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Hot Erotic Stories.

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Profile Statement:
I've been a freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction, both non-sexual and erotica for about 20 years. I majored in journalism and my short stories and magazine articles have been published in numerous formats domestically and internationally. For privacy reasons you can understand, I'm not using my real name here.

Writing is like giving birth to a child. It's hard work and once you send them off into the world you hope others will appreciate all of the TLC you've put into them.

I really understand how difficult it can be to write as well as appreciate the thrill of being published. I get that "special something" writing erotica can bring. I have enjoyed the content on for a couple of decades now and want to give back just a little.

That said I am more than happy to review and edit stories for content, spelling (North American and UK English), grammar and overall storyline. I can offer simple proof reading or detailed guidance, your call...just let me know. My goal is to encourage writers of all levels.

I avoid a few subjects including, gay male, non-consensual/forced sex and of course anything concerning minors.

I have a special interest in stories about feminine exhibitionism and masturbation but welcome others.

I can generally turn content around quickly so please let me know how I can help and best of luck!

Category Preferences:
This editor will edit stories in the following categories:

Chain Stories
Erotic Couplings
Exhibitionist & Voyeur
First Time
Group Sex
How To
Lesbian Sex
Letters & Transcripts
Loving Wives
Mind Control
Novels and Novellas
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Text With Audio
Toys & Masturbation
Submission Format:
This editor can accept submissions in the following formats:

Pasted into email
Text file (.txt)
Rich Text file (.rtf)
Microsoft Word document (.doc)

This editor can edit stories in the following languages:


Member Info :

Literotica Member Since: 01/05/12
Joined Editor Program: 09/13/12
Profile Last Updated: 10/15/12
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Contact This Editor:
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