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  • What contests does Literotica run? What prizes can I win?

    There are three main types of contests at Literotica. The winners of these three types are chosen by readers (votes). There are also other smaller contests throughout the year with other criteria.


  • What are Monthly Contests? How do they work?

    Monthly contests take place every month. All stories submitted during a month are eligible to win. Monthly First Prize story wins the author $100USD, while authors of the first-runner-up & second-runner-up stories win $75USD and $50USD. Complete contest rules and details, along with past month's winners, can be found here.


  • What are Special Contests? How do they work?

    Special contests take place at irregular intervals throughout the year, usually around holidays such as Valentine's Day, National Nude Day, and others. The rules & prizes for Special contests are the same as for Monthly contests, with special exceptions that are posted with the contest announcement, which is posted in the Author's Hangout and linked on the Front Page of Literotica with a week of the start of the contest. Past Special contest winners, can be found here. A full listing of this year's Special contests can be found here.


  • When do the Yearly contests take place? How are the winners chosen?

    Yearly contests take place in late winter/early spring of the following year. For example, the winners of the 2002 contests are chosen in late winter/early spring of 2003. Yearly contests recognize the readers' favorites of each story and poem category during that year. On the 15th of every month, we tally up the votes from stories submitted during the previous month. The story in each category with the best voting score compared to all other stories submitted that month is automatically eligible for the that year's Literotica Author Awards voting

    At the end of the year, we will have 12 nominees in each category. The 4 stories in each category with the best voting scores at the end of the year will go on to the final voting by readers in the Awards & Contests forum. One will be selected in each category as the top story for that year. Prizes for chosen stories in the past have ranged from cash to gift certificates to special high-quality limited edition writer's gear. Click here to see past year's winners & nominees.


  • What other types of contests take place at Literotica?

    In addition to the above contests in which the winners are chosen by readers, there are also other contests organized by writers. For example, the winner of the Literotica Survivor Contest is the author who has accrued the most points by posting stories & poems in the most categories and by picking up the most immunity points. Authors often organize small contests, which are lots of fun. These can be found in the Author's Hangout and the Awards & Contests forum.


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