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Great haiku

This matches my rainy day mood.

Amen To That....

After the kind of day that I had this poem is not also really fitting and it kind of expresses how I feel, but also expresses what I want to say towards you know who? Sort of.

Not Bad Not Bad At All....

The poem was so good you should extend that to some sort of Story the Non-Erotic Section for this site :)

What Are You Saying?????

I don't get it in this poem do you you her or do you heat her? Is this a love poem or not?

What A beautiful Poem it truly is.


expresses longing very well. No matter the various reasons one might not connect.

It refers to the narrator's wish that his grandfather might change, might evolve, into something better--even in death. Especially.

To Aurther....

This 'song' of really sucks. I just see a song or a poem for that matter.

touched me and it works in many ways

As a riverologist I liked this.

I like this and hope against hope there is the other side.

I'm thinking this isn't so much about fish, Is it?

It's about racism, and how he brought a sister home to dinner, and so Grandpa wouldn't eat at the table because she was there. And so there was a revolution because racism no longer ruled in that house.

I think the only part I'm really left in the dark about, is his wish for Dragons? I don't understand what that means. I don't supposed you'd tell me, would you?

Great poem!


The Worm

Nibbles at the toes and from the base. Keeping us all in our fucking place.

would rather burn than to be played as a fool for who .

The whisp of a hair the dimness sets in my body wont move .its cold here . I can smell of pine the taste of dirt i am alive .in a coffen the worms last bite good night.

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