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I love it

This is my first comment ever on a fanfic, never thought I will end up posting one on Literotica no less. I love this story and really appreciate the fact that you are willing to share the joys of your talent with people for free. However, the wait for the next chapter is tedious. If there was a way I could buy your full work to read at one go and put my mind to peace, I would.
Any kind of negative comments posted about your work, hurt me quiet a lot. Keep up the good work and hope your talent gets more appreciation every day!

Enthralling & Arousing

I love how Beth and Brent come together:

"Before I could recover from my first orgasm, I was torn apart by the most exquisite orgasm I had ever experienced. I didn't care anymore, I cried as my body convulsed on his huge dick buried inside my tight, warm pussy hole, my trembling body pressed tightly to him. Brent finally surrendered to his orgasm. . . "

Such an arousing description of Mark getting sucked off, almost, by Beth!

Dear (Henry the Pussy) Anon,

You're the one that's so damn desperate--for attention, that is. If you dislike the story so much, then STOP. READING. No one is forcing you to read this, so just shut the fuck up.


"He resumed thrusting in and out until with one last, hard thrust he tore through my virginity." I'm only this far, and it is so, so good! I love Bethy!

So many goddamned haters...

If you hate the story so much, why are you still reading? Attention whore much? If you can't say anything nice, you're better off not saying anything at all.

I personally find this story quite intriguing. Keep it up, long_legs2u. Haters gonna hate. Don't mind them. And thank you for this story. You are talented--don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


I wish Beth was my step-daughter! Well written and paced. So arousing! Thank you!


I don't think I like it very much buy ilk read on! Maybe it's just your first story


How could he possibly know about sex and travel, stuck in his bedroom with only his PC for company waiting for mummy to bring him his din dins. Neither activity have ever featured on his repertoire.

5 for your effort

and to say fuck you annony you brain dead fag!



I loved that story she wanted sex that night and he wanted to fuck her to.
when you talk dirty it turns you on more I think.

A work of art

Out-motherfucking-standing!!! Please keep going with this.

Great tale as far as it goes

Is there to be another chapter? Is Janice pregnant? She wasn't taking her pill. Does Sandra find out that Bernard actually married and still accept him? Does Roy move in with Janice?

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