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Next part fast

Post the next part fast please I can't stroke to invest anymore


I am out at page no. 7, it's too long for me to keep on........


I read the first 4 paragraphs and couldn't understand what the heck Jukebox was trying to say! Not wasting more time trying to descramble his jumbled up writing...A 2 just for the effort!

Great, as always!

Very nicely written, and the ending took my by surprise; some fine work once again!
I've been wondering for a while - do you write for a living? From the amount of quality work you do here, it wouldn't surprise me if you did.

Hypnotically Hot

I found myself drawn into this one, wishing I was Rachel and almost drifting into a trance reading it.

The wait is over!!!!

Love the story, happy that the next installment is almost here. Keep up the good stuff :)

Nice Start

But where to from here. Write up a Slave Contract. Get her believing she cant control anything. then get other Females involved.

Nice Start

But now they need to agree on a Contract. and then get other Females involved. Have Ella eat her first pussy and get hers Licked by another Woman. Since she cant control what he wants her to do.

So this guy has the power ....

But he refuses to grant his women orgasms until he's ready?
Why not gray them a hundred orgasms? I think that would make them more thankful.
Or, why not grant them an orgasm every 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure they would be thankful and willing to show their appreciation.

Just a thought.


I think this is the best story of yours I have read so far! I have a fantasy of acting more dirty and uninhibited than ever before because I am under a hypnotic or drugged spell! Damp panties moment for me too!

Great story

Realy enjoying this - looking forward to reading more.

Well it was close to many men's dreams....

...to fuck and impregnate as many beautiful women as possible.....be the legendary potentate, no strings, adoration and desire from them all.
But what you don't address to any degree in this series, is why "baby girl" would rationally have anything to do with this scheme. Perhaps you explain it in the prior series, but that doesn't fly well when you launch another. Even if you offer only a token explanation, you have the obligation to do so for the sake of context.
I'm left asking, "What does 'baby girl' get out of it?"
What indeed. I can't see her getting busy with daddy, because he's a beached whale with average equipment...
Now Uncle Jim is roped into the scheme, but that only adds to the conflict. And daddy says, "Good, I'll have one sent over for you, immediately," or words to that effect. I will come back for a (hopefully) next episode, but would enjoy this whole thing far more, if the story was more inclusive and reasoning applied.
Thank you.

What's next?

Please continue, so many possibilities. Maybe get the room mates involved...

Good stories you talk to the people, your story you are talking AT people. Big difference.

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