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Great story

A great story. please continue.

Sorry . . .

. . . to see it end! Really enjoyed it. Pretty intense and hot, that's for sure. Thanks very much. 5* all the way.

I just read all 10 chapters in this series back to back. You've got me hooked. I love how everything is slowly rolling out with enough spice and depth to keep things interesting. I'm hoping that Steph would be ok with Kelly being in their lives since she's really facilitating the forward progress. I'm interested in seeing how thing develope for the trio and eventually with Emily and Rebecca. Chloe is a manipulative bitch and I hope she gets what's coming to her. I'm hoping you have a couple chapters already queued up. I can't wait for the next installment!


Way to change Gail's name to Gloria...

No conclusions can be drawn from this study. Better to regard it as three case studies, since the differences between the subjects make them impossible to compare. A larger sample or within-subjects comparison would be needed in order to draw any conclusions about the comparative effectiveness of the three methods. One approach could be to use one method for an hour with each subject, e.g. hypnosis first, drug second and finally physical stimulation - then change the order for the other two subjects.

Moreover, no objective measurements were used. A simple test of the subjects' compliance with different demands before and after each session would make both the conclusions clearer and replication easier. A measure of subjects' initial submissiveness would further identify possible confounding factors which might explain differences in the effectiveness of the methods used.

Finally, if "sic" is used, it should be used consistently.

It would be better if more attention was on her efforts to resist this desire that he aroused in her. This seems to be written from a male perspective, where we only get to see the consequences of what happens in her mind, but not how that happens. A female perspective would include more of why obedience is pleasurable and why the hypnosis works (because some part of her wants it to work).

A woman at the top of the business hierarchy might feel like no man is good enough, since she is better than all of them. She gets them all to submit and therefore, no one is good enough. She is desperate for that man who can get her to submit despite all her efforts to resist and now, she has found out that this man is a hypnotist. The fact that he is ruthless and breaks all her boundaries is just another challenge that she desperately wants him to win.

To clarify, this extreme stuff only works in fantasy - not in real life.

Great Story!

Looking forward to the follow up! Great piece,

Thanks Dredion!

Thanks Dredion, that's one of the nicest comments anyone has made about my work.

There is a third part to this story, you can find it on my mcstories profile (link is on my patreon, check my profile). I'm glad you enjoy my work so much, it really makes it worthwhile to hear from people who like it!

Fun Series

It interesting how even with this unbelievable power, he tries to be somewhat responsible. Sounds like Jim's wife would be perfect for him and he is still trying to save the marriage.

Please keep it going, he could use the power for a lot more financial gain to help provide for his mother.

The one thing that could go wrong.

You could go dry for ideas and the story ends abruptly. Please continue this story line it has so much potential.

I feel like the story is half way through

Great story but I need more. Will he fuck Abby? What will he do to the doc? And Amanda. Will she ever know Shaun owns her mother?

So many questions and a sequel is the perfect answer.

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