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Why post this story?.....

....when Massaged By A Nerd is still not done?

No Justice

Like the other commentor, I was very disappointed that Stephanie didn't face some sort of comeuppance or consequence for the horrible thing she did to her sister. I felt like the story would have been much more balanced if it had ultimately reversed and culminated in Tori supplanting her as their parents preferred fucktoy.

That said, this is one of the hottest stories I've read on this site and I got multiple cums out of it.

Amazing write-up

Loved your writing. When's the next chapter coming up? Would love to read more of this series.


I appreciate the honest feedback! I'm not a native speaker and I don't live in an English-speaking country, but I try to improve my vocabulary and grammar everyday by reading. Hopefully one day I won't make any mistakes. :)

As for some other feedback I got: a lot of people asked me if my stories are based on personal experience. Although the storylines are fictitious, the sex scenes are probably based about 50% on my experiences and 50% on my fantasies. But I won't go into more details. ;)

And just a quick note: I don't reply to private feedback, because I want to keep my privacy, but I read every word you send me and you guys are loveliest. Thank you for all the compliments and encouragement. :)

Mr. Burns

As Mr. Burns might say, rubbing his fingers together "Excellent".

One of the best turnabout is fair play.

Did Her Boss Know?

Great Sex Is Tough To Turn Down, Especially If She Wasn't Sure! Whats Next!


Donned means put on. You meant wore. The tattoos adorned the neck, not the other way around. Others have mentioned tense. A story is usually told in past tense unless you have a very good reason to do otherwise.


Good but I would have rather seen more of the dark ending of the original story. Happy endings are cliche.


I appreciate the comment. If you read to the end of the series, I would like to know your thoughts, good or bad. My new series has less mind fuckery so far :)

Very intriguing

I have read every chapter, and have thoroughly enjoyed this story. It doesn't surprise me that Alexander has a dungeon. I still hate him and really hope Alais gets away from him despite her tormented pleasure. There is plenty of pleasure that she could experience with someone not so power hungry and viscious. I love Alais' character for her strength and perserverence, and I feel like if she ends up staying with Alexander and submitting to him the way he wants her to, that it would fully break her spirit and who she is. Don't get t me wrong... I find submission erotic, but not from someone who is power hungry or someone who is an abusive sadist and not one who has a willing partner, and both of them receive pleasure out of it. I think I know who the traitor is, and if I am right, I thought he was a good candidate for helping rescue her. I was even bopi g for some possible domance between he and Alais... which would create a lot of danger considering how Alexander feels about other men touching her. Maybe now that they are back at the castle they will run into each other again...

Good luck working out the next chapter. I know how it is. I recently posted my first story here. I have five others in the works, but they are all raw and unedited. Hard to fit in time sometimes sith family obligations. :)

Very short and sweet

Glad you are back. Are you going to posted this chapter on the valent chamber.

Fucking pure horse shit

Any fuck headed piece of shit that would write a story like this is one sorry, dog dick licking piece of shit. And your fucking hero hubby should have his cock cut off and shoved up your ass.

Mary deserved it

She's very unlikable. She didn't see much of her crush because he changed his schedule but she acted like the world was ending.

She used the home-building project as a means to make a move on Brian. And when he was pretending to be sick she asked him if he can make it to the build the very next day. She wasn't concerned about his health, she wants him to spend time with her even when he's not yet feeling well.


Great series. Really loved it. Didn't like how the roommates faded from the scene at the end... but that's a nitpick. Super, super job!

I Liked The Story

But a lot of typo's!! Turn your auto correct OFF! Better yet read your story before you submit it!!

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