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Only fair writing for preponderance of story but definite flair unfolds for carnal scenes

I've lived in country and things are far more primal. The setting was chosen very well in terms of events the author chose to highlight. Transfer action to city and that's where touchy-feely objections have more merit. I think thighs gently parting did fantastic for first effort.

Yet I hope not to be presumptuous in suggesting that to really touch all the literary bases - she should continue to write and find her voice and study both books of compiled short stories and the craft of writing them. Eudora Welty is one of my favorite women writers ( Diane Ossana too ) who excelled in rural short story minutiae that could have fleshed non-carnal aspects of this story.

Not much I can recommend for boudoir doings, thighsgentlyparting is already a natural in that literary erotic regard.. To me , this is 4 * solid story plus one * for newbie status. I thank the author for sharing.

Full marks * * * *

A great

Almost supernatural tale . Hopefull somtime you will continue.
I'm just sorry he got shot , that was getting off to easily.

Nice start.

This was above average until the head master entered the story. After that, this just became rediculous.


Ruined the whole thing with the Anal Sex, pulling out of her pussy and didn't even let her cum.

Like the story and think its hot.

I gave it 5*'s and really enjoyed it but I don't see this a being a NonCon story as more of a BDSM or Fetish story so far. Your slave couple seem to be enjoying it from the start and went looking for some fun. Just saying. I just wish I was the shoe salesman in this tale. Keep on writing cuz I'll be looking for more.

Ignore the haters

Wonderful story, and please ignore the haters.

They obviously fail to comprehend these difference between fantasy and actually living the events… or recalling g them from memory.

In addition they suffer from depression and erroneously seek to validate themselves by trying to force their morals and ethics on you,

Fun story

Very fun and promising premise. The "this is a dream/fantasy" disclosure at the beginning is a literary buzz-kill. Other than than, well-written and great groundwork for future chapters.

I'm looking forward to many more chapters,

But I am wonder where things are left to go. Your main male character went from watching pretty normal porn to sucking his first dick in 12 hours.

Let's see what else you got.

One of the hottest stories ever

I read thousands of stories, this is one of the best ever.

You live up to your name

I found your ending too short. I would have liked to see her degrading herself further, working as a whore in the Mexican brothel. As a bitch she partly got was she deserved! As a cop she deserved more! But I agree that killing her, would have been letting her off the hook, too easily.


You mean the ones she used to sue everyone involved? And the ones that made her rich? And sent everyone to prison?

Thank you

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it and I'm glad to see people are still invested in Marigold and company. @Desiredusername, the stairs scene was one of my favorites as well. I love Jackson being vulnerable, and Emory getting a chance to see true emotions. @dreamer3366, sorry to disappoint but there's still 6 more chapters to go. There's heartache and joy. They'll get to grow together and as a family. The one promise I can give: the final chapter is filled with easter eggs leading all the way back to page 1. They just have to journey to that place first. Thanks for reading bebes!

@Nymphoreadiac: there's 21 chapters, so 6 more to go.

Same story like another 99% erotic stories on the net

Always the same hitting and telling names on the bounded victim.

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