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Killing me!

The wait is killing me! I understand how difficult writing can be, but please, PLEASE post the next chapter soon! This series is far and away the best I' ve read on Literotica!

You sneaky !!!

You sneaky bastard. Literotica doesn't allow underage sex but you sneaked some in with the admission that Momma Jean and Mindy had been having fun before she turned 18. Way to go !!!


Very good read.

Hit all the high and low points with quick strokes.

To danibear (and others)

Of course there was more than one typo! But, still, a very nice, believable romance, well told, and a pleasant way to end a Saturday night.

more please

I love your story. Gave the first one a 4 but I think it's more. Gave this one a 5. Now I want another sequel. Bring Allison in and have Dirk paint both their faces and clean each other. Maybe Carla needs to have Dirks baby and Carla's sister comes to help out with the baby and will clean Dirk up after a three way. The possibilities are endless.

Short, sweet,

And fracking hot! You don't mess around, and it was awesome. Lit needs a category for best flash story.

As is the norm...

Another delightful five star story from this author.


Loved this story, and the papers are full of teachers seducing students, so realistic.

You must have been excited in the writing, there were more odd errors as the story, and couple, climaxed.

Can't understand the comment about bald pussy being unreal. I've experienced some. Keep up the fun work....

Author agrees with Mad Brown

I have to admit that I wasn't 100% sold on the way this story came out. I agree with the comments and will probably revise it at some point. Honestly, the story seemed to fall in the poly direction and I don't really know much about the poly lifestyle; that was evident in the story. I should have heeded the advice that people always give writers and kept to my own experiences.
Sorry guys! I will do better the next time.
Thank you for the nice ratings, though. I guess it wasn't as bad as I feared.
I really love this audience!

☆☆☆☆+ (4.26/5.0 = 85.2 = A-) The story was meant to be pornographic. In that sense the author did a very good job!

In the last paragraph, mom is leaving the bathroom practically naked. Ch. 2 (if ever written) might have an incest/taboo aspect to it.

A user has made a comment that in Indian sex stories the son usually gets to watch other men fuck his mom, but seldom gets to fuck her himself. I beg to differ: there are many Indian son Incest/Taboo stories on Literotica.
There also are many Voyeur Son stories where the characters are Westerners.

My mom was not Miss Universe but she was a very attractive woman in her own right: fair complexion, five feet eight, chorus line legs, firm ass (she dad a few extra pounds but it wad on all the right spots: ass, thighs, boobs...)

As a young man I myself was totally infatuated with my mother. I noticed what she wore for each occasion, how she behaved in presence of different guests. I was not exactly spying on her but i did "keep a file on her" in my brain. When i was a teenager our whole family lived in the Emirates. My both parents had jobs. Mom's office & our quarters were in the same villa. My dad was on the road a lot because his construction sites were dispersed all over Arab Peninsula.

The office was a branch. A frequent guest was the Deputy CEO. My sixth sense was telling me he was fucking my mother. (I have been über intuitive all my life.) When he was in the Emirates mom often accompanied him for meetings & business trips. Otherwise they worked long hours in the villa together. When dad was home she would stop working at 11 pm. When dad was away she worked till 3 am.

Finally, by fluke, i had the proof her relationship with him was stratching way beyond professional (2 incidents).

The first occasion: I was in bed when i was to be in school; I heard the sound of muffled voices coming from our guest room. I very carefully opened my door & saw his shoes & dress pants on the floor in the hallway. The voices were more clear: i heard them make love. I quietly went back to my room & was in bed in the dark until they left our quartes.

The other time, the two of them were returning from a meeting & parked the car in the car port. I was in the utility washroom that had a small window, the only one in the house that had a view of the car port area. As they exited the car he hugged her, kissed her on the neck and was kneading her gorgeous firm ass. "You did not get enough last night or something? - my mom said - "I am not saying i don't like when you touch my arse but we must be discrete. Please. I am happily married & want to stay that way. Please... just so you know, It turns me on when i see you want me; i get wet..." OMG! OMG! The scene i witnessed was instantly engraved in my memory forever.

Next 2 years i masturbated to that scene or a more explicit fantasy based on it (e.g. he's kissing &/or spanking her bare ass; she is naked & he is kneading her ass before he fucks he doggy style; my mom lost a bet with me & i get to spank her on her bare ass...)

I never told my dad about my mom. I never loved her or respected her any less because she was not faithful. I never respected my dad any less, either.

The Deputy CEO was not her first or last lover. She had an outgoing personality, a very hi energy level, & (i guess) an outstanding libido. She must have had a nig heart because there was enough room in it for her husband, her 2 chilren, her family, her in-laws, her friends... & her current lover.

I overcame my Oedipus Complex several years later; i have only fond memories from the time spent in the Emirates.

Chapters Too Short

Enjoy the story - wish the chapters were longer.

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