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Great work!

I thought this was very erotic. I love every word and enjoyed how aroused it made me.

Hot, but enough

Good story, told well, don't need a sequel. I like the way you create new characters with each tale.

Is this like a ghost story?


Simply the best story I have read on this site. Couldn't put it down!


Mildred is on the periphery of this story. The two of them may go back and help her. If you don't think the two of them, then perhaps you misunderstand just what symbiotes are. Anyway, I liked the story.

forgot significant info.

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My perfect type of story, absolutely love it.

Ah crap

Now that I've read all 9 parts over the last day, I'm caught up... and have to wait...

This is agony!

I could tell it was yours all along. Just by the dates on the audio files at Vive.

Loved it.

This was so very good, well written and imaginative. Yes I could foresee the ending early on, but the journey was so enjoyable. Also the sex was a little sparse and perhaps repetitive, but the little extras, advances, made the whole very hot.
Thanks for sharing, and I'll now go check out the rest of your offerings.
Well done :))

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