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My thoughts exactly

You said things exactly how I would say them and how I think about them. I am feeling precisely the same, also bisexual, also seeing it as an extension of the relation rather than a replacement.
I would find it so amazing if I could let my girlfriend enjoy other men aswell. But I don't want it to be abusive. I am really sweet and caring, and I want my relation to be the same. So what you describe is exactly what I would seek.


I've never have under stood a husband wanting another man to have sex with his wife, one if the marriage was solemnised in church it is encouraging her to break her vow hence to my mind he cannot be really in love with her.
I agree about big cock, as after a baby which is bigger than any penis it take just three days to return to back to normal exception is when the pelvic muscles have over stretched then a full return takes longer.One does not need a big cock to touch the cervix it is usually usually only 3 1/2 to 5 inches in from vagina entrance an I doubt any penis can force enty through the cervix as is often claimed in the stories

Thank you for sharing

Peace to you, Forevermorealone, and thank you for the words of wisdom.




fantasy and reality are not the same thing

the stories in here, and in countless other erotic books, magazines, and on other porn sites ... are FANTASIES ... and by the very nature of the word FANTASY it means that reality goes right out the window ... there has never been a requirement in FANTASY for there to be anything realistic, that is why it is called a FANTASY

lets get real ok ... for example, how many guys would actually pull out to shoot their cum on a girls ass or stomach ... instead of pumping their cum deep inside her ... the porn industry does that for the visual effect of showing that the guy actually did cum ... not for any sense of "realism"

get over yourself...

You might want to consider walking that statement back.

I didn't join the Marines because my mother spanked me. In fact, my mother never spanked me. I joined the Marines to serve my country. To suggest otherwise is insulting
to me and my brother Marines.
Semper Fideles

Help Your Son!

I could not agree more with your points Selena. The truth of the matter this has been going on SINCE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN!

I was taken out by another older boy under the teacher's eye and taken out to a football field during recess and beaten up by him and 4 other boys. I did not get back at all of them but I did find one who was at the pool, I had just completed swimming lessons and was pretty adept at it. I looked the boy over who started for the mid-depth of the pool. He finally recognized me and after informing him that one could drown even in the shallow end.

The best one was of a widowed woman with six children. She sent them all to the martial arts of their choice.

One day she got summoned to her son's principal's office. Her son, a 6th Grader, was charged with laying in wait and beating up 5 7th & 8th Grader boys.

What was said was that he had stolen a belt (his name was on it) and that he jumped the five bigger boys. It must nearly have been true. Two of the older boys had broken arms, one had cracked ribs, one sported a beautiful black eye, The only untouched boy was the one who ran away!

After dismissing the 10 affronted parents and their 5 sons, the principal broke out laughing! He did ask her about her kids martial arts training! Good stuff!

Bad trolling - neither original or funny

'Female led relationship, FLR is becoming the common, accepted life style.'
In Europe it's Sharia Law and rape.

'Girls are born with a natural instinct to be care givers and mothers which in a way makes them natural leaders.'
Yeah, like Angela Merkel - cuck.

'They are doing great jobs and men seem to be falling behind and there is a reason for that.'

A Statement

(Let me start by saying that I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, just making a general statement.) I do agree that a woman should be able to go out and enjoy a sexual encounter if she wants, and not be degraded for it (my PERSONAL opinion!) For that to happen, though, there's a few things that need to be changed first. Religious culture. That will lead to the beginnings of the change you want. Genetics. Look to the animal kingdom. Males are hard wired to spread their seed far and wide. "Let me ensure that my genetic line survives." The shape of the penis in humans (theoretically), is designed to scrape the sperm of his rivals out of the female. Males are also hard wired to fight for the opportunity to claim the female and spread his seed. And, once won, to move on. It's only been recently (the past several hundred years) that the idea of monogamy has become popular. Where did the idea come from? Religion.

Again, I'm not endorsing the idea that religions need to go away, simply making a statement.

Breasts Can Be Enlarged Naturally

Child birth does it. I sucked my wife's tits every day for 3 years when we first met because her 38 Cs were not enough for me. I got her up to 40 Ds. Nice. I cut back because I like grapefruits not watermelons. Four children got her up to 42 DDs. Still nice. A good handful. I have big hands.

Fantasy vs. Reality

Non consent stories are so popular because its a safe way to express a fantasy. Most fantasies have no place in reality. For example I have a fantasy of being a prostitute. In reality it would not be as glamours as I imagine it to be and would have powerful social and physical consequences. So it would be illogical for me to become a prostitute. However, I can play out that fantasy by reading or writing erotica about prostitutes. Actual rape is horrific with nothing but bad consequences but rape fantasies allow the reader to safely act out the fantasy of either being controlled or being in control.

A video

I wish someone with more skills then i have would make one film that encompasses all of these scenes.

Nailed it!

Beautifully expressed and a very good argument put in the best way possible! Everyone needs to take away the lesson here. And to be honest, women who think that their husbands watching porn falls into the activities associated with cheating, well then those woman who read spicy novels should also fall under the same category, shouldn't they? Its really a change in perspective and personality needed with people. The sooner people accept this... especially with this essay driving the point home!... no relationship can then fail...

Tissues Anyone?

Well, I just put a dent in the tissue box. *sniff*... in my case, the roles are reversed. It's been a very difficult situation for me. I was very touched by your words. I only wish more would read them and take them to heart.

XX MastersWench

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