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  • Hallo Kat P.

    Oh Love,,, your Erotic Art, "After the tourists had left"! _ You have got to write a story about Sabrina her touring business and all of those lonely hot kinky tourists that can't keep their hands off of her (PREFERABLY WOMEN!), big, small, young or old,,, just dirty hot kinky women!

    I would love to have Sabrina pissing in my wet warm mouth! _ Mmmm, I just had an orgasm and my cum tastes yummy! _ I wonder what my pee is going to taste like? :-)

    Your dyke friend,

    Gay Kat.

    on After the tourists had left (1)
  • Hallo Kat P.

    I love your erotic work of art ,,, Yes!

    I know what Sabrina wanted for her birthday and she did not want to drive around town looking for a parking spot because her friend is just too shy to stop the car and just take control, or it could be (modest)? Whatever it is?

    Many times in Austria, when we were in a nightclub, sitting in a movie theater or in a car, I gave one of my girlfriends a hot tongue and a warm, wet mouth so that she could urinate to relieve herself!

    Some girls were a bit scared at first, but as soon as they saw how much I enjoyed their piss in my mouth, they really relaxed and let their urine flow!

    Gay Kat.

    on Sabrina's Birthday (2)
  • Hallo Kat P.

    I love your erotic artwork! And the look on the older woman's face, almost a smile is wonderful, she has the power and she's going to use it,,,yes! The more Brianna gagged the more the older woman is loving it,,, I'm sitting at my computer with my fingers in my "feuchte Muschi", just imageming all the cleanup Brianna has ahead of her and wishing I was Brianna! :-)

    Kat P. I have an idea, have you ever thought of including your erotic artwork in one of your stories, or maybe something like a graphic novel for adults, made up of your erotic artwork with captions?

    Gay Kat.

    on Brianna gagged (3)
  • Will you be drawing Kanji, from Winter Warmth? would love to see if my imagination is anywhere close to yours. lol
    Thanks, Munchie184

    on Ouriana 01 (3)
  • Thank you for appreciating beauty in its natural state. A wise person had told me before "Imperfections are what makes a person special and unique.." :)

    on Big Beautiful Woman (3)
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