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Ehm error of time...

I like the read but if it is 1962... You don't have porn DVDs yet :)

more please

oh yes lots more Noah and Mrs McCutcheon please ! A quality milf story like this is unbeatable

Make a baby? .......

Shit a good story fucked up by the baby shit.... Alan could be paying child support to both/each of his lovers for a long time, may even have to pay bills, for four years of college for each kid. We had three children in college at the same time. We did ok but that was because my wife worked as well as I and we had a very good income, still we had three cars to buy for them while in high school, the college tuition cost, sorority fees for room and board, and much more. Oh yes each had a beer bong which they paid for out of their own monthly maintenance funds we provided. Then each had to have new laptops cell phones, sports equipment i.e. Tennis gear, golf clubs, skis, membership fees. It just went on and on.

I am not unhappy about it as we could afford it and we love our three girls that are now in their early fifties with their own children just about to start University. But this kid is starting out with probably student loans, no job maybe parents with not much money to spare plus two kids. Now what if his little gay virgins cherry he picked is knocked up from chapter eights cherry popping fun? That could be three kids each with a diffferent mother. Yes this is fiction however it is not realistic except on Jerry Springer with some degenerate uneducated morons. The rest of the series is entertaining and a fun read even with the minor errors. I gave chapter Eight and nine each a three the other chapters I gave fives.


So complicated

Till it becomes clear.


Your fans are ready for 8 & 9

Is life interfering again?
You have us curious. There are so many possibilities.

So far so good

This yarn definitely needs a chapter TWO!!


I loved it and am hoping there will be a chapter 2

Fantastic story

And I love the theme you have going with the students and their MILFs. I'm hoping there's more.


Loving this series! This woman sounds incredibly curvy! First a gang bang then public sex! Keep it coming!

Thanks for the unintended humour

The purposeful titillation.

and the smiles from both.

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