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The best

As always in a class all your own. Thanks


The dumbass can only recognize his wife by her schedule and not from her face or body.

Are you alright?

Many of us are wondering what has happened to you and if you will be finishing this story. Most of us PREFER THIS one to the others. Here is hoping for more in this adventure.

Doggone allergies acting up this morning

BigGuy can write. Redemption on multiple levels. Well done.

Huh, neat.

Nice non traditional God or Big bang origin of the universe, nymphs screwed to make the races. Sound theory. Good story, plans of a sequel?

Another reading

Still love it. Still five stars.

Wow The old Wake Him Up and Get Him Up In The Morning Head Job

You Know I have read heaps of stories and I am always looking for that special story!
Believe Me this is not it ! But Hey It's not bad and yes I enjoyed it! Thanks!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ WOOF!

Ron was right until his last email

I would side with Ron and his reaction until his last email to her. That is
when he lost my respect. Up until then his honor was intact but to
send an email with contents like that he crossed a line.

Movie title.

What was the title of the movie? I'm intrigued now.


I can hardly believe how good this story is. I’ve enjoyed most of the (thousands) of books I’ve read — that cost me real money — far less than this.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good character story, but this is just all around really good. Thanks for sharing it!

From this old man

to you young single guys. Be sure. It's the most important decision you will ever make. You will be stupid. Young love/lust does that to you. Seek the counsel of others. Especially if you can talk to other women about her. THEY know.

I agree with comment below 2*

"This editor should never offer to edit again. Editing is more than just running a spell-checker. The grammar in this piece was horrible and distracting and should have been corrected by the editor. Good editing can make a good story readable. Poor editing just makes it look like trash."

Three minor examples:

- I turned around and seen (saw) Chuck come rushing into the room
- Chuck must have never came (come) back to the house.
- I seen (saw) him just last night at the hospital.

You write a lot but without any understanding of basic grammar. Your stories tend to be as immature as your writing ability but thanks for trying.

Must be a good story

Given the wide variety of comments the writer must be touching a lot of different nerves. Only way he could do that is the readers are invested in the story, well done.

Love it

Nice story, 5*, only a little something... a wedding on September 31st ?

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