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That was good. I could picture myself there, and all. I'm still breathing hard. Thank you.

Good storyline and an enjoyable read. The good; the bad; the apathetic cock; the amiable sub; desirable domme. It was a long first chapter (I usually prefer 3 pages; 4 at most) but I think you made the right decision with 6 rather than split into 2. The content suited the length and who wouldn’t fantasise about a session with Nadia? Even the fact that you knew Nadia was fucking Brad, and assumed it wasn’t the other way round, fitted in.

So glad to hear there will be a chapter 2. So many times you see stories labelled as Ch.01 and there’s never a follow up. Heading for a ménage a cinq with duelling cocks and strapons? I do hope so. Group sex and “I think we need a bigger bed” or “I think we’ve got a convoy?” Whatever it is I’m sure it will be enjoyable.

Left Hanging for more!

I just loved this story but you let us wanting more. The demise of Andy slowly being turned into this voluptuous Candi and never admitting to actually enjoying anything he\ she was put through only now Candi would be relieved that with were she's at there will never be humiliation forst upon her ever again. I was wanting to see her finally go through total body reassignment.

It was so good then...

You just had to add that lesbian and gay shit towards the end.
I thought you were straight what is this ill turn you so gay that you'll scream for dick- like the part where she was talking about Steve being a housewife and that Thailand shit was kinda hot, even thought her calling him Stef or girl was kind of a turn off.
I don't know, I'm just kind of disappointed how this ended off, I really thought it the middle part was great. Oh well

Keep being awesome!

As a trans woman I find myself drifting over to this category of story now and again but almost all of it is either unreadable or boring. The one major exception to that is the stuff that you write. I'll be honest in saying that I don't always like all of your stories but I think you are one hell of a writer and I'm always willing to give your work a chance. For the last two years or so I've kept an eye out for it. And some of your stuff, like this story for instance, ends up being work that I absolutely love. So, personal history for me is that I fell for my best friend who is also trans and who invited me to live with her when I was having a rough time in my life and was worried about homelessness, so I related to this story on a whole lot of levels. (We're now in a long term triad living with another trans girl. I do have to say, it's rather fun living a life that could easily pass for someone else's smutty fiction.) Thank you for writing something sweet, romantic, and unapologeticly filthy like this that I could actually see myself in. Thank you for writing about trans women who are real rounded characters with lives and personalities.

Aww, thanks!

To be honest, I think I could have put it into SF&F...buuuuuuut it was prominently about dick-girls.

So, transexual it was!

Moonraker in a parallel universe. 😳

It’s transsexual Jim but not as we know it. 🙄 Certainly not what I, and I suspect many others, thought we were going to get when looking at the category. 🤔 But there isn’t a category for product of a depraved imagination!! 😂 Absolutely barmy. 🤓 You certainly have a way with words and this last instalment was a rollercoaster at breakneck speed. Hilarious from the first chapter to the last. 😊

I loved it. It may have been in T&C but it really was in a category of its own. 👍

Amazing story !

Thanks for writing this amazing story !!

While I think its a good thing that your readers share with you their ideas about the plot and character developpement, I think you should not remove things because they ask you to, and that you should do exactly what you want with your story. For instance, I think you should have kept mentioning "big bird" and that you sould keep bodily wastes in your sex scenes if you feel like it, even if some of your readers may dislike that. Moreover I believe that the peoples who are complaining about such aspects are a very small minority amongst the entierity of your readers and that the majority stays silent because they are fine with it.

Did anyone else pick up on the age discrepancy of going from 22yo. to 19yo.?


This story is amazing...it has great Sex, a pretty decent plot(which is fine, since we all know that is PWP stories, the Plot takes a back seat to the Porn). Super happy that you updated again.

Make her beg for it

Make her beg to be fucked while she grows horny locked in chastity. Tell her you'll take it off if she does what you say, then keep it on even longer until she's a sex crazed slut. Also keep the photos hidden on a external hard drive hidden somewhere for a backup story ;)

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