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a little too much

particularly the 3 voyeurs wanking off on them at the end. not my "cup of tea"!


Damn, dude, you are one prolific writer! I always enjoy the way your incest stories build up in their own sweet time. Keep up the great work!

Bis repetitat!

Good story as usual, well designed, well told, well written. But, I remember having read the same story here back in 2014, the same year I discovered Literotica.com. Did I miss something?

Loved it

I hope this isn't THE END of this story.


I can't wait until the next chapter.
Like the movie.."DBBBIE DOES CHRIS " .
What a perfect ADVENTURE.
Love to have that family
Maybe add some other horny girls


I've enjoyed each of the first three stories. Very well written. No wasted words. Great descriptions with just enough information for the reader to personalize it all to his or her tastes.

So I want to rate this a 5

But it’s not completed and it’s been almost 4 years since the last chapter. I agree with Goducks1. Any plan to finish this? It’s a 1 if not

Nice twist in story

But why delay the event? Bring on the orgy.


I fucked my mommy. She was divorced and in her mid sixties. She asked me to give her a massage in the nude. She grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy. I then fingered her off. She moaned to a climax. I could not stand it so I mounted her and we fucked. Her tits were saggy and empty, so nice to suck on.


Terrible. Start over. Forget the zombies. Go back to the cute redhead kids.

Romance/Love somewhere in here?

I have enjoyed your stories and have looked everyday for the next one to be posted. The only thing missing for me is a romance. Lots of great sex, but I'm not sure other than a kiss to the forehead, any of the ladies have actually given him a lovers kiss. Sex is great but "making love" is way better. Let Sam experience "making love" and realize there is a difference between just sex and love.

Matt Moreau has nothing on you

I always thought MM was the biggest pussy on this site.
But dang you are just as bad.
You 2 should meet. You can cry and console each other. Surely it will lead to a mutually satisfying sexual relation. You OBVIOUSLY have woman issues.
Or in terms you get a lot and can understand:
Stulid cuck wimp shit.


The negativity in the comments is nuts.

Keep up the good work! I hope for a great chapter 2!


Don’t leave us hanging! This story has been absolutely electric so far, please give us a worthy and satisfying ending!

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