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Very nice; thought provoking; an interesting blend of images.

You have words

Words that capture the essence of so many times in so many of peoples lives.


with a new heavenly master, TK U MLJ LV NV


Really nice prose, and all too true! We look back on youths days and wonder who were you?

A deeply resonating piece.
Thank you for sharing


Nice to see you still about. I think of you every so often. Hope you are happy, healthy and well.

~ brightie


Allow yourself to love others. The rewards are yours. You got a five from me.

Short and to the point

Potent question indeed. Thanks for sharing. 5* Slainté

I still miss you

I hope you don't mind I borrowed your "all of a sudden passion suddenly" in my temporary poetry home. Maybe I will come here and pull a poem at a time and respond. God I miss you. To not have an answer. Will you give me an answer?


This is a very insightful diary entry and I felt like I could somewhat feel your pain. I hope all is well and always keep your head up! If you need to feel better, go check out my poem. I promise it will help! Sending positive vibes your way!

Where is she

Where is that hot bubbly princess you are talking about My dick is hard for her


I could feel the storm and sense you in it. The metaphor is unusual but works well. Nice writing.
Please write some more.


This is a beautiful poem. Keep up the great work! :)


felt but not visible. TK U MLJ LV NV

One moment of peace

Sounds like cry of the victim of a narcissistic child. A heartfelt statement at least.

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