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Love it

Can't wait to read the next instalment!

great story!

I don't care if it was your first, I loved it. Nice setting and plot, I could only hope it had a bit of truth to it.....Another story please!

I have one and it is the real deal!!

Great hot session description. A true pleasure freak, like me in that regard thanks!

loved it

I have done similarly intense solo sessions. You inspired me!

Love that series

Best series I Read so far - Please go on writing


I want more. Made me very hard. I fantasize about my wife and mother in law like this

Editing, editing, editing!

This is a lovely, arousing description of first class lovemaking. It needs a careful proofreading to remove some errors which spoiled the mood, for me at least. Spellcheck won't do it. Also, correct English is: 'I was lying on the bed.', not 'I was laying on the bed.' You can lay a book on the bed. You can speak of yourself in the third person and say: 'Now I lay me down to sleep', as in the children's bedtime prayer.
In any case, a nice story. It raised my heart rate!


Reading this was a waste of time. I could have read a better story if I would not have wasted my time on this. What could have been written in one part has been simply split into 2 or more parts. Waste of time.

She should have run

Far, far away and taken this with her.


chuckle about this one --- will he flood his sister's apartment?

Great Series

This series is one of my favourites online and I am constantly checking to see when the next chapter is up. This one was amazing as always. I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Lovely tease

Just enjoyed the theme and the end made me smile

Awaiting More

Have been waiting for a while to see the next chapter come out. Thanks!

The summer maid

Hot! Very very hot! It got me there in just minutes...ummmmmm.....

So we won't see any wandering in your stories?

Just as you're not much into adultery, I'm not much into FF or MM sex. I have friends who say I've been missing out on half the fun, but each to his or her own.

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