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Loved the story right up until the "Hey, What's up Brit." From 5* to 1* in a singlr sentence.

Morgan deWolfe


“It might have been Jane but I couldn't be sure.” – He couldn’t recognize her voice?


those genetics and DNA markers are there forever. TK U MLJ LV NV


“I lashed out, told him that I was tired and to top it off I told him that I'd been feeling off all week and that Tony looked after me.” – Why not SAY she had a urinary tract infection? And “Tony looked after me”? Does she realize how that sounds?

“But I don't know how he got the impression that we were." – Is she really that blind? The kiss alone looked bad, and Tony’s remarks about “especially when we’re out of state” didn’t help!

Sequil Shmequil!

Why? Excellant short story. Very well written, only a voyeur would want to know more.

Good idea ... but

It needed a better definition of what was dream and what was reality.

No, resolution assholee........

You start strong then Peter out......lol

Are these really your stories?

I'm wondering, they seem very similar to me.....plagiarizing !!!!


Wildly implausible, even for fiction

On her honeymoon? She suddenly decides she's a lesbian? And that she's going to leave her brand new husband and go with a woman? Sorry that just doesn't work. And while I'm not sure about French law, I'm certain that she just wasn't allowed to stay in the Country without some type of Visa that would have taken time to get. I hope he retained everything from the divorce and let everyone they knew what a cheating slut she was. Including all her overseas friends. Not a satisfactory story on any level.

Head up his ass

And an unbelievable PUSSY!!! Anyone that fucking oblivious never had a marriage to begin with, and clearly, they were never married in Jane's mind. Yes, she's an evil cunt; but Pussy let it happen, and I find him nearly as contemptible.

Good story

Good story. My only complaint is that it takes place in a vacuum of background information. Without knowledge of the world that the story is set in a lot of the action is just isolated vignettes of mayhem. A bare bones description of the world of the story would help. Who the major players are, some history of how they got to be major players and exactly what aims they have. Apparently most of the female characters are bi, is this normal or something that has to be at least semi hidden? The use of the name Alaska and the reference to rockets seems to set the story in north America after some sort of catastrophic happening that kicked civilization back to a medieval level, but without more information that is pure speculation based on hints. I would have liked more character development by way of keeping to a much more limited time frame so that Cat's training would be explored. But then that would just be something I personally would find interesting. Overall a good but disjointed story.

This is an extremely sad and depressing story.

disjointed and incomplete

Please continue and finish. Story is incomplete and should be continued.

Cheating slut destroyed the man

The cheating slut destroyed the man and should burn in hell for it, along with the asshole who she left him for. As for the children, they abandoned him as well, for that I can only hope they suffer from the guilt for the rest of their lives. Sad to say I seriously doubt that they would because they have already proved themselves to be worthless assholes. Personally I would not have left the bastards a penny much less a single dime. Karma is a bitch so to compete the story both of the children should be cursed with cheating spouses who rape them in divorces and keep them from their children. The wife and her new husband should both get cancer and die painful humiliating deaths. That is what I would wish to happen, but given the plot of the story the most likely thing to happen is that they would just take the money then totally forget that the guy ever existed. No guilt, no tears no anything.


Why would anyone in their right mind let what this slut did affect the rest of their life? And if they did how on earth could they possibly want anything more to do with her? It's not a bad story if you like reconciliation stories, I don't, but the man's action at the end of the story just goes against what his history and actions at the start of the story set up.

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