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Mom, Amy and Darlene need to end up pregnant all together +++ the neighbor lady!!!


Reading about people with the ability to think .
Thank you for every word.

so true

Best story I have read in 30 years

The buildup and carnal action are impeccable

But the back story and differences between these four milfs aren't being played up. I admire what's here but where's the danger , betrayal and risk element ? Sorry I'm being unapologetically greedy but the setup was and is so rife f9or mayhem.

Well told

I enjoy the story.
I met my wife, a nurse, in 1964 and married her in 1964, I was 27 and she was 42.During our short courtship I ran into some of the age questions with my family and friends as Grace did with Brian’s mother. More than once during our life together, she was referred to as my mother even though she was very young looking. Generally, the comments were made out of her hearing. We were together until 2013, 48+ years. She died at 91+ years old. Between us, the age was not a problem and we didn’t let what others thought bother us.
Brian and Grace’s story could go on for 50+ years!

great story need to get the other moms fucked as well. cant wait to read the two others

Excellent! (Caution, potential spoiler alert)

I loved it! All the sexual tension with his sister, and then the drunk older woman coming on to him ... but the final, unexpected twist in the tail that leaves it wide open for the sequel. I guess she's going to be extremely embarrassed when she wakes up and they'll be back to square one :-)

Very Nice Story

On the important side, well told and hot as hell.

On the less important side, why did she want him to slow down? Surely she knew an eighteen-year-old is good for more than just one dance. There would be far more hard cock and follow-up explosions for her to amuse herself with had he cum a tad early. As a youngster who attracted an older following, it was one of my selling points.


Evil seducer

He's a spawn of the devil! On the other hand, I love it!! Is the plan to impregnate the ladies? That would make it even more interesting.
I hope the next two are as good as these two were.

Great story keep it going !!!!!!!!

Loved it

This got me so aroused! Middle-aged women really do have fantasies along these lines. Nice start to my weekend - thank you

Great story

As an older man, I can see this kind of thing happening, especially to a middle aged divorcee.


Each time I write I try to enhance the story and characters and place some distance between what I write and your usual Penthouse letter offerings.

Very good. As usual.

As a fan, it is always a pleasure to see a new offering from 1965Squash. This one should require more than one more chapter to fully tell. After all, he does have a whole month and Hannah does seem to need a considerable amount of tutoring in how to fully enjoy what she obviously already loves.
Another 5 stars.


Loved this story, especially where you left it! My imagination is now running wild. Must read your other stuff. Thanks!

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