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Well, it certainly was porn of a kind.

Forgive, Don't Forget, Move On, No Need For Revenge

How to deal with a cheater: Forgive, holding on to anger is a waste of time and there is no way for a cheater to repay their debt. Don't Forget, forgiveness does not mean acceptance or even tolerance. It certainly does not mean sweeping it under the rug. Move On, there is no future with a cheater. They have too many emotional and psychological problems to be a good spouse or parent. Fire (divorce) them. No Need For Revenge, their actions become their punishment. What a cheater gains by cheating: thrills, ego gratification, a temporary sense of power. What a cheater loses by cheating: self respect, self image, damage to their spiritual life, the love and respect of family and friends, real world opportunities that will never come to them because of the damage to their reputation. They lose a good future that could have been theirs.



Six million dollar question, Did Tim and Ivy or rather Chrissie and Ivy get their good Karma for peace in their lives. B.T.B Carol ? Cheaters always get caught Now that's bad Karma. 100 % OF READING ENJOYMENT BYE

I agree with the other comment...

I agree with the other comment...This could have been the 1st part of a new story. The only relation with part 1 and 2 is the wife behavior, showing her disrespect. OK, we also learnt who was putting all those asinine ideas in her head: Her friend! She says: "controlling another person is very, how shall I put it, erotic" that is sure for the controller, and is also very selfish, reducing a person to a slave or a pet. So long people fighting against slavery, to be discovered that slavery is after all erotic! Once again this wife had to say what for sure she doesn't feel after all that she has done and is preparing herself to do: " I love you more than life itself"!! Really? Finally all the expectations the readers would have that this could be a red herring story, was shattered. After all it was just the reader's hope that this could be after all a good story. That hope is now buried deep, and is sure that isn't the case. Unless the story's plot change profoundly, this is my last comment about it...1*

Crap Writer Crap Story

The only surprise about this load of rubbish is that it continues on

What's terrible.... that this is all too common. I wonder when people will b learn that it is better to just get divorced than to cheat? Honestly....I think the two cheaters deserved what they got. If the wife had been super drunk or drugged maybe a second chance, but most likely just divorce her completely.

Just my opiniom.

Was always heading here.

I think this is the best they could hope for.
Kieran was unlikely to find someone to share the rest of his life with, trust issues would take care of that.
Eileen would stand a better chance, but guilt made it hard for her to move on.

Reconciliation it is then..... but no wedding bells, or recapture of what they had. At least both of them have a more comfortable future to look forward to than being lonely and bitter.
The passion and energy of the earlier chapters faded towards the end but this was still a fine piece of writing, great skill and a really good read ..... thanks for sharing.


A near fatal accident leaving more questions than answers ..... this chapter feels like it's rushing towards an ending .... writing not as good as earlier installments.

need a chat

I also think that by not having a talk earlier, it allowed anger and other issues to fester.
He looks at his wife, still with love in his heart, and is angry because of it.

Couldn't get past the first half page. It's like we came in the middle of the story.

Very nice account of a loving couple keeping it spicy.

The negative morons probably are pissed that the woman is not cheating and bringing a cream pie home to her frilly pantied husband.

All i saw here was a cheating cunt and a douchebag that knew she was a cheating cunt fucking for a couple paragraphs.

Both need an arse kicking.

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