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Who wants a robot?

Not only is that boring but I would have the same regard for a drone as I would my toaster. Something to be ignored until I need it.

Oh This Is My Favorite Story Ever

Even though I haven't read the ending, which might be contrived, for all I know, this is the third time I've been fascinated by your creation. I may have to read it again to see if I can figure out how to write so well I know I gave your first segment a 5, but I guess ... . Oh well, please keep writing!.


When I reached the end my first thought was WTF, but I then realised that this was a teaser with the potential of being a good story. Please keep the chapters coming thick and fast.

Awesome Story

Wow, that was pretty hot, looking forward to the next chapter already, great stuff!

Been loving this

I have been loving this series and a couple of stories by you. I was hoping you could look at a story by another user for inspiration? Called "The Aphrodisiac Compound" by "Cnid" and particularly page 2. The whole premise of a girl getting more aroused by the moment without control is great to me and I feel like your this story has captured this and yours almost have. The descriptions are some times lacking and the environment around the subject seems to be more heavily described.

A worthy effort

...although a little more dialog and few less "wall of words" paragraphs would make it more interesting and bring more life to your characters

Nice start

This could be a nice little series.

Amazing story

Excellent story cant wait for more!

Keep going!

Don't stop! You're writing is very intriguing, you've written a very unique story, and we're all interested in how it ends!

Chapter 5 Coming soon?

I have loved your story so far an eagerly anticipate more chapters. Do you plan to continue this excellent story.

Next Chapters?

When are the next chapters?


Now that was a story with a great twist. I hope that I see more stories from you.

It was great but...

I love your stories though I do wish you could develop them since most end just as the fun's beginning!

I disagree with masterkinggod

This is a pretty hot and well-written MC story.

masterkinggod seems to be under the misapprehension that MC is synonymous with hypnosis.

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