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How did this story get approved?!! How does this fit the guidelined?!!!


Wow, this is a great read. It sounds like a wonderful 2nd date! :) I'd love to hear more about this couple's adventures.

Properly aroused virgins tend not to bleed and enjoy sex

It's been addressed in the earlier comments, but still. These misconceptions cause a lot of misery to too many women around the world. Best not perpetuate them. That’s why I’m throwing this in the mix.

Alice came twice, was sopping wet and had her virginal cunt nicely stretched. These are all excellent conditions for a very enjoyable first time without pain and without blood.

Misconception 1) whores are loose and virgins are tight because of "mileage" in cuntal use . Nope. The cunt is a muscle. You tense, you're tight. You relax, you loosen up. A nervous, frightened whore is just as tight as a nervous, frightened virgin. The latter is just more inclined to be nervous or frightened. Her lies the secret of spanking while fucking: tensing up means tightening up.

Misconception 2) the maidenhead is not like a fleece inside the cunt to be punctured into bloody shreds. It's at the very entrance to the cunt and is more like a ridge all around in a circle with a gap in the centre to drain menstruation fluids and cum. IF it's there at all (some are born without) and IF it hasn't long been ripped by a bumpy bike ride or something. Just Arlington's fingers would have, by stretching, done the ‘ripping’ job. The Maidenhead doesn’t get ripped from your body. If you had one you’ll still have it only now with tiny ‘rips’ in it. Check google for pics. If there’s bleeding it is the too dry ‘tunnel’ tissue behind the maidenhead that bleeds. A whore will bleed time and again when fucked without lubes or natural arousal.

In short, when properly aroused, wet and relaxed a first time is highly unlikely to be painful or cause bleeding. You’d feel full and stretched, sure. You’ll feel so every time but the first time everything is new and every sensation more pronounced.
Or put the other way around, when your fucking causes a woman to be in pain and bleed, then you are one lousy lover and should seriously re-educate yourself.


I never knew submission turned me on so much until this story. My boyfriend suggested it to me and I'm so glad he did.. and he will be too tonight after I suggest we role play this story😘 still rubbing myself thinking about it.. you've awaken a desire in me that I never knew was there

oh no

first 2 chapters were great, quirky and anew angle but now you are going the sadistic path and it becomes just like hundreds of others.

Good, but one error

I enjoyed your story, but felt I needed to tell you that women don't have Adam's apples. The rest of it was great

Good Story

Good writing and interesting story. His not cumming I presume is his way of showing her his power and control as well as deepening her feeling of inferiority. Looking forward to more, especially what will Conrad do when he finds out.


OMG Good!

Absolutely wonderful story!
Made me wish I’d known Alex!!!

Very enjoyable story so far...keep it up


Fantasy, or, real experience?

Sarah ass needs a long workout!

Great story, have Mark back with a couple of buddies for a great evening!

Super day

Read it slow, jerked it throughout, ready to shoot, went soft when wife didn't come in!

Let's see where this series will lead. Not bad as a start.

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