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Beautiful elegy to a paradise lost, with echoes of "Chinatown" in its damnation of rapacious greed.

Mixed response.

I like the poem. I'm distracted by the fact that I live near the San Gabriel Mountains.


That's it. My 64 chapters and stories, and 550,000 words submitted (to date), weren't enough. I really needed this to push me over the top. Busted.


physical, mental or future, TK U MLJ LV NV

oh my

I have a daughter, 24. All I can think of now is I am glad she would not have cause to write a similar poem. I'm so sorry.

Pretentious, lazy claptrap

You are not a masochist - you just want to clock up titles on your list of publications. This is lazy, meaningless, pretentious bullshit.

Surprise Ending

I didn't expect the last verse. I get it, can appreciate the sentiment, just seems a bit disjointed in context.

Your words...

Your sharing here is brave. Not many could offer themselves up like this.


Dear Scheherazade

Very touching, a little melancholy, a little sweet, and delightfully sensuous.


where live begins and lives, TK U MLJ LV NV


The passing of time and the inevitable

I liked this, Victoria. The short lines and simple word choice gave the poem a tone that matched the narrative. I imagined the adult's mindset as that of a little girl, the language more reminiscent of the latter. Yet, the metaphors of summer grass seed and weed suggested the experience of a longer life time.

Some very nice images here, Leg'. And well-tuned wordings.

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