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Profile Statement:
I am a well-spoken, articulate, and avid fan of the written word. I routinely read everything from newspapers to blogs, comic books to graphic novels, science fiction to documentaries and bits and pieces of nearly everything else someone takes to the time to write!
I am not a writer, although I have tried it. I choose to enjoy what others have put to paper. To that extent, I am volunteering as an editor. As I read the stories on Literotica, I tend to get momentarily derailed by editorial glitches and this is my way of helping. Your and you’re, their, there, and they’re, and keeping track of who or whom is speaking can be potholes that impede a smoothly constructed story. I can’t say I have specific experience to critic or correct stylized issues, but I am a person that enjoys written erotica and would love to lend a hand since I’m going to be reading your story when it’s posted. I normally rate, and sometimes comment on a story when I have something constructive or affirming to add. I find that positive reinforcement is best because none of us get paid for this.
I can edit grammar, spelling, and even some structural aspects... essentially whatever you need me to do to help you get your story completed successfully.

Category Preferences:
This editor will edit stories in the following categories:

Adult Comics
Erotic Couplings
Erotic Horror
Exhibitionist & Voyeur
First Time
Group Sex
Interracial Love
Lesbian Sex
Loving Wives
Mind Control
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Toys & Masturbation
Submission Format:
This editor can accept submissions in the following formats:

Pasted into email
Text file (.txt)
Rich Text file (.rtf)
Microsoft Word document (.doc)

This editor can edit stories in the following languages:


Member Info :

Literotica Member Since: 12/29/01
Joined Editor Program: 11/26/12
Profile Last Updated: 12/30/12
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Contact This Editor:
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