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I was a little concerned at the end that it was going to get cliche and be ruined by Asher saying he loved or was in love with mila, but nothing about this story has been cliche. I'm both relieved and deeply disappointed that I don't have to/get to wait for the next chapter (admittedly, sometimes it was infuriating in how consumed I was by this story - the next chapter couldn't get posted soon enough). Thank you for creating a strong, dynamic, complicated, multidimentional female protagonist and the fucking beautiful pairing to her, Asher. I hope you keep this story here for a little longer, because I plan to reread it about 1000 times until your edited version becomes available. This is so much more than just an erotic, sexy story (although it is that too). Just don't stop. You've woven an amazingly captivating world and there's so many places to go from here. You've always surprised me - it's one of the things I loved most I think. I don't know the courage it took to post your first chapter so long ago, but I loved the first chapter, the last chapter, and everything in between. Thank you for this gift and I can't wait to see where you go from here. Congratulations on such an accomplishment.
- One of many loyal, sad and excited fans, from the first chapter


That was amazing; sexy and well written. Need more!

Appreciated What U said at The End Of Story...

I really appreciated what you said at The End Of Story.. that how u r busy in ur life yet ur trying ur best to write further & complete the story... It shows how we (readers) are important for u... & for that I Like u...
Just Dont let Tamara win... Pls Let Sara win... and Krista and Sara be together as a sisters or Lovers...

Will wait for the next Part..

Holy Fuck

While this type of story isnt really my thing its oddly charming and also horrifying? Its my worst nightmare and yet everything i enjoy in one go? I don't really know what to say about this story but i will say that its really good.

So do I (check this out daily...)

To anonymous looking for similar stories:
I recommend "Nearly Broken" by Devon Ashley
Its setting is in the here and now. The bad guy is also a manipulative bastard. He recaptures her after she has escaped from sexual slavery and tries to stay under the radar. He always gives the heroine choices. Only she can choose between bad and worse. Mostly it's her compassion he uses against her...


Having used up all his original material in the early part of the story, the writer reverted to adding another victim and repeating the previous encounter. It seems unlikely that this will go any further unless the guy manages to borrow something original from somewhere else.


Great story!! I hope you are able to get it published...I hope you write a sequel soon and post it all at once so your fans can enjoy and consume it within hours! You write beautifully and I am sorry to see this story end!

Thank you!

A shame it has to end. It was a wonderful story. From beginning to end, well written. And filled with interesting, flawed, realistic, exciting, and endearing characters. Incredible journey with this series over two years. A simple thank you doesn't seem enough, but that and 5 stars is all I have to offer.


Checking daily for chapter 3. No pressure haha

Deserves to be published.

Congrats on finishing The Last Tritan, it has been a pleasure to read and recommend. I can't wait to see what new adventures lie ahead and I do hope your amazing writing talent is recognised and you get published.
However, and I don't mean this in a horrible way, but the sex scene felt out of place and forced due to it being the last chapter and that there hadn't been one for a while. Even though I enjoyed it, it just felt slightly impractical given the high stakes and drama going on around them and themselves.
Hopefully we'll find out what happens to the Tritan breeding programme in future instalments. Thanks so much for sharing your writing and hope you and your muse have a well deserved rest and enjoy the holidays xxx


So happy you updated!! The characters do seem a bit different from before, but I'm still super happy you came back to us. thanks babe!

Pretty Good!

I would have loved for her to move back home and live with daddy... He could raise his babies, maybe make a few more! Mom could move out in disgust. His daughter might have then felt free to act on her desire to really see daddy!
I do agree though that church and God don't have to be viewed as a negative.
Great read

I like it a lot. Has promise. Hope you write more.

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