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Went from a 5 to a 2.

Great stuff then a crappy killjoy ending/

Been there !!!

Got my first Cougar at 1965 at age 23 and my last and best at age 41 in 1981 (she was 53) and loved and learned from all of them.So been there,done that,got the shirt,and the 'Red Wings',and wouldn't have missed any of it for anything.
Loved the story,shame I could only give it 5 stars.Keep on writing.

Fun story

There are still a few old hippies around, still into peace and love. Sounds like fun times

disappointed Sean got away with the video, but

The sex was hot. He could have busted in at the end and deleted the video and fucked mom himself, or deleted it and kicked Sean's ass. Why is mom a slut just because she likes sex? That's a shitty, sexist attitude. Son could have definitely saved her the humiliation of being discovered.

I loved this story and neighbour one too, please write part 2's :)

More enlightenment

Very good story of lactating love by two accepting people able to come together to share lustful sex.


I felt like I was watching a rom-com novel. I love this story and I hope you update soon!

Excellent story...

I thoroughly enjoyed this story from beginning to end!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed it

I hope there is more coming!

My Favorite Literotica Story

I think there's real chemistry and love between John and Rachel, and the way the soon to be ex wife is described makes it all seem right. And the sex is great. Wholesome AND raunchy! Rachel isn't just out for a conquest, and neither is John. Truly my favorite Literotica story of all-time. I keep coming back to it.


Thanks for sharing and giving this widow of over
ten years hope.


What a great story. Just the sort of lady I would love to know

Hell yeah I want read to more, especially when he gets to plug her pussy and ass. And let's not forget about Katrina. More, more more. Damn good writing, got me horny as

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