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I am by no means a expert

I have heard somewhere that at large, most rape in the real world is not motivated as an attempt to satisfy one's sexual urges or fantasies, but an act to exert control on another through sexualization. That said, the sexualization of nonconsent in media is probably less of a contribution towards the occurrence of rape then the use of demeaning sexualized language to diminish a person's positions (lines like 'your just my little cum slut' which show up frequently in porn media). I will say that for porn media, I quite enjoy your work as it fits within the aspects of nonconsent that I'm most aroused by which is the loss of control to the pleasure of sex. In many ways sex is an act of submitting to one's primal urges, and to me a story that displays that is more likely to catch my attention. It is a delicate balance to display that fantasy of an outside influence getting a person to submit to thier desires despite resistance and to hit upon the painful reality of a person loosing thier free will to another.

therapy idea

There are various reasons why some women never go braless but a big reason is insecurity about their shape, thinking their breasts are too small or too big or especially if they think they are too saggy. I'd love to read a story of yours about a group of neighborhood wives that discover the benefits of going brafree, in conjunction with also discovering that their supposed "imperfections" are actually attributes. For example Denise learns that her friends' husbands think her A-cups are very sexy on her; Jane learns that her "ugly large breasts with huge nipples" are also viewed honestly as sexy by the husbands and the other eives are envious of their size and shape; Michelle finally has to believe her husband's insisting that he finds her very saggy B-cups (about five times as long as thick) are a turn-on -- when a game of truth or dare reveals that three of the five husbands are particularly attracted to long slender saggy breasts; Joan learns that guys find her stretch marks by her nipples hot, and finally Sandy has nipples at the very bottom of her C-cups and she learns that 4 of the 5 hubbies think that is totally hot because of how soft it makes them look. These revelations all come about from a fully-clothed game of truth or dare, where the husbands are asked by the wives what are their favorite things they like about breasts, and their preferences When it's the wives' turn, one of the wives reveals that her bras cause her pain and that she goes braless at home to get relief, bit is too self-conscious to do it away from home. Another confesses that her doctor told her to avoid bras for the same reason and the three other wives all admit that they hate their bras but feel compelled to wear them, even around their neighborhood friends. The final truth or dare dare is from all the husbands collectively daring their wives to leave their bras home at the next party. Later in the evening at that next party, the last dare is again by the hubbies. Again the wives were talking that night about their insecurities about their breast shape/size. The husbands remind them of the previous party and what they should have learned and the that final dare is for all their wives to dress "conspicuously braless" for the next party, as therapy, so they will be forced to learn that their size/shape is OK. At that next week's dinner party, the showers of compliments by the men and the women finally convinces them that what they thought to be faults are same things that other wives and/or husbands wish for and/or find hot. The evening ends with another truth or dare sessiion, which evolves into a strip-truth-dare session. By midnight all but one wife is topless and as the game is ending, she sheds her top too. After that night, none of the 5 wives ever wore a bra to their parties. And at the summer barbecues that started the next month, the wives often either kept their shirts totally unbuttoned or went topless in the 90 degree heat. There, there's a plot for you. I hope you write the story. thanks, thomaschat@yahoo

Dammit Morion

I enjoyed this piece and had a really pithy and amusing comment to add. Then I read Morion's comment below. He's like the RaunchyMynxInDallas of comments: what's the point of trying for humor after he's posted?

Compelling, but not quite accurate

In your essay, you identify the cuckoo leaving it's egg in the nest of the other. Yet, according to the full definition of cuckoldry AND the existence of the "egg", you seem to have missed the most critical part of the definition - pregnancy & off-spring. Cuckoldry does NOT refer merely to an adulterous affair - in all it's forms and variations. The necessary and critical element of impregnation and child-rearing must be present for cuckoldry, and this element is entirely missing in your essay - as well as your stories. Without pregnancy, there is no cuckoldry - it is merely adultery, or variants such as swinging, wife-swapping, menage-a-trois, rape, open marriage, free lifestyle, polygamy, etc.

The true cuckold is the husband who's wife has been IMPREGNATED by another and, without this knowledge, the husband continues the marriage and raises the child (offspring of adultery) as his own - that is, in the mistaken belief the child is his offspring; whereas others within his circle (relatives, friends, social level) have knowledge of the husband's "mistaken belief" of paternity and laugh, joke and demean him amongst themselves and/or indirectly tease or disrespect the cuckold.

The English and French refer to the "mistaken belief in paternity" as cuckoldry; other cultures such as Italy and most central European cultures refer to the adulterous impregnation as "horning" or "putting the horns" on the husband.

From this derives the well-known idiom "the husband is always last to know" - which applies not only to his wife's adulterous affair(s), but much more poignantly in reference to the bastard child his wife has given him.

So the reality is, the author has not been exploring the genre of cuckoldry as much as examining the forms and variants of adultery; which are far, far, greater than the clearly limited venue of true cuckoldry.

Sadly, the internet has grossly twisted, obfuscated, and confused the definition of cuckoldry, and many have adopted the word to add dignity, acceptance and justification to conduct that would otherwise be necessarily referred to simply as adultery in an attempt to make monogamy an outdated and/or disrespected concept.

I will add, vehemently, that cuckoldry does NOT solely or expressly refer to interracial adultery - there is no issue of race in cuckoldry; only the issue of paternity.

And finally, where there is knowledge of the bastard paternity of his child (or the husband has freely chosen and accepted any of the variants of adultery described previously) that knowledge or choice eliminates a predicate necessity in the definition of cuckold, and the term cannot apply to that husband. One cannot be a cuckold if one has knowledge and/or acceptance of the true paternity and in spite of the knowledge raises the child as his own.

One last point: elements of humiliation of a husband with an adulterous wife are properly considered as elements of power and it's abuse, more properly considered under the rubric of sadistic and cruel punishment by the perpetrators and masochistic needs of the subject victim.

Me again

Hey Bucky, I've finally published the story I was referring to a little while ago. If you have the time, I'd really appreciate if you had a look and let me know what you think.. https://www.literotica.com/s/autumn-blues-ch-01
Th anks


As the victim of sexual abuse by an older family member, I can tell you the reality is anything but sexy. As a matter of fact, my ability to enjoy sex or masturbation was stolen from me.

Logically, I can understand that these stories are taboo fantasy. I enjoy other taboo stories - student & teacher, medical research, etc. But if I had been violated by a teacher or medical personnel I might not enjoy those.

I have empathy for anyone who was abused and finds themselves attracted to the stories, especially if this brings up painful emotions.

I used to punish myself for experiencing sexual pleasure by slicing my arm in three parallel lines with a razor blade. I managed to stop that, but every orgasm I was able to have was followed by a plunge into self loathing and despair.

Over the last two years, I have corresponded with a gentleman in another country. Frequently, I would write to him after orgasm. This became therapeutic. I no longer cry but I do spend days feeling depressed. I would very much like to know the joy of sexual pleasure.

I am unable to orgasm with my husband. I feel lonely despite being loved.

Just a word about "peeping" - it may seem innocuous, but it is quite harmful. The spying and stalking in my own home, where I should have felt safe, created an anxiety disorder. To this day, I have trouble taking a shower. Every day it is a struggle. And my very first orgasm was witnessed by my abuser, unbeknownst to me until after. Imagine the shame. My insides turned to stone that day. I was only 13.

idea and suggestion

I’ve an idea but think that I need to describe. Where can I leave a suggestion?
Go ahead and delete this comment as I’m toying with you. Ooh, that sounds like fun! Do you know the kind of images that conjures up in my mind? Hope you’re not mad that I did this. Wanted to do something a little different. Surprised?

Faulty reasoning

You start off with your opinion "incest is natural", then proceed to say that psychology is somehow retarded in growth because they haven't found a way to confirm YOUR opinion. That is a false argument.

You point to the twins who are separated at birth, who later marry, as an example that supposedly proves your incest model. Yet there are cases of twins of the same gender, who are separated at birth, and yet have led remarkably similar lives. Brothers who were both accountants, married blonde women, named Mary and had sons, named James, and other such coincidences (as in they coincide or match each other). There are twins who made up their own private language to speak to each other. So, there seems to be some sort of psychic link between siblings who shared a womb, but that does not apply equally to other siblings who were born separately. Pointing to those twins as proof of your incest theory does not hold weight.

When you speak of royalty who took siblings as spouses, that speaks to the consolidation of power within one family, and the belief that the royalty is descended from the gods and therefore must keep their bloodline "pure". It's not about being attracted to your family members. Royal marriages, even those not between close family members, is always about who holds the power. They don't want to let outsiders in, if it can be avoided.

Close inbreeding is one of the factors in the French royal family being known to be hemophiliacs. There are plenty of inherited diseases out there that are carried as recessive genes in the human population. If you get two carriers breeding, they have a one-in-three chance of producing an offspring with no genes for the disease (D/D), a one-in-three chance of producing a carrier of the disease (D/r), and a one-in-three chance of producing an offspring with the full blown disease (r/r). That was the origin of blood-testing for couples who want to get married. They wanted to check for certain disease markers, so the couple might be aware of the risks of reproducing. Now, siblings might not share the exact gene mix, [Example: I'm blond with blue eyes (r/r), my three siblings are all brunettes with brown eyes (D/D or D/r)] so the odds will be slightly higher than a one-in-three chance for them to produce a genetically inferior offspring, but their odds certainly lean more heavily towards producing one, than if you marry someone you are not closely related to and who comes from a more varied gene pool.

You point to Lot getting his daughters pregnant, but conveniently left out the part of the story where his daughters got him insensibly drunk with alcohol, before having sex with their unknowing father. It doesn't speak of a mutual attraction and consensual incest, so much as it does to the rape and abuse of a family member. The same would be said if the father got the daughters drunk, then forced himself upon them.

Much of the archaeological evidence for ancient hominids is pure speculation, based upon a few fragments of skeleton from a single individual. It isn't until much more recently that you find any evidence gleaned from groups of people found buried together, so assigning social structure and mores to the earlier peoples is nothing but guesswork.

As one earlier anonymous commentator said, if our ancient ancestors were like animals, they didn't remain in insular family-only groups. The Alpha males tend to kick out any possibly competing offspring, once they reached maturity. Those either join with another group or try to survive on their own.

Hunter-gatherers followed their changing resources and often crossed paths with other groups and most likely combined for hunting large game, like mammoths and such, that a small group would find hard to tackle alone. The small group you use as an illustration would be hard-pressed to survive on its own. When resources became scarce, the groups would split into smaller ones and go their separate ways once again. Each time they split and then merged with another group, it brought a new influx of different genes.

So, much of your so-called evidence is therefore specious, at best. Much has little, if anything, to do with the question of incest being natural. If incest was as prevalent as you seem to be arguing, the human species would be a lot more homogeneous than it is today.

Your argument is a house of cards built upon on a shaky table. It only takes the slightest tremor, or breath of wind to make the whole thing come crashing down.

Ideal Point/Vote Scoring

Something I was just saying earlier today is I will never ever give someone a perfect score. The main reason I will not give a perfect score is for fear that someone truly perfect will come along, and compete in this contest. They will then see that they are tied with someone less than perfect. If I just happened to be the perfect person, which I know I am not, I would be very upset that this guy (despite being almost as good as me) was not actually as good as me. This is why I would take into more consideration what you said earlier. If the story gets you hot, that is a 3. If the story is so hot you orgasm before reading the end of the story, and you don't bother to touch yourself, then that is a 4. "Why a 4," you ask? Well look at the reason up above. If that is not enough of a reason, then perhaps this will suffice. You may be one of those people whom is able to orgasm without touching yourself. This type of person is rare, but it is possible they will be judging this contest. So the fact they orgasm reading your story is not unusual for them. Hence the 4.

I would keep the fact that a 1 or a 2 requires a comment. No comment - the vote does not count. I may even include 3 in that requirement. The other thing I would do, is change the setting about 2 people on a shared computer may only vote once. Granted, you run the risk of having people lie, and cheat the system, but there is a different way of confirming the 2 people live in the same home and use the same computer. The only problem is that if I leave this solution in the comments, there is a decent chance the cheater will read this post, and know how to cheat this vote, too. If the cheater is reading this, then they will know they can simply use a computer in the library to vote on their favorite submission. They could really easily (depending on the library) vote on 10-30 different computers. The only risk is that someone (IE Me) would recognize what they are doing, and report their behavior to the Library police. These police would then prevent them from using a library computer to look at online text-based porn. That is another problem, because for all you know I am an employee of the library, and therefore, I would not rat myself out. Now, I have just dominated the voting system. Granted, I am being very sarcastic with my words. I may be lying about working at a library. You will probably never know. By posting this comment, I could easily make myself to be a tyrant and rule the next vote.


I like the way you tell it Bob

Being from the other side of the pond as I was reading this I thought "Bleeding heck he has worse luck in women that me" :) but yes cheating women will always be around for a my very wise father told me in his broad Yorkshire accent "When its all spread out on a silver platter there's not many'll say no lad even your best friends..... nay lad least of all yer best friends!"

I like your stories and the way you tell them they are a touch of the what goes on behind the neighbours net curtains in British Suburbia as well. They excite the voyeur in me, the slightly hidden desire to see my ex's in my mind wincing and squirming as the beyond comfortable large dick is hammered into them by in my three cases guys who dumped them afterward as well. But above all seeing the revenge that I never got because of how the legal system is stacked against us guys!!

Old forces friends did however make life how shall I put it ......... "difficult" for the guys and sometimes the ex's for a while (no those forces nothing more than plain old Brit Infantry,Royal Navy CPO's and RCMP females. nothing special but they redesign faces in a pub rest room or the behind the nightclub shindig just as good as anyone else) funny how you "bump into" too many of them when partying or doing your lipstick....... for me social media is a bitch and Craig's List was the big momma of them all.................

Please carry on writing for yourself and allowing me to share!!!

I would love to tell you mine but I am really a shite writer LOL.


A lot of that, like the "rape has gone down since the internet came to be", is pretty blatant correlation talk. The last study sounds interesting, though! Thanks for your comment!

Also: Where the HELL did I leave my noodle? It is making these online discussions absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

Research suggests no relationship between rape-porn and rape

Rape is an absolutely horrible crime, and the people that go out and commit rape are horrible, disgusting pitiful excuses for human beings. There should be no question about this.

However, actual rapists should be distinguished from people that merely fantasize about non-consensual sex. There is a world of difference between fantasy and reality. Moreover, I think most people, even rapists, are aware of this.

I have a very hard time believing that rapists don't know that rape is wrong. I strongly suspect that the problem is that they simply don't care.

Have you ever been to one of those sexual harassment training seminars? Going in and going out, ever single guy there, especially the giant, misogynistic, disrespectful douche-bags, are going to be rolling their eyes. Everyone already knows what generally is and is not sexually aggressive and disrespectful. Some just don't care. Same thing goes for the more severe crime of rape (and often it's the same people). Incidentally, the only reason they have those things is so management can cover their asses in the event of a lawsuit -- it doesn't change a thing and everyone knows it.

While I readily accept that rape is a massive problem, I don't believe the narrative that media, including violent, non-consensual pornography, is somehow convincing rapists that it's okay to go out and assault someone.

Know how you spot the people likely to be rapists? Don't bother looking for the ones who consume violent porn. Look for men with entitlement issues, the ones who think they are God's gift to the world and that they can do no wrong. There is a certain sort of person that refuses to acknowledge that anything they do could ever be wrong. They know that rape, as an abstract concept, is wrong. However, they believe that they, themselves, are awesome. For them, it's different, it's okay. Why do you think you keep hearing about star athletes committing rape? They've been told (and often shown) one too many times that they're special and that the rules do not apply to them.

All of the above is personal observation/speculation -- let's introduce some facts into the discussion. The real question is whether access to pornography that depicts non-consensual acts increases the probability that someone will commit rape. According to the Wikipedia article, "Rape in the United States" (yes, I'm using Wikipedia as a source, go ahead, beat me with a wet noodle), incidents of rape have declined over the past two decades. Yes, there is very serious, chronic under-reporting of rape, and the actual numbers almost certainly do not reflect the true number of sexual assaults. However, the same chronic under-reporting was going on that whole time, so the observed trend is likely accurate.

However, over the past two decades, those same two decades where the number of sexual assaults went down, the Internet came into being. The sheer volume of art and literature depicting violent rape fantasies available on the Internet as a whole is staggering. Further, that quantity increases dramatically every single year. If access to pornography depicting non-consensual acts increases rape, we should have seen a massive epidemic over the last two decades relative to the previous two decades. That does not appear to have happened. This strongly suggests that access to erotic art and literature depicting rape does not increase the frequency of actual rape.

Before the wide-spread prevalence of the Internet (this was 1991) there was a researcher by the name of Kutchinsky that studied the relationship of pornography and rape as a whole. He didn't specifically single out violent or non-consensual porn, but I think his research is worth mentioning because it's a published study rather than just an observation. Around that time laws became looser as to how and where what porn was allowed to be sold over the counter, and he found that as the laws loosened, there was no corresponding spike in rape. While the question we're interested isn't about porn as a whole, but rather rape porn, it would follow that as laws loosened the availability of rape porn would increase too, and the result would still hold: increase in availability of rape porn does not lead to an increase in rape.

In 1999 two more researchers, Diamond and Uchiyama looked into the same question in Japan where laws were also loosened over time. This is Japan, where porn is, well, Japanese. In case you're not familiar -- some of the kinkiest, craziest non-consensual porn comes from Japan. They were able to reproduce the result of Kutchinsky: Increased availability of porn, including extreme porn, does not lead to rape. In fact, their result was even more dramatic. They found that as access to porn went up, rape went down.

So, in summation, availability of rape porn, including non-consensual erotic literature, does not generally lead to an increase in rape.

One final thought: Do you know what a violent, disgusting guy with control issues is NOT doing when he's jerking off to the most violent, disgusting rape porn on the Internet? He is NOT out raping someone.


Steve Harvey has this exact list in his book about how to keep a man. Nothing new.

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