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Was hot

But having the whiteboy drain the after cum piss would have made it perfect

Story is very intriguing so far, but the end of this part seems a bit out of place.

I see Coldplay!

Nice choice of title. Very well written.


good idea pleases extend the story


This is an amanzinstory and i am really curious on what reallyhappenand how thefemales actbeofrehe hypnotize them, justthinkin about it makes me really curious.

Let him play them at their own game

Take Liz home then arrange a little party with both her and Darla. Then beat the shit out of both of them. Darla for being a lying treacherous cunt and Liz for allowing herself to be turned into nothing more than a worthless whore.

Great Story_more

I loved this story. I think many of us love the story where the heroine loses, her mask, etc. I'd love to see her identity revealed, the Colonel make her pregnant, tire of her and then introduce her to drugs. Would make her desent so much better.


Why do people still get offended by the contents of a fantasy story on a porn website?

If you don't like it, don't read it. Why is that so hard?

Hey twat

If I for one minute thought Noble was going to finish this story I would not say anything. Unfortunately Noble has a history of not finishing his stories as you can see on SOL, he has 5 stories listed 3 of which are incomplete counting this one.


Fantastic job. This was definitely different. I enjoyed it.

Read a lot of mind control over the years and never read one like this.


great story

Wow, you can really write! Imaginative, original, entertaining, arousing- what a treat. So rare to find all those qualities here, or anywhere. Please give us another soon ;-)

Really great idea, humorous and hot throughout. You jump right in while still keeping things interesting throughout. Well done.

Question: how does the subjugation

of Jessica effect her ability to do her job?

This is a really great and well-written story with some excellent moments of utter humiliation. Excellent job!

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