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They lapped up the sauce with their fingers....

My dictionary tells me that to "lap" is to take up liquid with the tongue. The word has other meanings but none of them involve removing chocolate sauce from a penis other than by using a tongue.
Just thought I'd let you know. Cheers.

Beautiful story of love

All mothers and sons should experience such uninhibited love. Wonderful way to have 1st penetration as mom was not herself. Masterfully crafted.

Jeremy needs to go after her and fight to get her back.

So wrong

His sister cut the cake fed him some then later they ligh the candles. That is the sickest thing I have ever read first blow the candles out then eat the cake


I really hope that their love overcomes what the selfish fucking family want and they get together again.

Beautiful story of love

All families should experience such uninhibited love. So beautiful how David's erection inspired dad to have him fuck mom.

Beautiful story of love

All families should experience such uninhibited love

Good story

I look forward to your next story about what they do once their daughter comes home. But also age discrepancies. The first paragraph lays out a 35 year marriage with the two births in marriage year 1 and maybe 3. This would make children 34 & 32 (ish).

Not this shit again

And just as it was getting good and wonderful for the happy couple her mom has to wreck it all, not that her father is any better in this regard. But then again some fault lies with Amy as well since she so easily succumbed to her moms ministrations, guess her love for him isn't as strong as her moms language and threats.......we'll just have to wait and see how thing go from here but I really do hope you know what you're doing with this.

2* this time.

Had me worried a bit there

I was worried for a second that MC will boink his mom due to her expression of sexual needs, thank god you left it at that and moved to more pleasurable stuff. One advice here though - Never forget to use lotion or skin moisturiser after shaving your privates, makes the experience and life so much more pleasant. Very glad to see that mom is actively supporting them and is wiling to go the distance and break the news to uncle herself though her secret agenda (and just how does she know what town folks think?) might be pretty big thing by now. Man I can't wait!

4* as there is room for improvement.

Loved this story!

I am absolutely blown away by this story. I wouldn't care if it was 1000 pages, I'd still read it. Better love story than twilight. More interesting characters than 50 Shades. I would love to read more from Suneads point of view or really any more at all!

Not bad

Like others have said get an editor or wait 24 hours from the time you finished to read over and try to find your mistakes. Honestly, most people don't care about or sadly recognize grammatical errors any more.

I guess the wife didn't question the frozen panties?

I'm not trying to dis you here. I heard a news announcers voice in my head as I read the story. I found nothing erotic in the story at all. I questioned the MILF daughter in the title until you said Kate has children. Mom I'd Like To Fuck daughter sort of threw me for a moment or two. There was nothing leading up to the sex outside of both daughter and friend want their pussies eaten more often. Erotic moments come from the senses and how the moments impact a person's mind. If this was truly to document your activities, you got that done. I ate my daughter's friend and fucked her. Her friend told my daughter who demanded the same. I fucked my daughter after I ate her pussy. They both ejaculate when they orgasm. Don't forget to take out the trash...

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