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I love the image of her twitching and shaking over the counter. Hope you did a little “twitching and shaking” yourself, as you wrote this. 😊

Massive self-facial

OMG you just made me cum so much! I followed your instructions to the letter and you had me begging you to let me release all the pent-up spunk from my balls. As I jerked my cock in my face, the pre-cum leaked onto my lips and tongue until I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot rope after rope of hot, creamy sperm all over my face. I was so drenched in the stuff, I could hardly see but I just managed to grab my phone to take a quick self-facial selfie. Later on when I recover, I’m going to look at that photo of me as a cumslut and jerk off all over again. I may even print out a glossy version and give myself a big messy cum tribute!


This story was so hot. Something about guys and rubber dolls really turns me on. I'm so wet right now. Thanks for the amazing read. I'm heading off to take care of business. My husband is going to get it so bad right now


This is amazing. How can I find more stories from you?

Please write more

This was hot as hell thank you!
I’ll be coming back to this one


Please write the next two days!

Well written scene of what could be expected when a "good" girl moves outside of her "comfort zone." Keep these stories currming


No touching allowed? That's just evil.
Great story, please do more!


Really hoping for a part 2

There really is

A lot of talking about the male organ and males in general for a lesbian story, why?


I wondered where this story would go and I think the author put an excellent twist to it by using the perspective of the researchers.
In the real world, this all would be creepy and the professor would be fired and possibly jailed and the school would be all over Fox News, but this is erotic fiction, not reality.

Lipstick on my cock "hot"

Great plot. Where's the panties come into play in the next part?

Very hot

Well done! I can't help but picture two of my college girlfriends as subjects of this study and I can't get the images out of my mind.
One thing though; I would hate to be the next boyfriend of any of these girls. It seems like, no matter how good you are, you would have trouble competing with these devices.

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