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Don't mind the reconciliation but Whitney and the nurses needed their asses busted for being super bitches to Thomas while helpless with cancer!

Ruined much of the story.

No patience

Anyone that could accept her cheating as just a little mistake no matter how many years of marriage is just sick in the head.i like him would have just dumped and forgot hher .as always you have some criers out there. Good story and I support your finish.I got rid of my cheating bitch after thirty years and have never looked back

Welcome back...

I have read nearly all your stories. You have an excellent writing style. You have got to be one of the best writers on this site. I'm glad to see you posting again.


Loved this story. I wish I had done something like this.

Boyd Percy

I see a divorce in the works

Why would any couple do this in the first place? Obviously I thought it was a btb story.


Bob, I have had you on my favorites list and read all your stuff. But something was missing here and the story tended to wander. You are one of the best writers in this forum but this one lacked your style that I have come to respect over the years. Like your mind was someplace else when you wrote this. I say this to be constructive as even on your worst day, your command of the written word beats anything I could do.

Great for Your Return

So good to see you submitting again.

A Constructive Suggestion

You should ask some of your female friends how much they enjoy a painful fuck.

Not Bad but....

I don't know why the third chapter was necessary, it was basically just a re-hash of chapter 2.

Help is on the way

I'm here to take some of the pressure off HDK. This is an adolescent fantasy. If you like it you are trapped in your adolescence. I hope one day you will grow up and join HDK and me amongst the adults.

How Mature

So his idea of running a company is to screw up the marriage of one of his employees in order to take revenge on a teenage girlfriend. I doubt that's what they teach at Harvard Business School.

Left turn

This story took a left turn into a huge pile of shit.... Not your best work bones.....?

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