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Great Start!

I really like this. It's way more "normal" than the other stories out there that just get straight to sex. This has some reality to it. I'm really interested to see where you take this next. Gave 5*


what a great story can't wait for more as I would love to hear about Jane joining them and maybe Jasmine , Is there a possibility Sarah might continue with Jane and Jasmine could be a thing once Emmett goes back to school


This is the best story I have read on Literotica yet. It is a great romance novel with incest as an aside, with some humor mixed in. It has it all.


You referenced the animated movie Moana, but it wasn't released during the summer, which is when this story is set?

Really liked it-Moms reluctance-very well portrayed

It was good.The girlfriend was absolutely well done-has got magic powers

The girl sounds like a slut and the pacing is a mess. Neither character was really established as anything more than a sex doll.

Could have been better

I don't like how slutty the sister sounded, her appearance should have been better described, and anyone saying "Ya" is a big turnoff.

Continue this story

Please continue this story, it has a lot of potential.


What a great story, I loved every bit of it. Thanks for writing g.

Very hot!

Very, very hot.
Waiting the next chapter coming soon!
5 * for you!

I got half way through the first page too

Seriously, the story line is good and even the tempo is good but the writing is atrocious. Sentences don't make sense. Words are incorrectly used (site is a place not a sight). It's just too tedious to read. Get someone to edit it. It does have potential.

Very hot

Nice story, waiting for more...
5 * for you.


man, loved the story. you had me cumming in my shorts like crazy, i was so wet, cant wait till the next story.

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