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Sexy but there is a warning to doing this in real life

I see comments saying that they're interested in enacting this situation. This is a common psychological domination fantasy. But if your role is dominant, plan things out ahead of time before "enacting" punishments, getting consent from your partner, as this is also a common form of abuse.

This psychological manipulation is common among pimps and their "sex slaves" as they're referred to in the documentary "Tricked". Furthermore, according to Lundy Bancroft, the author of "Why does he do that?: Inside the minds of Angry and controlling men", "possessiveness is at the core of the abuser's mind-set. . . he feels that he owns you and therefore has the right to treat you as he sees fit." (Bancroft, 2002; p.73). With every punishment, Brian feels he owns Nicole and seeks to control his behavior. This has progressed to the point that Nick can't even work anymore, so he is forced to comply with Brian's demands..

While I acknowledge this is a fantasy, Couples who actually act out fantasies like this agree beforehand on the terms of the domination. Keep in mind there was no consent as this abuse is quid pro quo ("I won't kick you out" if you act more feminine), and if Nick wanted to press charges, he could, even be awarded damages in addition to the rent. With the addition of sexual coercion, nick could file criminal charges of sexual assault.

always get affirmative consent in writing (ask for a yes to the terms such as punishments you'll allow and sex acts allowable), never coerce someone into giving consent as this isn't consent. Speak with a lawyer if you're confused.

Have fun, and keep your partners safe. I can tell you, even though Nick complies, and Even though Brian Seems like a nice, guy, Nick is afraid, and Brian is abusive. I enjoyed the story, just if you plan on doing this in real life, be careful.

Chapter 3

I've read pretty much all your writing, and I love this series the most. Please do another chapter!

So horny!

Needs a sequel, I fingered myself and jacked off 3 times during this story!

Hot Appointment

Looking forward to the next appt...I think Farrah should choose to bend her patient over the end of her chair and pegs him while her assistant smothers his face with her leather panties...

He finds out later his wife is having an affair with the older man. once the older man turns him into a Sissy, She reenters the mix.as his dom and she and the old man pimp him out.

Minus 1

Aleian take over turning people into women wow really hot NOT

My favorite series

I practically get giddy with excitement when I see another new chapter show up with my Cassie. She so reminds me of me in the beginning, but her luck and experiences are only going forward beyond my own. Almost makes me happy and a little sad at the same time since I was so similar to her, only to have fallen back to a "normal" life with a wife, a kid, and a mortgage. Not that I'm not happy, because I am and I love my wife very much, but sometimes I wish I could be even more. Yes, I told my wife of my dressing, but she disapproves, and won't let me. Ironically, she does like toys, and will occasionally use a strap-on on me, which I like. Yet sometimes I wish I could go back to my college years, especially with today's online and social media outlets to make it all easier and enjoy my time even more.

Anyway, enough about me. Please keep the Cassie stories coming! They are such a fun and wonderful read.

So hot

Absolutely wonderful story. I'm so glad Donna was there for him and took charge the way she did. I'm also delighted that a relationship is developing with them.


would love to be dressed and work as a sales girl

Very titillating

I have to admit, that was simply hot, had me hard through much of it and the further it went along I pretty much stayed hard. The thought of that silky feel against my skin admittedly turned me on. The whole scenario was enticing.


pretty fucking pathetic......not at all into getting cuckolded and sissified...and having the wives turn to others.....should've put it into LV.....pffffft

loved it

but just a bit curious how a devoted wife, who has only been with her hubby since marriage, could take the wave to the hilt in her ass, and all his cock, from the get go. does something smell fishy in Denmark? whenever and however he wants them? even if they had come this far in 2 years, that's still fast, and no time to relish, talk or enjoy, or think about things, considering these things could be life altering. what's wrong with this picture? don't get me wrong here, I would have loved most of it, but life is a double edged sword.

When in Bangkok...

One of the best stories in the history of Literotica, but when in Bangkok... I want to read more about Ladyboys!

loved it again

Mattie has to be in dreamland at this point, and understandably. I am wondering when the other shoe will drop though.

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