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Hot Erotic Stories.

Volunteer Editor Program

Profile Statement:
Editing experience: 50 Lit stories. 2,000-30,000 words. Stand alone, chapters, and series. One erotica novel.

Type of editing: copy editing and line editing for mechanics, clarity, and flow.

Category preferences: Erotic Couplings, How To, Humor & Satire, Letters & Transcripts, Non-Erotic, Non-Human, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Will edit a few other categories like BDSM and Mind Control if I like the story. (Will not edit Non-Consent stories or stories with gratuitous violence).
Enjoy reading: Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Steampunk, Time Travel, Urban Fantasy, and Vampire. And history.

When contacting me for volunteer editing assistance or story feedback (beta reading), please provide the following information:
1. Word count
2. Story category/genre
3. Brief story synopsis
4. List of main characters
5. Your Lit name
6. If your story has been edited by anyone else. (I don’t need to know the names).
7. Your writing background, very brief. Number of Lit stories. If you have other stories published elsewhere. If you're a new writer.)
8. What you want from an editor.

My requirements:
-Your document must be in MS Word format (.doc or .docx).
-Your story needs to be readable. If it’s too much work for me to get through the end of the first page, I probably will send it back for revisions.
-I work with writers who are fluent in writing American English. (One of my authors is a non-native English speaker, but I wouldn't know it from his writing. Occasionally a word will throw me, but not enough to be a problem).

*I respond to email within 24 hours.
*Feel free to ask for a sample edit.
*Feel free to ask for Lit author references.

I usually work in three stages:
1. Read entire story before accepting. If accepted, give feedback and estimated deliverable date. Note: If I can't read to the end of the first page because of poor writing and mechanics, this usually means the story isn't editor-ready and the author needs to make revisions.
2. Copy editing/line editing. Correct errors in spelling, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure, sentence and paragraph transitions and flow, dialogue/dialogue tags, and formatting, etc.
3. Proofreading. Last review to catch errors previously missed.

I edit in MS Office Word 365 using Track Changes. Authors need to become comfortable using Track Changes in the editing process.

Tips for working with Lit volunteer editors:

Category Preferences:
This editor will edit stories in the following categories:

Erotic Art
Erotic Couplings
How To
Humor & Satire
Letters & Transcripts
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Submission Format:
This editor can accept submissions in the following formats:

Microsoft Word document (.doc)

This editor can edit stories in the following languages:


Member Info :

Literotica Member Since: 05/26/12
Joined Editor Program: 05/04/13
Profile Last Updated: 04/23/15
See my Literotica Profile

Contact This Editor:
If you believe this editor might be a match for your writing, please CLICK HERE to access a form where you can contact her or him to discuss your needs.

If you find any problems with this profile, please report it to the webmaster.

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