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Yummm !!!

OMG Sarah, this is a wonderful fantasy of mine. My tight, microfiber VS pink thong is thoroughly soaked with my sweet "yummy cummies"...Grrrrr !! Thanks for writing this one.

to over the top

You have missed a lot in this story sweetie. It is by no means a stretch to be a man that realizes he wants to be a woman after having an experience like this. I should know. I live as one

This was sexy as hell. Good job!

Sissy wife heaven

I am a. Rely married sissy wife and I wish my husband was this way with me. A very erotic story that dealt with the emotional submission as well as the physical.

Do people really talk like this to each other? Sorry, was turned off with the word "twat". Absolutely the dumbest word ever used to describe a warm, soft pussy in my opinion.👎

GR8 B8 M8

I was never under the impression that my story was published on merit, or because I was a 'potentially great author'. I don't give a fuck about the story. It clearly means a great deal more to you than it does to me. But why is that? Does your insecurity extend so far that you feel the need to attack some random on the Internet because you think the words they wrote were a 'lump of verbal dung'? Sounds a bit like it. If you want to continue, go right ahead kiddo. This is obviously the only method you've found to feed your oh-so-talented ego.

Cunts can always find a way to validate themselves, right?

I love this story.

Thanks for making a story about a trans woman who doesn't top. I like seeing different characters other than the dominant transgirl which can get boring pretty fast. I hope you make more stories like these in the future.

Your story was published, but...

It's not like some editor at Literotica decided you were a potentially great author and honored you by publishing this lump of verbal dung. You submitted. it was posted. That simple. But if it makes you feel good to think it was "published" by merit, go ahead. No-talents can always find a way to validate themselves, I guess.

To "over the top" anonymous

This is one of the more sedate (and well-written) stories on this site. If you come here at all you must realize tne nature of the fiction here. Note the term FICTION. If it bothers you so much I'd suggest not torturing yourself. In other words, get the fuck out and don't come back.

Poorly written

Way too many holes and his logic was just god awful. It was so silly that I just had to laugh. I notice from the other comments that you delete bad comments so I'm sure this will disappear too. Bad story telling

Complete over-the-top bullshit

He has his wife wear women's clothes and serve him like a maid. There was no reason for her to take a week off since he had to work. So after cleaning the house she had time to herself during the day. And he didn't involve anyone else but their friends for one evening. His bitch wife, on the other hand, set out to publicly embarrass him. She not only gets him to change his facial hair and get a haircut, she has other women putting him in women's clothes. That's abuse, plain and simple. He should have used his time off planning the divorce. Who wants a wife that takes advantage, demeans, degrades and humiliates her husband? Who humiliates him repeatedly in front of their friends and others. That thinks nothing of sodomizing him. The ending where he cried further ruined the story by revealing him to be a man that was totally lacking in both pride and self respect. He wants to be a woman? I'm still laughing at that line. Why would he want to be a woman? What will all his friends and family think? I bet his Father would be proud. At his job he'll probably get fired. And what about the stupid wife? So goes from being married to a man to wanting another girlfriend instead of a husband? Stupidity runs amok. This whole mess was neither probable or believable. Even for fiction this was just silly.
No stars

LF: Mature adult with shoulder to cry on

I suppose I shouldn't try and keep up with you literary geniuses - you're all clearly far past my level of writing. I can't even remember the whole alphabet!

Now let me ask you this: is eroticism not a matter of perspective? Different people have different tastes - just because you don't like it, doesn't mean no one does.
Is my story kinda gross? Sure. Is it some kind of Shakespearean masterpiece? Absolutely not. Whether you like it or not, my story was published. There's nothing objectively wrong with it. If you didn't enjoy it, go find another story! There's literally thousands to choose from.

Live and let live, boys.

How the scenario once played out in real life...

Back in the early 90s - shortly after the second Tim Burton Batman film came out - at a convention somewhere in the Northeast, one of the gophers (volunteers, for those not up on fanspeak) working the con had a beautiful homemade Catwoman costume (the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, of course) and looked Really Good in it.

DC Comics staffers who were at the con insisted she pose for pictures with them and so forth.

Then they found out that "she" was "he" - i'm not even sure if he/she was trans or even gay (I knew a guy in the Southeast who was as likely to be a handsome prince or a hot nurse at SF conventions).

Immediately, they got really nasty about copyrights and demanded the con expel her, because a guy dressed as Catwoman was just perverted.

(Set aside that the version in their comics at the time was a former professional dominatrix who had shared an apartment with an under-age hooker live-in girlfriend.)

Ah - it was 1993, and she was in fact transsexual who worked as a female-impersonator entertainer...

You can read the entire disgusting story of homophobia/transphobia here: http://www.peterdavid.net/2010/07/30/the-con-game/

(The "Jim Balent" referred to was, at that time, the artist on the Catwoman comic.)


This wasn't magic it was a tragic tale of a poor son of a bitch. I mean just bitch since she is all female now.

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