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Great story

Your story rocked my boat. And, for the nay-sayers out there, it is only a story. And an excellent story at that!

Fine story

Ignore the negative remarks. You either like this type of story or move on to another category. I rate it 5.


I love the way you write, brilliant story!


I'm about halfway through the writing of chapter 3 and I have some news. The next chapter will be less sub-dom and more vanilla, but that may change. I hope his one ends up coming out longer than the last, and I think it might but I'm not sure.
In chapter 3, Esther will be experiencing a life-changing event. I'm trying my best to make this event as powerful and beautiful as I can. I'd like to hear if I could get that across when you guys read it. Expect to see it within the time span of a week to two months, depending on how well everything lines up. I've been trying hard these last few days to get this chapter done by the end of this week, but I'm not sure. If all goes exactly as I want it to, the chapter will be done by tomorrow and be pending over the next few days. We'll see how it goes. I'll try to keep everyone updated.

So intimate.

Once again, such an intimate glimpse into this character's doubts and insecurities. Such vulnerability is rare, especially here. Kudos...dw


...And hot... as in very... one of the best written TS romance stories I've read, and I've edited more than a few on here. Your dialog is wonderful... nothing to add... I only wanna read more. Thank you for sharing your work. Cheers! --- Josie

This story keeps getting better. Thanks

Poor sissy why do men degrade themselves? Men should be dominant and woman submissive. That's what God intended. Probably why the world us so fucked up. Guys are letting wonen run their lives. Time to man up and take back this world men.

great story

I really enjoyed this story and I am super jealous of Kyle. He gets the best of everything. I hope you submit more like this soon


So Kyle is gay and likes guys who dress up, no big deal.

Thanks Everyone!

I love hearing your feedback! I do write longer and more detailed stories (most of which have been posted for sale on Amazon), but I didn't know how everyone would react on here. I am so happy that so many people enjoyed my work.

I didn't realize how many people would be interested in a Frankie/Lindsey scene! Rest assured I WILL be posting a sequel!

Lara Longstaff

so very close

This is so very close to the relationship of my wife and I. I am his mistress and he my sissy wife. We love to read these stories to find new ways to sissify him. And spiky panties are a great idea. He already has little breasts and had to quit his job because of the "transition" but we are very happy with our arrangement. We very much enjoyed reading this and can't wait for more.
Mistress Claire and Sissy Leslie xx

Steaming pile of shit.

It was pretty good until you made it into the submissive lesbo wife/ sissy submissive husband cliche. The only people turned on at the end are the ones who get off on wife-stealing stories and want their wives taken from them.

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