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Damn Mary. That was outstanding. Written as only a woman could. Very very romantic. Detailed and excellent character development. Any basis of fact in this per chance? A part 3 would be interesting. I don't really see any partner swap tho. It's possible but the intensity of the love between the girls and their fathers don't seem to go this direction. BUT you're the author. Magnificent Mary. 4 stars

Only got 5 paragraphs in!!

I understand that editing your own stories is quite difficult but when she introduces herself as Virginia and then dad referred to her as Victoria Twice in the first 5 paragraphs I just can’t keep reading. When you only have two characters it should be pretty easy to remember their names. Silly but completely distracting.

Great story!

I love stories about grandads and their granddaughters making one another cum! I'm looking forward to reading more about Mandi and her grandad and her dad too


Have Ashley fuck his BIG HAIRY BUTTHOLE with a big decomposing cucumber!

Not my taste

To those who like this story, great. Glad you found something you like. The first page and a half had me intrigued, but you took it way too far after that. It was torture reading the rest of it. I skipped as much as I could! I only got to the end to see how terrible it could get. Huge waste of my time. Wish I could give less than 1 star.

Eagerly Anticipating Part 5!

This chapter was as great as the others! Please please please put up another chapter soon.

Grandpa wants to fuck my granddaughter

I loved your story. I'm 70 and I'd love to fuck my 18 year old granddaughter. I'll be your pretend or for real grandpa to any young woman, just send me a message

Enjoyed It!

This is the longest story I've read on Literotica and was well worth my time. There were few errors, probably typos that spell checker couldn't fix - such as 'feat' where 'feet' was intended.

Very nice build up to the actual sex, I was hooked early on. I waited and waited for Maggie and Laine to find each other but you went another way. It seemed to me that Catria would have been accepting of that. I felt sorry for Maggie because she wasn't a lesbian but the only satisfaction she got from the arrangement was an occasional pussy licking from her little sister. Such a waste.

Thanks for the story. You are a talented writer.

Its an request

I read this story almost 20 times, I have not find a wonderful story in comparison. Please write a sequel this story or make a new one, but as like this story.
You may take some other close relatives. For example: 1- Mom Dad Son Daughter, Son in-law, daughter in-law, OR 2- Mom Dad Son, daughter and granddaughter, OR3- Mom Dad Son and daughter in-law grand son, daughter son in-law and granddaughter.


I binged on every chapter today. Another 5* for this chapter. I don't know if you need to go to those other stories quite yet. This one needs to at least partially resolve into a cliffhanger ending before leaving it. Then we can anticipate the sequel until you come back to it to make a tragedy or a happy ever after finale.

Should do an impregnated chapter

Choose your own adventure

Love the idea of having an input and I'll echo the other readers saying both sound like a good idea. But I am going to have to say A.

It almost gives us readers a sense of a common right of passage

Awesome Family!

Two people who love one another and share that love is amazing...
WOW. It just happens to be brother and sister.

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