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This has been a great series!!! Couldn't wait for this one to come out!!!! As always...nicely written and paced!!!


No more shit stuff. The balance of the story is great reading. I'm ready for the next chapter.

Some more details please. Explain her outfit better etc. Don't just say panties say a black lace thong etc. How'd she have her hair done etc. Great story though 5 stars

Nice one!

When I read the phrase "thick as a pop can" I knew immediately that you were from the Midwest. LOL

Erotic--and then some

Congratulations on your first story.
I give it a 5 for pornography at it's best. A real cock-raiser!!!!

Scat over

The scat encounter was a 1 time event.


Not as kinky as Chapter 3 Anthony needs to bring Vanessa up to Jessica's pervasions what else does Jessica want Anthony to do is scat coming back we could do with Scatman for Scatwoman


Hancock ignore the last post he's a SCATTerbrain I loved the scat video and scat fuck great writing and more scat now for Anthony Jessica and Vanessa can't wait for next chapter

Sorry dude. You lost me with the toilet video. If you had put an author's note at the beginning of the chapter that it contained scat reference, I wouldn't have read the chapter and given you a low score. Just fyi.

Brilliantly Written.

It was by far one of the best stories I have read. Please follow this up. Waiting for the next issue.

Well that was just fucked up

I understand the interplay between the husband and the wife. I'm STILL not sure why Beth decided she wanted nothing to do with being touched or being sexual. I have NO idea why the character of Helen was introduced into the story. And I'm unclear if Rob was getting the same treatment at home from Alison. Altogether this added up to a lot of nothing.


It's too bad they only have 5 stars on their rating system, 'cause this would be a ten if it went that high! Please don't stop now!!


Didn't care for the watersports, but I enjoyed reading the rest.

I just don't get the fascination with urination. Does nothing for me except to make me uncomfortable. I will give urine enthusiasts this: you're not as whacky as the "scat" enthusiasts. Now, when will you stop insisting that "squirting" isn't just "pissing"?

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