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I hope you come back to this story and keep it going it's good and you should add more maybe even a off shoot of Pete and where he goes from here

English class

If you want "correct" punctuation and grammar, go to high school and sit in at an English class! This was a GREAT story and I hope you do more like it. Screw (metaphorically speaking) those assholes who complain about the spelling.

Part 2 coming?

Very intriguing! I sure hope there's a part 2 on the way! The older I get, the more erotic I find older women!

Another Wonderful

Story and beautifully told. Waiting on the next chapter that was so wonderfully hinted at the end.

Was Jake watching through the window?

After Tom goes off to play golf it's back to see Jake and Tom catches them at it.

Nice simple story.

Thanks for the tale, any thing is possible and that was erotic, not too complicated and i wish I had been Jake. Endless possibilities for future chapters. What about his mates and her friends?

A wonderful story

And so well written! I hope you'll continue with this story, it's so good!

Thank you!

My first dogging experience happened when I visited the U.K. I was still getting used to the time difference, so at 10.30ish at night I decided to go for a run. I went along the streets, into a park, I noticed quite a few cars in the car park No idea and as I ran along, a guy walked past me, hi, hi, busy tonight, a couple to choose from, what, I kept going. I came round a bend, stopped, in front and to the left of me on a bench someone was kneeling and it was obvious someone was having sex with that person. I stopped, I noticed someone else standing, I watched, the guy fucking moved back and the other guy immediately took his place. The first guy walked past me, get in line, hes good. What, he, I wasn't going there, I moved off the track to the right and walked a bit further, noises, I looked over, sitting down was a women, black long hair bouncing up and down, sitting on a guys cock as he sat on a bench. She saw me, beckoned me over, I moved to her, her hand moving, give it to me, I lowered my shorts, she took me straight away, I looked at her, a guess, mid 30s, she knew how to suck. The guy fucking her stood, she got up, turn around, she did,kneeling, sorry fella, I watched as he stood over her fucking her. A woman, much older, came over and put a cushion down, knelt on it, lifted her dress, revealing quite plump stockinged legs. Being in my 20s by this stage I was ready to fuck anything. I looked at her, her head was down, I moved behind her, I pushed in between her legs, she spread them wider and I was in her, wet, sloppy, did I care, no, I just held her thighs and fucked her offered pussy. I pushed all the way into her and held her as my cum left me, her fingers were exploring her pussy as I pulled away. The other guy also pulled back from the younger one, he looked at me, worth a go if you are into that, I looked at him, then looked down, I saw the balls hanging, I pulled up my shorts, walked away. I watched as he/she got up. Tight blue skirt, great legs, I wandered off. I had never experienced anything like this in N.Z. I moved further away, sat down, I thought about the younger one, how good at sucking my cock. My cock was getting hard again, I thought well, if I go back and blue skirt was there, well. I sat for quite a while i heard a few noises and then decided to walk back. Late now, I walked past the bench, the woman I had fucked was giving a blow job to an older guy, no sign of blue skirt. I headed back, there on the bench where I had seen the 2 guys was blue skirt. I walked past, hi, hi, want to sit down, yeh, sure. Straight away her hands went to my shorts, ohh nice, her mouth covering it,, her hand fingering my balls, my cock hard, she lifted her head, want to fuck or blow, I hesitated, her mouth went back down, fuck, she lifted up, turned on her knees, lifting the blue skirt. I felt her hand, guide my cock, holding me as she pushed back, I was in,she removed her hand and I was inside a much tighter hole than before, although very wet and slimy. I got over her and fucked her hard, she was making noises, I lasted a lot longer before my cum shot into the offered hole. I went to pull back, her hand gripped my leg, stay, please and I felt her stroking her cock, then her head back, my cock being squeezed as it softened. Then her hand released my leg, I was pushed out. She turned, that was good, tks. I walked back to where I was staying. I stayed there 3 more nights, 2 of them it rained, I did go to the park, but nothing. The last night there was more action but I will never forget my first night.

Deep Thanks

The story, well written, with just the proper amount of lust, yet tasteful enough while drawing the family environment. Pleasing the kids, pleasing each other, not obviously flaunting, being discrete, and a happy reunion culminating in a loving family environment. Very well done.

is that surely your pic in bio

What a great little story!

I have read quite a few of the stories on this, and other sites. I must admit, this is the first I have checked 5 stars. I have read others that were especially erotic, some that were strange, and many more that were just boring with 'clinical' sex. This story really got to me. Here are two people who are so different, yet fit so well together. However, the real kicker for me is the humor! Not forced, rolling in the aisle, guffaws...just sweet and innocent 'thought 'humor. I know that doesn't come out right, but I just loved the 'easiness' of it. Never forcing to get a laugh. I am a 70 year old retired Marine. I am happily married, with the obligatory two dogs, yet I almost shed a tear at the end. I love 'happy' and 'real-life' endings. Lastly, I want to mention, I really hate extremely poor grammar. How many stories have I read that words such as 'they're', 'their', & 'there' are so interchangeable by so damn many authors! There are others like, 'to', 'too', & 'two' and probably more, that so many morons can't keep straight! Lastly, using 'insure' in place of 'ensure' is unforgivable! Well, NOT ONCE did you screw those up! I recall a couple editing errors, but someone has their head on straight to effectively edit your story, so, thank you for not insulting us with pathetic English! Damn, don't they read their own stories? Well, I may have gone on a little more than I should have, but thank you for a wonderful story!


This is really getting good. Its true that Lana was REALLY naughty and needed a spanking, but Stevie needed some relief too. She kinda needs to let him know somehow when she is Mrs. Wentworth and when she becomes Lana and when she morphs back into Mrs. Wentworth. For example, Lana WAS naughty and did need the spanking, but when they got back to 'their' house she had become Mrs.Wentworth again and telling Stephen that she needed a spanking was confusing. I love spanking my women and I always pick women that are obviously going to do something to need a spanking for. And I always keep their panties and put each pair in a picture frame and hang it on my wall. I got a wall that has partial shelves where I keep trophys and little stuff and the rest of the wall I am filling up with framed panties. Always iron them and use acid free paper to back them and I type up a small sheet with her name, the date, where we were, and what we did to glue to the back and if possible a wallet size head shot of her and attach it to the back too. I've got white cotton granny panties, frilly french lace designer panties, thongs, g-strings, boy cuts. Some that are cotton with little hearts on them or stripes, and some that are crotchless. And almost all of them got a spanking. Go Mrs.Wentworth and Go Stevie. Let her treat you like you are twelve. I wish I'd had a woman in her 40's playing with my PeePee when I was 12! I'd have been scared to death, but WoW, I think I would have got into it pretty quick. Besides, all boys need an older woman to teach him what every boy needs to know.

Follow Up?

Another great tale. Would love to see a follow up


Thoroughly believable. Glad the girl was skinny, bony kneed, and didn't have the usual huge gazongas most writers insist on describing. Reality is best. Well done.

Wow what can I say. :)

From the first chapter to the last chapter it was utterly amazing I really do hope that you continue on with this story I would like to read so much more about their endeavors

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