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Enjoyable story

You write well. I enjoyed reading and feeling the scenes unfold. I look forward to reading more of your work.


I enjoyed your story. The ladies are very powerful and enjoyed their dominance in their own way as it should be.

Hole Lee Shit!

I haven't read a story that fun in a very long time!
I love to write, and think I'm reasonably good at it, but your skill eclipses mine!
Thank you for sharing.


I have been in a similar positition with my arab boss ..... he has me made over and then fucks me like his wife ..... calls me by his daughters names


We definitely need more of this story. It's been some day so far and I'd love to see how it all develops.

good little sissy girl...

I love the theme here! I have a boyfriend but would LOVE being a full time house girl. You capture the essence of it. It's about serving a man, a REAL man!

You're going to be so successful in college, and even more so in the workplace when you put to good use all the lessons so painfully learned!
Please, cute little bitch, please, keep sharing your personal intimacies with all of us!


This story is amazing. Please keep it up I want to read more about his humiliation and forced training!


This isn't my favorite genre BUTT even I found this exciting. got my hot pussy wet and juicy. Keep going with this one,


This story is great for what it is, but I am so dissapointed thinking what it could have been. You had a great chance to create something deeper but you missed it. Still, take my words with a grain of salt, cause as I said the story is great anyway! Don't mind me :3

when is the next part comming out

When is the next part coming out i been looking for it for weeks

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