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what a great story. the last 2 chapters were unbelievable!!! sexy, erotic, loving, just really well written and well done.

How about a sequel? this is one of the best storys on the site. I'd love to read more!

That was Nice.

Something about this story is so real.
Something like that happened to me, but my sister and I were swimming in our pool.
She was splashing around in the water, kind of jumping and spinning around at the same time.
When her tits sprang free from her top, as the swirling water moved the top free.
Her beautiful young pink puffy nipple capped C cup tits, in my view for the first time.
Though she didn't seem to notice.
I did and so did my hard dick.
Let me tell you a little about my 18 year old sister Lilly, she is about 5ft 5, around 110 pounds.
She has long wavy brown hair, and deep blue eyes. wonderful 34C breasts, with a sweet tight butt.
I was transfixed on her beautiful tits, as I moved closer to her in the water.
As if I was in a trance, I started jumping up and down too.
Letting my swim trunks fall down, to my knees with my cock bouncing up and down under the water.
I headed right up to her and put my hands out splashing her, then grabbing for her.
Just getting a handful of those soft tits, I was in heaven.
She was laughing and bouncing up and down with me as my cock was hard between us.
I reached down holding her hips, as we bounced together pushing down her bottoms.
She was laughing saying. "Our bottoms, are off, and my tits are out. I can see your junk."
Still laughing she said, "Did I do that, you know, make you hard?"
Kicking her bottoms off, then leaned back and floated right in front of me.
Opening her legs so I could get a close look at her pussy, actually floating her pussy right in my face.
I reached out grabbed her by her ass from underneath, and stuck my tongue in that sweet shaved pussy.
I just kept on licking, and sucking that pink pussy till she clamped her legs around my head, then bucked and rocked her cunt on my face. Coming.
"Wow!, that was the best, you made me cum!" Lilly said. as she swam up and wrapped her arm around my neck, reaching down with her other gripping my cock.
Me feeling her stiff little nipple, as she wrapped her legs around me.
Guiding my hard cock into her pussy, as again she started to bounce on my cock.
The water wasn't making the entry any easier, washing away our natural lubricant.
Though, slowly, inch by inch, I was in sucking on her nipple, until I was in to deep to keep her nipple in my mouth.
We both were bouncing in the water until I felt my cum filling Lilly's tight pussy.
Even as she came she sighed. "Ah Oh You fuckin came in me, you fuckin jerk,
I'm not on the pill yet." then said, " I should have sucked your cock, you could have cum in my mouth"
"Lets get out of the pool, I want to feel you against me dry" Lily said.
"Me too." I said." You have a perfect body, I want to feel you nice and dry."
"I can't wait to cum in your sexy mouth." I said.
"Lets get inside" Lilly said, as she ran naked to the house.
The beginning of a long wonderful summer.
Thanks for the read.

Love it

I loved the story. Fantastic.

Such an enjoyable story

Love, affection, drama & great sex. Hope you can continue soon. I have read this series twice now and am hanging for more. Merry Christmas.

Thank you

Commenting on this story as a whole (cuz i've just read it all over a period of 3 days) i have to say it is one of the best stories i've read on this site.

Like others have said, i'm sad it's over but i'm happy with how you ended it. I'l freely admit that the "Non, je ne regrette rien" scene at the end brought tears to my eyes.

I look forward to the Christmas Special and the follow up in the New Year. I'm so happy you're going to continue their story. Thanks again 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Keep going. I like all of that funny.

very nice

I loved reading these stories,,,,very nicely written,,,,,,


This is one of the most realistic depictions and is perfectly paced. There was just enough sex present to lead into the ending. So few stories seem to focus on the 'mommy' aspect and just settle for "it's wrong but it's hot". That, a mother's love, and the love between her and her child is to me the most important thing and rarely seen like this, I think.

There were a few typos, but nothing systemic. My only complaint is that there was no pregnancy stuff, but that's small potatoes. I'll be returning to this one many times.

If your son is smart he would leave your Sorry ass to fuck who ever your trash ass wanted

Good concept but like other have posted you need to work on your english, also you overused the "I said / she said", instead you could make a new paragraph with the dialogue inside the "quotation".

Yes please

Bloody hot so far, I am really liking where this is going. Keep writing please

Ugh! So Gooood!

God, this story is so good! I absolutely adore your writing style!

Do you have a Patreon? I feel like I should be paying for this.

I'm addicted

I happened upon this story a few days ago and I can't stop reading it. I've been a lurker on this site before. I accidently found this story while searching the new stories tag function and I am so glad that I did. Had to comment on it. This is just an incredible story. Kudos on your amazing story.

Pig shit?

Thanks for your input and going out of your way to comment. Hope your day improves.

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