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This was pretty good

Ignore the haters. It sounds like somebody is mad because they've got saggy tits, perhaps? :)

Both fun and hot, it's a great read for rmdexter fans like me. Thanks a lot for your effort and keep up the awesome work.

Not very good.

"His cum must have been hot ....."
is crap, how can it possibly be hotter than inside her body?

Needs more exclamation points.

Not bad

I liked it, grammar was good and it was easy to read. Maybe not a true story, but the fantasy was pretty hot. Nice job!


I really enjoyed this. Please write a second part.

Good story

I really good story. Thank you.

So True

I didn't start a full sexual relationship with my mother until my father died. We had wanted to but waited till we were free. She was 58 and I was 37. This story like others from this author emphasises the exquisite pleasure on shooting your sperm for the first time deep into your mother flooding the neck of her womb and cervix. .mothers who enjoy incest also love this intense feeling .A great incest tale.

I just love that we got the whole family tree and history out of the way.


I absolutely love the dream twist!

Daughter in law

It is always good to have Bahu under you.
Neha, my new Bahu is knock out and we had loved each other.
Her ass is another pussy for me

Thank you everyone!

I appreciate you readers taking the time to jot down a comment. I also appreciate the kind words and analysis, the favorites and votes. This has been one of my highest voted stories so far. On to April!


re-insert (reinsert)
second-to-none (second to none)
theatrrical (theatrical)
Another grown (groan)
inbetween (in between)
ballsac (ball sac)
humbing (humming)
trinkling (tinkling)
nipplies (nipples)
tbat (that)
moreso (more so)
bath tub (bathtub)
middle-age (middle age)
whi;e (while)
splodge (spurt)
about-turn (about turn)
(-as her brother) as her son
Jem lay down on the bed and Lucy immediately straddle him (straddled)
surplas (surplus)
rescinded (removed)
twerled his cock in his hand (twirled his hand on his cock)
bulls-at-a-gate (UNKNOWN EXPRESSION????)
three score years (-and ten) (THREE SCORE IS SIXTY) (CAM WAS ONLY SIXTY YEARS OLD.)

this was all kinds of fucked up

Interesting premise

I would like to see where it goes. I wonder if the boy can keep his emotions in check.

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