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please continue

This story was fantastic !!! Your description of how you feel when Charlie is fucking you is exactly how I feel. I'm an "easy whore", a "slutty bitch", and a "faggot cocksucker". I'm all of that and more. Your description of how you feel when he fucks you and empties his cum inside you is also exactly how I feel. I love it when my gay lover fucks me with his big cock and shoots his big load of cum inside my man-pussy. Even though I'm still married, I'm ready to accept that I'm gay and come out of the closet. Wish me luck. In the meantime, please continue this story. I can't wait to read the next chapters.

my gay lover

Wonderful story of how a man becomes a sissy slut for a hot studly gay man. That's what I've become and I love it. I can't wait to read the next chapter.

wonderful story

This was a wonderful story and is very much like the first time I spent an entire night with a man. I'm a CD who has been sucking cock for a few years but only recently became a bottom. In the past year, I've now been fucked 12 times and I love it more each time. Your story is similar to what happened to me 2 months ago, when one of my male lovers spent the night and we made ho t passionate love all night long. I truly feel like a total woman when I'm with him and I think I'm falling in love with him. Please write more stories, especially about how you feel dressed in sexy lingerie and how a man makes you feel so wonderful when he's inside you. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.

can't wait for the next chapter

This story is so hot it made me cum in my hand -- and I ate it all up (just like Tracy). I too am a closet CD (like Monica, except my wife doesn't know yet) and I've had hot gay CD sex with my neighbour who also loves getting dressed up. I love sucking cock and having my man-pussy fucked deep and hard. Please continue with the next chapters - I can't wait to read about the real wives walking in on Monica & Tracy having hot CD sex. That's what I wish my own wife would see. Maybe one day I'll get up the nerve and courage to let my wife know my secret. Wish me luck.


really really missed your sordid , naughty tales...hehe... GOOD to have you back in action quenching our thirst with tgirl cream and meat.

oh wow what a lovely story i would love to hear more , did you keep seeing him do tell please


now we are just getting waaay too far into the realm of UGH,,,, 1 star

Keep it up!

This was great! I wish I was Henry! Please keep it coming!

More more more

I really hope that David's mom has a sexy wardrobe and that Rob will dress him up in some of her clothes. Rob can then fuck David whilst calling him by his mom's name!

You always write the best stories in this section

keep it going

i want to read more about them keep it going

@Anonymous (Keep up the fantastic work)

Glad you're liking it. I'm forging ahead with my chapter-by-chapter edits ... chapter 2 was submitted mere minutes ago!

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