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Lovely story.

Real emotions, good characters.


Great story nice build up and believable.

I knew a Renee

The "Renee" I knew was also from upstate NY farm country. She was much taller than the one in this story but stacked like Renee and had a nearly insatiable sexual appetite. She had seemingly no inhibitions, loved threesomes, foursomes and moresomes of ALL combinations. What spectacular nights we spent together! Unfortunately she had a son with 2 young kids and couldn't stay out of trouble and had to move away to make sure the kids didn't end up as wards of the state.

Nicholas Templar!!!!!!!!!

You have caught the attention of the Evil Anonymous! Are you up to the challenge or do you cower behind the guise of having disappeared with this inactivity? You say you have the last of chapter 4 written but nothing has arrived. Your fans clamor even now for more of this story yet they lay disappointed in their beds at night. Barring an accident to your person you seem to do them a disservice here. Please continue the story if you are able.

loved it

Great story! I definitely want to see this story continue. This has the potential to be a great series. The build up and the climax (pun intended) of the story was perfectly paced. Keep up the good work

Fake as usual

Why can't someone post true stories??? In india,everyone knows its not easy to just have sex with someone you barely know for an year. Bullcrap.

Like GOOD!!!

Nicely done. The build up was good. The motivation was reasonable. Keep it like that and keep it coming.

Well crafted & written. You should do more than aspire to be a writer;

you are a writer. The only feedback I can give is to polish up your grammar skills as you made a couple tense errors.

The main thing is, you have the gift of storytelling, I hope you use it well.

Write on & on

You are doing it right. I just panned a couple of authors earlier because they were juvenile. You are doing yoeman work her bud and the result is truly enjoyable. Tnx, Lynn

Damn. In a store? Ryan is mad reckless. No chill.

Great story. My fantasy as well

one minor issue

love the story so far, but her breasts size has changed from part 1 to Part 2.. Part 1 she was a 46 GG and in Part 2 she is a 46 FF.....beyond that though good story cant wait to read part 3

What an amazing story

A well written erotic story. Worth taking my time reading this. Keep up the good writing

Great storyline

I really like where you took,this storyline. I can't wait to read ch2.

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