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Well done

I really did not care much for your earlier submissions, the content was too rough for me. This however, is a great story that I enjoyed reading. Dad's a dumbass, but the son steps up to the plate and gives mom what she's been missing. What's not to like?

Hope you'll write more mom-son stories like this.

I know my father watches me sometimes but I don't know if I should make a move to let him know I think he's hot. I dream about him coming into my room and rubbing his cock all over me, fucking me. I love your story - my panties are wet and I am throbbing.

Just to be clear

I feel that Dray imposed the rule of sleeping with Cecilia only when Gloria was there. It was his honor that made him hesitate to break that bond with her and his trust that graced the two gals to play alone.

As to Olivia? Who knows? Some people might be fine with that seeing as she was so close to Dray. I'm not gonna judge. And I liked the last peak of drama before the happy ending.

Well done! 5⭐️

So fucking hot

Fabulous absolutely fucking fabulous, more and more of this please and soon. Cunt lapping sex maniac UK

Keep it going......

This story needs a conclusion. So many people leave their story like this and sometimes I wish I never started the story.. Help me!!!!!!


Good start

Enjoyed the theme and direction the story is taking. The teasing of the son with the stockings, the sexual tension...please continue on this theme. Some milking as a reward or perhaps a spanking for the son over stocking clad legs in part 2. Looking forward to how you take this

Well the story so far is pretty enjoyable! ...if you set aside him going on like a whiner about 'its incest, your my sister, its wrong, blah blah'. Yeah, no brother with a hot horny, needy sister is going to say anything except 'I love you sis, your on the pill, right?' Lol.


get mom preggers & the 2 girls too

Thank you

I Bet the therapist was rubbing herself after sessions with them.:-P BTW loved the story, the father was realistic and I think their whole mess could have gone through a lot quicker if she decided to seduse him herself, but the therapist was involved, and I think she helped a lot, and gave a satisfying ending, a different ending :-)

sexy sex

nice story. skip the arm pit junk. no one gets off on that stuff.

Really like the concept

I had a similar story concept I mapped out where it's long term captivity of a brother and sister who are slowly broken down over the course of months to have sex to survive and slowly become lovers. I enjoyed reading this. My only critique is I thought the sex came to soon and to willingly. The first sex with each other should have been after more time and much more coercion. Still it was an enjoyable story.

piece of shit

Those of you talking shit about this story can't say shit about it. Not one of you bitches could write something that even comes close to being as good as this is. So stfu!!!

Yes, that worked out nicely.

Anne sounds like a woman it would be good to know.

The dialogue is one of a kind!!

Ignore 08/09/15

If the previous comments were worth reading, they wouldn't be "Anonymous"

Anonymous, just because it is not trashy enough for you doesn't mean it is bad.

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