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Ah I reread my story after you brought up that point and completely realized my mistake. It's very embarrassing to see that now and I can't believe it took so long for me to notice!

I'm enjoying this chapter very much and I am awaiting the next instalment with anticipation. If I had to guess I would say she is Nadia, however I don't really mind, whatwver makes it hotter is what I want. I only pray that I can read a hot foursome. Any clues on whether that is coming our way? I mean ugh I do want that why isn't there any of that in this category but more importantly though hotness is great but that's not enough so the rest is very welcome and it's very interesting and I appreciate the overarching story. What is that German guy's deal anyway? I had at first thought Michael was the hot baddie she would end up with but now I'm not so sure. What's Marks deal. please publish more soon, so I can put my mind to rest. I've spent too long thinking about this!

It's been a year, but I'm just glad you are still working on it.

Great chapter!

Your writing is great so far! I can't wait until you reveal who she really is...Michael is such a jerk and I hope Mark helps her somehow. She seems like a great heroine so far.. the right amount of defiance without being dumb, quick witted, and not simpy. I'm interested to know this Lord guy and why he wants her so bad!

And forty million is a bit ridiculous but it's your story. :p

Good start

Looking forward to seeing how she has to submit to get Salva to answer her questions. And such measures might actually be illegal. Heaven knows where that would result in Ms Marsh being sent.

Thank you guys!

Thanks to everyone who commented and @SLWilde for defending me :) I say bleaker because I thought Anna and Leonid ended up as a pretty comfy love story--apparently a minority opinion, but one i still hold. So maybe I'm wrong and everyone will think Kenna and Roland end up in a lovely romance by the end. I'll shut up and let you guys decide from here on out.

Keep and eye out for the next chapters soon!

I didn't notice the swearing ....

.... probably because it was in keeping with the character of the participants. Likewise the fairly simplistic plot seemed appropriate. A few typos, but overall a pretty good job. I enjoyed it.

I can't stand 'stories' ...

... where the 'writer' considers it OK to use swear words at every opportunity!!
1* because I can't vote it lower!!

Part 4 now out

But you have to look for that under "Romance"


A 7ft dude. 300 pounds. Yup.


That's such a funny comment by screedbear. I love it!
The guy talks trash about someone's writing and he can't spell, he can't form a proper sentence, his comments don't seem to make any sense at all and he suggests "tharopy" for the writer!? Ha Ha!
Screenbear I think you better get some "tharopy" yourself. Thanks for making me laugh!

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