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Oh please write more!

I love this tale already! Time travel, romance, fear, lust...oh please more!

Too funny!

Alas, I see from the comments, too few people with any humor left...

Wrong place for this.

There is a section called 'reviews and essays.' This may not be erotic (god only knows! LOL!), but it is also not a story, ergo...



Well done! Short,poignant,and sweet.

Just a bit of whimsy.

This story has my imagination going! So she isn't who her "parents" want her to be. She has dreamed of being called "Little One" and has sought out herself with her art. And Abigail - how does she figure in to be willing to do Celeste's work for her? Her father is her uncle, So who is her real father? Has he visited her in her youth to see how she is doing? And why not Zev? Who is meant for her?...


Want more now! I wish the chapters were longer. You have me eagerly anticipating your next posting.

Ruglen may have met his match with Maddie.

all hail the new king literotica herminius2

after Intrepid_Fate's Path of the Necromancer no other story out of the few dozen im reading keeps drawing me back to this site of cores there are problems here and there but over all for me you....... :.) get your self a f*cken cookie man

Thank you!

I enjoyed your story. It was well written, had a lot of emotion in it, was compelling and for the kids sake, it ended well.

Strange. Grantland Rice you aren't.

And there weren't any horsemen despite the stories beginning. It simply wasn't entertaining to read. You didn't write anything compelling and she wasn't an interesting character. At the end I just didn't care what happened.

You got me!

The setup was great...you lined your pins in a row and knocked the all down with the last paragraph.


Short and sweet

A sweet short romance. A nice change.


Really Horror story and a frightening one.

You go girl!

Love the stories and am glad you are so happy in yourself.

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