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I don't think I've ever responded to a post on one of my friend's stories, but…

No Joesephus isn't alive, I'm using his sign in to show that I am his friend Jonnyrebel82 who continues to answer his mail. J never deleted a comment so I won't delete this ridiculous personal attack, but I do think it needs an answer.

The above post is a great example of unhinged trolls who attack writer because they can't tell the difference between a writer and a story. First, let me say that Joesephus hated adultry, he and I both have a great deal of sympathy for and agreement with the BTB crowd, up to a point. That point is repentance on the part of the cheater. J made it clear in several stories that while repentance demanded forgiveness by folks who tried to follow Christianity it did NOT require taking the cheater back. Despite the charges of many BTBers he did NOT believe in RAAC. Any reconciliation was always because the victim was, "better off with her back," and he also made it clear she didn't cheat again.

The fact that J worked Christian morality into so many of his stories removes any doubt about the intelligence of this Anonymous, and charge that J was "Inflicting His Perverted Lack Of Morals" in his stories. His morality especially clear in this story about grace (with a small g as opposed to God's Grace).

Of course the charge of "willing cuckhold" is nonsense I'm positive that his wife, Kritter, never cheated on J, her life after his death shows how deadly she loved him. Further, not one of J's characters was ever a willing chuckhold, so again Anonymous shows a lack of comprehension that is indicative of low intelligence.

I don't know, for sure about "cream pie eating," I think he was probably willing to go to the "Y" to get a partner ready for round three or four, but while I suppose that technically is cream pie eating, it wouldn't have been to taste cum because I heard him comment on disliking the taste. (Any man who claims to have never tasted his cum is probably a liar.)

That brings the last two charges, ass licking, I doubt very much, and liberal is just another indication of the writer's lack of smarts. J wasn't to the right of Attila the Hun, but they were close enough to shake hands. His country has had "liberal" governments and one of J's goals in life was to change that, and to destroy their Oligarchy, through his writing and probably getting into politics. He had started a book he intended to be the first shot in his campaign, I think it's a good one I wish it was more than half finished.


Movie movie movie

I want it to be a whole movie !!
So much imagination ! So much skill as a writer !
Thank you for your labor

Damn, I feel stupider for having read this.

Story Sets Sail Against the Wind of Blowhard Keyboard Warriors

I enjoyed the story from a technical POV . rjordan is able to mindmeld the reader and narrator. The comment outrage stems from said narrator willingly being a prototype wishywashy snowflake who accepts wife's verbal abuse and deception. All marriages have peaks and valleys. The tale spotlights a definite trough in relationship of comrades and wedlock

. Danny is a good friend ? The story only detailed him in " houndawgg " mode . Who needs buddies like him ? Kate is a loving wife ? Not in the select time frame that author chose to spotlight. Ultimately the author needs to give us a reason why his narrator accepts being played .

I admire rjordan's ability to vividly frame a painful and poignant scene, yet he refuses to flip the other side of the coin and show why a non-self flagellating individual would choose to persevere with spouse and so-called best buddy. It's as if Charlie Brown married Lucy who is plotting to hook up with some slimey variant of Shroeder.

Shit shit shit!!

Unbelievable what a crap is published!!!


If all people who get insecurities at growing older would cheat therefore the world has millionfold cheaters!

Two possible ways to fix the management details

One would be more exposition on attempts to improve Henry's performance prior to his firing. Issue with this is that having Henry ignore these would make him an even more unsympathetic character than some readers already think he is.

Another way - and this is my preference - Henry realizes that Hanover's is a much better place to work, that under Angela's leadership ABG had grown more profitable by turning into an employee morale crushing pressure cooker that chewed its people up and spit them out, and that all of his job performance issues had actually been warning signs that he was burning out. Issue with this is that Henry would inevitably end up telling this to Angela and it would probably result in the end of their marriage rather than the reconciliation that the author obviously wanted.

Of course, a more satisfying ending would be having ABG ending up being spotlighted as a "worst place to work" company, becoming unable to attract good talent and either tanking or firing Angela, and any reconciliation consisting of the now unemployed Angela realizing the error of her ways and moving to Charlotte and the both of them living on Henry's rapidly increasing income. But for those who criticize the story for a lack of realism, the issue with this ending should be obvious. It's far more "unrealistic" than the notion of an uncaring CEO who achieves high profits by treating workers like crap.

Could have been better

I thought it was going to turning a BTB story, but fortunately, that was avoided. If he wasn't an uptight jerk, they could a have had a lot of fun. Don't understand the jealousy and possessiveness. We been married 40 years, swinging for 36, and still loving each other and having fun.

I lean more towards BTB, but this story was riveting, emotional and absolutely terrific!

Unrealistic Gang Bang

First, to respond to some objections raised. Would the men at these parties accept wearing condoms? Yes. To protect themselves against disease. Someone raised the objection that $2000 per week is "$100,000 per year, not $200,000. True, except Kathleen was computing at after tax value not before. That extra income would be in the 50% bracket, counting state and federal tax. An accountant engaging in money laundering? Of course, if the payoff is worth the risk.

Now, for the unlikely part of the story. A gang bang taking on 15 men at a time? I doubt it. At that point, any pleasure would have been nothing compared to the pain. I've known some kinky women, but the most any of them took at one time was three men. I suppose hookers may take a dozen per day, or night, but that's spread out over a 8-12 hour period. If any women reading this, please comment.


I hate my husband who gives me what I want. I like to cheat. I told him I wanted a divorce. I don't like the men I cheat with I am screwed up.

See you don't have to waster space and time to write your stories..... Flush!

And I probably liked it better than most, because I gave it a 1

Grandpa Advice?

Where was his advice to bring in the cops. Get evidence and prosecute the blackmailers. They do have the tapes and so can still cause harm if she stops seeing them. After that, grandpa would tell his grandson to evaluate his marriage.

One of the best stories I've read on this site!!!!

Please don't let the ignorant morons posting negative comments get to you. Your topic and writings appeal to many on here even those posting their negative comments otherwise they would not read it. I'd love to read follow-ups to this exciting story....Thanks for sharing!!!

More idiotic isnt possible!!!

What a shitty story! You cuckolds/wimps out there are realy perverts!!! She sucked and fucked a black one and he forgives her??!! Are you insane??!!!

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