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Yessss! You're back again with another chapter! Ugh I love this story so much that I was constantly rereading it waiting for an update. Please ignore the negative comments and just know that you have written an amazing high school erotic story. It's really good and keeps getting better with every update.

WHY Even Bother?

Why did Wimpy even bother to agree to Angela's "fight" if he wasn't going to defend himself,even after she started shoving her hand up his ass?
Surprised that Wendy didn't dump the Wimp and fall into a 69 with Angela right on the oily mat!

A disappointing out

I don't know what makes authors tire of a story line but this reader thinks it happened here. The last 3 paragraphs seem to be exactly that. The great story escape. Perhaps the muse left her.

This sequel needed to be strung out with hubby returning. Added plot twists like: wife fretting about her loosened pussy; the struggle to avoid the FIL while hubby around; almost getting caught at times; etc. Much more drama there.

Where are all the commentors?

I was surprised as only two commenters on this story.
It's a tightly written story. Short and to the point; no fufu.
And highly erotic.
This IS Literotica, isn't it?


Uh this is a FRICTIONAL story??? Like what are you doing on this site if you want authenticity ?

That was hot!

Needs a sequel. There are many possibilities.

What's next

Thanks for the comments. I currently have a few irons in the fire. I've been working with rebeccasm on a couple of illustrated stories. She's doing the art and I'm writing the dialogue. She is submitting one and I'm submitting the other. It a lot more difficult to submit illustrated stories as she has been trying for the last month. They are different but still the same. Women being captured and driven into slavery.

Ignore all the hate!
My pussy is dripping cause that was so hot.
Going on a flight tomorrow, would love for this to happen ;)


What a piece of crap. It reads like it was mostly plagiarized from Slnovak's story and contrary to the idiot anon commenting previous to mine, it being "better" is not a fact, it is an opinion. An anonymous assholes' opinion to boot. I don't give much credence to the blustering of people too cowardly to even get feedback emails. Personal opinion? This story sucks ass, but that's just me...apparently some like it alot.

So incredibly stupid

Spend her days explaining how she lost the job? She's a fucking personal assistant not a goddamn CEO. Nobody is going to give a rats ass about how she lost the job. Oh my god, she's trapped! Yup...trapped in an absolutely stupid plotline that makes porn look like Hemingway.

I don't buy it

I'm sorry, but when I was I High School there was never anyone who got everything they wanted without anyone naysaying them. For ever rich prick there's always some poor badass with nothing to lose ready to fuck them up at the first opportunity. Everybody, even someone who "rules the school" has someone who they don't want to cross paths with. Hell, way back in the day, when we were in scholl we would put sugar in the gas tanks of every brand new Beamer in the student parking lot just to fuck with the rich kids. Adults might feel beholden to this kid's dad, but kids won't. The fact that their parents "owe" his family would likely just piss them off. So, no none of this really rings as authentic to me.

So good!

WOW. What amazing characters! Absolutely fascinating to get to know them at every turn, everything they say and think is so interesting. I'm especially impressed with this dom/sub chemistry. I have not seen a more respectable female lead than with Alais. She has been completely powerless and she has been so humiliated but she hasn't conveniently just forgotten it all. I think your choice to make her choose this sort of "path of least resistance" is fascinating. I have never seen this done. I too look forward to when she meets the court, and I am absolutely on the edge of my seat waiting to see what she tries to do. Though I'm still not sure what she's after specifically I somehow can completely understand her secret feelings and her desires. I especially love that one scene where he killed the boar and the thoughts that went through her head about how it wasn't a knight that got torn into pieces trying to save her. I thought that was super cool. She is super smart. And I think that Alexander knows she's super smart but I think that she is even smarter, even stronger than he knows. Ah, and she's so profoundly pissed it's so cool. Yeah a person in her position should be pissed, otherwise they're not real... your characters feel so real... I once again can't say enough how much I respect her. I want to be her!! Ah, but I also love the character of Alexander. I think you found the perfect balance between the most attractive male lead for this kind of story and yet still making him actually dangerous and actually scary. Actually a deeply unpleasant person. But in a way that's obviously awesome for their dynamic. You guys have probably really hit the pinnacle with the whole nonconsent / reluctance story type!!!
Thanks for this awesome, awesome story you two!! I seriously can't wait to read more!!!!

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