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You are a fantastic story teller
Even though I usualy tend to read brother/sister, cousins and daughter/father I totaly enjoyed this story I will definetly read more of your works
As I foud this one quite loving and stimulating


to offset the asshole of LIT's 1 vote

Badly written, perfunctory, plotless crap.


I came three times throughout the whole story!!! Good job and keep up the good work!💖☺😊😀:)!

to anon...

anon.. you are complaining about the author being repetitive, you forget that it is the way that the world talks. short, compact, and concise. no one says in the middle of having sex, "wait, stop, do you have a medically approved prophylactic?" No! they say, wait, you got a rubber??? so stop complaining about the i's and the t's, and take the story for what it is, ENTERTAINTMENT!!!

Feel sorry for him

Should have just been the two of them making life for themselves and not every other woman.

@Dark_Storm, re 'Busting The Hymen Myth'

This ignorance seems to be endemic across the American educational system; a nation that's more concerned with teaching the tripe that is Creationism than teaching students about the realities of their own bodies is fully to blame for creating it's own well of fundamental ignorance, one that most American's seem to sip from on a daily basis.

That it's women writers here who get it so wrong and so often is a depressing indictment of the way they are are taught, and the things they are taught. The whole 'internal hymen' thing is a recurring theme here, and, sadly, most of the people who write (and read) here use this as their source-book for learning about the sexual and biological realities of their own bodies. Their school didn't teach them shit about anything remotely 'sexual', but did waste years and millions of taxpayer dollars making sure they knew to question whether it was an apple or a pomegranate Eve took from the Tree. I despair.

This story lost me at that point; if authors can't be bothered to research fundamental facts, then I can't be bothered wasting my time reading their work.

Knock her up!

Enjoyed the story very much. But the son accepting anal was disappointing. Should have put it in her vagina and taken the risk of knocking her up.

Good ideas, not sure about the delivery

There is a lot of potential in this storyline, but it'svery rushed; the sex went to warp speed almost from the outset, with no attempt to develop the characters properly; everybody was madly humping pretty much as soon as they appeared in the narrative with no real attempt to explain them or even create some sort of back-story, which I found a little off-putting. It still gets you 3 stars, but really, it should have been more, and if it had been less rushed and eager to get to the sex it would have.

Brave attempt for a first story, though; it takes a lot of nerve to take that first step and hope no-one posts a litany of hate and nastiness in response, so well done you. Your ideas are good, if a little unoriginal, and you really do need to hone your storytelling skills, but other than that, a fair first attempt, no doubt you will get better as you write more, and I'd honestly like to see how you progress. 3 stars, which is a 'Like', and I hope it encourages you to keep on writing.

You are going to finish it right?

This chapter did expand a bit what happened in the 1st chapter, but instead of answering questions you created more. Please finish the story and give us closure to what will happen to Mike and Megan, and also find out the nature of the relationship between Gracie and Betty.

Carry on

Looking forward to reading the rest

Did finally figured something was amiss!

Finally, and all it took was a fling in the backseat with the parent driving. I was wondering if they are just super oblivious or didn't care, now I see that it's a bit of both. The rest was funny though highly unlikely, still their bond is now even firmer and I'm really looking forward to see how they manage these 7 months apart, hoping for a loving and passionate reunion with full support.

I gave it a 5* because it carries on the happy setting and for the fact that dad is on to something, hopefully not gonna chase him with a machete trough the house ;)

Busting the hymen myth

Yet another story with the mythical (and totally fictitious) internal hymen. The hymen is at the entrance to the vagina, not somewhere buried deep inside. Anything that has entered the vagina is already past the hymen. There is no "driving in deep", then hitting a barrier. You've already breached it on the way in.

It is especially irritating when the falsehood is perpetuated by a female author who should know where a hymen is.

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