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An awesome story

An awesome story from beginning to end. Way above what usually is found here. Very uplifting and redeeming. Please keep writing such interesting stories. Happy Thanksgiving!

Better and Better

It seems every story you tell gets better than the last. Well done.


He did end up with the love of his life.
Didn't you read the story. The wife continued to cheat on her other husbands.
I get a kick out of females such as yourself going on and on about the supposedly fragile and now little male ego.
Quit coloring your hair, forget the facial and neck and chest creams. Put aside a small fortune by forgoing makeup and stop all treatments to remove that facial hair.
But most of all do not rant and rave when you find your guy in bed with your best friend.
Over the years females have blasted all men as cheaters and thinking with little heads must be those fragile and tiny female egos talking...strange you never mentioned fact that Alice divorced her husband for having that recreational sex.
If you denigrate Ralph you must also chastise Alice for they both acted in exact same manner.


Go Moroons! Or the Blues if you are from N.S.W. Oh back to the story! Simple! It's Fan Bloody Tastic! Thanks for sharing this Fantastic Story with us! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WOOF!

Not widely applicable

A well-written treatise, but I don’t believe this is a viable blueprint for marriage among most couples, even those who are interested in embracing a lifestyle that includes greater sexual freedom for the female.

The foundation of marriage is not just love, but respect and partnership and the lifestyle you espouse offers neither for the male. You speak of the need for putting the husband in his place, but you allow him no safe place. You assume a need for humiliation that is not necessary for a husband to be comfortable with the wife’s expression of greater sexuality.

A marriage partnership generally must be one of equals, which means important areas of the marriage need to be discussed and a consensus reached if the respect, and thus the equal relationship is to be maintained. Whether it’s where to live (maybe equidistant between the two sets of parents), parenthood (how many children to have, and when) or each partners expression of their sexuality, marriage (and the implied partnership) means these things require agreement. To suggest that the female should dominate the entire relationship because of their greater sexuality is as ridiculous as suggesting that the male should dominate the relationship because they’re physically stronger.

I appreciate that the marriage you describe appears to work for you and your husband but I don’t believe it’s broadly viable, nor is any relationship model not based on an equally respectful treatment of the genders.

Frank Redmont

What The Hell!

What the hell is a story like this doing on a free site? This was an incredible story. I was drawn in from the beginning and it would not let me go till the very end. I know that I have said this before, but the only thing wrong with this story is that it was too short. I did not want it to end. You have done an incredible job with an old west story.
At the beginning, I thought it was just another cheating story only set in the wild west, BUT it was so much more. Forget the cheating part with the first girl, this was a True Loving Wife story. I could almost feel the Love between the Indian and this man seep through the words of this fantastic story.
Thank you dt (and also randl for putting this together) for writing such an exciting and entertaining story.

Wow. Unexpected gem of a story.

Absolutely riveting. Not enough stars to hit on this one. Perfect writing, credible dialogue, excellent pacing and fascinating. Thank you DTI (and Randi)


A wonderful tale. I loved every word. Thank you.

Truly outstanding

Thoroughly enjoyable reading. Pat/Tim took a circuitous route, but quite an interesting one. I don’t usually bother with late 19th century settings, but I’m glad I chose to read this one. Thanks for sharing your excellent work!

Well Done.

Sexy story with good tension. Please write more.
5 Stars.

Mo! Mo! and Mo,Mo!

Gots to bees Mo! Wanted ch 4 through 40!

Kinda feel bad for Martha

Husband up and ditched her for war without a care to her well being. then gets shot when husband returns. granted he found her on another man's cock, so she kind of had it coming. 4*

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