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Love this...

I particularly like how you use the time progression in each of the chapters. It helps move the story along and allows the reader to see the more advanced stages of Francine's training without the tedium of each days events.
i'd love to come back to find the 6 month installment or even a full year update in your archive soon. There we might find a very different little maid. One, after having experienced Lord Madison in the most intimate way, has found that keeping the Master happy can make her feel pleasure as well. While never getting beyond the shame she feels is at least able to cope with her situation and her imposed femininity.

very nice

i a male and meet a friend of mine he was with a older man i said hello what are you up too i have to go to work and my friend here to see me but i have no time right now can you show him around and take him for lunch i said yes i would love too but i have to stop at a store first he left and we walk to the store i went and got what i need he saw me pick up some panties and bras then we when for lunch and talk he came right out with it you like to wear women thing i said yes sir so do my friend he said i know just before we saw you i gave him a man name he going to see him to be fit for a dress i do not know why i just put my hand on his cock he look at me i hope you know what this mean i said yes sir you sure about this yes sir then go in bathroom and put on your panties and bra and stray there i be there in a while it was not long he came in and lock the door well you look lovey your friend was right now girly come here to your new daddy i did as told i turn around and bend over she what a lovey ass daddy bitch has just right to shove daddy big cock in he just ripe my panties off when a other man came in he had a keg and said well sir is this are knew bitch yes what do you think he will make a good girly bitch just then he shove his cock in my mouth and daddy shove his cock in my ass hole i just look up and my friend was there he was in a dress and he had lovey breasts he kiss daddy and told him i love my breasts after that day i was to be there bitch soon i too had girly tits and i become a house wife to them


This story was absolutly perfect thankyou for taking the time to make something this amazing.

Wish it had been me

This is definitely a story where you were letting your desires drive your responses. You were lucky that this man took his time to cultivate your deep seated desires. In so many ways I wish I had met someone who would do this for me.

loving it

More please.. another great episode in the wren's adventure.. I am waiting for every word

very good

Loved it andI can hardly wait for the next part.. the story is progressing very nicely and is well written

Pretty good series just fell apart at the end.

First of all, what's with that finish? I get that she is getting her doctorate during those years, but trust me no mom worth a cup of piss is going to be that ignorant of her daughter playing a rather rough and time-demanding sport! Amended - no decent parent, mom or dad.

Past that qualm - and it was really striking because it's the final words of the whole story - the chapter took a really strange turn mid-way through with Sunny going off and turning into a party girl instead of getting married. It took a few minutes to get that she just ran away and didn't get married at all.
Then there is this mangled paragraph of Sunny in a variety of meaningless relationships - one of which only warrants a single line and gives no clue as to how much time has past. Nevertheless there is sufficient cause to venture that several weeks, if not months have passed.
Then, once she comes back, the fact that she didn't ever check on her supposed friend who was dealing with her dying mom shows just what kind of shallow twat she really is. Things like this show that Cassidy wasn't ever a friend, she was just convenient - and servile.

Add that she never checked to see if either girl was preggers, well, as a person who was capable of getting 'knocked up', she should have been especially aware of and concerned with the possibilities... but she was genuinely surprised. As in, it wasn't even something that she cared about, let alone had taken any time to bother checking up on.

These kinds of failures of basic humanity take away any urge to root for the happiness of the protagonist; the girl who seemed like she was learning about life in a bizarre last-minute-panic, but really just reveals that she was just another self-absorbed rich bitch. Next time you want to transition from a fuck-fest to a genuine relationship story, keep in mind that you can't force the reader to like someone who is genuinely not a good person; you have to lead us with examples of how that person grows to be someone worth cheering for. Cassidy, for instance, you did some good work with. The examples I gave above show why I don't think Sunny deserves Cass.
Just my pov.

ch2 somehow killed the plot

Not sure how such a fantastic chapter 1 could turn into something like this. Why? I absolutely fell in love with chapter 1! I love forced boy to girl plots and then no one has any idea he was a boy, and then is used by some boy, at first in a lovely way. How you wrote it was so frekin hot. I loved the style and how the guy used the words baby on "her" and was trying to drift "her" into sucking him again. I would love to see you write more. Would love to see another story happening in the same style like chapter 1, but then going way more darker. Keep up the great work!

Nice job

Bringing the cause for the weight gain, giving Cassidy a genuine reaction to her rejection, you've made her so much more real - and worth rooting for.

Well I'll join the ruckus

Simple 'get an editor' mistakes aside, the story is well done. The play Cassidy was going to make was obvious to everyone from early on - even the nasty cousin is clearly aware - everyone except Sunny.
I'd be shocked if Cassidy doesn't cave in and consider being Sunny's 'assistant' even if she marries someone else.
The fact that Sunny is self-aware enough to know that she isn't going to find "Love", (well, she might have been considering Monday's child) is a bit refreshing.
A temporary, multi-partner arrangement seems the most likely given her libido and lack of any true "deep feelings" beyond who makes her feel good.

Great read.

Sensual, romantic, adventurous and sexy. Great to read and I look forward to more.




What a wonderful story. I liked that Diane and Fiona were so understanding of Anna's feelings. No whippings or brutal punisments. Even the neighbors understood. How I would like to be able to come out like that. They all sat and talked and shared wine and weed. How wonderful. Thank you for a great story.


Stunning. Well done


Joanne. Absolutely incredible. I have always enjoyed being tied up and have enjoyed such fantasies since I was a little boy, tying myself up and gagging myself in my sisters school uniform. I loved every moment of your fantasy and in fact dressed up as you were dressed to re read it andcto allow myself to be sent over the edge. Just sensational.

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