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I loved the story, this is so good! The plot is so amazing, I can't wait to read the rest.

Bobby T. will be proud!

Picking up and then ending someone else's story could not be easy. You did a hell of a job. Congrats.

Beautiful love story

Such great writing and imagination put into one story. Sad very few people get to experience this form of love.

What a coincidence!

Mmm... I've had the great good fortune to be sucked off in that tunnel inbound and outbound. Seeing that cityscape spread out before you just as you're coming in a hot girl's talented mouth, you never look at it the same way again!


Beautifully handled, just enough suspense, and a great climax.
I am a fan. A.

A well-written story - arousing and filled with many enticing pieces of information. It sure brings the best out in what Wanda wants and needs to how she makes these young studs feel. I cannot wait for more. Thank you !

I can see this could be all there is but this could also be just the start of a long story, how about him being an undercover F.B.I. agent and they bring down a whole load of crims. So many possible things could follow this story. I just wish I could write.

Yes, a very good story - 5 stars. They both need to make out more before the raw sex starts. He should start eating her pussy out and touching her gently then rub his cock over her pussy lips as she holds him and they are looking each other in the eye. They should learn to move together as one and continue touching and do things that keeps them both aroused. So, his sister starts to re-wire herself to connect kissing, holding, touching and rubbing her boobs, pussy lips, lips by her mouth and anywhere else to satisfying sex. Hopefully, she will start telling him how fulfilling their sex is and how much she likes it. Cannot wait for another chapter or two on how she gets off the toys and uses his cock, hands, mouth, etc. to take their place. Great theme. Thank you.

Don't share

So far very sexy story. Please don't share. Add more romance in further stories and it would be just perfect. By sharing you will kill it

Great story

Love how you spent time early in the story writing about incest in general. The rest of the story is for fathers and daughters to envy

As boring as a Sunday sermon. I fell asleep during first page. When I woke up I realized why I had fell asleep and skipped the other 6 pages. Hopefully others won't be bored by the start. Wish you well anyways.

Don't share

Please continue with just the two of them. Don't share her with the roommates.

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