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More turns than a circular race track, but still reading.

This one is special!

I think the way you are crafting their feelings is just going to be sublime!


You gave me the hardest boner that I've had all week. Good work!

Email Me

I forgot to add in my last comment: don't hesitate to email me those story ideas directly. You can find my email on my profile, or here: rileyjj2111@gmail.com

Thank You All

Thank you all for the feedback, both the positive and negative. I haven't tried to write an original in a while, but if anyone wants to shoot me some story ideas (I love incest the best), I might just get inspired. And I promise I've evolved since I last wrote.

Not on par with the original

This seems like it was written by someone else. It did not have the same level of appeal.

Valid Point

Spredm has a point, though. That's what you get for waiting too long between sessions at the keyboard. I'll correct it in the near future. :)

Crossing the line is so taboo

Actually sharing with another like couple is an experience beyond description. Can't wait for the next.

I agree

with the others about this being an amazing story and would love to see a sequel if you ever feel the need someday. I also just finished re-reading this, the first time was months ago lol, always did enjoy it though and it definitely has potential to be made into a series here. But as others have said, even if you don't, it's still an amazing story and is fine as a one-off, though if you ever continue it I'll read and reread the next part(s) for sure! Sure there were some spelling / grammar errors here and there but it wasn't enough to really detract from the story. I'd much rather have a good, quality story with a few editing mistakes here and there any day of the week over a story with no errors but isn't written well. You're a great writer, loe this and your other works, keep it up!

Great 2nd chapter

Will we see more? I hope you can give us more it's been great so far.

So yummy!

A great addition to this story, please continue with this! Thank you!

well written..

The beginning and the flow of the story is great.unlike most other sister-brother incest stories,Molloy and Chase don't rush into sex. The romantic love between the siblings is the most appreciated thing.
(I also have incest feelings on my elder sister, and I'm thinking of leaving a soft copy of this story on the laptop screen to be caught by her..)

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