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This can't be the end?

What happens to the other rwo witches?
Do her powers come back?
How do they both heal?
We don't have closure yet!
Great job please continue

Good story overall

Please use spell check and check all of your grammar. In some cases, the right words were not used. Repeated itself a little bit.

At Last!

A proper rape story that makes us feel sorry for the victim and applaud justice. No, it wasn't erotic. But I'm sure glad I read it! Thank You for taking the time to write it.


Husband is a bit of a cuckold, taking the obviously cheating slut back. He even gave her the excuse, "he raped you didn't he?" Well yes of course she'd say he did just to cover her tracks.
Bullshit story

it's perfect to me. fits just fine. 5 star epicness, as usual.

Just a quick note to say I am so so glad this story is still going strong, as it's my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE out of everything on this site (clearly i'm not alone), or any other site for that matter.

I was also jarred by the level of the violence (i'm pretty fluffy inside though), it is uncomfortable and kind of heart-breaking, not just for Kara but from Arlington's and Ben's perspectives too. But this is the world the story takes place in, it has happened and been referred to before along the way, and it IS realistic (and they do have some fancy healing tech if they want to use it), so it does make perfect sense to me, and really gets Arlington's point and predicament across bluntly and powerfully.

Arlington has to do what he does here. When you think about it, the only other viable option would be for him to pack up Kara and his sex gear the moment he hears Ben's army and go live in the forest as hippies, or some such :), and I can't really see him making a snap decision like that at this stage (that would have happened at this point in a much much fluffier and less realistic story). So he either does his job (runs the country), or he leaves his entire life behind, at a moment's notice.

He is a man in a big position, that he has worked long and hard for, this country and its hierarchy is his life and his reality framework. He needs to do his job, and do it well, whilst trying to balance his feelings and protective instincts for Kara with the unfortunate nature of this side of his job description. And perhaps his position as one of the Lords actually is the safest place for Kara and both of them, right now (safer than hippies in the forest at the mo :). And we can't really blame him for Ben's hotheadedness. I think the balance of his actions, how he saw them and how they came across to the other Lords in the chapter was perfect.

I've been a bit quiet on the commenting front, as life has been getting in the way of me being on this site, and because with this story i always have so much to say that my comments turn into essays :) and if I don't say it all i feel like i'm not doing justice to the writing. (more of my usual long-winded analysis to follow later, i'm sure :)

So just a quick hi to say that I'm still here too! like the rest of the old gang I'm sure :) still fully deeply in love with the story, just like from the very beginning (ok maybe more), and that I CAN'T WAIT for whatever is to come next!! It's too good! This story is such pure epicness... filmic, delicious, big and beautiful and clever on so many levels, with amazing characters, events, world building etc. So unique and special and genuinely refreshing and exciting to read. not like anything else I've read (can't wait for it to be a big hit on Amazon or somewhere else, it really really deserves it).

And please Hispet, don't feel any pressure to finish the story sooner than you planned / feel like, the more chapters to come, the better, in my mind :) what a surprise I'd say that ;).

There will always be the people who don't know how to wait for a good thing, or who disagree with some aspect, or who just whine about this and that little thing. Maybe some ideas being thrown around are good ones, maybe not, you decide. I hope you will be able to comfortably ignore anything that doesn't resonate with whatever YOU and YOU ALONE want to do with the story, and wherever you want to take it. You've got it girl, you've proven it countless times along this beautiful wild ride. You just can't go wrong, even if you'd try. :) (the Force is strong in this one etc.etc.)

So just wanted to say a big thank you once again for an INCREDIBLE story, and I hope you are happy and well, and that life is giving you beautiful things. If you do have time, please check in every now and then just to say hi, so we know you're ok.

Lots of love,
evonna xXx


very well written and hot as all hell ;)


I am enjoying this story although it is very peculiar. Your writing is good and the plot is interesting and it is difficult to sense the direction it is going. Certainly nothing like chapter 1 seemed to be headed. I felt the sex scene could have been less rushed and with more focus on description and what she was thinking and feeling and such. It also did not come off very nonconsensual or reluctant really, although I get that she's doing this for ulterior motives and not because she wants to sleep with him. I am not sure if I like the character she has turned out to be in the sense of someone who has been a party to cheating on her sister so her character is automatically less appealing to me now -- however I am also aware that nothing in this story is what it seems so I am reserving judgment on her. In summary then, well written and an original plot which is far more mature than most stories here and it shows a great deal of promise. I will continue to follow this with interest.

Glad you liked the story.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked the story, and i'm glad it brought back fond memories for you. I made the story this way in order for the story to have the non consent element, as well as to enhance the humiliation element of the main character. I am also concidering writing a similar story in the femdom category that will probably include the aspects you liked, and not contain the aspects you didn't like sometime in the future.

Amazing story!

Got hooked from the very beginning, and couldn't put it down 'til I finished. And damn, how sad it was to realize I made it to the last page.. I hope there is more to come. I Thoroughly enjoyed this one, and can't wait to see what's next! Keep up the excellent work :)


Wonderful Dark BDSM comedy!!!

3 years?

This is just one giant run on sentence. Lousy story telling.

TBC? Please Dont

This is was seriously lacking. Why were her hands not free? you never mentioned them being restrained. why did she not call out for help? shock? that last seconds. overall the story was drawl and boring, made no sense, was anything but erotic, and overall a general disappointment. I can see potential in your writing ability, but you need more practice in terms of eroticism and sensuality. Learn to account for details, out yourself in there shoes and ask yourself 'how would i react?' 'What would i do?' 'does this seem real?'. Simply going "eh" then pulling up your pants, is more of what you do after taking a shit, not being sexually assaulted.


First story of yours I've read. Last one too. Chapter 2 is real Crap.


Obviously your taking things WAY too defensive. I simply stated why you find terrible non-con, because its terms of service for Literotica. And if you think they're so terrible, dont read. And it wasn't even pointed at you specifically. For anyone who reads in this section. Maybe Lit should gave a rating for intensity. That would actually be helpful.

Straight up misogyny

I'm glad I just read the last chapter because I don't think I could've stomached too much of this garbage. 2 stars.

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