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re: anonymous-hot

That's your opinion. Don't look like to many agree with you. Just stating fact anon. Just stating fact. Take it or leave it. 1*

The wrong person committed suicide

MattblackUK is the one who needs to commit suicide.


a continual shell game with no pea. TK U MLJ LV NV on a personal note....Good stories that are ongoing can not receive proper ratings, since there will be lulls and excitement and boring activities, mlj lv nv


What a stupid moronic piece of garbage. MattblackUK isn't worth reading.

l hope we make it to the end of your story...

...before our self-appointed censors find their heads exploding in frustration at not being able to force you to post 'your' story in whichever category 'they' decide is proper. Or even worse, my head explodes when they are successful.

Cute story

burger made me hungry.. well thought out little mind fuck

Fine we a willing WACC and a slut

Anything new, anything original, anything worth remembering?
No, No, and No.


make sure there is closure for all. TK U MLJ LV NV


That was different. Worth a three at least I reckon.

RAAC, WACC dogshit, don't bother reading it, just 1* each page.

Fun story

but sad. imhapless is on of the few authors that can write an outrageous story and I totally enjoy it. Five startreks!

One wimp liked it or not

Not sure but 6 hate it so figure it out for yourself. This sucks. -1


Really liking this.
If all the other 98 percent B.S. of this past week is here in LW, then why not an actual good story ?
Please keep going justbobkc.

oh joy, oh joy

Nice to know, that your wife does not really care for you.
Tears are cheap and meaningless.
If she cared she would be doing something for the husband. And that something can't be sex with her because she is no longer special, in fact she does not do things for him that she does with others.
But no not to be; it is all about her. She only takes never gives.
To women like this the husband is just a money source, and old warm blanket for those lonely nights.
The only people that can like this kind relationship are men who have no self esteem and think of them-self as a 3rd rate person (and of course self centered women).

Otherwise a pretty standard formula, punch card story. Absolutely nothing new in the telling, set up, or conclusion.

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