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Not Consistent

You said if was twelve inches, then eight, then back to twelve... wtf? Please be consistent in your lengths. Other than that, it was good

Broken trust

I have no experience with being in this sub's position. But if I was the master would be on his own because he did not value the trust that the sub gifted him with.
And that is probably because the things that he did to her are things that turned me off/away.


Non-orientation specific HOTTTNESS

I love how the gender of the speaker is open to interpretation! You can totally imagine anyone you want into this story and it still makes sense.

Landing Strips

It ruined the visual. I lost interest.

To Somehow?

Wow! With that comment I am amazed that you have the intelligence to type actual words. I have no doubt an explanation of poetic license or descriptive metaphor or any of the many writing styles a truly gifted author like Belinda uses would be a complete waste of time on you.

Come here

Come here and give me all your cum! Ahh, it makes me so wet knowing a guy is horny and screaming for release... I've been edging for an hour now, can't wait to cum


Imagining you were thinking about me when you started touching yourself :)
There's nothing that turns me more than to know that a guy (or more) goes home after a long day of tease and blue balls and jumps straight into the shower (or whatever) for a long waited release

"Hot man butter"? OMG. You need to work on punctuation.


Thanks for sharing this! I loved it :) So very hot


Even if it didn't actually happen this was a wonderful story! Thanks 😉

Very hot, I masturbated and came!

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