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Great job!

It really was an awesome story. I can totally relate to that need for something to fill you. You should continue, this was nice and fast, but also descriptive. It's a rare talent.

Isn't it wonderful how those little tricks we learned at such a young age still are every bit as delightful sooooo many years later? You make me wish I was a girl so I could experience what you did. And I'm so glad you found somebody you could share that precious secret with. Wishing you many more sweet joys like that....

your sick. do you know what happens to people that do that?

Lonely Lovin Lady

I like to rub my pussy until I orgasm when I'm feeling lonely. The sweet sensation of making my own body feel so good and that uncontrollable jerking motion when the climax actually occurs. I can usually bring myself to orgasm within 5 minutes or less if I'm in a rush or go up to 15 minutes if I do a slower pace. I know I will always reach an orgasm since I know exactly what my body wants so I usually don't tease myself and just give my pussy that pleasure it deserves. Now I wanna go masturbate, cya sweetie pie.

Really, Really Great

One of the best on Lit and the best so far. The series was getting predictable but this one opened up a new avenue.

One complaint -- chapters too short.


The end made me laugh out loud. Amazing job!

Very believable !

Your stories all have a believable feel to them. Having led a senual life myself I can identify with many of th situations. Luckily for me, not only have I been an exhibitionist all my life but was able to convince my then girlfriend who became my wife, that being naked and being seen naked was the ultimate thrill. We raised our daughter AND grand daughter to enjoy sex and exhibitionism and both of them have been the sourse of many observers and participants. -Bare469

Gooooood vibes!!!!

Just loved it. Definitively they should try it again...


Hahaha, the door was open all along

While not typically the type of stories we read, this one's title lured us in and we loved it!!

Very Nice

A good roommate story goes a long way, and Indian women are far too underrepresented in erotica, despite their obvious appeals. I like characters that aren't your everyday caricatures. Throw in a petite and cute protagonist (another weakness of mine) and we're well on our way to a happy ending - you know, in the story.

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