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but to make sense takes a Poet, TK U MLJ LV NV

One of my fav hymns/carols

I can't stop thinking of the carol O HOLY NIGHT..... Is that your intention??


This world is going down the shit hole if it isn't already there already!!!!! I belive the term HELL ON EARTH pretty much disribes it. The glass is not half embty or half full it is filled with shit!!!!!!

Cock Slaves

Forget all silly dating tips guys!
and the psychobabble
the rules of the game are quite simple.

Never say to a woman
-You are pretty (So what is the big deal?)
women hate flattery
flattery embarrasses them
makes you a fool
say instead
-You are a cock tease
never say
-I love you (Trouble!)
say instead
-I am gonna fuck you like hell.

Don't forget
romance is for losers
sex is for winners
women don't like emotional weights
they are after good sex, virility
stamina and manhood
not love.

A cunt receives vibrations from a cock
if you are a good fucker
they know it.

If you are a good fucker
you will attract women
they will come to you
they will beg to you
to fuck them.

Don't settle for less
go after most attractive chicks
treat yourself like a king
you deserve the best.

If you fuck them good
they will be your slaves
they will be addicted to your cock
they will buy gifts for you
they will pay the bills
they will refer you to their friends.

Don't possess them
let others guys fuck them.

When you are done with them
look for new ones
find fresh cunts to fuck
have a constant fun
that is what life is suppose to be.

Porn Star Of The Lone Star

Hi there!
what is your name?
why are you here Amber?
I am gonna fuck
you are gonna fuck, that's cool
how old are you Amber?
I am 19
may I see your Id please?
thanks Amber
don't mention it
where are you from?
Austin, Texas
but I saw many places around the country
that's cool
do you like LA?
a lot
good weather
good looking people
it is nice to be here
you look very cute Amber
I see a nice career for you
does your parents know?
no they don't
but I gonna tell them soon.They will be ok.
well Amber, let's do some fuck
I have a big guy for you
his name is Rico Strong
he will fuck you like hell.

classic philosophical

poem, accurate comments on modern life, the last few lines seem rougher than those preceding,
"You now know time is priceless
And can't be turned back
At any cost"
might be smoother if "You know time is priceless/ it can't be turned back at any cost" just a suggestion.....

Third page said
boobs are not news
Irishmen are not west Britons.

Piccadilly Circus doesn't want be a Times Square
New York Times and Financial Times
deal with different issues.

Members of Beatles are not beetles
Churchill was a statesman
but he is a cigar size also.

A guy from Brooklyn
can not speak Queen's English
a poshed up Briton can only speak posh.

Brixton district of London
features bricks and mortar.

Like most of the things
casual Friday is not the same
on both sides of the Atlantic.

While White House declare tea wars
behind closed doors
Britons sip Earl Grey
at number 10 downing street.

well done - 5

one wonders what the last line refers to and if it is really needed. The rest of the work draws a bleak atmosphere of rest homes and how upsetting it is to find our loved ones or ourselves confined within as well as the theme of aging central to the work. I wish I had the brains to understand ever line but it moved me just the same.

nice -5

"Like most of the things
casual Friday is not the same
at both side of the Atlantic."

may I suggest changing "at" to "on" and "side " to "sides"

yes dear Tokuqinn,"boobs are not news" but we do love them so!

I really liked this GP. It conjures up all sorts of images about a father's relationship with his children.

oh ...ouch

Wow, that was maddeningly sad... But very good.

perhaps to forward

but I'd replace prickly skin with, well you guessed it

oh my God

was that you in the elevator? as usual we all look forward (away from the fart) to see what splendid new poem you have devised. Please do not stop, writing--the farts maybe? a big fan (no pun intended)

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