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need more

please continue please,awesome stuff love your writing.thanks so much.best wishes.

loved the domination

loved the part when they both came at the same time


This would be a fantasy come true....complete domination by my wife,,,

Anonymous Sleep

That seems rather extreme to me. You say I assume Max won't fight back. He won't! I control that aspect from my keyboard. He will do what she says, whine and cry, allow himself to be tied down and controlled by others. Max will have to do these things as long as I create his little world. The idea of beating Tanya is so mean!

Oh Anonymous Darling

Max is who he is in these stories. He will be alright. I promise because I created him. I know you disliked the tale sweetie and what's happening to him, but you were somehow compelled to read all three chapters and comment on each.
The intended audience understands and likes the tale. Your remarks are about how in reality it's unrealistic and you are sooooo right.

Nice little story....

a bit too short. Not in my usual reading genre, but a turn on anyway. I may have found a new category to read.

When she goes to sleep?

Beat the crap out of her. Problem solved. I didn't believe for one second he would swallow the cum. He'd spit it into her face. He already has enough bruises to send her to jail. While she's there, divorce her and take all the assets. Done. Your story assumes he won't fight back. That's just ludicrous, even for fiction.

Screwed up story

Wimpy men don't have affairs. And when they do, they don't take any crap from their bitch wives. So none of this would have happened. He would have told her if she didn't like it, go for the divorce. She wants to go out and fuck other men? That's her choice. She just won't be staying married to him. She'd be lucky to get a divorce and not a trip to the hospital. Silly, unbelievable story.

So he took a shower

Removed all the women's clothes and went to a hair stylist and had his hair dyed a dark color. Then he went home, packed, stopped by the bank and took all the money and left. Why would he stay with the bitch? She's out exposing herself to every disease known to man. Why would he want to expose himself to her destructive behavior? Makes no sense, not even for fiction. This was just silly. An awful attempt at story telling.
1 star

Really an interesting twist with her little dick.

I've never seen a tranny. I'll bet it would be fun and fine. Nice story. Thanks.


Love the story! I have never been actually in love, in a romantic way, with a man but I crossdress and have been fucked bareback many, many times by several friends. There is nothing as fine as a guy that can last a long time like that before filling me with his cum! It seems to me, for some reason, that the longer he can last, the bigger the load he has to give me when he finally cums.

hmmm hot bj! I hope there is more to come?

Thanks all--glad you like it! Yes, there are more chapters coming.



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