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the story was probably good

I couldn't get through the first page, I think it had a lot of things I would have enjoyed, except for one vital thing. they were living together, assuming they were headed for marriage. consider the first thing she did. set up a camera, got film and threatened blackmail. would any CD/TV/TRANS etc. want to be married to that. I don't know if anywhere on the first page that she said she loved him, but I do know she wouldn't even be there if he didn't have feelings for her. feelings only count when it concerns the female. it's such a shame that god made them look so good, I wish he had spent more time on their conscience. I hope I can get up the nerve to read the whole thing later, it just raised the heckles in me, and I couldn't continue.


I know it's a cop out, but once the ENTIRE thing is written, then I will sit down and make changes and do the real editing, hence I post some sub-par shit sometimes. But eh. Still appreciated.

Love it!

Can't wait for more! Aside from a few errors, which are forgivable, I am thoroughly enjoying this!

I've always liked this story

And come back to check it to see if another chapter has been added. In general I like the concept, It moves kind of fast from the time she discovers him, and I didn't like that she hit him, but hopefully it's all part of the "game" and she still loves him and doesn't take on other men - something that happens too many times.

need more

Hi loved this story , can't wait for the next chapter to this !

I like

I really liked this story
Please continue

Maslow's heirarchy of needs

For a character who is supposed to be a font of encyclopedic knowledge, he should know that it's Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, not Lazlo's. Either that or someone should have called him out on it in the conversation.

knock knock who dere?

opportunity knock kasey always answer knock. so scared maybe cock supply run out. kasey hungry hungry hungry want that cock. strong man big cock knock knock knock knock. want a new job kasey? what new job? new job sucking cock! oh yes oh yes work so hard so hard so hard oh my you are so hard so hard! sure does beat working for a livin and just beatin betty think about that cock! back up dem trucks now kasey be ready to ROLL

Personal Assistant

New job offer with new duties one can only imagine how far this is going. I am surprised there is no hint that Kasey may be unknowingly be taking liquid estrogen supplements in her water. Probably only a mater of time before budding breasts develop taking Kasey to yet another level.

Porn Star

That movie was nasty. Wonder was drug was in the water to release Kasey's inhibitions?

Wonderful story. Can't wait for more.

I love this story. Well done! I can't wait to see more and hope you take your time with it. Tease us a little and draw it out! Please. :D

Volumes 2-3

I know futa was sparse in this volume (though it was totally there.) Volumes 2-3 are nothing but wall-to-wall futa. And yes, Olivia has a huge +3 futa cock of leadership, so stay tuned.

Anon comments, Exhibit One...

...For why my hopes for such an educated future have waned... While I enjoyed it immensely, especially the acceptance shown gender differences in this future, rather than society's rigid, binary gendered present. I couldn't help wonder what advances might occur in terms of sexual dominance as well. As far as who was being 'topped' or even if such concepts would continue. Always wondered if we wouldn't all just become 'switches' and play as the mood strikes us. Thanks for sharing this, it did help activate the little gray cells {sigh}... for some at least. Cheers! --- Josie

Absolutely amazing. Loved every part of it, and keeping my fingers crossed Olivia also has a nice surprise in her pants for Alfie, and then maybe they can go 3-on-1 with Avaera, Olivia and Aria on Alfie. Seems though that there might be betrayal ahead as the two newcomers never found out about the war droids, but hopefully it will in that case end up as "had planned to betray you and collect your bounty, but changed my mind after travelling and having fun with you"-kind of thing.

Thank you very much Alfie for commissioning and sharing this story with us Alfie, and thank you Desoul for writing it :) Love you both!

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