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So every man should accept his own cuckolding? Just a small insult? Yes he better shape up.! No life for him! The only mistake is reading this crap

So very very good!

Thank you again. This is a great story. Every chapter is 5*. Please keep it up.

Ahhh Y E S !!

The time has come for some REAL crowbar beat-downs! And a few mid-level rear orifices to be KICKED! As in STOMPED!


"Now I'll see if they really mean it."
YES! They (and I) really mean it when I say that I LOVE SEX! I just don't want to have to scrape off a smothering layer of gratuitous sex to see if there is a story in there.

I don't know whether to kick you in the nads or say great writing


Great writing. Even though I would love to see more sex, nudity and incest mixed in, I realize that sometimes a good story needs to focus just on the story and does not always need the obligatory sex scenes that you normally expect to see on an erotic literature site.

Would love to see an incestuous threesome or orgy involving Laura and her sister Melina, or some nonconsentual sex where Donald Troy and his cousin Cindy are forced into fucking each other.

However, given the bent of this series, I doubt if it would work with the story line as this seems to be a story that is focused on Donald Troy, destroying the plans of the group Superior Bloodlines and routing out the corruption in Apple Grove, possibly with Melina showing up for a sniper or CIA cameo.

Also wondering if there will be any parallels with the James Patterson book "Along Came A Spider"? That story involves the murdering of 3 black prostitutes and the kidnapping of 2 white privileged children, one of whom dies, by a psychopath with a split personality and has 3 corrupt Secret Service agents who try to use the kidnappings to make money for themselves, rescuing the girl from the psychopath but sending her to live in a safe house out of country.

I am guessing the next story in the trilogy will focus on the taking down of the Oldeeds Group and will possibly reward us with plenty of sex to make of for the lack of it in this "Along Came A Spider" series.

Not the end.

This story is the first of a trilogy of "final chapters", but after that we'll continue with mysteries for you to solve and perhaps new criminals to beat down. Just who will the good guys be that are fighting those criminals? Ah, time will tell there, as well... Enjoy the continuing series...

Been there? Done that?

I am greedily reading through your library after having sampled liberally. Your non-erotic prose is unfailingly excellent. Pretty sure your background means you are writing about things about which you have significant insight. Wish you would follow up this tale. In fact I wish you would expand a number of your stories. I have a selfish anger with writers I like, why didn't/don't they spin longer yarns and more of them? Don't think I have commented before although I've now read dozens of your pieces--my bad you are certainly worth encouraging.


The beginning of the end! I really enjoy your work WW, glad to see the story continuing and sad to know it is ending. I am bringing popcorn to your next chapter!

yup, the showdown is near....

We're getting closer to the confrontation
between IC and CofC...I'm still hooked!
Once again, thanks, WW.

EXCELLENT as always. I will mourn the day you have to stop writing. Hopefully that won't be fora long long time..

Skeptical at first

As a typical Male DA player i saw the description and Title and gave a deep sigh, thinking this story was going to be a pathetic attempt at computer game themed story with countless inaccuracy's,

I'm very glad to say i was very wrong the attention to details and the attention to the plot line are very accurate, with the occasional game spoilers thrown in (my fault for not playing all the downloadable content.)

I eagerly wait your continued episodes and hope that you will expand the series to include the Characters and plot of DA2,

Further more i would be extremely happy to offer my services assist with proof reading/plot layout etc .

Until the next episode i shall just have to replay the performance.

May the Maker Bless You.....

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