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5 stars

Wow such an emotional and powerful poem

You can learn to

carry that desire like an animating flame; a source of heat, or perhaps, given your name, a breath of life. Let it stand for possibility - reminding you that amazing things can happen - rather than consume you and burn you to ash. If you are, in fact, a lot like Psyche, then you sleep with a blade and are destined for a happy ending.

Also, I like your poems.


Not usually a fan of poetry, but wow. Third I've read of yours. Not sure if they're getting better, or if my mode is changing.
Dialing it in.
No, go back. There:
That's the station.
I can work to this.

Hopefully In the Past

We all go through various situations and experiences. Some very unpleasant that wished the earth will open up and swallow us. The experience can haunt us although dormant and seem to come back with full force.
I truly hope this may never be the case.

I love you. I think this is my favorite if I have to pick one.

A renewal of our vows......

Neither was looking, yet here we are.... sometimes LOVE finds YOU.

We broke each others rules, exceeded expectations and dared to expose our feelings to another. In the process we made a place for one another in our hearts and in our lives. That is a special thing in a virtual world where physical proximity and necessity do not force people to stay together. Here it is simply by choice. It is a TRUTH.


When words fall short........

As I near your last poem, reading each in order, I am filled with rare air leaving me feeling light n giddy.

We have shared countless words during our journey, earning trust and confidence along the way..... allowing US to expose our weaknesses to the other. Without worry of judgement or ridicule, what an incredibly powerful feeling this is. A feeling I wish ALL could experience, a feeling I wish I could describe but lack the abilities to shape words in such ways.

Words simply fall short of this feeling. But I will say THANK YOU.... and

I LOVE YOU my precious Valentine.

YOU are my SAFE place......

This above all others is my most favorite poem of US, making me emotional each time I read it, always leaving a tear. It embodies US and the selflessness that is true love. When the happiness of another becomes your own compass.

Our home has never come with doors yet I always return..... not because I have too, but because I choose. You are my SAFE place.

I would give this poem 5 Stars ALL day. LOVE YOU

I love when i feel the happiness in your words

YEP... me again, slowly making my way through ALL your writings on this Valentine's Day. Reminding me how special WE are and how very much in love I am with you.

It brings me joy knowing.... I can make you happy, turn you on, leaving you feeling special n loved. Just as I do, reminiscing while I read of our LOVE all over again.

Wishing you a LOVE filled Valentine's Day one more time my secret addiction..... you still hold me firmly in your gravity.

Still your ANGEL and your SLUT.

Oh my, sure hope I don't get censored for such language..... hmmm, I see I am not the only one who was inspired to write you a comment. MT "secret" Valentine has an admirer... one with a Penis too. Nice to have around when your in the mood.

Though I too was inspired, I confess i am also a bit biased too. I am under the illusion that "everything" you write is either for or about me. Surprise.... surprise.

I am your ANGEL and you bring out the SLUT in me.

NOPE, not trying to hide..... of course it's your Kait

Wishing you a Delicious Valentines Day.....again.

5 Stars for my Vamentine

Though I have read it many times and pretty sure have rated it, 5 STARS of course, each time.... I read it once again on this Valentines Day. Our story now over 18 months long and finding myself still in love with you. Still needing your affection, still unable to part ways. Addicted to YOU.
Not even bothering to disguise this "author", it's your Peaches..... of course

Love you I do, my LADY Andrea

This sounds like it was written by a teenager. Ooof.

Oh Dear Lady,

Your dormant talent as poetess is perhaps coming out and flowering in 2018!
"It was a dream,
It was a dream,
A dream,
Just a dream,
But I remember it so vividly,
The texture, the smell and the taste,
I feel dirty,
I have a shower,
I wash myself thoroughly with soap,
I scrub my skin with soap till it hurts,
I get get rid of it,
I entered the house of feces tempted by it's beauty,
But it's ugliness has entered me."

Allegorically you have equated sexual desires as feces and house with your mind...
human beings are inherently sexual creatures and some, driven by their strong sexual desires, which are helped by internet based platforms, can and do indulge in endless bouts of heady erotica by sharing and knowing from variety of people, they are able to meet here...

Sex is addictive, sex act lasts short duration, but erotic explorations on Lit can prolong the sexual charge endlessly, that has entered many of us...its exotic magnetic pull compels us to indulge in it, as long as we want, and can over time or each day...

Looking forward to read more out pouring of your subliminally charged mind...

All be best Poetess...



are the words to soothe, not regret.. TK U MLJ LV NV

Try not to get mad until you hear me out.

OK. So, I like this poem. I don't love it but I think its got potential. I think you certainly have the skills to be great at this but you need more practice. That's actually a self serving comment because more practice for you, means posting here and then WE get to read them.

That being said, I stay away from poetry myself because it's tough. Word choices in fiction are bad enough but in poetry? Yeah, they're crucial. Anyway, would love to see more from you.

Have fun:)

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