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and to live and exist sans hope is asinine, TK U MLJ LV NV

Loved it

Very well done. I'll follow the crumbs to the others...

Dragonflies and Daisies

I love the poem and the dream.
I have too many stars to look at
but it's the hope that one day my star
shines beside there.


You can do it
So it proves that you live
And your soul and the jive lingers with you
Where's the problem

Bloody Hell.

The poem is probably the best I have read on here. AND one of the best I have read anywhere. Only the variety of poems, epics. tales, odes descriptive etc is the reason for the "one of the best".
I lost my wife 16 years ago and I wish I had written that poem
Thank you

Following up gm's comments - well done. I especially like the title which echos Isabel Allende's great novel "House of Spirits."


At first I thought "grove" was supposed to be "groove." However, even if it's a typo, I like "grove" better.

Nice nuance in the two repetitions of the last stanza. They add to the sense of hesitation.

This poem grows with my second reading.

Both sweet and erotic

Very nice. I find your poem erotic in a most subtle way, and very sweet. Greenmountaineer brought it to our attention in the PF&D forum. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Poignant. Economical use of words to produce a lovely image of distance and desire. Very nice


I love the way the rhythm flows so easily throughout the poem. Nice piece, I wouldn't change a thing.

I always marvel at your skillful use of blank verse, demure, the way you prolong the line and make it seemingly conversational.

There are layers of meaning here IMO, each with its own riches. The reading was spiritual for me, at least. We all go home, but never really can go home, except as a leg of the journey. "Here on the porch it's good to sit and stare/and try to form an image of the road/you'd like to go from here...." spoke volumes to me, perhaps because I'm in the same place I believe your narrator to be.

Using "house" as a verb in line 15 and "wondering" as a noun in the last line made me pause because I was viewing them both differently at first before realizing they're great examples of how you stretch language.

This may be because of my aging brain: You've written many wonderful poems on Literotica, but I can't recall one that has impressed me as much as this one.

Welcome back Dem!!!

After a loooong time !!!
There are layers of meaning to your poem , which can be interpreted in many ways.....i'll read , re-read many times and like GM come back with reaction ......till then again welcome back.

First impression, incredible, demure! Good to read you again. I need to study this more to get the full somber pleasure of your words. I'll be be back with a more detailed comment, but for now wonderful, simply wonderful.

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