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Ups and downs in this story

This rather interesting story goes into almost too much detail the end result it is a long story and I am certain if it was a printed book it might be as much as 200 pages in length. It is not a short story. It is a non-erotic novel, a very good one and entreating to read.

You Did It Again!

I used to read any and every Western book that I got my hands on years ago. I've gotten away from them over the last 10 or so years and moved on to other genres. After reading this story and some of your other Westerns, I am going to have to revisit the Westerns. This story was just great. The characters were so real. The only negative I can say about this story is that I wanted MORE. Thank you for a fantastic story.

I don't get the need for revenge on the 3 assholes

Yes, they were assholes, but they didn't take anything from him that wasn't offered. If he needs revenge, Mary-Ann should be the target. She willingly gave it up, she is the one that lied to him, betrayed him, broke her vows to him. Aside from a moral standpoint, those guys owed him nothing. Yes, they did a shitty thing, knowing she was married, but they were nobody to Jim. Mary-Ann was the one that made the choice, as his wife, to cheat and betray him. Unless they were rapists, nothing would have happened, without Mary-Ann's willingness.

Garbage by an illiterate !

Is English your second language ?? 1* .


If you had ratings on it would be a 1*

Great story!

I'm not usually a fan of time travel, but this worked very well. I was wondering how you were going to get him back to the present. Well done!
As with all of your stories, I read with Google Maps up in another window to give me a sense of location. I love how all of your stories use real places.


What A Turnaround!

Boy, was I 'Got'. I love stories with a twist and this had a fantastic twist. I thought it was another cheating wife. But as I read, it turned into a real 'feel good' story. What an imagination you must have. Thank you for a real 'surprising' story.

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