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Five double-cheeseburgers since the scoring only allows 5 stars. It really should be about 10 double-cheeseburgers as another avid reader put it! Yes, some did have little faith and really questioned it. In end 'good' triumphed 'evil'! Where do we go from here WW?!


Thank you and sorry....

You are the master story teller. I think a number of us got lost in the CIA tricks and we should of had the confidence in you to see us through to the end. Many thanks for your stories and please continue.


Salute to all the heroes irrespective of gender in this story and the biggest salute to WifeWatchman

1 Star

Wish I could give it less. The story was a waste of time, pointless.


Boo hoo

Pacifist !!!

Your characters doesn't match your story plot

Good shit. Are you reading more English literature, because your idioms are getting better?


What a mercenary fucking bitch. She sold her body and soul, and kids or not, that husband of hers should get as far as possible away from her. Annulment should be
a given since the marriage was basically fraud.
Nicely written story.

Waste of Time

The author's, mine, and anyone else who reads it.

Simply Fantastic

WW... You are amazing. Your work is brilliant. Do not late the haters get you down. Keep this thing going. You clearly have an exceptionally loyal following, and many are waiting to see what comes next. Great work again.

Best story of the series

This is probably the way a story like this would go in real life; given your previous chapters. The explosion was superfluous. They would have gotten to the same place without it.
These are all too real, flaw-ridden, characters that are in the process of seeing each other for the first time. They are finding they like each other, appreciate each other and developing a love beyond infatuation.
Good ending.

Why waste all this writing on a weak, soulless character?

I, too, found the premise to be unbelievable. Beverly leaving without a word, on virtually no evidence, was a necessary ingredient of the plot, if you want to set up this disappearance-without-a-trace device. However, people just don't work that way, unless they are seriously unhinged. THAT is what makes it so difficult to willingly suspend my disbelief here.

I find writing to be so much more believable and enjoyable when characters drive the plot, and not vice versa. This just doesn't feel real, the main character is not noble, or strong or manly. He is only rigid, cold, ill-tempered, and unworthy of attention or any emotional investment. He is incapable of growth, and therefore, is unredeemable.

I think this story is another attempt to portray a man as victim of woman, and for him to wrap his victim-hood around himself as armor. You are only a victim so long as you keep seeing yourself as a victim, and relish your pain as somehow validating and defining you. The lead character a LOSER, and not a noble one. Only another butt-hurt whiner, who is best ignored.

You the writer

WW great job of writing and throwing everybody for a loop.
Should have put the belt and feeling cold all the time together.
As everybody else is I'm waiting for the next chapter. Keep up the great writing.

Thanks, Jim2156

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