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I liked it!

This story made my dick rock hard the whole time I was reading it and really that is the whole reason I come to Literotica.
Max is a lucky guy to have a wife who cares for him so much. I can't wait to read more of your stories.


As a closeted crossdresser (wife says she knows I dress, end of convo) but a panty wearer none the less (24/7). This story kept me intrigued beyond measure. For it is something I so desire to have done to me. So thanks and keep up the great stories. Read more than 4 now and I feel as I am Her. HAHAH but just not lived it out.



Great continuation of the story and some very cool sexual play. :-)

Nice one

Great story would love to have my pussy filled with so much cum.Can't wait for next story

Great until the end!

This was a great story until the end. You might want to create an alternate ending to lead into the next chapter. I could be wrong though maybe you have a plan. Don’t take to long with part two please.


IF Only I could become the sissy Crossdressing Cuckold in this Story....a DREAM Cum True!

Good Story

Good story,I was aroused but distracted by the use of clit;I thought the pussy or cunt was a guy's sissyhole,not clit? Still,great story,more please!

Very Enjoyable

Another great stroke chapter. I cant wait to read more.

Thank you for writing and posting here.


I love the story so far. I wish he wouldn't have left the lady on the train. that part about his shoe fetish nearly made me pass out it was so sexy ;0)

Love this story

Would love to see this continued it is now among my favorite stories ans this would be awesome to have a sequel to. 10/10 would read again.

I hope there will be more to this story, it had me wishing i was charlie


I'm very much looking forward to chapter 2. One the better setups I've read. Thanks

Great start

That was hot. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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