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You should allow votes and comments more often

I like a lot of your stories but most times voting and comments are turned off. Reminds me of my sister who does massage for a living and I got hard when she massaged me.

Author's Comment

Thank you all for the positive comments and feedback. They're very much appreciated.
Also, thank you to the Literotica webteam for doing such a great job on my behalf.

In reply to Stan (who sent me feedback via email):
I agree. I could have chosen a better choice of words, as you say.
When 'mom' said "every other day" I did mean they would be having sex on all days of the week. Though, in fact, you are quite correct in saying that it reads as in every alternate day, ie. Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and so on...
Thank you for bringing this point to my attention.


Nice buildup, but that ending tho...


I love the detail of your stories! It makes it so much more realistic! Definitely keeps me hard and interested throughout. I'm a big fan of your stories and am looking forward to reading more. Maybe the christmas shopping series will be my next.


.....but knock Mom up already !!!!


This is filthy - and I loved it!!

:"you should have raped her":: Saids dear annolny./ Yea

you're such a nice guy! God you are shit at the bottom of the ocean!!

Very good

I'm a sucker for time travel, so sexy time travel is a bonus. Interested to know how you deal with the meeting with her Dad now she's back in the present.

You should have raped her

you need to work on your spelling.

Great Story

Love the story and can't wait to see what happens next

Great series!

It was not what I expected and after all I have read on this site, that is a good thing to me. I expected Bill and Karen to run off together and be sexless, but happy, prudes. I respect your choice and encourage readers to understand that writers are more than servants of their readers but also exhibitionists of their imaginations. Thank you for sharing your story.


I can only agree with the other comments. Its a great story and i hope that you will continue this story. Five stars

part 2

too bad you never got around to Ch 02

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