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We thoroughly enjoyed your story, being from the low country ourselves, it kinda hit home with some of the things we've done while out fishing/boating. Maybe some day we'll cross paths with Carl and give him a show of our own.

Very Sexy Read!

Wow this story really got me going ;) I wouldn't mind reading more from this author. Keep it coming!

If you keep giving her Adam she will eventually want to try a real one but I think that's what you want

Terrible writing. Seems forced like a pornographic Twilight novel.

Very Sensual

Lilith is a sensual tale of high quality! Enjoyable

Dear stupid thing to do

A dildo can never replace a real cock. And women never get small dildos.

Wish she had been my professor!

I never had this experience, but darn sure if I could find a woman was into strapon, fucking men! Where is that woman???

Abrupt ending

I feel like this story would be incredible if it was longer.


Fantastic. Wish I knew where you worked! I'd be a regular....

Great story

Great story and excellent writing style. Ten inches kind of puts my own three and a half inches to shame, but really enjoyed the story. Thank you.

Hell, I'm not gay...

..but I've been eating my own cum for 40 years. Whether it's blowing iit in my hand and slurping it up, jacking off onto my wifes tits and licking it like she wants me to do, or filling her pussy and she sits on my face. It's all good.

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