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Sexy tattooing and piercing !

The old 70 plus gent speaks for himself, I am an 80 plus and I have adored the tattoos on women all my life !
We tattooed my then exwife. I was angry with her because of all the lies she had told about me. Her crying and screaming, her pleading were like music to my ears. She lived a different life after we got done with her and even today , when I think of those days in the sixties, I get a hard on ! Love the memory of it !

Additional Considerations

I believe that you have captured many of the reasons and most commonly accepted outcomes of Cuckolding.
However, I wish to add another medical consideration and that relates to the hormone Testosterone. Some men are born with low levels and are usually identified as less masculine with little or no body hair (no reference to balding is intended). Those men with more substantial levels of testosterone have normally a moderate to extensive body hair. Men may also loose their testosterone for many reasons including prostate cancer. When this happens, in order to avoid further cancer, testosterone is depleted and the source is blocked. The lack of testosterone directly affects libido which is the desire or capability to be stimulated for sex. Without adequate level of testosterone, the desire for sex can become lost without any effort. In many cases, women find that their partner appears to lose interest in them (and sex) because the interest in sex has disappeared. Of course some men are more cognizant of this and make efforts to find other means to become stimulated; however, their efforts are lackluster and usually unsatisfactory for female satisfaction. Since they may love each other they may remain married but the potential for cuckolding is obviously extremely high.
No, I don't have any medical degrees, just experience.

I don't think men are to blame for eating disorders. I don't think any medical professional worth their salt would say men are to blame either.
Media, Playboy, all these things you have mentioned also are not to blame (although they do contribute to a society which contributes to the development of eating disorders).
Women with eating disorders don't do it for men, or even to look a certain way- they have mental illnesses, usually caused by past trauma or other serious life issues. They physically see themselves as a lot larger than they actually are, and employ various harmful behaviours to help mitigate the negative feelings from those perceptions (and, if you look deeper, from the original source of trauma).
These behaviours can often be very addictive- and new research is constantly being released that suggests they are physiologically addictive, effecting the serotonin supply of people prone to the illnesses.

Overall, the development of an eating disorder is a product of many factors including biological/genetic tendencies, environment, and life experiences- the views of men play only a very, very small part (except in individual cases where the source of the trauma is connected to a man).

Interesting Wording.

In a perfect world, there would be no guns. In a perfect world there would be no law enforcement, and no need for them. But we don't live in a perfect world.
I honestly found the above essay interesting and the idea of giving everyone a water gun is novel to be sure, but once again we don't live in a perfect world. I do not share your view, granted I do not necessarily share the NRA's views either, being somewhere in the middle, but I respect the written word and the author who dares to write it. So good for you and keep writing. :)

Thank you

For opening yourself up, if you pardon the phrase. I was actually quite moved by what i read. All i can say, from this reader at least, is your efforts have not been in vain and your time certainly hasn't been wasted. Long may you continue to put good quality, interesting work on here.


Your history lesson (much appreciated, by the way) stopped just short. Most everyone forgets that the party of racism right up to the mid-60's was the Democratic Party. Bull Connors and George Wallace stood for segregation until the troops moved them. It wasn't until LBJ noticed that all those blacks had votes to cast that the Democratic Party became the party of the oppressed minority. Not surprisingly, they still view everything through a filter of race.
Q, I have to agree with you about the election. I looked at the slate of candidates early on and didn't find a one worth spit. (Maybe Kasich, but I'm not sure about him). Anyway, until Election Day, I was planning to vote Libertarian or Green or None of the Above. At the last minute, I changed my vote to vote against Hillary. Apparently, a lot of folks did the same. It was a choice of the Wicked Bitch of the East or PT Barnum. Welcome to the circus.
Finally, I live in Texas. People are moving here in droves to escape the mess that is their former state. However, they bring their voting preferences unchanged. Soon, I fear, Texas (and many other Southern states) will be falling rather than rising. Look at New Hampshire and tell me how I'm wrong. JPR

Hmm I had absolutely no idea...but from a woman's perspective...

I've never read anything under the Essays index before and I just happened to stop at yours. I must say I do agree that often times I see a very rude comment left by an "anonymous" source blasting the author for writing about something the reader found offensive or some other such garbage. If you don't like the topic then don't read the article or story. That's my comment on that, now about penises.
I myself am a woman. I suppose it's probably a bit odd but I had no idea there was such a variation in sizes. I also didn't know about the slang term meaning 6" or less is a dick, definitely suits my ex husband, and bigger than 6" is a cock. Anyway. I've not had a great deal of exposure to very many men in an extremely intimate way so to speak but I have discovered that most of the men and the boys (adult boys of course) I have known, CLAIM to be, shall we say, more well endowed than what is purely factual. It goes back to their high school times I think. Now I am quite small "there" and even my ex had to stretch me and as I mentioned he was very average according to your stats. But after my divorce I was involved w someone who was much bigger than my ex, never hurt me in that way (tho the ex did often) and he introduced me to my first orgasm at almost 30 years of age, w ONLY his cock and wasn't even halfway inside me yet! I think I mentioned that I'm extremely tight. Anyway I think perhaps much can be said for the difference in size and obviously in how the man is shaped (which I also thought was basically all the same) & if he knows how to satisfy his woman and intends to do that very thing. But I digress again. My point being that while men and boys seem to embellish the equipment they're packing I'm left wondering why? Why tell a woman you are one way only for her to find out that is contrary to fact? I myself would much prefer to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. I myself have never been with anyone who was very big and it's been quite some time since I've been with anyone at all (that's another story). But as 2 of my old guy friends and I talked we discussed that with the exception of the man I got involved with after my divorce, they were all 6" or less. I thought that was just the way they all were unless it was an anomaly. But the 1 guy friend is different. He himself is 10-11" & while I can't tell U his girth in inches, it was the same as the Cox tv remote control (ironic is it not). I had no idea! I doubt I would've even believed him had a not sent me a picture lol. And just in case you're wondering, he's a white guy.
I think for the most part what a woman really wants and what she really needs is just too rare to be found. Most women would be more than happy to tell U or show U but most men in my experience don't care. I know this comment has been long, wordy, verbose and rambling but I wanted to let you know what your article made me think about. I guess I just need more exposure because as I said, I am a woman yet up until very recently I thought all women were pretty much the same downstairs. I WAS WRONG...AGAIN. So thanks for the stats on the Men although I'm not really sure if I ever truly understood where the line is drawn between what separates the "Boys from the Men". I appreciate you sitting through my exceedingly long comment and perhaps I will read something you write again.

The Aspect of Role Could Be an Article Itself

From what I understand from friends who do social work counseling is that incest is more widespread than generally expected. Most of it was not consensual. I had non-consensual incest with an older sister when I was 13 and she 16. It caused a lot of emotional problems and a number of years in therapy. At that age the psyche can be very fragile. My relationship to my sister after that and still is fifty years later adversarial. On the other hand the women in my family seem to be a bit borderline anyhow. If she had been 26 and I 23 it would have had less impact to me because it would have been my choices and if things didn't work I could go back to my place and she to her house.

Personally, I don't have a problem with incest between people as long as it is consensual and the people are mature enough to handle it. I have heard the story where brothers and sister live together as husband and wife in the EU without a lot of problems there. There were those in our family the slept with cousins and it was no big deal. In those cases they are in their mid-20s and 30s when their relationships began which much different than what I experienced. I've heard of the daughter "sleeping" with her father while the mother was ill or had died. Those seem to work for the two of them until they are ready to resume their lives. The dynamics after those would be different.

Good article.

Sad yet courageous writing

Though I have not read your other stories, what I just read touched me deeply. Not many people have the guts to write erotica under their real names and writing about his/her childhood trauma in a public platform. It is very sad that you had to endure so much at your childhood. I have never commented on any erotica before, but felt compelled to comment on this one. Thank you for sharing so much.

What a Forum!

I haven't checked, but this series of remarks and the story theme needs full representation in Lit Forums. I have rarely noticed a more consistent fan following on a theme validating Bi-male activity as a commonly welcomed expression of acceptance among willing and knowing humans. Not one reviewer is a 'troll', jerk or nerd; just intelligent readers who fully understand, accept and sometimes shared the positive aspects of "Sharing with others for the common goal ... enjoyment". This aspect of life was hidden from my supportive bride (of 53 years) and I until a few years ago. It simply never entered personal or social discussions ... and Now I R 1. Bucky, your open proclamation continues to be a beacon for many the cautious 'curious', and not so curious anymore, players. You have helped level the playing field. Thank you.
Tony C

If you were MINE?

There's no way in holy hell I'd let you go more than 24 hours without satisfying that primal urge, and it'd be a pure pleasure.

"If I was your woman? The things I'd do to you... "

Real women

I love saggy tits, hairy pussy to me it's a major turn on.


It's funny. The two dopey anonies that first commented on this essay apparently aren't aware that there are more stories posted to the Incest category on this site than any other category except Erotic Couplings.

I've never understood the incest fantasy, but I've yet to meet a man who has never fantasized about being with two or more women at the same time.

Interesting essay, but you could have backed your opinions with some solid evidence.

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