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Great Idea

Love the idea, and nicely written.

No Fair

That was cruel! I really enjoyed reading it. Got me all wet n nipples hard. I read it at work and had to hurry to the ladies. Room to................Can hardly wait for the next part!

"Christian" does not mean "simple minded"

While some branches of Christianity (and other religions too) distrust sex, the majority of Christians are on about the same spectrum as non-Christians in their attitudes. The key issue is one you mention early on, in that Beth's life doesn't revolve around sex--if that happens, it's not healthy for anyone.

I don't object to the idea of Beth's awakening - that's real and it happens. But contrary to some stereotypes, being Christian does not mean someone is brainless, as Rich initially is characterized.

There's a reason why Christians do have families....

Too long.

Agree. Too long relative to the plot.

Thank you for taking the time to comment

It's very encouraging to hear that my efforts are readable. Still learning a lot of course but that's half the fun !!

Hot story!

I never had a woman do this to me, but honestly, with the right woman, I would love to do it!!!


Every time I think he is turning into an okay daddy, he does something crappy! I DETEST it when men/doms cum on a woman's face, when they call them sluts and/or whores and I hate that he keeps throwing up her past in her face. If this is how he shows love, I hate to see how he'd show hate. He behaved like a jerk! Starting to lose interest in the story so I guess it's good there's only one more chapter.

Well written story. Reminds me of my own experiences.

the real ending

irene walks in and sees mindy fuckoing this weird gooeydude, she yelled wtf! mindy said u wanna join hey its fun and squishy n stuff wink wink. ireney was discuseted and teramented /terrorizxed in her moind. all she could think was HOLY SHIT THAT POOR ANIMAL IM A VEGAN! so this is wrong. irene was stuopid this is wro ng either way. uhh minday sAYS that.... mindy is waiting on her reply. ireney says NO THEN pauses.... twait YES I WANNA TRY IT (SCREAM BLOODY MURDER) mindy hands her the gooeyduck and oirene runs away with it and puts it on the table. mindy is apppaulted but then irene comes back. WTF, mindy shouts. the she sees irene didnt come back wiith empty ands. SHE GOT DAT DAMN BBALL BAT SON. moindy wait irirne (laughs) wheres he gooey? the gooey is safe now says rnbene BUT UR NOT! before mindy can saY ANDTHING irilene bashes mindys brains out in the brathroom. suddenly the door is kicked open. THIS IS THE POLICE SHOUT THE DOOR we hear/had complaints about some weird noises and mentions of a goooeydude, the the hissudy haze is going on here! uh-pih irene lookjs down at mindy who is very dead her brains r on hre shoe, eww. oh wait fuck uh no no gooeydudes here. she says but the polie dont believe her. they come in an check out the bathrom n say hollly fuck and thealso say i saw soemthign covered in cm eaerluier but now i also see a dewad bitch but now its a alive it alive now no no the gooeyduck is alive! its alive. \he takes irene n mindys dead boody to jail n irene lives out her sentence buit is victorious in dsaving the luife of the [resious goooeyduck who is now framed i her prison sell,. THE FUCKING END
BEAT THAT MAN WE JUST WROTE PART 2 we now pass the torch back to u

very good start,

needs more, this was somewhat short, but it needed more seduction and detail.. I loved it four stars strong.

What a fun series

Thank you so much for this great series.

It is ridiculous, and fun, and sexy, and oh so entertaining.

What a great story


I wanna know what happens to these couples after the experience with the Sybian.

Nice to see a medical study story that doesn't go all non-con and weird where everyone is actually interested in conducting a study. (it just also happens to be really erotic...)

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