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read this

you're essay iguess and this article in j nymag both shed light on how some,females in particular seem to think they can and should be allowed to have sex with whoever they will and it should be accepted. not bashing you just reminding me of the most disgusting case of cuckolding apologist article. just Google nymag cuckold and read it . you did well, the eunuch writer for nymag him i wish to shoot

Typical male bullshit

So, you know how to help with marital problems? I see that you just assume the problem is always going to be that the husband is horny while the wife doesn't want any. What about when the husband is the one who never wants to perform? What's a poor horny wife to do? I get so sick of the assumption that the man is always the deprived one in a relationship. Such macho crap!

Want an amateur psychologists' opinion?

Ok here goes. I reckon some of those who read a story in a category that has been clearly flagged and then post comments describing the author as sick, depraved or worse are really struggling with the fact that these stories actually appeal to them and secretly turn them on. They won't admit it to themselves that their true feelings go against what they were perhaps taught to feel. That's my tuppence worth, now I'm off to read Angel's stories which I hope I find to be not so sick but at least a little depraved. Either way, I suspect they will be well written and constructed.

Response to Anonymous

Thank you for your comment. I accept your challenge.

Please keep in mind that I am a product of my generation and the sexual culture that spans it. I do have some stories in the pipeline that hopefully address your comments. I invite and encourage you to let me know how I am doing.

I challenge you

You may write (almost) whatever you want, and users of Literotica may decide to read it or not - dependent ftirst upon how good you are to tease them into it, and thereafter upon their appreciation of your style and content - in particular whether you manage with your writing to create some arousal .

For my own part I'm in general sceptical to authors who write erotica from the perspective of the other sex. Sex is very much related to the body, and to describe the sensations of a body one is not inhabiting appears to me as a quite risky undertaking .It is even difficult to write erotica from the perspective of your own sex since, as you state, the mind is the most important sex organ - and minds/brains vary so much.

In this respect I think you're making a gross simplification/stereotyping in stating about men that: 'A male's inherent programming is to "get it up, get it in, keep it up and get off". You're apparently not fully realizing that sexuality is something we learn - and from your initial statements that's not very surprising. You (as well as much of the American society, including most of the establishment in the academic field of psychology) ascribe to a very individualistic understanding of a human being/mind (- which both temporally and geographically is actually fairly extremistic). Men in other cultures than the local one you have been formed in, may act sexually in much more nuanced manners - and have great pleasures in so doing - and may also create increased pleasure (sexually and also otherwise relationally - which to a great extent is connected) with the women they interact.

I therefore challenge you to help.our children (especially our sons) to create good erotica that may counter the 'teachings' from porn where women are objectified and men act like studs (and hence can be seen to be objectified as well). Rather than seeking to base your writing on some 'esoteric' FFF relationships (where boys ('offspring'?) may potentially become even more confused in their learning how to behave in a male role), I challenge you to write good erotic stories that depict men who behave sexually playful, exploring, respectful, caring and responsible towards their female partners - showing how really good sex may broaden and deepen emotions and relationships - and vice versa. I challenge you to write good erotic stories that depict men who experience heightened sexual pleasures from allowing themselves to rise above the level of 'hydraulic sex' (just 'in-out' and where an orgasm is something that only happens in their dick rather than their whole skin/body/mind).

Leave writing lesbian stories to those who really knows female bodies, and rather contrbute to make (Western) men - and families - progress. You seem to have given up on men, accepting that they behave so badly that women in the future may prefer relationships in form of some multiple of FF. Your historical task is to contribute to broaden the male role and the male understanding of his own sexuality - so as to make the MF combo the preferred relationship also in the future.

Hear you

Sage advice - valuable insights illustrated - THANK YOU. You are awesome Magicapractica...


Dominate ist the verb, the adjective is dominant. (Or do you also say vigilate instead of vigilant or dormate instead of dormant etc.?

What many of us dream about

Have sucked a few cocks; black and white. Have had my mouth used by two men, one after the other, a couple of times. Really, really like sucking cock but haven't had the opportunity for a few too many years. And Fantasy's .. oh yes. I often fantasized about my wife being fucked by other men...her brother in law, the black elder and his son in her church, friends, etc. None ever happened but the fantasies were good. Have also fantasized myself being used by other men, especially blacks; pointedly one friend and the mechanics where his car is serviced.
Some times fantasies provide our best sex.

Erotica and Evolution

A very interesting essay.

I agree that from an evolutionary sense, women are becoming more equal, and in theory do not require men to procreate. However, I sense that women being more sensual and caring is for a reason. If they were power hungry as men are, males would have been wiped out long ago.

It's no co-incidence that men who are caring seem to attract love and good sex a lot easier.

I liked the original.

I liked the original story. All people have flaws and the story was really about that.
PS. 'Lady in Red' is not HDK's best. I finally quit at the end of book 2. Come on! Only Jesus and Buddha were that perfect (supposedly).
But, many of HDK's earlier short stories were Top-of-the-Line. IMHO
Carvohi: Keep writing please. I enjoy your work very much. B


You lost my interest @ "everyone is gay".
Not really true.

The Other Anon's Are Wrong

I guess the other Anonymouses either are not men, haven't hung out in locker rooms or other places bull shitting around with other guys, or can't bring themselves to admit they ever thought about being with more than one woman and/or fucking a hot cousin or aunt.

I remember when I was a teenager when my hot wild child blond cousin visited our house after her parents divorced. She wore a miniskirt and a crop top and cousin or no cousin hormones took over and for a few months I masturbated to fantasies of her. She was in college and I was a Junior High School Student at the time. She is now married with four kids and is overweight and I haven't thought about that happy memory for I can't remember how long.

And when I was in high school there were several girls who I was attracted to and dreamed about getting trapped in a room with for a long time, with that situation turning into a sex orgy, at least in my teenage fantasies (two of the girls were identical blond twins).. That continued with some of my summer jobs when there were attractive girls for the week I worked as a temp during my summers in college. Hell, in college I had the same fantasies about girls in my study groups, dorm, and clubs I joined. It has been a long time since I have any fantasy like those as I live with my wife and we have children ourselves, but this essay did bring back memories.

Interesting viewpoints

But I'm not too sure that I agree with them. Certainly most men do not have those kind of fantasies. But still, it's a pretty good read, though. Just my own personal thoughts. Keep writing. I think you'll get better at this as time progresses. You might want to stick with the incest/taboo category, and/or novels and novellas. They seemed to have done better for you. I'm going to give you 4 stars. I'm still working on my first story, so I don't have much room to talk. But be encouraged. I hope you don't see me as trolling. I'm only offering my opinion, and I like your style.


Just because YOU have those shitty fantasies, don't claim the rest of us do.

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