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Richard Kaiser here

I am the luckiest person I know,I once threatened to kill you if you ever stopped writing, I wasn't kidding. Just kidding. However I really feel like torturing you for your torturous short chapters man I've followed this book like mad but these chapters should be extremely long, thanks

I Really Like the Premise But...

What I would really love to see is for someone to take one of the pens home and play around d with unsuspecting people.

You're welcome!

Thanks for reading, anon! Hope you enjoy. :)

PSA: I'm working on Part 11 already - it's at about 6k words.


Yes Yes Yes

I’ve been checking for it every 30 minutes since Sunday Morning... Thankkk youuu

Really enjoyable

Good fun will some impending threats to spice things up. They are going to have to get pretty creative to get out of this.
Keep up the great work!


The internal conflict was so fun to listen to, being that I have similar conversations often with my own 'tiny' me and I absolutely love this story oh so much! Thank you for sharing it!

Really enjoying the series

so far. Might I request a little more backstory on the players, the conditions of the trigger phrases, what other suggestions he's given them in the meantime, etc.. Also, to me anyway, they seem a little short in length, barely over a page long. I'd be really happy to have some longer chapters with more character development. Or, is it your intention to make these just short stroke stories?

Good read

A great story line. So much opportunity to expand and develop the characters

Great Story!

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Maybe a sentence or two from the point of view of the girls when Adam and Dan disconnect from them? Do they feel like they just had sex? Seeing their confusion would be amazing!

Really good!!! More foo

Please, please, give us part II

It's been four months, and you left us witch such an interesting and provocative premise. I know that you can give us an even better part II. I believe in you, Nicequip.

Never mix fact and fiction:

The headache here is you mix idioms. For example, half-dollars in Oxford? I know real-life esotericists in the place, they wouldn't know a 50p piece of British currency, let alone US half-dollars. And on and on it goes. Create real fiction, don't try to contextualise on something you don't know really well.

Please write more!

These stories are great! Please write more!

A consensual mind control sex slave story

I am IMPRESSED! You were able to capture the feel of a mind controlled sex slave scene while keeping everything clearly consensual. Love it!

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