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I wish these dishwashers didn't try to invent pseudopsychological explanations in such a laughable manner.


Ah the heat of the moment... can any spouse be that heartless and not fear an equal negative response? After a number of years with the same person you should know what the response should be. Short but sweet, but I still believe that the greatest revenge is a life lived well afterwards.

In the words of xander harris... "that was excellent"...

one thing

One thing that lacks in this story is the concept of justice. A woman cheated with seemingly no consequences.

This is a really excellent story...

very moving and beautifully written.

Two little things though.

You have, I believe, found an original homophone - pore and pour. I have collected homophones for a decade and never seen this one before.

Secondly, "My best friend in the world was finally bearing his soul to me, "

That's not just a homophone. that's a pun and a really funny one. Strange what images it conjures up.

Just sad

To be honest, FTDS was something that just made my time here a little bit better, a little happier. I hope that all who take on another person's writing, will do it with as much dignity and respect......


In his mind staying together is for the kids, but actually he is in love with her! Making up sex would be off the chart. However humans We are a funny (not ha ha funny) race of animal ,this can be the spice in their sex lives? Some men over a period of time find the whole thing a turn on? Why fucked if I know! But one thing that will not cut and that is if to find any of the kids are not his! But I am an advocate for reconciliation for a once discretion not many! Love you all! GREG. OH 100 % OF READING ENJOYMENT BYE.


Story held my interest. I wanted to see how it ended, but it was just...done. No emotion felt. I know essentially he was emotionally dead inside, but I just felt..."this is it?"

I didn't need or want a happy ending but it feels unfinished.

come on!!!!

Y cant u write many more pages at a time..... I give u that u have a good plot.... But this three single paged chapters are not acceptable.... Also try adding something erotic....


More... Her being a slave

If you really don't care how inplausible your characters' actions are, Alan should just have revealed himself to be an alien or something, that would have been more credible than ever having anything to do with those people.

Not of you're sick in the head like the author and her fans.

one of the best

reality from a unique perspective.
by one who was there.
thank you

Fertility lasts only 1 week a month. Why are they screwing constantly?

Because they can, and because they want to. A really weak point in the logic of the plot. Surrogate mothering is not uncommon. Becoming the biological father's full time slut is strictly for fantasy fiction.

Great emotional energy, but really stupid and unbelievable detail. Just another clandestine cuckold story. If it was genuine surrogate pregnancy, the deal is 30 minutes of copulation, for a max of 2 times a day, with husband and wife present in the house if not in the room. Anxiety and stress reduces the chance of pregnancy? Touch shit; take it or leave it.

Your scenario was just an excuse to write a shared wife/cuckold story. Too bad. After 2 or 3 years of trying she will still not become pregnant. She will hint that maybe another man, maybe Adam, could help them. She will come home one day to find him gone, divorce papers signed, releasing her to find a fertile husband, or at least someone as good as Adam to satisfy her sexually. End of marriage, end of story.

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