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Too Funny, but very nice story 5 stars

Fuck on a coach??? Maybe the old high school football coach. Would that be kinda weird? Try couch...

I wonder......

Great story and credible too which makes a change here.
I wonder if mum, being so against them having sex, was made pregnant by her brother?

Yes poor MOM

Yes mom sounds like she been left out of the action

sexy and wish the same too

I want my mom and my dad and I are talking to make it happen


Soooooo sensual....sublime...seductive! Very well done!

So obvious an ending

Very poor story, no descriptions, nonreal story, no build up and an ending that a 15 year old could guess.
Then theres the spelling, plus one minute its his girlfriend, then his wife, one moment its his brother & sister the next its his friends.
You need to take some lessons on how to write stories, how to use spell checker then get an editor or proof reader with better skills than yours.
1* for effort, after thinking about it thats one star too many !!


Simply the hottest story I've ever read. Please keep going. You have my juices going as I relive a time 30+ yrs. ago. Her name was KATE. Not my sister, but close enough.

Awsome !

So good ! It is love story, NOT INCEST! So right. Deserve a very good ending! 5*


Dont get me wrong, I like your normal stuffs (reads:siblings incest) as much as the next guy, but this is especially good, one of your better stories even IMO.

For a while, I ignored this story, thinking it was just an experiment of yours, something written in a whim, that you wouldnt be able to be appreciative of "love of a mother" (what I am, professional mother enthusiast? Lol).

You sure proved me wrong, excellent writing as always, tho maybe the different dynamic between the characters (not just the label of the relationship, but the more directly, 'expressive' love from very premise) makes this one stand out from the others for me.

You did call this result of just a "phase", so I dont expect this to happen again anytime soon, but I would love to read more of mother-son couples from you :D

Great add!

LOVED this new chapter, with Peter telling Dottie she's his dream girl. I love how you crafted their banter and interaction, with the scene of Ashley and Celeste proving quite playful too.

I love how you've written them so into each other with the aunt so accepting. I hope to read the "full coupling" soon; if you write it anything like their interactions to date, it will sizzle! 5


I also really love how you've described Jill. Especially how she looks just like the older version of her daughter, double the fun! I love how much Becca seems to be so hot for them both and how sexual Becca and Jill are together

Part three please!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the second chapter in this series. I love how sweet and innocent Beth is. I love the attention to detail, you've wrote something very special. I would like to see a part three in which we get to see Beth enjoying Becca's sexy mature body as well as her Mum's. I think you have done well to capture the awakening of the sexual side of Beth. And how special it is for a younger girl to have lost her virginity to an older woman who truly enjoys her.


Erotic and I thought very well-told; I don't think anything else is necessary aside from I'm glad she got under covers with him and they had that special moment--although I can't imagine why the aunt didn't explode. 5

Thoroughly enjoyed the series.

The story had so many good things about it. The description of their daily life felt very natural. And the way they gave themselves to each other sexually was very satisfying. Thanks for writing it!

Very promising start

I look forward to ch. 2, because this illustrates why Peter would be into Dottie and what drew them together: it's plausible, relatively well-paced and definitely enjoyable to read because I don't see any problems with the flow.

There are a few run-ons/fragments in the first few paragraphs, but after that I don't notice them. Backstory feels appropriate and sets up more to come--I don't see it as bogging down your story any. You described nicely how she looked and how her scent affected Peter when she entered his room in the closing, so thanks for including those details. I actually think you maybe needed a little more fleshing out of perhaps a crucial critical moment or two that would have really cemented this going forward. While you seemed to hinge your "move forward" moment on Dottie catching Peter stroking his "peter" in the bathroom and that serves to advance the final scene, it doesn't really nail down things. Although Dottie confessing dad perved on her and jacked off to her, these seem out-of-place since nothing can be done now--unless you mean Dottie to use that to encourage Peter's future voyeurism.

Very solid job and great start. 4

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