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Gary's Girls and Me


Gary called me the next night after he and sweet jennijuggs had fucked in my bed. He wanted to let me know that he and Jenni had fucked all the following day. Gary said my wife was spending the weekend with his boss Tom. Sonja was with Warren, and he made Mona stay in another room all day while he screwed jennijuggs over and over. Anyway Gary invited me to his place for next Saturday evening. All of Gary's women decided they wanted to "take care" of him, all at one time. Melissa, Jenni, Mona, Sonja, and surprise, Lily wanted me to "prep" their man's horse dick with my mouth and throat. I made Gary's man meat big and super erect in my faggot mouth. My wife Melissa began to make out with Gary and whispers how in love with him she is as he fucks my mouth and throat with that huge erection of his. No wonder the women I lost are all in love with him. Gary is a real man. It turns me on for all my girls to be in relationships with other men all the time.

  • Gary's Girls and Me

    I blow Gary in front of my wife and models, who are all his.

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