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The sequel we asked for.

Keep making these they are incredibly thought out and well written.

Not your first language?

Guessing that English isn't your first language?
This isn't easy to read...

Nice erotic piece

I liked it, although it's not my favorite type of erotic literature. It does appeal to the traditional rape fantasy where the victim has no choice, but at the same time can enjoy the freedom of erotic fulfillment without the responsibility.

Of course I loved the whole idea of the video being taken of the whole event to be shared with others later. If you've read our story about Cancun, you'd understand what I mean better.

Great work. Good quality writing and style. Please keep it up!


This is such a stupid story. Put it into non-erotica not non-consent...


I suppose you must be an academic, as am I. You sound like you have experience--with academics that is, not necessarily with fucking your students, which is today illegal (at least on my campus).

Your stories are much more sensuous than mine. I don't know how to write that. I'm more interested in the humiliation--call me perverted if you will. My descriptions of actual sex tend to be mechanical.

Your writing is excellent! I found only one typo: you said "insured" when you meant "ensured." I point that out just to prove that I've read it. More importantly, you are good at describing character--another skill that I lack.

Anyway, my academic story is called "Stuck Up Bitch." It's a lousy title and I'd change it if I could. But I think it's a good story--blackmail, tenure, feminism, campus politics, sex.

This is great fantasy

I'm loving this story. The humiliation is palpable. It's so wrong to enjoy this, which just makes it so much better. And after two stories, I'm still picturing my own wife as I read about Victoria ... so, so satisfying.

Peeves: I'm struggling with the time frame, I'm picturing a British colonial setting, maybe early 20th Century but posting cell phone pix and birth control pills ... seems a bit jumbled. And since it is a serial it might have been nice to number the stories. But what the hell, this is just so deliciously nasty. Keep it up.

Please continue

This is amazing! I love the backstory and was not bored at all

Not a fan of cucking...

...but this was pretty good, i don't understand something though, if they actually were the rape fantasy fulfillment business, then...he said the safe word, they should have stopped


I agree with Ellienora35. I hope he buys her and they fall in love. This was a hot story, keep writing (:

I'm curious to see where this goes...

I'd like to see more of this story. How far will she go...?


I was really hoping there was another chapter. You should continue this. I'll check back in a while to see if there's more!

You make a good point

This went off the rails and I'm going to have it removed.
Thanks for reading.

I stopped

reading when he said he was an asshole.
Enough of those in the real world, don't need to waste time reading about any here.


That was just nastiness with no rhyme or reason. Awful writing.

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