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Really good story overall.

I enjoyed this story, as evidenced by the fact I've read all the parts of it. Only criticisms I had of it were a lack of editing to catch mistakes like cocks sizes that change - keep notes on your characters - over time, too much dialogue banded into the narrative at times, sex scenes that were a little short on descriptions and a weight of a girl that was unhealthy at best. I think he started as a boy of 89lbs, which is horribly light for a boy of 5ft4ins and when he became a she, she then lost 15 more pounds. She would have looked skeletal.

With respect

With all due respect, an addiction by definition cannot set you free ;)

Yes, one of the best!

Great story! I wish I knew a Yvonne myself...

Mr. Simms Has Pics of Me in a Dress!
He'll want his cock up my A-S-S-!
And I'd dumb enough let the old perv!
When I ought to bust his head on a curb!

Stupid story. Told and retold many times.

Good Start, But Could Be Great.

This has the makings of a good story, however the dialogue seems a bit dry and wrote. Additionally, for someone who has abandoned society, Heidi seems very welcoming to our stranger.

So where does this go?

Great start, well written, leaves the reader wanting more.

A good story

I really felt that these two stories could have been told as one however. I can imagine why you chose to separate them, it was certainly done at a cliff hanger moment.

I enjoyed them both, though I felt the second chapter would have benefited from some more description of the other people in the room once the orgy broke out. I wanted more exposition about what wa happening because the other characters turned me on and it felt that had been overlooked.

All in all, a great story though, very hot, fun and believable.

What happens next?

Does Rachel make Chris dress as a girl? Does she make him suck off other men? I would love to have a tranny girlfriend who would make me dress as a girl

good story

Good job. That is in light of the fact that this is a story. I had to give my self some breathing room, my panty got so tight. There seemed to be some story errors in the flow of the story, but the idea was straight to the subject.

I cant explain the commenters thoughts, other than to say they didn't care for it.

From a story aspect to the reality is a jump, of major proportions. How can any married couple not even talk about their relationship over such a long period of time and stay together? I have been married before and like to think I understand some things, but this was just too hard to swallow. He fantasized about his wife fucking other men, but never mentioned it? He liked wearing panties but never pursued it?

On the whole, it was a decent story, good actually, but some of the readers took it too close to heart.

Jaime told his parents.

His parents called the Police. The Police found the pictures. Mr. Simms is now rotting in prison with Big Bubba using him as his ass buddy. Poorly thought out drivel.

Epic stupidity

Wait until the sissy gets to the cops. Guess who is going to prison? Laughably bad.

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