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Very good start to hopefully a great series looking forward to more. Only complaint is the language in it like most people commenting but it's only a minor issue the rest of it is great man keep it going


About the only thing suspect about the story was Sinead meeting Noel how she did, but you eventually explained that. I loved their banter, how they got along, how intelligent and resourceful she was, and it was adding up that she had to be related after a few pages. I had figured it out, but not the "magic" of how Sinead's father mesmerized by her mother happened; it was interesting how you transferred that to her and to Noel. They loved, they grew closer, they fought once but then came together again. It was a wonderful and sensual journey I enjoyed, which all seemed real. It was an easy read that enthralled. No doubt a 5! :)

The best story so far please continue the story

More favours, please!

Let them be lovers and no pills! She needs to get pregnant for her brother, that will be ultimate love for them.I wish i could do my big sister.

WAS pretty decent

until the useless fuck turned out to be another no good for nothing fucking Odell. odell was A worthless piece of shit for abusing her mentally and physically.. this tiny mental midget gets up tight and in Odells face for calling her a bitch,, what does this make this asshole,, it was well worth at least 4 stars until he called her bitch,, not even worth the ace I am giving it now


I am an OBGYN. I have dreamed of doing this since my first day of private practice. Of course, I never did. Nowadays I am a little stooped, balding a little, and have a little paunch. Too much time behind the desk and computer making patient notes and reading medical journals and I can afford to hire the yardwork or home repairs done, so I get little excersize. I've really enjoyed this, even though it is written from the patient POV rather than the Dr.'s. Maybe thats even better. This way I can fantasize that I did it and my patient (s) actually enjoyed it. Rather than calling the police on the fat, balding, perverted Doctor who raped them with his tiny pekker. Yes this has been a dream of mine, and probably many Doctors for many years. Good stuff here!

Good Premise

I always enjoy these sort of stories. The solution to the problem: "How can I get a mother to fuck her son in a way that is believable." The medical excuse is popular. I wanted the pacing to be spread out more. The nurse had no trouble jacking him off, but the mother must resort to a blow job and intercourse the very first time she "helps" him? I would try to put off the inevitable escalation of sexual activity to after the second encounter.

Under age marriage?

Mother 33, son 18. Mother pregnant at 14,15 at best. No does mean no.


Not only well written grammatically, but well thought out and presented in such a way that the 'theater of the mind' made it easy to visualize your characters in each scenario. BRAVO for a job well done.

I read this piece months ago and just had to read it again.

Now, onto Chapters 2 AND 3!


looking for an "Aunt Nephew" story, and get some jack ass sucking off a construction worker and fucking around with his mom. Well, glad i wasn't horny or anything bc i am certainly not going to be able to get a hardon after this

Looking forward to #7 and more!

Excellent series ... kept me reading from #1 to #6, wishing for #7. Soon, please?


Great work

Now the title makes sense.

Takes me back

Have to say, my story is some different from yours. The first orgasm I remember, except my nightly emissions was one time I walked to the bathroom door and there was my mom. Naked, standing at the sink an applying her makeup. I just stood there, with my hardness pulsing in my pants and then took it out and began to stroke myself. Mom turned toward me and saw what I was doing and just stood there while I wanked. I came for the first time, hard, and it splattered on her foot. She closed the door, having said nothing at all but a small understanding smile. And I went to the other bathroom. My wank dreams have always been about Mom. I chose a woman to marry who was the same size, hair color, and eye color as mom and sometimes (usually) imagined myself with my mom when I fucked her. I liked to tke her from behind so I could imagine it was Mom better and I remember Mom's ass so well, too. This has never gone away, but I never asked Mom for a viewing. She would 'accidentally' leave the bathroom or bedroom door open once in a while, but nothing was ever - ever - said. I've talked to many men who harbored sexual feelings and desires, or full on Love for their Mothers. I became a Psychologist, partly I guess resulting from my own feelings and trying to understand them. Finally just accepted them, that thats the way I am. That I knew I WOULD do it with her if the opportunity presented itself, but also came to the knowledge that it never would. My wife knew, because we role played. Sometimes I was her Daddy sneaking into her bed when she was a teenager, and others she was "Mommy". And of course Mom knew. I kind of liked your story. I don't like the storys that describe 76yr old women as looking 40 or stupid stuff like that, but your description of your Mother was still not very flattering. Would have enjoyed reading that you actually did have sex with your Mom, but understand you being truthful with your story. It was, however, not very erotic. Which you DID warn us about but I guess I still wanted to get a little more out of it. Thanks for telling your story. Too many people on here tell stories, but not their own real story. I learned by a career of listening to people, that the stories made up just can't compare with the real stories. Good Luck.



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