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Type 2a

I have the honor of my second wife being a 2a and I find no error in your assessments :-) Her aureola are the most amazingly light shade that she appears to have none except when she's hot (or excited ;-) ) I have seen my share of ginger genitalia over the years and I was not surprised at the small clit. The only down side is that she is in the in the group that has almost no sex drive. The plus side is I do! When she does finally get turned on, lord have mercy!

Why I read Incest Stories

im too as you Write:"I personally have no experience with incest - and also absolutely no interest whatsoever in being part of such a relationship."

but y i read it ???


I agree with climate change, the facts are obvious but the why, is not. The El Nino southern oscillation has enormous effects on the weather and temperatures and the condition has been strongest when the global temperatures have risen the highest. Now that El Nino is fading and La Nina is taking over, the south ocean will cool. Lets see how world temperatures are effected by this and then we will see who is right and wrong. I would be more concerned about the pollution and poisonous chemicals we are putting into the air and waterways, cleaning up our industries and farming practices will always help our health. TK

Really enjoyed Elfin

I am firmly convinced that limp-wristedness is the main reason this story got hate. I thoroughly enjoyed most of it, and I completely enjoyed some parts (like Ch. 14).

Please consider this comment encouragement to continue, I really enjoy reading your writing.

Shame on me!

I'd skipped this one! Now you've ruined your reputation with me!

That's a good thing, mate! No, I'm not English, though I do lay claim to knowing a Brit through Colorfy (adult coloring site) (but full of children). Mary Lynne is her handle. I can't rmbr what we're supposed to call the name we use on a site? My brain shuts down, some days more than others. Which isn't how memory loss goes. In real life anyways, so maybe this is false life, that would explain a lot. Too much really.

Anyways I sent her to my story by a message under her art, then upon her receipt of, I quickly erased the message from my end, and though it was showing on her end, it disappeared. Strange that she wouldn't be able to hold onto it if she'd wanted.

But I regress, or did I? I just said you'd spoiled your reputation as the new Alfred Hitchcock! Which could be considered a compliment, or not. You may not care for the revered Hitchcock. A friend of mine loves him. To me he was that creepy voice telling me beware.

But now that I know your not him reborn, I can relax. Then again, you could be more. But I wouldn't mind another piece of satire, self or otherwise.

wrong analysis

Sperm is actually a mixture of several things. One is actual sperm cells, produced at slightly lower than body temperature in the balls. Another (and most of it) is a combination of various fluids from various glands (prostate, ...). It is stored in the seminal vessels for after production and before he comes. When he comes, more fluid is added, and it's all squirted out in a spurt. What's actually spurted is not likely to be at less than body temperature.

What a woman feels is a little bit of sensation (not very many temperature sensor nerves in a cunt or ass, and more but not lots in a throat). The front of the mouth is a bit different, of course. It is likely that the impression some women have is a combination of what little sensory nerve reports are received and a lot of emotional input.

l know my wife is a slut

A very true tale about my wife that I found out about purely by accident. She is a yoga girl. Has been pretty much half of her life. At 47 she is quite a very good looking woman.Five foot seven long shapely legs great but very lean at 128lbs very very nice perky 36b breasts that never need a bra long dark curly hair brown eyes and very spiritual hence the yoga. She is European/Indian mix which I guess is where the yoga comes from and has a tan complexion. She is a yoga instructor at a local studio and also does private sessions at our home. Often at home does nude hot yoga which I find very erotic. One evening I heard an email appear on her computer while she was in the shower. Seems a client was thanking her for possibly more than a great yoga session. So as it turns out my sexy yoga wife was in fact doing private nude sessions with male clients and sucking their cocks as they were in various poses. And sucking them to completion more than once. So I find my wife orally services her male clients during her weekend yoga in home sessions. Anywhere from five to eight men each weekend. And what makes her a true slut. She rims and eats their asshole as she sucks them off. A true slut indeed.

it's not on the same level

Look around and you will see 'sluts' that are fat, ugly and have bad hygiene.
Being a slut is easy, all you need to do is spread your legs and someone will get between them.

Now look around and try to find a 'stud' that is fat, ugly and has bad hygiene.

Not saying don't enjoy sex.
Saying don't expect that others will see having something just handed to you as the equal of earning it.


I had a white boyfriend about ten years ago who became incredibly aroused when I told him that I had been with black men. Eventually we agreed to an encounter where he would be the observer. It was extremely intense, and set in motion a transition that eventually led to the guy admitting that he wanted to be me! He wanted to be a real woman and experience being seduced and fucked by a black man. He told me he found the thought of gay sex entirely unappealing, but found the thought of himself as a real woman, with a pretty face and sexy body, worshipping black cock to be overwhelmingly arousing. So, I think a big part of IR is the desire of white man to actually be the white woman.

Oh, for sure. I can't handle those kinds of "justified rape" stories either. I meant something more like "giving in" somehow.

Like a young merchant, off to find his fortune, runs into a succubus , a fearsome creature who could suck the soul out of him. But her voice was so sweet, her touch was so soft, and her eyes were so mesmerizing, he was putty in her hands.

The next morning he wakes up in her arms. Turns out the stories weren't true, and they become traveling companions; or something like that.

I guess after writing this, I realized that I need to feel that the character "gave in" rather than being forced, that if he didn't "give in", his "rapist" would stop.

Agmar's Progeny

Any chance that one or two of Agmar's children will be born as a result of fucking his mother Jeanette?

Small niche

Sure, you may feel like you've got a small niche. However, the themes you list above are one of the reasons you are my favorite author here. When I get tired of reading the new stories on the front page, I always come back to one of yours for something satisfying.

My wife's comments

I asked her about the temperature of my come in her mouth. She said it was often hot, sometimes even hotter but never body temperature.

What non-consent?

I enjoyed Descent. I don't recall any non-consent as much as I saw reluctance. (The fine line between "No, I won't" and "I don't think I really want to do that, do I?"). I realize that in the real-world both might be NC legally, but I'm assuming we have the freedom to split that hair here.

Both Jeanette and Lyriena had "good girl/bad girl" internal struggles (which are always fun) but, at the end of the story, Lyriena (apparently) failed to leave her kingdom in a better place than where it started, so that was a bit of a downer. Especially for a character you wanted us to be rooting for. Or maybe she and her people were happy at the end?

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