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  • Why should I become a Literotica Member?

    When you sign up to be Literotica Member, you get your own personal profile posted on the site, including a picture if you so choose. Once a member, you may submit stories, poems, and pictures to the site. With your Member login, you can also access the Bulletin Boards, including the Role-Playing Forums and the Personals area. And best of all, it - like the rest of Literotica - is 100% Free.


  • How do I become a Member?

    Click here. At the top of the page, you'll see the words Submit or Edit Profile. Click the Sign Up link. Fill in the form, and Congratulations! You're an official Literotican! You can now enter in a short bio and a picture (if you like), as well as submit stories and poems to the site.

    If you're a registered user of our Bulletin Board, then you are already a member. Click the Login link and enter the username and password you use to post on our Bulletin Board.


  • I haven't received or have lost my validation/confirmation email.

    You can have your validation email re-sent to you. Before you do so, make sure that any spam filters you have on are not blocking the validation email from reaching you. Once you've done that, you can go here to have a new validation email sent to the address in your profile. Once you receive the email, you have 24 hours to click the link within it to activate your membership.


  • How do I change my Member profile and picture?

    On the Site Index page, click on the Login link. This will take you to your profile. At the top of your profile page, click the link Edit Profile.

    Please Note: Please do not upload any hardcore photos, copyrighted photos, or sexual photos of anyone under the age of 18 to your profile page.


  • I've uploaded my picture to my profile, but it still isn't showing on my public profile. Why is that?

    Profile photos are moderated by the webmasters to make sure they comply with our site guidelines and U.S. laws. The guidelines are as follows:

    - Legally, we can allow soft nudity, but under current United States law, member photographs may not contain "sexually explicit conduct", which the government defines as:

    - Actual or simulated:
    (A) sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex;
    (B) bestiality;
    (C) masturbation;
    (D) sadistic or masochistic abuse; or
    (E) lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person.

    Member images must also comply with these rules:

    - All persons in the image must be over 18 years of age.
    - Image must not contain URL or other advertisement.
    - Image must be no more than 320 pixels wide, 240 pixels high, and under 40k in size. (Note: we will size the image to fit in your profile if we are able to do so. However, if we are unable to shrink the image, you will need to resubmit.)
    - Photos must be your original work - i.e. photographs that you yourself took, or paintings or drawings that you yourself created.

    If your image does not meet all of the above requirements, your image will not be posted on your public member page and it will be permanently deleted from our servers. In that case, please resubmit an image that meets our criteria.

    We try to review photos as quickly as possible - usually within 24 hours. If you have a question about your picture, please feel free to email us.


  • I've forgotten my Member password. Now what do I do?

    You can use our Password Help feature, which is located beneath the login boxes on the Login page. The script will email the username and password to the email listed in your profile.


  • How do I close my Literotica account?

    You have every right to remove yourself from the site at any time for any reason. If you feel comfortable doing so, we'd appreciate knowing the reason(s) for your decision. We strive to improve Literotica ever day, and your comments can help us mend things that might need mending.

    As a security measure and to make sure that the you are the one closing the account, to remove your account you must log in to your profile.

    Click "New Story" in the top header menu.

    Choose "New Story".

    Make the title "REMOVE MEMBERSHIP".

    Choose any category (it doesn't matter - this will not be posted publicly).

    In the "Story Text" field, request that your membership be terminated.

    Then hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the forum.

    All story, poem, and illustration submissions you have made to the site will be removed with your account. Be aware that we do not store site submission data - including votes, comments, and the text itself. Once it is deleted from our servers, we cannot restore it.

    Per our Forum Rules, we do not remove forum posts except in extreme circumstances - though you can delete the contents of the posts yourself. If you have posts you would like removed, please do so before you send the above request, as it will be impossible for you to edit them once your account is deleted.

    Account cancellations are usually done within 2-4 days.


  • When I browse Literotica, I get pop-ads. Does Literotica use such ads?

    Literotica does not use pop-up ads of any kind on our site. So why do they occasionally appear when you search on Literotica? Click here are a few possible explanations, as well as help in stopping these from occurring on your computer.


  • Does Literotica share my personal info?

    Never in the history of the site have we shared member email addresses with any other website. The only email you will get from this site is our Monthly Newsletter if you choose to subscribe to it. If you sign up for a email address, that is governed a separate user agreement and is run by one of our technology partners. Please refer to the BigMailBox user agreement in regards to free email addresses.


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