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Keep going!

Looking forward to the next adventure for Kallie!

I'm A Fan

Please continue this series. I am so envious of your position of having your wife's support and potential hormone transition. Love you first three series. can't wait for additional series.

dont stop!!!

Hey, your stories should not stop at chapter 3, i would suggest to add a chapter that her lesbian friend and a male have a threesome.... with Sasha loosen her virginity.....


Love the story and the imagery.
And that live making scene with Nadine and Kevin is one of the hottest I have ever read. Wonderful.

Good start

I enjoyed your beginning story line. Looking forward to the development of their relationship.

Excellent writing

Great story. Uncommon in this genre, since it is usually a forced feminisation or a shemale or the story of a female born in a male body.

This has that role play game involved (more Kinky), which makes it extra sexy. Certainly not the typical first time for a couple, but, why not.

Loved it. I’ll check for other of your stories... keep writing

me please

How I loved the wonderful story, I'm so horny I can hardly type! At first your story had me rubbing my cock and ass but as I read more it had me feverishly stroking my cock and fingering myself entranced by the characters in the story!! My at times I heard myself saying please fuck me too!

Great story

This story makes me want to be naked and tied up. Please, please take me.


Very Hot

Loved it, want to read more. Ms. Wilson is going to have hot fun with Heidi when she returns.


Love this story! You captured how so many of us want to feel in the hands of a big, strong, masculine, alpha guy. Please keep writing! I look forward to chapter 2. xo

And the verdict is

Terrific justice is done lessons are learned .
Love conquering all,
Multiple orgasms
Evil overcum
WW 1D91

Wonderful story

Love this series and hope it continues. Its been a crazy read, in a good way. Thank you for posting awesome content, for free no less!

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