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my take

Reading wife's statements, she was bad mouthing husband to colleagues at work.
They suggested separation as she had portrayed husband in such a bad light.
Discussing details of marriage with non-professional therapist or spouse is never good idea.
She admits to having numerous masturbation sessions with other guy as fantasy lover.
Then dates him twice.
If guy had been less agressive she would have soon fallen.
Demanding separation without setting up couples therapy is indication separating spouse wants out.
Your quick ''save of marriage'' did not fit rest of your story

Loved it.

My first favorite since joining up. Thanks


Good story i want to see more like that it was very enticing. :)


longer plz

As the others have said your chapters are pretty short, entertaining but short I've read a few of your stories and have started following you but I read your 45 chapters in two days- plz keep them coming.

Ah, those loving memories

I'm in a similar situation with a 93 year old mother who is battling various ailments and slowing down. Yet when I sadly contemplate her passing on, it's funny how my most poignant memories are of little things, seemingly small events that were pretty insignificant in the overall picture of my life. Yet, these are the ones I cherish and remember because they vibrantly express what my mother means to me - and they always will. So, yeah, I totally get how the narrator feels - brought a tear to my eyes.


They ALL got what they deserved, a life without him in their lives..."you reap what you sow". In this case, SHIT!

Life is full of risks and decisions, it's how we act or react to those risks and decisions that make us who we are.

This is taking forever

I'm sorry but I am very disappointed. I love this story so much and talk about it and tell people this is my favorite erotica story of all time. I talked about what an amazing writer you are.Why would you say you would re write this as a token of your appreciation and love, when it's like you forgot all about this. I have messaged you more than once, and got no response.

I also check your site. No update on I Love You :(

I get people are busy and life happens but it has been years. And I check everyday. It is so hard for me to find storys I love. And you hit the nail on the head. I have read this over a thousand times.

Please don't do this to me...please I am begging you. Please do what you said you would. I am not trying to be rude. It's just been forever.

I am also addicted to the character Jake. He is the perfect man to me. I know some would say omg wtf that is crazy. But I love that possessive, protective, an extremely jealous personality that has. And how dominate he is. I also really really loved that this was an interracial story.

I'll just keep checking, hoping you update. What other choice do I have :(

2 star

ur 2nd and last tale for nee.
you ain't got it.


Love is. It cares not for class or couth or comfort, it asks only for honesty and trust. Our hero and heroine recognized both qualities in each other almost immediately. Once they are uncovered, the love they reveal requires no further ferment. This outwardly reserved couple is to be envied.

what their double standard shows him

None of them were upset when Eddie did it to Jerry.
All of them were upset when Jerry did the exact same thing to Eddie.

Who in this story is truly stupid isn't Roxie or her family, it is Jerry for accepting the way they treat him.

What can I say?

What can I say indeed, Penny? I'm old and straight and sometimes cynical and you almost had me in tears with this lovely story. It's a wonderfully evocative story of the effect that the kindness of strangers can have on our lives. As for the marriage of gay people, I'm a whole-hearted supporter and just wish that senior churchmen of all persuasions---and other antis---would take off the blinkers and accept that it's the love that's important, not the gender.


Sorry, but I don't buy any of it.

Kelly loves Sandman so she marries Easton? Why on earth would she? The explanation in the story doesn't hold water. That's just one of the many flaws in this convoluted waste of time.


Enough to be irritating.

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