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dude, the important thing is that it's a FANTASY. would you go out and rape someone, or if you had the power, would you control people's minds and force them to do things against their will? no? then you're good dude. sure some people look down on certain fantasies as opposed to others, but they can go fuck themselves. fantasies, fetishes and kinks are natural and can't hurt anyone. you can't help what turns you on! although i suppose an argument could be made that thoughts eventually manifest themselves as actions? but uh idk about that lol. (there's a whole discussion to be had here about pedophilia, for example, and whether or not those people " can't help what turns them on", although obviously that is different and i'm not condoning that lol. i believe it's seen more as a mental illness of sorts). love your work, super hot stuff, please keep it up!!

End the debate

If one were to go by this site he or she would believe that half of all couples are in cuckold or wife sharing situations. I think that the nature of this site really leads to this misperception. While infidelity and affairs are pretty wide spread, I believe that only a tiny minority involve these kinks.
I don't condemn anyone's sexual interests, up to a point. I even enjoy some of the stories, but this whole "cucking is great/cucking is evil" debate is really tedious.

You're not a Dom you're a Demon

I was all on board with this until you started talking about hitting your woman. Dominants are in fact dominants, but part of that job description is aftercare. If all you do is give her rules, hit her when she messes up, control every little thing she does, and all you do for her is support her financially... that's ABUSE more than anything else. There are some women who may fantasize about this, (and that's great for them and may be what they want in the beginning, but that's not what they will want the rest of their lives) but I know too many subs where this has happened to them (they were willing participants in the beginning and a lot like the girls on this page saying yes do this to me) and it has left deep emotional and physical scars that they are still battling 30+ years later. People who act like what you wrote call themselves doms, but that is not what a real dom is. they are leaders, they set rules, they enforce rules, they run the bedroom, some may control other small parts of their subs life, but most of all (especially if you plan on marrying your sub) they are loving, have the best interest of their sub in mind, and take care of them mentally, physically, emotionally, and (if you are one of those people) spiritually. That is what a dominant is. You, my dear, are just a demon parading around in dom clothing, and I pray that you only meet women in your life that when you knock her one, she knocks you 2 back. And readers, please make sure before going into a dom/sub relationship that you feel safe, wanted, and loved. Make sure that if your children (if you plan to have any) ended up to be exactly like your partner you would be proud. That you would be alright with your children seeing what he would do to you outside of the bedroom, because if he is going to punish you immediatly, it might not wait to be behind closed doors.... esspecially not men like this. If you can't do it for yourself, think about your children or future children, do you want to give them years of therapy becuase of what they saw your "dom" do, or worse yet, do you want them to start treating you that way too? Even if he doesn't hit you in front of your children, you will be verbally degradeed, and your children will think that is normal and okay to do, maybe to other people, but most definably to you. Think long and hard before entering a dom/sub relationship. Talk about limits and expectations. Sign a fucking contract for God's sake, and make sure that any add ons later on are in ink and signed as well. Take your well being and safety into your own hands until you have a dom that can be truely trusted to look after you and take over those worries themself.

Different experience

I've learned through reading that lpages are a certain length and where they occur in a story is somewhat arbitrary. As a reader, devices like visual breaks (e.g. Series of asterisks, etc.) is helpful to denote changes in flow. I find difficulty when Lparagraphs are too long as it is more difficult to read on many devices. I too have been burned by multi-chapter stories that are never finished by the author, so these days I refrain from reading until I can ascertain that all chapters have been posted. For example, over a year ago txtalltales posted a few installments about a story about "honor" in the title- story installments received very high scores but he never posted final chapter so we never found out how story ended and, ultimately, wasted a lot of time. For this reason, I find it helpful if, in first installment, author states up front how many installments are planned and when he plans on finishing. Some authors finish story completely then post story on consecutive days (that is nice, a treat to look forward to) while others post installments as they complete them which is problematic for two reasons - first, little or no guarantee that story will ever be finished and, second, sometimes too much time elapses between installments (I know, authors have lives too!) so I often have to reread previous installments especially if there are a lot of important details or characters. Just my 2 cents...


This is a strange experience for me, commenting on what isn't a story.

As a reader, doing this just for my enjoyment. It usually doesn't matter where a page breaks. I can retain the (ahem) flow. Just go to the next page. The rare exception is when it is the end of the post. In the middle of action or a dramatic moment. That is disconcerting. It isn't a problem when I can just go to the next chapter.

The significant difficulty for me is when there is NO NEXT CHAPTER❗

Waiting for a few days isn't too bad. Unfortunately, more than a week . Major bad.
I read for the fun of it. Constantly, non-fiction books , paper and electronic. Fiction books again, paper and electronic. News, science, etc, on my "Flipboard " service on my phone . On, and on, and on. I don't know if others have the problem with "flow" or what I call continuity. Much passed a week and I have to go back , read the story over and get the continuity of the characters and plot back.

Anyway, my understanding is that this is a much more serious problem for the writer.
You the writer have your plot going, the characters just so, and the emotions are pitched right on point....then literotica breaks it up without any thought or care. Damn,I would be pissed😖😡.

So I guess my point is, yeah go to another site. If they treat you better post there.
I understand from other writer's comments that SOL.net is very good for writers.

Thanks for the time.
Good writing!!


I like your stories AB and the page breaks don't bother me at all

Besides, both my iPad and iMac (pre-Jobs-departure-vintage) have readers, which I generally use. Please disregard the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism to quote Spiro Agnew.


Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate to it a lot, I was orally raped as a child and I have always had a massive fetish for anything related to rape, nonconsent, or BDSM power dynamics. I never want to be raped again, but fantasizing about the topic is one way that I can relive and try to reprocess that memory. Unfortunately it's also probably a fantasy which has been baked into my sexuality; when your first experience of sex is so horrible and centered around stripping you of any agency it kinda fucks with how you relate to sex and get turned on. That's something that I only recently realized, and is the hardest aspect of the abuse to admit.

Size Matters

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Thank you

I don't think you were twisted by the rape. It's such a common turn on, I'm really happy you have had the wisdom to separate your fantasies from how terribly Richard treated you. I love your stories and really enjoy those fantasies.

Movie Newness

Another one!

Watch the movie Newness. It's about a couple who are very much in love with each other, but addicted to sex with others. They agree to let each other have sex with other people. Laia Costa is the girlfriend in the movie, and very sexy, and sensual. Her promiscuity is very hot. My girlfriend even said that the idea of allowing sex, and watching this movie made her very horny. A definite watch with a hotwife in the making.

New TV Series

This new TV Series "Easy" while it's worth watching all of it, has two notable episodes. In season 1, "Controlada" has the very gorgeous and sexy Aislinn Derbez playing the wife who fucks an ex-boyfriend who comes to stay with them. Very hot, as before it happens you don't expect her character do do it. Second is the episode called "Open Marriage" where a couple that is very much in love, also decides that they enjoy the excitement of other people. So, they agree to allow each other to date others. The female in this episode is Elizabeth Reaser, who on her first "Open Marriage" date doesn't click with the guy so instead, goes home with a black guy and fucks him.

Bless you folks!

To all commentators

I truly appreciate all your feedback whether it be positive or negative. Thanks Misha and GrandpaM! Live long and prosper...

go for it.

read them all. dark and hot. looking forward to much more.

my new favorite series

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