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Please write more of this. Oh my word


Such vivid imagery. Very erotic.

Very well written...

And direct and to the point. You have a very nice style. Keep writing. Worth the 5stars.

I want one of those!

Lovely, vivid images - I can feel those warm strong hands, see the kind eyes. Very very nice.

Aroused me...

Aroused me enouph feel myself through my clothing. Thanks, male...

100% great

loved your story would love a follow up!

It's possible!

A well-crafted story. Seems very much possible. A practical setup and imaginable characters with predictable actions. Very nice!


Really fucking hot.
Brought back memories of my late teen masterbation and anal discovery.
I never cum as intensely as I do when I have something up my ass and pressing on my prostate. It's nice to hear from you and other women that love anal play.

another sensational story from this series, I hope that there are more to come!!

It wasn't Meaningless!

Well written with a perfect amount of anticipation for what came next. Great job. It had me hooked. Read it with the wife and we got a little carried away...thanks!

Fun Story

If that was for real, what fun. OK so you say it is fantasy, still, what fun. Mistakes excused.

I loved it!! very hot, Id love to find a similar opportunity, I hope there is a chapter 2 coming? Certainly Geoff wouldnt disappoint P...


Just wow, please continue

I really like the relationship between these two. Thanks

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