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What is sad...

What is sad isn't the couple needing a "bull", that can be understandable, as the husband expained their reasons for it...The sad part is this "bull" not understanding that those two will devour him and his own life, making him their servant, making him a man with no life of his own, a man waiting for the crumbs this couple want to give him...a man that won't be capable of looking for a life of his own, with a wife and family...When he feels the need for that he will be a prisioner in the web of these two spiders...They didn't found their "bull"!!! They have found their "toy-boy-slave", they own his life now...1*

Again the only thing disgusting on here is dear annony!!!!!

Gave you a5 for effort and content and to say eat shit dear annnony! The fucking title tells you it's going to be a cuck story. YOU LOVE these stories and you fucking know it!!

The only looser on here is the asshole of LIT., dear annony!!!!

Gave you a5 for effort and content. And hoping it would give dear annony a heart attack!!

You changed tenses at the end of the first page.

All of a sudden you went to present tense, which does not work well in a narrative format. Plus he had a cavalier attitude, not a non-cavalier attitude, whatever that might be. This guy has fallen in love.. with himself.

dear annony is abrain dead he has to be!!!

He keep reading these stories knowing he hates them. He's insane!! I always give SS a 5! The best or one of the best writers we have left since annony has bashed a lot away from this site. Eat shit for Thanksgiving dear annony!!!1


great story . We all knew asshole annony would hate it. He's like Mikey he hates everything.

This is unreasonable...

This is unreasonable...Why? 1st - She was only a girlfriend that hadn't yet had sex with him; so why the need to stay with him and maintain the relationship? 2nd - By the story didn't she understood that the brother (what a brother!!! Worst than a cheating woman is a cheating brother or family...) just wanted her as a whore to relieve his randiness? he would never marry a woman that he knows is a cheater at heart...3rd - This could be a good romance story, if the writer had opted for just her and the brother meeting and get in love...why the need to put an unneeded cheating in it? 1*

While not lurid or crass (well, too much), it was an interesting look...

....into a marriage returning from the brink.
It could well have been my story.....except that once thinking she was back and all was well, my wife got stupid again less than a year later. The first time, I was up front, honest and open about the confrontation and decisions in the aftermath. This time, not so much.
She came home from work one night a couple weeks after I'd figured it out to find all her clothes and prized possessions engulfed in a bonfire in the front yard with a poster of her and her boy toy going at it.....the restraining order prevented her from making a nuisance (well mostly) of herself, and the really not very clever banking I'd done kept my finances secure until the court could do their worst.....and the rest, as they say, is history.
I almost always enjoy your stories, as they have that touch of human nature that allows us as readers to accept the oddities in the story without much fuss. I say this, because we come, in a few short paragraphs to care enough about one or more of the characters to want to find out what happens next. Also, your way of narrating the story in the first person, throwing in several 'guy-isms' makes the narrator more accessible and likable.
Thank you, this one was a keeper!

Answer to Annon (Long Winded)

It amazes me that the above noted Anonymous continues to
read every story that Stang writes. If he knows that each story will be "long winded" as he calls it, has repetitive sections, and tells about his love of Mustangs (not cars, Mustangs) then why does Anon continue to read Stang's offerings. Is it just so he, she can bitch?


Liked it!

Nice short punchy story, ignore the anonymous whingers and keep writing!


Best ending would of been for the cluck to pull out a 12 gauge shotgun the made the "Bull" and the cheating slut a sorry memory..


She should never have encouraged Edmondo with her flirting and drinking and the husband is a sniveling coward. Jeez, my husband would have been over there in half a minute and put a stop to it the first time if I were shallow enough or pregnant hormone crazy to encourage some Italian bounder. Traveling was stupid anyway. Don't any of these women know how demeaning it is to their marriage, their husband and themselves to flirt with another man? Don't see how this can be salvaged. Not enough bleach in the world to wash his eyes clear of seeing her infidelity.

The best!!

Best story u ever written

the cats name was Lester-da-molester

yet the cat had sense to run away from her.

what did she really do? was it wrong?

i believe she just caved to pressure, & had sex to get to a better life sooner.

50% marriages end in divorces, the reasons are myriad, some divorce as they tried their best to avoid it but still end up divorcing.

But Louis C.K said it best "Divorce is a good thing, no good marriage ends in divorce".
so the best thing would be in the end to do what makes you happy, STANGstar you really class up this joint by being here. sometimes i feel your just an engineer at ford/ mustang salesman, every story hints that, but you should always write what makes you happy, for that i say thanks

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