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If you look closely you'll see that the second chapter is in the nonconsent/reluctance category. I can understand your confusion because the first story was under "BDSM".

Now I understand that this might not be everyone's jam, but I didn't put the disclaimers mentioning blackmail and nonconsent right in front of every story for no reason!

I expect from my readers to understand that this story doesn't reflect its writer's moral compass, if it was like that with writers Stephen King would be a mass murderer. This is Andrew the fictional character talking and thinking, not an FAQ about "how to treat women".

Great read! I'm looking forward to more.


That story was more erotic than any I have seen in a while. Thank you!


I used my vibrator and came so hard while reading this. I agree with some comments I’d love if you wrote a longer one with more detail but this was great too

Grade A

I love your work, you create familiar narratives while at the same time your imagery makes them feel fresh and new. Hitting on all cylinders for me, and its not the first time. Your stories are awesome and I wish I could get more


I know it's winter, and the sun sets early, but he's going over after school, and the sun is already setting?

Obviously it IS rape, but I'm surprised that you had him openly admit that he was raping her. I thought you would have him believe that he was taking her, yes, without her consent, so technically rape, but somehow not REALLY rape.

I also don't see the physical abuse, if she decides to report him, the bruises he must be leaving will back up her story.

If she's saving herself, does that mean that she was a virgin?

While to some degree arousal is a physiological reaction, the idea that she somehow got turned on by the rape is repugnant,

Love this series

You have me hooked. Can’t wait to read more. Great story.

Oh please do not make me wait long for the next chapter! I love this story!

It started all perfect, but...

I agree fully with EZROLLIN and also think it has a lot of potential, this story.
But the situation at the school is definitely too much to visualize. This simply cannot happen this way.
Suggest an inteception on a deserted road or a forced diversion to a desolated area like an abandoned factory or such.
Keep on writing, I like your style.

What Happens Now?

A very interesting story, although the cruel brutality of his experiences at the "SM camp": is over-the-top, even for BDSM. Look forward to future stories here.

How he survives his ordeals there and avenges his torture would also be worth reading about. This "Allie" (his wife) must also be a piece of work!


Glad to see you writing again! You have been one of my favorit authors for a long time. Love the look of this story and Love your others. Whochever you pursue i Will read with great interest. Dont leave us waiting this long again!


I'm so invested! I read everything you write and I love these two, but the kid's room was took f*cking weird. It ruined whatever sentimental ending you were building up to for me, personally.

Ah, what the heck. I'm pregnant and hormonal. When you do write the ending, I'm sure you'll get me to cry lol

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