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i very much enjoyed this little tail

Yes please

More please. Great to have your stories back on Literotica, just as it was great to have your front back on on 13 January.

*That* was a wild fucking ride!

I believe you have successfully captured the fantasy of every high school student who ever had a crush on a teacher. I'm not sure it is made better or worse by the fact the teacher I had a crush on all through high school was also a nun...

Please make more of this series

Wonderful excellent story would like to read more of it thank you 5 stars

racist language

the use of the word paki to describe the driver is not ok

Dear Author, Very nice! A pleasure to read and unfortunately, there aren't more Lorilei's in the world of aging males. jntiques


That was another good story. Give us more. Wish I could fuck a girl like that

Also fascinating

Wonderful, and I can relate to 20 years of self-centeredness. Brilliant actually

Descent but the whole rape and sociopathic personality was off putting. If the rest it is like this i have no reason to want to continue.

m ore please

That was a great story. I would like more.

more please

Nice start, we got all summer.

Well, shit. I was just starting to get wet when this ended. Too bad.

Dont write anymore

The shit on the fingers describes this (story) no more.

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