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Short, but Hot!

I don't usually give 5***** for a 1 pager, but this was just plain HOT! Keep up these types of stories, but please at least 2 full pages.

A very good first story ...

and I get the impression you quite like masturbating!


Reading this in class was a mistake. I'm throbbing!

excellent stuff

loved the simple honest descriptive style

Very Hot

Man that was a hot story. Wish my wife would be more open like that.

In public makes it more fun

There seems to be an added bit of naughty pleasure when having sex (either for two or solo) in a situation where some danger of being caught exists.


I really enjoyed masturbating along with your story.
I really enjoy masturbating for a group.

Have you ever attended a jack & Jill off party.

Quickband fun story

Enjoyed reading this. Like your writing style very much. Hope you continue to write and post stories.

Do you recognize the setting?

Five gamer trivia points if you post a comment correctly identifying the setting.

Best story I've read on here. Love the characters :) wish my boyfriend was that down

Definitely got me going :O

Super hot!

Love this story, I have this fantasy too!

oh my god i fucking orgasmed with no hands while reading this

Cumming soon

I will be doing sound files soon


When Mary left she had time to think over what her fiance had done. It took her about three seconds to decide she didn't want to be married to someone that demeans, degrades and humiliates her. The next time she saw him, she returned his engagement ring. And then she went out and found new friends. Stupid story.

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