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Fundamentally i agree

Usually i don't comment on things like this, but this being a space movie the subject is pretty near and dear to my heart. Honestly i think you can make alot of arguments like these in any recent space movie lately. For example
mission to mars - honestly you'd think they'd fire their retro thrusters to slow down the approach to mars and take 5 mins to actually examine their fuel lines as a precautionary measure.
Gravity - now disaster like that aside, my main issue with this is they couldn't have taken 5 minutes and look for another mmu in the wreckage of the space shuttle? Because honestly from what little i know of the space shuttle i would think they'd pack more than one mmu (manned maneuvering unit)
Event horizon - a pretty good space horror movie, my only nitpick here is the wisdom of jason noseworthy (mr justin) character sticking his fingers in the inside of the frigging core of the propulsion unit?

The Ridle of life

Even with all the fine word skills the writer has, He is still denied the key to "The ridle of Life"....good luck writer ....keep on thinking...


Where did that piece of shitty advice come from ?
I , for one would never live with myself doing what you're advocating . It would be a muder/suicide before I ever would live like that . P.C. no , truthful , very !


The burden of communication is on the communicator.
They're not understanding you?
It's your fault for not being clear.
If that many people miss your point then you need to do better at expressing it.

Interesting topic

I normally don't peruse this section of Lit , but today I found myself skipping around. I usually go to the top rated list of a section , and your story stuck out . ( no pun intended )
The first girlfriend I had in college was built just like you. She was about 5' 2 and weighed about 105 lbs. of the cutest thing I'd ever seen. She had very large breasts which stood out due to her body shape.
Needless to say we had a very good and satisfying sex life. Hey we were 19 !
Then life happened and we parted ways. She moved back to her native New Mexico while I stayed in Virginia .
Recently I divorced my wife . So one night I thought of her and did a Facebook search and I found her.
She was divorced herself and living in a Western state. Long story short , we reconnected . Things are going good , even though we currently have a long distance relationship .
Her breast' s have caused her physical problems , and she is evaluating having reduction surgery on her physician's recommendation .
She is actually having problems because her boob's are part of her mental image issues . I've tried to be as reassuring as I can , but to her it's like her whole sexual' self-esteem seem to be focused on her cleavage ( I guess that is the correct term for this in this conversation ).
In a round about way , I guess I'm saying that women's self-esteem seems to be so body centric , even to the point of health risks.
As a man , I really cannot think of a equivalent unless it's hair loss . But that doesn't lead to severe back pain and other problems that she is currently battling .
I'm sorry if I seem to be venting , but I guess I am . Sorry , it's simply something that is troubling to me and I have no one to really talk with about this problem .
I hope you do not have these problems later in your life . ( she and I are in our late 40's)
Sorry for using your comment section to vent , but thanks anyway .
I'm going anonymous on this because I feel I may have shared to much.

Black Cock

I love interacial porn whether its with a white woman or a man. Black cocks are extemely sexy!

Because I have just read (and made comments....:+)) on other stories of yours...

I checked. THIS is your story that I had cited as a favorite.

I can say now...It's because it reveals more character, and has fewer asides.

I vaguely remember we may have exchanged a couple of E-mails?

I'll check. And COMMENT if we did. :+)))

Still LOVE your ambition level.

Howzabout trying a story which is entirely developing with ONLY dialog?


Maybe. If that's what she wants, and if my tastes change over time, then so be it. I don't believe that what I want know needs to be what I want in a few years. I mentioned that possibility:
"Interracial porn really opened me to the possibility, then reality, of my bisexuality. I'm not sure if it *made* me bisexual or if I always was and it *allowed me to realize* that I was. Maybe a semantic argument but if it's the former than exploring the way I am may lead me further afield and I may be somewhere else - on both those spectrums - in just a year or two."

Wrong on NC-17

The first NC-17 film was Henry and June. While Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! came out first, it was originally released unrated after distributor Miramax rejected the X rating it was given. Later that year, after the NC-17 rating was created, Miramax had Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! re-rated for its video release.

absolutely true

one of the best writings inthis category. loved it


The problem with a sliding scale is the sliding.
People have a strong tendency that when they get what they say they want then they want more.
They get that too then they want more more more...........................

You may start off being a so-called 'stag' cuckold, but soon enough she'll be showing off the key to your cage.

The old story of putting a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly turning up the heat until it is cooked may not be true for frogs - but as a metaphor for how people get over on other people it works.

Very well done.

I think you captured (pun intended) the spirit of all films in your reviews.

The guy that fucked my wife

Wishes he had never met her. They worked at the same state agency, he lost his job and retirement benefits, his wife divorced him and got half of the assets, and a week after their divorce was final, she sent him.a videotape of she and.I.fucking in what had.been their marital bed. And my by then ex wife dumped him when it came.out that he had used his position to seduce, if you call it that, at least three other women. Be careful who it is you think you are cuckholding.

It's Often About The Outlook

The best incest erotica explores the emotional outlook of the protagonists. There's a large element of trust. There's an understanding and deep knowledge of the other partner that doesn't exist in most relationships before they get physical but is in the forefront of incest erotica (and real incest, I imagine). It enables the writer to introduce fully developed individuals and back story that only can exist in childhood friend stories (accepted but not as challenging/forbidden/exciting) and various forms of incest (forbidden/secret/exciting).

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