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We appreciate you putting so much work into the continuation of the series despite work keeping you very busy! I look forward to seeing another chapter in the coming month or so and I'm sure it will be as good as always!

I keep waiting

For her to want to take a shower. I mean, knife wielding thieves and all, I have to say that would be a top priority request if it were I after sucking them off. How can this be so far from her mind!

The tape? Really?

Even without sound by physical circumstance and description what happened was rape. HE should be more worried about that tape than her.

Exciting !!!!

Waiting for Kimmy's Further Adventures into BDSM!


I'm certainly aiming for June! My rough draft is probably 55-65% done (assuming I don't try to make this a double chapter). I appreciate everyone's patience. Not only has work been keeping me busier than usual the last few weeks, but this chapter has been a little more challenging to write due to the change in direction. :-)

Just another white male hating expulsion of crap

Since the 60's the stupid white bitches been chasing agenda to exterminate white males. The race may be doomed as so many guys say nothing negative about this shit. No its not just fantasy. These college girls and lazy moms who have leached off me 's backs should t be hurt. They should just be given what they want and sent off to live in the ghetto with the dick of their dreams. No more alimony for cheating wives. No more money for black men who chose drugs and sports over work and study. Why not write stories like that? We know the answer to that don't we? These stupid bitches are becoming a class of damaged goods needing a phony legal system to support them and oppress their husbands


Hot! I love your style and want more

Made me so wet

Please write the next instalment - I had my fingers on my cunt as I read this then had to put a plug up my arse. I also loved reading the part where she has the balloon instrument pushed into her. The imagination of her screams of pleasure and pain turned me on so much

Please add more parts


This is in nonconcent section what the fuck did you think was going on in this story. Some people are just too fucking stupid lol. Good story by the way

Very hot, very good

Very erotic, very descriptive, very hot. Remember people, this is fantasy, it is a story. Don't read this type of story if you don't like this type of erotic genre.


Just wondering if you could give an estimate of when the next chapter will be posted? Will it be in June or do we need to wait til July or later?

@ JohnnyRottencrotch : great idea.

There would be Susan O'Malley, Grannaconda, Madisson and others.

a wonderfully driven story of submission and beautifully ended in two willing sub wanting nothing but to serve

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