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I don't get it!?

First, what a wimp of a guy! She is forcing him, and he can't do anything? If he is so worried that he might have naked pics on the web, why was he posting them in the first place? Wish my sister would torture me that way. Too unreal!

I know... fiction, just a story. She just needs to cut his nuts off and make him the namby, pamby little girl that he is. Oh, she can't do that, she wouldn't have her own private dildo to pleasure herself with.


What...? You want me to show you my cock, you little tramp? What...? You want to suck my cock and make it big and hard, you little whore? What...? You want me to eat your hot, juicy cunt, you slut? What...? You want to make me shoot my hot sticky cum all over the place, you horny little cum slut? What...? You want to cum all over my face, you nasty little twat, cunt, bitch.

Why, you should be shot for torturing me so! It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, baby, torture away, cunt.


i agree with the last comment, if anon hated it some much why did he take the time to finish it and then take the time to comment. if you don't like a story quit reading give it a one and move on or just quit and move on. if your going to comment man up and put your name with the comment.

Less then

From what I have read in medical journal the chance of a defect is a actually about the same for non blood related parent relationships. The basis for the tag of defect take is if it is multigenerational like.the old houses of royalties were they kept it all in the family repeatedly.

I liked it a lot

I’m torn—I loved the concept and the plot (5*) but disliked how trite the writing was in places (3*). The parts I didn’t like seemed like what one might get if all of Lit’s 3-star stories were mixed in a blender, then poured onto a page. Elsewhere the writing felt original. I think it needs reworking by a dedicated editor. My last word is that I enjoyed your story (I gave it four stars) and I thank you for sharing it.


Turn off...

When a woman swears like a dirty leg whore I get turned off. The house showing incident was awful. If a woman spoke to me like that I would show her the door, rather than catch something terrible. Then he volunteers that to his mother? Real classy and tactful. That was it for me. Too bad because the story started out well.

good read

but this story needs to be finsished.

There's criticism and then there's plain rudery

As you will notice, SlipperySaddleBum, from my other stories, I tend to write stories that tell a tale rather than just create a plain fuck 'em situation, which you obviously prefer. I like to imagine that I'm there (or that I WAS there) and build my tale around that.
But I get hanged for doing that by some of you and praised by others so I'm learning and as writing is a learning process - learning to avoid too much waffle; to develop characters and to avoid excessive dimensions - I hope I'm getting better at pleasing people.
However, this story was written almost 3 years ago (October 2013) and it's not a little unfair of you to moan about something that is past it's 'new' date.
And 'however' again - I'm not a professional writer - this is just a hobby so my stories are not perfect. Therefore, to be so bloody rude as you were is unnecessary and uncouth. At least I try to write, which is more than you do.
Be constructive when necessary but don't be abusive - and grow up. And please don't bother to read my other stories.

Winner first time out of the gate !

Well, written, concise, yet with enough details to draw the reader in, letting them experience everything thru your eyes. Looking forward to your next submission


Titles a little... boring. First part is also less exciting, but that's expected. It was amazing, other than the sister's motivation for him to fuck her. Like just cuz shes horny doesnt make 100% sense cuz if i was horny i wouldnt fuck a relative. Otherwise pretty cool man

Is the daughter..?

It's little space.
Honestly makes my pussy so wet.

Keep up the great work

Having just finished this chapter within a day and a half. This chapter might have been long but no longer than the previous one. You said the Shit was going to hit the fan and you were correct. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Thank You All

Your comments are an inspiration!

There will be more chapters. Russty1, The next chapter in the Hawaiian party episode is in progress. There are parts of that story that are dependent on input from RecHiker and "The Morrisons". RecHiker is working on it and has been looking forward to better health so that his progress will speed up.

The follow-up to this chapter has been started and there is another chapter to follow that one. - It's very nearly complete. It needs input from Chapter 11.

Again, Thank You all!


Very nice till the end

BUT stupid sonny just got his first piece of mommy and he ONLY wanted to cum on her tits??? 4 stars, WOW what a fucking turn off!!!!!!!!!! instant 10 star story into 4...

hot damn!

you keep outdoing yourself. there was so much in this chapter, i loved it. happy to see you are better and writing again. looking forward to the next chapter.
such a well written, exciting story with so much detail. thank you

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