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Fuhuhuuuuck I'm so horny now

I came. It just felt so good I couldn't hold it in and I busted everywhere

You are appreciated!

Thank you 'so much' for sharing the wonderful details of your 'Anal Discovery'. I found your story by searching Literotica for 'Hot' stories containing the keyword 'fingering' in the Category of 'Toys & Masturbation'. Your story definitely made me horny and I can't wait to try out each of your techniques and enjoy the same pleasures while I come again and again. Since 'Anal Discovery' is now one of my favorite stories, I plan to share more and more of your experiences with each re-reading and get something in my arse and masturbate to orgasm lots more times. I've also found your story 'Annie's First Love' and expect to similarly enjoy reliving those experiences as well. It's such a true pleasure to know that someone else like yourself enjoys the same interests and is willing to help other readers to find similarly intense erotic satisfaction.

So wet

Holy shit I was so wet during this one! I really hope Spike pounds them both on the beach!

I shared a hotel room with a work friend on a business trip. When she called her husband from the room, they wound up having phone sex. I went to leave the room as I realized what was happening but she pushed me back into the chair motioning to me to stay. Her dialogue drifted to her having sex with me. I got so horned up I was soaked as I listened. She slid her fingers to her crotch as she spun her story on the phone. I had to do the same. I came faster than her husband. I never thought I was bi until that night.

Ex girlfriend had panty fetish too

One of my serious early girlfriends was a closet bi sexual and happily admitted to me that she's always been attracted to boys and girls. She told me that when she was at high school she used to regularly get off from doing swimming at school by saying she had bad period pain. Then she'd slip away from the poolside under the pretence of going to the toilet and go to the change rooms to sniff and taste the other girls panties and pantyhose.
She got so horny telling me about it all too.
On a few occasions at my place she got my stepmother's underwear out of the laundry hamper and masturbated in my bedroom while sniffing the toes of her pantyhose and her big panty gussets.

After that I started using my stepmom's underwear to jerk off to as well.

Oh my pussy is so wet!

Very creative and enjoyable. Extremely explicit. Can't wait until tomorrow's chapter


You can always send me an email if you want more, slut


WOW! Just fucking WOW!! I loved it, So self centered and abusive. I hope that cock felt as delicious as I imagined it would, Again...Just fucking WOW ! !


i have been a bad girl master ...... i want u tell me what to do ...


well my pussy is dripping thanks to this .... i know exactly how it feels.

hopefully my new toy comes soon

thank you

so much for coming back the thought of this story crossing my mind has been enough to give me an erection for more then a year


Have a VERY simular story of how my wife and I got together, great story. Will be reading more of your work for sure.

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