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My, my, what a sad story.

Very well written. Well told, but I just feel empty. I guess that it is really good, for regardless of the type of emotion, the story pulled the emotion of sadness out of me.

eat shit and die.

Thats more appealing than being you, yuck.

True Sdc

But where's the fun in that? Just imagine a world where everybody went to their therapist and everything turned out well as a result. Boring.

I've known a few relationship counsellors in my time and the most effective ones were those who had been through divorces or separations themselves. There's nothing like experience to give a person the ability to help others.

Anyhow, Billie is coming along well. She has almost got everything fixed with the help of Jana. I should be able to post her happy ending in a few more days.


nice short story.

Loved this story. As crazy as it sounds I have personally been involved in situations like this, having friends of mine's wives come on to me real strong. The only way I could convince them their wives were cheaters, was to fuck their wives in front of them. I lost some friends over but WTF.

I'm not entirely sure

but I think i really like this story.

I think the obvious question to be asked is:

Who loved who most?

And what does that mean, in this category?


(and it responds to my disquiet with passive aggressive stories like "the cost")

Missed this one

Can't believe I never read this one it was great. I think your long stories are the best. Thank you. As always can't wait for your next story is been a while.


to the guys writing this is a fag, etc. enough hate is that this dick sucking piece of garbage should eat shit and DIE! What a fucked up story and writer.

What @MaFrepler forgot...

What @MaFrepler forgot: If he had decided to save his cheating ex-wife, he wouldn't ever be able to save his child's life!

Somebody call a therapist

It would be a refreshing change of pace for a Literotica story if just once someone would think "counseling" *before* everything crashes into a wall...

Strong work!

Strong storyline and with interesting characters, too. The military details are interesting to non-military folks like me. I figured wifey was working to apprehend Fritz and hubby was spoiling the sting when he barged in. But instead, the narrator had lead us astray! Didn't like that aspect of the plot. But, overall a strong piece of fiction. Hope to read more from you!

All he had to do was.............

All he had to do was make her sign an agreement saying she'd leave with only the clothes on her back if she was caught again......the 1st time. He already knew she was a size queen by then. Oh well.........fucked up story.

Really?? Gone With The Wind?

The last line loses something in the translation from Rhett to Tom. Pretty sure neither Sarah or Tom were real nice people. I do hope Tom informed his kids the reasons - all of them - for the divorce. Sarah got off too easily. Not good.

HerLittlePiggy re: wow

I was hoping he'd come to his senses after fucking her one last time...if he was even able to stomach it, that is. The anger was nice and I thought his reaction like nearly gagging on someone else's cum would've made him realize she didn't care about him and has been merely wasting his time. It was well written and flowed nicely.

Real life examples

Joe's story here has done something genuinely worthwhile, beyond the usual thrust and parry entertainment of Loving Wives commentaries. It has drawn out a few commenters who have given real-life examples of their own reactions to being in Brian's situation.

The most recent is the Anonymous comment 'Twisted Logic (Again)' explaining the pain and long-term effect of that feeling of 'betrayal'. The fact is that, no matter what approach is taken by the two partners, the relationship is changed forever.

I would hope the relationship could be changed for the better by both partners having a learning experience. But that is rarely the case. As the recent Anonymous comment makes clear, trust destroyed takes a long time to recover.

Thank you Anonymous for that contribution.


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