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Good story about brinksmanship

But living with someone you don't trust eats away at a persons soul. If he can't get over that lack of trust this marriage is doomed. Can you say sequel?

Not my cup of tea.

I suppose you had to write one of these sometime.

To those of you who wrote such hateful comments......

Do you not understand what one of the purposes of literature is, even on this site? Sometimes authors let us escape to a higher level than real life will let us accept taking, and see in others the road to redemption. A road that we all should take but often refuse to do.

you laugh, dance and piss on his grave.

Matt, you must be a fag, or at least a liberal, yuck bitch.

I still don't get it

I just read this again and read through all the comments and still don't see what was GREAT about this story. I thought it was fair to good by the standards here. But not the best of FM's work.

The writing was excellent But a bit weak on character development. No one really seemed to have a motive for what they were doing. The bigger problem I saw was with plot. And It seems like it was simply not paying attention to details that did this.

Everyone in this story acts like an idiot. They set a trap but then don't have anyone watch it. They monitor the phones until there is something worth hearing and stop just before that. He didn't think they would lock his access out of the system as soon as they lost contact. They take the hero who's skills they desperatly need and drive him away.

It would have been simple to have Ester pass along that the support team had been taken out while commenting that the terrorists were more sophisticated than expected. The after affects of the op could have had him praised and supported in the job but the fact that his wife betrayed him, the boss used him as a pawn, and that doing the same thing over and over were just not fullfilling anymore could have sent him looking for something else.

I did like the story but I just can't understand why people think this was worh "1000 stars". 4* at best. Sorry

1 Star

Half assed, half finished fuck tale. I can't even call it a story.

Well-told first part. 5*

Now what about the rest of the story, please?

Should have left it alone

I mean no disrespect to your ability as a writer but you should have left this story alone. This is nothing like the stories written by FTDS and tbh you you haven't ended it you've written a page and half of why Jessie would do something completely out of character and then given some half assed ending which doesn't make sense. I was really excited when I saw this story but I'm really wishing I hadn't read it. By all means give it another go but this doesn't fit the others and the ending doesn't seem natural. It's completely forced and feels that this is what you wanted and you refused to allow for another ending.


I have denigrated these two "cheaters", because they had cheated without showing any drop of remorse...They had prepared the path of cheating for a long time, and finally when they cheated they didn't have any thoughts to their families...only to their "Fuck everyone else (spouses, children, friends)...just the two of us count"!!! If you think they are honorable people, will they confess their cheating to their spouses? Will this be a one time event? I don't think so...I think every person can sin or make a mistake, but for that to be forgiven they have to be really sorry about what they did and about the pain they have inflicted to the people they said they loved...And this wasn't the case!!! And when I read this story I didn't know the ending or the characters in it...Only in the end I found out that they were no character persons...

Are you going to take her back?

You should because it was you that pushed her into that LOL

Love it

Wow, think I'm gonna love this series, so hot!

How is that a friend?

A friend does not do that kind of things, period. Nowadays we have a tendency to call friends everything from class mates to co workers to neighbors; a true friend will not do his friend wife, at least not just for fun.

Overall the writing was good, 4 stars.


...that I got the spelling of Mary Lou wrong.

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