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Is "Choices and sacrifices part 10 "EVER happening? !?!?!

Hope to read more of your stuff.

Got your email. No, I've always gone by greenmountaineer, but as I was reading it, the thought occurred to me you might be poking some fun because your style is strikingly similar to susansnow whose last poem, not long ago, was a metaphorical suicide.

So I'm thinking: Could KikahCornelius be a reincarnation? I suppose I'll never know. Anyway, I liked the poem.

Todays Women Is Tomrrows Whores......

I find that offensive and I'm a male.

You seem to have forgotten that some of those 'Women' are there Sisters, Moms, and future girl friends and wives. NOT ALL 'Women' are future Whores.


Agera, this is a fantastic poem. I wrote a long response but somehow lost it. The essence of my lost thoughts dealt with the depth of your emotional, physical, and rhyming ability. An ability to give yourself the freedom to let go of your control and to fell free to express yourself in a special deep, deep, deep sense.


I've heard that song too. I was in the USCG and miss the call of the sea. Now land-locked in the Mid-West the best I can do is a brief trip to the Great Lakes. The song still calls just far more muted.

"I can only say that now I search on trails for sign of god...

... a broken branch, a cold print,
his dew breath condensed on leaves, his name
written under stones. My arrow is ready."

It is beautiful. I was stunned by it also. It made cry...

I don't even understand why...

Tue (should be True?) sound of love

I like this poem, it resonates with me, I recognise some of the feelings you are trying to convey. I will write later and think more about it. What do you think the readers on Literotica are looking for in a story or a poem?



The eagle has landed

A fully realized, lovely Petrarchan sonnet.

Short and Sweet

This poem is nice, short and sweet. It's a little bit funny and romantic. Your technique is quite sloppy but the idea is good I think. Work on your poetry and you have a lot of potential to go far with it!

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