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Very nuanced, suspenseful and erotic story!

This was real literature and not just a common story. It was extremely well crafted with numerous literary tricks employed to keep it interesting. It was also a wonderfully intimate story of a couple shyly exploring how and when to discuss the 800-pound gorilla in the room; namely, whether or not the wife should fuck another man.

It was clever when the husband talked by phone with the prospective lover and they hung up, without letting the wife (or reader) know what was said. Also, if was ingenious the way the wife made up a hot story and used it to test the husband´s reaction. This subtle and nuanced dance between husband and wife was brilliantly done. In addition, the sex scenes were very well narrated, juicy and very erotic. Finally, it was a good chuckle when the husband told the wife that he had fallen asleep during the whole affair….he knew how to play her.

All in all, this is really the way a hot wife experience should come down. It should be free of coercion, it should be slowly explored together as a couple and it should be fun for all involved. My wife is from abroad, she goes home twice a year and spends a month there each time. After a few trips we finally dealt with our 800-pound gorilla and decided she would have a hall pass when abroad. It has been exciting for both of us and especially for her ex-boyfriends back there. Long live hot wives!

Keep writing!

Most of this can be somewhat believable except her cheating on her husband and the so call fab 5 medical people all came to them at a moment notice. It up to him if he goes back,but her line of excuses is bogus.

Your only problem is you are sick

Why would you even think about dating let alone marrying some slut white girl that only liked fucking niggers. You have a real problem.

Reading....Reading.....second half of last page...????

Splendid author Stephen King novel's on the last 20 pages ....the ending is questionable.

re:This is real life

are you a fucking moron, real life my ass. Maybe it the UK. In America....divorce would be on the horizon. He would also try and for give his daughter. She lost points with dad by lying to him

5 Stars! We need “A Town Without Honor Ch. 04

5 Stars! We need “A Town Without Honor Ch. 04…” What happens to Honor? Die wake-up in a hospital or is it just a mild concussion? Beth and/or the children? Janie? Do they develop a relationship? Who ends up with the kids? What happens to the company & town that turned their backs on him? With his new patents does he reduce the unemployment rate in his relatives’ city? Is he setting himself up for a repeat betrayal?

I liked your ending.

A woman like Susan? RUN! If you ever meet one like her. He is a little foolish for going home with her from time to time. He might irritate her and you know what that might bring.

Thank you for writing.

Another queer hiding behind a fake wife!

"I knew what she wanted so I leaned in and ran my tongue over her leg and followed the salty trail to her freshly fucked pussy cleaning her up the best I could." What SHE wanted? C'mon little boy, we know who wanted to swallow the pizza guy's cum. Why hold a woman out in front of you claiming, She made me do it. Its OK to be a homosexual, but its not OK to be a coward. Ditch the bitch and go right to the source you've been dreaming and writing about. Queer up!


Welcome back!
Another masterpiece, as usual!

Too strange a tale in my opinion.

Couldn't wrap my head around this one, so I read other reviews. Didn't help. Very queer (using that word old school way) story line. Can't suggest or not suggest fellow fans of "Loving Wives" read it. I can't rate it bad or good because it's just different. Story line is easy to follow and perhaps I will re-read it later, but... mmmmm.

Could you help your fans?

Maybe post the on your profile the stories that you have dropped. Like 'A Blackmail Tale' and 'It Was Only a Blowjob'.

This is at least the third time I have read this story. I enjoyed it every time.

I guess, in the long run, he got even with Erica but I am not sure. I guess she was miserable during the five years of plotting to get him back, evidently she never understood his logical reasoning for the divorce. What a C-word bitch. Thank you for writing, Stang.

More info would have been nice

Why did she start cheating? Had she cheated previously? It just seems out of the blue.

Also how in the world can you watch for hours and not do something. Or how can you be OK with sloppy seconds? This dude has something wrong with him too.

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