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Wow, that turned out well!

I was kinda hoping she would gain the ability but I never expected for him to get stuck!

Love the twist at the end! And it fits the fetish too.

I just started this story, a few hours ago. But I like it thus far. Please keep it up.

Have a feeling about this plot

Dave might just steals them away if there's a next part

More ...

Please add more to the story.
Great start and set-up for more chapters.
How does John work to program the women when he's gone?
What other people can they bring into this group?
How might Dave have John help out in other areas of his life - .i.e. job/finances?

Glad to see you wrote more

Not a bad chapter, slightly disappointed it didn't address the plot. There isn't anything putting it in any kind of real order with the other parts so it's not hurting anything that it's here.

Looking forward to more.

feedback appreciated

I hope you like this story, any feedback, good and bad is appreciated let me know what you liked and disliked about the story and I'll use the feedback to help shape my future stories.
Either leave comment here or reach out to me via email or DM me using the literorica boards.

Well, I thought it was good.


It really is awesome. I can't stop reading.

I want my money back. This sucked hard. Thought Dustin dummy was done.


How... blunt. :P Yeah, this series was part of a commissioned work, and the person commissioning it reached the plot conclusion (coming in chapter 5) and then decided he wanted to "retro" a chapter just for fun. So this is that "just for fun" chapter - totally dodges the plot, but I figured some people would have some fun with it.
Evidently you weren't one of them. :)




I couldn't get past the first paragraph because of all the errors. Try having someone else proof read it after you do it several times.

This is a fantastic story and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. I'm assuming the girls in his harem will all eventually have different colors of hair? I can definitely see Kelly as purple.

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