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Great read. Please keep writing.

Gf likes big

My gf started out acting innocent and very reserve. Then one night she was a little drunk and told me how she had been fucked by 3 guys at once. She told me about a party bus orgy with 8 guys and her and her friend. So I knew she was once a dirty slut. So I started to try out different toys. I started out with average dildo with dp with my cock and had no problem. Then I bought a good size sleeve. She pretended it wa so big lol. Then I bought a mr Ed horse cock I slid that in her when she a drunk and it never even slowed down but she came so hard it was amazing. I now have bought a custom sleeve that is 8 long and 10.5 round inches. I can slam her with it she rides it hard. I have ordered a bigger one that is 7 long and 12 inches round that's almost the size of a 2 litre bottle of pop. She is quite a small woman to but I think her past sexual activity she was used and abused I will be videoing the next time just so I have proof lol.


Great writing on all levels. So many comments already said what i thought. I really enjoyed this story.

Love your naughty mutual masturbation stories, so hot!

The most likely outcome to this spousal abuse?

A divorce heavily weighed in his favor when he showed the cage to his lawyer, who in turn called the Police. Do you know that, even in no-fault States, that spousal abuse affects the division of assets? He got 80% when they convicted her. Who would live with a manipulative, controlling woman and NOT divorce her? Poorly conceived and badly written drivel.

Get on your bikes and Ride !

I have to know, a true story ? What a ride for me as well. Smart to book your next date night early. We tried the vibe together as well, not for us or a dong, I was careful not to get one larger than me, they do exist. I thought many things you mention are true in our relationship and we probably are not alone in this matter. A, excellent out cum for both of you and your guide. I like the idea of a blow job while she is mounted up a nice distraction don't you think. I hadn't thought of this possibility till now.

Superb eye for detail! love it!


Mmm, this made me so wet, just thinking about that vibrator thrusting in and out of my own pussy


Ps) listen to the song "Sexting" by Blood On The Dance Floor (BOTDF).


Oh God. U need to make the next chapter. My boyfriend showed it too me, and I've got to say that I love this story. Please, write quickly. You're amazingly awesome!


I liked it. Saving this for a re-read.

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