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Fantastic story

Love the story and it's slow pace. There are a lot of cuckold stories but they usually made the transfer from wife/mother to slut too fast: she fucks the bully/lover once or twice and the next thing is leaving her family. Here I love the emphasize on her feelings and how she starts wanting the younger man to be her partner and not just lover.
I cannot wait for the final transformation where she willingly gets pregnant by him and leaves her family.


5 is not high enough for this story. It is off the charts...


I decided to "binge-read" this one. I had ignored it until this installment, then read all four chapters in two days. Fabulously written, as always. Karen is a lot like my deceased wife was. I have some things in common with Dan, but also (sad to admit) some in common with Belinda. I have some thinking to do. Thank you, as ever, for a sexy and entertaining story with a happy ending. You have a gift -- thank you for sharing it.

Why didn’t my sitters do this?

A really hot teen aged woman seducing and thoroughly fucking him! I have this impregnation fetish so making her pregnant would be the perfect ending of this story with more to come with these two!!!


It just keeps getting better... Going to read Ch. 4 now!


Love the hole story and keep up the good work thank you you are a great writer


She is as horny as I am and I am 61!

Just keeps getting better!

Another great installment to your excellent story!

this could have been so good but by making him a

total arsehole you ruined the story...any guy would want to fuck mother and daughter no question but then to make his first time with Chrissie to shove it up her bum hole was a total joke....what a frigging loser you made women would stand for that

Still Waiting, mrstanley!!!

Been a while - when's the next chapter (or chapters) to be published? If so, maintain this loving, but carefully controlled, erotic relationship. YES, to your questions about anal - maybe with a 2-3 preparatory enemas (maybe soapy water, oil and/or clear warm water) to keep things sanitary and even more erotic as they proceed with maybe a butt plug added in between each cleansing. Also before that upcoming "meal time" you mentioned, might be worth a further shaving session for Veronica to heighten her passionate anticipation! Light bondage is also a big YES - maybe to safely secure her on an adjustable massage table during a full body oil massage and/or certain positions for her enemas. And don't forget some erotic foot and leg worship for Veronica that you like so much in your other stories here! Finally, any chance for another do-it-yourself assembly project - like a St. Andrew's Cross for their mutual pleasure?

well done

I like it when people write with a bit of knowledge about the setting.

My 53 yr old bbc HOTWIFE

Wow great story and well written. Definitely hot. My mature white wife is a slut fflr black cock as well and prrefers 3 or 4 young black stallions at once. She loves to take their huge ebony horsecocks in all three of her holes just ad this horny mature slut. Keep up the stories. I will try to get my wife to submit a telling of one of her many bbc gang bangs.

Beautiful story!

Refreshing and original. Can't wait to read more!

For Chapter 3-Eric Now Pays it Forward

Here's my idea for a chapter 3. Since Phyllis paid it forward by helping Eric recover his mojo, she now introduces him to her 77 year old neighbor, Jane. Jane has been a widow for 12 years and fears that at her age, she'll never enjoy a healthy round of sex again. Eric pays it forward to Jane and shows her fears were unwarranted. Thoughts?

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