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Very Moving

As I write this comment Memorial Day is fast approaching. When I was young, my parents would always take us to the cemetery to honor our grandparents. It was a day to reflect on those we lost. When I got older, like one other reader's comment, I started my day by going to a special mass at my church in which the name of parishioners who had passed away were read. Strangely, I found it to be one of the more peaceful times in my life. Every so often I will come across a veteran who is set up selling hats and other remembrance items. I find it strange that almost everyone passes him by without comment. I make it a point to stop and talk with each of them, to learn about their experiences and to thank them for their service. Usually, I'll purchase a U. S. army hat because that is the branch of the service my father served in. I don the cap and end our conversation with a thank you and a salute. It is hard to put into words the way I feel after such an encounter. Thankful, proud, and most of all honored to have learned what a true patriot experienced. BTW, that cap, I present it to my neighbor who suffered horrific injury from a roadside bomb in Iraq. It cognitive functions are mostly gone but I know that he appreciates that someone outside his family is grateful for his sacrifice.

Here, have a five!

I tend to place more stock in comments (if written in intelligible English) and e-mails than I do in scores.

Yeah, sure I do. One-bomb ME, willya?

Yeah, I saw that movie...

Thing I disliked about it was it was like "Film Sex Scene A," now replace entity from Sex Scene A with Creature B... And then Creature C... Creature D... Etc...

And the movements OF each creature within the scenes was pretty uniform... I mean, I'm glad the princess was happy with the same stroke over and over and over... But it felt like driving on the interstate - mile after mile after mile of sameness...

But I do agree, the animation itself was good...

Oh, and I just realized that I got so caught up in the joke, and in my own thinly-veiled befuddlement with why a writer who uploads at roughly three times my speed and with more consistent high ratings should somehow have more followers than me*, that I forgot to—shoot, I'm doing it again. Anyways, I liked this essay! It nailed down some good points and backed them up with math. And there was good use of humor to keep the casual reader interested.

5/5!Or it would be, if I weren't currently trying to one-bomb this story without actually understanding how the site works well enough to do so with any real effectiveness. Boy, long sentences tonight, huh? I gather my sentences get long when I'm trying to seem smart. Goblin is feeling threatened. Goblin's hackles are up. Damn it, I didn't even know there WAS a People's Choice Award and now I'm griping about it.


*It's a mystery, is all I can say.

Witty Analysis

I'd like to believe that this is the case, but I feel like it's just as often a cushion assumption for a fragile writer's ego. And that's me speaking as a pretty low-key writer who would probably feel a lot better if she did buy into this.

But no, I'm sure it's all baloney. There's no conspiracy, there are no insecure writers trashing other works just to—WHAT?! This essay beat MINE for People's Choice? This . . . crude, this VULGAR piece of wish fulfillment trash! I'm gonna one-bomb this sucker into the ground! Teach YOU to try to teach ME!

(Seriously, though, what's the secret? I feel like I'm not playing this game right. XD)

Wow, the People's Choice Awards? Neat!

(okay, let's see if I can get line spacing to work)

Thanks for your thoughts on this piece! Your thoughts could probably be their own essay, but here are my thoughts:

- -

1. The first paragraph is so, so, tragically true. I mean, incest is slightly more complicated—personally, I have this whole thing about victimless crimes—but is the majority of it a big sexual abuse fantasy? Absolutely. I think you make worthy points in the second half, too, for the record.

- -

4. I'm not sure I agree. Sure, there's the rape culture purely based around pain and hardship, but I really don't think we should just discount the effects of a culture where rape is romanticized and fetishized. It may not actually drive rapists, but have we considered that it may drive our societies' sympathetic, sometimes even comedic view of rape? A lot of these stories really vindicate the "asking for it" narrative, for instance, while many others thrive on how a guy who can be dominated doesn't even deserve help because he's better off there.

- -

Ultimately, I think having my work fetishized to the "wrong sort" is inevitable. As such, I try to leak my beliefs into the story and tone, instead—to avoid being part of the Young Frankenstein-esque "no means yes, yes means anal" mentality. Kinks are what they are, and I'm no saint on that road. But as long as the story continues to espouse contempt for such acts and sympathy (and respect) for its victims, I think the story can have a positive impact on how those kinks are perceived—not as something to necessarily be ashamed of, since that's a no-win scenario, but as something to remember as fantasy first and foremost.

Found this piece via the Readers' Choice Awards.

As someone who writes in the NonConsent category too, I found it interesting and well-written. Thanks. Just a couple of thoughts come to mind for me:

1. Plenty of porn, erotica and kink is fuelled by things we know "in daylight" to be dangerous, wrong or harmful: "interracial" porn often thrives on and feeds stereotypes directly connected to racist violence against and criminalization of black bodies, for instance; "incest" porn normalizes, romanticizes and fantasizes about the "consensuality" of a pervasive and highly destructive variant of sexual abuse; *most* porn and much "erotica" subsists on somewhat sexist fantasy-versions of both male and female partners; and so on.

That these things are rightly taboo is precisely their attraction, and that perverse side of us doesn't go away with repression, it just bleeds out into the groundwater of the culture in other ways; an example that always comes to mind for me is those creepy "Love's Baby Soft" ads from the Seventies whose slogan was "innocence is sexier than you think," clearly built to exploit incest fantasy among other things. Stuff like that gives me the willies more reliably than the existence of any variant of porn story. No matter what kink we're talking about, there's a certain something to be said for having the fantasy "out in the open," as it were, as opposed to dressing it up as something else (which is the likeliest alternative).

2. People who think "just stop having that dirty fantasy, you freak" is a viable option do not understand how sexuality works (and/or are massive hypocrites). And I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who are fine with every other kink on Lit but profess to find the NonCon category uniquely evil, as those people are revealing that they don't know as much about rape culture as they frequently seem to imagine they do.

3. That said, there *are* people out there getting off to non-con porn (or other kinds of porn) who are exactly the kind of people you don't want to think about as getting off to your porn, particularly if you're a basically progressive sort of person. I have no doubt that the "interracial" readership contains many an actual racist, that there are abusers past or current who read and comment on the "incest" stories at Lit, and that there are various sorts of misogynistic scumbag reading the NonCon category. Of any porn at any time, there will be someone consuming it at some point who does not really understand the crucial difference between fantasy and reality. Rarely can any one story claim credit for bad things these people do in real life, but it's all part of the matrix that produces them; knowing that porn may not make rapists *likelier* and that someone with the inclination to rape will find other pretexts and influences in the absence of porn is all well and good, but you still have to live with being a part of that matrix. Indulging a dark kink in any way comes with that pricetag.

4. Having said that, "honesty" is not necessarily a virtue in depictions of rape. Basically, for a reader who really does have a rape fetish: they *don't* need the rape to be sexualized to get off to it. There is a whole netherworld out there of rape porn that celebrates the act as pure violence and domination and has no pretense to any kind of pleasure for the recipient. That's the truly disturbing stuff and likeliest to appeal to real-deal rapists (it also seems to have a curious appeal for real-life victims of rape, for reasons which I'm sure are of psychological interest but that I don't pretend to understand). Literotica's decision to forbid stuff like that and focus on ravishment fantasy -- with all of its admitted fantasy cop-outs -- is not, as the detractors would have it, a distinction without a difference.

5. It is of course not possible to write "happy" non-con without reifying some form of fantasy belief about rape, since in real life there's no such thing as "happy" non-con; about all you can do with that is focus on those fantasies that appeal to you, try to infuse your stories with some amount of humanity despite the problematic content, and be as clear as you can with your reader and yourself that this *is* fantasy. The rest will have to take care of itself, you're rolling the dice that way just like any other producer of any form of porn.

Thanks for the interesting essay.

Congrats to the Winners!

Many thanks to the lovely readers who nominated "The Game," and to Anonymous for the "Heart Like a Lion" love. And yes, it is a little dodgy up here over Sumeria in a Boeing 787, but I shall overcome. ;)


I'm happy for all the writers who won their favorite story categories with stories instead of chapters


I don't understand by ""Stocking Tales": Boss's Pet by silkstockingslover" was nominated as a best illustrated story. When I looked there were no illustrations of any kind, or spaces where they would go. ???? I do like a lot of her work, in any case.


this is a rest comment bacon sausage spare ribs

Thanks and BTW

Thanks to Laurel and Manu for the Editor's mention. The reality is that I'm a blip on the screen among the hundreds of editors. Or maybe I don't know when to shut up on the forums? I've edited for too many great Lit authors that have disappeared because of real life obligations, which is a shame, because their stories are too good to lose. I wish Lit had more resources for both authors and editors. Thank you, again, Laurel and Manu.

Best of 2015 Stories Rebuttal

The story Heart Like A Lion was submitted by CyranoJ on July 6, 2015. I submit that is was one of the BEST stories written during 2015 and deserves special recognition.

The title should have been Heart Like A Lioness and the category in which it was placed NonConsent/Reluctance is probably incorrect. The narrative contains characters who are hard core BDSM sadists, Exhibitionists and the tale includes, Humor, Interracial Love and Romance, all in Arial 10 font, 46K words, 65 pages.

In every respect the story is exceptional and describes people few readers encounter and situations that even fewer experience.

The author is articulate, uses precise adjectives in descriptions and possesses a first rate command of the English language. The story flows with precise meter. His biography states he is currently flying in a Boeing airplane somewhere over Sumeria, which is now in southern Iraq - a dangerous place to be in any aircraft - even in a U2 above 18 kilometers.

Lastly, I have NO idea of who this person is or why his corrupted GPS tells him he is above Sumeria.

UE/Uneasy Writer

Dear Charly, thanks

The common ground in what you and Joe have been discussing seems to me to far exceed the points of difference. It's not hard to find examples of behaviour that illustrate the differences, but there is also that broad ground of overlap.

You suggest that "People like Leudon must assume people who prefer tradition don't have experience in their own self discovery. Wrong." Indeed, if I did assume that I would be wrong. Like every other human characteristic, self-awareness is distributed over a broad bell curve.

It's the differences that make people interesting. Life would be dull if we were all the same. Stories would be dull if they were always about 'ordinary' people. I have quoted Clyde Kluckhohn a couple of times before in comments about stories:
Every man is, to some extent
Like every other man
Like some other men
Like no other man.

It's the stories about people who are like 'no other man' that I find most interesting. But there are some behaviours that are so far from my norm that I can't bring myself to read stories about them. (For example, I'll never read a story about parent-child incest.) You say that you are sub. I can't empathise with that, but I can read those stories with considerable interest. Live and learn.


I acknowledge

Again, I never said people are unhappy out of norm.
Nor do I consider mutual, honest swinging wrong or cheating.
The statement I made was about the integrity of commitment.

In fact, as a sub to my exhusband who fucked women in front of me, I learned I wanted it to be me. And I'm an Alpha Female.
People like Leudon must assume people who prefer tradition don't have experience in their own self discovery. Wrong.

What I did emphasize that it simply splits your time.. with other people and situations. That can, have a negative affect on the integrity of commitment. But not always, as you stated Joe.

My first post was never meant to condemn you. It was simply to point out the inconsistencies of people who tend to minimize the scope of swinging and that its just sex. Indeed , love is more than that and I would also agree it is unconditional, being present as much as possible, fulfilling every intimate moment together to a truely deeper level. For better or worse. That may sound suffocating to some, to others-- meerly dedication.

Thank you for your conversation

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