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A Midsummer Night's Dream Was Never Like This

GCE English Lit would have been so much better. I await Chapter 05 with IMPatience.

Wonderful story

Full of details and realism and not over the top (well until "post-orgasmic paranoia syndrome" set in..lol, you will have to read the story). I loved the story line and the build up...well done kjane, well done.

What happens on Wednesday?

This tale is too hot not to have another voyeur/mutual jack/jill off session. So, please, more . . .


My pussy is so wet and I wanna come all over!! Continue this!!!

Needs another chapter.

Absolutely fantastic!!!

What more can I say? Love the premise and adore the beautiful, flowing writing. Clear, well-crafted characters. Loved it. Brava!!!


Loved it

Your story was great, I'm a straight male who sometimes likes to do a bit of fingering. I hope you have continued to enjoy the pleasures.

My Sister

My Sister was not part of any sisterhood, I would have loved to fuck her when I was growing up. That part got me rock hard, Part 2 hear I cum.

Dear me.

Do you ever need an editor.
Either than or a some remedial English lessons


More stories involving male solo masturbation please.

Awesome entertainmnet

I sit bored all day at work. I read your writings and i get so turned on that I can hardly wait to get home.


Can't believe how hard I came after I read these! Great job with this, I hope it's updated soon.

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