tagErotic ArtGary and Mona V

Gary and Mona V


I haul out my hard dick meat and openly beat-off as Gary pounds Mona. Mona grunts and snorts like a pig as Gary fucks her hard, balls deep, over and over. Mona's huge saggers flop back and forth as Gary dicks her turgid twat. "I love you baby," panted Mona as Gary continued to screw her hard. " I love you so much, fuck me baby fuck me hard please baby!!!!!" Mona begged Gary to pound her harder. "Come home with me." Gary gasped as he pushed his super hard whanger up into fat Mona. "Melissa is staying with me now and I want you to come home with me Mona! " Gary said as he continued to fuck into my sub-slut. "Ohhhhh fuck me yesss baby yes, I'll come home with you." Mona rasped out like an animal in heat My wife Melissa was now living between Gary and Randy, while Sonja was with nerd stud Warren, and with Gary as well. Now Gary was taking Mona from me. I ejaculated prematurely as I lost another woman. Gary continued fucking his girl Mona like a real man, long and hard. I am Sonja's pathetic cuckold loser.

  • Gary and Mona V

    I watch and wank as Gary fucks his big, hard dick into Mona.

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