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you have all this build up with the mother and son and fuck it up with the uncle fucking the mother, this story had potential till the last few paragraphs then it went all to shit.

worked for me!

Thanks for covering my fav scenario, very enjoyable

Hurry up!

Hey! Only reason I'm on this site is because this story is so awesome,
But it's been a month since you've posted a chapter! Giving up hope soon

Interesting concept. My only issue is probably a matter of personal preference. There seemed to be a minimal description of what the characters look like. Could have been left out intentionally to leave room for reader creativity but other than that I dug it.


Would love for Gisele to fly in and surprise them only to find a nude Greg fucking their very naked mother Juliane in the kitchen or back yard.


Dont write about story with lyrics dumbass wrecked the whole story


Dude the only reason I come on this site is to read this series. Could you do the next one! :)


Nice cliff hanger this was... with a creative twist in the subway. Again you have the readers fully aroused with a extremely enticing sex scene that has them craving more!

Another bravo to the author!

Your writing and story telling skills are truly improving with each installment! Your engaging characters are developing nicely as they act out their deepest erotic desires to make this enticing chronicle quite believable.
Your creative and naughty imagination is putting forth a very entertaining read that is nearly impossible to put down!


For me it was way too long and I didnt feel the need for the mother to be thrown into the sex scenes


This 2nd chapter Fed off of the build up from chapter one deliscously! It developed nicely with a creative and believable story line... laced with well detailed sex scenes to entice the reader into craving more.


That's a hot one!!! Thank You!!


Well. I can relate to Celia. Though my brother is older and he is still just a fantasy.

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