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Gave you a 3*

It might have been more but the threatened gay shit took the score down.

LW readers don't like gay (nor do I) and their votes will reflect that.

Your writing is ok and the buildup is appreciated but only 5% of the readers like gay male shit and the other 95% will let you know they don't.

If you're going to continue put it in fetish or gay. Don't depend on the tags nobody sees them till the end, unless they check out the comments and the tags first. Most don't.

Hell’s Kitchen

There was a place in the late 1970s, before chain coffee shops, in the Hell’s Kitchen area called Tap a Keg a Hell of a Place which was THE pick up place in the area at the time.


This story transported me to another world, as your inimitable and magical writing often does. Loved it. Thank you for sharing.

I'm sorry that instead of embracing and enjoying your gifts, some become so blinded by their own jealousy and feelings of inadequacy that they feel the need to lash out. How gray their lives must be without the ability to just read and appreciate your writing. I know that they can't dim your sparkle, but I'm sorry you have to put up with them, regardless.

I absolutely CANNOT wait to see your story on July 4th.

One thing...

I think Rick's issues were just as prominent. He had the opportunity to explain to his fiancé his issues. And, barring that, he should have made it crystal clear that leaving him that day meant leaving him forever.

I know the giving back of the ring kinda said it, but maybe it should have been made even more clear, like directly saying it, "if you leave with this person, don't come back because I will not accept it under ANY circumstances." If she went after that,'s clear she left the engagement and has only herself to blame.

The problem I have is that it's written vaguely so that maybe she could have some hope that the trip wasn't a total end to the relationship. I don't think he communicated that as well as he should have. In essence, he gave her enough rope and that is really tantamount to giving up at the first sign of trouble, which is not an adult ready for a future with another.

Great series!

Hope you keep it going. Patrick is back and soon it will be a foursome!

true cuckold

The ankle necklace should have an ace of spades charm. When your wife came home with no pants on. and you lying on the bed, she needs to tease you more, lifting her dress showing the mess, saying she has been naughty as usual. she needs to sit on your chest pinning your arms down, as she slides nearer to your mouth. helpless as you are, the aroma, gets you hard, now have I been there. memories that will last forever. perhaps you want to watch, what if she brings some one home what if, look forward to your next writings ch.02

These other commenters are right

You do not know how to write. You start good, but then do not finish. You leave it up to the reader how to end it. What a chicken shit thing to do. Nobody would start reading a story knowing it has no ending. If the reader wants to make his own ending, he might as well write his own story, but most readers would rather read than write. That is why they are readers rather than writers.

I like the setup

and eagerly look forward to the continuation.

opposite of erotic.

Hopefully you are not allowed around children.


What man would marry a woman with so little self respect that she would sit at the feet of the man she wants, wearing a collar and leash, in public! She is carrying another man's child and lies about it. 22 years later she takes up with the same scoundrel. - and yet her husband takes her back. Good moves on the scoundrel but otherwise, what a wimp!

Still my favorite story on Literotica!

I think I’ve read this story five or six times and each time I get a little more understanding of what it’s about. After my first reading I wanted a follow up hoping the rest of the story would reveal their old
age, children, grandchildren , life without each other, etc. I now realize that this is about answering the question, “ am I better off with or without her.”
This is the ultimate reasoning that every cheating story has to resolve. And, “Her Blue Dodge Minivan” evolves it beautifully. Thanks again, Ohio, you’re the best.

Story of a dumb cow

Should be locked into a zoo where she would be able to satisfy her primal instincts with the apes.

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