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and my balls blew their load as the little teenage girl sucked my cock

Second one of your stories

I have read and must say I like your style

I wish I knew the author personally.

My senses tell me that this author is a woman I would like to have educate me. Very well done.....very sensual.

that was fucking hot,i love bbw

One problem

As retired military I loved the story but how the hell does this fall into the MATURE category.

Loved it

You write very well. A truly charming tale of actual love, not just lust. As an older man with a much younger partner, I have personal experience in such a relationship and we are living proof that it really does work.

good story

So what happens with the two of them? You need to do a follow up story. You just left it hanging. In my favorites
Ron. Texas

call me an old romantic

but I am unable to figure out an inexperienced, somewhat shy, teen boy goes from, I don't know how to do that, to the world's greatest, most powerful, and totally in control man about the bedroom.


This is a bit deeper than normal on here, well written and paced lots of thought gone into it, good story , I'm always looking for them to be longer than they are.

So many hanging in there

What a wonderful series and so much more could be said. A certain 'emptiness' resulted with the end!
Expectations are mounting, I am certain - so, 'More, please.'

Good Romance Story

I really liked it - it was erotic and at the same time respectful and promised good marriages in the future

Great story of sex ed

Well written and very detailed - pure joy!


Good show mate! Enjoyed the story. Good writing as well as reading. Since I was an enlistee in '47 and have CPO Grandson, it went over well. Cheers!

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