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I didnt bother to finish the story, honestly. It lost me early on after dad 'caught' them in her room.
He 'had' to send them home and arrange for them to be picked up? Uh, they're all 18+. None of them have cars? And the 'when the boys at school find out' bullshit? Like any of the girls are going to say shit about a girls night to any guy! It went downhill from there :(

It's the best. Really.

How long has it been since you uploaded this? I couldn't tell you exactly but it's been years, I'd wager. To me, that's remarkable! That a story could have existed for so long, nearly untouched, and still be what is, in my opinion, the best story on the site is astounding. I commend you. I'm thinking of beginning a short series myself, but I've never worked up the courage to really do anything with my ideas, and reading this again might be just what I needed to muster the willpower. Many thanks.


Yes I can imagine Victor playing this character

young hung and full of cum

As in the 1st chapter the mom wants it all, as I said I see a big belly, a new daddy, and a mother giving birth to her own grandchild, I gave you another 5 !!!


Enjoying the story. It might be sexier is she called him son instead of stud. It takes away from the mother/son flavor.Still enjoying

i loved this also

even tho I could see where this was going, the author took his time and made it very interesting and erotic reading. thanks and write more.

Other than the dad being a douche and banging her cervix and holding out on her, and greedy, it was a great story!
Great fantasy story! No messy hymens to bother with, both feeling instant pleasure and zero pain even though they were taking huge cocks, lol. (Perspective?;).
Loved the pillow fight setup! Hehehe!

Promising start

Good start but spoiled by misspellings and poor grammar, I suggest an editor will help


It was not a DP. A DP is pussy and anal penetration.

Fantastic story please more

I loved it a ton, please we must have more of this love story



I think this is one of my favorite short stories on this site. I thought all the gender jokes and stuff were hella funny. It was a great read and I hope we get more.


By all of the typos. Otherwise a good story.

Only ONE Disappontmwnt!

...and that is you never continues this storyline. You have so many ongoing series of Dom/Sub that's this one was the real treat, yet we get only the two entries and infulfilled teases of chapters to come. This beautiful tale is in dire need of revisiting.

maxx308, enjoy!

maxx308, glad to read that you were "blown away" by this story! Since this is your first story of mine, please consider yourself invited to read my other two titles, "Finding Our Way" and "Rewriting Us." They are, perhaps, less complicated, but I think you will enjoy them!

Best Wishes!




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