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Thank you!

- for yet another amazing chapter to your story. I can't wait to read further.

Just yes.

I can tell you I never expected to find a story on an erotica website that made me cry. My goodness you are an amazing writer.

Per this chapter can I say how much I enjoyed watching Shepard lose his shit over Claire? I nearly died when he asked her to come back.

Tl:Dr you rock, thank you.

No Means No !

Well actually though, 'no' has multiple hued meanings of denial. Body postures, voice inflections and intensity can trump refusal of access to rump. Faint heart doesn't win fair maiden . Enjoyed the style and implacibility of story's so-called bad guy. Full marks. *****

Soooo I am just full of contradictions...

I have to agree with Anonymous about some of the commentators trying to compare Sigil with BTBB. They definitely aren't the same, maybe in that the heroins' perceived purpose in life is to have some truly fucked up man's heir, but other than that they aren't the same.

With that being said, I'm not gonna lie: I too have sort of a difficult time following the story, because there wasn't enough background on these different species, and I found Quinn/Sigil repulsive and stunted in the first few chapters which definitely affects the way I see her now. Now I just find her stunted, selfish, and bratty. A know-it-all who doesn't know shit. But I like her for it, because it made those times of her escapes enjoyable to read, to see the thoughts going on in that altered, suspicious brain of hers. I would like to know more about her time as a child, to actually read a scene in which her and Sovereign first make eye contact with one another--I know there was talk of these things, but I'm a greedy little thing--more about the Tessans, the rebel humans, and I'm sure, and anxiously awaiting, that we'll get info on the Soshiia. Still wondering who the hell Delphine is and all these damn wives... the Kilactarins I think I'm good on.

I like Sovereign sometimes, I think he's a punk bitch whenever he allows Sigil to maim him and act however she wants toward him, but I also think he is the most compassionate and understanding man Sigil will come to know. I do believe he loves her too much though since it brings him pain to know that she wants nothing to do with him.

The Lord Commanders. Kharl... I like him... there were times I was thinking or saying out loud, "He can get it." Him and Sovereign are definitely sexy. That double team action was a-ma-zing. Tiburon can drop dead, he's public enemy number one! (I like him because he is hateful, and even I have the impulse to clock him in the mouth.)

Arden will definitely make an appearance now that Jerla's gone. I like him purely because he provide's in-for-mation and has gained more trust from Sigil than any of his superiors. I like the conversations they have. Too bad they won't be mating. Dryden is a too-eager-to-please scumbag. Corths and Parnisu, eh. Mathias and Gethman, yum!

I found the brief story of what happens to yellow scaled males of the Tessan species heartbreaking; it made me glad that Sigil chose to rescue little Jerla. Jerla was refreshing, but Sigil chose to be careful with him and to profess her love for him at the last moment. I wasn't emotionally invested in him like I was with Que (somewhere between Drinta presenting his head in a box--that blew me away--and Sigil waking up forty some odd years later at the Seasons, I lost interest in anything having to do with Que, but know that when he was breathing (can I even be sure he was breathing during that time he left Quinn?) I WAS hanging onto the idea that he might sense trouble, might come rescue her from Sovereign and Kharl). I had prepared myself for the great adventures of Quinn and Que, ever eluding the inescapable Sovereign.

Now both loved ones are dead, and she's guaranteed to go buck wild, but there's only so much damaged she can cause now that she's had some programming. Anticipating the next chapter. Wonder if she's to go into cryo again to heal, bleeding from a collapsed lung and all.


Humiliation is one thing, and when done right is sexy. This is just disgusting abuse, and poorly written.

Sorry guys...

Sorry I'm busy with life and all the awful things that come with it...I know how frustrating it is to have to check every day and not see a chapter. Only way I can think to send you an update is to email, so if you want a notification send me a PM with your email address (make up a new one if you're worried about anonymity) and I'll email you when the next chapter is up xo


Hot, kinky, humiliating, though a bit depressing in the end.

Lovely short story ! Thank you. Maybe you could write a story where they waitress another dinner for the local football club. As they are already familiar with the club members they might get a little friendlier with them.

If not a fan . . .

If the commentator is not a fan of non-consensual sex, why read it, let alone, comment?? He reminds me of the guy who stopped my father (District Attorney) to rail against "Rosemary's Baby" in great detail. When my father commented that he seemed to know quite about the movie, the guy beat a hasty retreat! Get a life! I thought the story was superb! I hope you keep writing more like it.

Please do this to me mistress..


Females in this setting are somewhat fungible, and Suzie got moved to someone else. To be fair, she's the sort that would get swapped around.

Book please

If you ever finish this I would.love to see this in hardback or e-book format. It's just that good.

Better than Austen

Fabulously well written. Why has this not been made into a movie, it's so much better than 50 shades? I just loved it & am looking forward to the next instalment. Brilliant, unexpectedly good stuff.

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