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You hold a Doctorate?

What in, basket weaving? Here it is 2015 already and the Right Wing STILL has not succeeded in repealing ADA (or, as you said, what many people call "Obama-care").

I have on several occasions taken injured family members to emergency rooms all around Austin, TX, and have not ever tripped over, or indeed ever seen, throngs of indigents clogging the halls.

The Democrats want everyone dependent on Government handouts, the Republicans want everyone under the thumbs of the big corporations, but cannot even agree among themselves, all they ever do is argue about who is more "conservative" or further to the right of center, with the "TEA party" by far the most radical right wing. Consider this: a bird with two right wings can't fly...

The election next year is shaping up to be a veritable circus, complete with clowns. I'm especially interested in seeing "Governor Goodhair" (P. Rick) square off against Ted Cruz in the primary, their debate promises to be very entertaining.

Very enjoyable

I enjoy your writing as very literate, affirming, and mind-opening. For example, through your writing and that of several authors of gay male stories I think I'd enjoy watching two men having sex and would love to participate in an MMF encounter (much more, I think, than in my partner's dream of an MFF one). And I particularly enjoy the breadth of themes and characters in your stories and much prefer it to a habit I find annoying in good writers sticking to their theme or beloved categories (with a few exceptions, perhaps). I think it's exceedingly hard for us to change our writing style substantially; if we add to that limitation the one of sticking to a particular type of story, they all start to sound the same very fast. I respect writers who try to write beyond their comfort zones or those of their fan base. So thank you, I'll come back to you time and again for the surprise factor.

You Are Right

After reading your comments, I went and read Katie's Massage. You were right, I was extremely aroused and had to use my vibrator. Needless to say, I had multiple orgasms

Catholic girls are hornier

From my own experience growing up, Catholic girls were the first to take the pill and If they couldn't get their hands on the pill, loved having their pussies licked and were really into anal. I knew one girl, Angela Esposito who was technically a virgin at her wedding, but just about every guy in my HS had fucked her in her ass-hole.

very good

Interesting to read someone's analysis of a literotica category .. the controversial Loving Wives.

I'm more into the swinger category, or a variant of the reconciliation type where there's a decent analysis of the psychology and emotions involved.

Of the two other 'cheating' variants, you very rarely see the sort of behavior that I'd consider the first step to take for any cheated spouse: get a sense for what the fuck happened and why.

The revenge type story just turns me off. They read like emotionally immature reactions. I'll tell you what always comes to my mind: what has happened to the personal lives of those readers who enjoy such stories? They sound as though they have a lot of unresolved pain.

Type 4 'walk-away' stories always have what for me is a major plot flaw, a major logical inconsistency. They also rank low on the emotional maturity scale.

Here's the flaw: the cheated protagonist is presented as living a perfectly happy life, fully in love with his wife. Then the infidelity is discovered, he walks away no questions asked, and usually, quite quickly, finds the next perfect love partner.
Questions which such stories need to address: (1) why was the guy so clueless in the first place if this perfect partner was in fact a cheating whore? and (2) if he had such unconditional love in the first place, he'd ask questions, not walk away.

Walking away means (in psychological context of story) that he's living in a dream world anyway.

I thought you missed it, but then you wrote:

BUT if a part of the fault lies with you, REMEMBER - NO MATTER how many more relationships you jump into after that, it'll always end up in a failure because you just never seem to realize your fault.

Bulls eye!! People who lash out in revenge, or walk away, are in denial. They're not facing up to the possibility that they've somehow contributed (not necessarily 'blame'). It's a relationship, he's involved. Something went wrong. Figure it out, then walk away if needed.

I'm just saying, this is what I'm still waiting to read .. a story that analyzes why a so-called loving husband would act this way.


How about we recognize and thank you for your service. Few in our society understand the challenges faced by Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen. I never served. Why? I didn't believe I was up to those challenges. Thank you, Marine, for taking them on.

Great Article

Clearly you have the experience here at Lit to make these comments. As a one story writer, I'm experiencing some of the same feelings and situations with comments and voting, although I've been very lucky to have two HOTs in my first few chapters. I have another chapter with 9 votes and a voting score of 4.6+ for several weeks now. However, I can't seem to get the tenth vote for another HOT. It's frustrating to know the chapter has the voting score, but not the number of votes needed. E.K.

Not sure about the point to this story

This story/essay seems like a "resume" written in paragraph format. Not sure if anything more is planned, but I felt "left hanging" at the end. To make this better, I'd suggest providing characterization - motivations, personalities, quirks - will give the story some "excitement" to draw readers in.

the left too

Sen.Dianne Feinstein is calling for the internet to be censored.

Sen.Dianne Feinstein is a well known long time California Liberal Democrat.

When will the rest of you understand that it is nearly all of them that are working against freedom?
The ones that are not are the ones usually called unelectable.
Liberal and Conservative are a game they play (mostly to confuse us), the simple truth is they all want complete power over us.


Totally unrealistic scenario and no sex. 1!


Anonymous User #2

You are right. Patience is a must for something like this. I appreciate the respectful comment.

Anonymous User #1

I appreciate the support, and your viewpoint on this. And yeah I know my writing isn't very good, but who knows? Maybe it might get better as time goes on. Thank you for showing some respect.


Your essay almost made your approach to writing of incest stories sound like homework - as if it is hard to suspend disbelief sufficiently to get past the squickiness of the potential RL relationship and into the passion of the sex act and relationship. I have a similar problem in my own writing, but find myself getting past it with some authors' incest stories and not others. Your essay makes me want to try to figure it out. Not sure it's what you intended, but it's interesting to me. Thanks for planting the thought.

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