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I loved it!!!

This was the old familiar story told in a different way with a different conclusion. Congratulations on achieving something original! Along the way we learned much about your personality if indeed the story was told from a point of view conforming to your own.
Suhas we didn't get to know very much but as most men don't really understand women, that is understandable.
I rather enjoyed your descriptions of things. That same passage that was criticized by someone else was very evocative and I could feel what the narrator was feeling.
Don't let people put you in a box. Not every story has to read like a police procedural novel. There is room for more elaborate descriptions.

Also, even though you ended the story , you have created a worthy protagonist who deserves more than a simple burial. He continues living and will try to come to grips with his loneliness and despair. He will try to meet new women. I am interested in the cultural differences in adult dating in India. I am interested in the way divorce is handled there, too. There are at least 10 more chapters that I can imagine. What happens if he falls for a married woman? A teenager? An escort? A foreigner?
Give us more!

Kudos of course, great story. Nice to see the temporal equivalent of cuck vs -BTB wars

DT, sorry to start static in your comment thread, bit I think the peanut gallery needs to just relax and enjoy the story.

Freaking fools that think because they read sci fi or were in gifted classes like the MGM programs they KNOW the truth about what is commonly called time travel.

We don't even know that such a thing as time is linear. Even to discuss it using words like linear may constrain our minds from openness needed to understand "it".

Stick to your Crayola's and cosplay, don't try to wrap your power-feeble minds around advancdd concept. time as most of you understand it is an artificial construction anyhow. You all come across like the doubters in the Paul Muni flick about Pasteur.

What a load of shit!

The guy only got a hand job once in a while from his wife for 50 years, what a wimp! A real man would be fucking that wife in her pussy as well as her ass every night to satisfy her sexual urges! Her comment that she loved her husband is bullshit!

Robin Hood at your service!

I fear perhaps one of my merry men has been getting carried away. The lads have been in Sherwood Forest for quite some time and the fair Maid Marian has had a devil of a time maintaining a schedule that appeases all of the men. I would gladly give a farthing for another wench to keep the troops occupied and happy. It seems that aMerryman has been breeding discontent, and no! That is not Maid Marian's nickname! He is a stingy bugger, as well as a nasty buggerer according to our fair maiden. His pockets overflow with the king's coin, yet he offers those seeking his wisdom and approval naught but three small starlings.

At my behest, Little John has agreed to take aMerryman aside and demonstrate exactly why being a tightwad buggerer can be a pain in the arse. My men and I look forward to the upcoming chain story. I have some great ideas for the next such venture. Perhaps I shall set it to parchment and tell the story of my chain gang of merry men, plus one malcontent.
Sir Robin of Loxley
(at your service)

Just dumb

Seeking advice from that cunt.


Stupid wife reading situation all wrong. Check
Overthe top revenge. Check.
Completely unsatisfactory non-ending. Check.

See boys and girls. It's easy to write a lame JPB story.

Kicked the interlopers ass

Good. But allowing the lying manipulative game playing cunt back into your life.
Nope. Take the money and run. She is not now nor ever was a nice person.

Stupid reconciliation ending.


You evidently feel that unless someone has posted a story here, they are not allowed to express a negative opinion and if they do, it is unworthy of any consideration. With all due respect sir, please get stuffed!! If you want to jump on ignorant and/or stupid comments, be my guest. I may even help. If you want to suggest that a reader's opinion only counts if they too have published, then the ignorant and/or stupid comment is yours.
Apologies to Trambak for the off-topic post. I enjoyed Pt. 01 and will press on to Pt. 02 even though I am not an author here. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

Part two

First rate story. Claire really upped the ante. So what will the other wives do?


No evidence of him being a crappy husband until after he found about her cheating. That makes her a crappy wife.
True he admits to being a racist when as far as sex and marriage. That being the case numerous blacks are racists, as are Asians-Muslims, etc.
A black male who intentionally pursues white wives, especially just for the conquest, is not only a racist but a predator.
Begs the question as to why you hate the husband and elevate the cheating wife and her racist predatory seducer.

What a bunch of crap!!!

If all people at your country idiots like your protagonists then you got my sympathy!!!

@ScorpioJJ 04/26/18

Henry lost the high ground
She was a terrible cheating wife but never rubbed his nose in it.
---------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
I would call this rubbing his nose in it:
You must have had a good laugh when you'd come back after the two of you disappeared and I could smell his cum on your breath.


Passed over this story at first due to the low rating, but then I remembered those don't mean everything and gave it this a read. I didn't really like it, but it was an interesting read.


Pure fucking crap you moron

Too much male fantasy here. Wife cheats husband BTB everything works in his favor and he ends up happily ever after. Sorry things don’t work like that. Plus he is racist!, and a crappy husband. Story but in this case she is the better person.

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