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chapter 3

nice and hot Story, would like to read more

Hot Pink Leotards are simply SEXY...my blue VS panties are simply SOAKED with my sweet cummies !!! THANKS......
Sissy Crissy

Perfect Thank you very much. 4yourpleasureiam

I remember when my Mother and sister used to dress me up, I was so happy then one day I asked my mother why I did not get to dress up and she said I was to old for that, I was devastated

Another Great stoyr

I'm really enjoying this story. Your writing is wonderful. You really describe the characters with such detail. I love the emotional connection between them and the lust they share for each other. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Very good story !

Your story goes to show love can and should be found anywhere...

My First Time

With my first time I travelled dressed sissy to meet the guy. He was also a CD but when he put his cock into my bum that first time I was so happy and although I found it hard work I loved being a girl with a man in her.

my wife too

My wife also made me watch as she took her first black cock and then later made me take the same cock. I was so happy

great story

I guess it is always best to swallow. I would love to be that man. he is going to be used , abused and fucked till the cows cum home. please write more.

I love black cock too

The last black cock I had was just 2 weeks ago. I went to a club similar to the one in your story. It didn't happen the same way -- but 2 black men knew what I am (a married cocksucker who is still in the closet) and they told me to go with them to the back room (like in your story). Needless to say, I sucked both of their cocks, swallowed both of their big loads of cum, and they both also fucked my white man-pussy deep and hard. It felt wonderful being a faggot cocksucking bitch slave to 2 big hunky black men who knew how to treat me like the white closet fag that I am. Please tell more stories like this one. It was so hot.

Amazingly sexy

This has always been one of my biggest fantasies, to be fucked in the ass by either a futanari or a woman with a strapon, and you've helped me get a very sexy image of it in my head. Thank you and please continue this

love the dirty talk too

I too love being called a slut, whore, bitch, faggot and cocksucker -- it really turns me on when my male lovers call me these names BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I AM !!!! I'm also a CD who sucks a lot of cocks, especially when my wife goes out of town. She doesn't know that I'm a sissy CD slut faggot cocksucker -- maybe one day I'll tell her. In the meantime, I will continue to be the sexy slutty sissy and suck as many cocks as I can. Please tell more stories like this one. It was so hot.

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