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Profile Statement:
*EDIT* Thanks for the recent submissions and positive feedback. :D

Thanks for viewing my Editor profile. As many of you who are reading this, I first didn't get the point of erotica. We're from the generation of free porn right? Any type of remotely absurd porn was already on the net, so I thought what was the point of erotica?

How wrong was I?

I encountered my first written erotica by accident. I misclicked on "Sex Stories" on my regular porn site, and if you were around in the days of painfully slow internet, you know this was a time costly mistake! I continued to scroll down the page and clicked on the "most popular" story on the site. If my memory serves me right it was of a teen and his babysitter (a classic!).

I never considered myself that into reading. I was a casual reader at best. I read enough at school to get my beloved "A" in english. I didn't appreciate the power of the written word. As soon as I got into the first paragraph of the story; I was hooked. There was no turning back. Although I knew this was a work of fiction, I NEEDED to know the outcome which in hindsight was very "predictable!".

What I read had given me a better experience than any porn I had ever seen, and I want to help someone recreate that feeling. If you need help, I'm pretty knowledgeable about most sexual fetishes and many other categories you could think of! I try to reply within 24 hours of your message, and depending on the amount of the work required I will try and edit within 48 hours.

I'm willing to help with any aspect of editing; whether it be idea/character development or some simple grammatical/structural editing. I have Microsoft word and I'm pretty competent with computers so I don't really have a file preference; any format is suitable. Don't be afraid to ask whether you just have an idea and not even a single word in ink, or whether you just need a spell checker!

I hope I have given you enough information about me to consider me as an editor for you now, or within the near future.


Category Preferences:
This editor will edit stories in the following categories:

Adult Comics
Celebrities & Fan Fiction
Chain Stories
Erotic Art
Erotic Couplings
Erotic Horror
Erotic Poetry
Exhibitionist & Voyeur
First Time
Group Sex
How To
Humor & Satire
Illustrated Poetry
Interracial Love
Lesbian Sex
Letters & Transcripts
Loving Wives
Mind Control
Novels and Novellas
Poetry With Audio
Reviews & Essays
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Text With Audio
Toys & Masturbation
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This editor can accept submissions in the following formats:

Pasted into email
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Rich Text file (.rtf)
Microsoft Word document (.doc)

This editor can edit stories in the following languages:


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Literotica Member Since: 08/15/13
Joined Editor Program: 08/15/13
Profile Last Updated: 05/30/17
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