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  • What is a Volunteer Editor?

    A Volunteer Editor is a Literotica member who has volunteered his or her time to read stories and give feedback to the writers. They don't "work" for Literotica - they work for the benefit of Literotica writers. They will have varying backgrounds and levels of expertise. The only things they all have in common is big hearts and a desire to help improve the quality of your writing.

    We provide a list of editors, along with a short description of their qualifications and what they're willing to help with. Once you've found an editor whose description suits you, email them to let them know you are interested in having them proof your work. Let them know how much editing you need done. Ask them how long it would take to have your piece edited, and what format they'd prefer to work in. They'll email you with a timeframe. You then send them your piece. They do any necessary editing, then return it to you. Once you get it back, look it over and note what changes were made. If the piece looks good to you, you can then submit it to us.

    If you're a writer looking for someone to help you with your story or poem, click here.

    If you're an editor interested in joining the program, click here.


  • How do I become a Volunteer Editor?

    To get started, read the information here. After reading, if you've decided this sounds like fun to you, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to get started.


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