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You must continue this story through 2 or 3 more chapters


For a first time writer I would have to say it was a very good effort. However I would have to 2nd the earlier comment. The story needed more description and longer paragraphs. Your grammatical format was good but did not help with the mental images. Expand your thoughts a little bit more and read your draft with the eye of your audience, we cannot see the parts in your head that make the story work for you.

Keep it up and I see your future stories getting better and better.


This was insanely good!!!! Keep up the good work


I hope the son continues to watch his mom get fucked and maybe he cleans her up too.

Five stars brilliant

Love your work. Cant wait to read your mext story

Lost one of your gals

I'm a little heartbroken one of your muses moved. Great story as always.


seduction. wish it happened to me

A good beginning

Needs to be taken to the next logical step/s.


Not particularly well written, but hot enough to make up for that. "Hard" to resist a willing woman!

This was... sex should be.

Please write some more of this story.

Hell yes

Somehow I think the jock will end up with both the MILF and the hottie from school while the poor son can only watch. At least that's what I'm hoping for !

A sequel?

If it's possible, then please please continue the story of Ashley and Mark!

Porn videos

Are so much fun, I love them.

Awesome story

Yes more chapters needed, especially with him taking the summer internship under angie

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