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your story answered

my question I left on a comment on an earlier part of the story about walking up and spraying people with the drug. I figured he would have to come up with another way to apply the drug as not to be caught, the air vent was good thinking.

Rest of the story?

Are you ever going to finish the cliff hanger?


The husband is okay because the contract was signed by his wife and it's binding. The magic and the clauses prevent him from getting violent or angry with it. A bit of a stretch I know, but I'll just wave the BS wand and say "It's because of MAGIC!" since we are talking about a story that has paper that will cause a full grown adult to submit herself as a slave willingly because she signed it.

The personality isn't fully gone, I am just developing it slowly.

The reaction in the comments is the best part

Just further proof that feminists can't differentiate between fantasy and reality. Which really just explains so much.

Honest to god

You have great writing skills, I got fully pulled into the story. But, being a woman myself, that was the most terrifying thing I've ever read. Wonderful writing skills, but feels absolutely dystopian to me.

Welcome Back

I loved this series. Very glad to see you back. .

Go for it

You have set the wheels in motion with this story and I'm sure you could extend the profiles of Jenny, Heather and Ruth-Anne


Please continue writing. I think you could develop this into a really great long story. Go for it!


Surely, he can't just walk up to all those people and spray the drug in their face without someone catching on to him and putting his ass in jail, he has to come up with a way to apply the drug where he can't be seen doing it.

Super minor editing comment

It's fool proof. Not full proof. Love where this is going!!


"Reasons i hate lawyer" jokes aside this is a pretty good story. But i thought seriously you were going to let the woman keep some of her personality so she could try to struggle out of the contract.


Completely blown away by this what the hell, I wasn’t expecting to actually read something GOOD

wrong place

you should have posted this in lesbian sex.


Glad you're picking up this story again. Hope you are able to continue it.

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