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5-Stars _ Keep Smiling Love!

Hallo Fraulein PoeticallyPersonified!

(Sehr schön, mir hat es gefallen!) _ Very nice, I liked it!

(Danke von einem fiesen Deichfreund) _ Thank-you from a kinky dyke friend, :-)

Gay Kat.

Right size?

The shoe seems to really fit lol


This is actually so good. My god.


I’m intrigued and want more


This man must feel some real love for the woman he is writing about...and she is very lucky

Go ahead

Keep deleting the comments telling you how terrible your writing is.
You know its the truth.
Do us all a favor and find something else to waste your time on.


This is so sad; so full of deep emotion! It tugs at your heart, but in a way that hurts so good.


You are simply one of the best poets around, thanks for finally posting here.


How could you be graduating with your writing "skills"?

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