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I owe Dante an apology.I read La Vita Nouva.I read a passage from Inferno at high school before my classmates at high school.His language is good.But I don't like his themes, especially on romance.He should fuck that bitch silly.

very nice-5

I'd drop the line "In a couple of minutes" as "instant" or instantly is much stronger

the nose wins by a nose - 5

of course the facts should not interfere with the fiction, surprisingly, there was a real Cyrano (6 March 1619 – 28 July 1655) on whom the play (written in 1897) was fictionalized, but he was hardly a virgin and Dante was not a virgin "( The exact date of his marriage is not known: the only certain information is that, before his exile in 1301, he had three children (Pietro, Jacopo and Antonia)". But who cares. The poem is very amusing! Of course you don't need a large nose to penetrate a vagina, but doing so makes for a very tasteful and pleasurable sensory entrance.
Anyway, very nice sniffer of a poem. As for Roxanne, back then most of the nuns were being fucked by the priests, so we may assume a tease like her certainly got more than a candle in her sacred nitche. Evidence of intermingling of more than noses was a village outside the Vatican where all the priest's wives lived. Of course Dante was one of the first and remains one of the greatest poets that ever lived, you have to read him in Italian. I'm sure he'd have a laugh as well reading your poem.
Keep entertaining us! Please do!

another fuck poem

hit right out of the ball park
We agreed for a fuck on the phone or
On the phone we agree to fuck

Two hours later we proceeded to make love

I've had

great sentiments and happy birthday!

a little too long and verbose, but nice message, note --academic degrees are not needed, sorry but did you ever see a poet who files any degree after his name dear Everett, even those from Harvard? I don't think so. No need for you to so either. Best wishes Sir, with consummate respect for you accomplishments!

5 for effort , content

and for pissing off the fag asshole of lit, Dear Annony! Eat shit you pig

What a Degenerate Garbage !!

This sicko will be back in an asylum for insane !!! 1* !


This is an amazing poem and I can picture the scene as I read it and it really turns me on! This person has a great command of poetic language and knows how to express it!! Great job!!

I think you doubled up on this one

but your surrealistic linking of "la bella Venezia" with Venice Beach, California is very clever as you always are. Venice CA, with its few canals carved out of the sand, was built as a gimmick to sell housing at the shore, as phony a concept as the Italian Venezia is real.
What better tour guide that "Vitalli" (vital, life) . A nice vignette that deserve further development.

I think what you are going for is "Patron Saint of Ass". It must be an English tour as you rarely find Italians drinking tea, they prefer expresso coffee.
I think you might drop "Like " from the 5th line. "Cupcakes" is one word, not two.
"He also known" is Italian sounding but you might add "is known", your choice. Please keep entertaining us!

What insperation?

In short this is a bullshit 'poem' WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU THINKING?

Beutifual poem

A lovely poem it brought me to tears one of the few!!,

If this poem what I think it is I think you are right, at Christmas we often do forget to sit a place for the king for the Savour Jesus our family included. After all isn't that why we have Christmas in the first place?


Perfect in concept and execution, but oh, this hits so close to home.

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