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  • What is the Literotica Newsletter?

    Once a month or so, we send out an email to those add themselves to our list. The email contains site news, fun links, and a link to a special subscribers-only bonus section of Literotica.


  • How do I have the Newsletter sent to my email address?

    You can sign up for the Newsletter using the box at the top of the Site Index.

    Enter your email in the box next to the words Your Email:. We will send a confirmation email to the address you specify. You must click on the confirmation link in the email sent to your address or you will not be added to the list and will not receive the newsletter.


  • I signed up for the Newsletter, but I haven't received a copy. Why is that?

    The Literotica Newsletter is sent out approximately once a month. When we're about to send one out, we mention it on the front page of the site. If you sign up between newsletters, you will have to wait until the next one comes out.

    If the newsletter was sent out and you were confirmed on the list yet you didn't receive a copy, one of the following may apply:

    - The Newsletter may have been filtered by your spam-killer program. Check your bulk mail box and anywhere else where spam is placed.

    - You use Challenge/Response spam-blocking software. If you use this software, you must manually add to your white list in order to receive the newsletter.

    If neither of the above apply to you, contact us with your email address and any errors you may be receiving.


  • Where can I find past issues of the Newsletter?

    We archive all past issues in our subscribers-only bonus section, the link to which you will find at the end of your newsletter.


  • How do I remove my email address from the Newsletter list?

    Every newsletter you receive contains unsubscribe information at the bottom. You can also remove yourself from the list using the box at the top of the Site Index, and clicking the radial button next to the word "unsubscribe".


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