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Very sexy

I enjoyed this very much, especially the sex.

Very visual

The visuals were excellent as was the exposition of the narrator's thought processes. I enjoyed it overall but found it a bit frustrating also. The timing between thoughts and action seemed a bit off-balance. Just when I was getting into the sexual action and wanted more, the narrator had already moved on to another thought. That it bothered me that much points out what a compelling author you are. But I couldn't quite favorite this one just for that reason. 4/5 certainly isn't bad and I'll certainly read your next piece. Thanks for sharing it.

In the beginning they make an appointment for one hour later. After three hours she shows up "right on time". Not a big goof, but it took me out of it for a moment.


Awesome story - give us more Nadia!

What's the next story? "Cexylady Posts The Same Story Here A Third Time Using a Different Title?? Give it up.

more please

I would love to be in Alan`s situation to be forcibly feminised and transformed into a slut for the doctors use Mmmmm.

Last Post? Loosing a great, imaginative talent! Please say it isn't so!

You've always been an above average author and one of the best who has consistently written some pretty hot stuff in this category. Although I seldom comment on any story that I've read on Literotica, I just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed reading the stories that you've posted on here through the years, and have always looked forward to your new submissions. I've sometimes seen people criticize your work because of your usual dominate t-girl/submissive male themes, but if that's not their particular fantasy, then why in the heck are they bothering to read it. They should be keeping their stupid comments to themselves and move on to something else that strikes their interest. If you truly do decide not to post anymore stories on Literotica, I would sincerely like to thank you for the large amount of time that I'm pretty sure you must've spent to write so many great submissions, and to be kind enough to post them on here for everybody to enjoy. I'll truly miss reading your fun, erotic stories and can only hope that you'll reconsider your decision and continue posting several more. Best regards.

How to find me.

I'm not allowed to advertise here and I want to try to respect that, but I also want you to be able to find my future work. Please email me or send me feedback if you want more information.


The first story isn't that good, and to just repeat barely qualifies as moronic.

Of course spelling "Sexylady" with a "C" isn't the most clever notion, either!!!!!

Soo hot

Don't we all really want to be treated like a cum dump slutt I have only been used like this a very few times and was so emotionally spent in addition to being covered in cum inside and out

Last post?

Could you post some more details on how we can find your future work? Just Google Ruwild?


Would love to become Matt and get used like this. Make me your CUCKOLD


I wish... Dream of your experience ... Being a woman

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