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I love this story! I await the next chapter!

5 stars

Amazing. I've no other words to describe it, just plain fucking amazing.

Love the story line

How luscious to be turned into a total Slut and never ever saying no to Cock again.
What sex loving woman wouldn't crave to have her inner slut released and have her man share get with as many men as he can find!
I would have loved it had she had gotten to the bar and her boyfriend unleashes her and stands back to enjoy her being the Slut she has become.

You bastard!

All these cliffhangers, well I will once again patiently await a new installment. But the Nude gun story was a pleasant distraction. You truly are wicked

Ps all my "negative comments" were meant with humorous intent


I waited five months for the sixth chapter and it was worth it! Please try not to take so long this time :) Amazing story! Thanks so much!

You are a truly gifted writer.hat's off to u. amazing writing and story. looking forward with great anticipation to the next chapter


Couldnt put down my phone for 3 straight days reading this story. Please finish it. I crave for more....

I thought this was a good chapter in the series... I was only sorry to see it end so quickly (only 1 page?).

As for those negative comments... Are you people forgetting these are just Fantasies - Not to be considered REAL except to act as food for your imagination?

Jules Vern got similar criticisms - Where would we be if he listened to these kinds of criticisms. ie. "No man will ever travel under the sea in ships".... "No one has ever traveled to the moon - That is RIDICULOUS!". Those were the kind of criticisms HE got in his day.

Fantasies are a healthy retreat for the intelligent mind. Do women really like to be taken against their will? NO - but it is the most common fantasy held by over 80% of women.

"50 Shades of GREY" and it's many sequels remains on the NY Times best Sellers lists.

Would an Intelligent woman ever fantasize about a man tying them up and having their way with them? Do men really expect their wives and girlfriends to be submissive? NO, but THESE are very real fantasies that many women and men have and many indulge in, on occasion. In reality, when people in charge get tired of making decisions, they fantasize about having someone else taking the dominant position and making all the hard decisions.

Because it's a fantasy doesn't mean that intelligent adults won't have them. Fantasies are the playground of the intelligent mind.

If you expected ALL stories to only reflect reality, you must be leading boring lives and lacking imagination! Get real people... LIFE is not BLACK and WHITE... leave room for the GREY's!

Please dont make me wait

After reading these, I go into withdrawal. I need more. Please don't make us wait again.

6 Stars

Im desperately missing the 6. Star .....

Just don't stop writing - this story is amazing!

Big fan

Hey I'm a big fan of your work like episode 1 and two were one of my favorite literoticas of all time. I really want you to make this a long series as it taps into mind control that not many do.

I think you should play to your strengths and what makes your story unique compared to other mindless sex ones. Your earlier ones had good use of mind control like the masturbation at the cubicle and forcing thoughts into others (the bubble butt girl waiting in line when he was testing powers)

I think your stories are my favorites because there are sexual encounters that aren't straight up sex and seducing/forcing the person on the girl and just having normal sex.

I see you going towards some lesbian sex...? That in looking forward to but if I were to be as bold as to offer some suggestions on some things you could write about,

Masturbation (not direct sex, in weird places maybe? Would further the mind control concept into making them do stuff they normally wouldn't)

Short term changes to personality (getting someone to not wear panties/a bra for a short time. Not unlike the original girl to dress skimpily but also maybe mental changes like make them ok with watching porn and stuff in public or making them really down to fuck)

I guess I just am into the mind control thing and I feel as if i wanted straight up sex I have many other things I could read., But you're unique and don't have all scenes be straight up sex

Ty for writing this amazing series I hope it gets to double digits

I eagerly await every chapter of your story. It is one of the best things I have ever read, and I sincerely hope you find a way to publish it for the public at large once it is finished. I will be anticipating the next chapter as much as I anticipate the next installment from Butcher, Sanderson, or Rothfuss.

Engrossed Reader

Your story has captured my mind, I don't read for the sex at this point, I am hoping for another Wheel of Times series! If you ever decided to publish these stories I would gladly wait 10+ years for this epic tale to unfold. I have re-read your writings every time you post another one and I find new revelations every time and by god you deliver in your new content!

All praises to you for thinking this plot and story up. I hope you continue until the story ends and we can fully appreciate Tristan's Tale!

Love it!

Lost all shit at, "Surfing USA"

Really Hot!

Can't wait for! Thanks for sharing this really hot story!

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