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I'm 54, and some of your statistics make me feel like I've got a lot of fucking to do in the next six years. And, shit... I've got years, hella years... to make up for things. Although, my dry spell was recently broken, briefly... I've gone over ten years without sex... My recent encounter was just enough to make me realize ... shoulda, coulda, woulda—didn't. I didn't get enough when in my "prime", so to speak, and now I fear I might never get enough. Unfortunately, casual fucking doesn't work that well for me... and, small town and all... limited choices—actually NO choices, that's why my little wet spell with the last selfish asshole ended. I'm on a new dry spell. Dammit.
Interesting read... thanks for submitting it.
Oh... I didn't check on this or anything, but I always thought it was Joan Collins who said she hadn't had sex in so long she forgot who ties up who... not Joan Rivers. I dunno... funny, though.


I met a guy who wants me to cuckold him. He is much older than me and i am so not attracted to him. But i am dominant and like the thought of having a boyfriend whenever i want. Most cuckold couples love eachother. He loves me deeply but i dont. And never will. At least not sexually..ever!! How to go about this?

a delight,,,,

what ever name you use,,, your work is a joy to read,,, how you do it ,, time and time again ,,, i can not understand,,,


People aren't a blank sheet !

Having lived the cuckold life style I find people's comments naive, there are so many variables ! Sure the guy could be a wimp with a tiny cock and his wife might have married him just for his wallet but most relationships are a bit more complicated than that lol

Perhaps the female is insecure and extra guys wanting her increases her self esteem and the husband understands this and is strong and secure enough to cope with it? Perhaps he's a bit bi ? Perhaps his just a perv ? Perhaps he is a fucked up weirdo who was whipped as a kid and now has sick kinks? The list is endless !

All the above applies to the females. In my case the guy had an average cock and we had an above average sex life, he was fit strong and not a wimp ! But he was very kinky and an extreme personality. Ex military, huge gym bunny and pushed his sexual boundaries, he refused to let "rules" say what he cold and couldn't do. In sex or anywhere !

He still got pussy mine and others but he just loved the cuckold game more than anything, especially the humiliation. Guess some people like football others like soccer? And some wimps tennis lol or golf ? What's that about? He liked to feel his stomach churn like riding a huge roller coaster.

One thing I would say, is nearly all the Bulls I've met were insecure arseholes who just wanted a shag and to prove they were a man lol very few could understand the dynamic. Not that I didn't enjoy them trying to prove how manly they were lol

Hope that helps some of you understand the dynamic better x

Everyone is complicated

Hello, Red. Since you wanted to share this on the Experience Project (the big lie that it is, apparently), you in all probabality want responses in the comments rather than a personal letter. Having your life discussed and dissected by ignorant non-existent strangers with dirty fingers is certainly part of a humiliation kink, and anyone who posts personal revelations online has it to some degree - millions of people. It's a widespread affliction and a sign of the times... But what I want to reply to you is something else.

Let me start by saying that I probably also have a humiliation kink. I'm a man, bisexual but mostly reaching out to other men lately, and I like to offer blowjobs, even put myself in degrading situations. For example, I might go out to someone else's place as a blowjob-at-your-home-service, for their complete convenience, and so on. And I'm attracted to children, and old ladies and men sometimes, and there are many corpses I would fuck if given a chance, and I could enjoy a quickie with a dog, of this I'm quite certain, and I have violent, brutal fantasies too - and it's not inconceivable for me to carry them out. Sexual desire can take on many forms, and I'm just letting it take its course - being careful not to end up in jail. Otherwise anything goes, or might, with me.

And none of it really troubles me anymore, because I know I can always stop at any point. I can go and I can stop. Aware that I might be carried away by ecstasy, I'm also aware that I never actually will let myself be carried away. It's hard to explain, but emotions, passions are overwhelming, but just because I have this estimate of their elemental strength I know that I'm safe. It's a bit like riding an elephant - the animal can throw the rider down anytime it wants to and trample him to death, but the rider, knowing this, feels quite at liberty to jump down or hit the elephant with his hooked rod. Why I have this or that desire or kink, well, that's matter for analytic work, but I don't think mine are debilitating, so I can follow along, or not. I'm more troubled by other uncertainties, for example, the difficulty I have with meeting new people, especially because so few can respond to me. That others don't seem to have a sexual drive - actually they lack courage to act on them - is what depresses me constantly. Never mind kinks, I tell you. It's our relationships with people that are the real problem, and kinks, fantasies are only the shapes of our general unhappiness.

To understand yourself, Red, you have to understand the world. And the world we live in is a terribly oppressed place. It has been since the beginning of recorded history. Every continent, every city has a big "No" written on them, here entombed in one prohibitive tradition, there in another. Islands of freedom and acceptance are small and random. Libido - the sexual drive - is feared and controlled everywhere on the planet. It's true that there are degrees. Right now I live in a provincial city, Western, friendly, pleasant, but time has almost stopped here. And, like yourself, I feel that in another place I would have more opportunities for open, creative, enjoyable encounters. For self-expression generally. Especially women's. Because that's what sex and everything else is really about - self-expression and power. Trust me: your "kinks" are uncertainties. In a more welcoming, more open environment, heck, with more money in your pocket and more beauty for your eyes to see the more worrisome parts of your "kink" would simply dissolve! You would never think of yourself as unattractive, a fat mass fit only to stick a cock in, if there was someone to hold you by the hand and tell you that you're beautiful. If people smiled on the streets. If you weren't loaded with other worries, as I'm guessing you are. Good thoughts require a good life. Good thoughts require a good life. Remember this.

Being in a similar situation, what conclusions did I draw? What am I doing with myself now to avoid self-destruction? Simple. I'm trying to follow this obvious logic:

1) Because this place I live in is dull and I can't be satisfied, I need to move. I must relocate, or eventually I'll go mad and die.

2) Because moving requires money, I need to earn and lay up some. Enough to pay rent in that new place like I'm paying it here. So I'm working towards a goal.

3) Because there are still sides to me I don't understand, I must understand them. I'm reading books on psychoanalysis and body-oriented therapy (get Freud, then Willhelm Reich). I meditate a little. I avoid useless, noisy conversations. I know I could use real therapy sessions, but there aren't any in this place. Still, I'm availing myself of whatever scant resources it has.

4) Because I'm part of this world, discovering it will help me discover myself. So I look for new encounters, such as they are here, I sample every novelty, weird dish and product, I try to travel at least a little, I have given myself official permission to engage in any kind of sex act, moral, immoral, with anything and everything - I'm only careful not to break the law. I've allowed myself to say goodbye to normalcy and decency, and to people who believe in such stuff. They live one kind of life, and I - and my tribe - live another, and that's how it's going to be for the rest of my life. Oh, and I read a lot - history, geography, cultural studies, such science as I can understand. Reading gives a very nice erection and expands the mind. ;)

5) Because I know that I'm not myself yet, that I'm still split and divorced from myself, I try to connect these parts. I do simple exercises to stay fit, I swim in the river or in a pool, I avoid sitting before a computer as much as I can. Sitting is bad for pelvic muscles and thighs, the neck. It makes you sluggish and stupid. I try to walk more and eat a healthy diet. Nothing extreme, just sensible.

6) Because the Internet is by and large a waste of time, I hardly ever go to any sites other than news, torrents for good movies and porn. Porn is important, especially amateur clips, because it gives me at least an ephemeral participation in all the kinky and varied stuff I want to do but can't. And it's educational. Sex stories teach too, surprisingly. I don't have a Facebook account anymore. When I finally get out of this place that I live in and start a new life, I hope I'll have friends, lovers and interests enough to give up on the Web completely, but right now, right here it's almost my only window to a better world.

7) Because living is losing, I try to avoid hang-ups. I try and try again with my little project - something, at least, will happen sooner or later. Many things had to be left behind, but that's the price of freedom. And to you, Red, I would like to say: try to know yourself. Read books, it's very important. Act out even the fantasies you think you don't have, like scat, because you might suddenly enjoy them. It happens. Lose your virginity - with someone you like, preferably, but lose it. Don't carry it around like a useless chastity belt that you can't open up. Be unfaithful, it'll all straighten itself out in the end. And resign yourself to change...

P.S. You should search the web for a story by Blowfly girl about maggots. Read it in full, slowly, and see if that doesn't turn you on like crazy. It will if you let it. And then you might want to find her blog too, where she discusses her dangerous kinks, depression, obesity and the struggle to live a regular life. I don't know what happened to her. Everyone's story is different. But we are all complicated, and must become more so.


more slavery facts

over 4 million (i think the number is closer to 8 milion) africans were shipped across the atlantic in slavery.
onlt 450,000 were sold into slaverey in the usa / colonies.

slavery in the usa was deplorable, and a life sentence.
slavery in the tropics was deplorable and a death sentence.

in the tropics,
slaves work the sugar plantations ,
and they were worked to death,
day in and day out.
there was never any down time.
there was no winter rest period.

relative to the tropics,
slave life in the usa was so ''good'',
the slave population grew well beyond the half million that were ''imported''.
this was not typically the case in the tropics.
there, they were worked to death,
and then when the plantation owners needed more,
they went and bought another one.
of course this does not mean some slaves in the usa were not worked to death.

slavery in the usa was deplorable.
but so is slavery in africa today, and everywhere else it exists in the world.
just google ''human trafficking'' and read up, to see how large a problem it is.

i do not know that my ancestors owned slaves,
but it would not surprise me if they did.
i'm not proud of it,
but i'm not ashamed of it either.
i have never owned a slave.
and i have been taught it is wrong to do so.

now if i could just bring myself to buy ''free trade'' coffee.

Hi Jasmine,

You are very professional with your stories in the content an story lines. Your stories have substance and meaning. Keep up the great work.

Love it

... surprised there aren't more comments;, this is clearly a variant of "it's not what you think dear!" It's well written and very amusing.

Quite interesting

You've given me some things to think about.

When it comes from being empowered by being called a slut, I don't really understand that either. I will admit to being aroused by being called a slut but that's just me. Maybe some girls are like me in the sense that I was called a slut in a demeaning manner despite being a virgin and it did hurt until I realised that I'm so far from being a slut it shouldn't. I just like the thought of other people thinking I'm dirty because I know I'm not. I don't think I'd feel the same way about being call a slut once I start having sex.

I also have a feeling that some women who try to embrace the word slut only do so as some sort of self-conviction. They're actually secretly guilty and ashamed of their sexual habits so they call themselves sluts to convince the world that they're okay with their decisions even when they aren't.

Loving wifes

Slrpuff you took the words right out of my mouth,About 80% of the storys on LW are not only pure BS but in some cases clearly impossible and not the least in a medical sense but it's allso against human nature,when i read storys about a woman comming home with cum running down her legs i can't but laugh at the uther ridicule of it
What gets the most under my skin is the way those mostly male authors write a story about a cheating wife but give her a male caracter,"honey it was only sex" and " i love you not him" are much more things a male would say,a woman reacts to sex with another man totally different,sex just for fun is not a female thing,she has to believe there are feelings involved and does not only has sex with her vagina but allso with her head and heart unlike men who mostly think with a different head

i agree

i agree that this sight is a place to call home i have spent many hours
reading the most wonderful stories. If some of the stuff i have read might make a
movie or two but thanks fore the great reads.


I would rather walk naked into an ISIS encampment yelling Allah sucks cock than watch a Woody Allen movie. I have tried numerous Allen endeavors and have yet to make it through a single one.

You are what you think

I've been around over 60+ years. Time is short to put up with bull shit. I chose to act and be healthy as often as I can AND I 'REQUIRE' THAT OF THE PEOPLE I LOVE.. It is in the stories I write, the stories I read. Owning the words slut does not change their meaning. Owning the damage of those words is real. I was most impressed with this entry. Life is very short to live under degradation. The author chooses to live with her head held high. There is no other way to live.

My take

#1 Unfaithful - the story enhances the eroticism
#2 Eyes Wide Shut - the club scenes are stunning!

Best strip tease - Kim Bassinger in 9 1/2 Weeks. O-M-G!
Sexiest Persona - Sean Young in Blade Runner

Let's leave it at that.

Brilliant advice

Great story and advice. One day very soon I hope to be under the control of a lady like yourself, however living here in Spain it is not easy to find anyone.

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