tagAdult ComicsDy Comm. Ruchira's day out!!

Dy Comm. Ruchira's day out!!


Continue the saga: well this is it!!!
Briefly to recap, after his tragic demise A95 revealed to me, he was the mortal avatar of the Hindu God of War Lord Kattikeyan or Murugan ( as He is known in South India).
After he helped crush a Mumbai land Mafia ganglord who was threatening me, Mumbai Topcop DCP Ruchira brought me to her HQ for questioning : A95 showed up and spanked her on the bare to abject subjugashiun' ...........the story continues below......

  • Ruchira begs to be taken to Indraloka ( Indian version of Jannat/ Paradise/ heaven

    With red smarting buttocks on humiliating display Deputy Commish . Crime Detection , Mumbai ( Greater region) Ms. Ruchira Khan begged A95/Kartikeyan ' Mi'Lord please take this naughty slut to Indralok: i promise to give your Dad a squeaky clean slate in tge report and let him off with a commenfation for full cooperashun' in the Mumbai Mafia Don murder case!?!'

  • A95/ Lord Kartikeyan atop His Peacock with a bare bottomed Gal in arms

    Kartikeyan scooped up tge still smarting bare buttocked Lady Cop in His strong , macho arms put her in His Divine Lap , mounted His Divine Peacock and abruptly disappeared into the ........Heavenly Realms!!!

  • Airavata Lord Indra's flying elephant

    Indian Mythology has this Flying Jumbo which is unique in the annals of Legendology!!!

  • Agni Lord of Fire in Yogic asana!

    Lord Agni God of Fire , performing a simple Yogasana ( Yogic posture) engulfed in Flames!!!

  • Uchaivshrava the Indian or Hindu Pegasus or flyin' stallion!!

    'OOOh !' squealed Ruchi , saying " Prophet Muhammad too flew on a winged steed to Heaven!!!"
    as did Jason and many Greek heroes too!!!

  • Lord Varun, Indian Neptune/ Poseidon Monarch of the Oceans!

    SubMariner/ Aquaman anyone???!!

  • Lord Vayu, Master of air, wind or cyclones and Father to Monkey God Hanuman

    And Giant Bhima hero of Mahabharata!!!

  • Mother of Feminism: Mahakali atop hapless Hubby Shiva, triumphant, victorious

    Vindicated: arms akimbo in anger and joy!!!

  • Unigendered Entity : Ardhanarieshwara!!!

    Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati fused together into One entity : Half Female,Half Male-----He/She is widely worshipped in South India with many temples dedicated to this Deity!!!
    Devi Parvati's Golden Lion [ symbol of Her Power/Shakti] reminds me of Tarzan's Jad bal Ja!!!
    Mahadeva Shiva's Virile Bull is a Symbol of Machismo!!!

  • Lord Narayan relaxes in Kshirsagar ,Ocean of cream atop Eternal Serpent Sheshnaag!

    Goddess Laxmi submissively, willingly , subserviently presses His feet with Her delicate hands in voluntary surrender, humble supplication and adoreable subjugation!!!
    Hinduism is the only Religion incorporating Female Domme-ination as Goddess Kali atop Hubby , MaleDom as in Laxmi serving Narayan as well as Total Gender Equality as in Ardhanarieshwara!!!!
    Patriarchal religions who put down Women in Mediaeval fashion can learn from Hinduism!!!!

  • Lord Shiva in icy splendour , Mount Kailash, Himalayas

    Lord Shiva , the Father of Kartikeyan , told tgem Ruchira was the mortal avatar of Princess Devasena , consort to Kartikeyan

  • Lord Shiva blesses Ruchira

    Tenderly Lord Shiva reached out and marked His Divine daughter in law DevaSena's mortal avatar Ruchira on her left butt cherk with His Benign Symbol of Protection'n Prosperity i.e. The Shiva Lingam!!!
    Those of you who read author Lee Falk's Phantom will know Phantom matks his followers with the Seal of Protection as opposed to the Skull mark for wrong doers!?

  • The Golden leafed Parijata tree in Indra's Garden , which has entranced ladies

    Thru'out Ages from Lord Krishna's Queen Satyabhama to DCP Ruchira in the 21st. Century!!! Ruchira wanted to see her Daddy Lord Indra ( but He was away on his biz with Gautam Muni's wifey : plz read up the scandalous affair in Google elsewhere) but in His absence they roamed around His Pleasure Garden!!

  • Under the spreadin' Parijata tree the War God spanks the Cop!!!

    the horny Lady blushingly asked" MiLord....may we??"
    Laughing , He took Her OTK and dealt out a pleasureable Love-Spankin'!!!
    " Ruchira , We Gods do not spill our seed on request but yogically store our seed to let our Eroto-Spiritual Power accumulate and keep us Godly Infinitely!!!
    But smackin' you feisty , delectable derriere is always welcome "

  • Meekly presenting reddened demure buttocks coyly to her Lord's Lingam!!!

    Ruchira turned around ,bent over and proffered Her backside to Her Divine Master's Selfcontrolled erect weapon!!!
    by dint of Pranayama / Breath control, Mool-Bandh / Muscular rootlock and Mantra/ Mystic formula He masters His own urges emerges victorious but also erotically totally satisfied !!!
    Jai Lord Murugan!!!
    Om Jai Lord Murugan!!!

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