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Dem , this is a Hindu Boy-Muslim Girl inter-religious couple where the girl is

also older & taller than the boy [ both are highly educated , highly paid MBAs ] : they fought against the Elders of both families & both communities to get married .
Arpit Roy is an amateur Poet too & this is his take on his own love affair & marriage !
thank you for your encouraging comments

Runs along nicely

And fortunately life twists and turns back on itself eventually

Very nice

Kudos for your couple - Good for a broad smile!


And and unexpected image

@ Jwren

Maybe I should...
...work in education or...
...a Chinese Takeaway ;-)


Thank you for your positive comments, they mean a lot to me :-)

Very nice!

I love this line, the image it evokes: "somewhere there is an origami elephant graveyard." And the closing line can be taken in a number of ways - some more wistful than others. I'm so glad gm poem flagged your poem - I'll come back to it, it deserves savoring, thinking about and coming back to.


All on earth have their uses. Fun (and educational!)

The way it should be

Not pleading or even asking but telling. The way to go, Honey - demand respect and only then will he be worthy of your eternal love.
"Hug me tight
Till I'm old and worn."
Great lines in a standout piece.

Very good

I enjoyed your poem. The style was interesting. Painful situation.

Nicely done -

A good picture and well written!

I really liked the form on this, chopped like meat, served in little morsels. Like life. We only get a taste at a time.

A philosophical piece with an everywoman touch, with enough self-awareness not to let the gravitas outweigh the intimacy. Nicely constructed.

A moment, a time, a spirit captured, shining in the evening's sunset.

Well done


I've read it twice and still am parsing it. Although I recently poked fun at Confessional Poetry over in PF&D, this lament reminds me of some of the best writing there. I confess (pun intended) a bias towards psychology in poetry. The skillfull way you used regression with dropping a rock in the well, something a child would do as play, and "Barbie" sent my imagination in a number of different directions. Turning Barbie into Barbarella, a more sexualized version, was quite a trick.

At the end of it all, I was left with the impression of a man who sometimes felt the foolishness of youth but also the joy, and now is resigned to accept the loss or perhaps is still trying, no matter that "everything is how it should be."


what happened was the way it was intended. TK U MLJ LV NV

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