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Good Writing, Original Plot!

I enjoyed this story but I had some trouble with the wife's thinking. I am a firm believer in paying your debts....BUT this proposition was utterly disgusting. I did not understand the wife's angst about making a decision. It would have been better to lose him in an accident as a truly loving spouse than to lose him in divorce. This should have been a no-brainer for the wife if she truly loved her husband. The hero's apology was just poor bullshit. He was a spoiled, entitled punk that happened to do something decent.....but he even ruined that. Thanks for a story that made me think and entertained me.

Not great, but good.

Generally, if you get flamed on Literotica by the usual gaggle of Anonymouses, you must be doing something right. And that is the case here.

As for the story, maybe a bit too much buildup to the main event, but overall, a nice job.

sexed out wife

many married men would love to experience that with there wife.

um, yeah

“Whatever we did we had to discuss and then we both had to agree on it before we did it.”

That's what partners do.
She decided she didn't want to be his partner anymore.
End of story.
No need for more.

Well written.

Done well. Don't know about accepting her fucking the lover in their marital bed, and swallowing his come. Kissing those lips, yuk! Made for great tension though.


I might, MIGHT, be able to accept that despite her cheating that she DID love her husband and was therefore truly broken up at their break-up.

But what I can NEVER accept is when the cheater gives her lover things, like the anal sex we see here, that they won't do with their spouse. That, to me, displays a lack of respect that makes the tears at the end of the marriage seem false.

Read it Again, How?

How? Not how do you forgive cheating? Not how do you overcome her having sex with another man? Not how could she sell herself for a promotion? Nope, the how is: How can you stay married to someone who is so selfish and so disconnected from the marriage that they really are already gone? She left the marriage a long time ago. She checked out when she went on the prowl for a partnership. She had no room in her heart or her mind for her marriage or her husband. She didn't need them. All she needed was her career and the ego boost she got from it. She cared so little for her marriage that over the months leading up to the actual sexual encounter she never cared about what she was doing to her marriage and her husband. You see, all love really is, is care. Caring about another person. Spousal love is caring about your spouse as much as you care about yourself. That is the level of commitment required to have a decent marriage. She didn't care about her husband at all. So, how do you stay married to someone who has already left? Stickner did not take her away. She went willingly. She wanted it more than her marriage and the two were not really mutually exclusive. She could have had both if she really wanted it. No, she wanted to have an affair with Stickner and she did. They don't have kids, thank GOD. Continuing the marriage and eventually having children with her is a very unwise decision. Early is supposed to be a very intelligent and successful businessman. It is highly unlikely that he could not see the above, and it is unlikely he would continue the marriage and risk her pulling this shit with kids in the equation. Further, as a successful businessman, it is just about impossible that he could stay with her and absorb the hit to his ego. It is much more likely that he would go for the divorce and retribution on all involved. How come writers keep writing these stories without really thinking these things through?

Just Beautiful!

But it needs an epilog where he takes her friends out to dinner to thank them for helping bring them back together!

Loved it

this one was great, especially the ending. A good twist. Five stars.

He does realize, I hope

he's only along for the ride as long as she wants him to be.
And the real answer to her question is nine and counting.

One more thought...

please don't have the revenge on the other guy involve sex. If it does, this woman is screwed up.

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