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sure wish more guys were as direct as you when meeting a Gurl-
Janedon---London Ontario

I've read this story on another site...is this your work?


Wonderful story, I am eager to see the rest.

please continue

This story is so hot, especially for me because this is almost exactly what happened when my wife caught me dressed up. She became my Mistress and I regularly suck her big strap-on dildo and she fucks me with it. Like in your story, after I cum we put the jizz on her dildo and I suck it off and eat all my cum -- all while she's taking pictures and video. Please continue with the next chapters. I can't wait.

Loved it

Truely amazing wish I could make you cum like that

Too damn funny!

You should have posted this in Humor and Satire. I'm still laughing at how bad it was!

so similar

Loved the story of your plastic panty confession. Not a cross dresser, but now and again I do enjoy wearing shiny nylon or satin panties.


Love your stories and always well written and hot.


I want to be Lilith's slave too !


I like where you're heading with this, can't wait for the next chapter!

Keep going

Love the twist at the end, looking forward to next story


Really love this line ur going with can't wait to see were what happens next xx

In response to Anon

Thank you for taking the time to write me some honest feedback. I wish it was more formal in the form of an email or a way that we could have a back and forth on the matter, but your point is well met regardless. To your opposition, I am sorry for not being more informed to the many different psychological intricacies of the human brain and what constitutes a 'normal' trans behavior. To my knowledge there isn't one. Of the transitioning friends I have the pleasure of consulting with, I have found little consistencies. As for the HRT. I left it out. This is a work of fiction and at the time I didn't know how far I would go with it and simply went with a different approach. The brain is a fascinating organ and there is an occurrence where women go through Pseudocyesis or False Pregnancy which makes the Endocrine system go into overdrive and produce different hormones to mimic a pregnancy that is so convincing that it will trick doctors. There is also Couvade Syndrome, which is the fancy name for what happens to a certain percent of males during their significant other's pregnancy wherein the father mimics the symptoms of his pregnant partner. I took that and created a fantasy situation where a boy was born knowing full well that he was a girl and the brain made it happen, altering the Endocrine system throughout their entire life to make their physical appearance match their mental. I felt no need to explain that and I apologize for making you feel falsely represented. It is a shame that trans rights are in the state they are. I do not wish you to think I am fetishizing transwomen with my story. I am also offended that you think that I am disrespecting the character of Samantha Summers. She is a cherished woman in both my mind and heart based off a real life friend. Please don't assume things about me, because I won't assume things about you. Everyone is different. If you wish to contact me, you can send me feedback through Literotica and I will always respond. Once again, thank you for the honest criticism.

looking forward to this series

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