tagErotic ArtGary and Mona III

Gary and Mona III


Gary had sex with my friend Sonja and with my wife Melissa the night before. Afterward Gary kicked me out of his house right in front Melissa and Sonja, completely humiliating me. In fact right after Gary threw me out of his house my wife Melissa spent the night sucking, fucking and cuddling with Gary in his bed, just the two of them. My wife belongs to Gary now. My friend Sonja is Gary's live in girlfriend as well. I lost my women to another man and it was about to happen yet again. I had my sub-slut Mona shacked up in a sleazy motel for a week of having her fucked by strangers. Since Mona had been in town she never stopped asking about Gary. Finally I emailed Gary he said he would love to get with my dirty Mona. Gary liked how much weight Mona had put on. Mona looked like a total slob in Gary's arms. Mona told Gary that she was embarrassed to be so fat and slutty in front of him. Gary told Mona he loves the way she is. My dick got big in my pants as I watched Mona get all over Gary.

  • Gary and Mona III

    Mona loves Gary

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