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loved it

This story made me cry but I had enjoyed their emotional moments. I am a sucker for stories like this where they both fight but meanwhile, they develop feelings for each other

I liked the story.

Now I know what goes on at the Dr's office on my wife's annual visit.

Much of it is about my life. Maybe it is a little sordid, but so are some peoples' lives. Thank you


I really enjoyed it. Keep on writing. Ignore the ridiculous comment about a rape kit. That idiot clearly doesn't understand the concept of fantasy.

Welcome back!

I love all your stories! Please continue writing! Thank you

It's been so much worth the wait!

I like the way you write and the continuation of this story is well worth the long wait. Please don't make us wait again for the next installment.

Well written, but boring. Where is the non-consent???


I'd already read this over on FP because I have no patience and require instant gratification at all times. This time I read it on the couch high as fuck on flu medicine and even though I knew exactly what happened i bawled like a baby and my own baby was looking at me all wtf. But for real, my favourite chapter so far and that's saying something cause theyre allll brilliant as fuck. There's a few characters I want to punch in the face right now, but strangely enough, Sovereign is not one of them. Fuck damn he's hot to me! Hahhh. How good does he sex her? That's what I need right now I think. Some sovereign brand sex. Also I should mention that Sigil totally needs to get behind his magical dick and appreciate how good that thing is for her lol. I'm dying for more of this insane ride. Love love love it yay thank you!

You said it was a true story

If so, then all the best to you and I hope it works out.
I enjoyed reading your tale too.

Lovely story

Intense and well written but a shame she is capitulating so quickly. I liked her earlier fight but now she seems all magic cocked. Swayed by fancy words and promises in just two days.


I really can't tell you how much I love this story. Just amazing.

Where's chapter 15?

last we heard it was almost done and that was a few weeks ago. Have a status for us?


Has anyone heard from HisPet21? Will she be back or has she abandoned the story completely?

I'm dying to know what's next!

No, Not All of US

"a bunch of old farts, who it turned out had been in Vietnam with him. I thought all those old guys were dead by now"- No, not yet. Matter of fact, most of us are still alive.

Much better ending than the original.

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