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Excellent work

Definitely one of the best on this site. Congrats. 5 *****

hey Anon titled you idiot !

I fucked your skank ass mom. And your daddy cleaned ua both up. He loves his job as creampie eater

How cute

Vandy actually thinks the ratings mean something in this category.

FD45 just gave the best critique of any story that I've ever seen...and this author, who claims to welcome constructive criticism, shit all over it.

@ FD45

Dear FD45
I gotta say that I was tempted to say that as you didn’t have the courtesy to read my story I hadn’t read your comment, but I didn’t. I have always valued your feedback as usually constructive (a rare commodity).
Firstly, the competitive male in me has to point out one thing. The average score of your 21 LW stories is 4.32, that of my 13 is 4.30. i.e. within 0.4%. Therefore, if I’m “not writing good stories”, then neither are you old son.
Right, that’s over with. Thank you for attempting to enlighten me on why some of my stories, “Failed”. You are right, I don’t understand infidelity, nor the motives or mindset of cheaters. I hope I never do. I do know many women, but I choose my friends carefully and pick people with similar values to me. Yes, I deliberately write evil cheaters just so I can justify being nasty to them.
I’m guessing you didn’t like my sequel to ‘How High a Price’. I’m very perceptive that way. The mistake you make is thinking that because you didn’t like it, it must be a bad story. That isn’t pretentious, as you accuse yourself, that’s self-righteous. That story is currently scoring 3.93, which means that for every person that hated it enough to score it 1, 3 others had to give it a 5. Is that a bad story?
“You feel that the only emotion one can and should reserve for a cheater is one of hate and disdain.” Guilty your honour. And your point is? How else should a civilisation that doesn’t want to descend into chaos treat them.
“You are not writing real or relatable characters.” No, neither did Ian Fleming, Wilbur Smith or Clive Cussler. Would you score them 2/5 as well?
Yes, my male characters lack emotion. I like to portray someone that has been pushed over the edge into rage. The is particularly justifiable for Early. In the state of rage there is no room for emotion, just cold planning and the drive for justice.
Quite honestly, many of my villainous wive’s traits are modelled on my wife. She is beautiful, a good mother, considerate, can suck the chrome of a towball, but alas is a self-confessed sociopath.
Yes, I don’t take PMs. I don’t know what they are.
Please keep trying to enlighten me. I mean that sincerely.
The author


but in her profession Trust and Loyalty are way down on the list. TK U MLJ LV NV


and guess what Green Head has appeared, TK U MLJ LV NV


in spite of all adversities, which are few and far between, but wait! TK U MLJ LV NV

Good Read

You do good stories.
I keep getting very angry at the authorities and media ignoring peoples democratic rights. Why has he not instructed his lawyer to instigate legal action against every person and government official who embarked on a campaign of victimisation?


An unusual story that was well thought out. It points out some interesting tenuous aspects of a marriage with no responsibility to children. Sustaining a long monogamous relationship without the unifying aspect of raising children together could be tough. For couples with kids, the children give both husband and wife something bigger than themselves to live for. As youthful passion wanes, mature love for the other parent of your children can grow.



She didn't trust him after seeing the photos ...He didn't trust her after the call. But Molly is the one who all the shit is on. In most of the stories on here when the guy gets photos there is never any thought that they may be photoshoped. It must have been written by a male.
It is also so obvious that Molly's words are written from a male perspective. In her letter she sounds guilty of adultery and doesn't deny having sex. In reality she would have admitted that nothing had happened - remember that she had heard the taped phone message. But I suppose that line would not have suited the male egos of the readers and author.


No hook, needs more. However as you were not allowed to watch, share the feelings.


ive many time thought how sarah was given to a pharaoh, and Abram still lives, this is maby how it really went down.

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