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Very nice

I really liked the read. I just wish there were more details about the first time that you and your daughter had sex, and/or when Linnie was turned and a threesome with her. Other than those additions, it is great.


I liked the story very much. You are a very good writer. I just think there was too much time spent with the descriptions of their intimacy.


I just came in my pants reading this story! Great job!


I never can understand why fairly literate people don't know the difference between "shuttered" and "shuddered".

Please translate more of your wonderful stories

While I wish that I could read them in their original language, I have much enjoyed those translated into English. Wonderful writing in either language.

Way to go

Thanks for the great story. Very enjoyable.
The old fart

Oh yeah!

Sounds like a good story. I can't wait for more. Hopefully some of your fans that have read this before won't spoil it. 5* from me. I may not comment on each part if I am just echoing others, but I will vote on each one.

Response to Blackknight314

Welcome - the stories here can be great. Thank you for your great comments. I try not to spoil it with these comments either. I can tell you that I'm not much for humiliation either so that doesn't play a part. As an ethical slut myself, it depends how you consider the word on how that plays out here. You'll let me know as we continue. I love my characters just as they are and would love to be in their world. Other than minor corrections or flow improvements, I'm not changing anything from the originally posted chapters. At its heart this has always been a love story - about love in many faceted forms.


Reminded me of the 1986 film Blue Velvet ...Dennis Hopper plays Frank Booth ..sometimes he's the sadist 'Daddy" and other times he's a child 'Baby' who huffs mitrous oxide to enhance his orgasm & wants Blue Velvet shoved in his mouth while he fucks 'Mommy'.....here's a Frank Booth line from the film: Frank Booth: "Now it's dark! Mommy! Baby wants to fuck!"

I personally find it very erotic......Baby Wants to Fuck!.......so I say to jmx_9 RIGHT ON! Keep it coming!

Great story......

....and I loved the dialogue! Must've been terrific fun to write. Very well constructed dissection of sister/brother incest. Will be checking your list to read more of your work. Thank you!


Really hot and dangerous...but loved it..need chapter
# 2 please hurry...thank you.

One of the best series

Kept hard and horny. What a fantastic way to love.

Really scifi or fantasy

I wouldn't call this Sci Fi or Fantasy, and that is meant as a compliment. While totally different, this reminds me of Willing Slave Unwilling Master. You are exploring a whole bunch of speculative ideas, and there will be sex, but it is not about sex. Keep on.

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