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It's been to long, chapter 4 please

Please I check every day, I love this story and want to read more. Next chapter please

lovely story sounds realistic to me while reading waiting for further update

A Great Story!

I have read this entire story from start to chapter 29 and love it! Please continue it, this is a story that if published I would willingly have bought! Looking forward to the next instalment!


This is definitely one of my favorite stories of yours now, please continue this series!

Reconcile it

You're either married, or you live alone.

Always left wanting more

Everytime your chapters trance me into the story. I feel like i can read this all day! Awesome job i love tamara and how shes so dominate and kinky. Curious to see where things go ;)

Not into it anymore

I was enjoying this story until the gay stuff. Not into that.

Lol Amerianon

The rest of the English speaking world, including the country that created the language, uses tyre. Only Americans use tire.

I fucking love black cock . I am a white woman and my fiancé is black and he & his buddies love fucking me. In fact I am recovering from a gangbang with my fiancé and his friends where they all cream pied my pussy.


I really like the part about eye-tracking software! Smart girl!


This is certainly getting more and more sadistic! I can't say I'm really into the shit-eating part, but I do plan to continue reading, since I still really like the idea of total submission to a roommate. :)

Yep, can't tell you how many jobs I quit because bossy-boy wanted to fuck me for the measly few cents he threw my way comes month's end. Always left before they could get a hold of me though. Should have fucked the bastards and blackmailed them as they tried to blackmail me. But everybody knows it's not as easy as it sounds. So I spent a whole lot of time being poor. Should have blackmailed them.

More please. You write a good story.

Red head trophy wife

The story was great. Have to agree with one of the comments and say that the boy surly did know how to take the role not knowing anything about being a master. Other then that I loved the story cause she was a redhead and I love fucking read heads. They are true nasty freaks.

I liked this one but find myself questioning something...

HE used the term "furniture" to refer to her status as she existed until she repaid him the money she owed him... call it interest...

SHE sounded like she was using the term to refer to HIM in some way... And yet he didn't owe her anything...

I can't help but wonder if she'd decided, since she had no intention of EVER paying him back, to redefine it as "someone who would never make you without a home and who you could have sex with as often as possible."

Or if she figures since it's HER mom that paid for the apartment that he owed HER, thereby defining furniture EXACTLY as he had.

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