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More please.

I want more of this story, more fucks.

Good stuff.

An entertaining romp... more please!

Thank you all!

Thank you all for your comments and kind words. When you put it like that I just have to start on chapter 2.

What will he do to her and will he involve others in their little game? Maybe her real secretary? I will start right away.

Oh boy

I remember reading those paragraphs when I was a young teen. I got a copy from somewhere and used to read it for whack off material. There wasn't much else in those days unless you could get hold of playboy or penthouse.

Talk about a blast from the past!


Horny Sluts Should Have Nice Clothes and be Well Taken Care Of!! Only Chapter One, I Hope!

Reminds me of my own episode years ago of a young lust. I should have taken a trip to NY at least once for one weekend.

Should have taken a taste of that frosting when I had the chance.


Oh to have had a similar experience in my very inexperienced youth! What a difference it would have made. Loved your story.

Fine piece of writing!

Especially liked the prolonged slow burn and the continuity provided by his lack of smiling turning into a smile at the end. Strong work!

Idiotic cheap cuckold/wimp crap!!! MINUS 5*!!

Only a brain sick people can write such a crap!!!


As I walk toward the front door I feel a sharp pain on the left side of mi stomach, I look down and I see a knife slicing my stomach from hip to hip and as I see my intestines spilled into the floor a male voice whispers to me ( I hope it was worth it).

Very, very, nicely done.

You are so talented in writing these kind of stories. The slow building of sexual tension is just wonderful. Like other's comments, I love to read your stories. Please keep writing. Definitely a 5.

Follow Up

This should continue with Dad taking both girls to his bed, fucking one while the other sits on his face. Then they switch places and in time he fills both lucious dripping wet pussies with cum. Never mind something might be taboo, he should let his daughter go to college most knowing.

Well done

Excellent ending for these two, now we need him to recap with sister and see where that leads.

When I moved house a few years ago the couple next door invited me round for a drink. Over time we became very close and one evening after too much alcohol they started kissing and before long my friend was riding her husband's cock. I reached across and rubbed her clit and sucked her nipple until she shuddered with her orgasm. Her hubby hadn't cum yet and my friend suggested he continue with me. Just the invitation I wanted and pretty soon my pussy was getting a pounding. It wasnt long before my orgasm started to build and I told him to get ready as I sometimes squirted. Seconds later I was there and my pussy started spraying everywhere, not just a trickle but high in the air soaking everything. I can even squirt bucket loads from having my pussy sucked.

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