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Arm phasers--aim at terrible author!

What a lame story. Sounds like somebody just wanted to be the Captain of the USS COCKUPTHEASS! Could see this coming from the first graf.

I thought stories like this were only fantasies until I was in a local hi-fi store looking at a few movie categories when I saw a lady walk past me and reach up to get a movie. I looked at her,asian, plump legs, plump ass that was being a bit revealed as she reached up. She looked over at me and reached up higher and smiled. I walked over can I help you, she said straight out do you have the time, I reached for my phone, its 7.48, she again smiled, I know but do you have the time, if you have follow me. I followed, into a lift, as the doors closed she leaned back against me until the doors opened in the basement car park. We walked to a far corner between a car and a wall, she leaned up to kiss me and said I need a fuck, take your cock out, I looked around, I could see no one, so I unbuckled my belt and she knelt, taking my cock in her mouth, mm, whether it was the situation or what but my cock was hard very quickly. She stood up, turned around lifting her dress, leaning over the car bonnet, what a great ass, come on , I moved forward, she grabbed my hard cock guiding it to her, holding me, push, I pushed and it was obvious I was entering her ass as it gave way to my cock, ahh, that's it fuck me, she really didn't have to ask as I pumped up into her which she seemed to like as she spread her legs further as I fucked her until my cum shot into her. I stayed in her, reached around to finger her pussy but my hand encountered a small hard cock, oh well, so I stroked it, my cock deep in her until I heard, im going to cum, don't stop, don't stop, aggh and I felt her cock pulse and my hand was covered in cum as she pushed back on my cock, squeezing my cock. Finally I moved back, she moved, there was cum on the car as she knelt and took my cock in her mouth. I moved back and she stood, mm, I liked that, she grabbed my hand and put it on her bottom, you liked it too, yeh, want to buy me some dinner, I held her ass, only if I get to fuck you again, she didn't say anything, so I grabbed her head and pushed her back down to my cock, suck it, she did, that's it, pulling her hair making her stand up, turning her around, my cock going back to her ass, she again grabbed me guiding me into her sloppy hole and as I fucked her grabbing her hair pulling her back, come on slut, take it, push back and she did, good girl, squeeze my cock with your ass, mm, don't stop, keep squeezing and a second load shot into her ass. I pulled back, pushing her back down, she didnt need any coaching as she cleaned my cock. Ok, lets get some dinner and we went and ate and I invited her to stay overnight at my place.

solid four stars

it didn't quite get me off, but very erotic reading.. keep writing more.

Lost me

I really enjoyed the first two stories (and the beginning of this one), but when Carmen got added I quickly lost interest. Totally fine if that's your sort of thing, but it seemed like "Jenny" and "Mike" had a certain relationship going and a third person doesn't quite fit imo.

It may be good

It may be good but I would not know because I stopped after the first paragraph. Please, is it too much to expect a copy-edit before publishing? (Answer: no, it's not too much.) Constantly needing to read past errors is not conducive to a turn-on.

please add more

very nice, lots of sissy s wishing it could be their dream.

very intresting reading

I am enjoying this, and yes I do know a guy that would love for this to happen, his/her eyebrows are so smooth and sexy, and cant wait to get all the body hair removed. so erotic.


I wish I was you with four men using me

i kind of got lost in the transition

three days later and he had sucked the strapon? I knew what was expected, but still movig to fast. slow down and let is flow, so redress can enjoy it more. 4stars

i gave you four stars

the transition from the email to the blackmail wasn't very smooth for me, I know a great writer like you could have done much better. I am loving the idea tho. yummy


I am a male take belong to a older man as his girly bitch boy it happen one day I was at his house and I was washing out some clothes he came in well I see you doing house work I said yes its raining out so I just thought of washing some clothes he ask will I do his laundry I told bring them here I will I just pull out some wet clothes and he saw the panties he look and smile he left and came back I had the panties on the line as he walk by me he slap my ass as a joke and said nice ass girly he slap it again I just smile and said thanks I did his wash and then fold the clothes as I put them a way I had to bend a bit to put his underwear away he came in as I was bend over he saw my thong panties he just walk up and put his hand on my ass I did not move he rub his hand all over my ass he got my pants down a bit now he saw my pink thong panties he move his hand all around my ass I undone my pants and move my ass so my pants fell down then I could feel his cock I always want to feel a cock in my ass he saw what I was doing he told me if I take your panties I will shove my cock in your pussy ass hole and be my bitch I told him if that what you want then go a head after that night I became his bitch and never left the house for a few month then it happen he brought other men home and I was there bitch too and I soon had breasts like a girl he told me now you are my slave bitch just then he came over to me and ripe my blouse off and hand me a sexy nightie two men was there and I knew what I was going to do I had both men that night and now I live as a house slave


quite erotic, love the descriptions and detail..
very sensuous- would enjoy reading more...and more.
Amylin456 here on Lit

Great Sexual Tension Created In This Story

I loved this story and the prolonged sexual tension throughout the story that the writer created. Bravo

Something to wish for

Lucky girl, I've always wanted large boobs something all us T girls would like. This story gets better.

Love it

I started reading this story in the wrong order, I've now corrected this and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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