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Great story!

Very intense and passionate. Well written!

Author's comments

I didn't care for the ending either, so I've submitted an edit with a new ending. Thanks for confirming my feeling.

The dry ass play comment: yes, I've had it, had ATM, and she enjoyed it. Loved it actually. She's the one who asked for it - A LOT. So fuck off, different strokes for different folks.

Other than that, thanks for the positive feedback. It's always nice to know the story is being enjoyed. And thanks for the constructive criticism. When it's thoughtful and makes sense I DO listen.


You were all over the place! Stop, stop. enough is enough already! Stop entering these stories. Find another job.

Was getting hooked until ...

I was getting hooked to this until you mentioned you’d involve other family members as well. Adios!

Waiting for more

Would love to hear more. Please don’t make a family orgy. Keep it between him and Maggie

Don’t be too hard on him!

Yes, the piece needs some tidying up, re-writing, etc. but the subject matter is quite hot. When I was 14 I remember sharing a room (not a bed) with my then 16 y.o. sister on a holiday; our parents’ room was out of sight and earshot. After we’d overcome our initial awkwardness my sister and I engaged in a lot of masturbation in front of each other. (Maybe as I was just discovering my gay side I think she got more enjoyment out of watching me than I got out of watching her.)


Very well done. I really enjoyed it. Well written. Looking forward to reading more.


Good Story

Greatly enjoyed this story, though the biggest take away was in the introductory section where he was railroaded in GA. Never go to Georgia, Alabamastan or other undereducated over religious states, nothing will ever come of it. Good story though

I definitely hear you there...

I'm not opposed to making either (or both) pregnant. At this point, it's too early to introduce a pregnancy. The only reason I've explicitly stated that they're on birth control is to rule out an ACCIDENTAL pregnancy. The decision to become pregnant I feel should be a very deliberate one in an incest story. But it's gonna be awhile before I write Ch. 5...that would be a future angle, possibly for Ch. 7 or 8


especiallly written in the third person.

Fantastic !!!!!

This series is one of the best if not the best! For me some anal would have made it even better. GREAT JOB !!!!

Just Brilliant !

Just read all 18 chapters and it was one amazing story.

Sorry to hear you've been so ill, I hope your recovery is going well.

Looking forward to chapter 19 as and when you're feeling well enough to write again.

Take care of yourself in the meanwhile !


Fan of this story

I enjoy this story so much that I stay up late and check on it daily to see if there has been an update. Keep it up.

So Beautiful

One of the most beautiful series I've ever read. I love that the characters have real depth and feelings and are trying to figure it all out while they are in the middle of their tryst. This feels like it was written based off of real people. Please continue!!!!!


Now that was one hot story !

You really must continue - it's just too good to abandon after only two chapters.

Besides, you haven't yet got to the part where they swap partners !

Well worth far more than 5 Stars too.


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