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Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Despite all her fears and reservations it seems inevitable that Monica will eventually surrender completely to Charles. And so she should, as it is obvious that she's a sensuous and passionate woman who needs to be loved regularly and often.
So how will she deal with Charles' father? I hope further chapters will tell the tale!

Gave it a 5 for your rffort and the story but,

really for making dear annony mad and bitching all the time. We all hope he'll drop dead.

Knock em up!

Both of 'em need to be knocked up!

Glaring spelling/grammar problems with this one. Why do people insist on submitting sub-par shit like this? If I have to work at it to just read a story, it's not even worth 1 star.

Get a fucking editor or proof read it yourself. If you can't find these mistakes, you have no business writing. Go back to school.

Plot point

re her drinking, the point was she couldn't drink any more as she'd already had a couple with her friends. Plot points annoy me as well so thanks for picking up on it.


nice story

i expexted next chapter soon,please

Another Great Chapter

Another great chapter, really looking forward to Chapter 10. Hopefully Alison will have a lot of modeling applicants, and really try her best to get each of them to measure up by going topless, but.....


Totally untrue. Like anyone's gunna believe ya.


I like the twins. I hope they don't get hurt...


Great chapter. Very hot indeed. I'm looking forward to read the next one. Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the awesome work. ^__^


Thought I would come back and read more of your work. Your story was a fun and intriguing. I fancy my older sister's son looking out a window to see my short skirt rising up along the back of my thighs - me pretending to inspect the garden. It's a rainy night here, being all alone so you can see why a girl might be looking to you for some inspiration. I've always been well, very sexual. My older sister played a role in that as she once caught me and my best friends playing make-out during a sleep over. She taught Stacy and Pam how to French kiss and well ... other things too. Thanks for letting me share, my rabbit is working me towards a series of small warm orgasims. The only issue now is which fantasy? Lying back on the bed surrendering to my nephew or the memory of crawling across the floor to my sister's bed.

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