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A story worth reading

Well written, coherent dialogue, teen age fantasy fulfilled

You too, huh?

Yeah, those horny older women have knocked on my t.t. door while topless without having seen or met me on a few occasions.

More please

Please continue this story. So much potential

Misfiled, perhaps?

I don't believe that this belongs in "Mature". 19 and 33 do NOT a "May-December" couple make. More like "May-July". MAYBE. I think that it would fit into "Romance" quite nicely.

Oh, and I enjoyed it, although it dragged a bit towards the end.

Thanks for sharing it with us!


Reread again

WOW. Enough. Said
Ron/ cowboyridecc

the ironic thing

The store wouldn't be in the red if they had a good website.
The universe runs on irony.

Minor anachronisms

Great story except that the Lindy Hop is a 20's dance that evolved after Charles Lindbergh flew non-stop from New York to Paris in 1927. I think that cloche hats also date from the '20s and the flappers.

Fantastic. Does Hailey join in for part 2?

What a lovely story.

I hope you forgive me the comment upon your last one, implying that that one was not your best,
I myself are an anachronism, a 91 year old computer consultant.
I've been there in the 40ties and of cause also the 50ties.

Favorite story.

This is one of those story you really hate when they come to an end.

Be Careful, Lewis

Cassie is a manipulator, a sexual predator.

Very nice story

Great story.
At the beginning of the chapter, I was afraid it would become a story of sex group, and partner swapping, but the author has managed to keep the story line very properly.
My congratulations.
I know it's a little ancient history, but I wonder if the author has thought about writing a sequel about the life of John and Christie already married, with Christie exercising their profession and children, to know how Ed and Angela feel like grandparents ...
5* for you.
Many thanks for your time and work.
I apologize for my English, is not my native language.

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