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I could sense every second of the seduction. More more more please

great story

i would love to hear more of your adventures of banging hot MILFs. when they suppose to be worrying about their daughter or daughters during their competitions. that does seem like a very good idea of picking up married MILFs. especially when they come to you & you not trying to get it started. better way of them to cum back for more!!!!!!


I absolutely loved this series. Fabulous interweaving of the characters, story and sex. Hopefully there is more life to these characters. Each chapter was an easy 5*, but closer to 10

Pregnant ?????

. . . a change of life baby, perhaps. Certainly a five star orgasm and ejaculation.

Good but...

Yeh kinda lost me halfway too

Dates Become Spanish Training Class

Yes, he gets a five star and teacher is about to get the 10 inches

Pretty hot

That was a fun read. You sound like you'd be dynamite in the sack.

MILF Mrs. Taylor

Another neighbor gets the prong from her son's best friend. One lucky guy and the wording was such you got another deserved five stars. Keep this up until every house in the neighborhood has happy housewives.

Terrific Fuck Story

How many great neighbors can he do and what about the daughter the MILF wanted him to date? Another five star in this series.

Got His Dream

His hot older neighbor lady gave him all he wished for - - - it wasn't even Christmas. You, the author, get five stars for your holiday of writing.

Encore, Encore!!!

HOT story! Love to see, at least, a sequel, if not a series! Almost lost me at skipping the tights, but a "4" is still a "4", even without them. There's always the next time. Bringing in another MILF wouldn't hurt, either.

Truly a great story.

Komrad, the more you write, the more I get attached to your writing. Some of your early writing seemed a little harsh and rushed. This story developed completely and the sex is slight, but unnecessary because the story is all about how beautiful the chase and romance is the builds towards the pleasure of sex. Thank you for this beautiful story.

yep, another great chapter.

And annony, you're the asshole of the world not just this site. We all know you hate Bonnie because she calls your sad old ass out one day and told you what we all think of you. You're pig shit and vomit all rolled into a sad old tired man who has no friends and lives with his dead mother

good masturbation story and a great Incest story

with a added punch, neighbor and now the Asian lady with the small pussy! I have one years ago and they will fuck you until you can't get it up any more. Then they will suck you back for one last fuck! Great story. And you know Bonnie is right, Annony is the asshole of LIT!!

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