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I understand Jessa seeking comfort from wherever she can

after her traumatic incident. Torah is mercurial but better the devil you know, right? I don't quite trust Erik and just about all the other men are bad guys. Now he needs to truly apologize for his abusive behavior, explain his trust issues and work on being nice Torah most of the time.

I will echo another commenter though... aren't they supposed to be preventing pregnancy? They're going at it like rabbits with no protection. What do they think will happen?

Thank You

Story is great hope you are feeling better.

Just read your update

And so glad you aren't reading the comments. Keep telling this story as you want it to be! We'll follow! Onward!
PS Can't help but beg: Oh pls pls pls don't do a HEA for Arlington, its just too lame.

As soon as he gets free he gut punches Cindy, preferring to just deck her and knock her out but not really wanting to break her jaw or eye socket, but really the only sure way to take down the damned wrestling team ninja. While she's trying to breathe he pins her face down and ties her hands behind her back, then strips her naked from the waist down, pins her legs up and hog ties her. He managed to do the same to her friend without any violence, his girlfriend was easiest still being passed out. He arranged them in a star pattern, all of their heads facing each other, so they could clearly see each other and what was about to happen to each other. A glass of water on his girlfriend to wake her up, then making the rounds to gag all of them.
He hasnt said a word the entire time. He leaves the room for a few minutes and comes back with a bottle of coconut cooking oil from the kitchen and sets it in the middle of the room, then sitting down next to it he grabs his backpack and pulls out a medicine bottle, shaking two pills out into his hand, picks up a bottle of water and drinks down the pills. "...figured I better take two viagra for a start, wouldn't want to get worn out in the middle of fucking your virgin asses! That wouldn't do! I'm going to work real hard not to cum in your asses though because after I finish breaking you three in I'm gonna take a nap then see about blowing a load in each of you and knocking you three up! That seems reasonable, right? Whats that? Oh, you agree! i thought so!" "...or maybe I should just be content with your asses and let the hockey team worry about knocking you up? Nah, I wouldnt do that. Though the guys on the wrestling team really would like to play with you Cindy. Thats ok, right? "

good wrok, great wrting abilities

good stories are very hard to find theses days, and you have written a great one ! the realism, the sexual tension and the normal dialogues makes it a unique erotic work.
i want to read more from you!
its good to read such quality work without the usual naive nonsense that are bloated on literotica

Dr. Frankenstein Lives!

I read a lot of hotwife erotica, mainly from writers at the Kindle store on amazon.com. Many of them have impressed me with the hotness of their stories, but "The Regretful Cuckold" belongs in the Hall of Fame with but a handful of them. What sets this story apart is how skillfully the author chronicles the wife's metamorphosis. It's at a steady, believable pace, and part of you hates to see her husband slowly kill the trusting monogamous relationship he had with a wonderful woman. However, once they've gone down that rabbit hole, it's very erotic how Sarah discovers her dormant sexuality and loses a ton of respect for her husband, who will never get back what he had. There's one particular symbolic act she performs at the end that blew my mind. I could sympathize with the husband's pain, but I don't think he'd have things any other way. He knows she's out of his league, despite her prior devotion, and he has managed to sexualize her rejection and cuckolding. This story begs for a sequel.

Part 2, this was a good readso far.

So happy you're back Hispet!!

I read every chapter over in the last 2 days before finally sitting down for this little gem. I'm not normally into torture this extreme, but I have no idea where this story is going and I kind of love that, so I'm cool with the torture bits as it adds to the excitement of it all. SO happy to have you back Hispet! I hope the nasty comments haven't worn you down over the years, you are truly loved here on Lit.

You need to stop writing

Your a pathetic writer. Just shoot the fucker go to jail, and become desolate. Start over when you get out. How fucking hard is that? At least you have your self-respect intact.

Get the gun and shoot the fucker

Personally, after that I would buy a gun and the minute he walked in the next night I would shoot him right in the head, making sure he was dead. Then I would go to jail, and while in there turn my wife in for her crimes and mine and stay in jail for a lot of time. She would be gone he would be gone and the kids can go to the grandparents. A reasonable way to end this.

No time to write, but a short comment

Very good first story and a new twist on an old story, so good on 'ya.

I SIMPLY love this story! Thank you for sharing it!!!

I do not think that word means what you think it means...

Cervix. It is a barrier between the vaginal and the uterus, and the penis does Not enter it. Please, don't be ridiculous.


Please oh please upload more chapters enjoying this way too much for it to be stopped :/

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