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Why do write this crapola?

I would give this a minus rating if I could.

Oh my...

What a story! I could sense myself as Todd being milked by that Danish "Mommy". I wonder if she used to do that with her real son before he went to war and got killed. Maybe that's why she loved doing it...but that's just me...

Short and Hot

A reasonable set up, a decent plot, good characters, and pretty hot sex - which after all is why I read Literotica. I'm a bit put off by a story about characters in their 30s consigned to the "Mature" category, but I suppose I can look past it. I look forward to reading more of your stories

And another...

...wonderful little tale.
Grins generated here. I’ll leave the giggles to Emmaline.
Thanks as always,

sexy story

Please continue soon, I'd like to see nurse adams have many more multiple orgasms!
Something about her is just sexy,More please!


OHH YESSS Many years ago when I was in England traveling from High Wycombe to Oxford one afternoon, on the train in the compartment I choice was an older British woman. Small talk like how do I like the UK and did I find the English lassies friendly. Small talk for maybe five minutes and then she wanted to know if I had fucked any older women there? I said none over maybe the age of 30. Well, right to the quick, I fucked a 45 or maybe a little older British MILF and I was 20 or maybe 21. OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS The Brits like their sex, at least the women do.

Adorable story

I enjoyed reading and it made me giggle. Nice work Sam! :)


That my wife, at 70, had a friend as helpful as Beth. Or even more helpful, would recommend someone we could share.

Great story

I just read your series it is a fantastic story I hope you continue to write.

Great story! Wish I could have been with a mature lady when I was younger.


This is such a erotic masterpiece
I wish you can add some more kinky stuff
also each day could have been a chapter
but of course this is such an awesome writing
thanks for sharing


Lousy story, even worse editing

Sorry, calls them as I read them. Horrible.

Put Pen to Paper soon

Well we have a taste for your writing so please carry on.
I and many like the 'Mature' of the older lady and younger man. Also 'Incest' Mother/Son and Grandmother/Grandson you might like to try.

Really enjoyed that

ironic, but every young man's dream come true. Well written and it hit the right note.

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