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The Haters, that's all

They are the hall monitors of the world with nothing better to do than criticize. There are builders and there are destroyers and they fall into the destroyer category. Ignore them, they don't 'exist'.
PS Goldeniangel, I am female as well and love your stories.

Being white isn't all it's cracked up to be

It's a sad state of affairs when you realize white men are only riled up by the BBC crap because it suggests white cocks are smaller. 99% of the time, that's what gets us, not the ignorant, dehumanizing depictions of black men.

And for some reason, black female authors on Lit can write all the romantic fluff they want about white men without black men making it their mission to troll them. Some of these authors get up to 300 comments, and you won't find a single criticism from a black man. Black men will criticize the BBC Mandingo stories, though. You know, the ones that white men hate? But compliment a black man, and you get idiotic remarks about Rembrandt and your anus. From white men. On the same fucking website!

We've been on the wrong side of history for centuries for bashing blacks, literally and figuratively. We haven't grown much since. Even our interracial "love" still manages to demean them. But we'll always manage to make it about ourselves, never fear. Attention world: our dicks aren't really smaller than theirs!! That is all.

Of course

If you are truly interested in higher scores, try no spelling errors, no grammatical errors and no punctuation errors.

Why I eventually agreed to my son being circumscised...

I had two daughters first and didn't have to agonise over this matter - then my son came along and I had to make a decision. I am circumcised, and there are no negatives, but is that a good enough reason to inflict an irreversible procedure on an infant?

I made many enquiries. Some of my uncircumcised friends said that they had to pay diligent attention to their personal hygiene down there, retracting the foreskin every time they bathed or showered and cleaning any sebum trapped between foreskin and glans penis, otherwise they were inviting inflammation (Balanitis), but others didn't seem to have much of a problem in this regard. My penis got washed automatically when I showered, but was that convenience enough of a reason to have my son circumcised?

I think the thing that made up my mind was when I spoke to a doctor who had himself circumcised in his early thirties. He went to World War II as a soldier (he did Medicine when her returned) and was in the trenches, or in the dessert, for a large part of his time overseas - in both cases water was in short supply and personal hygiene was a challenge. He had so much trouble, discomfort, and pain with repeated bouts of Balanitis that the first medical thing he had done when he eventually came home was to book himself in for circumcision.

He was in his fifties when we had this discussion, so he knew personally what sex was like before and after circumcision - "Definitely better afterwards." He said there was absolutely no difference in the 'feel' and pleasure during intercourse, and it was so lovely to be able to just cuddle afterwards and eventually go to sleep, without the necessity to get up, go to the bathroom, and clean himself to stave of another round of Balanitis.

On the strength of this first hand, before and after, account from a doctor, I agreed to my baby boy being circumcised. If I had to make the decision all over again, I might agree with you and let the boy make the decision when he is a man. However, there are some considerations in that regard too:

I have met some women who will not have sex with 'uncut' guys, and I wouldn't like my boy to feel his member was inferior to 'dirty', in any way, and incubate a complex;

a lot of women who will have sex with an erect, uncircumcised cock, once it is erect and the foreskin has retracted (i.e. when it looks like a circumcised cock), balk at the prospect of putting a limp dick in their mouths to grow it, when they don't know what cheesy substances or mucous secretions might be hidden under those unattractive folds of skin;

circumcision is a much more major procedure on an adult male, and painful for a significant period of time;

one of my uncircumcised grand children is having a problem with strangulation of the head of penis by the foreskin, and also with Balinitis, and will have to be circumcised at age seven, which we are not looking forward to - he will have to have an anaesthetic with the risks that accompany that, and will be incredibly sore for a week or more afterwards;

and, as stated before, the need to clean it before the erection subsides might put a dampener on the intimacy of the afterglow.

I am glad that I am now old enough to not have to make that decision again because I am not completely sure which way I would go if I had to do it again.


@Anonymous 05/17/15

No, YOU'RE just trying to justify what YOU want to see!

NOTHING in "Boston To Birmingham" tries to justify slavery or to suggest that the slaves had any sort of love for their masters.

Were there SOME masters who treated some or all of their slaves with SOME degree of care and affection, and/r some slaves who developed SOME degree of affection for their master? I've not made a study of it, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised if so! In ANY case, even if true, it certainly would justify slavery, and I don't believe that qhml1 was trying to do that.

And it IS a historical fact, as Q says, that many of the slave ships were owned and manned by Northerners, and the initial capture of the saves was at least usually carried out by fellow Africans. Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_slave_trade


Really enjoyed it.
looking forward to more stories from you!

Thankyou, Thankyou, THANKYOU.

You write for your own satisfaction; you post for EGO. If you really want to dilute the "1" bomb start an Erotic Writing class. Brainwash your students into voting the way you want otherwise don't worry about it. Most are saying that they did not like your story for what ever reason. Contrary to popular belief, people NEVER do anything without a reason. Yes I'm including those that are drunk, high on drugs and those that are depressed or all the above.
Comments? I read a story that had about 15 comments 14 of which were nothing but platitudes (garbage, they don't say anything). One just said "die" which made it the only constructive comment listed. I would scan the comments, delete the platitudes and those made by trolls and if it has something to say, pro or con, keep it.

What has happened to craftsmanship. You take the time to construct a good story, you respect your readers so you take the time to do a good job of editing then let it stand on it own merits. Who are you writing for. I think I would be most interested in those vote and comments that came after the story left the hub i.e. standing the test of time, also being more honest and constructive. But I guess that underlines the real reason you wrote the story.
What do you mean you didn't understand the statistics used. You all can add, subtract, multiply and divide without using a smart phone can't you. It was not that difficult to reason out. I do believe that "smartphones"? are making homo sapiens stupider and stupider along with being lazier and lazier. I can remember a time when just admitting that you did not know would get you fired not because you did not know but because you admitted it and suggesting that you were to lazy to look it up.
If you are really writing for your own enjoyment then who cares what the votes avg. out to or what the comments say.

This wasn't an essay

It was a rant.

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. Guns(specifically handguns) were designed with one purpose in mind, to kill people faster and more efficiently. A natural progression from rocks, clubs, spears, bows, crossbows, to black powder and all the way up to fully automatic weapons. No one can deny this.

As I sit in my humble home in the rural South, where I often forget to take the keys out of my truck at the local Wal-Mart, and it's hard to get out quickly because you know so many people and it would be downright rude to not speak to them, I think about how fragmented America has become.

I can travel forty-five miles and be in the largest city in our state. I rarely go, because they're always changing the roads, and I always end up at the corner of Crack and Crack Street, where helpful individuals are downright eager to sell you a cure for what ails you, or professional (although unregistered) sex therapists who are eager to schedule a session immediately. They can get rather aggressive, and I've found that showing them my weapon of choice for the evening seems to make them seek customers elsewhere while I drive away.

Crime had finally invaded my little neighborhood. I have new neighbors(Yankees)who don't seem to understand what property lines mean. I think the fact that he self medicates regularly, and she and one of their children have behavioral issues that they ignore the medication for may have something to do with it. His brother-in law was thoughtful enough to steal a garden cart from our backyard to haul his camping supplies down on my bottom, set up residence, and proceed to get so stoned that when his stomach reacted to the alcohol and drug dinner he consumed, when he vomited it back he couldn't turn over to clear his airways, and died.

A ten year old boy found him, and it looked like a cop convention when I got home from work. The next day, they sent word through another neighbor, that I should go down, clean the area, pack up his stuff, and deliver it to their door. I pointed out that as far as I knew it was still the site of an active investigation, and even if I was inclined to, I wouldn't cross the tape. It took them a month(and the threat of legal action)to get them to clean it up.

Then, to add a few more nuts to the fruitcake, the deceased's mother came down, called me a murderer and told me she'd see me in court the next day. Again, they must be used to a different legal system, because I'd never heard of going to court on Sunday, and I never received any paperwork.

So now, whenever my wife goes outside to do yard or farm work, she carries a pistol, and has a shotgun in a scabbard strapped to the tractor.

I don't belong to the NRA, never been much of a joiner. I have multiple weapons I've collected over the years, and I rarely think of them unless I need them. There are no longer children in my house, so every one is loaded and ready. Would I actually shoot someone? Yes, AFTER I tried to exhaust all other options. But when you have a crackhead screaming about what an asshole you are for not allowing his son to drive his fourwheeler all over your property, negotiation rarely seems to work.

These are troubled times, Miss Parker. To me guns are just tools I'd rather not have to use. If you want to think banning guns will solve the ills of the country, that's your right. But when it comes to the point where you're afraid to go to a movie or dine out, send you children to school or attend services, would it not make you feel better if someone was there, someone with sense and a clear head, who used his tool for the defense of the innocent? In my opinion, if an extremist or nutcase thought for an instant someone might be there to stop him, It might make them reconsider.

I hope you sleep safe.


Giving a 5 star (to make up for all the 1 stars)

While I agree that it is the shooter, and not the gun itself that kills people, the point I like to make is:

** it is far easier to kill a person with a gun than with any other weapon**
such as a knife, baseball bat, etc. etc.

Yes, bombs and grenades are easily used to kill people, but a person either has to know how to make one (and get the materials to do so), or know where to buy one - and that takes effort.

My 2 cents is to get rid of handguns (too easy to obtain and use) and automatic weapons (to me, the only reason for an automatic weapon is to kill people).

I can understand people wanting to own a gun for hunting or self defense - but in a more idyllic society, we wouldn't need to use guns to defend ourselves.

Some checkup. The result will sure be they will ban all the gays out, but they wont tell any sources. I would love to understand the seventies specialist, when the girls were ripe and we could really compete. Now the most of the games is against the US, like you are blind.
Why do you lead your country to end?
If you thought no one knows about economics and your debt to whom? Who will always want it back, dont forget it.
The only man I love In USA is Mel Gibson. I guess he loves it too.
Dear woman I will read it and say my thesis.
Havent read completely. It is clear. Total control hidden behind the pretty moments. Sure you live in a total control society, dear mam.
Compared to us. Russians. We look at you like you are fu...cking zombies sometimes.
They give you an illusion of being free. And the country being the heaven promised.
Why are we Russians are laughing at you?
How come, sweet?
Sure they forgot about something higher, but what, it is not our church. What?

Still confused as to

how gun owners rush to defend the right to own a gun but ignore the arguments that focus on gun safety and control. What goes under- reported are all the accidents/deaths that affect non-gun owners and children which should never, ever have happened because "good guys" mess up and make mistakes. Sure life would be simpler if gun violence was limited to duels at 20 paces. It's not and laws need to evolve with the increased use and misuse of these refined weapons of war. We already have a well regulated militia. Responsible gun sellers and owners understand that you should put people before guns, not in front of them. It is common sense: do not sell a gun until you have an affirmative check.

Gun violence is not a result of only angry thugs dueling it out on inner city street corners. If that were the case, the NRA wouldn't spend so much time interfering with data collection. Instead they would provide and publish hard numbers, reviewed by statisticians, to support arguments such as it's just a few bad elements who capture media attention. There's too much wiggle room for such cozy feel-good talking points but it ignores the tragedies that occur daily.This lack of transparency when it comes to gun ownership, use, accidents, manslaughter, murders, child endangerment, in addition to the mass murders by the lunatic fringe means that folks can cling to whatever arguments pull on their heartstrings. Stop vilifying the people who seriously try to collect the info and make the country a better and safer place. If gun control and safety laws aren't working, they should be revisited and fine tuned - not gutted. More bullets in the air do not mean greater safety - they do mean that there are increased means and directions from which people are killed. IKEA should not be a battle zone.

The NRA has so many opportunities to make a positive contribution to the effective, legal use of firearms. That they are contradicting their declarations of years past and driving so much fear mongering (it makes them $$$) really makes their arguments suspect. They wouldn't gloss over the uncomfortable realities that we encounter today if they didn't interfere with the purpose of increasing their membership and sales. If the stats supported their claims, they would have the #'s vetted by the big four accounting firms, they'd submitted them for publication and there'd be review and discussion. Instead what I see are circular arguments that misdirect. Instead the unfettered right to own guns seems to trump over any other rights of anyone else and that seems incongruous with the intent and purpose of a bill of rights.

I'm glad you please your number 1 fan.

He's in good company, because I like your stories too.


I attempted to illuminate problems linked to length. Stephen King writes some long tales but he's said he has problems with his stories once they pass 5000 words.

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