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Good start but where's the next chapter?
We're waiting........

Excellent Story

I hope you will continue the story. Its very engaging, well written and has a hidden romance flavor to it.


I kinda want to see her hate him, do what she's told but hate him nonetheless.

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I thank you for the feedback. Sorry if I didn't make my story clear, I wasn't trying to make her seem like she was bought by a dress. I actually view Lilly as a very strong-willed individual, but I guess ending the chapter here was a bad choice as an author. I'm still new to this whole writing thing, this is actually my first story ever, so I'm still learning ways to describe my characters. My goal was to bring to light her girly personality, not make it seem like the dress won her over. I encourage you to read the third chapter where she executes her escape. It's taking a while to process but I sent it in for approval about one hour after I sent in this chapter. I was notified that it should be out by tomorrow.

Again I thank you for your feedback.

10th chapter ??

When will you provide the 10th chapter ?
Please finish your so very nice story !

Being bought by a dress?

Seems more likely she left and reported him to the authorities. Was she really that cheap and dumb?

i came

I liked it so much i had to jack off thinking of the double fucking she will get. by that horny father and son.

This is rape?

No shit, this is what the title stated. This is a fictional literature site. What part don't you understand????

Can't wait for the next chapter!

The punishment

Looking forward to hearing about more of his humiliation and punishment

Good story

This is a good realistic story. All parties have their reasons for being there and he is honest about the black/white issue. To a man that doesn't feel he deserves a woman as good as the his wife is the only answer is to bring her down some. The fact that he is excited about her fucking a black man shows him he is no good. To punish himself he wants her to enjoy it and is terrified she will. All the power is in the wife's hands and she can control him as long as she wants. In his head it's what he deserves and where he belongs. The Blackman can take his time and slowly seduce the wife turning her into another married white slut for him and having her control and bury her husband under his own curse. Pretty soon the husband will willingly sit down to be tied because it allows him to save some face when the blackmen show him how much his pretty white wife loves big black dick now. Them laughing as she screams for them and he cums in his pants.

It is a bit blunt but all the same... I really enjoyed the sequences.


This one is so good. The planning and long term thinking as well as the humiliation and degradation are like omg good


The callous and heartless way she is disposed of while being played with and used by her superiors is awesome

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