tagErotic ArtLily, Gary and Melissa

Lily, Gary and Melissa


Lily felt so much better after her fuck date with James. The next day my wife Melissa suggested we bring Lily over to Gary's for more fun. My wife and Lily were both all over Gary as soon as we arrived at his house. Melissa's side guy Gary was only to happy to help provide some extra fun for sweet Lily. With in minutes Lily and my wife Melissa were both on their knees cramming Gary's huge, hard dick meat into they're cock hungry mouths. I began to touch myself in my pants, over my underpants only. I wiggle my wiener in my underpants and begin to rub it big. Meanwhile Lily is slurping on Gary's super hard erection as my wife slobbers all over Gary's huge ball sack. Gary is getting all the sex from my Hot Wife Melissa and my luscious model Lily, while I get none. The pressure mounts fast in my nut sack and seed fills my semi- hard penis. Gary controls himself like a real man as my wife a Lily are sexually satisfied by someone other than me. Semen begins to spill prematurely from limp dick into my underpants.

  • Lily, Gary and Melissa

    Lily and my wife blow Gary.

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