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you write a very sexy loving story that any TG woman what to happen


Dearest Donna Lynn,
Such a wonderful story, the way Carole is so feminine and falls into Jack's arms and seduces him. So many of us would love to live something like that.



Wow, what a awesome story. I would love to have a mother daughter shemale tag team me like that !!!!!!

more please!

Hi, Great story, I do hope there will be further episodes, I just love the attitude of the Master and his thorough training regime with no mercy and no way back for the Sissy

Bring back Sam

Not happy with the turn of events. If it's true love as you started it out. Then you need to work on the reconciliation of Alex and Sam. Really left that blowing in the breeze.

good story

indeed it is. Did it show a communication problem, yes indeed. Did it show a betrayal of trust, yes it did, by both parties. I enjoyed this story, as to the extent supposed loving partners will go, to achieve a fantasy and, exposure of an infidelity. What he did was wrong at many levels, but what she did was equally wrong, and I wonder if they will see that, before real damage is done.

Should be a must read for newlyweds, or required reading before they get engaged.

good story

you bet. It's actually a very good story. I loved when my wife took on the dominant roll, and I know she enjoyed it also. To me, it wouldn't matter if her accomplice was a male or female, it was over the top, too much. The whole idea was to keep THEIR marriage fresh and exciting. This story shows how most women think. What was once an intimate relationship, was now shared with someone else, and hubby kept in the dark.

My mind went into some very dark matter at the betrayal of his wife. When he saw the other computer running a cam, he should have left the room. Not said a word. Left the house. He no longer had an intimate relationship with his wife and she has been cheating on him for who knows how long.

The part of the story when he recognized the cam to his boss, I couldn't read any more. I skimmed down to the bottom. My question to the author is, why did he not even have a thought of betrayal, or retribution?


you have the best story ever If any one want to send pics to me of there balls or something Im in I wish I could suck cock. but sadly Im a boy right now maybe in the future...

Anonymous Criticsm

Wanted to congratulate the author on a popular story, although I haven't read it yet. I'm not into furry. But, I always find it silly when some get on here and rip a story without anything constructive to say. Remember the golden rule -- if you haven't written yourself, but you're obviously a visitor and user of the material, be polite. Criticism is fair; nastiness is not. Well done DragonCobolt; I'll go back and read it now.


It sucks but then so do most stories involving furries. The people into this are weird. But then there aren't many good authors over here to start with.

Love some Joey

Please keep going this is one of my favorite stories of all time love love love it!


what more can you ask for then a BIG HOT DICK taking you hard----

like lucy----

i'd like to be taken like lucy, first a bit nervous, slowly but hard to finish----

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