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I work full time in a physically demanding job. My issue is that I don't have the energy to do much else. The men my age at work are all married. The others are too young, not to mention the fact that people talk a lot. I'm not looking for marriage, but it would be nice to meet someone who has similar interests who isn't looking for a sex outlet because he can't get it with his wife or who likes to pay for his playtime. I'm on my tablet, so I'm just thinking as I write. I would like to have sex and intimacy again with a good man before I kick the bucket, but I think it's highly unlikely. Interesting post.

The Judicial Industry

Is the real enemy. What passes as burn the bitch, is usually just some poor smuck trying to escape from the agony of finding what he thought was the love of life, was actually the bane of his existence. After having his heart ripped out he finds the courts couldn't give a shit about right and wrong and who's at fault. All they want is their pound of flesh. Talk about setting the stage for a little righteous indignation!
These are the stories that speak to me. If you believe in the sanctity of marriage, the betrayal of all that is Holy is the most powerful drama I know of; and if the wronged party (BTB means Burn The Bitch or Bastard to me) can survive to love again; it's also inspirational.

Reconciliation stories for the most part are an epic fail as they just aren't believable. I mean, if she loves him so much, why did she cheat on him in the first place? Yes, a few of them are believable and I rejoice in their victory.

The swinging and cockold stories are just sickening to me. By no stretch of the imagination can they be considered marriages. They're just fetish stories.

The best example of a real loving wife that I can think of off the cuff is "If I Fell" by Harddaysknight.

ZONDALEE (Nichola Cage ...)

Very erotic movie.
I agree that Hot Spot is an outstanding movie (including Virginia Madsen's ass).

Bravo, Simply BRAVO!

It was so refreshing reading your thoughts and opinions. I have been reading all your stories and I am only to the 'R's'. I plan on continuing till I get them all read. Reading your thoughts about people being "responsible for their own actions and the consequences", I shouted out at 1AM a big "YES". I have been harping on this for the last 30 years or so and have felt that it is a losing battle. (I printed this out and had my wife and kids [actually 2 grown men now] read it because they have heard it from me for years.
I also have stated in many comments on this site that I don't understand why someone would attack an author if they don't agree or like a story. As an author you can write what you like, and as a reader I can read what I like. I have started reading several authors and didn't like their stories so I stopped reading and moved. I'm not going to punish myself by reading stories that go against my paradigm or beliefs.
I appreciate the time and effort that men and women put into their stories for a FREE site. Again it was very interesting reading about you and your beliefs. It would be nice if all authors wrote something like this. Thank you for sharing.

Response to the anti-swingers

On top of the very real benefits we've experienced directly or indirectly from swinging (enhanced communication, deeper trust, and becoming team players on a very serious level), the lifestyle has obviously enhanced our life sexually. If you can admit that you have no desire to have sex with a woman while your wife is simultaneously giving her oral sex, then great, the lifestyle isn't for you. Why do you care if it does it for us though?

Real hot ones!!

Vite Strozzate(1996) , Femmina (1998 ) and Scandalo (1976)

good for you

I like your stories and the philosophy you use and i hope it is reflected in my scoring. I have only given you a 1* once and do not remember why. One thing I would like to know is how to find more authors like you that are non-erotic without having to try each one, there are way to stories to plow through without some guidance. Keep writing and I will keep reading.
One more thing, in a story with a lot of chapters I will vote for all but only comment at the last one. this comment took close to 15 min to write.
Ed Grocott


Such serious stuff in Literotica. I am impressed.

I haven't seen any Woody Allen movies lately. I haven't seen a lot of movies, lately. The great days of cinema, to me, died somewhere in the 1970's. There was so much done in the movies of that time that was independent and spoke to us from a culture of rebelliousness and self-awareness at the same time. But then political correctness seemed to take over and the big studios went for safe blockbusters and crowd-pleasing fluff that is still the cinema-verite of today. Movies used to make one think about the poignancies of life and how certain decisions can change one's perception in a nanosecond. Now they merely entertain in the formulaic way they are conceived and put together. I am not saying that there aren't still some good movies out there. They are just so far and in-between and hidden to most of the movie-going public who wouldn't know a great movie if it reared up and bit them in the ass.

Anyway, I appreciate the effort put forth in this essay. I usually don't have to think when I read something here at Literotica. It's nice to get to use my noggin for once.


When viewing the Probable Future, Rationally....

....the only escape from the despair of insanity is to think Irrationally and Contrariwise. To all those who hide in their little boxes of self-imposed angst, that the synonym for the word 'Boundary' is 'Frontier'.


Thanks for the comments dreamtalker. You might be interested to know that I am working on a side project set in the angrian march which will focus heavily on themes of nonconsent and enslavement!

I've also finished the first chapter of elfish descent. Hopefully I will stay motivated and get more chapters/stories finished!

Good thoughts!

It's always great to see writers reflect and develop, and it's been fun to see you expand your skills as both series have grown. I try not to chime in because I want to keep my personal tastes out of the sphere of influence for stories (the darker, forced/noncon elements are more in my kink territory, particularly with war captives and the like), but I think it's great when authors are open to feedback.

I'm generally not a fan of "rewrites." I like keeping general plots in my head, and having to retroactively edit timelines gets too confusing. Much easier (again, this is just me) to just enjoy new stories and fondly look back on old ones. That said, the impregnation and assassination are intriguing ideas! (But could be just as cool with a new character?)

As for your POV problems, I know what you mean. Good way to deal with that is to kill off a POV character ;). A nice unexpected death in a violent story, if not done too often, can add some drama.

Anyway, I like the teaser you've given and I'm really looking forward to your stories. When Orc Dominion started popping up, I was a little surprised, and it quickly became one of my favorites. I really don't comment that often, but I am a silent supporter. Keep it up, it's really good!

Well then.

I'm guessing you're not a fan of the whole D/S thing. I don't blame you. Racial slurs are not something to be taken lightly, and I see why you view it as both offensive and humiliating. And submission is a hard concept to grasp (Although I'd be lying if I said I was a full sub - trust me. I've tried. I'm too much of a fighter.) I've met my share of men who simply want my attention just because I have this kink. They're usually scared off by my long list of boundaries that come along with it. But I'm just going to assume that nothing I say will ever change your mind. I'm young, so I have the advantage of only encountering the word a few times (mostly when visiting cousins in the deep south, internet commenters, and a very racist kindergarten teacher), making it not affect me as much. I'll just leave it at that, hopefully not pissing you off in the process, because that is not my intention.

I love oral sex!

I guess my story is similar. I met a great guy who loves going down on me and I am more than willing to repay the favor! he gradually introduce me to 69ing which is my favorite sexual activity, I sometimes cum 2 or 3 times just during that, and I swallow his cum or jerk him off on my face. If I get turned on enough he gets to do me anally as well.
As for it being nasty, wtf? When you're in bed with someone you love and he's making you feel so good who cares? With my guy the more he does "nasty" things the more I want to please him so I'm up for anything!


Hey! I found a blank fillable Seekers BSDM Checklist here:http://pdf.ac/7djSH8

But of course

Getting to know someone before letting them call you a nigger as a form of arousal is not at all dysfunctional. Nope. Not at all. *Sigh

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