is mostly about the wife's - Janice's - experience. In that sense, the story is indirectly from her point of view, since it is about her point of view.

However, Janice is utterly passive in the story. Her husband - Frank - is the one calling the shots, telling her what to do, making all the decisions - even about swapping for a week(!) - without consulting her. This is what makes the tale somewhat schizophrenic: on the surface about Janice, but deeper it really seems to be Frank's (the author's?) fantasy about what he wants Janice's fantasy to be. The author keeps getting in the way of me getting into the mind of what Janice might be thinking .. aside from being a passive passenger.

He must have read it...

He must have read it...And he must have acknowledged that he was in fault too...And he forgave her, but there will always be an elephant in the room, until they talk with each other truthfully and clear the waters...3*

Best of the Best $

One of the gr8 stories I ever read... Fuck you, if dont post more stories like thissss.. its totaly OUTSTANDINGLY AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE ! ;-)



I'm not sure I like the full week trade, but this was a damn sexy tale of a hot swap. Thanks!


should do it quietly lest other ears are in motion. TK U MLJ LV NV

Some questions...

This story arises some questions: 1st - The other couple, were they married? 2nd - Were they clean? 3rd - How a wife that says she loves her husband has this thought: "She took his hand and he lead her home, for the next week she would make love to him again and again, she wished they had been staying for a month."!!!! If these two couples were married, soon there will be two more divorced couples!!! 2*

Very single minded

The tracking software would have taken him to the vicinity of his wife; he was lucky to get the chance to actually see her in action.

His ability to cut loose without going back for even the confrontation was very single minded. I'm sure I wouldn't have been strong enough for that. However, was he running two households on a reduced income? Was he able to cut all the costs of upkeeping the household he had abandoned before the divorce came through?

He lost me at the last scene where he pretends someone else's daughter is his. Did he have to hide behind someone else's child when speaking to his wife?

I like the thought of having an employer who enables a rapid transfer across the country to get away from the cheating wife. Perhaps all employers should provide that as a perk. That would keep her/them on their toes.

why use the same names again?

with almost (Sarah is now Peter) nothing changed other than opting for "plan b" in this version?

Good One

The last straw that broke the camels back.
Then he healed and it ended well.
Great writing.

What this story is about...

What this story is about...About 8 retards and morons and one whore. The whore and her moron husband thought that love was to behave like that...Another out of place thing: their games were once per month, but in the end seemed it was going to happen weekly...well below 1*...Best thing was to keep it in fetish...

true anon

But, while they might not have alimony, I understand they do have something called maintenance. You know an amount large enough to pay the mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance, living expenses, and a little thrown in for miscellaneous. And child support.

From Duna

I read a story: The wife left the husband for other man and the daughter was above 18 years old. The daughter only was in connection to her mother. She abandoned her father. The ex husband died in his sad loneliness. It was very sad story and I hate that story (That story had strong effect on me). I had a story idea in my head about that story. My all stories dael with the ex husbands find second or third mates (wives) after the cheater wives.............and my all future stories too......
BTB writers do not forget several times the lionpart of the revenge happens after years to the divorce.

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