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  • Thought you did an excellent job of conveying the story using your drawings and as few words as necessary. Just wondering if you're planning on creating any longer stories along similar lines, or if this is the extent of you work for now?

    on Under black blanket Pt.04 (1)
  • That knowing virtually nothing about you, you are, nevertheless, fascinating.

    on Warm Embrace (9)
  • ...for feeding my fetish...

    on Pony ride (1)
  • I love it! The future never looked so hot. The purple and silver bands accentuate all of the right curves. There's even a cool punk rock aesthetic. Thanks! Keep up the beautiful work.

    on Keynon314's Pinup (1)
  • Thank you Cindy so much.

    on Screw My Wife (2)
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Under black blanket Pt.04

White mature woman made next mistake by  in Erotic Art

Under black blanket Pt.3

White mature woman made next mistake by  in Erotic Art

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mom beside the pool by  in Erotic Art

Purple Panties

purple panties by  in Erotic Art

Show Me

Grace is poised to display her full ass to her Master by  in Erotic Art

Getting Wood in the Redwoods

Transsexual Love by  in Adult Comics

Pollenate Me, Baby!

Coitus as depicted in flower petals. by  in Erotic Art

literotica birthday 19

sister 19 birthday song selebration by  in Adult Comics

The Cerberus

The Cerberus by  in Erotic Art

Journalist 31

Abby's modification part 1 by  in Adult Comics

Journalist 37

Mother and Daughter finally meets part 2 by  in Adult Comics

Dream Lover

A heavy breasted woman dreams of being taken from behind by  in Adult Comics

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