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Me Thinks

Me thinks his wife had a lover either male or female and that is why she was so cold to him and it may have been one of her Opra friends. I also think that she did not think that he measure up to them. Rachel just loved him and the kids. A very good story not my first or last read.


Frickin HOT!!! You must write more about this couple! They were SWEET! Mark was the perfect man. Just dominant enough without being too much. LOVE HIM!!! Love Kyra. LOVED THIS STORY!!! ❤️❤️❤️

right does not know age

I have had the pleasure of being with a lady of 21 years, 27 years younger than me. We were together for 18months, the only downside was when we walked together, in resturants and shops, everyone did assume she was my daughter. In the end I convinced here to find someone closer to her age. i think about her everyday, it was love that was so right.
Other comments posted have discussed bacon.. bah those fatty paper thin streaks you call bacon are so wrong, in the uk its about the meat, a thick slice with just a tiny bit of fat to the edge.
Enjoyed the story lots, steviesurveyor


Congratulations... A well.woven story with likable characters and emotions.

I have to agree

Bacon needs to be skillet fried. I prefer cast iron. I hate anon comments criticising a work, but I have to agree about the bacon. Please bring Andi back for a vacation. Please bring Henry too; He might come in handy when Jack proposes.

Lit made a mistake

I asked Literotica to remove the alternate ending on Chapter 5. They inadvertently removed the original ending. So, I resubmitted Chapter 5. I hope to close up my stories that are in need of an ending in the next six months.

Zzzz. Another cheating whore. Wow. Original.

So he's a disinterested cheating jerk and she's a manipulative cheating whore. Nice couple. Why doesn't she just divorce him??!!! If I could give this -2 stars, I would.

Technically, your writing is very good and thankfully devoid of the illiteracy rampant in many other stories here. I liked the early touch of humor when he says his name is Robert and everyone just calls him Robert. I would correct the numbers. If they're under 100, you need to write them out.
Other than that, the sex seems very rushed and lacking in details - description and emotions - that would make it sexier and more erotic. This is the first time this teenager has been with an older man - a MUCH older man, yet she behaves like an experienced hooker. Wouldn't she be at least a little nervous, hesitant, unsure? Anything? I kind of doubt she'd be taking note that his "boner" is "about 6 (SIX) inches long." We just get that he did this and she did that, and nothing of how she felt about any of it.
You have talent as a writer but this could be so much better!

Bacon in a microwave?

That is so wrong!
Bacon needs to be cooked in a frying pan (skillet), with a little oil or lard. To accompany it, you need a fried egg, fried black pudding, or a good pork sausage, well browned, baked beans and some fried bread, or toast.
Pancakes with chocolate chips and sickly syrup are for after a main meal, such as dinner or lunch.

couple of things...


Bullshit; no real story

Right, on the first page, they get in and start fucking! What kind of junk is this? Written by idiots?

Superior job!

One of those stories that you wish wouldn't end.

Me, too!

I would like to hear more of this couple, also! Great story!!

*Could have ..

Close enough to where this could have been my story ~~ but I turned my Butterfly loose to sprout her wings some more instead of laying around with an old man watching him die a little more each week or so.! Wayyy to much difference in our ages - - - but she truly loved me with all her heart. ""5"" all the way.^ Thank you for the read.**

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