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Just wanted to give my opinion.

First I love this story. I have been following it from the time you posted the first chapter. In my opinion you are doing a great job. But I keep seeing people whining and complaining like a bunch of little bitches. They think your story is not really making any progress and is just stuck on the sex. Well in my opinion they can go fuck them themselves with a white hot fire poker with razor wire wrapped around it.
Yes your story is not a fast moving one. But that is no big deal I'm glad you are taking your time with it. But you are now getting the story going into a battle so I'm betting this storie is going to pick up its pace. So I can't wait to see what happens next. I'm truly excited to see what happens so please keep up the good work.
As for you haters just do us all a favor and shut the hell up.


You have two over-aged high school students---19 and 20 unless you're in a southern state. Also you need to go back and proofread then correct a few errors. Other than that, you have a pretty decent story. Keep the stories coming.

more more

Kmaf why did you stop writing, your stories is simply the best I have ever read, I hope you have more chapters in store


Thank you for sharing your time and Force; May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your chosen path.

An encore is abundantly called for, agree do I. However, a shift in the 'atmosphere' of chapter two would enhance the overall story. Instead of continuing to solely focus on what is essentially rape, add other or more elements that keep the protagonist out of jail and soften him somewhat. Even while he behaves as a barbarian and knocks up other collegiette fillies. The 'cattle country' coming from Shelby, being unintentionally roped into, reluctantly exploring this new life.

The ending could use a new draft, believe do I. One where Shelby returns with her cattle rancher father and a shotgun, for a forced wedding. ;) lulz Besides, an individual from her background is very likely to bounce right back emotionally, instead of letting the 'esteem' to be permanently knocked out of her.

If Daddy's money pays for Shelby's own apartment/condo then it indoubtably will also pay for a nanny, and whatever else that is of want to help her raise the child AND continue school. Perhaps one or two of her 'many?' siblings move in to help her out. A religious farming family is tends to have more than two children, let alone one. The help on the farm is exceedingly of want.

Maybe a brother of Shelby's, was/is a freshman, while she is a sophomore and so lives with them while attending the university too next year. Maybe have maternal twin sister 'Freshmen' the following year always showing up at the house so that they can play with their niece/nephew.

Keep going

Hot, hot hot! And great characters. This needs to be a multi-chapter story.

Mercy, please

Hi millenialfox,

Please have mercy on Scheherazade. Please. How much will you make her suffer ?
Very sad and heart wrenching story.

Yeah right

A teacher is going to get into a physical altercation with a student. Then you have what are probably underage teenagers involved in a threeway. Not good.

No need to continue

Nothing interesting or entertaining about this mess.


What doesn't harm one person, kills another. Electricity is a funny thing. Doing what you described could easily have killed one or more of them. This is stupidity run amok. If the women survived they should have had the men sent to prison. Bad idea, worse story.

Not good

Not sure this was rape. But whatever it was you need and editor, WAY too many unnecessary words.


Terrific balance between sexy and story line. Looking forward to part two after my pussy settles down some. It's ready for a visitor like yours.

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