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His high and mighty lecture to his son about morality in a marriage and he interfered in her precautions to prevent a pregnancy (i.e.zapping her pills). He had no right to do that. Fie on her for her sin but this asshole goes Scott free with no recriminations or condemnations at all. He is due for some serious karma and payback himself!

Re: Blabber mouth

When he mentioned the 13 hour plane ride to Hong Kong, my immediate response was, "Oh, my god! He's going to narrate the entire 13 hours, minute by minute!"

The author can write, but dragging out the discovery phase to, what, 30K words or something, is just plain ridiculous. And painful. And unnecessary. And altogether regrettable.


Waiting for the next story. Very enjoyable and I am just waiting to have the same scenario visited on me and my wife.


So she just lets this strange barman fuck her, and her husband never comes looking for her or notices the barman never comes back until just before she does?

Great first flash story.... Hope we can collaborate on a few more like it..!!

Love these stories. Good advice too lol

Another Comment

While I cannot speak for what it is like to be cheated on, I can comment on betrayal. When I have been betrayed, after the shock is over the next thoughts are: how could they do this to me? (I have never been able to answer what would cause a person to dishonor themselves) What did I do to deserve this? (Nothing, except be in the way of something that the other person wanted more than our relationship) What should I do? (This is the tough one, but in each and every case I determined that the best thing I could do was to cut my ties with the betrayer as quickly and least expensively as possible. That was it. Take it as a loss, just the way you would if it was a business relationship gone bad. There is more bad press and ill will to be gained by counter attacking. In fact, what I have found is that the word would spread and the betrayers enemies would seek me out. They would mostly want inside information on the betrayer and they would use that information to get even for their own grievances. The satisfaction I got was knowing that with little effort of my own, justice was done to some degree. Life is about living, loving, and having a good time. Living with a cheater or seeking revenge on a cheater is not what life is about. Let the cheaters live long and miserable lives of regret and self pity.

Dear OLD CarolinaDreamer

Like you, I often check the biog notes for authors and commenters and I find them interesting. I especially like to know where authors are coming from when they write stories I enjoy reading.

Also like you, I've been meandering through life for over seventy years. Until recently, I was able to also see the age of authors and commenters on their biog note. It's not there any more. Does anybody know why?

I can still call some of them Angry Men when they come up with their BTB comments, but I can't call them Angry Old Men. It's sad.


I would be really curious about Sam's second marriage

It would make a good story. Our hero does a good job of getting revenge but I agree
that should be something that tells the villain who did him.

I stopped reading

When I realized this is another shit story in which the husband beats up the boyfriend but leaves the person who actually betrayed him unscathed.

An adventure?

That's how she characterized her cheating? She really can't claim to love or respect her husband and then behave the way she did. And you want us to believe, that after a year, he never looked at any of the videos? That he tortured himself that long and couldn't reach the realization that her actions had ended their marriage? Oh Boo Hoo! This reconciliation after a brief talk with their friend was both improbable and unbelievable. And she's already to drag another person into their relationship while they're trying to figure out how to move forward. And this woman is who you want us to believe he wants to move forward with? Awful ending.

Interesting question, Studebakerhawk

You ask why people say "It was only sex, we never made love."

Surely it's possible to see sex as pleasure for its own sake as different from sex as an expression of love within a truly loving relationship?

When a person pays for sex with a prostitute, it is unlikely that it could be described as 'making love'.

The real question for me is "Can a married person have adulterous sex for pleasure without threatening the loving relationship within the marriage?"

I suspect that most people would say 'No', but that doesn't mean it can't happen.



Bit obscure for here I fear, but brilliant none the less.

English as a second language?

I recently saw comments on another story that it has the worst grammar, word usage, punctuation, etc. that the reviewers had ever seen.

This is a close second. Sentences require a subject, verb and predicate to be a proper sentence. I and me have proper usage, which you seem to either be unaware of, or just don't know the correct usage.

Story itself was not very original but not bad.

No way that his Nam buddy would rat him out!

Hey, I was there in Nam. The author has no idea of our band of brothers. Our friendships were better than our marriage vows! We would have no problem doing the bitch and her boyfriend. The author was probably one of those war dodgers. Crap plot. The cop would never have found him. Gene wouldn't have told the bitch his name. Dave would never give up Gene. The cop had nothing on Dave.

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