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You must keep this story going, please. Being a cuckold myself its very easy to get sucked in by any dominating person, especially by a female. I could have easily been cuckold by my sister in law if she had attempted. She had a skanky but sexy way about her.

So nice story I wish to read more of them maeby in a sequal where the meet in rl


a romantic story about two trusting partners... couldn't be better

Great read!

Loved the story! Makes me want to try the same with my wife.

Great images!

Loved your very uninhibited descriptions. I would love to have been watching too!

Yes very hot story hope you continueit soon.


The best sentence in the whole story was the last one: "I kissed my boyfriend's knuckles and drifted off into a peaceful sleep."


The rest was fantastic as well but that one stands out for me and really shows you who she is. Really good writers know how to leave a reader satisfied and you are really, really good!


I enjoyed the thoughts

Was a fun little piece, nice swap round of stereotypes, but I particularly enjoyed the internal dialogue which seemed both racy and genuine.

I actually appreciated the lack of sex so that you could convey the atmosphere better. I think that's more than a little overlooked on this site.

I'll be sure to check out your other work!

Nice interplay

Nice interplay between the characters and nice pace of buildup. On the negative side, what the heck is a perl thong? Maybe I'm just not familiar with it.

I'm sorry to hear you'll be setting down the pen (keyboard?) for a time... we'll look forward to when you find the time and space in your life to come back to it.

Someone call me when Inner Haven opens in Sydney

OMFG. Smoking hot, beautiful hetro girls with just a hint of bi - something for everyone!
The machines were creative without being outlandish, and were described with just the right amount of detail so as to tantalise while still letting the reader use their imagination.
I loved the use of erotic language, not a cunt or bitch in sight, and no body-part words were overused. This is hard with girl-x-girl, and more impressively it stays respectful to women throughout. Indeed, the only hint that this was written by a man was the improbable accuracy with which lubed dildos unerringly found the right hole (a rich vein of comedy was sadly missed).


Felt like we were on the table also.


Betting my panties that was Rodney there....

Very nice

Quite enjoyable. I hope you continue your writing because this was well done and I obviously love the lady and your obvious interests..


Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!!!! Still rubbing my clit off this one! It's so wet, and wishing I had that dildo!! So fucking hot! Thinking of things around the house to ram up in my pussy. Thank you!!!

Cliff hanger like hell please right another story

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