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Good story

I liked that all of the erotic parts happened between Ed and Julie and not the stranger

A very nice and horny story!

I am looking for a mature man! I have a profile on another site - http://bit.ly/2IQ4Oq4 - I am a very cheerful person. If you like me, I will enchant you and more than once!:)

Wish that had been some of my college experiences

I did masturbate for my girlfriend in college but only a couple times but she let me squirt on her belly

have tried

Cucumbers are the best. I have tried it tho.

I think by the mid-70s condoms were pretty easy to get but you had to ask the guy at the counter for them. I know when I was nineteen I looked younger but I never got "carded" if that's the way to put it. By about '77 they were available off the rack at chain store pharmacies.

Well done

Well done - a story about people, rather than penisii & vaginaii.

Love it

This was a very interesting story and I'd love to see another chapter about what happens during the narrator's subsequent encounters with P. Maybe her first experience with a dildo? Or oral?

FIRSTS and sexual practices long ago

Strange how stories bring back memories. First kiss, first hand job, first blowjob, first fuck, we seldom ever think about them, And then, out of nowhere, bang. It all comes(no pun intended) back. When I was in High School, back in the late sixties the hand job was the de regueur default of even casual dating. All the girls did it and most of them took great pride in their handiwork. I can clearly remember being at a communal jerk off party in the basement of a friend whose parents weren't home. Guys kicking back everywhere you looked while girls were laughing and joking around whileoH4opK milking them. Be prepared was the motto of the day and the girls carried Kleenex for the mop up. None of them, however, was quite as resourceful as Michelle. Hand lotion, now that's ingenious innovation. Back then a teen couldn't purchase a condom if his life depended on it. so we had to settle for pussy fingering and titty sucking. Somehow, it never entered into our minds to go down on the girls. Back then this was what we had to settle for. Myself and most of my friends didn't get our driving licenses until we were seniors. And about then, things started to change a little. Blow jobs were longer were all that unusual or special and though many girls still only gave them to guys they were going steady with, few if any girls swallowed.

Very nice

That made my pussy sooooo wet,thank you!

The next chapters...

Great storytelling and detail. A mother knows best... maybe Seans mum can “befriend” Den and repair the relationship by introducing Andy with her in a threesome? Or am i just too kinky?

Maybe the article could be sent to an expert to correct

Love the story but am tickled by the response fro the person who thinks the edititing needs help. Really? I got so into all the pussy action and cock stroking and cum flying who had time to check the grammar or edititing. Im just glad my Ipad is in a waterproof case because my cum was flying .

Wish I could find a friend like you.

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