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Not a bad story...

...but the others are correct about female anatomy. It is not possible to get a penis through a woman's cervix. Doctors use hard metal instruments to breach the womb. I have bumped up against a cervix or two in the past, and reminded in not very pleasant terms to back it off. It can be extremely painful to a woman.

Also, some have mentioned character development. There is some here, but not enough to establish empathy with the characters. Not sure the plot device of a sick husband is enough to move things along. The main character keeps talking about disengaging from the "unwanted" attention, but strangely seems not to have the willpower to do it. After all, her husband is just across the hall, moaning and groaning with her sister.

The sex act takes up most of the story, but there should be a narrative arc which builds to it, in successive steps. You could for instance have her in a discussion with her lover. That is what he is; he is her lover.


Gave it 2 stars

Not because it wasn't well written, it was. Because it hit too close to home. When my fiancé told me about 6 weeks before our wedding day she needed space, she needed to move back home with her parents, I was shocked speechless. There was the whole speech about how we had the next 75 years together and she just needed time apart. Okay, fine. I wasn't happy but I wasn't going to screw up a good thing.

My fiancé was/is submissive to a degree. I knew much of it came from her long time boyfriend who also removed her cherry, he demanded and she gave. Whatever it was, whenever he wished, she did it. No matter how demeaning or dangerous.

Imagine my surprise and sadness when I was in the company van and a 1966 Camaro pulled up next to me at a stoplight and I looked down, just to see my, at that instant EX fiancé, with her legs spread and her ex boyfriends fingers pumping in and out. She was slumped down and her legs spread wide and nothing below her waist. Now, I'm normally not quick on the draw, someone hits me with a zinger and I can't think of a response until an hour later. But this time? I instantly reached down, picked up my cellphone and started snapping pictures and you could not only see EVERYTHING, but who it was without any doubt. Then when his finger started going up and down her slit, I switched to video and caught her orgasm. Horns were honking behind us and I saw her begin to laugh and act embarrassed when she came down from her cum.
Then she happened to glance in my direction to see if anyone actually saw anything. And found herself looking up into my eyes. I saw her cave in and total destruction set in while she looked at me for less than 2 seconds. She tried to pull away from him and come to me but her boyfriend smoked his tired and sped away. By the time quitting time came around, I was heading back to the plant to explain to my boss why I didn't make any deliveries. But in the meantime, I had packed all her shit on the front lawn and turned the sprinkler on. I also changed the front door keyset and disabled the automatic garage door opener until I could reset it.

When I came home late that night I no longer had a job, but had my final paycheck, a severance check and also most of a fifth of 101 proof Wild Turkey in my stomach. The first thing I noticed is that all her stuff was gone. By morning all my stuff was loaded in the back of my jeep and I was finally sober. Exhausted, I pointed the grill of my jeep west. From Alabama I drove to south central Idaho in 48 hours. My cell phone had been off and when I pulled into a motel to catch badly needed sleep, I switched it on. I made certain I saved every single message and all 56 of them were from my ex.

Most of them said what I saw was a mistake, a one time mistake. It didn't mean anything and she loved me more than anything and couldn't live without me. Yeah right. She'd shown me how well she did without me. Then they switched to pleading with me to call her, we could work it out. And from there, she became panicked, screaming and crying.

But the kicker was when her Dad called me up and started balling me out. He never really cared for me or I for him but we got along because of my ex. I figured a picture was worth a thousand words so how much would a video be worth? I sent him one picture of his precious sweet daughter with another mans fingers in his cunt and then the video of him getting her off. THAT might change his tune. I sent the video both to his phone and to their email address.

I found a job about a half hour from Twin Falls, Idaho within 3 days. It paid as well as my old job with less living expenses and a nice single bedroom apartment for a little bit of nothing. My phone rang nonstop from my ex, she was horrified by not only what she saw on the video, but that I sent it to her dad and her parents both saw it. She said she wanted to blame me but had only herself to blame.

I never changed my phone number, but I also never called her back and the day of our planned wedding, I sent her more pictures. That evening I had a message from her mom left on my phone, my ex was in the hospital, an overdose of pain medication but was expected to recover. They wanted me to forgive her, come back and mend our fences, they didn't want to lose their daughter. I messaged them back and told them I forgave her.

A few weeks later I got a few more calls, from the ex and her parents, leaving messages and asking when I was going to get there. Get there? I guess when I said I forgave, that I was supposed to forget too. I didn't and had no plans to forget. I ignored them until the calls became too much and I called her Dad back. Unfortunately, it was my ex who answered his phone, so I hung up. Then I texted his phone and told them to give up, I was over 1500 miles away, had a new job and my own place. I told them she needed to get on with her life.

A few years later I went back to my hometown, my dad had gotten sick. It had been almost 3 years and he wasn't old, just a heart attack. I was 28 at that time, he was suffering from a mild heart attack. He looked good and had a lot of visitors in his hospital room! I worried most about seeing my ex, I'd heard little about her when I told my folks I didn't want to know. And like I expected, she made an appearance, she always like my folks and they her.

She looked good. Older obviously, but good. I'm not sure who was most surprised, her or me but she didn't make a scene, instead she smiled and said hello, then gave my dad a card. We sat around his room and talked, her folks were with her and there was good conversation all around. I finally asked what she was doing with her life and she was sad and said 'nothing, really'. She still lived at home, worked at the same place and didn't date. I told her I was really surprised, I had expected that her and Tom (her ex boyfriend) would have hooked and be married with a couple rugrats running around. It really was surprising to me.

That made her mad. Really mad. She started into me, saying she screwed up the best thing that ever happened to her and she was going to wait as long as it took to fix things. She hadn't dated anyone, nor even saw Tom after that day. That made me sad, she was a young woman and had a good life in front of her, and told her that. Then the tears came and she told me she wasn't able to get on with her life, she was stuck waiting for me.

When I left town about a week later, my dad was home and getting around pretty well. I had three or four conversations with both my ex and her parents. No one there seemed to understand why I didn't want to forgive and forget. I asked them each time if they wanted to see the video or pictures again. That would shut them up for a while. Time and time again I would tell them she needed to get on with her life, there was no chance for us, I'd moved on and it was time for her. She would deny it, her parents would beg me. When I left town to fly home, they still couldn't understand. I didn't have the heart to tell them I was going home to my new wife.

fuck bonnie

she has no idea what she's talking about. to give a story like this five stars shows how stupid she really is. come on you stupid bitch be realistic just once. get off your fucking horse about anonymous comments, don't you ever get tired of whining. this is what loving wives has come down to, stupid stories praised by idiots

everybody is fucking everybody

you can say that again, a lot of fucking going on in this feedback, all over a pile of dung

So one hopes the cheating slut got knocked up by Ernesto and gets a venereal disease from him and give it to her husband so he knows what a skanky whore she is. Hopefully he isn't a willing cuckold like his british cousins always seem to be and divorces the whore that will spread her legs for another man and fuck him repeatedly shooting his sperm into her cunt all of the time. Then hopefully the slut and the bastard baby will dies at child birth. the end

another pile of dung

thrown into loving wives. what else is new?

I'm With Rob 1000%!

I thought she might express some fear of him.

While she didn't, if she had I would have said if he didn't kill his first wife and her lover she really had nothing to fear.

You need anatomy lessons ...

You have strange ideas about female anatomy - what with penises inside wombs and inside the cervix ...

@ Goodhue

It's the women's rights/lib people that got us the laws as they are today.

Before them infidelity would lose a woman custody of the children, now it does not matter if she has a gangbang in the family home every night she still gets the kids.


Second read. It's a good story. Got more out of it than the first time. One question. Don't submerged logs have to dry for several years before being cut into lumber? Also, what became of that enterprise in the story? Cheers!

I'm With Rob

As he said, when sex was important to HER, he had to sexually audition, when it wasn't, he was being immature wanting a normal sex life.

She couldn't even agree to his VERY reasonable request that she be checked out medically, which would have revealed the problem and this whole situation would have been avoided.

No.....they in no way should ever get back together.... She is a terrible person who deserves to die alone and sad.

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