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Put this in gay male or fetish

Well, they say that there's nothing new under the sun...

... but I thought this story was interesting enough. Just needed a little more fleshing out.

The scores are meaningless

I use the scores to judge what type of story it is, not to judge the writing. Its sad, but people feel the juvenile need to "protest" stories that they don't want to read. They want to use the scoring system to hijack the category and scare authors off. Little do they know they are doing the exact opposite of what they are attempting.

If you click on a story, you give it a view. Whether you like the story or not, you view determines how popular a story is. Just like Youtube. The more views it gets, the more popular it seems. Even if you 1 star it, you gave it a view. Since the scores in LW are used as a form of intimidation instead of actual judging the content, no one pays attention to it anymore. The computer doesn't read the comments. It just looks at the views.

Whether you guys agree with it or not, cuckold stories are in the right category. Is there a marriage? Yes. Is there extra marital fun? Whether you agree with it or not, the cuckold is having fun. If he is enjoying getting humiliated, then he is HAVING FUN. It doesn't matter if you think he is sick. There are some people who will think you are sick just for being on an erotic website. Should they get to choose what you enjoy?


Obviously he's an unwilling cockold, he has told her this, it discussed him and makes him nauseous, since he's the writer , I would talk with her and say you want to get it out of your system,I'll let you role play but that's about it they went any further, old Matt would be killed off and get another actor in there. "Cut "

this story is awful !

i normally do not comment on stories I read on Literotica , but this time I've decided to ! the author has decided to take an interesting story line and ruin it with his biased political agenda ! seriously man , do you sit home and masterbate to Micheal Moore movies ?

Gave it 1 star

Gave it 1 star mostly because it is in the wrong category ALL CUCKOLD STORIES SHOULD BE IN GAY MALE OR FETISH in Loving wife's they will always get 1 star !!!

Re: Thank you (the Anonymous who gave one * quicklier)

Why did you give it one star if you didn't read it? Was it just because you don't like stories about cuckolds? Do you vote one star on all the cuckold stories without reading them?

I abhor incest. I don't read incest stories. Should I now vote on them with one star because I don't like them?

It's people like you who make the scoring system for LW stories completely meaningless.


I'm guessing she'll fuck the co-star.

Serial Killer in the making

Next he'll be wearing his mother's dresses and killing women in the shower.

One more thought...

I find myself looking forward to your stories. Keep up the good work.

Enjoyed it

the six year separation is the hardest element to swallow. If she truly knew her hubby's capabilities, I find it hard to believe she would not have tried to subtly reach out to him after a shorter period of time. And she went six years without sex? Very hard to believe. I buy the reconciliation 100%, and you did an exceptional job of painting a picture of sincere love for each other. People make mistakes, even when they are hopelessly in love. Five stars.


Two steps satyre story.
1. Excellent satyre story against the alernative life style profets. Yes there are exceptions who could stay together in the alternative life style, but the end will be this............spouse change in the most cases.
2. The wife cheating apologyst write in comments or stories to save the cheating wives. This story shows a character who is honest and he divorced against the hypocrisy of the cheating wives apogysts. ...........yes he is man..........
Naturally 5***** for the twist at the end!

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