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anice little love story

of two old friends finding each other...the twins did a good job bringing them together but it would have pissed me off too with her telling the twins she was pregnant before their dad....just not right.....my bitch of an ex did that to me when she told her good friend first she was pregnant before telling me........still pisses me off she did that....

Doc must be punished

Of course he needs to feel the pain. He destroyed this family by targeting a married wife and mother. It should not be done fast like the wife. It should be slow and determined.

Damn good story... True to the holyday...

You know a good deal more than most.... It's very much appreciated by folk such as my kind... Us 'good folk' thank thee...

Who is this guy, a wimpy Clint Eastwood

I'm only half way through page 3 and this sorry excuse for a NCO is disgusting. He must be channeling Gunny Highway (and the characters wishing to be in touch with his feelings crap). Shit I cannot believe any Master Sergeant after 22years of Army bullshit wimping out like this. Not even the REMF pukes at E-8 would disgrace themselves to this extent. Since the mid 70s you had to have a 1SG slot open in order to finish being promoted to E-8. Very, very few would quake at this level of adversity.

Are you nuts!

Having sex on her grave and pissing on it was his only possible revenge. His wife was a cheating bitch. If it happened to me, I would have done exactly the same thing but i would go back ever year to piss on her!

Good writing. ...

Normally, I am not a fan of this kind of revenge. HOWEVER I think it is a good lesson for caution.

Thank you for writing it

Great Story

He was very sympathetic and understanding but still very hurt having to go through the long grieving and healing process only to be ambushed again!
Touching story! Great outcome!


bit of a selfish bitch, isn't she?

a great story

thanks for writing a realistic and very enjoyable love story that transitions smoothly from the military to the corporate world.


before killing himself...cheating whores are just that...the lowest of the low...


This is so sad and should never happen again. Lets face it that's gonna happen at least two to three times in your life if you live long enough. Think of a Mother that loses her baby or youngest child and as in the story a husband losing a wife. You can never be prepared ever.

the dr or semblance of

The fact about this site and category is someone sits down for hours and create a story, puts it on this site for OUR FREE ENTERTAINMENT. THE UTHORS ARE OF VARYING SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE BUT ALL HAVE THE COURAGE TO POST THEIR WORK
And accept the criticism-some quite unfair.
All the authors work hard at developing the story and with some encouragement and helpful critique they will get better.
Only a finite number of stories and plots4 exist for lw section. Hell look how often the same theme is used for movies and sitcoms and all television shows
So what if similarities exist
I enjoy all of capecodmercury's stories.
When drsemblance posts his original work I will be glad to read it

every parent

every coach
every player
should read this story.

Anyone who wants to feel good

should read this story.
And they might even cry a little along the way.

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