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Sorry but it was a bit long and it got boring in places!
But overall Brilliant Imagine A Billionaire T SHIRT MOGUL
Thanks for sharing this Fantastic story with us!
Love you all! GREG.
answer! CHICKEN CAESER (sees a) A SALAD


Every husbands dream to do this.Thanks for sharing..

It's a witty and sexy story. Love the twist in the gender of the narrator,

But the specific insistence that she'd have to go bare back took me out of the story a little.

Prostitutes never do that.

A good story and a good read as expected from @imhapless...

A good story and a good read as expected from @imhapless...he had a soft (almost juvenile...) revenge on the lover boys and that was that...he didn't care to know the results...He was living his next step...4*

Lighten UP

Its just a story for us to read,No one ever got STDs from stories why even go there?Why so many come here and post such hate comments is beyond belief.


Where is the revenge.

Is there a part 2?

annony 05/26/17

your proving a point to everyone, you didn't like it? well boo hoo, not every story can have gung ho he men as the main character, arty came across as a bit clueless and wimpy at first so why read further? and then slag it off.
it is realistic, how many wives have strayed because they saw hubby as something less than they married? thousands? millions?, hands up who hasn't put on a pound or two or fallen into the rat race and lost their way a little.
personally im a big fan of wimpy characters who "grow" i like matt moraeu moraeu moreua fuck it MM stories, his wimpy little cucks are infuriating but also funny, theyre caricatures, cartoons but yet he gets death threats?! his writing style is brilliant, you just have to be comfortable in your masculinity to appreciate them and not some juvenile goon who uses cheating wife stories to satisfy his woman hating revenge fantasies.
in my opinion the best characters are just regular blokes who happen to have been fed a figurative "creampie" by their "loving" wife and then slowly claw their way out even though the hits keep coming ending up in a place where they can be happy. i often think the true wimpy characters are the gung ho mr perfect types who need guns and knives and gangs of navy seals, PIs, shark lawyers and baseball bat wielding mates to deal with a domestic incident.

Very hot

Much better than the typical loving wives stories. Keep it up.

I do wish 'writers' would get someone to Proof read for them.

Either your spelling or your choice of words need help.
For instance "Laney was poking her head out of the closet waiting for her queue."
'Queue' - a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed.
'Cue' - a thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance.


Enjoyed this story.Should make the B.T.B and cuckold groups happy.Thanks

pride goeth

He was oh so proud when he believed he was father and relished having more than one over on Phil. When he found out Phil might be father and joke might be on him he wimped out.
He chose not to rock boat because he could not face humiliation.
My read on story is Phil knows what is going on and has known he is father of children and decided to subtly humiliate his brother-in-law...including telling him how he tied up his wife and used her like a slut giving her best sex of her life

Seams of marriage strained

It has been my observation and experience from friends and relatives that visiting pubs and bars regularly without spouse leads to problems. The problems may have already been riding under the surface but adding alcohol without your partner there just removes one layer of protection. The husband solution was unusual but effective. He still loved the wife and eventually had a stronger marriage with them getting involved with church and family together.


Ok I really gotta know now, what has gone on to make some of you think that STD's are floating everywhere but particularly in people who engage in sex behind their partners back.

Sure they're around but not in every unfaithful cock or pussy that exists.

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