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Profile Statement:
With an hiatus of more than 2 years, due to health problem and family matter, I think I'm ready to come back to editing. Not even remotely close to the amount I was doing before though, but I'm ready to take a couple writers once in a while.

Having worked with more than 300 writers, including professional ones, and more than 1500 edited stories under my belt, I can safely say that I'm no newbie at editing. (That doesn't mean I don't make mistakes though, every one makes mistakes)

Most stories I've edited before were really good, so much so that I've come to expect some standard of quality from the writers I work with or, at least, the ability to learn quickly and not be afraid of my coloured pens

I will correct grammar, spelling, flow, consistency, redundancy and structure etc... if you need it, give you comments on what I feel is working or not, even help you to put your storylines in the right order if the need advised I will not, repeat NOT, write the story for you. I'll even give you some swift kicks in the butt if I feel that you're slacking and your stories are not up to par with the quality of writing expected from you.

*****ONE WORD OF ADVICE****** I'm not known to be particularly nice when a story is crappy (badly written, badly worded, badly thought out etc...) and I DON'T mince if you don't deal well with criticism and/or rejection don't come knocking on my door please....I don't care much for cry-babies and I'll even be bitchier with you!!!!!

*******Second word of advice******My health doesn't always allow me to be as dependable as I would like to be, so if you have a deadline, either send me your story well in advance, or consider asking another editor with a better turnaround than mine.

Category Preferences:
This editor will edit stories in the following categories:

Erotic Couplings
Erotic Horror
Group Sex
How To
Humor & Satire
Interracial Love
Letters & Transcripts
Loving Wives
Mind Control
Novels and Novellas
Reviews & Essays
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Submission Format:
This editor can accept submissions in the following formats:

Microsoft Word document (.doc)

This editor can edit stories in the following languages:


Member Info :

Literotica Member Since: 04/11/02
Joined Editor Program: 07/02/03
Profile Last Updated: 07/31/13
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