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So stupid... she could sue them for millions!

The tattoos would be removed, the ass and breasts could be reduced...

Revenge against her employers and the train company will make the movie Hostel look like an episode of Blue's Clues...

don't let others hold you back - keep up the good work.

Wow, some people take things so seriously here. On social media everyone's such a critic!! Most people know they come here to read some erotica and most of it is lame and predictable. Maybe they're looking for a quick wank or something. Those no longer interest me. You, mondotoken, have come up with something creative and unique... A plot where dexter is a victim in more ways than one and he is his own worst enemy, wrestling with what he's becoming and what's happening to him. I don't know what you mean by how other people's comments have already changed your story. But don't let them get you down. It's your story and we're along for the ride. I also know you're not finished with it yet. I personally look forward to seeing where you are going to take this. Keep up the good work.


What's stopping her from suing?

Also what's stopping her from using the chair on Gail and the other employees on the train and even her own company?

Also she could always just mutilate and cripple them...


hope the next chapter/s arrive soon


What's that saying? Good things come to those who wait?

I've submitted part four a minute ago and it will be online as soon as the powers that be give it the all clear. Part five is written and with the editor and I'll do a first draft of part six this weekend. So chillax guys... it's coming!


Fantastic work! You're my favorite new author in a long, long time! Please keep writing more!

The last comment...

...stands for me too. Pdf, word, text whatever. It takes too damn long!

Captivating story

Fantastic stuff. I find myself completely engrossed in the world you are creating. Keep it coming please.


I want see more of this story. making it into a series of stories would be great.

Don't change a thing!

I agree with everything you just said. This is your story, your characters, and they are at your discretion! I actually like the added darkness( a person can only be pushed so far) and I'm sure you know were you're going with this. My only concern is that you don't abandon this story!


Whatever it takes this story deserves an epic ending... no matter how far in the future that might be. It reads like you are having fun with your writing. It shows in the story and in the characters, and your sense of humor and drama (cliff hanging endings) makes this an awesome read and one on the top 3 stories I've ever read on this site. Congrats

Long term prognosis isn't good.

I can't wait until the business tanks and all these bozos lose their jobs because she can't do hers and they are incompetent. 5 stars for story so far.


Finally the genius guy gets the genius girl, instead of her going off with the football jock and wasting her life.

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