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Who's talking in this paragraph? You might know but it's not clear.

"So, twenty minutes back to the restaurant. Danny hopped in the car, turned the key, and nothing. Apparently Jan had left an interior light on and the battery was dead. "Let's just have a tow truck come over in the morning and get it started. Come on, I'll buy you a coffee on the way back to the house." So I found myself sitting in an all-night coffee shop at midnight with this quite handsome and polite 22-year old young man."

And then we have a bedroom with a sofa in it. Kind of weird but fantasy rules. Of course why they just wouldn't use the bed.......2*


That was so hot. I loved the teasing of it, how they didn't actually touch, and yet had a firey encounter. Nice work.


It could be vastly improved but I like the subject.

Been There

And it was scary, intense and enjoyable. Hope for your sake it was real...

Great read!

Wonderful written! Hot, sexy and even believable.
Hoping to see more of your submissions - keep 'em coming.

Love a possible follow up

Interesting story so far. I would love to hear how she could possibly cope with a pregnancy. Could she pass it off as her husband's child? Perhaps, as he's out of work he would look after said child. It would keep him away from porn as well. I admit reading about a damsel in distress does get me wet. I think you still have a lot of ground you can cover here. Personally I would not have tolerated the shit. From a husband or a work client. But that is the difference between fiction and reality.

Surprised he didn't take her ass

Now that was a story

Loved it. Very well written, extremely erotic, realistic dialogue, hot sex and a satisfactory climax (or two!)

Hot story

The story was hot, it's every young guy's fantasy. As some others have noted, it needs a little more description, and the mechanics need some work. The story would have read much smoother if there were fewer incorrect words-"wade" instead of "wad," for example. That kind of thing is very distracting, and makes a story hard to read. Read it over several times before you submit-you'll always find another mistake somewhere, I always do.

Looking forward to future installments, as it appears the neighborhood ladies all think this kid is hot. I'd love to see where that leads.

REPLY TO COMMENT by Seniorreader 12/27/16

What the FUCK are you babbling about.... 'bad writing'?? This was an excellently written story. The only problem was that it needed a better job of proof reading to add some missing words and correct a few grammatical errors. YOU, must have a personal hard on for this writer because only an asshole would give a one star rating to a story of this caliber. I'm a senior, too, and YOU are an ignorant fuck who's at least 60 years overdue at the cemetery.

30% true

My guess is that enough of this really happened to get you thinking of what you wished had happened - that's how mine work

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