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Endearing. Nice crisp images contrasting.

Beautiful brightness

It's sad to see comments that prove their unwillingness to embrace the heart in this poetic expression, to see this loving offering slapped by meaningless rebukes and thoughtless distraction. Perhaps they think it's erotic, to heap abuse on you this way. :P
Your imagery is wonderful, and the mystery leads me to want to hear more of this story. Why are there people who fear the light? Perhaps the earlier comments are from such people.


tickles the wanderlust. TK U MLJ LV NV


but purity of notes ensured. TK U MLJ LV NV


the rising water unmoors. TK U MLJ LV NV

Thanks for all the feedback!

@greenmountaineer: Nice technical point. I predict that you are one of the rare people who knows what the subjunctive mood is!

@tazz317: This was definitely a scene sans Oprah!

@Anonymous (Simply Beautiful): You picked the right word with "muse." This one seemed to flow out from some greater-than-I inspiration of the moment.

@Anonymous (Wish): We're getting an unusual amount in my neck of the woods!

@todski28: I never get tired of the word "brilliant," although it sometimes makes me feel a bit unworthy. : )

Annie , all the best ....

Great poem here : my heartfelt prayers to Mother Kali to keep you safe , sound & healthy ....( am determined Not to put any exclamation marks here ) BTW i 5-ed .

Controlled emotion

There's a great tension between the emotion of the subject and the determination of the narrator to keep emotion under control. It works really well here (and you know I am wishing for the best for you.) xx

Congrats on the E

I agree with GM that this is a well-deserved E. There are no missteps in the poem, it has some amazing lines ("waltzed easy through reason" really grabbed me, too), and those long rhyming third lines give the poem continuity and symmetry. You're good with words, too. :)

5 all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Congratulations on the editor's choice designation, wakingDown. This was nice and tight, nothing superfluous in it. "You waltzed easily through reason" is a killer line, particularly right after "hungry cannibal."

"A chase that I have loved so/and sweetly hated all the same" was the high point. It occurred to me that the poet could have been talking to himself as much as he could have been talking about another person. I like that. It made me use my imagination.

"On a puff of fine spun" IMO was good enough to prevent "bullshit" from sounding like cliché, which it often is. I'm not being prudish about the word. It's just that I don't think it's as effective at demonstrating your scorn as are "waltzing" and "cannibal." It would be interesting to see if the line could be worked in some other way while keepin "puff of finely spun;" maybe not, so take my comment as a bite-size quibble about this well written thought provoking poem.

Non verbal communication would include

Hugs , smiles or a pet dog's eager tail waggin' .........


Truth be told as an older citizen I'm not a tech savvy and I don't completely understand cyberbullying but I remember her story drew international attention... It was really sad, cruel and tragedic.

"May she find the peace so cruelly denied her in this callous and heartless world."

Your poem was beautiful...

no words

to describe your words dear sweet sister. This is as good as any of the masters' works. I hope it is published elsewhere as it is a gift to anyone who takes the time to read it.

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