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Love this story. Beautifully written. Love the language and style used. That's a turn on in itself ;)

Thanks for writing. Look forward to reading more from you.

- LittleMiss

More interesting comments!

I had a good time reading this installment. I also enjoyed what your commenters had to say. You've received lots of opinions and controversial reactions. Whether people like it or not, it's provoking something! Well done :-)

That was incredibly hot. I wish I had done what she did before I got married.


From a conservative wife to a "HOT WIFE" in one hour I'm sure her husband would wake up and realise she had been fucked she would smell cum and her pussy would have been leaking cum as well, and as she is doing something not normal for her I'm sure there would be questions to answer.

Not gonna lie

This story has me eager to see how all this pans out. But Katie better be an alien or government experiment that shoots pheromones out of her eyes for all the dudes to want her. Also not gonna happen but I kinda want Mark and Cory to fuck.


I personally prefer it just as a lesbian based story but this is still good.

Good story! Wouldn't mind reading a sequel or 3

Waiting For More

Well written and a flair for humiliation. Every chapter the humiliation levels are increased. So many directions you can go with this story. Hope we don't have to wait too long for the next installment.

Very nice...

Great little story, thank you for sharing. I hope you will write more, including details of "yesterday's fun" you mention ;-)

Thank you

You have no idea how exciting it was to see, not only that my story had finally been published, but to see that people actually liked it. Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. I'm working out some ideas for my next submission (pun very intended).

Thanks for the feedback!

Please do keep leaving it! I have the first four chapters worked out but honestly am not sure where this will head. I'd storyboarded the final book but after careful consideration decided it needed to be the final work in the trilogy so am starting from scratch on this one. I am totally open to suggestions, input from a couple readers in particular was critical in Hannah and James' story coming together as well as it did. I have a lot going on but hope to submit the second chapter next week.

And to humor the Anon yes, Carina Press *does* require a trilogy for this specific genre and I've been told most other online publishing companies do as well. They make their money off the second and third books by offering the first at a much lower cost to "hook" readers. Apparently the "nice try, resubmit when you have the other manuscripts finished" email I received does, however, mean the manuscript was at least glanced over by a couple of their editors so I'll take it!

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