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Still loving it, still can't wait for more!

I really, really, REALLY hope that Lucy doesn't lose her fight, that even though they are now mated she continues to resist him. His line - 'He loved her. He would protect her. She would obey.' - gives me tingles of anticipation for instances of future 'disobedience.'

Good, but would be better if it were longer

I'm a switch, so gender reversed or not, your work appeals to me to the same degree. What I notice is that I enjoy your longer pieces with more world building and plot like Hope and The First Megami more than your shorter work. You have this bizarre world with all this interesting, crazy sex magic. I like the stories that show more of, and more about that broader world you have imagined.

Very dark

This one was good. Darker than I have seen in a while. I think Lit owner must be cracking down or something with more rigid guidelines. Another fave author of mine could not get their work, which was less extreme than this by far, approved. Where do they draw the line? I liked this story a lot, but it's interesting to see some of this, and have some more innocent get rejected. Super hot, but super wrong. I say, keep writing. Just not too much blood please.

I hate raoe stories were niggers do rape

I hate rape stories were niggers rape white women. They should keep raping their nigger woman that no white man likes anyway.

On its way

Thanks everybody for your words of encouragement. I could use them. Getting my wheels a bit stuck in the mud on the next chapter. I know where I want to end up, but the transitions are a tad tricky. Hang tight, and I will submit another soon. I want it to be longer and more, ahem, climactic. ;)

Come on GrantLee! You're my favorite writer on this site & love your Using Jill stories. Why is it taking so long for you to continue writing the next chapter? Are you ill, on a long vacation or dead? Let your fans know? We're anxiously waiting!!! OK?


This is the best story I've read in literotica.

Ch 24

I am really looking forward to Ch 24 if that means anything. I'm sure many loyal readers feel the same.

Kinda short but I like a hot breeding

Just happened to be ready to cum just when I read this story, awesome climax.

Love the story.The youngster should return with a black friend to have sex with Donna

Agreed with the 2 comments above mine

This story is perfect as is. If you want it to be written otherwise, write your own story how you like.

And thank you very much for skillfully enhancing another one of my days!

Close to the end of the last horrendous year of school imprisonment, the wood-work teacher came across me in an empty corridor. I was quite in awe of him, having wanted to take his classes, but hotly persuaded otherwise by my father's ever-present 'women-don't-do-that'. Bah, I still made it my trade for 11 years, working 6 to 7 days a week. Anyway, with all this hero-worship going on, I was quite surprised when he dumped a lewd sexual come-on onto my insipid virgin mind. Not thinking of teachers as sexual beings, it shocked me frozen to the spot and I can still remember how it felt when I unexpectedly creamed myself. Till this day it's hard to say which was the more mortifying - that he quite by coincidence and unwittingly joined my father's boy scouts pact , or that my panties got wet in less than a split second.

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