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I'm usually not fond of verbose stories here but this was, in the main, well written. It felt like a bodice ripper from the seventies and anything that advances the vocabulary is great in my book. In this case it fit the first person narrative of a cultured upper class Amerasian woman.
Racist? Sure. But what story using this trope isn't, to some extent?
Good effort. ☆☆☆☆

well written. .

Crap story about a moron who takes his ex back after all he went through because of her. Wimp! I guess this character's stay in prison with so much dick around made him a complete wuss after all.


I've just read this story again for the, I've lost count how many, time. I have to agree with a previous comment, it gives me the willies also.
The thing that gets me though is that the real problem is the mother. Her failed marriage (I can understand why any husband would run, not walk, away from the old hag that's written in this story) is what poisoned the marriage.
My big problem with the story is when the main character had the chance early on in the video store (I'm actually old enough to remember them) to lay the blame squarely at the feet of the old hag, where it rightly belonged, he didn't.
The wife was becoming her mother's clone and that was the reason for the divorce, why didn't he just let everyone know what a monster his mother-in-law was when he was asked why he wanted a divorce?
Then the wife could decide whether she wanted to be his wife or the the monster's daughter.
And after all is said and done, he takes the errant wife back, but he doesn't demand (not request but demand) that his wife finally accept that she is his partner and has to defend him against the monster. While the mother lives the marriage is in danger, if the wife doesn't clearly declare her alliance to her husband over the hatred her mother has for him, for simply wanting a joining of equals.


You really put the reader (me) right into the story, as an Aussie I get to picture in my mind about the smaller places of America, that we Aussies don't get to see unless it's on t.v. also I would love to fall in love with a Southern Belle, maybe even get to marry her, an it don't matter to me if she is trailer park trash or from old money, the thing for me is the accent, I just love it, now as for some of the other comments about how MFH stories are same ole, same ole, l don't see it that way, each story is different, each situation as to the spouse cheating is different, an how the cheated on spouse responds to it is also different, some would like recon, some would like to BTB, both her an the peckerwood (sic), an another point, the stories are in different locales too, like Maine or Tennessee, an when l read about different places l google them to see images an maps of the places, so that I get a better understanding of the places from the stories. Rated 5 Stars.


Nice fantasy but it wouldn't work. How about the husband finds another girl to bring in to the relationship? You think that would work out?

no rating

Nice twist

I liked where you took the original. The original certainly had more angst to explore. The pacing was good, the dialogue seemed genuine and each character seemed to have their own "voice." All the stuff you want in a piece of fiction was well in place. I only have one quibble and that was the explanation for why the tradition had to be kept up. I really needed more than what was given for me to suspend my disbelief. Once the financial need was gone, as it was with the first woman, the rest didn't make sense. I'd need more. Maybe the old women that came up with the first potion gave out some ultimatum that, paired with the efficacy of the potion made the taker more believing in the threat that came with it. "From this day on, you and your progeny will have to do this or you first born will die!" or something to that effect. Otherwise, great read!

Divorce IS a downer.

So many did not like the ending. Too damn bad. Write your own stories. He had every reason to divorce. She repeatedly submitted sexually to an asshole. She craved being taken. She thought she'd go insane when he disappeared for awhile. Her character was the one who changed The thrill was in being bad, with the possibility of being caught.Leopards don't change their spots, but her character did a 180. The author changed her into a different person. If you play, you pay. That possibility of being caught, turned out to be, in actuality, a bummer.

Too Many Dumb Comments!

Tina was a cunt who thought she could cheat and get away with it. Wrong!
Amy was "Daddy's little girl",recognized that her mother had really hurt her dad,and knew exactly where her bread was buttered.
Ingrid was the beautiful babe whose shit didn't stink. Don lucked out.
Nice story to be enjoyed without analyzing the shit out of it!
(Yeah,the writer made a mistake in stating that "Amy led him by his cock..." So what?We all know that he meant Ingrid! )
A 5 for a story that I found myself thinking about for quite awhile after reading it,and smiling!


LOL, she started it off with Wofgang because of his horse schlong!

By far...

the most boring story I ever read. 1*

Do you even read what you write before you post it?

I can't believe that you do. Otherwise, there wouldn't be non-sense sentences like these (cut and pasted here with no change):

"Jim tell me how bad you to fuck me."

"Why did you guys what to add this hung cock here."

Not boring at all. The build-up to the next chapter...

Keeps me hoping it will arrive soon. Who doesn't remember lusting after high school girls in uniform? Wish I could turn back the clock.


You idiots that think you know so much and complain day after day about every story and yet come back for more need help.


Facebook profile of Guy calls himself big daddy ike. Third husband of serial cheating wife. He knows-does nothing
Reminds me of you and your characters.
You should contact him or his wife
Contact info on Facebook

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