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stay the course

FANTASTIC series. Please stay the course. I fully respect darklace's opinion but please don't take it in that direction. This has become a great series of coercion, blackmail, humiliation and embarrassment. I enjoy that she has to have sex, but a creative set-up and the embarrassment is more important to me than the details of the sex itself. But....just one man's opinion.

THANK YOU very much. Great work.

Great story!

I especially loved the scene with "the poor teacher" being used on the "contraption" in the basement! My one suggestion is that some of the descriptions of Summer getting dressed get a little long and tedious. More sex, less scene-setting! But that's a minor complaint -- love the story!

Wonderful segue

And the strings become more and more tightly woven.


I enjoy many stories here but not this one


Please write more! Maybe if you could, a little angst might be nice? Maybe Kyle starts to feel a bit sorry for James? Either way, please write more to this!



You should really add more parts to this story it could been even better with more detail of what they do to her

Fun Story

This story funny and well written and the cops down south going to sue author.
I loved it!

A short but powerful story

5 stars. I don't approve of rape either, but this was more of a revenge story to me. Very well written!

When I found out what the watchers were I cried out and started bouncing around my room haha. Great job! What a twist and a wonderful way you led up to it. Wonderful! I love this story.

Oh my gooood I'm not going to be able to stand these cliff hangers when I can't just click to the next chapter.

I'm so happy she finally let his (love) care for her through in letting him really kiss her, like a lover not an object. There's been hints to it in previous chapters, but finally it's there. Though I expected more on her side in realizing that he actually does "love" her in a way, and I'm expecting we'll understand his (love) even more so when it gets put on the line. Finally they're on equal terms and screwing like bunnies :D Perfect.


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