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A Fun Time!

Thanks for this little bit of fluff! I didn't laugh out loud, but I sure did chuckle a lot!

Just what I needed to brighten up my day!


I love this story, I love happy endings

Wonderful story!

It strikes home with me. I was set up by a friend to meet a beautiful girl. My buddy had found a woman and they were to be married.

Fast forward 33 years when I came home to find my ex-best buddy in bed with my wife. Yes, it turns out, they not only had been lovers when he introduced me to her, but they had an on again, off again affair throughout our marriage. I felt so stupid when I finally figured out why my ex friend had been divorced. She had figured out about him and my wife.

We're divorce now, both of us in our late 50s. It was an ugly divorce and I made sure every dollar she would have gotten from me was spent on the war. After it was over and she got almost nothing, I got nothing either, I saw her outside the courtroom with both our kids at her side. I let her, and them, know their inheritance was gone because of her actions.

I no longer speak to my kids and now miss out on my grandchildren because of the war. My last years may be spent alone and working until I die, there is nothing left of my retirement, but I have my dignity.

Good story

Not all of us, who have dealt with cheaters, are pushovers.

My wife asked me how much I loved her. She was in tears and I knew something was wrong. After I assured her my love was limitless, she tearfully admitted to have been seeing a man at work. They had had vaginal sex only once, but oral sex many times.

I stopped talking to her. Once the told me what she had done, our marriage was over. While she sat and cried, I moved out of our room and into a spare bedroom and ignored her.

She appeared to be devastated over the next days, weeks and months. I lived as a single man, one who had only a roommate. No, I didn't date, I got up and went to work each morning and came home each night. But each night there was no one to talk to, no one to eat dinner and snuggle on the couch with. I ignored Mira as if she wasn't there or even existed.

During that time I separated our money, we had a joint account that she took care of. Mira berated me when she realized my wages were no longer deposited into the account. She also was incensed when she realized her credit cards no longer worked. I'd paid them off and canceled all three of them. I saw she had others later and assumed she opened her own accounts.

Our parents intervened. Hers I ignored, mine I told the whole story to. She hadn't bothered to tell my folks the problem and after I did, they treated her as a pariah. Somewhere along the line they told her folks because again Mira berated me over their learning what really happened. Up until then, they thought I was unreasonable.

I suppose Mira continued to have sex at work. She certainly never approached me for any. Well, once she came to my bedroom after I retired for the evening. She was naked and didn't take it well when I pushed her out and locked the door. My once loving wife screamed obscenities I wasn't even sure she knew at me.

She last almost two years. Two years that she obviously fucked at work and probably when she was out 'late'. I finally came home one night and found her things gone, her wedding ring on the table and divorce papers. I signed and delivered her the next morning, I couldn't wait to be shut of the cunt.

I guess she moved in with the guy she was fucking. It was a coworker whom she moved in with. Six months later, she was pregnant and living at home with her folks.

Me? No, I didn't find that beautiful soulmate like the stories say. I'm still single, rarely date and have had sex once since our divorce. I work hard though, lots of overtime and weekends. My portfolio has never looked better and I'm looking at retiring before I'm 40, but what would I do?


tranzmany - glad someone noticed. There's yet another Easter egg in there, though. :o)

Vincent - I love your commentaries. Some of it may be right, some of it may be wrong, but it's always fun to read, so keep it up. :o)

A mystery yet to be solved but a long awaited reunion done

So let me get this straight, Greg Towson's wife, I mean ex-wife was prostituting her son? Seriously? Geez that makes her an even more scum-bitch. From having an affair, kidnapping her son out of his fathers embrace and selling her son to prostitution, WW I hope you'll tell us of her fate in future chapters and it could just be a brief one cause we all want to know that justice has been served to her. I hope you can shed more light on mother-son situation.

Now fellow readers, the wait for the storm has come to and end. It is finally here, black and white militants will finally go to war. Or will the Iron Crowbar stop it? And will Katherine Woodburn get her comeuppance for her role with the Michael Burkes murder though good riddance if you ask me. (Gibbs smacked on the head painfully for said comment) I mean *cough* will we see her and the fellow conspirators get taken a peg and justice will be served to them? Will someone kill Priya already? The Crowbar should've let the CIA done that.

Err, I digress, the storm arrived, a war to be waged, profits and benefits of war to be made, a serial killer on the loose, two personal murders to be solved. What are the methods the Iron Crowbar will use in solving them. In the next tale of totally-weird-sex, intrigue, mystery for the unnamed chapter that WW will put in his biography, will we know fellow readers.

PS: I hope you're alright with my humourous commentary in this somewhat serious long comment WifeWatchman. I don't mean any offense with them


Please finish the story.

Nice sorta crossover!

I wish you many puppy points and Major Crimes episodes in gratitude for your writing.

stone cold

I've re-read this story again after reading all the other authors versions. I would have still dumped her, just for the massive disrespect she showed. The sex or lack there of,
does not matter. The intent to humiliate hubby was clear. Not really a joke.
Good by, sad excuse of a wife.

The author is an idiot

You have used the words parvenu and ephermal incorrectly. Maybe you should stop attempting to place obscure words into your stories. The rednecks who enjoy your stories won't understand them.

Love it

"I am pleased that I do not live anywhere near to that TCPD area as life expectancy is not that good"

ROFLMAO! I love it.

Next chapter is submitted.

Blood thicker than water

IC is at or near being streeeeched to breaking point, He will get the Killer/killers of the Burke family and it may well not be pleasant for the perp. Blood thicker than water, but I am awaiting the time when blood faces blood in a family face off. Would be nice if the IC2 could catch that female senator doing something and put her away soon so she can learn to lean on people using her own power of "if it was 400 years ago" taking the pressure off the IC. Cindy is now my No1 person as she is thinking Melina and out aloud too, no love lost there! IC will take those out one at a time and over a few stories yet to come, tied in with other events as they happen. I am pleased that I do not live anywhere near to that TCPD area as life expectancy is not that good :

It makes me WONDER ---

It is awfully easy to fake a suicide by handgun - just WHO DID kill Michael Burke?

How far can he streeeech

More bodies, more pressure from senators etc, more cases, more boards of inquiry. When will the time bomb stop ticking and the IC blow? Those that are pushing him to react are in for a surprise as he will deal with each one with a heart and mind of ICE, cold and calculated one by one with special detail to those that did the dirty on family members. I cant wait for when "four hundred years ago" becomes a common saying inside TCPD. Another very good chapter WW and another double cheeseburger 5*. Iceman.

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