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This starts well! Very up beat, I'm enjoying the casual voice of the mother. Hope you continue this!

3rd time

this is my third time readig this series and still luvin it. great job

thank you

Been waiting for this for long time,keep on going


Life happens like that..

Thank you to the Literotica universe for its response to this story.

In response to the specific question why I named it "Ricardo and Juliana" and not "Kara and Randall" after the central characters, there are at least three reasons: (1) For Kara, the narrator of and the person who titled the story, it is meeting Ricardo and Juliana which changes her life and so it the pivotal event in the course of the story, (2) Ricardo and Juliana, as the owners of the nude beach, tie the story to the Nude Day theme of the contest, and (3) It may just be because they sound exotic to my gringo ears, but Ricardo and Juliana are sexier names than Kara and Randall.

Good Start...

... a few typos, but no big deal. Looking forward to where you'll take it.

worth re-reading

Like others, I agree this is a re-readable story. Hot, well-written, and a strong touch of reality. Five stars +

Great story but there were a few flaws.

Most of the flaws and suggestions to get an editor have been already been pointed out in previous comments. I saw one where you were shown the proper way to construct a sentence. Just about every comment I read was complementary of the story but had constructive criticism and then there were the typical comments from a few ignorant halfwits to ignore those useful critiques. They don't have the intelligence to recognize that critiquing is valuable to an author who wants to improve his or her writing skill. That's a big part of why they leave the comment section TURNED ON.


More incest please

I think this chapter is ok, nice three some at the beginning but would like more incest with mother and how about being mother in law as well and have Jeremy fuck all four of the women in his life please .

Really Good, but Some Issues...

Mostly enjoyed your story, but some things through me off. First, the "pure luck that her mother had gotten sick and died" line really bothered me sound like Abby didn't care about or love her mother, which seems untrue from the rest of the story, but comes across as heartless and took me out of the scene. Second, the point of view change was awkward and unexpected leaving me to have to re-read a couple of times to understand what happened. Maybe some other things, but those were the main and hope you can take them to make your story / writing even better. Thanks

turned into movie

this has to be made into a movie of somesort,,,,,right!

The Format is Fine...

... you uncultured pricks.

Keep up the amazing work.

No pregnancy

The last sentence HAS ALMOST NO SENSE,since IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for a woman who is 48 years old to get pregnant!

Will it ever happen?

I wonder what he is thinking. I am of the opinion there is way too much thinking and not enough fucking.

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