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As I understand it, pulps published hardboiled crime and noir, though more of the hardboiled. Pulps are cheap, low quality publications, 50s fuck books are maybe the best example of them (newsprint and glue). The essential difference between noir and hardboiled is, hardboiled is frank, crude, explicit, and the women are pretty & sexy; noir is people trapped in bad lives, and the women are fat and drunks or addicts and often destitute parasites upon big, violent lesbians. Stories can feature noir and hardboiled material.


I agree to live better with other is the best revenge when the ex cheating spouse lives wronger life.........
So my best BTB story is Vulcez "How Are You?".
However I enjoy the elaborated revenge stories too as FrancisMacomber "The Six O'Clock News Slot".
Unfortunatally in a few USA states the ex husbands do not have to pay children support for bastard kids and the serial cheater ex wife loses the children custody as in Georgia so VIVA the successful minority who did successful revenge in imagined stories on cheating wives!

Noir v Pulp

Great little essay.

Question. The difference between Noir and Pulp?

Say take a writer such as Jim Thompson or James Elroy. Are they noir or pulp?

Well said

...and always important sentiments. The difference free speech makes is immeasurable. I wonder about the difference between the US and the UK with respect to what is considered libel. That throws some cold water on free speech rights. What do you think?

What global warming, or climate change?

I also wanted to know about global warming, or now they use climate change. I did an online search as "climate change hoax". Of the things that came up, I found some excellent You Tube videos of notable people (whose credentials were purely scientific, and not affiliated with lobby interrests) that verified what I believed. I also have a logical thinking, analytical mind, and a strong background in chemistry and physics. Look for videos by Dr. Tim Ball, a Canadian climatologist. He has some excellent explanations for the hoax we're constantly being bombarded with. He exposes the NOAA and NASA claims of climate change.

The big picture gets clearer on climate change, when you also look up information on the U .N.'s "Agenda 21", and the ICLEI, a group whose goals are the same as Agenda 21. Look up "New World Order", and why the One World Trade Center in N.Y. is called One World.

Never in my 70 years have I seen such corruption in governments, not just the U.S., but around the civilized world and not just third world countries. Put search words together, such as Obama, Agenda 21 and see the connections. I find left wing political parties in general, have grabbed hold of the goals of AG21, where right wing parties, provided they are not too far-right, tend to promote private enterprise the way the western world was back in the 50's, 60's and 70's, with the same values and ethics. I have learned that Harvard and MIT are hotbeds of AG21 goal propaganda. So are some of the Canadian universities. And Harvard has a strong, ongoing connection to the Canadian Liberal party, who also promote the goals of AG21, even though they don't openly acknowledge it. When you study it closer, AG21 is primarily a communistic concept similar to the old USSR of 50 years ago.

I like your article/letter. I believe you've hit the nail on the head. Our education systems, and the big media have been dumbing us down for years. We have more gullible people now than ever before. Pi could indeed become 3.000000. It's easy to govern when people don't challenge government. Consensus trumps science, and bullshit baffles brains, in the eyes of the few remaining intellectuals who challenge the new political agendas. Political parties no longer serve the public: they serve themselves in order to stay in power.

Again, good letter/article...........

You're a fake and a coward.

And you, Sir, are a fake, a phony, and a fraud.

Just because you don't agree with my opinion, doesn't give you the right to pee on my leg, which you just did by giving me a 1 vote for my hard work in writing this review and essay.

You're a coward.

If you met me in person, you wouldn't be as much of a fuck head as you are now. You'd be more respectful, even if you didn't agree with what I wrote or said.

Yet, this is your chance to puff yourself up and feel brave.

What you are is worthless.

It's amazing to me how much anger I managed to bring forth from people who love their guns. Perhaps, these are just the people who shouldn't have guns. Do me a favor and go kick your dog...again.


Susan Susan Susan,,,

Your response to Naughty.. Really? You cry about people giving you a low score, but insist you deserve a 5 for a "good" essay? Grammatically; maybe, artistically; maybe, factually; not a chance... You failed to realize an essay of that type required verifiable fact; not lies borrowed from trained liars like the Brady Bunch.

It’s clear that many, if not most, have disagreed with you. Both the voting and the words tell you that. Yet you want to be treated like you wrote a masterpiece.

You feel maligned for "voicing your opinion", but denigrate others for voicing their opinions; even stooping to insult for their sometimes less than artful writing styles, and concluding that they MUST be ignorant/stupid/redneck if they can't match your (presumably) trained writing style... Really? Some of the smartest people I know can hardly string three sentences together in real life, much less on paper, but to you, they are just stupid...

Hell, I've worked and work with some of the brightest engineers and technical people on the planet, and many of THEM can't string words together well on paper... (I know they are bright/brilliant; some of them have put us into space, exploratory vehicles out of the solar system, even man on the moon...)

So maybe you should consider that EVERYONE has the right to voice their opinions, and to hold those opinions. You wrote an essay designed to insult, and slur others for their beliefs, all wrapped in pretty words, and then act offended for getting some back... Remember you wrote what you claim is an opinion piece. They hold different opinions. You may not agree with them, but if you don't respect their rights to have differing opinions (and your essay made it clear that any opinion not in alignment with yours automatically branded then as sub human.), don’t expect them to have a lot of respect back, especially on the internet.

To NaughtyCaroline 68

I didn't write my review and essay to convince anyone to put down their guns. As you're free to you show your support of the 2nd Amendment by having a gun, I'm not free to show my support of the second amendment by voicing my opinion.

Only, other than the fees and licenses you pay, you're not penalized for owning a gun in the way that I'm penalized for writing this review and essay. One only needs to look at my low score to realize how many gun owners gave me a 1 vote for voicing my opinion. They yell and scream their right to support the 2nd amendment but don't show me the same respect supporting the first amendment. How about that? Seemingly, it's all one way, their way, with gun owners who have no idea how stupid they really are by publically showing their stupidity in writing some of the asinine remarks they've written as comments to my review and essay.

They don't care that the review and essay was well written. They don't care that I made many good points. They seemingly don't care about the children gunned down, the movie goers murdered, and the good, innocent church folk slaughtered. How dare they?

They were just eager to trample my rights to voice my opinion by giving me a 1 vote. In the way they took disfavor with me saying anything about their precious guns, I'm not allowed to say anything about all of the horrible killings that happen every day with unregistered handguns, automatic weapons, and unlicensed owners. How dare they?

If you want me to honor your rights to own a gun, then honor my rights to give my opinion. I would love to read something intelligent written from a well, informed, licensed gun owner who hasn't been brainwashed by the NRA.

Now, after reading what you wrote, you need to write your story or hire me to write your story. You made lots of good points. I'd like to read all of what you wrote in an essay. Only, please don't send it to me. I have enough people sending me things. I won't read it if you send it. You need to share all that you write with the world. Tell them how much of a joy and a positive pleasure owning a gun has been for you. Who knows, you just may change the opinion about guns of someone like me?

Only, for fear of being horribly bashed in the way that I've been, I know you'll never write such a review and essay. If you think these comments are bad, you should read some of the e-mails that I've received from lunatic gun owners who'd love to rape me with their guns before shooting me. If nothing else, they help me to make my point and they inspire me to write, yet, another essay on guns, gun violence, and better gun control.

Thank you for reading my story, hopefully voting, and making comments.

To BonnieTaylor2

I hope I never meet you in a bar or on the street because you're just crazy.

Enjoy your guns. I hope you lock them where they're safe. If you have children, how awful would that be for them to play with your guns, a tragic accident that happens more often than not.

No one wants your handgun Bonnie. I just want you to be licensed, which you seem to be, and your guns registered, which seemingly they are.

Happy shooting.

Rebuttal Story !! - It can be done, but it has, countless times !!

@SusanJillParker - I would take the time to write a rebuttal story, but my experience has shown that it has little effect on people who have as strong, misinformed opinions as you do. No one is going to write a story that justifies why you should own a firearm so you can gun down people in a movie theater, or shoot up a school, or in recent days shoot up a church. These are criminals; these are not law abiding citizens.

I can write for days on the joys of targeting shooting with family and friends, I can tell you about having family members from multiple generations going hunting at a family retreat, I can tell you about collecting rare and unique firearms and how these guns are part of our history. I can tell you taking a shotgun and going to shoot skeet or trap at a range can be more fun than a round of golf.

Most important, I can tell you countless stories, facts, and personal experiences from talking with people who have been the victims of crimes. I can tell what it feels like to talk to an 82-year-old woman who is alive because she had her late husband's pistol, or the mom who hid in a closet to protect her kids from burglars. The real story that is not told in the news every day is the hundreds of lives that are saved every day by people with guns.

The NRA is not without it's issues, how it receives its funding, and what that money is used for is NO secret. The NRA was founded in 1871; you should read the real history before you form your opinion of the entire NRA - https://www.nrahq.org/history.asp - I think you would be surprised.

So I could take a few days, write a comprehensive story with fact-checked and accurate info, but something tells me that it would not change your opinion. Gun ownership is not for everyone, some people are not meant to own guns. I respect your right to make that choice, I wish you would respect mine.

gave you what you deserve a 1. You think all the bad guys

terrorists and thugs out there will not have guns? I have 2 guns. I have a permit to carry it because of being stalked. I have a weekly meeting at the gun range and I am good. I purchased a gun not from the NRA telling me I should have one but because I wanted one. I feel safer with it. I have never use it (yet) to defend myself but I have shot it at practice. It's not a bad thing to have a gun Parker, it's a right and everyday more and ore rights are taken from us. Wake up, don't fall for the left and their crying and bitching about gun control. If we had armed anyone of those people in church this guy could have been stopped before he killed 9 people. It wasn't the gun it was the owner. I have had a gun for 25 years and I have never shot anyone. But I could if needed. So go preach your lies to someone else, you will never g et my gun from me NEVER. You're a fool if you think taking guns from innocent people will stop the hate and killing in this country. The only people who will have guns are the bad guns, and I for one want to be able to defend myself if I have too. You talk to the bad guys and try and get them to not kill or rape or rob you. I'll shoot them

Thank you

I'd like to thank everyone who read, voted for, and commented to my story, Speaking of Handguns...and the NRA.

Obviously, it's guns are touchy subject which is why politicians won't touch gun control in the way they avoid talking about entitlements, Unemployment, Social Security, Healthcare, Illegal Aliens, and Welfare.

This is my second review and essay against guns. Being that so very many readers are so passionate to leave long, winded comments on my stories, I don't understand why a gun owner doesn't pick up my challenge and write a review and essay from their point of view. Really, I'd like to read why someone needs to have an automatic weapon to kill children and people waiting in line to see a movie. Defend that. I dare you.

For sure, I'd love to bash the hard work of someone else's story in the way they seemingly enjoyed bashing mine. No matter. I wrote what I needed to write. I made my points. I knew this review and essay wasn't going to make me popular but I've never been one to back away from a good argument, as long as there's no gunplay (lol).

May those of you who own guns and who are not responsible gun owners shoot yourselves in the foot one day.

This should be filed under Mind Control

This review is full of false information, it's so bad I don't even know where to start. A simple read of the NRA's Annual Report will disprove a large majority of this essay.

I really don't have the time to dispute the countless factual errors in this. I am really glad you don't own a gun, I own more then enough to make up for you. I respect your freedom to write on this website, a forum that our Founding Father's could have never envisioned; but yet it's still protected by the 1st Amendment.

The most conservative numbers estimate that firearms are used more than 800K times a year in self defense, the majority of those without firing a single shot. These are law abiding citizens who are protecting themselves or their families.

Stick to writing Erotica, you are pretty good at it, know that there are a lot of people who are law abiding citizens who legally carry a firearm daily, and if I saw you in danger or being attacked, I would do everything I could to protect you.

We never know when we will need a gun, we hope we don't ever need to use one in self defense. I hope that I never have to use my fire extinguisher or my smoke alarm, but I still have them.

Ach, SusanJillParker, I'm afraid all your brave post has demonstrated

is that the NRA/NMA appears to command the majority of strange posters, who are prepared to defy the logic of all the evidence from every other moderately civilised nation in the world, and cling to their obsession with legislation rooted in the newly-emerging USA of two centuries ago. Guns kill. The more widely gun ownership is legally possible, the more people will be killed by them. Every shred of verifiable international evidence shows this.

I would weep. But the history of human progress demonstrates that thoughts and obsessions based on two-century old legislation, eventually succumb to today's reality. So weep I will not. But I do extend my hand of friendship to those who fight the US right's obsession with the apparently God-given 'right' to own and use arms.

As I extend my hand in friendship to the vast majority of the world's Muslims who oppose the equally irrational and fundamentally anti-Muslim behaviour of IS in Syria and Iraq.

The first (the NRA campaign) is based on no morality, Christian or otherwise. As the second is based on no morality derived from the Judeo-Christian offspring of Islam.

I have an ego, especially as a writer. Several years ago my many stories on Lit were bombed by an orchestrated campaign by the US far-right, so they lost almost all the coveted Red Stars about two-thirds of them had earned from readers who were prepared to judge them for the quality of my writing, and NOT because they didn't agree with my politics.

I fear, SusanJillParker, that your mostly high-quality stories will suffer the same fate.

I no longer give a fuck how a bunch of illiterate US rednecks view my writing, and you shouldn't either SJP.

Sometimes one has to do and say what is right, despite the roaring of the ignorant.


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