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Pleeease continue it!!

I love it! I’ve never wanted a continuation more!!!

Well done...

...can't believe it went right over those two commenters' heads.

Nothing New Here

Older guy takes advantage of a young woman. Takes her virginity. She doesn't even get an orgasm. He racks off. Wow, I've never heard of that happening before.


When are we going to get another story? Better yet, a story with some more pics of you!


Add in to this.... give another chapter where she is the one who initiates the contact the next day.

Very stupid

The last part, not the ending itself, was too much stupid

Well, it starts off non-consensual and ends up enthusiastic consent.
The real question is what happens next...

Thanks for commenting! :-)

I wanted to like it but...

Where did the gag come from?
A sock as a blindfold? Either that's an enormous sock, or she has a tiny head.

Story Idea ....I like

But get off your ass and read over what you have written! The spelling and grammar is abysmal.


Once I thought I was the only one who read this stuff


Dalton prepared the scene carefully. He lined the basement with clear plastic and set up steel-encased movie cameras throughout the room,lenses peering out from behind the plastic. ~ In the first scene from his new internet flick,"Pussy Payback",a clear view of Polly,Terry,Alicia,Briana,and several other twats involved in his painfully humiliating internet debut,tied down and spread-eagled were gloriously shown in HD. ~ Next,a voice ,much like Morgan Freeman's,was heard reciting (poetically of course) "There once was a girl named Alice,(and Polly,Terry,Briana,Alicia,etc.),-Who used dynamite sticks as a phallus. - They found their vaginas in South Carolina, - And bits of their tits in Dallas. ~ As loud, explosive sounds were heard,the screen was suddenly turned juicily blood-red ,as the Morgan Freeman-like voice concluded,"Revenge is best served messy!" --------- After ready your man-degrading stories,turn-around seems like fair play!


Was This Training, or; Giving What She Wants and Needs? Great Story!


More man-degrading camel crap! ~ edrider73,you're one sick fuck!

This story...

...falls apart because it continually insists Laura, and the reader, accept as reasonable and ethical repeated, dishonest and bullshit arguments. Xavier continually speaks of ‘choices’, and expects Laura to take them as authentic. Yet if she put a gun to his head and said free me or die, he certainly wouldn’t acknowledge his ‘choice’.

Laura, sort of, in her own thoughts at least is able in this story to recognize this but over and over again in their interactions it simply doesn’t happen. A story such as this can be exciting and engaging, but when it’s put forward as something other than naked tyranny, as a system which can be one of fair happiness, it becomes absurd.

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