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Crever, jorry and launchy, a velitable mastelpiece!

I agree with the no pimping out the women or even the while bdsm dom sub crap either. What you already had in this was enough to last a several chapters. Your editor needs an editor with as many mistakes they let go by.


Who says sex and humor don't mix?! This is one of the funniest stories I've read on Literotica. Simply over the top. Kudos to you, sir.


It's great to read a different version of a very familiar storyline. I found it interesting to say the least, isn't realise the time between the two stories as I read them back to back but I implore you that the next chapter is sooner rather than later !!!!!

Feedback for Anonymous

Thank you for enjoying the story.

I do worry about typos because I hate seeing them in best-selling novels (I read big numbers of books and almost always find a few). I'm also always conscious that my spellcheck has been added to so much that it's become 49% US English, 50% British English and 1% unofficial slang. Sometimes it "corrects" in the wrong direction!

Great story!

Completely credible which makes a big change here. Don't worry about typos (we all make them) like "hellers like", makes it real somehow. This story was obviously written by someone with real sexual experience which again makes a big change here. Thanks again from a fellow Yorkie.

Great story!

A great story of mum-son love. I loved the ending - it was near perfect, the only thing that could have made it better would be a baby ;) But 5 stars from me.

PS. Where is the story supposed to be set? From your note at the beginning I assumed they would be in England, but then one of Andrew's roommates talks about moving to England, so that can't be it. I was just curious... :)

This story is perfect and i have read and jerked off on it at least 100 times in last 5 years. Please complete and add the next part my friend!!!.

I swear I read this somewhere else

This is short and didn't have material enough to allow me to get properly turned on much less to cum. Also, you left out the 5-year old. What retarded parent would skip out on their kid? If you wanted to use the kid to make the couple seem sincere then have the pregnancy result in a miscarriage, then use the horrid event as an excuse for why they wanted to move and why they were willing to cheat on one another. If you add in some detail then use it.

Make Sally come more.

Make her have a threesome with both her husband and daughter's. Also make the husband watch.

Why bother?

Seriously, if you don't give a damn about grammar, if you don't give a damn about your readers, and if you don't give a damn about entertaining... why are posting your stories?

Allyson K.

Had to give it a 5.

I couldn't bring myself to not love this story. The tone, voice, and overall narrative were too spectacular! Yes it's literotica about twincest but GOD DAMN was it well written! Even the imagery was executed flawlessly, every minute detail could be brought to mind and you didnt even have to write paragraphs describing every little thing. You have TALENT. Write a book, PLEASE!

Wow just a simply remarkable story with love and romance. Please make another part to it!


The subject is incest. Having his lesbian step mom is not incest!!!


The most incest incestuous incest award goes to....

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