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my explanation

I think the reason I cross-dress is that I have homosexual tendencies and dressing as a female allows me to express my desire to have sex with a man. I love feeling like a woman, acting like a woman, and being treated in bed like a woman. I love it when a man holds me and kisses me, I love sucking cock (so much) and I love getting fucked. I don't know the percentage of CDs who are gay but I'm one of them (I'm officially "bi" because I'm still attracted to the female body but I prefer gay sex to hetero sex).
If there are any other CDs reading this story who feel gay like me, please let us know.

Re: Rape Culture

It's one thing for a culture to say, "Hypothetically, rape is awful," and quite another for it to actually be a culture that discourages and addresses it. Ask any average Joe on the street, he'll say, "Yeah, rape sucks." But look at the numbers on reports, arrests, on prosecutions, convictions, sentencing. Look at the anecdotes from women who were intimidated by their family or police into staying silent or retracting their reports. Look at how male victims are shamed and derided. Look at the victim blaming our society encourages, scolding women on how to dress or behave—even though the majority of victims, male and female, are assaulted by family members and trusted friends, not alleyway scallywags.

Sorry, I'll take a lot of guff on this essay, but not outright denials of the systemic problems the essay is trying to acknowledge. :P

I disagree with the starting premise that "rape culture" exists to begin with.

rape culture
a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.

I don't know if this is your understanding of the term but it's the understanding that I have whenever the word pops up. The prevailing attitude toward rape is that it's a horrible act.

In terms of our overall attitude toward rape there's no problem to fix, your just beating a dead horse.


First, I'm sorry to hear of your losses in life - BOTH of them.
We have lost a child, and that is just as devastating as you can imagine it is. You have lost twice as much. What you have endured was a different kind of death - long before your wife was taken from you into what follows this world's life.
What you suffered first was the death of hope, and the death of your dreams for what you had hoped and dreamt of your wedded relationship becoming. You were unequally yoked - at least in that regard - and it doesn't matter the reasons much as to why it became like that. Deception, whether intentional or accidental was none the less a deception. Your dreams were smashed and lost to you because of it. This is the first and often hardest death to deal with, personally. I am glad you sought and received counselling to help you with that.
I lost my father to Alzheimers, and in many ways that experience emotionally mirrors what you went through...once the news of the diagnosis is made, then the realization, both in emotional space terms and from the objective harshness of our actual space-time reactions to the arrival of this eventuality take hold...and have to be dealt with, but not separately, as they occur in a compressed timeframe in parallel to one another. In short, that part really sucks. It compares to your experiences in that you suffered alongside them as they went through the motions of their life pattern, and you were powerless to affect any real changes. That powerlessness too really sucks.
The second death for you was her actual one, and at that, the full horrible irreversibility of the loss of any possibility to obtain the life you sought and hoped for was forever precluded. Emotionally, this was a ripping off of the bandages on your psyche that time and positive reinforcement had helped put there. Once again, the original source of pain was laid bare to yield you fresh tortures of regret and angst.
At least losing my father was eventually more of a feeling of relief for me - for his sake; his ongoing life having lost all real meaning beyond suffering through indignities of the mundane chores of daily existence long before due to his infirmity.
So, what are we to learn from all this? ...that suffering builds character? perhaps, but is it really worth the cost of some of those painful lessons - over such long spans of time? Let's just say that opinions will vary on that last part.
Also, we can learn a few more things. We are not as alone as we think we are. That too is a deception. While none of us are really twins of any other of us (even identical twins wind up having different life experiences and can hold differing values), we are still connected to each other by amazingly similar patterns of experiences - if we care to look deeply enough.
Lastly where there is still life, there is still hope - for each of us. Christians often hold the view that where God may close a door; He also opens a window - we just have to be alert to the opportunities and not allow ourselves to be blinded to the possibilities that abound around us...if we remember to look for them. Sometimes we have to look long and hard, only to eventually discover that we really did have our eyes closed to some of the possibilities after all.
Good luck with realizing what amazing possibilities that life still holds for you.

cheating as a crime?

Not such a new idea, as the old African-American proverb says:
'A liar will steal and a thief will kill.'


But you ignored the fact that most cuckold stories are thinly veiled repressed homosexual fantasies. The author wants to be like the naughty wife -- getting fucked by lots of well-hung men. But being in denial, he also feels intense shame, hence the inclusion of the wimpy cuckold husband character who either watches the fucking or frets at home while the merry wife is out on dates.


Being a history buff, and having a daughter with a Ph.D. in ancient history, Rome was quite a bit more complicated than that. For example, if a woman had 4 children, she could become emancipated, if you will. (She'd still be married but not under her husband's control). Generally speaking though, you're right.
I enjoyed your 'myth' of the romantic love that would protect you from all other temptation. Both men and women are susceptible to looks and personal intimacy.
So, how to we protect ourselves? Easy, don't get into compromising situations.
Notice how many of these stories start with the wife going out dancing and drinking without her husband. Just plain stupid. True love is supposed to protect your wife from being judgment impaired by alcohol while sensuously dancing with men who want into her pants? Not likely!
Ditto for men. We now have a term, work wife. That's a perfect way to start an affair. Many were offended by VP Pence, but his policy of not having lunch alone with a woman not his wife, is very smart.
One last thing, where did the truism, "once a cheater, always a cheater" originate? The world is replete with idiots going through a mid-life crisis who cheated, then never did again.


Basic fact, humans have long memories especially when retribution is involved.
Curiously absent when the Deconstructors of History start clamoring about how poorly muslims were treated during the Crusades is the causal event that led to those campaigns.
The Moorish(Muslim) invasion of Europe. The sole professed purpose of which was to eradicate Christianity and the lighter skinned followers of that religion.
Though some younger males were castrated and enslaved, most were butchered in front of their families. All females were repeatedly raped and impregnated over generations.
Nothing done to the muslims during Crusades comes close to the horrors visited upon the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula by the Moorish invaders.
If not for Charlemagne's father a similar fate would have been visited upon the rest of Western Civilization.

I have been drawn to the category for some time now. I feel like it is easy for me because I grew up in a family of all women (including myself). So it is purely fantasy when I read a story based on brother/sister, father/daughter, or uncle/ niece. It is not something I condone in real life, and honestly I get a bit queezy reading comments where people claim to have slept with their family members....especially since I have two young daughters and would kill anyone who tried to harm in any way. I guess as long as I know it is fantasy it is great, but as soon as it crosses that line I just can't handle it.

Great info


And thanks for Story on daughter.


Nice information

You are right why white women fantasize about big black cock.


I very much appreciated the author's take on the story. It was more complex and more, oh, subtle than many. I guess what I mean is that a lot of people did wrong and no one was above reproach. Because of that, I think it was really helpful to hear the author's point of view. I'd like to hear that more often for stories like this.

The Future

Wondered about what will / will not be of concern to a future group
The worries & concerns of the VIctorians due to health, tech of the time & beliefs are not ours and in some ways seem laughable / deplorable
Likewise future selves looking back at our time will view our concerns, taboos in a similar manner
Homosexuality until recently as one example of social change in attitude. From horror and arrest to "oh he is your husband nice to meet you"
Though unfortunately not in all parts of the planet

Genetic eng moves on apace and in the future the ability to scan / fix a fetus clear it of most genetic errors so then through IVF there becomes no objection to family members having off spring
Maybe not a huge number but to a society of the future a non-issue,

Then do stories now on this web site become viewed by a future society as a prophetic view of life as they now experience it

Our concerns of today will not in any way be our childrens / grandchildrens concerns

can't say it is the path I'd follow

If I went into the marriage expecting a marriage which included a normal sex life and found it was not going to be one I would go for an annulment within the first months.
They could have been the same kind of friends while he had a satisfying marriage to someone else.

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