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wow you slut

Omg your stories are so hot i would love to fuck you..id love to see thos legs and ass in pantyhose..i had my 1st pantyhose sex with a trucker named earl big cock almost ripped my ass open but it felt so good getting fucked in his sleeper cab and feeling that cum shoot in my acheing ass..would love to talk more..maye you can email me swap pictures of me and you dressed in our sluty outfits.. My email is pantyhoselvr@outlook.com hope to hear from.


This was so cute and hot and romantic~ I would love it if you wrote more about these two, they are adorable!

Surprise ending

I thought Michelle would kiss the doll and become a guy and Lee would stay a girl and they would be a hetero couple that way, but you went in a different direction.

I can't stop reading your stories, so please don't stop writing them.


I like femboys a-and when they start out as a boy. Even bdsm and stuff but ;^; im sad cause he didnt seem to fully start to enjoy it but even more sad ;^; the boobs. Tht ruins it. The best femboy is...well like my oc...irl me looks like a girl but look close enough youll tell. But my oc lookw just like a girl either way and doesmt have boobs making it more exiting..⊙ω⊙ anywho i shouldnt e-even be uh reading this im supposed to be innocent but talk to m-me on wattpad...if you wanna talk to a real femboy trap. Im "AshhJjj" on wattpad

Thank you Elizabeth there's more stories coming.

I'll try and make some with some of the elements of both feminization and jocks and sissies of course.

Oh fuck, this shit was so hot, and at the same time so beautiful! I love feminization stories where everyone wins in the end! I wish there were more stories about bully jocks being feminized by their victims and becoming their sissy lovers.

A few notes

1: Dialogue is typically indicated by quotation marks, and there were a lot of instances here where inserting those would have clarified that someone was talking.

2: There were some inconsistencies with sentence structure. Some of them were run-on sentences, and others were incomplete clauses. Not to mention, there were a few places where a few additional commas, or a period instead of a comma, would have helped to properly divide the individual thoughts and statements.

There's definitely some promise here, that's for sure, but it's still pretty rough in terms of execution. Keep at it, though; the best way to improve is to continue working.

Oh yeah!

Damn, I wish I had somebody like Judy in my life. You're lucky

What is the point of this

Not a story nor is it a chapter. It's barely a fragment.

Your follow-up

When you write a follow-up to this story, I see the possibilities of Lesbian Kim making love to womanly-dressed Chris - as well as a lesbian three-some between Jordan, Kim and Chris. Whatever you write, I look forward to your follow-up. You write interesting stories.

great story

This story was great on so many different levels. I really enjoyed it. Thank you

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