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5!!! Greatly justified! I hope they lock him back up and serves both of them!!

Nice work

Good writing, fun story, tantalizing topic. It is intriguing the way so many women have this fantasy, but are so ashamed to talk about it. Every time a woman has confessed this to me, it's always with great reluctance and a tinge of delicious humiliation. Look forward to seeing more from you.


have read this same story 100 times - wife cheats - hubby finds out and gets revenge by abusing wife - nothing new or interesting

Sounds good?Contructive critism

Your stories good guy. Work a little more on your description work and you should do just fine. It is good short jack off material. I like it 5 stars mate.

cannot wait

so she wants to continue,, boy I would sure love to swap places with him. even if she wants the condom or not. well laid out story, I cannot wit to see the next part ,, keep up the good work.

Wow was that stupid

He sure as hell didn't get a good nights sleep. After his wife called the Police and had him arrested for assault, battery, sodomy and rape - not to mention spousal abuse, he went to prison for years and years. She kept all the marital assets and soon found another sucker to support her. Epic stupidity. Not going that way? How about this - the very minute he forces his dick into her mouth? She did her best to bite it off. It always cracks me up when some writer has someone sticking their dick into an unwilling person. The human jaw creates plenty of pressure to remove the offending appendage or at the very least cause the dick to bleed - a lot. So that bit was ridiculous too. Not a well thought out story.
1 star

I don't know how drunk the husband is, but damn is he an idiot.

This is all kind of stupid, but it's the right kind of stupid. Like, I can almost see this happening under the right circumstance.

don't make excuse

Not spelling mistake but grammar. "Why were does nuns drowning"? And some more like that but I stopped reading at the bath scene. You don't bath with sea water. Do research. If you really want to improve your writing like you said, the first step is to stop making excuses. Even in your comment you wrote "smelling mistake ", this has nothing to do with British or American English, just you being careless. Well, unless you really meant "smelling"...

loved it

Great story! i hope you write more like this!

I absolutely love this story. I check up every so often hoping you'll uodate. I'm happy to see that you decided to continue it!! I'm looking forward to reading the rest!


This is not my thing, and I'm not sure why I decided to read it. But I'm glad I did. It was worth it!

not usually a big fan of

stories about cuckolds getting their own back, but this one was spot on.

I liked it

Perhaps some editing.

I like the idea of being taken or forced. Someday...

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