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Just a thought

You might want to get stain resistant fabric, I think your going to need it

Monster Cock?

A mature woman would never tolerate a young self centered BOY like you portrayed in this attempt of a story. I had several great experiences with older women when I was younger and they know what they want and don't take shit from anyone.

Amazing, just Amazing !

Loved the slow build up, the 'climax' was perfect.

So looking forward to the next instalment.



You need to give us more of your talent. I enjoy your stories very much.

Ass or Arse

I don't care what it is called, you have a damn good story and I want to hear more about his adventures. Maybe Anna and her daughter, Katrina can get with him for a threesome.

What happened next?

Dear Sir, that cannot be the end of it. What happens next, please continue?

Like the dominant MILF facesitting

When she mounts his face for oral sex and he tickles her clit makes me wish I could have gotten the older woman I had an extra-marital affair do to me.

Loved your story

Thanks for a very erotic story. Your description is superb. I have one question; how does a nineteen year old youth who is intimate with a forty five year old hot mother hold on to his climax for so long?

More please...

I know all four are going to be knocked up eventually but Aidan needs to do all 4 one more time before the truth comes out! Just my suggestion! Love it keep the chapters coming.

that's it...

where is the rest? there are several possibilities here for more chapters.

The first 2 comments are way too harsh. Things can happen on a train! All it takes is for 2 life trajectories to intersect in the same place @ the same time.

Our individual destinies are like one half of an apple. Unbeknownst to us the half is looking for a matching half. Once we meet a matching half, the very improbable can be the order of the day. That's because there is synergy btwn the 2 matching halves that can give unpredictable results.



Think this has a lot of opportunities to go many places. Please do so!!

More, please!!!!

I’m hangin in until the inevitable threesome takes place!!!!

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