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Thought Provoking

Thank you for your essay. I don't see that I personally fit in any of these levels yet perhaps if I ever find a Dom I can trust or respect, I'll feel differently.
As for the previous comment from the cowardly Anon troll, I do wish they'd keep their nastiness to themselves & ooze back under the nearest rock like the slime they resemble.

Interesting point of view

Hi, I really enjoyed your take on writing incest erotica and wondered if I could offer my opinion on the subject. As someone who has a sister in real life, whom I have never been attracted to, I can admit I have a kink for brother/sister erotica/porn. For me the turn on is rooted in the arousal of the female character; not to say that she's turned on by incest, but that she's soo turned on she could be coaxed into considering incest. My personal preference is that erotica be believable (although I understand when people ask "why put limits on something you're making up?") so when dealing with incest you kind of end up in a paradox because as you alluded to, How can incest be believable? This is where the shaping of the character and the language used is important for me, the 'slutty cheerleader' can beg her brother to fuck her and it comes off as crass, tired and an instant turn-off. Whereas the mousey girl could embarrassedly admit to being horny and I'm onboard. It's a narrow niche I'll admit, because it's hard to move the story forward without someone acting 'out of character'and being a bit too forward, which is why I like stories that focus on the inner conflict to ramp up the tension. I have started writing a story of my own, can I send you a link when it's posted?

Re anon 09/04/15 name of movie was mis-spelled

ZANDALEE (Not Zondalee)
Lead female role: Erika Anderson (... Elm Street 5... etc.)
Cheating scenes are HOT! Erika Anderson is sexy!

Your writing...

Does evoke emotion. It is very descriptive and leaves an imprint on the imagination. I have begun reading more of your submissions. Some surpass the "mark" of what leaves me breathless. I am left asking questions trying to anticipate the next chapters' sequel.

I have come to demand more of writers on this site because I expect to be amazed. When a story falls short, I can't keep reading. It becomes painful to continue because a level of expectation for something different has not been reached. I look for different interpretations as how someone's mind can represent a story. When they miss the mark, I use my power of choice to switch to a different story.

Don't like cuck stories

I don't like cuck stories and try not to read them but it can be tough. First I like BTB stories, I know they aren't real. They are fiction. But you can't always know if its cuck or BTB until the story is nearly over. Also some of it is Literotica. You read a thoughtful, not over the top, revenge story and 4 of the 5 "similar" stories are nauseating cuck stories. I don't get that a bit.

Berated for not voting? Seriously?

This isn't government. It means nothing in the end. If you enjoy writing erotica, as you claim, then by all means...continue writing. But if you're doing it for "votes" - and if you somehow have convinced yourself that you're "entitled" to those votes - then you're wrong in the most basic, common-sense meaning of the term "wrong". That is to say, it's not working the way you hoped it would, yet you still insist that it should and further frustrate yourself.

This site isn't about you. Just as you write for your own reasons, others visit this site and read for their own reasons - and not always for enjoyment of erotica (as is the case for me), but often simply due to morbid curiosity and/or a need to lash out at and attack anyone who publishes anything remotely sexual. Do you REALLY want those kind of "trollers" writing comment and voting? Think hard about what you wish for.

But the real point is, complaining about people not voting for your stories smacks of pure, self-deluded narcissism and any "results" you might get from it will, for the most part, be insincere and temporary. As I stated before, this site may be a "big thing" for you...but in the scope of All That Is Real Life, it's a drop in the bucket.

where were you when I was growing up :)

This to me is amazing, it turns me on while at the same time makes me sad that I had no one like you to teach me the things I needed to learn while growing up. You talk about being a goody two shoes and I know the feeling because that is what I was raised as and was expected to be that for life. Luckily life changes and so have I, I kept my virginity until I was 21 and even then sadly I was never with an adventurous partner so I never really learned about good sex. It was just get hard put it in and go till we were both done blah! Even now at 35 I am in a relationship with an unadventurous person so sex just isnt what I think it should be. I think I would love someone to face sit with but all I can do is imagine just how amazing it would be. Anyways just wanted to say I enjoyed your writing and I follow you on cb as sotiredofbs :D Thanks for sharing your blog.

SJP For President!

Okay, now you've done it. I loved how you could titilate my body with your delicious, erotic stories. I also liked it when you titilated my mind with your great character descriptions in your erotice stories.

But NOW you given me a full blown BRAIN ORGASM with your brilliant gun control article.

You are more than a babe!

another aspect

setting the scene - an open window, bougainvillea on the warm air. His glasses were stuck to top of the nightstand.
what are they thinking about? - this fucking g string is crushing my nuts. I can't hear shit, her legs around my head; that big mother fucker could show up at any second...
Her fist warm around her wadded panties, her husband was five hundred miles back down the road and the woman who made no secret of her half-kidding desire, waited for her in the bright red Mustang.

thanks for taking the time to discuss writing.

Interesting and well written

Your story is well written, and I found it very interesting, since I don't think I've ever heard a woman from an Arab/Muslim background who also like latex etc. tell about her life before.

Have Fun

Some women like to lead, others like to be lead. The same with men. Sometimes I like to spank, other times I like to get spanked. Just have fun.

What a pile of pompous cr*p

Waffle waffle bleurgh - what a ple of pompous over-intellectualisation.

It Is True

They say home is where the heart is, and with no one to create a home, the heart begins to starve- - as well as society's heart.

Master and mentor?

More like dumb and dumber. Trying to make up for those feelings of being inferior are we?


Congrats. Fascinating essay. Five out of five. Anything that makes a story more realistic makes for a better story. Also those commenters who talk about killing their spouse rather than go through a divorce - stop it. You are creeping me out. Cheers Steve

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