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Terrible, and on so many levels. You name the category, and you bombed in it.


A very well written story, drawing the reader in. The best part? It was erotic, not pornographic. So many writers succumb to their own kinks and spoil a story by taking it too far, beyond the imagination of the reader. Not this writer!
I will have to find the right time to introduce it to my wife. :)

Getting Caught?!

I hope that they get caught by MORE than just Nancy! Just think about Ann and Jeanie - Bike Ride Miles for Cancer -- how about - Screams for Cancer? !!!

Well written

This was a a well written evocative piece taking me back to my own thoughts of my 'times' around the world
Thank you keep up the writing


Cheers Delon

I only responded to those comments because I myself haven't been happy with the last few stories so was digging for inspiration. I have and always will write only for myself though, negative comments can't sway me. Cheers for the support

Thank you

That was one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read on this site and I've been on here almost every day for years. Very touching. You are an excellent writer!



What a hot writer....
It does deserve a sequel. I hope that Nancy catches them....

" "

two talons up!

That was really fun, thanks for writing it. I agree with the last comment, a second part would be great. Maybe he gets a turn with Jeanie as well? Or a threesome with her and Gayle? ;)


shadowforce is quite correct...your character and her development is your affair please do not be swayed by anonymous negativity...the series is fantasy like a triple xxx version of the newspaper strip jane and should be read as such...if i want characters evolving i will read philip roth!...please continue in the same vein or whatever you choose but do not pander to the naysayers

Part 2???

best in a while, part 2 coming??

great story

To me personally I think it is well written. The varying story lines give different views on what love is young and old, straight or gay it doesn't matter as the old adage goes the heart wants what it wants. I think people are better served reading stories like this it shows that love is a very beautiful if sometimes hard to define thing. Thank you

OK, going to be brief. I really like this story so far, even like the two Lesbians because they are such interesting characters, although Caitlin gets the prize.

Your character... Your Story

This is your character and your story. You shouldn't let a few people (fans or not) influence your character. If we all did that then the creativity would die. If they want a character the way they want it. They can create their own. Thank you for sharing your work!

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