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This series is fantastic! I loved the descriptions of the intense sensations; both the frustration and disappointment she felt when she couldn't cum and the intense feelings and passion when she could cum. Amazingly hot! I started throbbing early on and was dripping by the end. Thank you for sharing. More please!

Sexy Story

Enjoyed the tease of this story. Assumed Anna and Jack fucked hard that night with Daisy watching.

I liked this delicious story.

Would have been better if the teacher teased them by playing with herself as well. Still hot though.

Mmmm Club

I Like the direction this trio is headed. Everything your doing (writing) just don't stop. Is their any need to untangle our friends


Great story. Even greater fantasy. Thanks. I look forward to enjoying it many more times.

Welcome back!

So glad you're back! Fun story. Love the edging and the teacher. Maybe a busty mom pays a visit during the next session?

These boys are ruined for women

After these boys graduate, they are going to be ruined for any women they might date or marry. No woman could possible keep up with what they went through every day in high school.

Funny story

The theory that " when enticed with the prospect of sexual gratification, boys were more attentive in class and more eager to learn in the hopes that they would get to ejaculate." is very true. Some progressive moms have achieved remarkable results applying that theory to sons.


Ms. Roberts, you've just opened yourself up to a new dimension of female sexuality, or is it femdom ?
Part of me is thinking I wish this story was true (for me).

I've had this fantasy for most of my adult life (numerous decades). None of the girls I dated years ago were interested in such things and my wife of many years won't be party to it either. I found the story to be quite similar to my own fantasy. It was well written, and for me quite realistic. My hand fell into my own lap several times throughout. I loved every minute of it! I can't wait to see more of your work.

Never Too Old

I am 68 and still have a morning wank. And an afternoon wank. And sometimes in bed at night with my wife awake and beside me.

She does not care for having sex now. We probably only fuck on about four times a year. But she is happy for me to pleasure myself when I feel randy. She occasionally tosses me off when we have gone to bed and I start wanking.

Nice Start !!

I enjoyed your story,not too long..very interested in the next chapter


Sounds like somebodies been a naughty girl...he he.

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