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A beautiful story

It's a beautifully weaved story, with excellent emotions and love. I generally came here in search of some sex story, but this is a beautiful love story with no vulgarity. Just loved it you are awesome.

BAD Relationship.

This relationship is going from bad to worse. He should look for the copies of the contract and destroy them all. Her putting the chastity device on him and now the dog collar and leash is too much. Josh should drug Miranda and tie her to her bed and gag her while she is asleep. She how she likes it being under some one's control. I would not trust Miranda since she does appear to be hiding something.

NO Contract.

Josh should not have signed the contract. He should have gone with his ending of the relationship. The story would have ended there of course. But his whipping by Miranda should have ended with the relationship. He should have shouted "fortune" to give her his grievance. Her punishing him for his joke before the contract was signed was wrong. The moment the contract was signed is what she should hold over Josh's head. I do not see a good future for Josh with her. She will treat him so bad that he will feel like shit even though he has feeling for her.

My Favorite Situation

This story was awesome. My wife and I do this from time to time and I cannot wait for her to read this. Maybe we can do this next weekend our self. Cannot wait for next part.


Thanks! I'm delighted to hear that you thought so!

Where is the Next Chapter???

We have been waiting for over a month without any sign from you. I hope you didn't lose interest in continuing this story.

Please post more soon.

I loved this story. I've been dressing since my early teens and I love hooking up with black guys, can't wait to read follow ups to this


A fan of "Open Wide" so very interested in how this story will progress. A great start!

Great Reading

I would call this more of a spicy love story. Well done excellent reading. I look forward to more of your writing.


Thank you for your thoughts. I see your point about 'rape' I agree as much as what may be any maleness left in a sissy's mind, the effeminate sissy does want total dominating sex with real men. It is true it is more 'willing' sex but I guess I chose 'rape' as a derogatory sex action for the hardcore nature. I though see your point and would be better to in future write maybe ' hard core sex' 'hard core fuck' etc. So thank you for the point of view.

I never thought I'd write such a long series of chapters as I'm not really a writer. But it's been enjoyable as it's allowing my mind to take from many of my fantasies and hone them to written stories. Trust me I have more chapters on the go that I hope will give pleasure to you all and to the idea of a dominated sissy maid and slut to a real man as her true Master. curtsies :-)

Issues of consent

i love your story and am amazed that you keep adding to it. i also love that the protagonist is so enthusiastic about everything, it's very refreshing.

However, i get taken out of the story whenever sissy is described as being raped. i suspect you're trying to say that he will be fucked vigorously and frequently, but rape is a specific thing and it is not that. Rape is an act of sex without consent obtained. Sissy enthusiastically consents to everything.

Otherwise it's a delightful story and i eagerly await any more writing you have to offer.


I sometimes imagine what heaven would be like, and I think this is as close as I have ever imagined heaven to be like. Perfection is having those to lovely ladies in your life, having both of them make love to your asshole and mouth and both finishig on your face. The only thing missing from this story is a triple frot. I think I would give absolutely everything I have to replace him in between those two beautiful ladies with lovely cocks! This is heaven.


I wrote part of the first story a few months ago and only recently got around to finishing it. Dani was fun to write though so I put a bit more effort into this one. More parts to come!

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