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Final Chapter has been sent to the editor

Happy New Year!

I wanted to let you know that I have finished the final chapter and it has been sent to my editor. It may take a week or two to complete the edit. It is a little long than usual, I wanted to tie up all the loose ends.

Although this is the final chapter it isn't the end of the story. I plan to continue the story, but under another title. It will likely follow different main characters. You'll see what I mean once you read this Chapter 31.

I am toying with the idea of redoing some of the early chapters. I tried to do those without an editor.

Glad you have enjoyed this series. It's been fun to write.

Love this story

And I can't wait for the next part!

I'm so happy to see this!!

I'm super excited to see you writing again! You're probably my favorite author of fantasy/mind control lesbian erotica! I definitely can't wait for the next installments of this story, its my absolute favorite!

Also, I was trying to contact you in order to commission you but, I'd rather wait for you to finish this story!

Many thanks...

for the additional chapter. Was pleasantly surprised to find it up and enjoyed it.

Great Story

Loved this story. Great writing Keep up the great work.!

Classic and complex

It's a classical tale, beautifully written. Lots of great visuals, a lot of great concepts. Wow.

As I read, I find I'm wondering... what 'version' you are submitting here on Lit. Not necessary to answer that, it's just rhetorical, and if I'm not mistaken, as you mentioned, you've changed things and I think in fact it's changed dramatically since you first posted. I wonder what happened to those earlier versions and if maybe they could be made into stories of their own. Seems like you are someone who is rich in great ideas.

I am one of your fans; but there are errors that could easily be changed regarding syntax, grammar, spelling, and even some words are used when another is meant. So, I guess I just wondered if you could use a proofreader/copyeditor, or if you already have this covered....

Such a gem of a story. I'm grateful to get to read it, and, like others, I have put off a lot of things to make room for time to keep reading. I've purchased other Lit authors' works, and so I'm hoping perhaps you'll post if/when you publish.

Thank you!

I haven't even started reading the story yet, but after reading the introduction, I wanted to let you know how awesome it is that you are going back and revisiting this story. I'm looking forward to seeing how your work has changed and matured as you have experienced new things.

I loved the first version...

...and this is soooo much hotter! I'm loving this and really looking forward to the next installment. This is very well written and sexy as hell!


He could have called out the trigger while she was with the others and changed her mind set about their cocks, to be revolting to her.

More to come

There is a second part in the submission pipeline, which should answer some of the questions, and I'm contemplating on a third part.

@animal: My intention was that the reader could fill the gaps in the narration with their own imagination, but obviously I went too far.

Calm down everyone

Just because there wasn't sex on every page doesn't mean this wasn't a lovely story with a great plot. I honestly have begun to grow bored with non stop sex, and the amount shown in this story was refreshing and made me actually enjoy what sex there was. Yes, there were some avoidable grammar errors, but a great story none the less.

yeah I have to agree.. turned into a completely dumb bimbo permanently is a bit over the top...even for mind control fiction.

it's only chpter 1 so you can turn it around, but I get the feeling you won't.

So glad this is recent.

I climaxed with the lovers' first kiss, but had to continue reading afterward. So hot, so beautiful, so disappointing when I saw there wasn't a second part, until I saw the date. Please carry this to fruition, which... oof. So, I loved this, but one problem I have with magic-based erotica is that the protagonist is given sooo much power... and uses it all on one person when the potential for amazing sexiness is right there. (Not trying to tell you how to write, but: Please tell me Mary runs into someone else whose sex appeal forces her to suggest to Julia that an open relationship is perfect for them...)

Caught out

Nice ending Rose getting her own back on the two idiots.
A previous comment that author had as many brains as Obama. Must be compliment to the writer as Obama is a very intelligent man.

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