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Love it!

I just spent way too much time tracking this story down so I could check for updates. Please continue, I think you have a fantastic start.


this Story is simply hot hot hot. i think every womans wet dream is it to be interrogated by a Alpha male like talos.:) 5 fat stars.

Very enjoyable, as always.


The getting addicted bit has me squicked but a good story.

Good Story Needs Editing

Do a better job of editing. Learn the difference in scarred and scared. Learn the difference between pulling and pooling.

Anon below me...

I think the fact that this is happening on the 13th floor is a sign. We should know not to expect lucky things in the following chapter simply because the irony of it being the 13th floor should be enough to warn us of whats to come haha. At least, thats what I'm thinking, but I guess I'm about to find out! Im so scared that Kara will unhappily end up with Arlington, idc who she ends up with but I hope she's happy!


I wouldn't call this misogynistic. It supports a traditional role of womanhood over a modern careerist womanhood. Why is it misogynistic if a woman enjoys and promotes traditional roles?

Im torn

Seeing the softer sides of Arlington makes me like him more, but I'm so torn because I think Ben is really great for Kara... ARGH I see her loving both of them. I think this story needs to be published. If it did, I would go out and buy it for sure

whish it was me

I have read this many times and every time I wonder what it would feel like being tied under that desk moving back and forth......


I due hope you make her wear stockings and garter belts to work and no panties....

could be a good story

This could be a good story. I'm sure if you had an editor, the story would read much better. The premise is good, but I don't think it is the correct way to tell a story.

Right now, I think there is a problem on Literotica with their volunteer editor program. You may have contacted someone, but not received a response. I understand that there is a glitch. Instead, contact an editor by going in through their profile page, etc.

5 stars

Loads of wild wankable fun. The world could use a lot more saucy young geek babes who like sex.


great Story. i realy like the on going fight between the two of them and the fact that he can reduce her defense to nothing by touching her.:) 5 stars.

Weeks not months

By that do you mean less than a month then or else it would have been months??


thanks that you intend to finish the Story. ist simply too hot to be let unfinished. 5 stars:)

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