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I'm dripping wet from this

wish you'd 69ed?

My first college roommate and I had a relationship like that. The second time we caught each other's eye while masturbating we wound up 69ing, and didn't stop for the rest of our four years at the school. Her odor was intoxicating! We didn't always like each other but we loved to share our sexuality.

Dave.s Time

Sounds like another story cumin. I'm sure Dave would like to watch both of them.


Really enjoyed this story! I love that the focus was so much on their relationship and making things work between them, it felt very real. I feel like this could almost be an inspirational how to. Keep writing.

Oh my effin gosh...this was super sexy and made me want sooo much more. Keep it up!!

Oh my effin gosh...this was super sexy and made me want sooo much more. Keep it up!

Great series

Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next instalment.

even better

I finally got the time to read the entire story. WOW! It got better as I read. Please continue.


I ran out of time this morning so couldn't finish but I can't wait to read the rest.


That was HOT. My wife and I love toy play. You did good with the story.

Holy shit

I am so wet and horny right now I'm using my dildo its so good and this story its fucking amazing


Awesome story! Really lived that one with you, if you know what I mean ;)

Pretty Clinical

When I started to read it I thought that I was in for an erotic turn on but it left me cold. The entire story was pretty clinical, i.e. "I came hard?" Really? Great idea but not as well executed as I'd hoped. I'm into women, toys, and watching them masturbate so I'll be looking for the next chapter. 1.5 bulges

Well done!

congratulations on writing a story that's both sexy AND funny. My hat is off.

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