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Great story

Just love that this is mature women and enjoying it. I hope there is a sequel.
I'm hooked

Would love to give it a try . . .

Must admit there have been occasions when I've seen an old man (homeless or not) and wondered what it would be like to have him push his cock inside me whether I wanted him to or not. The thought alone gets me wet.


A fantastic compliment to original story! Thank you!

Great story

This story was well written and kept me engaged and aroused.

Hope there is a second part..


Hilarious...and charming...and arousing.
Excellent writing.


Made me kind of sad. Oh well.

Just plain stupid

7 nubile teens?? This story needs a new category- impossible fantasy.
What a lame plot.


is the best kind of prosper/ TK U MLJ LV NV

Thanks man..

After I've read the disclaimer part I, i weny straight ahead on comment section,i was thankful you didn't choose a gang rape story line..hats off to you this is by far the best and most pure mature story I've read..


I liked the different slant to the story very good imagination. But you promised a continuation and I see seven chapters worth. So get busy.

Great potential an outline might be helpful

I do not normally comment, but I wonder about how the pop tarts came into the picture? You seem to rush through the story as if to get it over with and finish. When I "house sat" the individual normally actually stays there.

Think about the reader

This is great writing! Your reader needs to imagine, right? So, the talk is fantastic, a few more details, for example, the window seen the great but the dishwasher is kind of random.
Great potential

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