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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • What is Chat?

    Literotica Chat enables users to communicate with each other in real time. There are many "rooms" in chat, each geared toward a different topic. There's usually plenty of guys and girls chatting at all times day or night, so it's a great place to 'talk' to new people.

    We also offer a Live Webcam chat, in which you can see & chat with other people on their webcams.


  • Why won't my Member name and password work in Chat?

    Literotica Chat operates on a different system from the main site and the Bulletin Board. Therefore, your Member name and password won't automatically work. To make a chat account, sign up at the front page.


  • I can't connect to Chat. What do I do?

    If you have trouble accessing our chat, please email us with a detailed description of what happens, including any error messages you receive. Let us know if this is your first time chatting, or if you've been able to access Chat before. Also, tell us the browser version (i.e. Internet Explorer 5.0, AOL, etc.) and the platform (Windows, Mac, etc.) you use.

    Important Note: Our Chat uses Java. WebTV is currently not Java-friendly, so users of WebTV will not be able to access our chat.

    If the chat screen appears but the chat does not load, an action that may help is to clear your Internet browser cache. If you are an Internet Explorer user you can go to the Tools menu, then options and click on the Delete Files and Delete Cookies buttons, this will clear your cache. Netscape Users will do much the same, but the options to clear the cache are in the Preferences menu under the Edit menu. After you have cleared the cache, refresh the page and the applet should load.


  • What is a Chat Monitor?

    A Chat Monitor is a volunteer who helps keep the chat a fun and friendly place. They remove any minors who sneak in, and they help to arbitrate disagreements between chatters. Their usernames and emails are listed on the Chat login page. Feel free to contact them with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have about the Chat area.


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