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Absolutely loved this submission can't wait for the next installment don't let us down make it soon


I could almost taste the cum with him - well done!!

I love it.

All stories and even great books have people who don't like them. Don't worry about people who hate your stuff but won't put their name on it. Before I quit writing, I received hundreds of rejection letter to every publication.
Look to your fans, and I'm damn sure one. I hope the story never comes to an end.


I would have loved that at one time when I was younger and probably now cause I wouldn't have to hide it as much

Well written

Bravo! I am not often teased into reading a story like this. So far, though, I am hooked.


Now this time, I really got into Linsey being so totally dominated.
I have dreamed of having two big cocks inside me at the same time, but haven't yet had the opportunity.

I enjoyed being with two men at once, but didn't get DP'd

Great story and really good writing. It's a shame that I couldn't help editting as I was reading. I'm anal that way. It didn't detract from the pleasure I got from imagining myself in a similar situation.

Keep going, Linsey, you are a good writer and have an excellent grasp of how to influence a reader's feelings.

Great story

I'm not that into race play or domination, but I really enjoyed reading your story. This is the first of your writing I've experienced and I hope I'll find more when I check out your list of submissions.

Thank you for sharing your writing.

great story

really enjoyed it since it wasn't just sex but also love and accepting some one even if they may be different by society's standards.

To my anonymous troll

I seem to have an anonymous critic who doesn't like my story. Fair enough, you don't like it, so.dont read it. Why does it bother you so much that you have to send me abusive anonymous emails? I get enough feedback form readers who do enjoy it to encourage me to keep writing. If you hate it so much then reveal yourself, don't hide behind anonymity. I don't mind constructive criticism, I've had readers who have done just that. It's the abuse I find odd, it's not helpful, slightly pathetic and probably reveals more about your state of mind than anything else. Anyway, I'm going to keep writing as long as I wish. I hope those who do enjoy it, and there are many, keep on reading. Love to you all.

Poor Barrik only getting sloppy seconds all this time.

Very Ni9ce

Loved your story.. Hit a chord with me and the story line was perfect !! Hope you write more along this line.. Very erotic...
I'm Amy Lin-- 'amylin456" here on LIT.

Love the way we changed

Jamie's mind is just changing properly. I could feel the same of the progress. Good article!

@Anonymous (cumslut)

I think I mentioned in an earlier comment that Nick's proposal would be a blast to write! The wedding would be too, undoubtedly.

Sounds like you and your wife have a wonderful arrangement. Congratulations to both of you for hanging in so long and supporting each other's needs and fantasies!

Thanks for commenting ... I really appreciate hearing from you.

Ohh, I am already liking it so much, this story has potential. I just love stories with feminization and feminization schools, specially when the feminization isn't so forced and unconsensual and more accepted and pleasurable by the sissy. Stories like this make me so jealous of the sissies being feminized.

Nice descriptions

I like the descriptive scene you made. After all that is basically all us crossdressers actually have because we are basically alone with our nice clothes and nobody gets to see us in all our finery. Thank you for this. I want to serve a woman some day. Your friend. Joyce Thomas

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