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  • It slithered up inside her cunt.

    on Worm Unbirth 2 (1)
  • I think she'll be very happy with her new companion.

    on Yumemi Female Possession Oral Worm (1)
  • Soon these robotic devices will breed human females and replace the need for men completely.

    on Willful Insertion 1 (1)
  • She'll get used to it eventually.

    on Unbirth Worm 1 (1)
  • Brenda Carboys feels the sexual thrill of lying and deceit. This began when, at the Horse-Womyns's Museum of First Feminist Art she saw Raoul. W. Bullhour's photo of a pregnant woman seated next to a mirror, her face all concealed by her raised arm. She said to herself, "I must get Raoul to do that for me." And so this began this affair. Raoul Bullhour was a childhood friend and later her boyfriend in college. By now, however, Brenda has widened her contacts to include many others, including womyns, but still sometimes she meets Raoul for sex at the motel run by the Bullhour family called "Bullhour's Brush Motel." Although Raoul is not really interested in sex but more in porn and masturbation, he is sophisticated and encourages Brenda to explore. He was the one who first encouraged her to take a vacation from Carboys and go to New York. He also encouraged her to study Paleo-Feminism and to go to bed with womyns and to consider traveling to the land of the Horse-Womyns. That was a few years ago. After two years of her cheating with him, sex with Bullhour has come to feel degenerate to her (because of his undersized penis, aversion to feminine odors, his being a childhood friend, and his regularly making long calls to his mother after having sex -- which often consists of a "brushing" by Brenda---), but still she feels her clitoris throb at the idea of meeting Raoul. First of all, he makes beautiful photographs of her nude. Second, he introduces her to friends. Third, he is fat with a small penis, which angers her strangely and induces her to feel like hurting him. In the illustration (oil on canvas), she is calling him on the telephone from the room at the motel.

    on Brenda at the Bullhour Motel (2)
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