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@sdc97230 Re: "@MattblackUK"

It's because this was written by a member of the anti-consequence crowd, who not only doesn't believe in burning the bitch and isn't satisfied with her paying no consequences for her cheating, but believes that she should be rewarded and her husband punished for having the gall to object.

I generally don't comment on this kind of story.

But I have to agree that two things fly in the face of realism here, actually three, come to think of it.

1. Inherited land and real estate is NOT marital property, as a usual rule of thumb. It's considered separate property and should not even be considered in a divorce settlement.
2. Criminal and civil law are two separate fields of jurisprudence, including family and divorce law. A criminal trial judge has no authority over civil judgments or agreements, nor could he or she factor such things into his or her sentencing. There could be no such "railroading" over John's family farm.
3. There is no realistic way that most bank customers are that ignorant of their accounts, given every technological advantage made to make them aware of such things. Also, if they didn't expect to get caught, why would the wife feel the need to drain the accounts, unless she was just planning to leave him, which didn't seem to be the case. She wanted to have her cake and eat it, too, not leave her husband.

Such a great writer.

Would be interesting to see some one complete this unfinished story. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


What part of 2 years and then three Months after she left escaped you. He never even read her Letters until he was Served. Wait for him. She already told him the Length and Depth of her Hurt and His Refusal to accept that Maybe just Maybe he should talk to her. He can tape the Game or catch Highlights. but the Marriage there are No Tapes or Highlights.

No, No, No, Impo. There's no comparison

Having watched friends in both situations you mention, death of a spouse and death of a marital relationship, I feel sure there is no comparison in the most common emotional responses from the bereaved partner.

To have someone taken from you by circumstances beyond anybody's control is tragic, but nowhere near as shattering to the ego as having a partner betray what you have seen as an unbreakable trust.

We see it with husbands and wives whose spouses have decided that somebody else can provide something better than they can get in the marital relationship.

(We see something similar in parents whose children decide they no longer want to know their mother or father. We see it in adopted children who go on a search for the biological mother who for some unknown reason 'abandoned' them.)

To have somebody who you saw as having the responsibility to love you be attracted away is shattering. Unlike the spouse taken away by death, the betrayer is still there, apparently enjoying himself/herself, while the abandoned spouse is grieving the lost loving relationship.

No comparison, Impo.


1 page every three weeks isn't worth reading.

If you're going to continue this unlikely plot at least finish it or put up some decent length chapters.

This segment is approx 1300 words. That's about 1/3 of a average 3700 word page on Lit. 2*


Once you cross the line!


That just emphasizes how dumb this character is.

I wonder how many people there are in the world who have so much money that they can afford to not check their bank balances on a regular basis. I know I'm sure not one of them.

I can't decide whether the story is dumb or if it's just that it's being told from the POV of a really dumb person. I expect it was intended to be the latter.

Terrific story.

Excellent story telling. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Re: Great start crappy ending

To the author of this comment: you're psychotic. Like, certifiably insane.
Seriously, there's something wrong with you, and you need help.
So stop reading erotic stories, and go see a psychiatrist. You truly need it.

"Staying within the bounds of reality"

How then does someone end up in jail with video of them fucking rather than a good ole friend who just dropped by. Nor would a judge be moved by divorce settlements in a criminal matter.

Gaping holes in the plot. Good thing I like your writing otherwise. 3*

How many people break those sacred Vows?

I've said before and I'll say it again! If you want to cheat don't get married Or Divorce first then do what you like! "Also the likes of Ashley Madison and those other so called dating sites should be Outlawed" They are a cancerous Plague cursing the weaker Minds Thanks for sharing this Fantastic story with us! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WOOF!

10 little indians

Then there were 9, then 8 you see where this' going......

Good Story

Possibly a little long. Would like to see wife's reaction when she reads the letter. Obviously the husband suffered from depression, which is a serious medical disorder. H did not act rationally making W go thru with the date. His killing himself is entirely plausible and could be from what he said or a desire to punish her, which is more likely and probably succeeded. If H loved W and did not want to hurt her he could have figured out a way to do it without W knowing. So the BTB crowd should be happy with this. What could be worse than knowing you killed someone especially if you loved or cared for that person. There were two victims here and hopefully three, the boyfriend, although as written boyfriend will likely not give a rat's ass. Either a 4 or 5. It could have been less wordy.


No stars

I agree, do not write this type of crap again.

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